Love Comes Calling – Chapter 16

Chapter 16
To love and honor

Richard’s vows

One night on my way home, I impulsively went to this coffee shop, to relax a little bit after a difficult day at work. I also felt restless that day, as if I was looking for something. I never expected that through that action, I will find love, suddenly, unexpectedly, wonderfully so. I was sitting and aimlessly playing a game on my iPad when I saw this lovely lady giving comfort to a friend. I thought to myself, she was so caring, so giving. What if that caring is directed to the person whom she loves very much in a romantic way. Whoever that would be, is the luckiest guy in the world.  

Maya, sweetheart, the one and only love of my life, you looked so beautiful from the inside out that night. Our eyes met and that was it for me. I fell in love with you, instantly, though I didn’t know it then, otherwise, I would have insisted on meeting you, finding a way to introduce myself to you, even if you thought I was crazy guy, picking you up in a coffee shop!

Fate intervened through an angel of a girl, even in a place so far away, as if there was a cosmic force making us gravitate towards each other no matter what, when and where. Life was never the same for me after than afternoon in Copenhagen. It became richer, happier and full of colors. My first thought when I wake in the morning is you and you were the last thought when I sleep at night. As I knew you more, I fell deeper and deeper, until I am completely and wonderfully in love with you.

I was the happiest guy in the world when you said you love me too that rainy evening. My heart somersaulted with joy, finally knowing that you feel the same and that you took that leap of faith for me. When you said yes to my proposal and promised to build a lifetime with me, the feeling was indescribable. Since then, just the thought of you agreeing to share your life with me filled me with so much joy and happiness. 

Maya, I will love, honor, and cherish you for always. I will be true to you until the day we leave this earth, and even in the next lifetimes we will have together. I will not give you any cause to shed a tear, and if we do have misunderstandings, as it sometimes happen even to the most loving of couples, I will not let the night pass with that thing between us. You will be my number one priority, and the children, God will blessed us with. I love you very much, my love, my other half.

Maya’s vow

Before I met you Ricky, there were so many questions in my head and in my heart. Will I find true love? Will I know it when it comes calling, and if ever, will I know when I responded to its call if it is the right one. I was so afraid of getting hurt, of taking a risk, I had doubts, but at the same time not losing hope that somewhere, someday, I will find my true love, God willing.

Then one night, while falling in love was the farthest thing in my mind, our eyes met and I felt the pull of something I can’t fully explain at that time. Since then, I was not able to forget the image of you. I never thought I would meet you halfway around the world after that. But I believe that when two persons are fated to be together, if they are meant for each other, they will meet no matter what the circumstances are, no matter how vast the distance is, and no matter how improbable for it to happen.

The more I got to know you, the more I fell deeply in love with you. Your caring, you, giving yourself to me completely by being always there, always caring, always loving me, gave me the strength to finally took that step towards you. You are always there to support me and hold my hands. I know we are living in an imperfect world, and life is not like a fairy tale, but Ricky sweetheart, you are my happily ever after. You made me believe in happily ever afters.

Ricky, life is so much richer with you. Now I know the answers to all my questions. I knew, when I listened to my heart. I love you more than life itself, in this lifetime and the next ones we will have. I promise to be your partner, your friend, your love and a good mother to our children. Love came calling, and I know I have answered the correct one, the only one that matters. You are my one and only. Mahal na mahal kita.

Richard and Maya were both wiping tears of happiness, of joy, and immense love after they have finishing saying their vows, while their families and friends who were part of their very private wedding in the beautifully-decorated chapel of a mountain-resort in Tagaytay were so moved with the love and commitment they can feel from the couple when they recited their vows.

The priest, a friend of Richard from college continued with the ceremony, blessed their union, and happily pronounced them as husband and wife. A very radiant and lovely Maya wearing an intricately-designed beaded vintage laced wedding gown, and Richard, so handsome in his pale blue-grayish suit, faced their guests. Richard gave Maya the sweetest and the longest kiss ever. The guests started giggling and so was Father Timothy who teased the couple.

“Errr, Richard, Maya. Mr. and Mrs Richard and Maya Lim, sabi ng mga guest niyo nalampasan niyo na raw ang longest kiss ever recorded sa Guinness Book of Records with that kiss, by five seconds. Pero baka gusto niyo raw dagdagan ang margin para hindi na ma-contest. So, Richard, you may kiss the bride again.” He said grinning, happy to see his old brod, married the girl of his dreams.

“Ganoon po ba, Father, let’s make the margin wider,” Richard said grinning, then gave Maya another very long kiss, amid the cheering of the people inside the church. When they surfaced, they both had happy, goofy grins, and touched each other’s face tenderly. Everyone clapped to celebrate their marriage.

Richard and Maya posed for pictures with their families and guests. In Maya’s case, it included her father, Arturo. Maya called him several weeks ago and asked if he would like to give her away in her wedding. He was happy to hear from her, though he really insisted that it’s Mommy Tessie and Cristina Rose who should walk with her. He said he lost that right when he left his family. He and Maya also talked and had reached some sort of understanding after he arrived in the country several days before the wedding. Her dad also apologized for letting her and Cristina Rose down. It was Mommy Tessie who told Maya that it would be okay with her if she would like to ask her father to give her away, as he still is her father. Mommy Tessie also told Maya, that she had accepted what happened and she does not want to live dwelling on something that can’t be changed anymore. What is important, she said, is the present and use the lessons of the past to face the future.

From the chapel, everyone went to the second floor of the club house of the mountain-resort for the reception. The place was decorated in blue and yellow, Maya and Richard’s chosen colors. It felt like being inside a greenhouse with the over abundance of flowers, mostly sunflowers and plants, and the wonderful view outside with the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Congratulations, again, Ricky and Maya.” Rafi said, with Charlie in tow. They went to where Maya and Richard were, after the dinner punctuated by clanking of the forks against wine glasses to tease the couple to kiss, which Maya and Richard happily complied with, to chat a bit.

“I’m so happy to finally see my brother so happy and so in love. He also found the best girl for him in you, Maya. I’m so happy as I have a sister now. And thank you for including Nikki in your wedding.”

Like Abby, Nikki was also a flower girl. And aside from Emman and Ruby, Edselyn was in the entourage. Maya also invited James. He and Ruby seem to be getting along very well. She hopes they will also find a love like she and Richard have.

“Thank you Rafi. I’m happy to be your sister, too. I’m really glad that you, Charlie and Nikki managed to make it to our wedding kahit medyo short ang notice.” Maya embraced her sister-in-law, also her brother-in-law.

“Oo nga, ito kasing kapatid ko, ang bilis! Ayaw ka na talagang pakawalan. Baka raw matauhan ka pa.” Rafi teased her brother.

“Ha, ha, ha, Rafaella. Good catch din naman ako ha. Mabait, magiging masunuring husband, and higit sa lahat, guwapo. “ Richard grinned, while Maya elbowed him lovingly.

“Humble much naman tayo, Mr. Lim.”

“Nagsasabi lang ng totoo, Mrs. Lim.” Richard bantered back and then gave his wife a quick kiss on the lips, then rubbed his thumb on her lower lip.

“Ohhhh!!!Awwww, ang dami ng langgam dito, so sweet. Naalala ko ang mga ganito nating moments, honey.” Rafi said, as she moved closer to Charlie and hugged his waist.

“Why honey, we still have moments like this naman, even after 12 years of marriage.” Charlie said, smiling indulgently at his wife.

Their conversation was interrupted by the wedding hosts who requested Richard and Maya to come forward as they will start with the reception ceremonies. Maya and Richard cut a slice of their wedding cake shaped like a giant sunflower with little butterflies and cupcakes of all sorts decorating it, toasted each other, and kissed several times as their guests tap their wine glasses again and again with forks. Then it was time for Richard to remove Maya’s garter, which he did slowly and lingeringly to the good-nature catcalls of the guests. He threw it, and James got it amid hoots and teasing from the other bachelors in the wedding party.

Then it was time for Maya to throw her bouquet. All the single ladies, and Emman, lined up in front. Cristina Rose was also persuaded to join the fun after she initially refused.

Cheers erupted when Ruby got the flowers. She blushed as she was teased by their friends, about James getting the garter and that they are bagay. They are already smelling a budding romance between these two. James joined the fun and teased Ruby too.

It was a fun-filled evening as the reception ceremony was followed by dancing until very late at night. Richard and Maya also asked their wedding planner to sit people randomly so they will know each other better. The tables were also set informally so the guests can table hop or move around as they wish. Wine and conversations flowed as people celebrated Maya and Richard’s union, and enjoyed the music provided by the band that Mommy Tessie and Mommy Esme hired for the occasion. Maya and Richard were amazed at their mothers’ organizational skills as they managed to pull this beautiful wedding in two months!

The two ladies in question, smiled as they watched the newly-weds dancing very very closed to each other, even when the band was playing a fast music.

“Balae, we did it!” Mommy Esme said clasping Mommy Tessie’s hand. “And look at our mga anak, so sweet, and so loving to each other. Feeling ko magkakaapo tayo agad sa dalawang ito.”

Mommy Tessie smiled, very happy and a bit emotional also, seeing her daughter entering a new chapter in her life. “Sinabi mo pa balae. Nakaka-miss din ang may baby sa bahay, di ba?”

“Yes, yes, I agreed.” Mommy Esme said. Then she saw Arturo also happily looking at the couple. She had noticed him throwing looks at Tessie, especially when Miguel was hovering over her, very solicitous of all her needs. “Saka ang ex-husband mo balae, kanina pa nakaw ng nakaw ng tingin sa iyo.”

“Ha, I didn’t notice that, balae!” Mommy Tessie said, surprised, then looked at Arturo who smiled at her, and waved, then returned to his conversation with Don Roberto and Atty. Ryan.

“Don’t get me wrong ha, pero feeling ko, he has regrets.” Mommy Esme remarked.

Mommy Tessie smiled at her balae. She was right on. Arturo did admit to her that he regretted what he did. He asked for her forgiveness and she told him that she had forgiven him a long time ago.

“Hmmm, baka nagsisisi balae na pinakawalan niya ako. Aba eh, wala na akong katulad!” She jested, a sure sign that she was really over that sad chapter or her and her daughters lives.

“Hay naku, dapat talaga siyang magsisi! Talagang he can’t find someone like you na.” Mommy Esme said with conviction.

Both of them giggled like teenagers and when Richard and Maya approached their moms, they asked what they were giggling about. They told the newly-weds nothing much, then smiled at each other. Both glad that they get along very well and are like long-time friends already.

“Mom, Mommy Esme, thank you very much po ulit for everything.” Maya told her two moms as she hugged them very tight and kissed their cheeks, just very happy and thankful to these two wonderful ladies.

“Oo nga mom, Mommy Tessie, you two are the best. Amazing! Thank you.” Richard added, then hugged the mothers and kissed their cheeks too. “Since patapos na naman ang party, Maya and I will travel back to Manila na.”

“Naku, para sa inyo, gagawin naming lahat ni Tessie. So better work on our bagong apo,” Mommy Esme said, and Mommy Tessie agreed. “Better  nga hijo na bumiyahe na kayo since hahigit two hours din ang trip niyo niyan.”

“Ingat kayo mga anak. Kami na ang bahala rito ni Esme. Babalik din si Cristina Rose to help out. She just checked on Abby. Napagod sila ng husto ni Nikki kalalaro kanina. Hayun, parehong bagsak. Rafi and Charlie took them back to the house.” Mommy Tessie kissed and hugged the newly-weds one more time. Mommy Esme did the same.

The remaining guests sent off Richard and Maya amid good-nature teasing about making the most of the night and the days to come. Mommy Esme and Daddy Robert offered them the use of the Lims beautiful log cabin in the said mountain-resort for this night. They thanked the parents, but declined as they wanted to spend their first night as husband and wife in the serviced apartment, the most memorable place for them, before they embark on their overseas honeymoon.

More than two hours later, they arrived at the serviced apartment. As soon as Richard opened the door, he carried Maya in his arms, then took her to the living room. He slowly put Maya down, then started kissing her. She giggled, kissed him back, and got out of his embrace. It was then that Richard noticed everything.

“Wow,” was all he managed to say.

“Do you like it, sweetheart?” Maya asked smiling. This is her first in a series of surprises and special treats she prepared for Richard. She asked their wedding planner’s help to execute the transformation of Richard’s place, now their first home together. On their very special day, she wanted to do something very special for him, as he had done for her, countless of times since they got together.

“Of course, I like it very much.” Richard grinned, then kissed his wife lovingly. Their living room was transformed. It was decorated with candles in all shapes and sizes, secured in their colorful and beautiful glass containers. The lot of them, give the place a warm, very romantic glow. There were flowers, beautifully arranged in small decorative steel trellises, strategically placed around the room. The room looked like a private paradise in a beautiful and secluded island resort.

Maya smiled, as it was not all what she had in store for her husband. She is looking forward to Richard’s reaction to the rest.  She went to a corner, clicked something in the iPod, and soon after the melody of Andy Williams’ ‘Moon River’ started filling the room.

“May I dance with you my dearest husband?” Maya asked as she lovingly looked at her husband.

“Of course, my dearest wife.” Richard then led his wife to the middle of the room, got as closed as they could and started dancing, getting lost in their own world.

“I love you my dearest Mrs. Lim. You made me the happiest man today. At last, you are mine and I will wake up with you everyday, for the rest of our lives. I missed you in my bed, now our bed, sweetheart. I’m so looking forward to making love with you again.” Richard looked at Maya with so much love as they swayed to the music.

“I love you very much too, my dearest, Mr. Lim, my husband. I’m glad that we are finally together, and that I can sleep and wake up in your arms. I’m so happy! I can’t possibly describe how much. There are no words for it, sweetheart, just pure feelings of happiness, at being finally with you. us, starting our beautiful life together. Hmmm, about that making love thing, sweetheart, ilang araw pa lang ah, since we last you know….”Maya teased her husband.

“Yes, ilang araw pa lang, but it felt like a lifetime already.” Richard grinned, teasing his wife.

“Ha, ha, ha, mabuti nga ilang araw lang Mr. Lim. Imagine how long it was gonna be, if I went with your ‘early surrender’ thing.” Maya teased.

They both smiled and remembered that wonderful day – the morning after she slept in Richard’s bed the time he got sick.

Maya woke up with Richard hugging her tight, spoon position, and then cupping her breast. She looked and saw Richard sleeping, maybe dreaming something very nice, since he was smiling while he continued to touch her breast unconsciously. She smiled and extricated herself from his tight embrace, looked at her sleeping fiance, then started kissing and touching him. Richard at first, thought he was dreaming, but the touch and Maya’s kisses felt so real. He suddenly woke up and realized, much to his delight, that he was not dreaming! Maya was making love to him. He smiled, then started kissing her back, torridly.

“Sweetheart, are you sure about this? I thought you wanted to wait until our wedding night.” He asked, wanting to give Maya a way out.

“Ricky sweetheart, I’m so very sure. I was actually more of teasing you when I said that. But I was very happy to know you were willing to wait and will honor my wishes, had I insisted on waiting. It was another manifestation on how much you love me, and I’m humbled. I love you very much and you have never given me any reason to doubt that. I consider our making love as a beautiful expression of our feelings for each other. I trust you will all of me.”

“Thank you sweetheart. I love you very much.” Richard said, touched at what Maya said, very happy and so full of love for her. “So where were we, sweetheart?

Richard and Maya both smiled at the memory of their intimate moments from that day on. They had explored their bodies and discovered what give them the most pleasure. They looked at each other lovingly and continued dancing. When the music stopped, their lips slowly met. The gentle kiss led into an ardent one. Lips fused, they started touching each other.

“Maya, sweetheart, my dear wife, let me love you.” Richard said in between kisses, and touching Maya everywhere.

“Oh, sweetheart, I want that too, very much.” Maya said, breathlessly. “Come.”

Maya led her husband upstairs, stepping on the rose petals strewn on the stairs. When they reached the threshold of their room, Ricky carried Maya inside. The room was transformed beautifully also, into a paradise for both of them, with soft lights, flowers, and champagne. Maya poured a glass each, for her and Ricky.

“To us, my love.”  Richard gazed at his wife lovingly, heatedly. “I love you.”

“To us, my love .” Maya replied, her body reacting to her husband’s heated gaze. “I love you very much too.”

They kissed each other, then Maya stopped her husband before it escalated into something more. “Let me just change, sweetheart.” Then teased him by holding on to his nape, caressing it, then rubbing against him. “It will be worth the wait, sweetheart.”

Richard grinned, liking this bolder Maya. “I’m sure, it will be sweetheart. I’m so looking forward to it. Hurry, please.”

Maya went inside their now dressing room, got something, then went to the bathroom, to prepare herself for the culmination of her treat for her husband on their wedding night.

Richard took this opportunity also to shower in Maya’s old room. With a towel loosely wrapped around his waist and droplets of water still on his chest, he returned to their room. He rubbed himself dry and changed into a white t-shirt that hugged his muscled chest lovingly, loose cotton drawstrings pajama, and waited on the bed for his wife. He didn’t wait long. The bathroom door opened, and out came Maya.

“Wow!” For the second time that evening, Richard was happily surprised. This time, the surprise was much, much better. Maya was silhouetted against the bathroom light, wearing a near transparent, and very sexy negligee. Richard can see the beautiful silhouette of her pert breasts, her lovely body. His body quickly reacted to the sight of his beautiful, alluring, sexy, seductive, ah, he is runing out of words to describe what he is seeing.

Maya slowly approached the bed. Ricky was about to move when she stopped him with her hand on his chest. “Sweetheart, let me love you this evening.” She said in a throaty voice, looking at her husband seductively. And that was Richard’s third  and most wonderful surprise. While Maya was equally very passionate in their lovemaking before, she was still a bit shy in some aspects, and had never taken the initiative like this. He is liking what he is seeing and what his wife is about to do, very much.

“Love me, sweetheart. I’m yours.” He managed to say, trying to control his raging desire, ceding the control to her.

Maya climbed the bed, laid completely on top of Richard, then she started to kiss him, from his forehead, to his face, then gently nipped his bottom lip before she kissed him fully, heatedly. Richard opened his mouth to her seeking one. She deepened the kiss. Richard responded. They tongues mated. Richard caressed Maya’s back, then went lower, lovingly caressing her through her negligee. They were getting so lost in the intense heat they have created, but still can’t get enough of each other.

Maya gave Richard one more searing kiss, before moving, and straddling him, offering Richard a wonderful view of her breasts, so accessible to his hands and seeking mouth. He started doing so. Maya felt the intense pleasure the touch of his hands and his mouth evoked. She wanted more. She touched Richard everywhere she could too, wanting to give him the same pleasure he was giving her. She also saw and felt the evidence of his very intense desire for her. They hurriedly removed their clothes, wanting to feel skin against skin as they continue to love each other.

From then on, the only sound that can be heard in their own private paradise was their moans of pleasure. When both can’t get enough, wanting more, needing more Richard guided Maya so she can join their bodies. They moved together in a rhythm of their own, heightening their pleasure, until both of them can’t take it anymore, gave in, and found release together. Maya laid on top of Richard, spent, several minutes after. While Richard on the other hand, was happy and content to have Maya on top of him.

“I love you, sweetheart. That was awesome, Mrs. Lim!” Richard whispered lovingly to his bride. “I want that everyday, and I want a repeat after I have recovered from your assault, my dearest wife.”

Maya giggled, then teased her husband. “How soon, dearest husband?”

“Hmmm, about now, my dearest wife.” Richard said with a grin, then flipped his wife lovingly, so he was the one lying on top of her, and proceeded to love every inch of her.

Maya and Richard loved each other, thoroughly, in all the ways they could, through the remainder of the night. Sated, they fell asleep, naked in each other’s arm. When morning came, they started their new day as husband and wife, by loving and pleasuring each other, again and again.


Note: My 50th post! :–) 🙂 🙂 It has been a very enjoyable experience so far. Thank you very much again to all those who read and enjoy my stories. This chapter ends Loves Come Calling, a story I enjoyed writing very much. I never thought it would reach 16 chapters! Maraming salamat for being with me as we went with Maya and Richard in their loving journey in this story. 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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      Awwww, am touched. 🙂 Thank you very much, Alpha. And true, falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and sometimes one does find it in the most unlikely circumstances, and when one least expected it. 🙂

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      Thank you very much din Floe, lalo na sa zoo suggestion mo. 🙂 Yes, I will write one, I think. A toss lang whether do it first or another chapter of Crossroads muna. 🙂

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      Thanks a lot Marian. True, but the world is also full of wonderful love stories. Di natin alam, somewhere, merong may similar story, di ba. Yes, I will work on Crossroads next. Baka this weekend, walang pasok. 🙂


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