Only Love – Chapter 22

Chapter 22
Now and for always

There wasn’t a dry eye in the church after the bride and groom exchanged their vows. Everyone felt the tremendous love they have for each other. They all knew it is love that has remained true despite the obstacles, the distance, and the years that separated the couple who spoke of commitment and undying love for each other in front of God and before them who were fortunate enough to witness this blessed union of two people who were lucky to find a great love in their lifetime.

When the priest presented the newly-weds to all those who were present, there was a deafening cheer. Everyone stood up and clapped. When Father Tommy told the groom he can now kiss his bride, the groom obliged promptly, even before the priest finished saying that, which made everyone laughed. He gave her the longest kiss ever witnessed in all the marriages that has been celebrated at the majestic and magnificent Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey.

The priest, once again presented the newly-weds who were, by then, being teased mercilessly by their families, friends and other guests who cannot contained their happiness in finally seeing these two at the altar.

“Mr. Richard and Mrs. Maya Lim, once again, ladies and gentlemen!” Father Tommy said with a big smile.

Maya, resplendent in an Alexander McQueen wedding gown, gave her husband a brilliant, loving smile before she faced and waved to hers and Richard’s cheering families and friends. Richard held his wife’s hand tightly, then in front of everyone reeled her gently to him and gave her another lingering kiss.

“Buddy, the honeymoon is for later!” Timothy shouted to an unrepentant Richard, who just grinned at him, and all the guests, so very happy that Maya is finally his! Tim is Richard’s best man.

Maya blushed, then with mischief in her eyes, gave her groom a kiss too. Everyone clapped and shouted for more. The couple obliged, then hugged each other. Her cousin Cristina Rose took that opportunity to arrange Maya’s dress train for the picture taking. She is Maya’s matron of honor.

The wedding coordinator called on the families and friends of the bride and groom for the picture taking. It was a merry moment as everyone mugged it for the camera, happy for the newly-weds.

On Maya’s side, those present at the wedding, aside from Mommy Tessie and Daddy Mark, were the entire Dela Paz family from Mindoro, from Mamang to Cristina Rose, Pocholo who was the ring bearer, then Jeff, Simon who was also a part of the entourage and now only has eyes for Emman’s cousin, Edselyn, who was his partner. Maya’s Tito Jose and Pilar were also there. Luke and Nikki were part of the entourage as well, together with Emman. A cousin of Maya’s father, her Uncle Romulo, who lives in Boston was also at the wedding, with his wife, Aunt Elena and her cousins Marina and Joseph. They have recently reestablished contacts with Mommy Tessie, thanks to the wonders of social media.

On Richard’s side, aside from a very happy Donya Esmeralda, Rafi and her family, with her daughter Abby being the flower girl, attended. His Uncle Patrick, his dad’s brother and also his family were at the wedding, as well as three cousins, daughters of his Uncle Peter, the one who died of stroke a decade ago. Manang Fe also traveled to New York with the Lims and was touched when Richard and Maya asked her to be one of their wedding sponsors.

Richard’s closest colleagues from the LHI office in New York were also invited to the wedding, as well as some of Maya’s UN friends who happened to be in New York at that time, and her close friends from the hotel, including Doris, and her old boss, Mrs. Catherine Roberts.

Rafael also made it to the wedding. So were Uncle Bobby, and his daughters Carolina and Isabela. Maya also brought Sabel with her to the States, much to her delight as it was her first ever trip abroad. She was part of the entourage too.

“I love you very much, my Mrs. Lim.” Richard whispered to Maya as the photographer and his assistant were preparing for their shot. “You are the most beautiful bride in the world. You also made me cry, seeing you walking down the aisle like that, towards me.”

“I love you very much too, my Mr. Lim.” Maya replied, touching her husband’s face. “While I was walking down that aisle, there was only you I was seeing. You were so handsome, so loving, waiting for me. I felt like I was floating to you.”

They shared a look, lost in their own world. The photographer had to call their attention twice before they reacted. They got teased again by their families and friends. They just gave them sheepish, loving smiles.

Soon after, everyone proceeded to the two charter buses Richard and Maya hired for the occasion. It will take everyone to La Signora where the reception will be.

Richard guided Maya to the waiting limo. As soon as they have settled in and was on way to Manhattan, Richard opened the bottle of champagne nestled in a bucket of ice by the side, poured him and Maya a glass each of the bubbly and offered a toast.

“To my beautiful wife! To our wonderful journey! I love you very much, now and for always! ”

“To my handsome and wonderful husband! I love you very much too, beyond forever!”

They looked at each other with so much love, then clinked their glasses. Then sealed their toast with a lingering kiss. They settled more comfortably into the plush seat of the car and looked back at their wonderful one month, culminating at the moment that they have waited for, for more than eight years!

Richard and Maya, one week after they became engaged, told Donya Esmeralda that they would like to marry in New Jersey where Maya’s family is. They have already talked to Mommy Tessie about it and she assured them that it is doable, even if there were only three weeks left to plan it. She told them to leave everything to her. They got lucky at the cathedral since a couple cancelled and they got the slot. Mommy Tessie promised to do all the preliminary preparations.

They told Donya Esmeralda that they wanted a small, private wedding, anyway, not a society circus, with only families and friends present. Richard’s mother did not have any objection to that. In fact, she suggested that the following week, they should go to New York so that they have ample time to prepare. At the same time, she wanted to meet and get to know her balaes.

Maya requested and was granted a month’s leave of absence from her work. While Richard, on the other hand, delegated most of his work to Atty. Ryan Molina, who knows the operations of LHI from the inside out. In the meantime, he will just work from the New York office again while they were preparing for the wedding.

The Lims, with Manang Fe, and Maya with Sabel traveled to the US. Richard, Donya Esmeralda and Manang Fe opened the Lim family apartment in Fifth Avenue, a place Don Roberto purchased five years before he died. Maya and Sabel stayed with the Winters in Newark. Not only it would be easier for Maya and Mommy Tessie to plan the wedding that way, Maya wanted to spend time with her family too.

Despite their busy schedules, Maya and Richard made sure they spend quality time together, reacquainting themselves to the New York that they loved so much – from picnics and carriage rides at Central Park, shows at Broadways, and Maya’s favorite – walking around the city, especially around the Times Square area.

One week before the wedding, and when most of the Manila-based family members on both sides were in either New York or New Jersey, Richard and Maya, in lieu of a stag party for Richard and a bachelorette party for Maya, organized an excursion and a dinner for everyone. They hired one of the New York tour buses to take everyone around the city, with a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and in the evening, they rented a yacht that took them on a night cruise around the New York Harbor. Everyone had fun.

It was something Maya experienced while attending a friend’s wedding in Europe. Bridgette asked Maya to attend even if she was not family as she is one of her dearest friends. Maya thought that it was nice as everyone got to know each other better, instead of meeting on the day of the wedding itself. When she mentioned this to Richard, he readily agreed and had his secretary arranged everything.

Mommy Tessie, joined by Mama Esme, later on, poured all her energies in arranging the most beautiful wedding for her daughter and son-in-law to be. She and Mama Esme have hit it off right away and were inseparable since they got introduced by Maya and Richard in a dinner in the Winters home the night after they have arrived in the States.

It was a beautiful wedding, indeed, fitting for his queen, Richard thought. He will never forget the sight, of seeing Maya, so very beautiful in her gown, holding a bouquet of red roses, gliding towards him, looking at him with so much love. At last, he thought, here we are! He got emotional, remembering their long and complicated journey to forever, coupled with all the love he was feeling at that moment. He just realized that tears were flowing from the corners of his eyes. His mother who was standing beside him, silently handed him a handkerchief.

When the strains of the wedding march started, which served as Maya’s cue to walk towards Richard, she felt lightheaded. Finally, she will walk towards the only man she ever love, their union to be blessed by God, in front of their families and friends who became and integral part of their journey. The faces of the their families and friends who were there to witness her and Richard’s coming together, blurred in Maya’s head and only the image of Richard waiting for her at the end of the long aisle of the church, bedecked with all kinds of flowers, burnt in her consciousness. She was overcame by emotions too, and tears of happiness started flowing. Her mother and Daddy Mark whom she both asked to give her away, smiled at her, teary-eyed with happiness for their daughter.

The ceremony was just so beautiful that it moved not only their guests, but them. Their vows spoke of their journey, love and commitment to each other until death, and even beyond death.

Maya and Richard were jolted back to the present when the limo stopped in front of La Signora. The driver opened the door for them. Richard then escorted Maya to their waiting families and friends who will be celebrating their union with them that very special evening.

The only words to describe the reception was that it was fun, fun, fun. There were a lot of merriment as their friends and families celebrated with them. Edselyn got the flowers, and Simon the garter, so there were a lot of teasing that way too.

The bride and the groom shared a very sweet dance and they got lost in the music and in a world of their own.

The owner of the La Signora, Uncle Bobby’s cousin Francesca made an appearance and Uncle Bobby threw all his energies in making the place something out of a princess book, as a gift to Maya and Richard.

Now, several hours later, Richard opened the door of the place where they will spend their first night as husband and wife. It was the room at the hotel where he and Maya met, where they have started. They agreed that they want to spend their first night in that very special place for them. They will fly to Europe several days after for their first vacation there together.

“Wow!….” was all Maya managed to say, as the room was softly lit and was beautifully decorated for the night, courtesy of Mrs. Roberts, a closet romantic. She was very happy to know that Maya got to live her happily every after.

Richard carried Maya from the door to the big couch by the window. Maya saw a chilling bottle of champagne there and a bouquet of long stemmed red roses. She found a card.

For my beautiful bride,  Maya Dela Rosa-Lim, with all my love!

Yours now and for always,


“Ricky, this is just like our early courtship days here.” Maya said happily, remembering those giddy moments when she would spot the rose and the note on the table, when she went cleaning the room. She gave her husband a kiss on the lips.

“For you, my love, my wife. Every day will be a courtship day, for the rest of our lives.” He said lovingly as he returned her kiss.

They also toasted to that promise. They danced, with the music in their heads. They stayed like that for a while, until Maya whispered to Richard that they should get ready for bed. She told Richard he could go ahead if he wants to shower first as she needed to unpack their stuffs.

Richard did that. He came out of the bathroom several  minutes later, wearing only a thin white t-shirt and a pajama bottom. Maya looked at him, admiring her handsome husband’s physique.

“Hmmm, ang guwapo naman talaga ng husband ko.” Maya teased him, smiling.

Richard grinned, then gave her a light lingering kiss, caressing her a bit, then said softly, “bathroom is yours now, my love.”

Maya gathered her stuffs. “Thanks, my love. I will not be long.” She said as she lightly caressed Richard’s arms and cheeks.

“I will be waiting.” He said with a heated gazed.

Richard settled against the headboard of the bed, waiting for Maya, smiling as he remembered the first time he met her while lying on the same bed. As always, he thanked God that they ended up at the same place at the same time, met, loved, and found each other again.

Less than an hour later, the door of the bathroom opened and the light from inside spilled into the hall, signalling to Richard that Maya was finished with getting ready for bed. He was starting to smile, about to teased her, when his smile turned into a slack-jawed admiration when he saw his wife.

Maya came out of the bathroom wearing a long, red, sleeveless night gown that hugged all her curves and her delectable body was very much visible to Richard’s heated gaze. The dress has a lace v-neck neckline, trimmed with lace, which also adorned its cups and Maya’s breasts and her beautiful peaks.

“Maya, my love, my wife, so you are so beautiful. I love what you are wearing.” Richard said huskily as he stood up from the bed and started caressing Maya’s face.

“For you….” Maya simply said.

With that, Richard lowered his lips to Maya and started plundering her mouth, his tongue dancing with hers. He gave her lips little nips, at the same time, his hand moved to her breast, cupping it through the lace. The effect on Maya was exquisite, as if a bolt of lightning traveled from her breast to her very core, making her want more. Truth is, it does not take much to ignite her when Richard touches her.

“Ricky, my husband, you make me feel so good….” She said huskily, her voice unrecognizable with desire, as Richard laid her down on the bed.

“Me too, Maya, my wife, you always make me crazy with want….” Richard muttered as his hand continued its maddening assault on Maya’s breasts, flicking and lovingly pinching her twin peaks, and his lips moving from her mouth down to her neck, leaving a trail of hot kisses, until it hovered on her breasts.

Maya waited with bated breath, knowing what to come. Se didn’t wait long. Richard lowered his lips to Maya’s waiting peak through the thin lace and it completely consumed Maya. Not content with that, he swirled his tongue around the peak. He did the same to her other breast, at the same time, his other hand was slowly going under the hem of her long night gown, up to her thighs, to her very hot core, then touched her there.

“Ricky…..” Maya said incoherently as she caressed Richard wherever she could touch, until her hand found his hard length.

“Maya…..” It was Richard’s turn to go completely crazy. He was already loving the sound she made as he touched her and her reaction to his touch. But her touch to his hard length, sent him off.

Richard quickly removed all his clothes, until his beautiful body was bared to Maya’s heated gaze. Then he did the same to Maya, slowly removed her dress from the hem up, his lips following his hand, leaving a trail of molten kisses on her already inflamed body.

When they can’t endured the heat between them, Richard reversed their positions and put Maya on top of him, straddling him. They shared a look, then Richard answered Maya’s silent question, with a nod and gently guided her on what to do. This was a first for Maya. Then, when she was settled in on top of Richard, she instinctively move. They established a rhythm, moving towards a frenzy, pleasuring each other, reaching the heights together. Maya collapsed on top of Richard, who gently caressed her while trying to catch his breath. They stayed like that for a while until sleep claim them.

Several hours later, Maya was woken up with a caress on her bare breasts. She slowly opened her eyes. She saw Richard smiling at her with so much love, mixed with desire, on his face, gently caressing her with one of the long-stemmed roses he gave her the night before. They shared a loving look, which turned to a very heated one as Richard continued his maddening feathered caress with the rose. He did this all over Maya’s body, making her crazy and her reaction, on other hand, made Richard crazy with desire too.

“Rickyy….” Maya said, her insatiable desire for her husband, needing to be slake again.

Richard obliged and both of them loved each for the second time that night, and a third time, before sleep claimed them. They fell asleep intertwined. Before they did so, they teased each other that for sure with that, they surely have made a ‘honeymoon’ baby. They both prayed that they did.

Unbeknown to them, two heartbeats were already beating inside Maya’s womb. Their first borns, Sky and Sunshine, were born eight months after their parents’ marriage.


Note: ….and that ends Only Love, another fanfic I enjoyed writing, especially with your comments thrown in after every chapter. Thank you everyone for reading and liking. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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