Love Comes Calling – Chapter 13

Chapter 13
‘Be with me forever’

Richard looked at Maya’s sleeping form lovingly. He felt so happy. He never expected that their reunion will end up like this. But it was a wonderful, unexpected turn of event, another very important chapter in his and Maya’s beautiful relationship. just like when he declared his love for her. Sometimes, he thought, the best laid plans do get revised drastically due to unforeseen, though, very welcome circumstances. This moment was just too perfect to pass. What he was planning can’t wait until tomorrow night, as he originally set it to be.

Richard got up of the bed, kissed Maya, then looked for his boxers and white t-shirt. He went down to the kitchen, and made breakfast for the two of them. He put everything on a big tray, including the coffee which he knew Maya likes to have as soon as she wakes up. He also got some roses from the garden. He even managed to find a sunflower among the flowers from last night’s picnic. He wanted Maya’s favorite flower to be included in this special event.

When he returned to the room, Richard put the tray on the table by the window, got something from a drawer, and proceeded to wake up Maya with sweet kisses. She stirred, but refused to open her eyes. She burrowed deep into the pillow.

“Sweetheart, good morning. Breakfast for you.” He said lovingly. “Wake up, sleepyhead.

“Ricky, I want to sleep pa, please.” She protested.

Richard decided to wake her up fully with kisses, with his touch. She responded and they had a wonderful repeat of what transpired throughout the night. More than an hour later, Maya was fully awake. She smiled as she remembered her unforgettable night with Richard. He was so tender and so gentle with her, knowing it was her first time. She was not expecting this to happen so soon, but she didn’t regret it. It was something very beautiful and an expression of their love for each other. Sometimes, things just happened when you are not planning for it or when you are not expecting it. The moment was just right. She smiled, her heart full.

“Sweetheart, why are you smiling.” Richard asked as he cuddled Maya closer.

“Wala, I’m so happy lang. I love you.”

“I love you too. You never know how happy I feel at the moment, here, waking up with you beside me. I wish we can stay like this from now on, for always.” Richard said with so much emotion.

He stood up, breath deeply, trying to calm himself, for this moment. He held out his hand to Maya. Maya got out of the bed, putting on Richard’s discarded shirt from the night before, then let herself be led to the middle of the room. Then Richard did something she was not really expecting. He knelt down on one knee before her.

“Sweetheart, I just can’t let this perfect moment pass without this. I can’t wait until tomorow as I originally planned.” Richard said looking at Maya earnestly, looking a bit nervous.

“Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, will you marry me, please.” He looked at her with so much love in his eyes, then offered her a beautiful platinum ring. “I promise to love you, honor you, and cherish you everyday of our lives. Be with me forever. Be my love, for always.”

Maya just stared at Ricky and the ring he was holding, feeling a sudden rush of emotion, and love for this wonderful guy. Then in a snap, she knew what she wanted to – to be this man forever. Her Ricky. Be at his side and to love him for always.

Maya knelt down with Ricky, cupped his beloved face, kissed him and said the words, he has been waiting for. The words that would take their love to another wonderful journey.

“Yes, Ricky Lim, I will marry you. I will be your love and there’s nothing I want to be, other than be with you forever.”

“Maya, sweetheart, you made me the happiest man alive.” Richard said with so much love for this beautiful woman who will be his partner for life. “Thank you.”

Richard put the ring on Maya’s finger and they hugged each other tight, in the middle of the room, while the morning light was streaming from the windows. They stayed like that for how long, they didn’t know, until Maya’s stomach grumbled. They laughed.

“Sorry, sweetheart, my tummy is on US time pa yata.”

“I made breakfast for us. There, I put it on the table before I got sidetracked wonderfully. But the coffee is probably cold by now.” Richard said as he helped Maya up, then looked at the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. “I’ll get you a new cup.”

“No, sweetheart, I will do it this time. Bayaan mo namang pagsilbihan ko ang fiance ko.” Maya lovingly said. She likes the ring of the word. Fiance! She is excited and a bit nervous, but with Richard by her side, she can and will take the leap of faith into their forever.

Maya made new coffee. But instead of the bedroom, the two of them ended up having breakfast at the garden. They had a leisurely meal, still dressed in their bedroom clothes. Maya’s ring caught the light, and she looked at it again, and smiled.

“Sweetheart, is the ring okay with you? Tama naman ang size, di ba?” Richard asked.

“Yes, sweetheart. I love this ring. It’s so beautiful. You’re good. You got my size right too.” Maya remarked. “Galing mong mag-estimate.”

“Errr, I have help. While you were away and I was missing you a lot, I called up your sister and asked if I could borrow one of your rings. Of course, as soon as I asked, she already knew why I was asking. Cris said she is happy for us.”

“Ate Cris knew you are planning to propose to me?” Maya asked, surprised, and glad.

“Yes, sort of.  She knew I will, as to when, ako lang ang nakakaalam.” Richard said. “Oh, and I also asked Mommy Tessie’s permission to propose to you the day I picked up the ring from your house.”

“Really, you asked Mom! What did she say? Anong reaction?” Maya wanted to know as this would be the first time for her mom, that her permission is being asked to marry her daughter.

“She was very happy. She gave us her blessings. She made me promise to take care of you always, to always make you happy and don’t make you cry.” Richard remembered Mommy Tessie’s impassioned appeal to him and he understood and knew where she was coming from. ”I promised her that my goal in life is to make you happy and that you will always be my number one priority. And this I promised you sweetheart, I will be faithful to you until the day we die.”

“Oh sweetheart, you are making me cry. I’m so happy.” Maya went to Richard and embraced him tight. “I love you very much.”

“I love you very much too, my soon-to-be, Mrs. Lim.” Richard cupped Maya’s face and sealed his vow to her with a kiss.

They went inside the house an hour later. Maya looked around and smiled. She already have so many happy memories of this place.

“What are you thinking now, my love?” Richard asked as he hugged her from behind and put his chin on top of Maya’s shoulder.

“Hmmm, just that I love this place. We already have a lot of wonderful memories here – you telling me you love me, then last night, and now this.” Maya said as she looked at her ring. Then blushed suddenly, when she remembered their night of passion.

“Kaya nga, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, make an honest man out of me the soonest so we can spend our everyday like this, our nights looking at the view after we make love. And I can play the piano for you too every thing. I will be your personal pianist.”

“Hmmm, with what you just said, you know what will make marry you the soonest, your piano playing.” Maya teased Richard.

“Ha, ha, ha, ganoon, Mrs. Lim to be. So hindi pala katawan ko ang habol mo sa akin.” Richard bantered back.

That earned him a loving pinch and a kiss from Maya. They also laughed at their silliness, which led to something more.

Richard and Maya finally made it to the Dela Rosas house late afternoon. They spent the rest of the morning just being with each other. Maya also cooked Richard his favorite food. Soon after they prepared for their trip to Quezon City, and facing Maya’s family to tell them of their engagement.

The newly-engaged couple found Maya’s mom in the veranda, having coffee with Cristina Rose.

“Hi Mom, Ate” Maya greeted her mother and sister with a big grin.

“Hello po Tita Tessie, Cris. Sorry po at natagalan kong ihatid si Maya.” He said, not being able to contained his happiness either.

“Mom, Ate, may sasabihin sana kami ni Ricky.” Maya said, as Ricky interlaced their fingers.

Her mother and sister looked at them, waiting for what they will say, though both have an inkling on what it is going to be.

“We are engaged na Mom, Ate.” Maya said happily. Richard was sporting the same happy grin.

“Congratulations, sis, Richard. I’m so happy for your guys. Basta flower girl si Abby ha.” Cris said as she hugged her sister, then Richard. “Welcome to our family, Richard.”

“Thank you very much, Cris. I will be honored to be a part of your family.”

“Maya, anak. I’m so happy for you. Be happy. You found yourself a very good man.” Mommy Tessie said, teary-eyed. She kissed her daughter, hugged her tight and ruffled her hair affectionately. Then she embraced, Richard. “Richard, anak, I’m holding you to your promise ha. Welome to our family. I’m glad my daughter found herself a good man like you.”

“Thank you po, Tita Tessie. Makakaasa po kayo.” Richard told his soon-to-be mother-in-law.

“O call me Mommy na rin ha.” Mommy Tessie said. “Pamilya na tayo.”

“Yes po.” Richard said. “Err, Mommy, Cris, if you are free po sana next weekend, my parents would like to invite you to dinner para raw po pormal na magkakilala ang mga family natin.”

“Oh, that would be great. Sige, let me know the details.” Mommy Tessie said.

Maya went to her sister again, hugged her and thanked her. She also kissed her mom and hugged her tight.

“Mom, thank you. I love you and ate, and also Abby.” Maya said getting emotional also.

They all smiled and hugged each other.

Dinner was a very lively occassion. Abby jumped with joy when she learned that her Tita Ninang and Tito Richard are getting married, and that she will be the flower girl.

Maya also asked Richard, when they were alone in the veranda having coffee, if his parents knew he will propose to her. He said, they knew as he went to them one evening and told them. He told Maya his parents are very happy for them too, then issued nga the invitation for the dinner with the Dela Rosas. He also told her, he was originally proposing to her in a yacht he borrowed from his dad, while watching the Manila Bay sunset, then dinner afterwards.

“Really, sweetheart.” Maya asked, smiling. “But I like your proposal earlier much better. It was spontaneous.”

“I liked it too. Sabi nga seized the moment, which I did. Saka lahat ng pinlano ko, when it comes to you, nare-revised.” Richard said, lovingly kissing Maya’s hand. “But that is what makes life very interesting. We can still go to that dinner and cruise tomorrow as I had arranged it already. Consider it our engagement date.”

Maya smiled at her fiance. “Okay, it’s an engagement date Mr. Lim ko.”

Like the previous occasion, they stayed like that in the veranda for some time, just enjoying each other’s company.

Later that evening when Maya was about to go to bed, she noticed an e-mail from Richard.

From: Richard Lim
To: Maya Dela Rosa
Subject: Us

Dearest my soon-to-be wife,

I still can’t sleep. Missing you by my side. I can’t wait for the day until you are here beside me when I go to sleep and the beautiful face I will wake up with in the morning. My heart is full. I never thought I would be this happy. I’m the luckiest guy to have found you. Thank you coming into my life.

I love you very much.




From: Maya Dela Rosa
To: Richard Lim
Subject: Us

Dearest my soon-to-be husband,

I can’t sleep too. I feel like dancing from sheer happiness. I never imagine that my life would be like this. That I would find a love such as what you have given and shown me, what you are showing me. Thank you too my Mr. Lim. I am counting the minutes, the days, and months until we can be together for always.

I love you very much too.



Richard and Maya both went to bed with huge smiles on their faces, thinking of their life together. Soon.


Note: Errrr, double treat of sort for you guys. 🙂 I have a ‘date’ with my ‘Before Midnight’ DVD and the BCWMH DVD 32 this evening, so I posted this early. Thank you for reading, commenting, and liking my kathang-isip. 🙂

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    • #3 by Antigone on September 10, 2014 - 8:22 PM

      Hi Ms. Myrna! Thanks. Yes, I read Harlequin too. Lahat na yata ng klaseng romance novels, and ibang books din! 🙂 🙂

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    I super love this’s the best feeling in life, to be inlove.. It reminds me to do some loving moments again to my hubby..
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    I just love your stories…. its wonderful to read and such sweet scenes…. its like reading sweet-mills and boons. It gives a wonderful feeling of good vibes that makes one smile after reading. Hope you can create more and more richard and maya stories 🙂 Have a great and inspiring creative day 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • #12 by Antigone on September 10, 2014 - 6:38 PM

      Thank you very much. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love reading those Mills & Boon novels too. I will continue writing as long as the ideas keep flowing. 🙂


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