Love Comes Calling – Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Meet the parents

Maya and Richard arrived at the Dela Rosas’ residence the following evening with fingers interlaced. This was the first thing Mommy Tessie noticed when she saw them walking towards the house, from where Richard parked his car, at the usual place infront of their gate. She smiled. I think she knew what transpired when these two got stranded. They admitted their feelings for each other!  She is glad that her daughter finally took the leap of faith and entered into a relationship. As a mother, she knew that Maya will manage to take that step, when she finds the right person, with the right person. Her daughter has so much love to give. Mommy Tessie also thanked God that Maya found Richard.

“Good evening po, Tita Tessie.” Richard greeted Maya’s mom, smiling, still not letting go of Maya’s hand.

“Hi Mom.” Maya said with a big smile, then looked at Richard lovingly. “Ricky and I have something to tell you.”

“Hmmm, I think I know.” Mommy Tessie smiled at the two. Then walked towards them, embraced Richard and told her to take good care of her daughter. Then she went to Maya. “My darling girl, be happy. I’m glad to know that you’ve finally found someone worthy of your love.”

“Mom, how did you know?” Maya asked, surprised, but happy to know that her mom is happy for them.

“The moment I saw you two holding hands and smiling at each other like you have a world of your own, I know.” Mommy Tessie said, smiling at her daughter and her now boyfriend. “I can feel the love between you two and I’m so happy.”

Maya and Richard smiled so happily at Mommy Tessie, then looked at each other again. The way they were gazing at each other, they forgot that Maya’s mom was with them.

“Ehemmm, ehemmm. Maya, Richard, mga anak.” She said with a smile. “Let’s have dinner.  Sabel, pakitawag na sina Cristina Rose and Abby.”

Mommy Tessie ushered Maya and Richard to the dining room. She saw how solicitous Richard is with her daughter. He seated her, then proceeded to do the same to her. Soon after, Cristina Rose and Abby arrived. Abby ran to Richard and gave him a big hug. The little girl told Richard she missed him a lot. Richard promised her he will come more often and one weekend, she can go out with him and her Tita Ninang. The little girl said she wanted to go to the zoo with them. They promised to take her, provided she asked her mom’s permission first.

Cristina Rose waved at Richard and her sister, sat on the seat beside Abby and promptly noticed Richard’s hand on top of her sister’s. She smiled and offered them a teasing smile. They sheepishly smiled in return.  Cris is glad for Maya. Judging by what she has been seeing of Richard so far, her sister found herself a good man. He is so much different from Jeff. She now realized that had she was not a headstrong girl at that time, still reeling from what her dad did, she would have not hooked up with Jeff. But it’s was all water under the bridge now. She can’t completely regret that part of her life as it gave her Abby, her precious daughter. She also learned from that experience and that was not to give her heart and all of her lightly to someone who can’t take care of it, to someone who didn’t deserve it. Now, she is being very careful with her heart. But just like what she told her sister before, she is not closing her heart.

“Mommy, is it okay if Tito Richard and Tita Ninang take me to the zoo, tomorrow?” Abby asked, interrupting her mother’s thoughts.

“Bukas, agad-agad, anak. You have school. Tapos, they have work. How about this Saturday, kung okay lang sa Tita Ninang mo and Tito Richard.”  Cris ruffled her daughter’s long hair.

Maya and Richard told Abby that they will just go to the zoo with her the following weekend. Cris has to work that day so she can’t go. They also asked Mommy Tessie if she would like to go, but she declined saying she will meet one of her amigas and the meeting has been set two weeks ago. The Dela Rosas and Richard had an enjoyable evening.  After chatting a bit after dinner, Cris took Abby to bed, while Mommy Tessie excused herself, saying she will rest as she was tired from their trip. She told her Maya they will just have ther mother-and-daughter chat tomorrow. Cris also whispered to Maya that she owes her kwento, but she is so happy for her sister. Maya and Richard decided to have coffee in the lanai, not wanting their time together to end yet.

“Sweetheart, for you.”  Maya offered Richard a steaming cup of coffee, then also put some rice cake on the table. “Dessert. Gawa ni Manang Fe, iyong caretaker nina Lola and Lolo na masarap magluto ng ganito.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. ” Richard took a bite of the rice cake. “It tastes good. Ikaw?”

Instead of Maya getting a fork for herself, she asked Richard to give her some. It started them feeding each other the rice cake. In between, they sipped coffee and chatted about their day. They also cuddled on the big sofa facing Maya’s mom’s precious garden, full of blooms. They also exchanged soft , chaste kisses, restraining themselves since they are at Maya’s house and someone might come down and see them.

It has been a wonderful two days and nights for them. Richard took Maya to work this morning. Them getting ready for work this morning, and leaving the apartment together after eating the breakfast that Maya cooked seemed like a prelude to them being husband and wife. They acted like newly-weds. Richard thought, he would like this the rest of his life. Maya, on the other hand, felt like a wife taking care of her husband. She felt very happy. They entered the lobby of MT Holdings with hands intertwined. Richard accompanied Maya to her office, kissed her softly before saying goodbye. This evening, he picked her up again to take her home. Emman and Ruby who saw Richard giving Maya a sweet kiss as a way of greeting, then caressing her cheek, uttered a silent kilig scream. Now, it is confirmed to them – Maya is no longer NBSB. They felt very happy for their friend. Maya saw them, waved and they mouthed to her that she owes them kwento. They also teased her goodnaturedly. She smiled happily, held hands with Richard and left for the night.

“Maya, sweetheart, are you free this Friday night?” Richard asked while playing with Maya’s hair. He feels so content being with her, like this.

“Hmmm, yes, I think. Why?”

“I would like sana to invite you to have dinner with my Mom and Dad.” Richard ventured. “I’m sure my mom will be happy to meet you. I want to formally introduce my girlfriend to them. I would like you to meet them also. Would that be okay?”

Maya suddenly feel nervous. Meet his parents agad-agad! But, she would like to meet them as well. “Of course, sweetheart. I would like to meet your mom and thank her for making you take piano lessons. And your dad, too since Tito Miguel said a lot of good things about him too.”

Richard laughed and told Maya that his mom will be surprised if she learns that he played the piano for her as he has not played for an audience before, for anyone before. Only for Maya. It was Maya’s turned to be surprised and flattered.

“Talaga, bakit naman? Ang galing-galing mo kaya.”

“I only play for myself, as I have told you, to relax. But the other night, I wanted to share that private aspect of my life with you. Besides, because of it, I found the right opportunity to express my feelings for you.” He said caressing her shoulder. Then he gave her another kiss. “I love you, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa.”

“I love you too, too and more, Mr. Lim.”

They stayed at the lanai until almost midnight. Like before, Richard promised to text Maya when he gets home. They went to bed happy, though missing each other, realizing that they are in different houses now and that just a knock away from each other. They looked forward to the morning, and another sweet time together.

The next several days passed like a blur as Maya and Richard had something to look forward to. They spent most of their free time with each other, not noticing the passing of time and days, lost in their own world. Maya and Mommy Tessie did manage to chat one evening. Her daughter went home alone as Richard had an urgent meeting. Maya gave her a short version of what happened and how she and Richard finally declared their feelings for each other. Of course, some stuffs she left out as it was private thing between her and Richard. Cristina Rose also teased her sister a lot when she was telling her about her and Richard. Then Cris hugged her sister and told her, she is very happy for her. Maya told her ate that she wish she will find the right guy for her, too. But told her to take her time, kasi it will come pala at the right time and sometimes, when you are not looking or expecting it. Cris agreed.

The following Friday, Richard picked up Maya from work. They chatted and updated each other on how their day went as they drove to Richard’s family home. They entered the well-guarded gated village an hour or so later.  Richard helped Maya out, then interlaced their fingers while walking along the driveway of a huge mansion. As soon as Richard’s maid Doris opened the big door of the house, a lady wearing a long flowing blouse and slacks, rushed to them.

“Welcome to our home, Maya.”  She said with a big smile as she kissed Maya on the cheek. Donya Esmeralda was so looking forward to meeting the girl who captured her son’s heart. He was not like this before. He has not introduced anyone to them like this before. “Great to have fnally met you, Maya. Ang tagal ko nang kinukulit itong si Ricky to invite you. He promised to do so, kapag sinagot mo na raw siya.”

“Mom.” Richard smiled at his mom, gave her a peck on the cheek.  “Kahit inunahan mo na ako, I would like to formally introduced to you the love of my life, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. Maya, meet my overexcited, but very lovable Mom, Mrs. Esmeralda Lim.”

“Good evening po, Mrs. Lim. I’m glad to meet you, Ma’am.” Maya smiled at Richard’s mom, liking her instantly.

“Naku, hija, not ‘Ma’am’, call me ‘Mom’ or kung nahihiya ka, Tita Esme na lang.” She said as she hugged Maya. She likes this girl for Ricky, though she just met her, magaan ang loob niya. She also is very beautiful in her simple sheath dress, poised and they way she glanced at her son, so in love with him.

“Thank you po, Tita Esme, for inviting me to dinner.”

“Mom, where’s Dad?” Richard asked, looking around.

“Hay naku, hayun, talking business pa rin with your Tito Probo. Alam mo naman ang Dad mo, hindi maka-sit still. Habang hinihintay kayo, he decided to work muna.” Mommy Esme explained, as her husband entered the living room.

“I heard that, Esmeralda.” He smiled at his son and the beautiful lady beside him. “Hello, hija, welcome to our house. Sorry for that. I got carried away with my discussion with a business partner.”

“Dad, this is Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, my girlfriend, my one and only.” Richard said while holding Maya’s hand and looking at her lovingly. “Maya, please meet my workaholic dad, Mr. Robert Lim.”

“Good evening po, Mr. Lim, please to meet you po. I heard a lot of good things about you, not only from Richard, but also from Tito Miguel. “Maya said, smiling at Richard’s father. Her boss knew that Richard was seeing her. One evening, she saw him at home, visiting her mom, and they got to talk about Richard and his dad.

“Oh, yes, you work for Miguel, and he is your family friend. He mentioned you one time to me. I also met your dad before at a Rotary function, when he was still active.” Mr. Lim told Maya. He stopped at that since he knew that Maya’s parents separated and he was not sure if it was still a sore topic to the family.” Please call me Tito Roberto. Feeling ko nasa office ako kapag naririnig ko ang ‘Mr. Lim’. Saka, family ka na, Maya hija.”

“Sige po, Tito Roberto. Thank you po.” Maya said, glad that Richard’s parents turned out to be very nice people.

“I think dinner is ready na, di ba Doris? Maya, Richard, let’s go, and Roberto, no talk of business on my dinner table ha.” Donya Esmeralda told her husband as she led everyone to the dining room. The table was beautifuly set as if there is a special occasion. There is actually, in Donya Esmeralda’s book, as this is the first time their son brought home a girl and introduced her to them formally.

Maya and the Lims had a wonderful time at dinner. The conversation flowed naturally and freely. The parents also looked at each other, smiled happily, seeing the loving interaction between their son and the girl he loves. Finally, their bachelor is in love and by the look of things, settling down soon.

Maya said goodbye to the older Lims close to midnight. She really had a wonderful time with them. She and Donya Esmeralda got to talk on their own, when Don Roberto insisted at his wife at some point that he must really show something to Richard for a couple of minutes. Taking this cue to be alone with what she know will be future daughter-in-law, Donya Esmeralda said okay. Talking to Maya at length, she liked her more and more for her son. Maya on the othe hand, felt she was talking to a second mom, with Donya Esmeralda. Donya Esmerada told her, they should have lunch soon, and that she would like to formally meet her mom too. She mentioned that they belong to a charity together, attended an event together before, but was not formally introduced. Maya promised her that she will arrange it. She told her Tita Esme that her mom would love meeting her too.

“Sweetheart, I really had a great time with your parents. Considering, ang kaba ko kaya kanina.” Maya told Richard as they stood infront of her gate, about to say good night.

“Talaga, hindi halata, sweetheart! Cool na cool ka kaya. My parents love you, hwag kang mag-alala.”

“Your mom mentioned na ako pa lang ang pinakilala mo sa kanila?” Maya said, remembering that. She was surprised, flattered, and so very happy when Tita Esme mentioned that earlier. She thought that they would at least meet Angela before in a setting similar to this evening as her parents are friends with them.

“Hmmm, well, that’s true.” Richard admitted, smiling.

“Why is that sweetheart?”  Maya  asked, wanting to know.

“Because, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, I promised myself that I will only introduce to my parents the one and only girl for me.” He said as he lovingly tweaked her nose.

“Oh, Ricky.”  Maya felt her heart will burst. “I love very much, sweetheart. And you are the only one for me too.”

“I love you more, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. My life is complete.” Richard said, touching her face lovingly.

Maya and Richard looked at each other with so much promise. Then they kissed softly, tenderly, lovingly, before they parted for the night.

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