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Crossroads – Chapter 21

Chapter 21
‘Infinite unfinished business’

“Wow!” Maya and Richard uttered when they opened the door of their room, the old room that became so special to them, with Richard carrying Maya over the threshold as per tradition. Lots and lots of rose petals of all colors were scattered all over the floor of the room, especially around the antique four-poster bed, draped with delicate lace curtains, giving the room a very romantic feel. The bed itself, was also covered with a vintage and especially-woven coverlet. The soft antique lamps around the room gave it a romantic glow, fit for a special night.

Evelyn and her wonderful sense of romance! Maya thought. But she liked what the gracious lady of the house has done to their special room. She even put a chilling bottle of champagne in a bucket on the table by the bed. Beside it was two delicate wine glasses that looked like they are heirloom pieces.

Richard put Maya on the bed gently. He gave her a long, lingering kiss, before he stood up again. He poured a glass of champagne each for Maya and him. Richard saw a note beside the glasses and handed it to Maya. It was from Evelyn, wishing them the best on their wedding day, and telling them to enjoy the night, with several winking smileys on it. Lastly, she wrote, that she hoped they will like what she and her staff did to their ‘special room’ and that the champagne and the flowers were her gift to them.

“Honeybun, to us! I love you very much, my dearest wife.”

“My Babe, I love you very much too, my dearest husband. Here’s to our wondeerful journey together!”

They toasted each other and proceeded to drink their bubbly. However, Maya only managed to drink a sip. She grimaced a bit after swallowing the first sip.

“Maya, is something wrong? Masama ba ang lasa? Di mo gusto, Honeybun?” Richard asked, puzzled.

“Babe, okay naman. I just felt a bit off drinking it. Parang may lasa siya na hindi agree sa tummy ko. Okay lang bang hindi ko ubusin?”

“Sure, Honeybun. Do you feel okay? Do you want me to get you anything?” Richard asked solicitously.

“No, thank you. I’m okay. Mauna ka na sa bathroom, Babe. Ayusin ko lang ang mga gamit natin. Nasaan na iyong suitcase mo? Nadala ba from the hotel where you stayed with Papa, Luke and John?” Maya asked, then she saw it by the other side of the bed, together with hers. She asked Patty to bring it here this evening.

She stayed in another hotel with Patty and her mom, saving this special place for the reception and their first night as husband and wife. That was where she prepared for the wedding too. She, her sister, and her mother had a wonderful bonding time on the eve of her marriage. Her sister and mom are staying there one more night, then with everyone who attended the wedding, will travel back to Manila in the morning. She and Richard will return to Manila the day after. They wanted to stay one more day in Vigan.

“Sure ka, Honeybun? You know, we can go together.” Richard said with a naughty grin.

“Babeee, ikaw talaga.” Maya was still grinning when she gave Richard his things. “Mauna ka na.”

“Thank you, my wife.” Richard said lovingly, then gave her a quick, hot kiss before sauntering off to the bathroom.

Maya smiled as she watched her husband walked to the bathroom. Husband. Wife. She felt so happy hearing those words.  She continued putting away their clothes, then when she was done, sat on the bed to wait for her husband.

Like the last time they were here, Richard took a quick shower. He noticed the tub full, and  was covered with rose petals too. He smiled, wishing he could go in it with Maya. Maybe tomorrow, he mused. It was already late. Maya might be quite tired already. Their wonderful day had started early. Prior to this, they have been very busy with finishing up pending work, and last minute stuffs. for the wedding. He hurriedly showered and came out of the bathroom wearing a white t-shirt and blue pajamas.

“It’s your turn, Honeybun.” Richard hugged Maya from behind and nuzzled her neck, while his arms found its way on her waist.

“Babe, you smell so nice.” Maya smiled and turned and lightly kissed him on the lips, then his neck. He felt his breath quickened. “Go and rest. We had a long day. Baka tired ka na.” She added while she gathered her things, which was bundled up tightly.

“No, my love. The shower refreshed me. I will wait for you.” Richard said as he settled on the bed, petals and all to wait for his wife and the possibilities the night will offer, depending on Maya. He would understand if they will just cuddle to sleep, plenty of other time to indulge in their passion for each other that has been growing stronger, the more intimate they became.

Maya, like Richard, took a quick bath. She dried herself with one of the soft towels in the bathroom, then grab her sleeping clothes, if one can call it that. It was a red negligee, with spaghetti straps, transparent bodice, and a matching barely there undies. It was a gift from Emman and Eleonor during her bridal shower. It elicited much teasing and giggling. Maya blushed then.  But at the same time, she also thought of the all the possibilities with that dress. She smiled. Her Babe will be in for a treat this evening. She wanted this night to be extra special for her husband, her very wonderful love. She put the dress on and she felt very sexy in it. Though, she also noticed that her tummy seemed bigger and her breasts fuller. But just shrugged it off. Maya opened the bathroom door and sought out her husband, who zeroed in on her and what she was wearing, then grinned.

“Wow!” For the second time that night, Richard uttered the word. However, the second time, it was with a matching gulp, quickness of breath and his whole body heating up quickly. He was gazing intently, almost speechless, at his lovely bride and the very nice ‘non-dress’ she was wearing. He loved it very much.

“Do you like it, Babe?” Maya asked, getting a bit conscious.

“Honeybun, you can wear that every evening.” Richard said smiling hugely, lovingly, as he approached Maya and cupped her face.

Richard lowered his head to kiss Maya. He nibbled on Maya’s lips, teasing it. Then he used his tongue to open the seam of her lips and gained entrance to her mouth. He explored her mouth, their tongues  started doing a mating dance.

“My love, seeing you in that dress is making me crazy with want and desire for you. I can’t think straight.”  Richard said, then he deepened the kiss, at the same time, he cupped her breast, massaging it through the thin material of her dress, and using his thumb to play with her nipple.

“Rickyyy…..”  Maya undulated against Richard, wanting more, instinctively.

Richard increased his teasing of Maya’s breast, at the same time their tongues are dueling, mating, the feelings between them getting more intense. Maya can feel the effect of what Ricky was doing up to her core. Her breasts also felt heavier, fuller. She rubbed herself against Ricky, wanting to be closer to him, wanting more. She can feel through his pajamas the burgeoning evidence of his desire for her.

Richard cupped Maya’s buttocks, and almost lost it, when instead of touching her undies, he touched flesh. He realized that Maya was wearing undies  that barely covered her. He transferred his hand to her other breast, giving it the same attention that the other got. Maya was going crazy too with what Richard was doing. She started exploring his body. Wanting to feel skin against skin, she started removing his t-shirt. Richard helped her by raising his arm and pulling the shirt off him, himself. While he was doing that, Maya started kissing his chest, zeroing on his male nipples, giving them the same pleasure he gave her by playing with hers.

“Maya. my love…..” Richard moaned. He almost failed to remove his shirt with that she was doing. “What you do to me!”

Maya continued with her assault on Richard’s senses, at the same time, she sought Richard’s hard length and starting touching it too, loving it.

“Honeybun……” Richard sighed, liking very much what she was doing to him.

“Babe, I want to make you happy this evening. Will you show me how.” She whispered, huskily, her voice heavy with desire.

Richard understood what Maya wanted. She wanted to take the lead this evening. He carried her to the bed, laid her gently on the fragrant bed of rose petals, and started wrecking havoc to her senses before he cede control to her. He kissed her forehead, her lips, down to the side of her neck, the sensitive area between her collarbones, to the valley between her breasts, at the same time, his hand slowly crept under the short hemline of her dress, to tease her thighs, until he reach her core, which already felt very hot with what he was doing, touched it, played with it, making Maya burn. Maya thought she will not be able to stand it when his lips touched her nipple and used his tongue to play with it through the flimsy material of her dress. He did the same to the other one. The twin assault to her senses was just too much.

“Rickyyyy…..” She said helplessly as she felt like flying and reaching for fulfillment. Richard increased the wonderful, loving pressure on both her nipples, and her core, until she can’t take it anymore. There was no other way, and with Richard’s encouragement and sweet, loving words, she flew to her fulfilment.

She kissed Richard’s neck, still breathing deeply, boneless from pleasure that only he could give her. She wanted to do the same to him. Maya started kissing Ricky, from his lower lip, which she lovingly touched with her tongue, then kissed him full on the lips, opening his mouth and seeking his tongue. At the same time, she started massaging his hard length. Now it was Richard’s turn to moan helplessly with the pleasure her hands and mouth were evoking. Before he lost it, Richard moved, putting Maya on top of him, guiding her to straddle him.

“Like this, Babe?” Maya asked, at the same time, getting excited about being on top. They have not done this before, but she thought she know, sort of, what do to.

Richard sat up a bit while Maya was on his lap. Then he proceeded to remove her thin covering. He also slowly and lovingly removed her remaining piece of garment until she was naked before his eyes, so beautiful. His wife. The love of his life.

“You are so beautiful, my love.” Richard lovingly said, reverently, then he started touching her breasts and using his thumbs, loved them thoroughly. Maya felt her desire reawakened and the heat she banked, getting stoke again, when he swirled his tongue around her nipples and loved her twin peaks, until she felt like she was on fire.

Richard also felt that he was just going to get consumed with the passion she was arousing in him, especially when she instinctively, unconsciously undulated on top of him.

“My love, I want to be inside you, now.” Richard said with ragged breath while he continued playing with her breasts that became more accessible with Maya on top of him. Maya nodded, but silently asked Richard to show her how.

Richard guided Maya, and then he was inside her. They started moving together until they have established a rhythm that got more and more frenzied, until they combusted, and reached fulfillment together. Their moans and sighs of pleasure filled the room.

Maya collapsed on top of Richard, too sated to move. Richard caressed her back, up and down, up to her buttocks, rhythmically.

“I love you my Honeybun. That was just awesome.” Richard said lovingly. “Thank you.”

“I love you too, Babe.” Maya grinned, too happy to say anything else.

“Hmmm, so no more energy for round two?” Richard teased, when he noticed her barely moving and was lazing like a cat on his broad chest. Maya just giggled.

Richard gathered the blanket and covered themselves. They slept like that. But several hours after, when they had  enough energy again, they made love as dawn was breaking. By morning, they were sharing the tub, in which bathing was not the only thing they did. Maya felt like Richard was torturing her already sensitive flesh with a wash cloth he used all over her body. She did the same to him and soon after, the bathroom was also filled with their moans and sighs of pleasure.

Richard and Maya managed to surface from their own sensual bliss around lunch. Maya felt queasy. Richard thought it was from lack of food. They dressed up and went to their favorite inn, as Evelyn and her family only serve breakfast, and they don’t want to bother her with lunch, considering what she has done already. The hotel was closed to other guests too, for their wedding reception and during the duration of their stay. Maya felt better after having some food in her stomach, but felt sleepy and dizzy. They went back to the hotel instead of going around, to take a nap.

Maya woke up with Richard playing with her then extra sensitive nipples. The mere touch of his hand and thumb sent them on fire. The nap turned into another bout of lovemaking. They managed to go for a walk just before dinner time to Calle Crisologo and the inn. Maya looked lovely in her halter maxi dress that hugged her curves and Richard so handsome in his khaki pants and polo shirt. They made a striking couple and it was obvious to people who noticed them that they were newly-weds and were so very much in love.

During their second night as husband and wife, they explored each other’s body again thoroughly and drove each other mad with the strength of their passion for each other. They slept with nary a stitch on, just the blanket they shared, covering their naked bodies, sated at that moment.

Richard woke up with the sound Maya was making in the bathroom. He listened carefully and realized that she sounded like she was throwing up. Without clothes on, he hurried to the bathroom. He knocked, found the door unlocked, so he just entered. He found her standing by the sink, clutching her tummy.

“Honeybun, are you okay? Kanina ka pa ba nagsusuka? Bakit hindi mo ako ginising kaagad?” Richard asked, getting worried.

“I’m okay, Babe. Wala naman ako halos inilabas! My stomach felt quesy lang.”  Maya replied still gripping the side of the sink.

“I think you should see a doctor. Baka na-food poison ka doon sa kinain natin last night. I’m sure, Evelyn knows a doctor here.” Richard suggested. He want to be sure that Maya is really okay.

“I’m okay, Babe. Kailangan ko lang sigurong uminom ng tea para mag-settle itong stomach ko.” Maya assured her husband, not wanting to disrupt their schedule and not wanting him to worry.

“Honeybun, wala namang mawawala kung magpa-check up ka please, for my peace of mind. Let’s stay here one more day. Our trip to Mindoro can wait naman. I will just call Captain Ventura.”

Maya saw that Richard was really getting worried. She would have been the same if he was the one who got a bad stomach, so she agreed to see a doctor and to stay one more day in Vigan.

Evelyn called up their family doctor. She told Maya that the doctor and his wife were also friends of her parents, and that her older sister went to school with the daughter who is also a doctor, so she knew them pretty well. An hour later, Maya and Richard were at the doctor’s clinic, more like a small hospital than a simple clinic. Dr. Lindsay Ramirez, attended to them, saying that her father got called in to the provincial hospital due to an emergency surgery. She asked Maya about her symptoms and then brought her to to the examination room to physically examine her. She had an inkling on what Maya’s condition is, but she needed to be sure. With the help of her medical staff, she asked Maya for urine and blood samples.

Richard and Maya waited for the doctor in the spacious waiting room that was already starting to get filled with other patients, holding hands. Dr. Ramirez’s assistant called them back inside the consultation room. Upon seeing them, the doctor stood up from the chart and test results she was reviewing. She was smiling.

“I guessed as much. I just needed to be sure.” The doctor told Maya and Richard, when they were all seated. “Congratulations, to both of you.” She said grinning.

Richard and Maya looked at the doctor, her words not registering at first. Then it sank in, and they both have huge smiles on their faces when they realized what she meant.

“We will have a baby!” They both blurted out. Then they hugged each other tightly, forgetting about the doctor, who looked at the couple indulgently.

“My love, dear husband, we will have a baby. I’m pregnant!” Maya said, wonder in her voice at the  same time touching her tummy reverently.

“My dear wife, my love, yes, and I’m so happy. We will be parents na!” Richard put his hands on top of Maya’s. Then he kissed her gently. They shared a touching moment, hugging tightly. Then they remembered the doctor.

“Oopps, Doctor, sorry po.” Maya said sheepishly.

Dr. Ramirez smiled. “It is okay, I’m happy for both of you. I’m both a general practitioner and an obstetrician, I’m not sure if Evelyn had mentioned. I thought that you might be pregnant when you told me what you have been feeling lately and up to this morning. May I asked, Mrs. Lim, when was the first day of your last period?”

Maya thought, but unable to remember the exact date, so she gave the doctor an estimate. “Sorry Doctor, I have always been quite irregular, and then to add to that, Ricky and I have been preoccupied with his cousin’s wedding in the States, and preparing for our own. I was not really paying attention to my cycle.”

“That’s fine. I think you are around 11 or 12 weeks pregnant.” She estimated. “Pero to be more accurate, at para mas sure, have an ultrasound done as soon as possible.”

Richard and Maya looked at each other, then smiled. Both were thinking, so our baby was ‘made’ in Vigan! They felt so. They believed so.

The doctor prescribed some vitamins for Maya, gave her instructions, and told her to see her OB when she returns to Manila. Maya said she does not really have one. Dr. Ramirez recommended one of her classmates who practices at a big hospital in Quezon City. She assured them that Maya and the baby will be in good hands with Dr. Emily Gonzaga.

Maya and Richard thanked the doctor profusely. They got of of her clinic, still in daze. They will be parents in six months time!

“Babe, you will be a Daddy and I will be a Mommy! “ Maya squeled in delight and unmindful of them being in a busy part of the city, hugged and kissed Richard, who hugged and kissed her back.

They walked back to the hotel and Evelyn was the first person who knew Maya’s condition, beside the doctor. She congratulated them, sharing their joy. They also informed her that they will be staying another night. Evelyn said it was perfectly fine as they didn’t really book anyone until the day after that.

Richard and Maya decided to save informing their parents, and immediate families, when they return from their trip to Mindoro. For their honeymoon, they decided they would like to spend it in the Lim island, another special place for them.

“Honeybun, sa palagay mo, okay pa if we take that trip to Mindoro? We can just do it another time.” Richard asked, his protective side rearing up.

“Babe, I am perfectly okay. Meron lang akong morning sickness, I think. Saka better nga doon, presko ang hangin and you will be there to take of me naman and our baby.” Maya assured Ricky.

They agreed that they will just go to Mindoro two days from their return to Manila from Vigan or after they have seen Dr. Gonzaga and have an ultrasound done. For the rest of the day, they just floated in happiness of their impending parenthood. After dinner, they walked around a quiet Calle Crisologo, the tourists were all gone for the night, the souvenir shops were closed and only the quiet of the elegant houses surrounded them. They were back where one of the most treasured moments in their live occured. They were there again, with another momentous occasion in their lives.

“I love you very much, my wife.” Richard touched his Maya’s tummy, gently, lovingly. “ I hope you are okay there my little buddy.”

Maya smiled lovingly at her husband. She know Richard will be a wonderful dad. He is already the best husband in the world. “I love you too, my husband. Life couldn’t be more perfect than this.”

Like the last time they were here, amid the ancestral homes which nurtured generation after generation, Richard and Maya shared a loving kiss, looking forward to the birth of their precious child, the product of their love for one another, in several months.


Note: ….and so, Honeybun and Babe, lived happily ever after with their little munchkins!  🙂

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