Love Comes Calling – Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Sweet reunion

Maya walked at a leisurely pace, while the other passengers were walking briskly, wanting to find their boarding gates fast, across the vast Hong Kong International Airport. She has plenty of time for the flight that would take her home after more than a week abroad, spent mainly in New York and San Francisco on business. She would like to eat something first, and have coffee before she go to her boarding gate.

She wanted to go the dimsum place where she ate before, during her stopover, on her way to San Franscisco. The food at that place was really good, enough to satisfy her hunger and craving for something that has more taste than the airline food she and her fellow passengers served. She saw the food stall after three more turns, several more minutes of walking, and sidestepping passsengers in a hurry. She ordered hakaw, siomai and some noodle soup from the kindly old lady manning the food stall.

Her stomach filled, Maya’s next stop was a coffee shop. As soon as she got settled in with her favorite brew, she took out her phone, checked her roaming signal and sent a message to Richard to let him know that she arrived safely in Hong Kong from San Francisco. She missed him a lot.

More than two weeks into their relationship, her company sent her to the States to work on two major deals with companies whose products they wanted very much to carry in their stores. It was a job she can’t delegate to the other buyers. Richard took her to the airport, and she really had a hard time saying goodbye to him. Since then they have been constantly communicating, mostly through e-mails, like when they were in Europe, as it was also very convenient for them due to the time difference. Besides, she knew Richard was also busy with the expansion of Lim Holdings’ shipping business.

Richard sent her a reply promptly, to say that he will be waiting for her when she landed. Then if she is not too tired, dinner first at his apartment before he takes her home. He said they can go out also to a restaurant in BGC, if she would prefer that. Maya said yes to dinner, and told Richard that the apartment is better as there might be a lot of people out tonight, it being a Friday night. She wanted to spend quality time with Richard and the apartment is more conducive for that.

More than three hours later, she exited NAIA Terminal 2. She immediately saw Richard waiting for her at the coffee shop after she got out of the terminal.

“Sweetheart! I missed you.” Maya hugged Richard tight, leaving her luggage standing in the middle of the path.

Richard kissed Maya softly and then caressed her hair. “I missed you too, very much. It felt like months, sweetheart. I got used to seeing you every day and spending time with you most evenings. Sa susunod if I am free, sasama na lang ako sa trips mo, if it is okay.”

“Wow, talaga sweetheart! Baka mainip ka kasi work iyong mga trip ko.” Maya pointed out.

“That’s fine. At least I can spend evenings with you and we can explore the sights during your free time. You can also the same kapag ako naman ang may business trip and you are not too loaded with work.” Richard said smiling. “How was your trip? You mentioned in your e-mail that your trip was a success.”

“Yes, we got the companies on board and we will carry their lines of housewares in the next six months.” Maya told Richard as they walked where he parked his car. “The trip was a bit tiring since I went to several places. Tapos, I think the office made a miscalculation with my airline booking. I had two stopovers instead of one. I feel tired and my body clock is whacked, Luckily, hindi nga ako masyado prone sa jetlag.”

“Hmmm, are you sure that it is okay lang na mag-dinner muna tayo sa apartment?” Richard asked. “I can take you straight home to Quezon City. We can catch up tomorrow or Sunday.”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I want to spend time with you. I missed you kaya.” Maya said as she hugged Richard while they were walking.

They arrived at Richard’s place an hour later.

Richard told Maya to make herself comfortable while they wait for the food he ordered from a specialty restaurant. Richard said he will just finish setting up the table in the garden. He kissed Maya, got her settled in one of her favorite armchairs by the window, then he went out to set up their dinner. Right on time, the guy from the restaurant rang the bell and the mouthwatering aroma of what Richard ordered filled the apartment soon after.

When he finished setting up the table, Richard went inside to call Maya, only to discover her sleeping uncomfortably in the armchair. He didn’t have the heart to wake her up. She looked tired from her trip, judging by the dark circles around her eyes. He carried her to the guest room that she occupied before. She didn’t even wake up while he was carrying her, just stirred a bit, and burrowed deep into his chest. Richard settled her comfortably on the bed, covered her with comforter, kissed her on the forehead and dimmed the lights. He went back to the living room and called Maya’s mom.

“Good evening po, Tita Tessie.” He said.

“O Richard, napatawag ka. Si Maya? Di ba you will pick her up sa airport.” Mommy Tessie asked.

“Yes po, I did. Nandito po kami sa place ko. We will have dinner muna sana before going home to your house. Kaya lang po, nakatulog si Maya while I was preparing our dinner.” Richard explained. “I put her in the guest room so she is more comfortable. Is it okay po if she will just stay the night so she can have an uninterrupted rest?”

“Oh, okay. Better nga siguro na diyan na lang muna siya, Richard.  Baka napagod ng husto sa trip niya. Medyo hectic yata masyado kasi ang naging schedule niya sa States.”

“Oo nga po. Good thing that it is a Saturday tomorrow and she can rest pa for two days before going back to work.” Richard added. “Ihahatid ko na lang po siya tomorrow.”

“Okay, Richard. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I’l see you two tomorrow. Have a nice evening.”

Richard put away the food he laid on the table. He will just a grab a bite in the kitchen. It was much better to eat all the food he bought if Maya was there to share it with him. He left the table settings as it was, though. Then he went to check on Maya, who was still sleeping soundly. My poor sweetheart, he thought. He watched over her for a time. Then thinking that he might wake her up, left the room. He ate a sandwhich in the kitchen. Then feeling a bit restless, he loaded one of the Downton Abbey DVDs on his player. Before he knew it, he was engrossed in the lives of the Crawleys and the other residents of Downton Abbey. Now, he understood why Maya loves this series a lot. When he was finished with the first DVD. He decided to go to bed. But a shower first, he thought.

Sleep eluded Richard. He had been tossing and turning the past half hour. His mind was very much active. He decided to check on Maya again and relax a bit, by playing the piano. She was still sleeping deeply. She kicked her comforter, so he put it back. Richard went to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of wine, then sat on the piano bench, and started playing. He played his favorite show tunes from Les Miserables, Evita, Miss Saigon, Rent then he segued to his other favorites. He was playing Nana Mouskouri’s ‘Only Love’ when someone hugged him from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled.

“Hi sweetheart, nagising ba kita? How are you? Nakatulog ka ba ng maayos?” Richard asked Maya as he sat her on his lap. He noticed that she had changed clothes and that had been to the shower. She is now wearing a loose cotton blouse and a flowing skirt.

“I’m okay, sweetheart. I feel rested. I’m sorry for sleeping on you and missing our dinner.” Maya said as she lovingly touched Richard’s nape as she half-hugged him. “I just woke up, suddenly, felt very thirsty, and a bit hungry. I realized I was in your guest room, wearing the clothes I traveled on for 20 or so hours, so I took a shower first before going down and raiding your kitchen. I just felt I needed to shed off almost a day of traveling from my body. I heard you playing beautifully when I opened my door.”

“Just stay here, sweetheart. I will get you some food.” Richard said, carrying Maya to the sofa.

“I can do it, Ricky.”

“No, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, you are tired. Let me pamper you.” Richard said smiling.

“Okay. Thank you sweetheart.” Maya settled down comfortably in the sofa.

Richard heated the pasta and the appetizers he ordered in the microwave. Then, an idea came to him. He went to the garden and got the table cloth, the flowers and the candles he left there earlier. He took those inside, then went infront of  one of the floor-to-ceiling windows, spread the table cloth, arranged the candles and the flowers, he put in the middle.

“What are you doing sweetheart?” Maya asked, curious. “Can I help?”

“I have everything under control sweetheart.” Richard smiled at Maya, then went to the kitchen. He got a chilled bottle of wine from the fridge, different kinds of cheese and fruits and put everything on the spot he arranged.

“Voila, sweetheart, our after midnight picnic.” He said proudly showing Maya what he prepared. “Since we missed dinner earlier! I just had a sandwhich after putting you to bed.

“Wow,  very nice. I’m getting hungrier by just looking at all these mouthwatering food. Come, sweetheart, let’s eat.” Maya sad as she sat cross-legged on one side of the table cloth. Richard got cushions and gave one to Maya. He sat on Maya’s right, both of them facing the window.

Richard and Maya enjoyed their dinner immensely. Richard poured them a glass of wine each, then they fed each other cheese, fruits and other finger food. Then Maya served Richard the pasta. They chatted a bit while eating, but most of the time, just looked at each other lovingly.

“Ricky, I’m stuffed. Thank you.” Maya said as she took a sip of her wine one last time. The two of them finished the whole bottle.

“This was much better, sweetheart, than the dinner I planned outside.” Richard said. “How about coffee?”

“Naku, baka we shouldn’t na sweetheart, baka hindi na tayo makatulog. Which reminds me, did you text Mom earlier?”

Oh, yes I did. Ipinagpaalam kita. I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I told her, better if you have an uninterrupted rest here.” Then he teased her. “Saka pagkakataon ko na kayang ma-solo kita, hahahaha.”

“Ikaw talaga, sweetheart. But thank you for calling my mom.” Maya smiled and gazed thoughtfully at Richard. “What were you playing when I got down, it was beautiful. Do you know the lyrics? Can you play it again and sing for me also, please.”

“Hmmmm, and what’s my reward Ms. Dela Rosa?”

“How about two kisses, and maybe more…”

“Hmmm, ‘maybe more’. I think I like that part better.”

Maya pinched Richard on the side lovingly as he helped her up. They went to the piano. But when Maya was about to sit on the sofa again, Richard pulled her on his lap.

“Rickyyy, can you play with me here?” She protested, smiling and tried to wiggle from her perch on Richard’s lap.

“Hmmm, watch me, Ms. Dela Rosa. Keep still please, sweetheart.” Then Richard started playing, and singing, pressing Maya closer to him, their bodies constantly touching as he moved and played for her.

Maya thought that Richard has a very wonderful voice and the way he sang, it touches her. The way his hand touched the keys, she find it sensual. She moved a little bit more so she can get more comfortable while listening to him. She also gazed at him. Their eyes met and suddenly the atmosphere in the dimly-lit room, shifted. Their bodies awareness of each other coming to the surface. Richard suddenly stopped playing and cupped Maya’s face, touching her gently, softly, tenderly.

“Maya….” He uttered then his lips descended on hers. Her mouth opened in silent invitation. Richard deepened the kiss as he pulled Maya tighter while she tried to get closer to Richard too until there was no space between them on the narrow piano bench.

“Ricky….” Maya managed to say as she responded to Richard’s kisses and touch. She also started touching him, as he was caressing her lovingly, urgently. Soon after, the passion between them became uncontrollable. They were touching each other in every way they could. Richard nipped at Maya’s lower lip, evoking a response within her, then proceeded to rain kisses on her, cupping her breast through the thin material of her blouse.

“Maya, sweetheart….What you do to me…..”

“Ricky…..”Maya moaned as their lips touched again. Richard’s touch was playing havoc on Maya’s senses. She can also feel the evidence of Richard’s passion while sitting on his lap “I want more….please….”

“Sweetheart, are you sure?….We can wait….I didn’t bring you here this evening for this….” Richard asked as he tried to control himself.

“Ricky, sweetheart…I’m sure. I want to belong to you completely….” Maya said as she kissed Richard and moved against him, causing him to groan.

He kissed her hotly one more time, then he carried her upstairs to his room.

Richard and Maya showed their love for each other in another level, all throughout the night. Passion unleashed, there was no stopping them from expressing their love for each other, physically. Passion temporarily sated, they feel asleep in each other’s arms.


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  2. #2 by anne on September 10, 2014 - 6:41 AM

    at hindi na napigil ang sarili … 😀 sabi ko na nga ba eh, may mangyayaring mas maganda sa kanila, paano haharapin ni singkit si mommy T ngayon na hindi naman pala sa guest room natulog si Maya? kasalan na … ooops propose muna singkit, nauna kasing mag propose si Maya, kaya lang ibang proposal ang ginawa hahaha 🙂


  3. #3 by virgie on September 10, 2014 - 3:41 AM

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