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Love Comes Calling – Epilogue

Life blessed

Flowers of all varieties are in bloom again. Everywhere one looks, the trees are green. The whole place was transformed, beautiful, vibrant, happy. The season has changed. Once again, it was springtime in Denmark after the long, cold and dreary winter months. Maya was glad to be back in Copenhagen. It has been more than a year since she last sat on the same bench, drinking a cup of coffee, relaxing, people watching, and was completely unaware that her life was about to change drastically, beautifully so, that lovely afternoon.

“What are you smiling about, sweetheart?” Richard asked while pulling his wife closer, enjoying this moment with her. They were sitting in the same park bench they sat together last year, in front of the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid, enjoying a nice spring morning. This was their first outing in Copenhagen since they arrived yesterday.

“Sweetheart, I was just reminiscing the first time we were here.” Maya leaned against her husband’s broad shoulder to get comfortable. “Imagine, akalain ko ba talaga na dito tayo magkikita sa dinami-dami ng mga lugar?”

Richard smiled and kissed his wife on the forehead, remembering that momentous day also. Who would have thought that they will find themselves here again as husband and wife, about to become parents, more than a year after.

“Hey little buddies, this was where your mom and I had the most wonderful afternoon together after we met here.” Richard said as he rubbed Maya’s tummy lovingly, talking to their unborn children, a girl and a boy, based on Maya’s latest ultrasound.

Maya smiled indulgently at her wonderful husband. He started this habit of ‘talking’ to her tummy when she started showing. Maya can’t ask for a better and more loving husband in Richard. She never thought it was possible to be loved like he is showing her, but it is. She never thought also that she will love a person this much, but she does. Every time she looked at Richard and the life they are having, she feels this overwhelming love for him. Now, there would be very, very welcome additions to their married life. Their little angels. They are looking forward to finally seeing their little bundles of joy in three months. All she pray for, is that they will be okay, health and strong.

Richard and Maya found out that they will be parents two months after their honeymoon in France and in England. They both smiled, remembering their beautiful journey together so far.

They left for Paris, several days after their wedding, and several days after their wonderful stay in the apartment, lost in their own world. A trip to Paris was the first of Richard’s treats for Maya for their honeymoon. He told her that he would like to see Paris with her. He told Maya, she was right, seeing Paris with her was a very memorable and fun experience, unlike the last time he was there alone. Maya also told Richard that she was enjoying Paris and it became more romantic, with them together. They spent the days seeing the sights, with Richard teasing Maya and asking her if that place or this place was part of Lovers in Paris. They laughed at their antics, trying to identify places that they saw in the series. For the two of them, among the most memorable moments there were walking along the banks of the River Seine, or just sitting in a park bench and quietly enjoying each other’s company, or just kissing when they suddenly want to express their feelings for each other. Their nights were spent expressing their love for each in another plane. Each passing day is a learning experience to get to know each other in every possible way.

The only time they surfaced from their own universe while in Paris was when they had dinner with Maya’s cousin, Katrina and her husband Pierre. Katrina was not able to make it to their wedding as it fell on the period she was not available, having taken her yearly vacation two months before the wedding. Katrina told Maya that she glowed and that she already noticed something different in her while she was in Paris the last time. It was the aura of a woman in love, and she told Maya, she was right with her guess then that her cousin was falling in love or was already in love with someone very special.

Richard’s treat for Maya in Paris was capped with an overnight stay in a chateau. They arrived at the beautiful, very old, and huge chateau late afternoon. When Maya entered the place, it reminded her so much of  her super favorite scene in Lovers in Paris, when Ki-Joo and Tae-young were invited to dinner by this French couple and they had that very romantic dance. Now she knew what is Richard’s treat for her, indulging her fan girl heart, at the same time making another of his unexpected but very romantic gestures! Maya was wearing a deep violet designer gown, another gift from Richard. He told her to wear it this evening as they were going somewhere.

Richard was awestruck by the look of his already beautiful wife in that form-fitting gown which he got for her from a well-known Paris fashion house, through Maya’s cousin. He asked Katrina’s help for this special treat for his wife. Katrina thought Richard’s gesture very romantic. She told him she is very happy that her cousin found a guy like him. Maya, upon seeing her husband when she got out the dressing room wearing her beautiful gown, found him so handsome in his smart suit.

The staff prepared a sumptuous dinner for them in the beautiful and elegant dining room of the chateau. Maya felt like a royalty. She looked at her husband with so much love, and he was the same. They enjoyed their dinner a lot. At the same time, banking their desires for each other triggered by small touches, kisses, and looks. Richard asked Maya to dance in the ballroom after their dinner. They capped their romantic night swaying, as close as they could get, to the music that spoke of great and enduring loves, that spoke of their love for each other.

Maya and Richard spent the rest of the night in the chateau making passionate love to each other.

From France, they traveled to England and by this time, Maya had a pretty good idea of that would be her loving husband’s next treat for her. They based themselves in London. They explored the sights and went to watch some shows in West End. And Maya was right about her husband’s treat – a visit to Highclere Castle. For Maya, seeing the castle, for real, was like being transported to Downton Abbey. She grinned at Richard, hugged him tight and told him he was the best husband in the world, when she caught sight of the castle. They had a wonderful time touring the parts of the picturesque and beautiful castle that are open to the public. Of course, Richard got to see his Egyptian antiquities also while they were there. It was another, perfect day for them.

One afternoon, two months after their return from their honeymoon, Maya went home early. She was not feeling well. She had been like that the past several days. She was lying in bed when Richard arrived. He asked her if she wanted him to take her to the doctor. Maya told him she might just have the flu. Maya rested. Richard took care of her. The following day, she went to work, and she felt the same way. Ruby told Maya, maybe it would be better if she goes home and rest until she is better. Minerva, their secretary, on the other hand, suggested she takes a pregnancy test, as she had the same symptoms as Maya’s when she got pregnant the first time. In that instance, Maya realized that her period was late. She bought a pregnancy kit and that evening, she managed to do it. She was a bit nervous, but has this feeling of anticipation of something very good, after she dropped the urine sample in the slot. When she saw two lines forming on the kit, Maya has this indescribable feeling. She also gently touched her tummy in awe. She and Richard will have a baby!

That evening, she had prepared a special dinner for her husband in the garden. Richard asked her what is the occasion and Maya told him, she will tell him after dinner. Maya hoped Richard will not noticed the absence of wine on their dinner table that night. Usually, they have a glass each with their dinner. They talked about their day. Maya told him she went home early again. Richard was insisting that she see a doctor the following day. Maya held her husband’s hand and assured him she is perfectly okay. She then led Richard inside, up to their bedroom, and to a beautifully-wrapped box on their bed. She asked Richard to opened it. He did, slowly while Maya waited with bated breath, trying hard to hide her excitement. Richard saw the kit nestled in crumpled japanese papers. He looked at Maya, slow to react, as if trying to process the whole thing too soon, too fast, then suddenly, he grinned and twirled Maya around the room before putting her down, and kissing her thoroughly. They grinned at each other when they went for air. Richard, then, teary-eyed and serious, told Maya he love her very much and he is very happy that they will have a baby, so very, very happy that he will be a dad, and Maya will be the most beautiful mom in the world.

He  touched Maya’s tummy constantly that night and had a big goofy smile when they went to bed. Aside from giving Maya a searing kiss, after they have made love, and was about to go to sleep, he also kissed Maya’s tummy reverently, whispering good night to their unborn child.

Richard and Maya told everyone about the wonderful news after Maya’s obstetrician confirmed the pregnancy. Dr. Maita Villanueva, Doc Maita to Maya as she was her Ate Cris’s OB-Gyne, told the happy couple that Maya was around more than two months or so pregnant. The couple smiled at each other. A ‘honeymoon’ baby! The elder Lims and Mommy Tessie were, of course, very happy that they will have a new apo. Don Roberto teased Maya and Richard about wishing for a boy since there are more girls in both families than boys. Mommy Esme and Mommy Tessie ganged up on him and told him, it will be a girl. In the end, the grandparents-to-be laughed and assured the couple that they will be happy whether it is a boy or a girl. All they are wanted and what they will pray for are, for Maya to have an easy pregnancy and that they will have a healthy apo. Cris and Rafi were also excited to be aunts and Abby was jumping with joy at the thought that she will be a ‘big cousin’ to her Tita Ninang and favorite Tito Richard’s baby. Mommy Esme and Mommy Tere, when they were alone, grinned and told each other, that they were correct when they predicted that they will have an apo so soon with Richard and Maya.

Now, here they are, back in Copenhagen, where their beautiful love story unfolded. Richard told Maya a week ago that he needed to fly to Copenhagen for several days to meet personally with the head of one the biggest Danish exporters for a business tie-up. He told her, she can come with him, as his schedule will be just for several hours a day. Maya jumped at the opportunity as she wanted to go back to this very special place for her and Richard. Doc. Maita told Maya it was perfectly safe for to travel as her pregnancy was progressing along really well. Maya was also lucky that she didn’t experience terrible morning, or afternoon or evening sickness with her pregnancy. She just have this compulsion to ask her husband to give her his lopsided smile and then touched and kissed his cheeks afterwards. Richard teased Maya that for sure, their baby will look like him since Maya is ‘naglilihi’ on him. Maya just smiled at him and insisted that for sure, the baby will look like her. In this check-up before they left that they got the wonderful news that they will not just have a baby, but babies! They will have twins. A boy and a girl. They immediately informed the families of the happy news.

Maya and Richard smiled at each other, not noticing that there were more people now in the promenade than when they arrived two hours ago. Tourists were starting to flock to the Little Mermaid, just like the last time they were here.

“I love you very much, Mommy!”  Richard touched Maya’s face lovingly. “It has been the best year for us, my love.”

‘I love you very much too, Daddy! ” Maya caressed her husband’s beloved face. “I never thought I would be this happy, sweetheart.”

Maya and Richard shared a tender kiss, unmindful of the people around them. Barely remembering that this time last year, they were just mere spectators on a couple kissing passionately at the very same harbor, dissecting love.

Hands intertwined, they were walking back to where they can get a cab back to their hotel, the lovely harbor hotel where Maya stayed before, when they saw a couple that looked familiar. They looked at each other and exclaimed happily, “Erik and Linda!” The couple looked at them closely, then smiled when they remembered who they were.

“Oh, the couple from the Philippines!” Linda said happily. “Amazing to see you here again!”

“Yes, this is a wonderful coincidence.!” Erik added. “We are here most mornings but this is the first time we have seen you here again since, spring last year, isn’t it?

“You remember us?” Maya was surprised they still did, as after all, it has been more than a year.

“We don’t remember your names, but we do remember your faces and you approaching us, politely last year.” Linda said smiling, a twinkle in her eyes. “You were the only Filipinos who approached us here and asked those personal questions. Beside after you left, I told my husband, it was so nice to meet two young people who were obviously so in love with each other. You also looked so good together. Now, I am happy to see you, so obviously still very much in love!”

“I agree with my wife. You reminded us of us, when we were your age, when we were young and so in love. We still are.” Erik added, smiling, then asked for their names again, apologizing for not remembering.

Richard and Maya assured them it was perfectly okay as it was just a random meeting and it was a year ago since they last saw each other. And what was the likelihood of them seeing each other again. They live in different continents! But they told Linda and Erik they do remember them as they were in awe of how long they have been together.

Richard looked lovingly at Maya, remembering their meeting Erik and Linda, and asking them how long they have been together. “Thank you. I hope we also get to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary like you will do. Next year, right?”

Erik smiled at Richard, told him he has a good memory. Then they noticed Maya’s belly. They congratulated Maya and Richard for their babies, after they have told them they will have twins.

Maya and Richard chatted with the Danish couple, and they told them about their love story. They were very happy for them and felt that they to have a hand in the development of their love story in Denmark. They were like old friends when they parted, exchanging contact information. Maya and Richard even got invited to the old couple’s golden wedding anniversary. They promised they will do their best to be there and that they will be honored to be a part of it. Maya and Richard also got Erik and Linda to promise to inform them if they are in the Philippines so they can have dinner with them and meet their parents and their babies.

In between working and meetings, Richard and Maya went to the places they have been before in Copenhagen, taking a very enjoyable trip down memory lane. At the same time, they made new memories together in this city that will always have a special place in their hearts. Richard also managed to fulfill his promise to Maya to take her across the long and beautiful bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden. Two days before they returned home, they took a car trip to Malmo, the big Swedish city at the other side of the bridge and spent a very nice afternoon there seeing the sights. Maya told Richard that he was right, taking the car across the bridge was the best way to see and experience being in this engineering marvel.

Three months after Maya and Richard have returned to the country, and settled back into working during weekdays, spending all their free time together, enjoying each other’s company and preparing for the coming of the addition to their happy marriage, Maya gave birth to the cutest babies ever, Sky and Sunshine. A pale Richard told the waiting grandparents and Cristina Rose that Maya gave birth to the twins after 12 hours of labor and they were all okay, then he just sat down on the bench, feeling dizzy, a delayed reaction in seeing his wife having a hard time giving birth. The grandmothers assured Richard it was ‘normal’ and it was part of the miracle of giving birth. They told him, they are sure that Maya didn’t feel the pain anymore when she saw her twins. Maya told Richard the same when she was wheeled into her room several hours after.

“But sweetheart, seeing you like that, I almost passed out. I was thinking of asking my Dad to get me a bottle of brandy to fortify myself.” Richard told his wife.  “I love you, sweetheart, you were great and brave in there.” He touched Maya’s face lovingly. “You are my life, my love. I thought I was going to lose you.”

“Ricky sweetheart, I’m okay. It was painful, yes. Despite the epidural, it was. But, it was something I can bear for you and for the product of our love.” Maya touched her husband’s hand that was on her face, lovingly. “I love you very much and our bundles of joy. You and them are worth everything.”

“For sure, we can go through this again, together.” Maya added, teasing her husband. They do want a big family after all.

“Hmmmm, I’m kinda liking that train of thought. For us to arrive at that, we have to do a lot of you know….” He said with  big grin.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, not in another several months or so sweetheart.” Maya laughed at her husband, then pinched him lovingly.

The babies were brought into the room the same day and they were no words to describe the joy the new parents were feeling at the moment, seeing their miracles. There were tears of joy in the room as the proud and loving parents and grandparents looked at the little angels in their midst.

Maya and the babies went home several days after.

Life in the Lim household then revolved around these two bundles of joy. There was no sight more beautiful to Richard than seeing his lovely wife, breastfeeding Sky and Sunshine. And Maya’s heart is filled with so much joy and love every time she sees her husband cuddling their babies, cooing at them, and changing their diapers. Life couldn’t be more perfect that this.

“I love you very much, my dearest Mrs. Lim.” Richard said as he watched his wife feed the twins, one evening. “You are the best wife and the best mom.”

Maya smiled lovingly at her husband. “I love you very much too, my ever dearest, Mr. Lim. You are the best husband in the world and the best dad to our twins.”

With the twins, between them, they shared a long and tender kiss. Sky and Sunshine, as if sensing the immense and exceptional love between their parents, and their love for the two of them, smiled sweetly.


Note: Thank you. Muchas gracias. Tak. Tack! Maraming salamat. 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 16

Chapter 16
To love and honor

Richard’s vows

One night on my way home, I impulsively went to this coffee shop, to relax a little bit after a difficult day at work. I also felt restless that day, as if I was looking for something. I never expected that through that action, I will find love, suddenly, unexpectedly, wonderfully so. I was sitting and aimlessly playing a game on my iPad when I saw this lovely lady giving comfort to a friend. I thought to myself, she was so caring, so giving. What if that caring is directed to the person whom she loves very much in a romantic way. Whoever that would be, is the luckiest guy in the world.  

Maya, sweetheart, the one and only love of my life, you looked so beautiful from the inside out that night. Our eyes met and that was it for me. I fell in love with you, instantly, though I didn’t know it then, otherwise, I would have insisted on meeting you, finding a way to introduce myself to you, even if you thought I was crazy guy, picking you up in a coffee shop!

Fate intervened through an angel of a girl, even in a place so far away, as if there was a cosmic force making us gravitate towards each other no matter what, when and where. Life was never the same for me after than afternoon in Copenhagen. It became richer, happier and full of colors. My first thought when I wake in the morning is you and you were the last thought when I sleep at night. As I knew you more, I fell deeper and deeper, until I am completely and wonderfully in love with you.

I was the happiest guy in the world when you said you love me too that rainy evening. My heart somersaulted with joy, finally knowing that you feel the same and that you took that leap of faith for me. When you said yes to my proposal and promised to build a lifetime with me, the feeling was indescribable. Since then, just the thought of you agreeing to share your life with me filled me with so much joy and happiness. 

Maya, I will love, honor, and cherish you for always. I will be true to you until the day we leave this earth, and even in the next lifetimes we will have together. I will not give you any cause to shed a tear, and if we do have misunderstandings, as it sometimes happen even to the most loving of couples, I will not let the night pass with that thing between us. You will be my number one priority, and the children, God will blessed us with. I love you very much, my love, my other half.

Maya’s vow

Before I met you Ricky, there were so many questions in my head and in my heart. Will I find true love? Will I know it when it comes calling, and if ever, will I know when I responded to its call if it is the right one. I was so afraid of getting hurt, of taking a risk, I had doubts, but at the same time not losing hope that somewhere, someday, I will find my true love, God willing.

Then one night, while falling in love was the farthest thing in my mind, our eyes met and I felt the pull of something I can’t fully explain at that time. Since then, I was not able to forget the image of you. I never thought I would meet you halfway around the world after that. But I believe that when two persons are fated to be together, if they are meant for each other, they will meet no matter what the circumstances are, no matter how vast the distance is, and no matter how improbable for it to happen.

The more I got to know you, the more I fell deeply in love with you. Your caring, you, giving yourself to me completely by being always there, always caring, always loving me, gave me the strength to finally took that step towards you. You are always there to support me and hold my hands. I know we are living in an imperfect world, and life is not like a fairy tale, but Ricky sweetheart, you are my happily ever after. You made me believe in happily ever afters.

Ricky, life is so much richer with you. Now I know the answers to all my questions. I knew, when I listened to my heart. I love you more than life itself, in this lifetime and the next ones we will have. I promise to be your partner, your friend, your love and a good mother to our children. Love came calling, and I know I have answered the correct one, the only one that matters. You are my one and only. Mahal na mahal kita.

Richard and Maya were both wiping tears of happiness, of joy, and immense love after they have finishing saying their vows, while their families and friends who were part of their very private wedding in the beautifully-decorated chapel of a mountain-resort in Tagaytay were so moved with the love and commitment they can feel from the couple when they recited their vows.

The priest, a friend of Richard from college continued with the ceremony, blessed their union, and happily pronounced them as husband and wife. A very radiant and lovely Maya wearing an intricately-designed beaded vintage laced wedding gown, and Richard, so handsome in his pale blue-grayish suit, faced their guests. Richard gave Maya the sweetest and the longest kiss ever. The guests started giggling and so was Father Timothy who teased the couple.

“Errr, Richard, Maya. Mr. and Mrs Richard and Maya Lim, sabi ng mga guest niyo nalampasan niyo na raw ang longest kiss ever recorded sa Guinness Book of Records with that kiss, by five seconds. Pero baka gusto niyo raw dagdagan ang margin para hindi na ma-contest. So, Richard, you may kiss the bride again.” He said grinning, happy to see his old brod, married the girl of his dreams.

“Ganoon po ba, Father, let’s make the margin wider,” Richard said grinning, then gave Maya another very long kiss, amid the cheering of the people inside the church. When they surfaced, they both had happy, goofy grins, and touched each other’s face tenderly. Everyone clapped to celebrate their marriage.

Richard and Maya posed for pictures with their families and guests. In Maya’s case, it included her father, Arturo. Maya called him several weeks ago and asked if he would like to give her away in her wedding. He was happy to hear from her, though he really insisted that it’s Mommy Tessie and Cristina Rose who should walk with her. He said he lost that right when he left his family. He and Maya also talked and had reached some sort of understanding after he arrived in the country several days before the wedding. Her dad also apologized for letting her and Cristina Rose down. It was Mommy Tessie who told Maya that it would be okay with her if she would like to ask her father to give her away, as he still is her father. Mommy Tessie also told Maya, that she had accepted what happened and she does not want to live dwelling on something that can’t be changed anymore. What is important, she said, is the present and use the lessons of the past to face the future.

From the chapel, everyone went to the second floor of the club house of the mountain-resort for the reception. The place was decorated in blue and yellow, Maya and Richard’s chosen colors. It felt like being inside a greenhouse with the over abundance of flowers, mostly sunflowers and plants, and the wonderful view outside with the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Congratulations, again, Ricky and Maya.” Rafi said, with Charlie in tow. They went to where Maya and Richard were, after the dinner punctuated by clanking of the forks against wine glasses to tease the couple to kiss, which Maya and Richard happily complied with, to chat a bit.

“I’m so happy to finally see my brother so happy and so in love. He also found the best girl for him in you, Maya. I’m so happy as I have a sister now. And thank you for including Nikki in your wedding.”

Like Abby, Nikki was also a flower girl. And aside from Emman and Ruby, Edselyn was in the entourage. Maya also invited James. He and Ruby seem to be getting along very well. She hopes they will also find a love like she and Richard have.

“Thank you Rafi. I’m happy to be your sister, too. I’m really glad that you, Charlie and Nikki managed to make it to our wedding kahit medyo short ang notice.” Maya embraced her sister-in-law, also her brother-in-law.

“Oo nga, ito kasing kapatid ko, ang bilis! Ayaw ka na talagang pakawalan. Baka raw matauhan ka pa.” Rafi teased her brother.

“Ha, ha, ha, Rafaella. Good catch din naman ako ha. Mabait, magiging masunuring husband, and higit sa lahat, guwapo. “ Richard grinned, while Maya elbowed him lovingly.

“Humble much naman tayo, Mr. Lim.”

“Nagsasabi lang ng totoo, Mrs. Lim.” Richard bantered back and then gave his wife a quick kiss on the lips, then rubbed his thumb on her lower lip.

“Ohhhh!!!Awwww, ang dami ng langgam dito, so sweet. Naalala ko ang mga ganito nating moments, honey.” Rafi said, as she moved closer to Charlie and hugged his waist.

“Why honey, we still have moments like this naman, even after 12 years of marriage.” Charlie said, smiling indulgently at his wife.

Their conversation was interrupted by the wedding hosts who requested Richard and Maya to come forward as they will start with the reception ceremonies. Maya and Richard cut a slice of their wedding cake shaped like a giant sunflower with little butterflies and cupcakes of all sorts decorating it, toasted each other, and kissed several times as their guests tap their wine glasses again and again with forks. Then it was time for Richard to remove Maya’s garter, which he did slowly and lingeringly to the good-nature catcalls of the guests. He threw it, and James got it amid hoots and teasing from the other bachelors in the wedding party.

Then it was time for Maya to throw her bouquet. All the single ladies, and Emman, lined up in front. Cristina Rose was also persuaded to join the fun after she initially refused.

Cheers erupted when Ruby got the flowers. She blushed as she was teased by their friends, about James getting the garter and that they are bagay. They are already smelling a budding romance between these two. James joined the fun and teased Ruby too.

It was a fun-filled evening as the reception ceremony was followed by dancing until very late at night. Richard and Maya also asked their wedding planner to sit people randomly so they will know each other better. The tables were also set informally so the guests can table hop or move around as they wish. Wine and conversations flowed as people celebrated Maya and Richard’s union, and enjoyed the music provided by the band that Mommy Tessie and Mommy Esme hired for the occasion. Maya and Richard were amazed at their mothers’ organizational skills as they managed to pull this beautiful wedding in two months!

The two ladies in question, smiled as they watched the newly-weds dancing very very closed to each other, even when the band was playing a fast music.

“Balae, we did it!” Mommy Esme said clasping Mommy Tessie’s hand. “And look at our mga anak, so sweet, and so loving to each other. Feeling ko magkakaapo tayo agad sa dalawang ito.”

Mommy Tessie smiled, very happy and a bit emotional also, seeing her daughter entering a new chapter in her life. “Sinabi mo pa balae. Nakaka-miss din ang may baby sa bahay, di ba?”

“Yes, yes, I agreed.” Mommy Esme said. Then she saw Arturo also happily looking at the couple. She had noticed him throwing looks at Tessie, especially when Miguel was hovering over her, very solicitous of all her needs. “Saka ang ex-husband mo balae, kanina pa nakaw ng nakaw ng tingin sa iyo.”

“Ha, I didn’t notice that, balae!” Mommy Tessie said, surprised, then looked at Arturo who smiled at her, and waved, then returned to his conversation with Don Roberto and Atty. Ryan.

“Don’t get me wrong ha, pero feeling ko, he has regrets.” Mommy Esme remarked.

Mommy Tessie smiled at her balae. She was right on. Arturo did admit to her that he regretted what he did. He asked for her forgiveness and she told him that she had forgiven him a long time ago.

“Hmmm, baka nagsisisi balae na pinakawalan niya ako. Aba eh, wala na akong katulad!” She jested, a sure sign that she was really over that sad chapter or her and her daughters lives.

“Hay naku, dapat talaga siyang magsisi! Talagang he can’t find someone like you na.” Mommy Esme said with conviction.

Both of them giggled like teenagers and when Richard and Maya approached their moms, they asked what they were giggling about. They told the newly-weds nothing much, then smiled at each other. Both glad that they get along very well and are like long-time friends already.

“Mom, Mommy Esme, thank you very much po ulit for everything.” Maya told her two moms as she hugged them very tight and kissed their cheeks, just very happy and thankful to these two wonderful ladies.

“Oo nga mom, Mommy Tessie, you two are the best. Amazing! Thank you.” Richard added, then hugged the mothers and kissed their cheeks too. “Since patapos na naman ang party, Maya and I will travel back to Manila na.”

“Naku, para sa inyo, gagawin naming lahat ni Tessie. So better work on our bagong apo,” Mommy Esme said, and Mommy Tessie agreed. “Better  nga hijo na bumiyahe na kayo since hahigit two hours din ang trip niyo niyan.”

“Ingat kayo mga anak. Kami na ang bahala rito ni Esme. Babalik din si Cristina Rose to help out. She just checked on Abby. Napagod sila ng husto ni Nikki kalalaro kanina. Hayun, parehong bagsak. Rafi and Charlie took them back to the house.” Mommy Tessie kissed and hugged the newly-weds one more time. Mommy Esme did the same.

The remaining guests sent off Richard and Maya amid good-nature teasing about making the most of the night and the days to come. Mommy Esme and Daddy Robert offered them the use of the Lims beautiful log cabin in the said mountain-resort for this night. They thanked the parents, but declined as they wanted to spend their first night as husband and wife in the serviced apartment, the most memorable place for them, before they embark on their overseas honeymoon.

More than two hours later, they arrived at the serviced apartment. As soon as Richard opened the door, he carried Maya in his arms, then took her to the living room. He slowly put Maya down, then started kissing her. She giggled, kissed him back, and got out of his embrace. It was then that Richard noticed everything.

“Wow,” was all he managed to say.

“Do you like it, sweetheart?” Maya asked smiling. This is her first in a series of surprises and special treats she prepared for Richard. She asked their wedding planner’s help to execute the transformation of Richard’s place, now their first home together. On their very special day, she wanted to do something very special for him, as he had done for her, countless of times since they got together.

“Of course, I like it very much.” Richard grinned, then kissed his wife lovingly. Their living room was transformed. It was decorated with candles in all shapes and sizes, secured in their colorful and beautiful glass containers. The lot of them, give the place a warm, very romantic glow. There were flowers, beautifully arranged in small decorative steel trellises, strategically placed around the room. The room looked like a private paradise in a beautiful and secluded island resort.

Maya smiled, as it was not all what she had in store for her husband. She is looking forward to Richard’s reaction to the rest.  She went to a corner, clicked something in the iPod, and soon after the melody of Andy Williams’ ‘Moon River’ started filling the room.

“May I dance with you my dearest husband?” Maya asked as she lovingly looked at her husband.

“Of course, my dearest wife.” Richard then led his wife to the middle of the room, got as closed as they could and started dancing, getting lost in their own world.

“I love you my dearest Mrs. Lim. You made me the happiest man today. At last, you are mine and I will wake up with you everyday, for the rest of our lives. I missed you in my bed, now our bed, sweetheart. I’m so looking forward to making love with you again.” Richard looked at Maya with so much love as they swayed to the music.

“I love you very much too, my dearest, Mr. Lim, my husband. I’m glad that we are finally together, and that I can sleep and wake up in your arms. I’m so happy! I can’t possibly describe how much. There are no words for it, sweetheart, just pure feelings of happiness, at being finally with you. us, starting our beautiful life together. Hmmm, about that making love thing, sweetheart, ilang araw pa lang ah, since we last you know….”Maya teased her husband.

“Yes, ilang araw pa lang, but it felt like a lifetime already.” Richard grinned, teasing his wife.

“Ha, ha, ha, mabuti nga ilang araw lang Mr. Lim. Imagine how long it was gonna be, if I went with your ‘early surrender’ thing.” Maya teased.

They both smiled and remembered that wonderful day – the morning after she slept in Richard’s bed the time he got sick.

Maya woke up with Richard hugging her tight, spoon position, and then cupping her breast. She looked and saw Richard sleeping, maybe dreaming something very nice, since he was smiling while he continued to touch her breast unconsciously. She smiled and extricated herself from his tight embrace, looked at her sleeping fiance, then started kissing and touching him. Richard at first, thought he was dreaming, but the touch and Maya’s kisses felt so real. He suddenly woke up and realized, much to his delight, that he was not dreaming! Maya was making love to him. He smiled, then started kissing her back, torridly.

“Sweetheart, are you sure about this? I thought you wanted to wait until our wedding night.” He asked, wanting to give Maya a way out.

“Ricky sweetheart, I’m so very sure. I was actually more of teasing you when I said that. But I was very happy to know you were willing to wait and will honor my wishes, had I insisted on waiting. It was another manifestation on how much you love me, and I’m humbled. I love you very much and you have never given me any reason to doubt that. I consider our making love as a beautiful expression of our feelings for each other. I trust you will all of me.”

“Thank you sweetheart. I love you very much.” Richard said, touched at what Maya said, very happy and so full of love for her. “So where were we, sweetheart?

Richard and Maya both smiled at the memory of their intimate moments from that day on. They had explored their bodies and discovered what give them the most pleasure. They looked at each other lovingly and continued dancing. When the music stopped, their lips slowly met. The gentle kiss led into an ardent one. Lips fused, they started touching each other.

“Maya, sweetheart, my dear wife, let me love you.” Richard said in between kisses, and touching Maya everywhere.

“Oh, sweetheart, I want that too, very much.” Maya said, breathlessly. “Come.”

Maya led her husband upstairs, stepping on the rose petals strewn on the stairs. When they reached the threshold of their room, Ricky carried Maya inside. The room was transformed beautifully also, into a paradise for both of them, with soft lights, flowers, and champagne. Maya poured a glass each, for her and Ricky.

“To us, my love.”  Richard gazed at his wife lovingly, heatedly. “I love you.”

“To us, my love .” Maya replied, her body reacting to her husband’s heated gaze. “I love you very much too.”

They kissed each other, then Maya stopped her husband before it escalated into something more. “Let me just change, sweetheart.” Then teased him by holding on to his nape, caressing it, then rubbing against him. “It will be worth the wait, sweetheart.”

Richard grinned, liking this bolder Maya. “I’m sure, it will be sweetheart. I’m so looking forward to it. Hurry, please.”

Maya went inside their now dressing room, got something, then went to the bathroom, to prepare herself for the culmination of her treat for her husband on their wedding night.

Richard took this opportunity also to shower in Maya’s old room. With a towel loosely wrapped around his waist and droplets of water still on his chest, he returned to their room. He rubbed himself dry and changed into a white t-shirt that hugged his muscled chest lovingly, loose cotton drawstrings pajama, and waited on the bed for his wife. He didn’t wait long. The bathroom door opened, and out came Maya.

“Wow!” For the second time that evening, Richard was happily surprised. This time, the surprise was much, much better. Maya was silhouetted against the bathroom light, wearing a near transparent, and very sexy negligee. Richard can see the beautiful silhouette of her pert breasts, her lovely body. His body quickly reacted to the sight of his beautiful, alluring, sexy, seductive, ah, he is runing out of words to describe what he is seeing.

Maya slowly approached the bed. Ricky was about to move when she stopped him with her hand on his chest. “Sweetheart, let me love you this evening.” She said in a throaty voice, looking at her husband seductively. And that was Richard’s third  and most wonderful surprise. While Maya was equally very passionate in their lovemaking before, she was still a bit shy in some aspects, and had never taken the initiative like this. He is liking what he is seeing and what his wife is about to do, very much.

“Love me, sweetheart. I’m yours.” He managed to say, trying to control his raging desire, ceding the control to her.

Maya climbed the bed, laid completely on top of Richard, then she started to kiss him, from his forehead, to his face, then gently nipped his bottom lip before she kissed him fully, heatedly. Richard opened his mouth to her seeking one. She deepened the kiss. Richard responded. They tongues mated. Richard caressed Maya’s back, then went lower, lovingly caressing her through her negligee. They were getting so lost in the intense heat they have created, but still can’t get enough of each other.

Maya gave Richard one more searing kiss, before moving, and straddling him, offering Richard a wonderful view of her breasts, so accessible to his hands and seeking mouth. He started doing so. Maya felt the intense pleasure the touch of his hands and his mouth evoked. She wanted more. She touched Richard everywhere she could too, wanting to give him the same pleasure he was giving her. She also saw and felt the evidence of his very intense desire for her. They hurriedly removed their clothes, wanting to feel skin against skin as they continue to love each other.

From then on, the only sound that can be heard in their own private paradise was their moans of pleasure. When both can’t get enough, wanting more, needing more Richard guided Maya so she can join their bodies. They moved together in a rhythm of their own, heightening their pleasure, until both of them can’t take it anymore, gave in, and found release together. Maya laid on top of Richard, spent, several minutes after. While Richard on the other hand, was happy and content to have Maya on top of him.

“I love you, sweetheart. That was awesome, Mrs. Lim!” Richard whispered lovingly to his bride. “I want that everyday, and I want a repeat after I have recovered from your assault, my dearest wife.”

Maya giggled, then teased her husband. “How soon, dearest husband?”

“Hmmm, about now, my dearest wife.” Richard said with a grin, then flipped his wife lovingly, so he was the one lying on top of her, and proceeded to love every inch of her.

Maya and Richard loved each other, thoroughly, in all the ways they could, through the remainder of the night. Sated, they fell asleep, naked in each other’s arm. When morning came, they started their new day as husband and wife, by loving and pleasuring each other, again and again.


Note: My 50th post! :–) 🙂 🙂 It has been a very enjoyable experience so far. Thank you very much again to all those who read and enjoy my stories. This chapter ends Loves Come Calling, a story I enjoyed writing very much. I never thought it would reach 16 chapters! Maraming salamat for being with me as we went with Maya and Richard in their loving journey in this story. 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Tender loving care

Maya was leisurely drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper in the veranda while waiting for Richard, early Monday morning. She woke up a bit earlier than usual. It was the start of another work week so she decided to get up and have an early start on things. She told Richard she will just drive herself to work but he insisted on picking her up as they didn’t see each other the previous day. He was feeling a bit under the weather. He assured Maya that he was okay and she must not worry. He just needed to rest, take paracetamol and lots of fluids. When Maya called up in the evening to check on him, Richard assured her that he was getting better and didn’t seem to have a fever anymore. He went to bed early to rest fully.

“Maya anak, hindi ka pa ba papasok?” Mommy Tessie asked her daughter. She was already dressed for work. She will do branch inspections that day. “Is Richard picking you up?”

“Yes, Mom, hinihintay ko lang siya.” Maya gave her mom a kiss in the cheek. “Maaga pa naman po. Have a nice day. Hello to Ninang Maggie. Please tell her, Mom, that we would like her to be one of our ninangs. Ricky and I will ask her formally in a dinner soon. Thanks a lot pala, Mom. You are the best, also Mommy Esme, for all the stuffs you are doing for my wedding.”

Maggie is her mom’s long time assistant and her godmother. She love the old lady. She is like a sister to her mother, had been with her through thick and thin.

“Of course, I will. Parati ka ngang kinukumusta nun, tinatanong sa akin kung kailan daw niya makikilala ang guwapong fiance mo. She will be happy that she will be a ninang at your wedding also. Double ninang mo na siya kapag nagkataon. Enjoy naman kami ni Esme sa pagtulong sa paghahanda sa kasal niyo ni Richard and your wedding planner is a joy to work with. Tama ang recommendation ni Esme diyan kay Corrinne. Sige, mauna na ako, Maya. Say hello to Richard from me.”

“Take care, Mom. I will. Parating na siguro iyon.” Maya said as she waved goodbye to her mom.

Maya went back to her coffee, and newspaper. When she finished reading, she decided to check her e-mails. Might as well work while waiting for Richard. While she does not have any meeting or anything urgent today, she thought it would be better to plow through all the e-mails she needed to read and reply to. Before she knew it, she got engrossed at what she was doing and didn’t notice the passing of time, until she received a call from her ninang.

“Maya, congratulations! Tessie told me that you are getting married na soon and I’m a ninang!” She said happily. “I’m honored naman hija. Thank you.”

“Good morning po Ninang Maggie. Siyempre naman, number one ka sa list ko ng mga gusto kong maging ninang sa wedding namin ni Ricky. Thank you for accepting and I am very happy that you agreed.” Maya told the old lady, glad to hear from her. She was really planning to give her a call in the evening to set the dinner with her. “Let’s have dinner po, so you can meet na my fiance. Sabi ni Mom, tinatanong mo raw po kung kailan niyo makikilala si Ricky. When are you free po?”

“How about this Friday, 7pm?” Ninang Maggie said. “Of course, I want to meet the man who made my pihikang inaanak said yes. I heard many good things about him from Tessie. I’m really happy for you, Maya. Let me know na lang kung saan tayo magkikita.”

“Thank you po Ninang. I will call na lang for the venue. See you po.”

Maya and her godmother said their goodbyes and only then that she fully realized that Ricky was more than an hour late already! Maya got worried, thinking that something might have happened to him on the way to her house. She decided to give him a call. The phone just kept ringing the first time she called. She tried again.

“Hello, sweetheart.” Richard croaked on the phone.

“Ricky sweetheart, why do you sound like that? What happened.?” Maya asked worriedly.

“Sweetheart, don’t worry. I think I have flu. I feel very tired, have muscle pains, and I feel very hot.” He said.

“I will go there. I will just call my office.” Maya said hurriedly as she gathered her things to go back to her room and pack a bag.

“Maya, it is okay. You have work. I will just call Mang Lem to buy me some flu medicines and other stuffs I will need. Besides, I can also also ask the cleaning lady to cook soup for me.” Richard weakly protested. “I need rest lang, I think.”

“No, Ricky. I will go there. I want to take care of you. I will take care of you. No objection please.” Maya insisted as she started packing clothes. “Huwag nang matigas ang ulo mo, please, sweetheart.”

“Okay, you win. Thank you, sweetheart. I love you.” Richard said. “Drive carefully. Don’t worry. Just let yourself in. Use the keys and the elevator access card I gave you.”

“I love you. I will. See you in a while.” Maya checked for the keys and the card which she had put in one of her drawers.

Richard gave the keys and elevator access card to Maya a week ago, saying that he would like her to have it so she can come and go at his place. Besides, he said, it will be her home too, soon. He even teased her that is part of his negotiation with her. Maya laughed and pinched him lovingly. Then Richard cupped her chin and said seriously that he respect her wishes if she wanted to wait until their wedding night to resume the physical aspect of their relationship. He said he is willing to wait. He does not want her to feel any kind of pressure. Maya smiled lovingly at him, then thanked him for being the most considerate fiance, at the same time, she had a secret smile on her face. She even teased him that he didn’t even try negotiating, he surrendered na agad. Richard said when it comes to her, he will always wave the white flag. They embraced and kissed each other sweetly.

Maya called her mom before she left the house and told her that she needed to stay with Richard for several days, or so, since he is sick. She also called her office and asked her boss if she can take several days leave, explaining the situation. She also informed Ms. Belmonte that she can work a bit from home if there is something urgent she needed. Her boss allowed her as she has not really taken a vacation or a leave in months.

Maya found Richard sleeping on his bed, tightly wrapped in his comforter as if he felt very cold. She touched his forehead and found it to be very hot. She went to the medicine cabinet and got a digital thermometer. His temperature was very high and that worried her. He woke up while she was touching his forehead.

“Sweetheart, you are here.” Richard sleepily said, holding Maya’s hand and placing it on his cheek. “I took medicines na before you arrived so bababa na siguro ang temperature ko.”

“Shouldn’t we call your family doctor, sweetheart?” Maya asked. “Sobrang init mo, ah.”

“No need, I think flu lang talaga ito. Saka nandito ka na to take care of me. I’m sure I will get better fast.” Richard said, smiling then he closed his eyes and started drifting back to sleep. He just felt so lethargic. But he was happy that Maya was there to take care of him.

Maya watched over Richard, checked his temperature from time to time. She also gave him a sponge bath with alcohol and water, despite Richard’s protest. However, it made him feel so much better after Maya rubbed his whole body with a wet face towel. It was also nice to change into new clothes which Maya helped him put on. She made soup for him and cajoled him to eat.

The following day, Richard alternated between having a fever after the effect of the medicine was gone and back to normal temperature after he has taken medicine. His fluctuating temperature worried Maya so she decided to call the Lims’ family doctor through Mommy Esme. Dr. Montalvo told Maya to bring Richard to a hospital for a blood test if his temperature has not gone stable the following morning.

By afternoon, Richard’s temperature has returned to normal, but still Maya monitored it closely.

“Sweetheart, thank you for taking care of me.” Richard said holding Maya’s hand. “My beautiful nurse!”

“Ricky, sweetheart, of course I will always take care of you. Saka malapit ka na ngang gumaling, nambobola ka na eh.” Maya smiled lovingly at Richard.

“Hindi kaya iyan bola, sweetheart. Ikaw ang the most beautiful and the most loving fiancee in the world.” Richard said. “Sayang I can’t kiss you. Baka mahawa ka ng virus ko.”

Maya cupped Richard’s face and kissed him gently on the lips. “Hay naku, malakas resistance ko at saka kung mahawa, di damay na damay na tayo. Hayan ang magic kiss ko para tuluyan ka nang gumaling.”

They lovingly smiled at each other. Their tender moment was interrupted by the sound of the door bell. Maya went down to check who was visiting, though she have an idea, it is Richard’s mom.

“Mommy Esme! Nice to see you po.” Maya said as she gave her future mother-in-law a kiss. ”Pasok po kayo.”

“Maya hija, kumusta na si Ricky? Heto nagdala ako ng fruits and sopas na ipinaluto ko kay Fe. Paborito ito ni Ricky nung maliit pa siya kapag may sakit.” Mommy Esme said.

“Okay na po ang temperature niya. Normal na, pero inoobserbahan ko pa rin po. Sabi po ni Doc kapag hanggang bukas meron pa rin siyang fever, kailangan na niyang magpa-blood test to rule out dengue or a more serious viral infection.” Maya explained as she put the food and fruits in the kitchen. “Mauna na po kayong umakyat Mom. Ihahanda ko lang itong mga dala niyo so Ricky can eat.”

“O sige. Thank you Maya, for this and for taking care of my son. Okay ka lang bang mag-absent?” Mommy Esme asked.

“Hindi niyo na po kailangang mag-thank you, Mom. I love your son and he is my priority. Di po ba magsasama kami sa hirap and ginhawa and in sickness and in health kapag ikinasal kami. For me, since we became a couple, committed na ako sa kanya.” Maya told Ricky’s mom a bit emotionally, the worry she felt while Richard was running a temperature, setting in a bit. “Okay din naman po ang schedule ko sa work. Saka hindi rin po ako mapapakali sa work kapag ganitong may sakit si Ricky.”

Donya Esmeralda embraced Maya tight. “My son is lucky to have you, Maya. I’m glad ikaw ang magiging daughter-in law ko, and magiging pangalawang daughter ko.”

“Awww, Mommy Esme, thank you po.” Maya was touched at Richard’s mom’s approval of her. “Tayo na po, sabay na tayong umakyat kay Ricky.

Maya and Mommy Esme chatted a bit as they went to Richard’s room.

“Mom! Napadalaw ka! I’m okay na. Ang galing kaya ng nurse ko.” Richard greeted his mother as he reclined against the headboard of his bed.

“I was worried, Ricky. Hindi na yata maaalis iyan sa mga mom, kahit gaano katanda na ang isang anak. Maya, you will understand this kapag may anak na kayo ni Ricky.” Donya Esmeralda said, as her son and his fiancee looked at each other meaningfully. “ Though, kampante naman ako that you are in good hands and you are being taken care of, lovingly, with Maya here. I also brought you your favorite sopas that Fe cooked.”

“Wow, really Mom. Thank you.” Richard said as Maya put the tray she was carrying on his lap, together with the medicines he needed to take.

Donya Esmeralda stayed for an hour, then said good bye, saying, she will just go see her amigas, now that she know that Richard is on his way to getting well. She also called Don Roberto before she left Richard’s place to tell him that their son is okay now, and that Maya is taking very good care of him.

Richard and Maya just spent the rest of the day on his bed, watching movies. Maya continuously monitored Richard’s temperature and she was happy to note that he seemed to be really okay now.

“Sweetheart, what would you like for dinner?” Maya asked as they finished watching ‘Roman Holiday’. “Meron pa iyong sopas na dala ni Mom. I can heat that or I can cook something else.”

“Hmmm, I’m craving for fast food. Let us order pizza and burger.” Richard suggested.

Maya ordered the food, got it when it arrived. Richard took a shower while waiting for Maya to return.

“Sweetheart, okay ka na bang maligo?” Maya asked when Richard emerged from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel, still dripping from the shower he took.

“I feel better actually.” Richard said, smiling at her, before disappearing to his dressing room. He came out dressed in another white t-shirt and blue pajamas.

They ended up eating their fast food fix at the table by the window.

Later in the evening, Richard asked Maya if she can just sleep beside him instead of the guest room as he seemed to be okay now. He said he wanted to cuddle with her, and to wake up with her.

“Promise, sweetheart. I’ll be good, cross my heart.” Richard grinned at Maya.

“Hmmm, hindi kaya part iyan ng strategy mo sweetheart?” Maya teased.

“Ha, ha, ha, I promised you, di ba, that I can wait, that I will wait. Unless of course, ikaw ang hindi makahintay sa wedding night natin .” Richard bantered back, grinning mischievously. “Of course, you are very much welcome to take advantage of me any time in the night.”

Maya laughed and pinched Richard on the side.“Hay naku, ikaw talaga , sweetheart. Tulog na nga tayo.” Maya said hugging Richard and putting the comforter over them. “I love you, sweetheart. Good night.”

“I love you too, Mrs. Lim-to-be. Reminder lang my love, feel free to take advantage even while I’m sleeping,” was his last words, grinning, before he pulled Maya closer to him, then gave her a searing good night kiss. Maya was still smiling when she finally succumbed to sleep in Richard’s arms.


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Engagement date

The weather was very nice that Sunday afternoon. There was a gentle breeze blowing. The sea was calm. The setting sun’s golden rays making everything more alive and vibrant as if it was making a giant splash before it finally gives way to the night. It was a great day for a cruise, for seeing the beauty of the famous Manila Bay sunset. It was a perfect day for an engagement date.

Richard and Maya boarded the yacht, Mi Esmeralda, named after Donya Esmeralda, at five o’clock in the afternoon from the yacht club where Richard’s dad is a member. Don Roberto’s boat captain and several crew members welcomed them on board the huge yacht. Richard told Maya that the yacht was his dad’s 40th wedding anniversary gift to his mom. They planned on taking weekends off, sailing to places that would strike their fancy, to relax and unwind a bit. While not very often, he said, his parents have been doing that the past year. Sometimes, they asked him to go with them, and so far, he only managed to do it twice. The second time, when Rafi and her family was in town for a vacation.

“Wow, this boat is beautiful and huge, sweetheart.” Maya remarked as Ricky toured her inside, having told the captain that they can sail and find a good spot to moor and watch the setting sun. “This is the first time I have been inside a boat this size. It looks like a house! If I’m not feeling the boat moving, I would think I’m just in your living room.”

“Well, this is home away from home for Mom and Dad when they go cruising. They planned on taking longer trips than weekends in the future so the yacht was designed like that.” Richard explained. “My Dad has this custom-built. I think this is what is called a super yacht.”

Richard first showed Maya the upper deck which is accessible through a spiral staircase. He told her the first suite belongs to his parents. The suite is quite spacious, it has its own private terrace, and the view from the room is great. They moved to the next room, which is the room that Richard used before. Like the first room, it too, has its own private terrace, and the view is equally wonderful. There was also a third, but smaller room. They went down again and toured the main salon, which has an adjoining dining area. The view is incredible. The salon is tastefully furnished with comfortable sofas and to Maya’s delight, a piano on the side. It looked like the living room in a mansion somewhere. There are also other guest rooms and some other facilities on the lower levels, but Richard said they can look at it some other time since the sun is about to set. Richard led Maya out of the main salon, through a sliding door which opened to a spacious aft deck.

Maya gasped when she saw the deck. “Awww, sweetheart! So lovely, and so romantic. Thank you!” On the deck is a big wicker sofa, where two can sit and have the best view ever, and two inviting armchairs. At the center table, there was a cooling bottle of champagne. The dining table on the side was beautifully prepared for two, decorated with Maya’s favorite sunflowers, and colorful candles in small glasses.

While the sun was setting, painting the sky with different hues, Richard poured Maya a glass of champagne, then he poured himself one too.

“To the most beautiful and wonderful fiancée in the world, to the woman I will be spending the rest of my life with, here’s to us. I love you, Maya Dela Rosa, soon-to-be Mrs. Lim.” Richard said, looking at Maya with so much love in his eyes.

“Oh sweetheart,” Maya said, her heart so full. “To the best fiancé in the world, the only one for me, here’s to us. I love you too, my husband-to-be, how much I can’t find the words to describe, all I know is that my heart is so full, it felt like it would burst from sheer happiness and for the love I’m feeling for you.”

Maya and Richard toasted each other and sealed their love and promise for one another with a sweet, long kiss, amid the backdrop of the beautiful setting sun. They looked so good together, with Maya in a halter dress, beautifully designed and cut, and which hugged her figure, and Richard in a powder blue suit, maroon dressed shirt and a matching tie.

“I love you.” Richard repeated to Maya several times as he kissed and kissed her again and again.

“I love you more.” Maya said in between Richard’s assault to her senses.

Richard and Maya embraced each other, nary a space between them, and moved to their own rhythm, lost in the sweet music of their hearts. They stayed liked that for several minutes, just savoring the moment, and being with each other.

“This is the best engagement date, sweetheart.” Maya said happily. This was another treasured moment for her and Richard to savor fully. She felt so happy. “Thank you.”

“For you sweetheart, anything I can do to make you happy, I will do.” Richard said, kissing Maya’s hand. They watched the setting sun, with Richard hugging Maya from behind. His hands around her waist, his chin on her shoulder, looking at the great view before them. They stayed like that for quite sometime, enjoying the moment.

When the sun was about to disappear from the horizon, and twilight was settling in, Richard led Maya to the dining table. He seated her and took the seat beside her, both of them, looking at the wonderful view of Manila Bay, the sky painted in colors by the setting sun. They had a leisurely dinner. The food was superb and the atmosphere, even better. Later, they cuddled on the sofa, sipping the rest of the champagne, as twilight turned into night, watching Manila’s twinkling lights, a cool breeze blowing, and the stars decorating the night sky.

“I wish we could stay here, like this, the whole night. It’s so peaceful.” Maya sighed with contentment. “But I have work tomorrow.”

“Can you just go on leave tomorrow?” Ricky asked, still cuddling Maya. “We can stay the whole night, you know.”

“I wish we could sweetheart. But I need to brief Ms. Belmonte about my trip.”

Richard pouted like a little kid, which caused Maya to laugh. “Okay, sweetheart. We can always do this some other time, even the next time we have a free weekend. We can even travel with Mom and Dad one time.”

“That would be great, sweetheart.” Maya said smiling. “I want to spend time with your parents too. I kinda miss having a dad too.”

“Speaking of dads, do you want to invite your dad to our wedding?” Richard asked. “Of course, it would be completely up to you sweetheart. Whatever you decide on, I am with you 101 percent. I just want you to happy.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know Ricky. I will ask Mom’s view on the matter first.” Maya replied. “But thank you, sweetheart.”

Richard stood up, after a while. He told Maya to stay where she was. He went inside the main salon and soon after the melody of  ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ started filling the salon and the deck.

“May I dance with you my beautiful fiancee.” Richard asked Maya, bowing before her and holding out his hand for her to take.

“Of course, my handsome fiance.” Maya said with a big smile, taking Richard’s hand and moving closer to him.

They swayed to the music of that beautiful song from the very old movie musical they both loved so much. Richard started singing for Maya his favorite part of the song. It felt very apt, considering the way they met. He told Maya so.

Some enchanted evening
When you find your true love,
When you feel her call you
Across a crowded room,
Then fly to her side,
And make her your own
Or all through your life you
May dream all alone.

Once you have found her,
Never let her go.
Once you have found her,
Never let her go!

“Thank you, sweetheart. That was very lovely. I really like that song. And yes, parang iyong meeting lang natin, di ba.” Maya said lovingly when the music ended. She hugged Richard, cupped his face and gave him a sweet kiss. They stayed like that for a while, not wanting to be apart from each other yet, wanting to savor more this moment as much as they could.

Maya and Richard stayed in the yacht until around 10 o’clock in the evening. When they docked, they thanked Captain Medina and his crew profusely for the wonderful cruise around Manila Bay. Then after a lingering kiss in front of Maya’s gate, they parted for the night.

“Sweetheart, thank you for a wonderful engagement date.” Maya said, her hands still around Richard’s nape. “I’m the luckiest fiancee in the world. I love you.”

Richard grinned and tweaked his fiancee’s nose lovingly ,and then brought her closer to him, kissed her thoroughly. “Anything, for you, my wife-to-be. I love you. I better get going. No protest ha, I will pick you up tomorrow morning. I want to spend quality time with you before we start our work week.”

The following morning, Richard was at Maya’s house bright and early to take her to work. As soon as she got into the car, Richard gave Maya a big bouquet of sunflowers and a thermos of coffee. “Good morning, my love.”

“Good morning sweetheart. Thank you for these.” Maya’s happiness was unequal. She thought that she must have done something very very good in her past life, for her to deserve this kind of love.

They parted at the lobby of Maya’s building as Richard has an early meeting too.

Maya was arranging the flowers in a vase when Emman knocked on her door, followed by Ruby.

“Maya, welcome back. Let’s have breakfast downstairs first.” Emman asked. “Anyway, we have time before your meeting with Ms. Belmonte.

“Oo nga, Maya, na-miss ka kaya namin.” Ruby added. Then she noticed the ring on Maya’s finger and squealed with delight. “Oh my, oh my, oh my! Is this what I think it is? Maya, bes, I’m so happy for you.” Ruby hugged Maya really tight.

Emman looked, puzzled, “Ang alin, and saan, sis?” Then he too squealed with delight upon seeing the beautiful platinum ring on Maya’s finger. “Sis, congratulations!!!!”

Maya grinned happily at her two friends. “Thank you Emman, Ruby. I’m so happy!”

“Saan at kailan nangyari? Sa States, sumunod sa iyo doon si Mr. Super Handsome Boyfriend?” Emman asked. “Haba ng hair mo Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, soon-to-be, Mrs. Richard Lim.”

“Last Saturday lang, Emman after I got back. I was not really expecting this to be this so soon, and I was also a bit nervous, but my love for Ricky helped me be brave and took that final leap. I’m realy, really so happy. You know what, this was what he was planning while I was in the States.” Maya told her two best friends. She also told them of their romantic cruise/engagement date last night. All they while she was telling this, she was very animated and looked so glowing with happiness to her two friends, who are very happy for her.

“Ikaw na, ikaw na, Maya Dela Rosa!” Emman said, very happy for her friend. “Basta, abay kami ni Ruby ha. When is the wedding pala?”

“Oo nga, Maya ha.” Ruby said. “Maya I’m really so happy that you found love and that you were brave enough to take the leap of faith for it. Richard is a lucky guy to have you. Ikaw yata ang Pambansang Bestfriend, always there for your friends. You deserve to be happy and to find love like this.”

“Ruby, naman, hayan naiiyak na ako sa happiness. Basta, sis. Ikaw rin, I know you will find that special someone. Sobrang lovable mo kaya.”

“Eh ako kaya sis. Wala pang kapatid iyang si super papable, Mr. Lim.” Emman said in jest.

Maya and Ruby laughed. Maya told her friends that, of course, they will be part of her wedding entourage. Ruby will be her maid of honor. Emman said he would rather be a bridesmaid. But he said for the love of Maya, he will wear a suit, instead of a pink gown.

“The wedding date! I think we will set the final date this weekend, when my family have dinner with Richard’s parents. Sayang nga, wala rito ang sister ni Ricky, nasa States. But I have talked to her on Skype several times. Sayang din, hindi kami nagkita sa States noong nandoon ako. Sobrang hectic kasi nitong naging schedule ko.”

“Wow, mamamanhikan ang mga Lim?” Emman said. “Bongga naman.”

Maya laughed and explained to Emman that it was more of a dinner than a pamamanhikan.

However, the dinner turned out to be a pamamanhikan of sort.

Richard told Maya that his parents thought it would be more formal and fitting, if they will just do a pamamanhikan of some sort, instead of a dinner in a restaurant or in the Lims’ house. Mommy Tessie happily agreed. So the following Saturday, the elder Lims finally met Maya’s mom and sister, and little Abby, whom they immediately adopted as their own apo. Abby was so happy with her extra set of ‘grandparents’.

“So, Ricky, Maya, mga anak, do you have a date for your wedding?” Mommy Esme asked while everyone was having coffee and dessert at the lanai.

“Oo nga naman, mga anak, kailan niyo ba balak? “Mommy Tessie asked, as Don Roberto just looked on with a smile.

“Hmmm, kailan nga ba sweetheart?” Richard asked Maya, interlacing their fingers. “Iyon na bang napag-usapan nating date?”

“Yes. Mom, Mommy Esme, Daddy Robert,” Maya said, still getting used to calling Richard’s parents ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’. They insisted she calls them that now that she is their son’s fiancee and soon to be a member of their family. They also told her, she is already like a daughter to them. “We would like to have the wedding on November 15.”

“Two months, from now?” Mommy Esme remarked. “What do you think balae, kaya natin, ito di ba?”

“Of course, balae. Kapit-bisig lang.” Mommy Tessie replied.

“Hmmm, Mom, Mommy Esme, ‘kapit-bisig’, ‘kaya natin’, ang alin po?” Maya asked her two moms, puzzled.

“Maya anak, balae and I would like to help with the wedding preparations. We know you are very busy at work at the moment. So, Esme and I thought that it would make your load lighter if we help. We know, you will probably hire a wedding planner, but still, kailangan pa rin ng personal touch ng lahat. Iba pa rin ang hands on sa preparations.” Mommy Tessie said, while Mommy Esme, nodded, and seconded her mom.

“Awwww, Mom, Mommy Esme, of course po. The three of us can talk to the wedding planner and help them plan my wedding. I’m sure it will be a beautiful one with the two of you with me all the way. Thank you.” Maya hugged her mom and her future mother-in-law, touched by their gestures since she know they are also busy. Then she also hugged Daddy Robert and thanked him, as he also asked if he can help in any way with logistics and such.

“Maya hija, I’m happy to pitch in. You will be my one and only daughter-in-law.” Daddy Robert said smilling, as he hugged her. Then he went to his son, and patted him in the arm. “My Ricky is lucky to have you, di ba anak?”

“Of course, naman Dad. Nag-iisa lang iyang Maya ko.” Richard said, looking at Maya lovingly. “Dad, Mom, I think we should call it a night, para makapagpahinga na sina Mommy Tessie and Maya.

The Lims said their goodbyes, with Mommy Tessie and Mommy Esme setting the date for their next meeting. Maya and Mommy Tessie accompanied them to the gate. Richard went to his car and his parents to theirs, with Mang Lem, driving them home.

Maya was about to turn in for the night, she was about to go under the comforter, when her phone rang. She leaned on the headboard as she picked up the call.

Hello my fiancee, reporting from my place, as usual.” Richard said as he too, got into his bed, which now seemed so big without Maya in it.

Maya smiled. “Glad that you are safe and sound, and has turned in for the night, my love. Makakatulog na ako ng maayos.”

“I missed you.” Richard said he too, leaned on the headboard and got comfortable. “My bed will be nicer with you on it, to cuddle, and you know……”

“I missed you too.” Then, Maya giggled and teased her fiance. “And none of that ‘you know……’ muna ulit Mr. Lim until our wedding night.”

“Ha, what??? You are making me wait, Mrs. Lim-to-be, that is two months pa kaya!” Richard said, teasing Maya back.

“Patience is a virtue, Mr. Lim, hahahaha,” was Maya’s witty comeback.

“Sweethearttt…that is soooo cruel…….” Richard, pretending to be hurt by Maya’s decision, then cajoling her to change it. “Pretty please, sweetheart. Matitiis mo ba ako.”

“Ha, ha, ha, it will be worth the wait, sweetheart.” Maya said, laughing, then teased him. “But, we can negotiate, you know….”

“Really!!!! That’s sounds so much better!” Richard grinned from the other end of the line.

“Prepare your negotiating skills, Mr. Lim.”

“Oh, I am good at that Mrs. Lim-to-be, so be prepared.”

“Let’s see, hahahaha. O go to sleep na and dream of me na lang…” Maya said, very happy.

“Hmmm, dream of you. Of course I will dream of you in any way possible, I could imagine…..,”

“Ikaw talaga, Mr. Lim. But I love you very much. Good night.”

“I love you very much my wife-to-be. You can also dream of me in any way you could. Good night.” He said, grinning and enjoying his banter with Maya.

Maya and Richard ended the call, smiling hugely. They both slid down their beds,  under their comforters. Soon, they don’t have to do say good night over the phone. Soon, they can sleep as close as two persons can be. Soon they can be lost in their own world, their passion, night after night, until sleep and exhaustion claim them for the night. It would be so wonderful, to be together, finally, they thought, as they fell asleep with a smile.


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 13

Chapter 13
‘Be with me forever’

Richard looked at Maya’s sleeping form lovingly. He felt so happy. He never expected that their reunion will end up like this. But it was a wonderful, unexpected turn of event, another very important chapter in his and Maya’s beautiful relationship. just like when he declared his love for her. Sometimes, he thought, the best laid plans do get revised drastically due to unforeseen, though, very welcome circumstances. This moment was just too perfect to pass. What he was planning can’t wait until tomorrow night, as he originally set it to be.

Richard got up of the bed, kissed Maya, then looked for his boxers and white t-shirt. He went down to the kitchen, and made breakfast for the two of them. He put everything on a big tray, including the coffee which he knew Maya likes to have as soon as she wakes up. He also got some roses from the garden. He even managed to find a sunflower among the flowers from last night’s picnic. He wanted Maya’s favorite flower to be included in this special event.

When he returned to the room, Richard put the tray on the table by the window, got something from a drawer, and proceeded to wake up Maya with sweet kisses. She stirred, but refused to open her eyes. She burrowed deep into the pillow.

“Sweetheart, good morning. Breakfast for you.” He said lovingly. “Wake up, sleepyhead.

“Ricky, I want to sleep pa, please.” She protested.

Richard decided to wake her up fully with kisses, with his touch. She responded and they had a wonderful repeat of what transpired throughout the night. More than an hour later, Maya was fully awake. She smiled as she remembered her unforgettable night with Richard. He was so tender and so gentle with her, knowing it was her first time. She was not expecting this to happen so soon, but she didn’t regret it. It was something very beautiful and an expression of their love for each other. Sometimes, things just happened when you are not planning for it or when you are not expecting it. The moment was just right. She smiled, her heart full.

“Sweetheart, why are you smiling.” Richard asked as he cuddled Maya closer.

“Wala, I’m so happy lang. I love you.”

“I love you too. You never know how happy I feel at the moment, here, waking up with you beside me. I wish we can stay like this from now on, for always.” Richard said with so much emotion.

He stood up, breath deeply, trying to calm himself, for this moment. He held out his hand to Maya. Maya got out of the bed, putting on Richard’s discarded shirt from the night before, then let herself be led to the middle of the room. Then Richard did something she was not really expecting. He knelt down on one knee before her.

“Sweetheart, I just can’t let this perfect moment pass without this. I can’t wait until tomorow as I originally planned.” Richard said looking at Maya earnestly, looking a bit nervous.

“Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, will you marry me, please.” He looked at her with so much love in his eyes, then offered her a beautiful platinum ring. “I promise to love you, honor you, and cherish you everyday of our lives. Be with me forever. Be my love, for always.”

Maya just stared at Ricky and the ring he was holding, feeling a sudden rush of emotion, and love for this wonderful guy. Then in a snap, she knew what she wanted to – to be this man forever. Her Ricky. Be at his side and to love him for always.

Maya knelt down with Ricky, cupped his beloved face, kissed him and said the words, he has been waiting for. The words that would take their love to another wonderful journey.

“Yes, Ricky Lim, I will marry you. I will be your love and there’s nothing I want to be, other than be with you forever.”

“Maya, sweetheart, you made me the happiest man alive.” Richard said with so much love for this beautiful woman who will be his partner for life. “Thank you.”

Richard put the ring on Maya’s finger and they hugged each other tight, in the middle of the room, while the morning light was streaming from the windows. They stayed like that for how long, they didn’t know, until Maya’s stomach grumbled. They laughed.

“Sorry, sweetheart, my tummy is on US time pa yata.”

“I made breakfast for us. There, I put it on the table before I got sidetracked wonderfully. But the coffee is probably cold by now.” Richard said as he helped Maya up, then looked at the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. “I’ll get you a new cup.”

“No, sweetheart, I will do it this time. Bayaan mo namang pagsilbihan ko ang fiance ko.” Maya lovingly said. She likes the ring of the word. Fiance! She is excited and a bit nervous, but with Richard by her side, she can and will take the leap of faith into their forever.

Maya made new coffee. But instead of the bedroom, the two of them ended up having breakfast at the garden. They had a leisurely meal, still dressed in their bedroom clothes. Maya’s ring caught the light, and she looked at it again, and smiled.

“Sweetheart, is the ring okay with you? Tama naman ang size, di ba?” Richard asked.

“Yes, sweetheart. I love this ring. It’s so beautiful. You’re good. You got my size right too.” Maya remarked. “Galing mong mag-estimate.”

“Errr, I have help. While you were away and I was missing you a lot, I called up your sister and asked if I could borrow one of your rings. Of course, as soon as I asked, she already knew why I was asking. Cris said she is happy for us.”

“Ate Cris knew you are planning to propose to me?” Maya asked, surprised, and glad.

“Yes, sort of.  She knew I will, as to when, ako lang ang nakakaalam.” Richard said. “Oh, and I also asked Mommy Tessie’s permission to propose to you the day I picked up the ring from your house.”

“Really, you asked Mom! What did she say? Anong reaction?” Maya wanted to know as this would be the first time for her mom, that her permission is being asked to marry her daughter.

“She was very happy. She gave us her blessings. She made me promise to take care of you always, to always make you happy and don’t make you cry.” Richard remembered Mommy Tessie’s impassioned appeal to him and he understood and knew where she was coming from. ”I promised her that my goal in life is to make you happy and that you will always be my number one priority. And this I promised you sweetheart, I will be faithful to you until the day we die.”

“Oh sweetheart, you are making me cry. I’m so happy.” Maya went to Richard and embraced him tight. “I love you very much.”

“I love you very much too, my soon-to-be, Mrs. Lim.” Richard cupped Maya’s face and sealed his vow to her with a kiss.

They went inside the house an hour later. Maya looked around and smiled. She already have so many happy memories of this place.

“What are you thinking now, my love?” Richard asked as he hugged her from behind and put his chin on top of Maya’s shoulder.

“Hmmm, just that I love this place. We already have a lot of wonderful memories here – you telling me you love me, then last night, and now this.” Maya said as she looked at her ring. Then blushed suddenly, when she remembered their night of passion.

“Kaya nga, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, make an honest man out of me the soonest so we can spend our everyday like this, our nights looking at the view after we make love. And I can play the piano for you too every thing. I will be your personal pianist.”

“Hmmm, with what you just said, you know what will make marry you the soonest, your piano playing.” Maya teased Richard.

“Ha, ha, ha, ganoon, Mrs. Lim to be. So hindi pala katawan ko ang habol mo sa akin.” Richard bantered back.

That earned him a loving pinch and a kiss from Maya. They also laughed at their silliness, which led to something more.

Richard and Maya finally made it to the Dela Rosas house late afternoon. They spent the rest of the morning just being with each other. Maya also cooked Richard his favorite food. Soon after they prepared for their trip to Quezon City, and facing Maya’s family to tell them of their engagement.

The newly-engaged couple found Maya’s mom in the veranda, having coffee with Cristina Rose.

“Hi Mom, Ate” Maya greeted her mother and sister with a big grin.

“Hello po Tita Tessie, Cris. Sorry po at natagalan kong ihatid si Maya.” He said, not being able to contained his happiness either.

“Mom, Ate, may sasabihin sana kami ni Ricky.” Maya said, as Ricky interlaced their fingers.

Her mother and sister looked at them, waiting for what they will say, though both have an inkling on what it is going to be.

“We are engaged na Mom, Ate.” Maya said happily. Richard was sporting the same happy grin.

“Congratulations, sis, Richard. I’m so happy for your guys. Basta flower girl si Abby ha.” Cris said as she hugged her sister, then Richard. “Welcome to our family, Richard.”

“Thank you very much, Cris. I will be honored to be a part of your family.”

“Maya, anak. I’m so happy for you. Be happy. You found yourself a very good man.” Mommy Tessie said, teary-eyed. She kissed her daughter, hugged her tight and ruffled her hair affectionately. Then she embraced, Richard. “Richard, anak, I’m holding you to your promise ha. Welome to our family. I’m glad my daughter found herself a good man like you.”

“Thank you po, Tita Tessie. Makakaasa po kayo.” Richard told his soon-to-be mother-in-law.

“O call me Mommy na rin ha.” Mommy Tessie said. “Pamilya na tayo.”

“Yes po.” Richard said. “Err, Mommy, Cris, if you are free po sana next weekend, my parents would like to invite you to dinner para raw po pormal na magkakilala ang mga family natin.”

“Oh, that would be great. Sige, let me know the details.” Mommy Tessie said.

Maya went to her sister again, hugged her and thanked her. She also kissed her mom and hugged her tight.

“Mom, thank you. I love you and ate, and also Abby.” Maya said getting emotional also.

They all smiled and hugged each other.

Dinner was a very lively occassion. Abby jumped with joy when she learned that her Tita Ninang and Tito Richard are getting married, and that she will be the flower girl.

Maya also asked Richard, when they were alone in the veranda having coffee, if his parents knew he will propose to her. He said, they knew as he went to them one evening and told them. He told Maya his parents are very happy for them too, then issued nga the invitation for the dinner with the Dela Rosas. He also told her, he was originally proposing to her in a yacht he borrowed from his dad, while watching the Manila Bay sunset, then dinner afterwards.

“Really, sweetheart.” Maya asked, smiling. “But I like your proposal earlier much better. It was spontaneous.”

“I liked it too. Sabi nga seized the moment, which I did. Saka lahat ng pinlano ko, when it comes to you, nare-revised.” Richard said, lovingly kissing Maya’s hand. “But that is what makes life very interesting. We can still go to that dinner and cruise tomorrow as I had arranged it already. Consider it our engagement date.”

Maya smiled at her fiance. “Okay, it’s an engagement date Mr. Lim ko.”

Like the previous occasion, they stayed like that in the veranda for some time, just enjoying each other’s company.

Later that evening when Maya was about to go to bed, she noticed an e-mail from Richard.

From: Richard Lim
To: Maya Dela Rosa
Subject: Us

Dearest my soon-to-be wife,

I still can’t sleep. Missing you by my side. I can’t wait for the day until you are here beside me when I go to sleep and the beautiful face I will wake up with in the morning. My heart is full. I never thought I would be this happy. I’m the luckiest guy to have found you. Thank you coming into my life.

I love you very much.




From: Maya Dela Rosa
To: Richard Lim
Subject: Us

Dearest my soon-to-be husband,

I can’t sleep too. I feel like dancing from sheer happiness. I never imagine that my life would be like this. That I would find a love such as what you have given and shown me, what you are showing me. Thank you too my Mr. Lim. I am counting the minutes, the days, and months until we can be together for always.

I love you very much too.



Richard and Maya both went to bed with huge smiles on their faces, thinking of their life together. Soon.


Note: Errrr, double treat of sort for you guys. 🙂 I have a ‘date’ with my ‘Before Midnight’ DVD and the BCWMH DVD 32 this evening, so I posted this early. Thank you for reading, commenting, and liking my kathang-isip. 🙂

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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Sweet reunion

Maya walked at a leisurely pace, while the other passengers were walking briskly, wanting to find their boarding gates fast, across the vast Hong Kong International Airport. She has plenty of time for the flight that would take her home after more than a week abroad, spent mainly in New York and San Francisco on business. She would like to eat something first, and have coffee before she go to her boarding gate.

She wanted to go the dimsum place where she ate before, during her stopover, on her way to San Franscisco. The food at that place was really good, enough to satisfy her hunger and craving for something that has more taste than the airline food she and her fellow passengers served. She saw the food stall after three more turns, several more minutes of walking, and sidestepping passsengers in a hurry. She ordered hakaw, siomai and some noodle soup from the kindly old lady manning the food stall.

Her stomach filled, Maya’s next stop was a coffee shop. As soon as she got settled in with her favorite brew, she took out her phone, checked her roaming signal and sent a message to Richard to let him know that she arrived safely in Hong Kong from San Francisco. She missed him a lot.

More than two weeks into their relationship, her company sent her to the States to work on two major deals with companies whose products they wanted very much to carry in their stores. It was a job she can’t delegate to the other buyers. Richard took her to the airport, and she really had a hard time saying goodbye to him. Since then they have been constantly communicating, mostly through e-mails, like when they were in Europe, as it was also very convenient for them due to the time difference. Besides, she knew Richard was also busy with the expansion of Lim Holdings’ shipping business.

Richard sent her a reply promptly, to say that he will be waiting for her when she landed. Then if she is not too tired, dinner first at his apartment before he takes her home. He said they can go out also to a restaurant in BGC, if she would prefer that. Maya said yes to dinner, and told Richard that the apartment is better as there might be a lot of people out tonight, it being a Friday night. She wanted to spend quality time with Richard and the apartment is more conducive for that.

More than three hours later, she exited NAIA Terminal 2. She immediately saw Richard waiting for her at the coffee shop after she got out of the terminal.

“Sweetheart! I missed you.” Maya hugged Richard tight, leaving her luggage standing in the middle of the path.

Richard kissed Maya softly and then caressed her hair. “I missed you too, very much. It felt like months, sweetheart. I got used to seeing you every day and spending time with you most evenings. Sa susunod if I am free, sasama na lang ako sa trips mo, if it is okay.”

“Wow, talaga sweetheart! Baka mainip ka kasi work iyong mga trip ko.” Maya pointed out.

“That’s fine. At least I can spend evenings with you and we can explore the sights during your free time. You can also the same kapag ako naman ang may business trip and you are not too loaded with work.” Richard said smiling. “How was your trip? You mentioned in your e-mail that your trip was a success.”

“Yes, we got the companies on board and we will carry their lines of housewares in the next six months.” Maya told Richard as they walked where he parked his car. “The trip was a bit tiring since I went to several places. Tapos, I think the office made a miscalculation with my airline booking. I had two stopovers instead of one. I feel tired and my body clock is whacked, Luckily, hindi nga ako masyado prone sa jetlag.”

“Hmmm, are you sure that it is okay lang na mag-dinner muna tayo sa apartment?” Richard asked. “I can take you straight home to Quezon City. We can catch up tomorrow or Sunday.”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I want to spend time with you. I missed you kaya.” Maya said as she hugged Richard while they were walking.

They arrived at Richard’s place an hour later.

Richard told Maya to make herself comfortable while they wait for the food he ordered from a specialty restaurant. Richard said he will just finish setting up the table in the garden. He kissed Maya, got her settled in one of her favorite armchairs by the window, then he went out to set up their dinner. Right on time, the guy from the restaurant rang the bell and the mouthwatering aroma of what Richard ordered filled the apartment soon after.

When he finished setting up the table, Richard went inside to call Maya, only to discover her sleeping uncomfortably in the armchair. He didn’t have the heart to wake her up. She looked tired from her trip, judging by the dark circles around her eyes. He carried her to the guest room that she occupied before. She didn’t even wake up while he was carrying her, just stirred a bit, and burrowed deep into his chest. Richard settled her comfortably on the bed, covered her with comforter, kissed her on the forehead and dimmed the lights. He went back to the living room and called Maya’s mom.

“Good evening po, Tita Tessie.” He said.

“O Richard, napatawag ka. Si Maya? Di ba you will pick her up sa airport.” Mommy Tessie asked.

“Yes po, I did. Nandito po kami sa place ko. We will have dinner muna sana before going home to your house. Kaya lang po, nakatulog si Maya while I was preparing our dinner.” Richard explained. “I put her in the guest room so she is more comfortable. Is it okay po if she will just stay the night so she can have an uninterrupted rest?”

“Oh, okay. Better nga siguro na diyan na lang muna siya, Richard.  Baka napagod ng husto sa trip niya. Medyo hectic yata masyado kasi ang naging schedule niya sa States.”

“Oo nga po. Good thing that it is a Saturday tomorrow and she can rest pa for two days before going back to work.” Richard added. “Ihahatid ko na lang po siya tomorrow.”

“Okay, Richard. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I’l see you two tomorrow. Have a nice evening.”

Richard put away the food he laid on the table. He will just a grab a bite in the kitchen. It was much better to eat all the food he bought if Maya was there to share it with him. He left the table settings as it was, though. Then he went to check on Maya, who was still sleeping soundly. My poor sweetheart, he thought. He watched over her for a time. Then thinking that he might wake her up, left the room. He ate a sandwhich in the kitchen. Then feeling a bit restless, he loaded one of the Downton Abbey DVDs on his player. Before he knew it, he was engrossed in the lives of the Crawleys and the other residents of Downton Abbey. Now, he understood why Maya loves this series a lot. When he was finished with the first DVD. He decided to go to bed. But a shower first, he thought.

Sleep eluded Richard. He had been tossing and turning the past half hour. His mind was very much active. He decided to check on Maya again and relax a bit, by playing the piano. She was still sleeping deeply. She kicked her comforter, so he put it back. Richard went to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of wine, then sat on the piano bench, and started playing. He played his favorite show tunes from Les Miserables, Evita, Miss Saigon, Rent then he segued to his other favorites. He was playing Nana Mouskouri’s ‘Only Love’ when someone hugged him from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled.

“Hi sweetheart, nagising ba kita? How are you? Nakatulog ka ba ng maayos?” Richard asked Maya as he sat her on his lap. He noticed that she had changed clothes and that had been to the shower. She is now wearing a loose cotton blouse and a flowing skirt.

“I’m okay, sweetheart. I feel rested. I’m sorry for sleeping on you and missing our dinner.” Maya said as she lovingly touched Richard’s nape as she half-hugged him. “I just woke up, suddenly, felt very thirsty, and a bit hungry. I realized I was in your guest room, wearing the clothes I traveled on for 20 or so hours, so I took a shower first before going down and raiding your kitchen. I just felt I needed to shed off almost a day of traveling from my body. I heard you playing beautifully when I opened my door.”

“Just stay here, sweetheart. I will get you some food.” Richard said, carrying Maya to the sofa.

“I can do it, Ricky.”

“No, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, you are tired. Let me pamper you.” Richard said smiling.

“Okay. Thank you sweetheart.” Maya settled down comfortably in the sofa.

Richard heated the pasta and the appetizers he ordered in the microwave. Then, an idea came to him. He went to the garden and got the table cloth, the flowers and the candles he left there earlier. He took those inside, then went infront of  one of the floor-to-ceiling windows, spread the table cloth, arranged the candles and the flowers, he put in the middle.

“What are you doing sweetheart?” Maya asked, curious. “Can I help?”

“I have everything under control sweetheart.” Richard smiled at Maya, then went to the kitchen. He got a chilled bottle of wine from the fridge, different kinds of cheese and fruits and put everything on the spot he arranged.

“Voila, sweetheart, our after midnight picnic.” He said proudly showing Maya what he prepared. “Since we missed dinner earlier! I just had a sandwhich after putting you to bed.

“Wow,  very nice. I’m getting hungrier by just looking at all these mouthwatering food. Come, sweetheart, let’s eat.” Maya sad as she sat cross-legged on one side of the table cloth. Richard got cushions and gave one to Maya. He sat on Maya’s right, both of them facing the window.

Richard and Maya enjoyed their dinner immensely. Richard poured them a glass of wine each, then they fed each other cheese, fruits and other finger food. Then Maya served Richard the pasta. They chatted a bit while eating, but most of the time, just looked at each other lovingly.

“Ricky, I’m stuffed. Thank you.” Maya said as she took a sip of her wine one last time. The two of them finished the whole bottle.

“This was much better, sweetheart, than the dinner I planned outside.” Richard said. “How about coffee?”

“Naku, baka we shouldn’t na sweetheart, baka hindi na tayo makatulog. Which reminds me, did you text Mom earlier?”

Oh, yes I did. Ipinagpaalam kita. I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I told her, better if you have an uninterrupted rest here.” Then he teased her. “Saka pagkakataon ko na kayang ma-solo kita, hahahaha.”

“Ikaw talaga, sweetheart. But thank you for calling my mom.” Maya smiled and gazed thoughtfully at Richard. “What were you playing when I got down, it was beautiful. Do you know the lyrics? Can you play it again and sing for me also, please.”

“Hmmmm, and what’s my reward Ms. Dela Rosa?”

“How about two kisses, and maybe more…”

“Hmmm, ‘maybe more’. I think I like that part better.”

Maya pinched Richard on the side lovingly as he helped her up. They went to the piano. But when Maya was about to sit on the sofa again, Richard pulled her on his lap.

“Rickyyy, can you play with me here?” She protested, smiling and tried to wiggle from her perch on Richard’s lap.

“Hmmm, watch me, Ms. Dela Rosa. Keep still please, sweetheart.” Then Richard started playing, and singing, pressing Maya closer to him, their bodies constantly touching as he moved and played for her.

Maya thought that Richard has a very wonderful voice and the way he sang, it touches her. The way his hand touched the keys, she find it sensual. She moved a little bit more so she can get more comfortable while listening to him. She also gazed at him. Their eyes met and suddenly the atmosphere in the dimly-lit room, shifted. Their bodies awareness of each other coming to the surface. Richard suddenly stopped playing and cupped Maya’s face, touching her gently, softly, tenderly.

“Maya….” He uttered then his lips descended on hers. Her mouth opened in silent invitation. Richard deepened the kiss as he pulled Maya tighter while she tried to get closer to Richard too until there was no space between them on the narrow piano bench.

“Ricky….” Maya managed to say as she responded to Richard’s kisses and touch. She also started touching him, as he was caressing her lovingly, urgently. Soon after, the passion between them became uncontrollable. They were touching each other in every way they could. Richard nipped at Maya’s lower lip, evoking a response within her, then proceeded to rain kisses on her, cupping her breast through the thin material of her blouse.

“Maya, sweetheart….What you do to me…..”

“Ricky…..”Maya moaned as their lips touched again. Richard’s touch was playing havoc on Maya’s senses. She can also feel the evidence of Richard’s passion while sitting on his lap “I want more….please….”

“Sweetheart, are you sure?….We can wait….I didn’t bring you here this evening for this….” Richard asked as he tried to control himself.

“Ricky, sweetheart…I’m sure. I want to belong to you completely….” Maya said as she kissed Richard and moved against him, causing him to groan.

He kissed her hotly one more time, then he carried her upstairs to his room.

Richard and Maya showed their love for each other in another level, all throughout the night. Passion unleashed, there was no stopping them from expressing their love for each other, physically. Passion temporarily sated, they feel asleep in each other’s arms.


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 11

Chapter 11
‘Family day’

Maya woke up when her alarm went off. She set it at seven o’clock, even if she got home late from the wonderful dinner with Richard’s parents. She needed to get going early because she thought a very impatient little girl will knock on her door soon. Even before Maya was finished with what she was thinking, she heard a knock.

“Come in, Abby.” She guessed.

The door opened. It was indeed Abby, dressed in leggings, a Disney t-shirt and sneakers, with her little Hello Kitty sling bag strapped on her. “ Good morning po Tita Ninang, you are not dressed yet! Di ba ngayon po tayo pupunta sa zoo?” She said as she hugged Maya and gave her a kiss.

Maya smiled, and kissed her lovable pamangkin. “Good morning, Abby. Ang aga mo ah. We will leave at 9 o’clock pa.”

“But Tita, that is so late already. Where is Tito Richard? I want to give him a call. Pretty please po.” She cajoled sweetly.

“Hmmm, okay we will call him. Why don’t you watch your favorite Barbie DVD while I get ready and while we are waiting for your Tito Richard.” Maya suggested as she opened her closet, trying to find her most comfortable jeans, to go with a loose cotton blouse, and espadrilles.

“Okay po, Tita Ninang, I will just stay in the TV room while waiting for you. I will just ask Ate Sabel to load the video for me so you can dress na. Basta, don’t forget to call Tito Richard ha. Kasi, he might have forgotten his promise. Thank you, Tita. I love you.”

“I will Abby. And no, he didn’t forget. We talked about this trip last night when he was driving me home.” Maya explained to the sweet little girl, who apparently, is at an age where she misses a father figure too. Good thing Richard is good with kids and loves her niece too. She guess he is a pro at it since he told her, he sometimes babysat Nikki while in the States visiting his sister.

Maya’s phone rang after she had been to the shower.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” Richard said while trying to find his keys to go to Maya’s house. “Ready na kayo ni Abby?”

“Hi sweetheart, good morning. Just about. She is very excited about the trip. She was ready to go an hour ago pa!”

“Talaga, nakakatuwa naman. Nikki was like that. Ganyan yata talaga ang kids. I will leave my place in 10 minutes. See you, sweetheart.”

“See you, drive carefully.” Maya said.

Richard arrived 45 minutes after they put the phone down. When Abby saw Richard, she ran to him, and hugged him tight. “Tito Richard, yehey, you are here. Can we leave na po.”

“Ha ha ha, we will Abby. Where is your Tita?” Richard asked as he looked for Maya.

Sabel offered to get Maya for him.

Several minutes after, Maya came down. Richard was struck anew by her beauty and simplicity. She looks very lovely in her casual outfit. Maya thought naman, upon seeing her boyfriend, how guwapo he is in his polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

“Good morning sweetheart.” He gave her a soft kiss after checking if Abby was looking. He saw her putting away her DVD, so the coast was clear.

Maya gave Richard a very loving smile, touched his face and kissed him back.

They said goodbye to Mommy Tessie who just woke up, and was drinking a cup of coffee in the veranda while reading her favorite newspaper. She asked if they have eaten breakfast. They told her they will just get something on the way as Abby wanted to get going.

When Maya got into the car after they have settled Abby in the back, Richard handed her a coffee tumbler.

“For you.” He said. “Alam ko na hindi ka na makakapag-coffee sa excitement ni Abby. We can just grab some sandwiches when we get to the zoo.”

“Wow, thank you. Ang thoughtful naman talaga ng sweetheart ko.”

Richard smiled, then started driving. It took them more than an hour to reach the zoo. As soon as they have paid the entrance fee, Abby dragged them to all the animals she wanted to see, which was all! She happily went from one part of the big zoo to the other. She also wanted a photo with a lovable orangutan there. Richard and Maya posed with her.

“Cute naman nung family doon o, guwapo the husband, pretty the mom and cute iyong little girl.” Richard and Maya heard someone remarked. They smiled.

When Abby got tired, they went to the area where one can feed the big fish in the pond, a place suited for relaxing also.

“She is cute. Pamangkin mo?” A woman, who was probably in her early 30s said to Richard. She was looking at him with a flirty expression. She noticed that he was not wearing a wedding ring, so was the woman with him. “I’m Carla, by the way. I’m here with my nephew.”

Richard smiled politely at the woman. Then he held Maya’s hand, and pulled her closer to him. “Nice to meet you, Carla. This is my girlfriend, Maya. Yes, she our pamangkin, her name is Abby. Sweetheart, okay lang naman si Abby there ‘no? But let’s see if she needs more food for the fish. Excuse us, Carla. Enjoy your day with your nephew.”

“Sweetheart, suplado mo.” Maya teased Richard when they were not within Carla’s hearing. “Pati pala rito sa zoo, may admirer ka.”

“Ha, ha, ha, sweetheart. A bit annoying kasi, nakita na niyang kasama kita, di ba.” Richard said. “Hindi niya alam, wala na akong nakikitang iba kundi ikaw.” Then he gave Maya a light kiss.

“Ikaw talaga, sweetheart, sobra-sobra ka nang magpakilig ah.” Maya said lovingly. “Halika na nga. I need to check if Abby needs a change of clothes na, baka basa na ng pawis.”

Richard looked on while Maya took care of Abby, checking if her niece’s clothes are already soaked with sweat. She wiped the little girl’s forehead also, then said something funny to her, which made Abby giggled, then hugged her aunt tight. His heart skipped a beat, imagining Maya doing the same for their daughter, or for their son. He felt so happy with his imagination, – a little girl who is the spitting image of Maya, or a boy who looks like him.

“Ricky, Ricky, sweetheart.” Maya had to call Richard several times before he heard her.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Hmmm, what were you thinking of? Ang laki kaya ng smile mo?”

Richard gave Maya a lopsided smile and then simply said, “wala”.

“Meron kaya, pero I’m sure sasabihin mo rin sa akin iyan. Let’s go get some ice cream for our little girl.”

They were walking towards the ice cream stand when someone called Maya’s name. They looked and saw James, holding a little boy’s hand. He is about the same age as Abby.

“Maya, small world talaga. Fancy seeing you here of all places.” James said happily. Then he noticed Richard. “Hi Richard, nice to see you again. And who is this pretty little girl?’

“Hello po, I’m Abby. I’m my Tita Ninang’s niece and this is my favorite tito, Tito Richard.” The little girl said to James. Then she went to the little boy. “Hi, I’m Abby. I’m seven years old.”

The little boy was a bit shy in the beginning, but James prodded him to introduce himself.

“Hi Abby. My name is Pocholo. But you can call me Cho. That is what my mom, dad and Uncle James call me. I’m seven also like you.”

“Nice to meet you Cho.” Maya said.

Richard also said hello to the little boy and ruffled his hair affectionately.

“May pamangkin ka pala na same age as Abby, James?”

“Yes. He also has a baby sister. I thought of taking Cho here para malibang. His dad is in the hospital kasi, and my sister is taking care of him.” James explained as he looked at Maya closely. He also noticed Richard standing very close to her, with his hand on her back.

“Oh, I hope nothing very serious.” Maya said.

“He has dengue, but the doctors said he is getting better.”

Richard who was looking on, felt Abby tugging at his hand. He stooped down and she whispered to him that she wanted her ice cream, and would it be okay if they also get something for Cho too.

“Maya, I will get the kids ice cream. You catch up with James.” He said. “James, would it be okay if I take Cho too, to the ice cream stand, just there.” He asked James and pointed out at the ice cream stand in the corner of the park part of the zoo.

“Sure, sure, no problem Richard. Thank you.” He was about to pull his wallet out when Richard told him he will take care of everything. He took hold of the kids hands and they walked hand in hand to the ice cream stand, with Maya looking on, imagining Richard doing the same with their kids.

James saw Maya’s look and confirmed his earlier observation.

“Ehem, ehem, earth to Maya.” He teased.

“Oh, sorry, James. Got lost in my thoughts.”

“Parang alam ko na kung nasaan ang mind mo.” James remarked smiling. “Poor me, hindi pa nga ako nanliligaw sa iyo, basted na.”

“Ha, what are you saying?”

“Kayo na ni Richard, isn’t it? You two looked so in love when I saw you at the CCP. Angela thought the same. Pero, you introduced him then as a very good friend.” James said.

“Yes, kami na.” Maya smiled, then looked at Richard lovingly.

“Ouch, ang puso ko.” James jested. ”Seriously Maya, I’m happy for you. Seeing you with him, I knew already where your heart is. Huwag kang mag-aalala, hindi naman ako ganoon ka-broken hearted. Nandoon pa lang ako sa stage that I would really like to get to know you better.” He assured Maya.

“Oh, James. Somewhere out there is a girl for you.” Maya said. “Minsan, love comes calling when you are not looking.”

“I know, don’t worry about me. Richard is a lucky guy, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa.”

Richard returned several minutes after with the kids holding big ice cream cones. He also gave one to Maya, and Cho handed one to his Uncle James. James and Cho thanked Richard again and told them, they will head to the other side of the zoo.

“Maya, nice seeing you again. I will tell Eds we have seen each other.” James said with a smile. “Richard, we will go ahead. Thank you for the treat. And take good care of Maya. You are a very lucky guy,” was James parting remarks.

“Hmmm, and what was that sweetheart?” Richard asked, his eyebrow raised, puzzled at James’s remark.

“O di ba you heard him, sabi niya swerte ka raw sa akin.” Maya teased.

“Maya Dela Rosa…..”

“Okay, okay, okay Mr. Lim.” Maya said, laughing. “He caught me looking at you lovingly, he asked me kung tayo na and I said yes. Then he told me, he knew, noong nakita pa lang niya tayo sa CCP that we love each other. Pati nga raw si Angela. Sabi niya pa, hindi pa nga siya nanliligaw, alam na niyang basted na siya.” Maya finished.

“Hmmm, mabuti, he realized that.” Richard said, grinning. “Kung hindi ako na ang bahalang magpa-realize.” He jested. “Sabi ko na nga ba, unang kita ko palang, alam ko nang he likes you.”

“Ikaw talaga, Mr. Lim. If ever naman, wala siyang pag-asa talaga kasi ikaw lang for me.”

Richard smiled, caressed Maya cheek. “Thank you sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Hmmm, kaya ko nga kayo iniwan, so you can make basted.” Richard told Maya teasingly while they were walking, eating their melting ice cream, and looking at Abby who was happily walking ahead of them. “You needed to put the guy out of his misery since you are taken na, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa.” He added, still smiling.

Maya laughed at Richard’s statement. “Ikaw talaga. Ang sama mo, Mr. Lim. Well, mukhang hindi naman ganoon ka-broken hearted si James. Saka, don’t you think, parang bagay sila ni Ruby, di ba?”

“Matchmaking, my dear?” Richard asked, smiling at his girlfriend who has a big heart for her friends. “Well, I do hope that he find the girl for him, not just my girl.”

“Just wishing. Mahirap makialam sa love life ng iba. Dito lang ako sa love life natin Mr. Lim.” Maya said. “Halika na nga, doon tayo sa mga giraffe.”

They smiled at each other, then they continue to happily looked after Abby, pointing out various animals and plants to her, and from time to time, exchanging loving glances, fingers interlaced.

They left the zoo at 4’o clock in the afternoon. They stopped at a cupcake house in the mall on the way back to Maya’s house. Abby had a hard time choosing from the wide array of cupcakes on display. Maya and Richard laughed with her and told her she can have several.

Maya and Richard ordered a cupcake each as well and a cup of coffee after having snacks as the speciality shop also serves regular food. On the way out, they also bought a big box of assorted cupcakes for Mommy Tessie and Cristina Rose.

When Richard parked his car at the usual place infront of Maya’s house, Abby was still sleeping deeply. Maya and Richard smiled.

Richard gently carried Abby to her room. He laid her down on the bed. Maya removed her niece’s shoes and cover her with her Disney princesses comforter. They looked at the sleeping little girl lovingly, with Richard’ arm on Maya’s shoulder. This was the scene that Cristina Rose saw when she arrived shortly after Maya and Richard. She smiled.

“Maya, Richard, hi. Thank you very much for taking care of Abby. Mukhang napagod ng husto itong little girl ko sa excitement.” She said by way of greetings.

“Hi Ate, oo nga. Sobrang nag-enjoy siya sa zoo. Bad kami ni Richard, bukod sa ice cream at chips sa zoo, we also had sugar overload diyan sa cupcake house sa mall.” Maya said sheepishly, hoping that it is okay with her sister.

Cristina Rose smiled. “Naku, mahilig pa naman iyan sa sweets. But that’s fine. You know naman that she can have those on weekends. Kapag weekends lang. Iyon pala iyong malaking box na nakita ko sa baba.”

“We had fun with Abby, Cris.” Richard added. “She is a joy.”

“Yes, she is.” Cris said as she lovingly caressed her sleeping daughter’s head.

“Err, Ate Cris, Ricky and will go down na. We will chat with Mom a bit and have coffee and cupcakes at the veranda. Join us?”

“Hmmm, kayo na lang love birds. Thank you. I need to rest. Tiring day. Mom is not yet home. She went out to watch a movie with Tito Miguel after her meeting with her friend.” Cris told them.

“With Tito Miguel, ha.” Maya smiled, but didn’t say anything anymore. Her Tito Miguel is a widower and she had an inkling that he wants to court her mom.

While they were walking down the stairs, Richard asked Maya about her Miguel remark, so Maya told him.

“Well she deserves to be happy. Tito Miguel is a good guy. He was a very good husband to Tita Helen.” Richard remarked. Maya told him what happened to her parents in one of their heart to heart discussions. He is happy that her mom is going to have a second chance at love.

Richard and Maya stayed in the veranda until midnight, just chatting, cuddling, and enjoying each other’s company. Not going beyond kissing, barely though. They were perfectly happy in their own private world.


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Meet the parents

Maya and Richard arrived at the Dela Rosas’ residence the following evening with fingers interlaced. This was the first thing Mommy Tessie noticed when she saw them walking towards the house, from where Richard parked his car, at the usual place infront of their gate. She smiled. I think she knew what transpired when these two got stranded. They admitted their feelings for each other!  She is glad that her daughter finally took the leap of faith and entered into a relationship. As a mother, she knew that Maya will manage to take that step, when she finds the right person, with the right person. Her daughter has so much love to give. Mommy Tessie also thanked God that Maya found Richard.

“Good evening po, Tita Tessie.” Richard greeted Maya’s mom, smiling, still not letting go of Maya’s hand.

“Hi Mom.” Maya said with a big smile, then looked at Richard lovingly. “Ricky and I have something to tell you.”

“Hmmm, I think I know.” Mommy Tessie smiled at the two. Then walked towards them, embraced Richard and told her to take good care of her daughter. Then she went to Maya. “My darling girl, be happy. I’m glad to know that you’ve finally found someone worthy of your love.”

“Mom, how did you know?” Maya asked, surprised, but happy to know that her mom is happy for them.

“The moment I saw you two holding hands and smiling at each other like you have a world of your own, I know.” Mommy Tessie said, smiling at her daughter and her now boyfriend. “I can feel the love between you two and I’m so happy.”

Maya and Richard smiled so happily at Mommy Tessie, then looked at each other again. The way they were gazing at each other, they forgot that Maya’s mom was with them.

“Ehemmm, ehemmm. Maya, Richard, mga anak.” She said with a smile. “Let’s have dinner.  Sabel, pakitawag na sina Cristina Rose and Abby.”

Mommy Tessie ushered Maya and Richard to the dining room. She saw how solicitous Richard is with her daughter. He seated her, then proceeded to do the same to her. Soon after, Cristina Rose and Abby arrived. Abby ran to Richard and gave him a big hug. The little girl told Richard she missed him a lot. Richard promised her he will come more often and one weekend, she can go out with him and her Tita Ninang. The little girl said she wanted to go to the zoo with them. They promised to take her, provided she asked her mom’s permission first.

Cristina Rose waved at Richard and her sister, sat on the seat beside Abby and promptly noticed Richard’s hand on top of her sister’s. She smiled and offered them a teasing smile. They sheepishly smiled in return.  Cris is glad for Maya. Judging by what she has been seeing of Richard so far, her sister found herself a good man. He is so much different from Jeff. She now realized that had she was not a headstrong girl at that time, still reeling from what her dad did, she would have not hooked up with Jeff. But it’s was all water under the bridge now. She can’t completely regret that part of her life as it gave her Abby, her precious daughter. She also learned from that experience and that was not to give her heart and all of her lightly to someone who can’t take care of it, to someone who didn’t deserve it. Now, she is being very careful with her heart. But just like what she told her sister before, she is not closing her heart.

“Mommy, is it okay if Tito Richard and Tita Ninang take me to the zoo, tomorrow?” Abby asked, interrupting her mother’s thoughts.

“Bukas, agad-agad, anak. You have school. Tapos, they have work. How about this Saturday, kung okay lang sa Tita Ninang mo and Tito Richard.”  Cris ruffled her daughter’s long hair.

Maya and Richard told Abby that they will just go to the zoo with her the following weekend. Cris has to work that day so she can’t go. They also asked Mommy Tessie if she would like to go, but she declined saying she will meet one of her amigas and the meeting has been set two weeks ago. The Dela Rosas and Richard had an enjoyable evening.  After chatting a bit after dinner, Cris took Abby to bed, while Mommy Tessie excused herself, saying she will rest as she was tired from their trip. She told her Maya they will just have ther mother-and-daughter chat tomorrow. Cris also whispered to Maya that she owes her kwento, but she is so happy for her sister. Maya and Richard decided to have coffee in the lanai, not wanting their time together to end yet.

“Sweetheart, for you.”  Maya offered Richard a steaming cup of coffee, then also put some rice cake on the table. “Dessert. Gawa ni Manang Fe, iyong caretaker nina Lola and Lolo na masarap magluto ng ganito.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. ” Richard took a bite of the rice cake. “It tastes good. Ikaw?”

Instead of Maya getting a fork for herself, she asked Richard to give her some. It started them feeding each other the rice cake. In between, they sipped coffee and chatted about their day. They also cuddled on the big sofa facing Maya’s mom’s precious garden, full of blooms. They also exchanged soft , chaste kisses, restraining themselves since they are at Maya’s house and someone might come down and see them.

It has been a wonderful two days and nights for them. Richard took Maya to work this morning. Them getting ready for work this morning, and leaving the apartment together after eating the breakfast that Maya cooked seemed like a prelude to them being husband and wife. They acted like newly-weds. Richard thought, he would like this the rest of his life. Maya, on the other hand, felt like a wife taking care of her husband. She felt very happy. They entered the lobby of MT Holdings with hands intertwined. Richard accompanied Maya to her office, kissed her softly before saying goodbye. This evening, he picked her up again to take her home. Emman and Ruby who saw Richard giving Maya a sweet kiss as a way of greeting, then caressing her cheek, uttered a silent kilig scream. Now, it is confirmed to them – Maya is no longer NBSB. They felt very happy for their friend. Maya saw them, waved and they mouthed to her that she owes them kwento. They also teased her goodnaturedly. She smiled happily, held hands with Richard and left for the night.

“Maya, sweetheart, are you free this Friday night?” Richard asked while playing with Maya’s hair. He feels so content being with her, like this.

“Hmmm, yes, I think. Why?”

“I would like sana to invite you to have dinner with my Mom and Dad.” Richard ventured. “I’m sure my mom will be happy to meet you. I want to formally introduce my girlfriend to them. I would like you to meet them also. Would that be okay?”

Maya suddenly feel nervous. Meet his parents agad-agad! But, she would like to meet them as well. “Of course, sweetheart. I would like to meet your mom and thank her for making you take piano lessons. And your dad, too since Tito Miguel said a lot of good things about him too.”

Richard laughed and told Maya that his mom will be surprised if she learns that he played the piano for her as he has not played for an audience before, for anyone before. Only for Maya. It was Maya’s turned to be surprised and flattered.

“Talaga, bakit naman? Ang galing-galing mo kaya.”

“I only play for myself, as I have told you, to relax. But the other night, I wanted to share that private aspect of my life with you. Besides, because of it, I found the right opportunity to express my feelings for you.” He said caressing her shoulder. Then he gave her another kiss. “I love you, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa.”

“I love you too, too and more, Mr. Lim.”

They stayed at the lanai until almost midnight. Like before, Richard promised to text Maya when he gets home. They went to bed happy, though missing each other, realizing that they are in different houses now and that just a knock away from each other. They looked forward to the morning, and another sweet time together.

The next several days passed like a blur as Maya and Richard had something to look forward to. They spent most of their free time with each other, not noticing the passing of time and days, lost in their own world. Maya and Mommy Tessie did manage to chat one evening. Her daughter went home alone as Richard had an urgent meeting. Maya gave her a short version of what happened and how she and Richard finally declared their feelings for each other. Of course, some stuffs she left out as it was private thing between her and Richard. Cristina Rose also teased her sister a lot when she was telling her about her and Richard. Then Cris hugged her sister and told her, she is very happy for her. Maya told her ate that she wish she will find the right guy for her, too. But told her to take her time, kasi it will come pala at the right time and sometimes, when you are not looking or expecting it. Cris agreed.

The following Friday, Richard picked up Maya from work. They chatted and updated each other on how their day went as they drove to Richard’s family home. They entered the well-guarded gated village an hour or so later.  Richard helped Maya out, then interlaced their fingers while walking along the driveway of a huge mansion. As soon as Richard’s maid Doris opened the big door of the house, a lady wearing a long flowing blouse and slacks, rushed to them.

“Welcome to our home, Maya.”  She said with a big smile as she kissed Maya on the cheek. Donya Esmeralda was so looking forward to meeting the girl who captured her son’s heart. He was not like this before. He has not introduced anyone to them like this before. “Great to have fnally met you, Maya. Ang tagal ko nang kinukulit itong si Ricky to invite you. He promised to do so, kapag sinagot mo na raw siya.”

“Mom.” Richard smiled at his mom, gave her a peck on the cheek.  “Kahit inunahan mo na ako, I would like to formally introduced to you the love of my life, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. Maya, meet my overexcited, but very lovable Mom, Mrs. Esmeralda Lim.”

“Good evening po, Mrs. Lim. I’m glad to meet you, Ma’am.” Maya smiled at Richard’s mom, liking her instantly.

“Naku, hija, not ‘Ma’am’, call me ‘Mom’ or kung nahihiya ka, Tita Esme na lang.” She said as she hugged Maya. She likes this girl for Ricky, though she just met her, magaan ang loob niya. She also is very beautiful in her simple sheath dress, poised and they way she glanced at her son, so in love with him.

“Thank you po, Tita Esme, for inviting me to dinner.”

“Mom, where’s Dad?” Richard asked, looking around.

“Hay naku, hayun, talking business pa rin with your Tito Probo. Alam mo naman ang Dad mo, hindi maka-sit still. Habang hinihintay kayo, he decided to work muna.” Mommy Esme explained, as her husband entered the living room.

“I heard that, Esmeralda.” He smiled at his son and the beautiful lady beside him. “Hello, hija, welcome to our house. Sorry for that. I got carried away with my discussion with a business partner.”

“Dad, this is Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, my girlfriend, my one and only.” Richard said while holding Maya’s hand and looking at her lovingly. “Maya, please meet my workaholic dad, Mr. Robert Lim.”

“Good evening po, Mr. Lim, please to meet you po. I heard a lot of good things about you, not only from Richard, but also from Tito Miguel. “Maya said, smiling at Richard’s father. Her boss knew that Richard was seeing her. One evening, she saw him at home, visiting her mom, and they got to talk about Richard and his dad.

“Oh, yes, you work for Miguel, and he is your family friend. He mentioned you one time to me. I also met your dad before at a Rotary function, when he was still active.” Mr. Lim told Maya. He stopped at that since he knew that Maya’s parents separated and he was not sure if it was still a sore topic to the family.” Please call me Tito Roberto. Feeling ko nasa office ako kapag naririnig ko ang ‘Mr. Lim’. Saka, family ka na, Maya hija.”

“Sige po, Tito Roberto. Thank you po.” Maya said, glad that Richard’s parents turned out to be very nice people.

“I think dinner is ready na, di ba Doris? Maya, Richard, let’s go, and Roberto, no talk of business on my dinner table ha.” Donya Esmeralda told her husband as she led everyone to the dining room. The table was beautifuly set as if there is a special occasion. There is actually, in Donya Esmeralda’s book, as this is the first time their son brought home a girl and introduced her to them formally.

Maya and the Lims had a wonderful time at dinner. The conversation flowed naturally and freely. The parents also looked at each other, smiled happily, seeing the loving interaction between their son and the girl he loves. Finally, their bachelor is in love and by the look of things, settling down soon.

Maya said goodbye to the older Lims close to midnight. She really had a wonderful time with them. She and Donya Esmeralda got to talk on their own, when Don Roberto insisted at his wife at some point that he must really show something to Richard for a couple of minutes. Taking this cue to be alone with what she know will be future daughter-in-law, Donya Esmeralda said okay. Talking to Maya at length, she liked her more and more for her son. Maya on the othe hand, felt she was talking to a second mom, with Donya Esmeralda. Donya Esmerada told her, they should have lunch soon, and that she would like to formally meet her mom too. She mentioned that they belong to a charity together, attended an event together before, but was not formally introduced. Maya promised her that she will arrange it. She told her Tita Esme that her mom would love meeting her too.

“Sweetheart, I really had a great time with your parents. Considering, ang kaba ko kaya kanina.” Maya told Richard as they stood infront of her gate, about to say good night.

“Talaga, hindi halata, sweetheart! Cool na cool ka kaya. My parents love you, hwag kang mag-alala.”

“Your mom mentioned na ako pa lang ang pinakilala mo sa kanila?” Maya said, remembering that. She was surprised, flattered, and so very happy when Tita Esme mentioned that earlier. She thought that they would at least meet Angela before in a setting similar to this evening as her parents are friends with them.

“Hmmm, well, that’s true.” Richard admitted, smiling.

“Why is that sweetheart?”  Maya  asked, wanting to know.

“Because, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, I promised myself that I will only introduce to my parents the one and only girl for me.” He said as he lovingly tweaked her nose.

“Oh, Ricky.”  Maya felt her heart will burst. “I love very much, sweetheart. And you are the only one for me too.”

“I love you more, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. My life is complete.” Richard said, touching her face lovingly.

Maya and Richard looked at each other with so much promise. Then they kissed softly, tenderly, lovingly, before they parted for the night.

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