Love Comes Calling – Epilogue

Life blessed

Flowers of all varieties are in bloom again. Everywhere one looks, the trees are green. The whole place was transformed, beautiful, vibrant, happy. The season has changed. Once again, it was springtime in Denmark after the long, cold and dreary winter months. Maya was glad to be back in Copenhagen. It has been more than a year since she last sat on the same bench, drinking a cup of coffee, relaxing, people watching, and was completely unaware that her life was about to change drastically, beautifully so, that lovely afternoon.

“What are you smiling about, sweetheart?” Richard asked while pulling his wife closer, enjoying this moment with her. They were sitting in the same park bench they sat together last year, in front of the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid, enjoying a nice spring morning. This was their first outing in Copenhagen since they arrived yesterday.

“Sweetheart, I was just reminiscing the first time we were here.” Maya leaned against her husband’s broad shoulder to get comfortable. “Imagine, akalain ko ba talaga na dito tayo magkikita sa dinami-dami ng mga lugar?”

Richard smiled and kissed his wife on the forehead, remembering that momentous day also. Who would have thought that they will find themselves here again as husband and wife, about to become parents, more than a year after.

“Hey little buddies, this was where your mom and I had the most wonderful afternoon together after we met here.” Richard said as he rubbed Maya’s tummy lovingly, talking to their unborn children, a girl and a boy, based on Maya’s latest ultrasound.

Maya smiled indulgently at her wonderful husband. He started this habit of ‘talking’ to her tummy when she started showing. Maya can’t ask for a better and more loving husband in Richard. She never thought it was possible to be loved like he is showing her, but it is. She never thought also that she will love a person this much, but she does. Every time she looked at Richard and the life they are having, she feels this overwhelming love for him. Now, there would be very, very welcome additions to their married life. Their little angels. They are looking forward to finally seeing their little bundles of joy in three months. All she pray for, is that they will be okay, health and strong.

Richard and Maya found out that they will be parents two months after their honeymoon in France and in England. They both smiled, remembering their beautiful journey together so far.

They left for Paris, several days after their wedding, and several days after their wonderful stay in the apartment, lost in their own world. A trip to Paris was the first of Richard’s treats for Maya for their honeymoon. He told her that he would like to see Paris with her. He told Maya, she was right, seeing Paris with her was a very memorable and fun experience, unlike the last time he was there alone. Maya also told Richard that she was enjoying Paris and it became more romantic, with them together. They spent the days seeing the sights, with Richard teasing Maya and asking her if that place or this place was part of Lovers in Paris. They laughed at their antics, trying to identify places that they saw in the series. For the two of them, among the most memorable moments there were walking along the banks of the River Seine, or just sitting in a park bench and quietly enjoying each other’s company, or just kissing when they suddenly want to express their feelings for each other. Their nights were spent expressing their love for each in another plane. Each passing day is a learning experience to get to know each other in every possible way.

The only time they surfaced from their own universe while in Paris was when they had dinner with Maya’s cousin, Katrina and her husband Pierre. Katrina was not able to make it to their wedding as it fell on the period she was not available, having taken her yearly vacation two months before the wedding. Katrina told Maya that she glowed and that she already noticed something different in her while she was in Paris the last time. It was the aura of a woman in love, and she told Maya, she was right with her guess then that her cousin was falling in love or was already in love with someone very special.

Richard’s treat for Maya in Paris was capped with an overnight stay in a chateau. They arrived at the beautiful, very old, and huge chateau late afternoon. When Maya entered the place, it reminded her so much of  her super favorite scene in Lovers in Paris, when Ki-Joo and Tae-young were invited to dinner by this French couple and they had that very romantic dance. Now she knew what is Richard’s treat for her, indulging her fan girl heart, at the same time making another of his unexpected but very romantic gestures! Maya was wearing a deep violet designer gown, another gift from Richard. He told her to wear it this evening as they were going somewhere.

Richard was awestruck by the look of his already beautiful wife in that form-fitting gown which he got for her from a well-known Paris fashion house, through Maya’s cousin. He asked Katrina’s help for this special treat for his wife. Katrina thought Richard’s gesture very romantic. She told him she is very happy that her cousin found a guy like him. Maya, upon seeing her husband when she got out the dressing room wearing her beautiful gown, found him so handsome in his smart suit.

The staff prepared a sumptuous dinner for them in the beautiful and elegant dining room of the chateau. Maya felt like a royalty. She looked at her husband with so much love, and he was the same. They enjoyed their dinner a lot. At the same time, banking their desires for each other triggered by small touches, kisses, and looks. Richard asked Maya to dance in the ballroom after their dinner. They capped their romantic night swaying, as close as they could get, to the music that spoke of great and enduring loves, that spoke of their love for each other.

Maya and Richard spent the rest of the night in the chateau making passionate love to each other.

From France, they traveled to England and by this time, Maya had a pretty good idea of that would be her loving husband’s next treat for her. They based themselves in London. They explored the sights and went to watch some shows in West End. And Maya was right about her husband’s treat – a visit to Highclere Castle. For Maya, seeing the castle, for real, was like being transported to Downton Abbey. She grinned at Richard, hugged him tight and told him he was the best husband in the world, when she caught sight of the castle. They had a wonderful time touring the parts of the picturesque and beautiful castle that are open to the public. Of course, Richard got to see his Egyptian antiquities also while they were there. It was another, perfect day for them.

One afternoon, two months after their return from their honeymoon, Maya went home early. She was not feeling well. She had been like that the past several days. She was lying in bed when Richard arrived. He asked her if she wanted him to take her to the doctor. Maya told him she might just have the flu. Maya rested. Richard took care of her. The following day, she went to work, and she felt the same way. Ruby told Maya, maybe it would be better if she goes home and rest until she is better. Minerva, their secretary, on the other hand, suggested she takes a pregnancy test, as she had the same symptoms as Maya’s when she got pregnant the first time. In that instance, Maya realized that her period was late. She bought a pregnancy kit and that evening, she managed to do it. She was a bit nervous, but has this feeling of anticipation of something very good, after she dropped the urine sample in the slot. When she saw two lines forming on the kit, Maya has this indescribable feeling. She also gently touched her tummy in awe. She and Richard will have a baby!

That evening, she had prepared a special dinner for her husband in the garden. Richard asked her what is the occasion and Maya told him, she will tell him after dinner. Maya hoped Richard will not noticed the absence of wine on their dinner table that night. Usually, they have a glass each with their dinner. They talked about their day. Maya told him she went home early again. Richard was insisting that she see a doctor the following day. Maya held her husband’s hand and assured him she is perfectly okay. She then led Richard inside, up to their bedroom, and to a beautifully-wrapped box on their bed. She asked Richard to opened it. He did, slowly while Maya waited with bated breath, trying hard to hide her excitement. Richard saw the kit nestled in crumpled japanese papers. He looked at Maya, slow to react, as if trying to process the whole thing too soon, too fast, then suddenly, he grinned and twirled Maya around the room before putting her down, and kissing her thoroughly. They grinned at each other when they went for air. Richard, then, teary-eyed and serious, told Maya he love her very much and he is very happy that they will have a baby, so very, very happy that he will be a dad, and Maya will be the most beautiful mom in the world.

He  touched Maya’s tummy constantly that night and had a big goofy smile when they went to bed. Aside from giving Maya a searing kiss, after they have made love, and was about to go to sleep, he also kissed Maya’s tummy reverently, whispering good night to their unborn child.

Richard and Maya told everyone about the wonderful news after Maya’s obstetrician confirmed the pregnancy. Dr. Maita Villanueva, Doc Maita to Maya as she was her Ate Cris’s OB-Gyne, told the happy couple that Maya was around more than two months or so pregnant. The couple smiled at each other. A ‘honeymoon’ baby! The elder Lims and Mommy Tessie were, of course, very happy that they will have a new apo. Don Roberto teased Maya and Richard about wishing for a boy since there are more girls in both families than boys. Mommy Esme and Mommy Tessie ganged up on him and told him, it will be a girl. In the end, the grandparents-to-be laughed and assured the couple that they will be happy whether it is a boy or a girl. All they are wanted and what they will pray for are, for Maya to have an easy pregnancy and that they will have a healthy apo. Cris and Rafi were also excited to be aunts and Abby was jumping with joy at the thought that she will be a ‘big cousin’ to her Tita Ninang and favorite Tito Richard’s baby. Mommy Esme and Mommy Tere, when they were alone, grinned and told each other, that they were correct when they predicted that they will have an apo so soon with Richard and Maya.

Now, here they are, back in Copenhagen, where their beautiful love story unfolded. Richard told Maya a week ago that he needed to fly to Copenhagen for several days to meet personally with the head of one the biggest Danish exporters for a business tie-up. He told her, she can come with him, as his schedule will be just for several hours a day. Maya jumped at the opportunity as she wanted to go back to this very special place for her and Richard. Doc. Maita told Maya it was perfectly safe for to travel as her pregnancy was progressing along really well. Maya was also lucky that she didn’t experience terrible morning, or afternoon or evening sickness with her pregnancy. She just have this compulsion to ask her husband to give her his lopsided smile and then touched and kissed his cheeks afterwards. Richard teased Maya that for sure, their baby will look like him since Maya is ‘naglilihi’ on him. Maya just smiled at him and insisted that for sure, the baby will look like her. In this check-up before they left that they got the wonderful news that they will not just have a baby, but babies! They will have twins. A boy and a girl. They immediately informed the families of the happy news.

Maya and Richard smiled at each other, not noticing that there were more people now in the promenade than when they arrived two hours ago. Tourists were starting to flock to the Little Mermaid, just like the last time they were here.

“I love you very much, Mommy!”  Richard touched Maya’s face lovingly. “It has been the best year for us, my love.”

‘I love you very much too, Daddy! ” Maya caressed her husband’s beloved face. “I never thought I would be this happy, sweetheart.”

Maya and Richard shared a tender kiss, unmindful of the people around them. Barely remembering that this time last year, they were just mere spectators on a couple kissing passionately at the very same harbor, dissecting love.

Hands intertwined, they were walking back to where they can get a cab back to their hotel, the lovely harbor hotel where Maya stayed before, when they saw a couple that looked familiar. They looked at each other and exclaimed happily, “Erik and Linda!” The couple looked at them closely, then smiled when they remembered who they were.

“Oh, the couple from the Philippines!” Linda said happily. “Amazing to see you here again!”

“Yes, this is a wonderful coincidence.!” Erik added. “We are here most mornings but this is the first time we have seen you here again since, spring last year, isn’t it?

“You remember us?” Maya was surprised they still did, as after all, it has been more than a year.

“We don’t remember your names, but we do remember your faces and you approaching us, politely last year.” Linda said smiling, a twinkle in her eyes. “You were the only Filipinos who approached us here and asked those personal questions. Beside after you left, I told my husband, it was so nice to meet two young people who were obviously so in love with each other. You also looked so good together. Now, I am happy to see you, so obviously still very much in love!”

“I agree with my wife. You reminded us of us, when we were your age, when we were young and so in love. We still are.” Erik added, smiling, then asked for their names again, apologizing for not remembering.

Richard and Maya assured them it was perfectly okay as it was just a random meeting and it was a year ago since they last saw each other. And what was the likelihood of them seeing each other again. They live in different continents! But they told Linda and Erik they do remember them as they were in awe of how long they have been together.

Richard looked lovingly at Maya, remembering their meeting Erik and Linda, and asking them how long they have been together. “Thank you. I hope we also get to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary like you will do. Next year, right?”

Erik smiled at Richard, told him he has a good memory. Then they noticed Maya’s belly. They congratulated Maya and Richard for their babies, after they have told them they will have twins.

Maya and Richard chatted with the Danish couple, and they told them about their love story. They were very happy for them and felt that they to have a hand in the development of their love story in Denmark. They were like old friends when they parted, exchanging contact information. Maya and Richard even got invited to the old couple’s golden wedding anniversary. They promised they will do their best to be there and that they will be honored to be a part of it. Maya and Richard also got Erik and Linda to promise to inform them if they are in the Philippines so they can have dinner with them and meet their parents and their babies.

In between working and meetings, Richard and Maya went to the places they have been before in Copenhagen, taking a very enjoyable trip down memory lane. At the same time, they made new memories together in this city that will always have a special place in their hearts. Richard also managed to fulfill his promise to Maya to take her across the long and beautiful bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden. Two days before they returned home, they took a car trip to Malmo, the big Swedish city at the other side of the bridge and spent a very nice afternoon there seeing the sights. Maya told Richard that he was right, taking the car across the bridge was the best way to see and experience being in this engineering marvel.

Three months after Maya and Richard have returned to the country, and settled back into working during weekdays, spending all their free time together, enjoying each other’s company and preparing for the coming of the addition to their happy marriage, Maya gave birth to the cutest babies ever, Sky and Sunshine. A pale Richard told the waiting grandparents and Cristina Rose that Maya gave birth to the twins after 12 hours of labor and they were all okay, then he just sat down on the bench, feeling dizzy, a delayed reaction in seeing his wife having a hard time giving birth. The grandmothers assured Richard it was ‘normal’ and it was part of the miracle of giving birth. They told him, they are sure that Maya didn’t feel the pain anymore when she saw her twins. Maya told Richard the same when she was wheeled into her room several hours after.

“But sweetheart, seeing you like that, I almost passed out. I was thinking of asking my Dad to get me a bottle of brandy to fortify myself.” Richard told his wife.  “I love you, sweetheart, you were great and brave in there.” He touched Maya’s face lovingly. “You are my life, my love. I thought I was going to lose you.”

“Ricky sweetheart, I’m okay. It was painful, yes. Despite the epidural, it was. But, it was something I can bear for you and for the product of our love.” Maya touched her husband’s hand that was on her face, lovingly. “I love you very much and our bundles of joy. You and them are worth everything.”

“For sure, we can go through this again, together.” Maya added, teasing her husband. They do want a big family after all.

“Hmmmm, I’m kinda liking that train of thought. For us to arrive at that, we have to do a lot of you know….” He said with  big grin.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, not in another several months or so sweetheart.” Maya laughed at her husband, then pinched him lovingly.

The babies were brought into the room the same day and they were no words to describe the joy the new parents were feeling at the moment, seeing their miracles. There were tears of joy in the room as the proud and loving parents and grandparents looked at the little angels in their midst.

Maya and the babies went home several days after.

Life in the Lim household then revolved around these two bundles of joy. There was no sight more beautiful to Richard than seeing his lovely wife, breastfeeding Sky and Sunshine. And Maya’s heart is filled with so much joy and love every time she sees her husband cuddling their babies, cooing at them, and changing their diapers. Life couldn’t be more perfect that this.

“I love you very much, my dearest Mrs. Lim.” Richard said as he watched his wife feed the twins, one evening. “You are the best wife and the best mom.”

Maya smiled lovingly at her husband. “I love you very much too, my ever dearest, Mr. Lim. You are the best husband in the world and the best dad to our twins.”

With the twins, between them, they shared a long and tender kiss. Sky and Sunshine, as if sensing the immense and exceptional love between their parents, and their love for the two of them, smiled sweetly.


Note: Thank you. Muchas gracias. Tak. Tack! Maraming salamat. 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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