Crossroads – Chapter 14

Chapter 14
‘The morning after’

“The man I want to wake up with, for the rest of my life,” Maya remarked to herself as she looked lovingly at a still sleeping Richard. She is so full of love for this wonderful guy. Her Ricky. Her Babe. Her love.

Maya has been awake for quite a while. She woke up when she felt an arm wrapped tightly around her middle, unconsciously caressing her belly. At first she was disoriented, then realized whose arm it was. She and Richard were sleeping in a spoon position before she woke up. They must have moved during the night. Her last thought was how broad Richard’s chest was when her head was pillowed on it. Maya turned and looked at Richard, sleeping so peacefully, with a hint of a smile on his handsome face. The wonderful events that transpired yesterday came flooding back to her. She smiled, happily, giddily.

She never thought she will sleep deeply as she was not use to sleeping with someone, let alone a guy. Richard was the first man she ever shared a bed with, and he  will be the only one. She mused, it must be the lack of sleep and rest, catching up, for her to conk out like that. There was that girl talk with Cris that had lasted until dawn, when she hadn’t really rested from her Bangkok trip, and the excitement of Richard’s wonderful surprise for her. She didn’t really have an inkling that their ‘first date’ will be one for the books.

Richard must be very tired too. He went home late from his cousin’s house past midnight yesterday. Then added to that, he was busy preparing this wonderful treat for her. Maya couldn’t wish or ask for a better boyfriend. She never thought she will find her ‘ideal guy’ without really looking. She can see her and him spending the rest of their lives together, with the beautiful children they will have. She wished so. She hopes so.

Maya had a dreamy expression on her face when Richard opened his eyes. His heart danced as she was the first thing he saw. She looked so beautiful, with a ghost of a smile on her face, with little make-up on, her hair tousled from sleep. He would like this everyday, he mused, for the rest of his life.

“Good morning, my love.” Richard greeted Maya with a huge grinned, very happy to wake up with her beside him. He gazed at her lovingly, his head supported by his hand as he half-reclined sideways, looking at her.

“Good morning, Babe! Gising ka na! Did I wake you up?” Maya asked, her heart skipping a beat with the way Richard was looking at her.

“No, I just woke up. Maybe, I just sensed someone admiring my handsome face and my muscled body.” Richard teased Maya. “Then I thought, time to wake up Prince Charming, the princess is waiting.”

“Ha, Babe, sobra yata ang nakain mong crabs last night. Hindi lang high blood pressure ang naging effect. To the roof ang confidence level natin this morning ah.” Maya retorted.

They laughed. Richard noticed that the sun was already very bright, indicating that it was mid-morning.

“Wow, we really slept a long time! Morning na morning na!” Richard remarked. “It must be because you were in my arms.” He added with a naughty grin. “But sayang naman the night. Natulog lang tayo na parang mantika. You know, you were not able to take advantage of me pala! Willing pa naman ako to be taken advantage of.”

Maya laughed, then she grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. “Honeybun, hahahaha, ikaw talaga! How can I take advantage, you conked out nga agad. Ikaw kaya ang naunang na-low batt.”

“Ha, so you had evil plans pala on me, last night?” Richard said in mock seriousness. Then ruined it by saying, “Sayang, had I known I would have stayed awake and waited.”

They both laughed and gazed at each other, meaningfully, then something shifted, as if realizing they are on a bed, quite intimately, with Richard in night clothes and Maya, braless. Richard can see the outline of Maya breasts, not to mention her nipples, which were like twin points on her white, thin shirt.

Maya on the other hand, suddenly can’t take her eyes off Richard’s muscled chest, clearly outlined on the white form-fitting v-neck t-shirt he was wearing, the broad chest where she slept like a baby due to her tiredness very prominent. Now, she looked at it and felt warm all over, coupled with remembering what transpired between them in the veranda.

Both caught their breath. And as if they couldn’t help it, Richard and Maya moved towards each other. Richard grabbed Maya by the waist and put her on his lap. Maya felt the evidence of his passion for her as soon as she made contact with Richard’s thighs. Her body, made it known to her, its response to Richard’s evident desire for her. She felt the heat from her core to her breasts.

Richard lowered his lips and captured Maya’s mouth in a searing kiss that spoke of the strong passion and desire he had for her. Maya opened her mouth to let Richard in. It was the invitation that Richard was waiting for, he deepened the kiss, exploring the inside of her mouth. Before long, their tongues were mating.

“My love, I want you very much.” Richard muttered, while he kissed Maya thoroughly.

“Rickyyyy, I want you very much, too.” Maya said incoherently, so caught up in the fire that ignited between them.

“Honeybun, are you sure?” Richard asked.

“Yes….” Maya simply said.

Richard shifted their position and started trailing kisses down Maya’s neck, gently sucking as he went along. He slowly lifted Maya’s shirt, put his hand under and caressed her belly, up to the undersides of her breasts, then he cupped one perfect globe in his hand, and started playing with it.

Maya felt like a bolt of electricity traveled through her with that touch. She felt her body’s instantaneous reaction to Richard’s touch. She moved closer to Richard, rubbing her body against his, as if she can’t get enough of everything she was feeling, of the things Richard was making her feel.

“Rickyyy, babe, that feels so good.” She managed to say. She felt so much at that moment. She wanted to touch him all over also. She moved to lift Richard’s shirt off him. Richard accomodated her. She became breathless and got hit by a very strong desire, and want, when she saw Richard’s bare, muscled upper body.

She caressed his chest lovingly. Then started trailing kisses on his muscled chest. Richard expelled a harsh, labored breath, trying to control himself. The mere contact of Maya’s lips on his skin caused his desire for her to escalate. It almost sent him on a tailspin. He had to slow down as he knows that Maya is innocent.

“My love, Maya…..” He managed to say. “That feel’s so good, but we need to slow down a bit or this would be over soon, with the things you do to me. I may not be able to make things last, or hold on. Let me love you first.”

“Oh….” Maya looked innocently at Richard, then got what he meant, especially when she saw the evidence of his desire when she looked at his lower body. She blushed, at the same time, felt happy that she can evoke this passion from him. She wanted to give back to him what he is giving her at that moment. But she let Richard took the lead.

Richard proceeded to remove Maya t-shirt. He almost lost it, though, when he  saw Maya’s beautiful, perfect breasts that seemed to beg for his touch. He trailed kisses from her mouth, to her neck, then her collar bone, down to the undersides of her breasts, skipped the breasts at first, then planted little kisses on her belly, going up slowly.

“Rickyyy….” Maya wanted more, something she can’t verbalize, but knows that Richard can give it to her.

He lovingly rained kisses on her breasts. Maya knew then what she craves for. She wanted him to do more. She wanted relief. As if he read her mind, he continued kissing one breast, licking it, kneading the other, then his mouth finally latched on her nipple, sucking, laving, loving it so thoroughly. While he was doing that, his hand was wrecking havoc on her other one, flicking it, and caressing it maddeningly with his thumb.

Maya felt like she was growing crazy. She had read about this in the romance novels she enjoyed reading, but the graphic written words and her imaginings paled in comparison to the real thing, paled in comparison to the desire and passion Richard is arousing from her. She felt like she was on fire.

Richard wanted to show Maya how much he loves her, and wanted her. He wanted to give her all the pleasure she could take.

He was about to show her more, do more, when they heard a knock on the door.

“Sir Richard?…..” They heard Manang Linda’s voice. She sounded unsure and tentative.

Richard wanted to ignore it at first, hoping that the caretaker will go away if he don’t answer. But then he also heard the ringing of his mobile phone.

“Yes, Manang Linda.” Richard said, still trying to let his desire for Maya subside a bit, trying hard to control his passion.

Maya on the other hand, silently protested. She wanted to shout a big ‘No’. But after the fog of her desire cleared a bit, she realized it must be important for Manang Linda to wake up her employer. She also tried to control her raging desire. It was very difficult, it was a struggle, as Richard’s hand was still cupping one of her breasts and playing with it.

“Sir Richard, pasensya na po.” Manang Linda said from the other side of the door. “Ito po kasing phone niyo, naiwan niyo na naman. Kanina pa po may tumatawag. Heto po, meron ulit. Sabi po dito, Captain Ventura daw po.”

Richard completely forgot about their pick-up! He checked the time, and realized that it was already almost ten o’clock in the morning. He put on his t-shirt, went to the door ,and opened it a bit to get the phone from Manang Linda. He closed the door again after thanking the caretaker.

“Good morning, Sir Richard.” The pilot greeted when Richard picked up the call. “Good news po, the weather is clear. Captain Corpuz and I can pick you up as scheduled. Paalis na po kami.”

Richard felt like wringing the good captain’s neck out of sheer frustration. Bakit pa kasi hindi na lang lumipad papunta rito, bakit pa tumawag, he mused. He took a deep breath to calm himself. “Eh kasi naman bakit ko pa sinabing keep me updated!” He muttered.

“Sir Richard….?”  Captain Ventura asked, a bit puzzled why his boss was a bit silent.

“Eh, ah, okay Captain Ventura.” Richard managed to say. “We will see you then at noon.”

“Okay, Sir. See you.” The pilot said, puzzled why his boss who always is a bit more chatty than this only said a few words. Kahapon nga, he even asked about his family. In fact, he sounded curt! Maybe, I woke him up, he concluded.

Richard put the phone down, then went back to the bed. He saw that Maya had put her t-shirt back on, as she reclined against the headboard, waiting for him. He sat down, cupped her face, kissed her lips, gently.

“My love, are you okay?” He asked gently, thinking that now that Maya had time to think, maybe this was too fast for her.

Maya smiled at Richard. She also knew what he was asking her. “Yes, my Babe, I’m okay. And alam ko ang iniisip mo. Don’t worry, this is not too fast for me. I maybe, innocent, but I knew what was going to happen if we were not interrupted. I said yes, di ba?”

Richard smiled, relieved. “I’m glad. I want you to be sure. I love you very much and as much as I want to express our love this way, I don’t want you to do it because of the heat of the moment.”He finished seriously, then added with a smile, teasing Maya, “Kaya ko pa namang magtiis at magtimpi pa.”

“Ha, parang hindi naman.” Maya teased him back. “Timpi ba iyon?”

“Kaya ko kaya.” Richard bantered. Then sighed, his frustration at their interrupted lovemaking, showing. “Ito kasing si Captain Ventura, panira.”

“See, sinisi mo ba si Captain Ventura.” Maya said smiling, caressing him with her eyes.

Maya and Richard  gazed at each other heatedly. They knew the pilot’s call  just interrupted what is going to be inevitable for them. The fire between them has just been banked for the moment. It is simmering below the surface and would ignite again.

“Come here,” Richard said and opened his arms for Maya.

Maya went to his arms and hugged him tight.

“I love you very much, Honeybun.” Richard lovingly said, caressing Maya’s hair, then kissed her on the forehead.

“I love you very much, Babe. You make me feel so much, so alive!” Maya said, touching Richard’s face.

They shared a sweet kiss.

“Honeybun, let’s go and get ready. We might start something and again, and I have the feeling someone will ruin it again. Next time, I will just bring you to a deserted island, where it is going to be just the two us,  where no one will interrupt us.” Richard said, smiling at Maya.

Maya laughed at that. She also felt frustrated too that they got interrupted. Her being was still throbbing a bit from Richard’s touch and she felt unfulfilled. But she also believe that there must be a perfect time and place for everything, a perfect moment, and maybe this is not it.

“Halika na nga. Baka madagdagan pa iyang frustration mo.” She said teasingly, as she got out of the bed, dragged Richard off it too.

“Hmmm, I think I will have a very cold shower.” Richard remarked, smiling at Maya.

“Talaga Babe! Kagabi ba you did?” Maya asked.

“Super cold, Honeybun”. He replied.

“Hmmm, do you think a cold shower will work for women too?” She asked.

“Honeybun…..” Richard said. “Don’t start…..We will not be able to go home. I might as well call Captain Ventura now to cancel the pick-up.”

“Babe….nakalipad na kaya ang mga iyon. Sayang ang fuel.”

“I don’t care” Richard teased.

“Babe….” Maya said. “Timing, you know…”

“Okay, Honeybun.” Then he added naughtily, “I can go to shower with you.”

“Ha, for sure, hindi shower ang mangyayari sa atin sa loob ng banyo”…..She said.

“But, at least I can take care of you, ease your frustration, by you know….” He said naughtily.

Maya blushed, getting it.

“Babeeeee, stop na.” She was both shy and excited with what he was suggesting. Another time. She wants to know about too.

“Okay, next time, I will turn off both our phones, locked the door…..” He started.

“Soundproofed the room and throw away the key….” Maya finished.

Maya and Richard both laughed at their crazy ideas.

More than an hour later, they were in the lower veranda again, eating brunch. While they were drinking coffee, they heard the sound of the helicopter. They gathered their things, said goodbye to Manang Linda and Manong Benito and then proceeded to the helipad.

“Hi Sir Richard, Ma’am Maya! Finally, we get to pick you up.” Captain Corpuz greeted them cheerfully.

“I hope you had a nice stay. At least the weather here was better.” Captain Ventura said chattily, unaware of what he caused. “Akala ko hindi pa namin kayo masusundo kasi hanggang kaninang madaling-araw, malakas pa rin ang ulan. Mabuti, nag-clear noong umaga, kaya I phoned you na.”

Richard and Maya, looked at each other meaningfully, tried hard to hold control their mirth, both were thinking, “Kung alam mo lang Captain Ventura kung ano ang na-interrupt mo.”

Maya and Richard, with hands intertwined, took one more looked at the island, which already holds wonderful memories for them, before the chopper flew towards the direction of Manila.They smiled, shared a loving look and a light kiss.

The pilots dropped them off at the LC building. It was just less than 24 hours ago, since the last time they were her, and it felt like so many things had happened. Several milestones were surely added to their wonderful relationship with their stay in the island. Richard drove them home and they agreed to meet at five o’clock in the afternoon to go to Maya’s family home in Makati.

Manang Fe was surprised to see Richard about to leave again, before five o’clock, when he just got home several hours ago. He was also carrying a big bouquet of red and white roses, another bouquet of purple Malaysian mums and sunflowers and two big boxes of Royce’ Chocolate, which he got from the nearest mall, after he dropped off Maya to her unit.

“O Ricardo, saan ang punta mo? Kadarating mo lang ah?” Manang Fe asked, puzzled.

“Manang Fe, aalis po muna kami ni Maya. I will meet my future mother-in-law and my future sister-in-law!” Richard told his old nanny happily.

“Ha, nobya mo na si Maya, kailan pa?” Manang remembered Richard telling her several days ago that he wished that Maya will be his girlfriend. Ngayon, nobya na pala. Nakapagtataka nga rin na hindi ito umuwi kagabi. Pero matanda na naman ang alaga niya para malaman niya ang lahat ng pinupuntahan nito.

Richard held Manang Fe affectionately on both her shoulders, then smiled at her happily. “Yes Manang, sinagot na po niya ako last Saturday. Nalaman na rin nina Mama and Papa dahil nagkita-kita kami sa dinner kina Cris last Saturday night. Di ba, I told you po that I will go there. Manang  I’m so happy. She is the one for me, the woman I want to spend my life with.”

“Ricardo, siyanga! Natutuwa naman ako. Hijo, kailan ko naman makikilala si Maya?” Manang Fe touched Richard’s face affectionately. “Natutuwa ako at sa wakas nakatagpo ka na rin ng babaeng mamahalin at magmamahal sa iyo ng tunay. Batay sa mga kwento mo sa akin, karapat-dapat si Maya sa pagmamahal mo.”

“Manang, I’m also so lucky to have her.” Richard said, simply, so full of love for his Honeybun. “O paano, Manang aalis na po muna ako. Susunduin ko pa si Maya diyan sa kabilang tower. Huwag niyo na po akong hintayin, baka gabihin kami.”

“Good luck. Siguro naman akong magugustuhan ka ng mama ni Maya at ng kapatid niya. Sa bait ba naman at napakaresponsable nitong alaga ko.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Manang Fe.” Richard sauntered off, whistling, carrying the flowers and the chocolates on both hands.

Several minutes after, he was knocking on Maya’s door. She changed into another sheath dress, this one the color of plum, and very becoming.

“You look so beautiful, my love. For you.” Richard greeted Maya with a lopsided smile. He gave her the bouquet of Malaysian mums and sunflowers, and one of the boxes of chocolate.

“Wow, thank you Ricky! They are beautiful. Saka may pampa-sweet pa ah.” Maya smelled the flowers and looked at the chocolates. “Di ba pa enough ang sweetness ko? Wala na nga raw langgam sa ibang lugar, nahakot na natin.” She teased.

“Hmmm, pag-iisipan ko, Honeybun. Parang hindi. Kulang pa sa sweetness.” He teased back. “Kailangan ko pa ng proof, beyond reasonable doubt.”

“Grabe ka Richard Lim, baka kung mas maging mas sweet pa ako, pati mga langgam sa China, mag-migrate na rito sa Pilipinas.” Then she smiled at him sweetly. “Hayan, kasing corny mo na talaga ako. Halika na nga at my mom is dying to meet you na. By the way, para kanino iyang mga flowers and chocolate?”

“For your mom and your sister.” Richard said while they walked towards the elevator. “Siyempre, kailangan maging good ang impression sa akin ng future mother-in-law and sister-in-law ko.” He said half-serious, half-teasing, as if testing the waters.

Maya’s heart somersaulted with that declaration. She felt that Richard really meant it, but she didn’t want to assume. But she felt very happy. The taking on a lighter vein, she said, “Ha, mamamanhikan ka na ba?”

He grinned, and gave her a very loving smile. “Gusto mo ba, Honeybun?”

Maya blushed to the roots of her hair. Feeling giddy. “Ricky Lim, ikaw talaga, biro ka ng biro. Halika na nga.” She smiled. She know what her answer would be.

Unknown to Maya, Richard, if the opportunity is right, is really planning on asking Maya’s mom’s permission if he can propose to her daughter. He grinned. He intertwined his fingers with Maya’s, as they rode the elevator to the basement parking, looking forward to meeting his future in-laws!


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  1. #1 by jan1000 on October 9, 2014 - 2:58 AM

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    I love it! Cnt wait for next chap, thankee!!!

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    Oops hinay hinay muna raw mga HoneyBabe. It’s not meant to happen yet…konting patakam lang muna. The perfect timing will come. Hehe! Remember Richard, experienced kana kaya control lang, dahil ang Maya natin first time sa ganyang karanasan siguradong sabik yan 😉 Thanks sa update Antigone. 🙂

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      Xeedys, she will be at some point! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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          Hopefully, hindi na kakailanganin ang sako for Natalie! 🙂 🙂 Thank you. 🙂 🙂


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