Crossroads – Chapter 13

Chapter 13
‘First night’

The night has gotten darker, the wind stronger, making the night cooler. But Richard and Maya felt very warm because of the passionate kiss they just shared.

Maya’s lips was swollen from Richard’s kiss. Richard gently caressed the lips he had kissed thoroughly, with his thumb.

“I love you.” Richard said. Every time he looks at Maya, he is filled this overwhelming love for her. “I will never get tired of saying that you, my love.”

“Babe, I will never get tired of hearing it.” Maya touched Richard’s face. “I love you too. All my journeys paled in comparison to the journey I’m having with you.”

They shared a loving smile.

“Come, let’s go back to the house. Baka akala nina Manong at Manang kung napaano na tayo rito.” And because he can’t resist teasing her, he said with a naughty smile. “O kaya, baka akala nila kung ano na ang ginagawa natin dito. You know…..”

“Rickyyyy, anong you know….?” Maya, laughed and blushed at the same time, remembering their passionate kiss. “Halika na nga, dinner na tayo. I need to wash pa my clothes from earlier.”

They walked back to the house, their arms around each other’s waist.

“Sir Richard, Ma’am Maya, ready na po ang dinner niyo.”  Manang Linda greeted them. “Doon ko po inilagay sa veranda sa itaas. Mas maganda po roon kapag ganitong gabi, presko pa. Mukha naman pong hindi uulan.”

“Maraming salamat po, Manang Linda. You are the best talaga.” Richard told the caretaker. “Magpahinga na po kayo ni Manong Benito. Kami na po ang bahala ni Maya sa mga sarili namin.”

“Oo nga po, Manang Linda. Kaya na po namin ito. Maghapon niyo na po kaming pinagsisilbihan.” Maya added. “Maraming salamat po sa lahat.”

“Kayo po ang bahala, Sir, Ma’am. Maraming salamat din po. Sige po uuwi na kami ni Benny.” Manang Linda said with a smile. “Enjoy po. Sana po magustuhan niyo ang inihanda kong hapunan. Text na lang po kayo o kaya tawag kung may kailangan kayo.”

“By the way Manang, kamuntik ko ng makalimutan. May alam po ba kayo kung may naiwan si Mama rito na extra clothes or stuffs na pwedeng magamit ni Maya kasi wala na siyang extra clothes?” Richard asked the caretaker. “Ako po, okay lang kasi I have old clothes in my room here.”

“Pagkakaalam ko po, meron, Sir Richard.” Manang Linda replied. “Baka po nandoon sa room na ginagamit nila ni Sir Roberto. Alam niyo na naman po ang Mama niyo, parating may pa-sobra sa lahat ng bagay at lahat ng emergencies gustong paghandaan.”

“Okay po, check na lang namin ni Maya pagkatapos naming mag-dinner. Thank you very much po, Manang Linda.”

The caretakers left soon after. Maya and Richard went to the second floor veranda where a feast awaits them.

“Grabe na ito! Feeling ko tataba na ako ng husto! Hindi na yata kaya ng powers ko ang mga ito, Babe!” Maya remarked upon seeing boiled crabs and halabos na prawns on the table, mussels soup and grilled fish with soya, sili and calamansi dip.

“Well, no matter what, you are still my sexy Honeybun.” Richard teased Maya. “Feeling ko ikaw na ang bagong paborito ni Manang Linda, hindi ako.” Then he pretended to pout like a child. “Lahat ng ito, paborito mo di ba. What about me?”

“Hahahaha, Babe, di bagay.” Maya laughed at Richard’s antics. “Salamat din sa bola.”

“Hindi kaya bola iyon, Honeybun.” Richard smiled, then guided Maya to the table. Manang Linda was right, the view here is much better in the evening. “Pero, paborito ko rin naman ang mga ito. Halika na nga, kain na tayo.”

Richard poured Maya and him a glass of white wine each.

“Cheers, my Honeybun. Here’s to the best first date ever and the best ‘stranded’ moment ever.” Richard said.

“Cheers, my Babe.” Maya smiled. “Ngayon lang ako sobrang happy na ma-stranded!”

They gazed at each other and smiled meaningfully.

Maya and Richard had a leisurely dinner, punctuated by happy laughter, and sweet sharing of food. Maya taught Richard how to eat with his hands. While his technique of peeling shells of the prawns with a knife and a fork was, sort of, effective, it was a slow process, so Maya suggested that Richard just use his own hands and showed him how to eat rice that way too.

“That was very good.” Richard said, once again, replete. “Hindi lang yata ikaw ang lolobo dito sa food dito, ako rin.”

Maya smiled. “Di bale, Babe, guwapo ka pa rin naman.”

“Thanks my love.” Richard toasted his Honeybun, then kissed her lightly on the lips.

Maya and Richard brought the dishes downstairs and cleaned, in sync, like an old married couple.

When they were done tidying up, they went to the room that Donya Esmeralda and Don Roberto use when they stay here. Inside one of the closets, Richard found t-shirts of different sizes, leggings, jogging pants, socks, toiletries and other stuffs. Maya and him also found undies for both sexes. The clothes are sealed in vacuum packs to protect them.

“Wow, I know Mama is OC, but this is too much yata! But I’m so glad that she is.” Richard remarked. “You don’t even have to wash the clothes you have worn on the way here. Just get whatever you need from here.”

“Oo nga. Okay na sa akin itong two loose t-shirts and two pairs of leggings.” Maya was happy to find clothes she can wear for the night and for going home. When she got stranded in Batad several years ago, she just washed her clothes and at times, wore her pants twice, to conserve on clothes.

Richard and Maya got the clothes, put them in the room that Maya will use for the night. Since it was still early and they don’t want yet to turn in for the night, they returned to the veranda with their wine glasses. They half-reclined on the day bed, with Maya leaning against Richard. They gazed at the stars, listened to the sound of the waves crashing to the shore, sipping their wine, and enjoying the quiet surroundings. The night envelope them in a cocoon of sorts.

“Imagine, who would have thought we would find each other here after tayong magkaagawan ng taxi.” Maya remarked, remembering their remarkable and funny first meeting.

Richard smiled. “Oo nga. I asked nga Cris for a copy of the MMS you sent her.”

“Talaga! What for?” Maya asked puzzled.

“Wala lang, for remembrance.” Richard smiled. “Malay mo, makita natin ulit si Manong Driver para mapasalamatan.”

“Babe, awwww, may pagka-sentimental ka rin pala. But I like it very much.” Maya took Richard’s hand and intertwined it with hers.

“Can I ask you something?” Maya said.

‘Sure, my love, just ask anything.” Richard assured Maya. He had an idea what she will ask him. Tama siya.

“In all those time, hindi ka pa talaga na-in love, maliban sa akin?”

“No. What I had before, or thought I had before, lalo na kay Natalie, paled in comparison to what I feel for you, wala nga sa one percent! Walang katulad ang feelings ko sa iyo, my love.” Richard shifted position, then cupped Maya’s face and looked her in the eyes. “I love you more than life itself. Ikaw lang. I know this early na hindi na ako magmamahal ng iba, maliban sa iyo.”

“Babe…..” was all Maya managed to say. Her heart so overwhelmed with the love Richard is feeling for her. She was the same. She took a deep breath.

“Ricky, my love, I feel the same. Kahit tanging ikaw lang ang naging boyfriend ko. Ikaw lang din. Wala nang iba, until I die.”

“Thank you, my love, for your love.” Richard smiled. “Pero kinabahan talaga ako diyan sa Tristan mo, Honeybun. Tapos nasundan pa ng Jeremy na iyan.” He teased Maya. “Baka may sumunod pa ha. Sabihin mo sa kanila taken na taken ka na, please.

“Ha, ha, ha, Babe. Kung sa kanila lang naman, mas guwapong-guwapo itong Babe ko.” Maya smiled, then cuddled to Ricky. “Hindi ko nga sila ‘nakita’, tanging ikaw lang. Saka oo naman. I can even wear a shirt that’s says, ‘I’m taken. Sorry na lang!'”

“Silly! Nahahawa ka na yata sa pagiging corny ko.” Richard laughed, then asked seriously, “Di nga, Honeybun, hindi ka na-tempt magka-boyfriend before me?”

“Hmmm, hindi talaga. The guys who courted me, they never made my heart skipped a beat like you do. Saka parang may kulang.” Maya said, turning serious. “Sa iyo, dumadagundong talaga, lalo na when you kissed me at the airport. Saka the way you make me feel, so full of love. Ngayon ko lang talaga naramdaman iyon.”

“Honeybun, my love….” Richard lowered his mouth to Maya and kissed her with all that he was feeling at the moment.

Maya opened her lips for Richard. He deepened the kiss. It ignited the simmering passion between them. They angled their faces to share a scorching kiss, and  as if they have a life of their own, their hands started moving, to caress each other’s body.

“Maya, my love…..” Richard moaned in Maya’s mouth. “The way you make me feel. I’m barely holding on….”

“Ricky….” was all Maya managed to said. She felt warm all over. Her body was singing for Richard and his touch…..”Oh, I feel so much, my love….”

Richard seared Maya’s lips with another scorching kiss, then moved lower to trail kisses on her neck, her collar bone, then the valley between her breasts.

Maya felt, and shivered at, every kiss Richard made. She felt its effect to her core. She made known to Richard that she liked what he was doing with the little sounds she unconsciously made.

Richard’s hand found its way inside Maya’s blouse. He cupped Maya’s breast through the thin material of her bra. He played with it, massaging it. Maya moaned as Richard’s touch electrified her. She likes what he was doing. Her other breast received the same treatment. They swelled from his touch. Maya felt very hot.

She wanted to return the pleasure he is giving her, so Maya started touching Richard under the shirt he was wearing. She caressed his back, planted little kisses on his neck, bit it a little, unconsciously, innocently, because she can’t help it. Richard’s reaction was immediate. He sucked in air. The thin control he was holding on was close to breaking.

But before it did, nature intervened Richard and Maya suddenly felt giant splats on their heads. It is going to rain.

They looked at each other, grinned sheepishly, trying to control their barely bridled passion for each other. Their foreheads touched, hearing each other deep breaths, then looked up and felt the rain coming in stronger before they had time to really recover.

“Come, my love. Ligo tayo sa ulan.” Maya said the first thing that came to her head. She dragged Richard to the end of the veranda after they pushed the daybed where it will not get very wet.

Richard felt like scratching his head. He grinned wide, and went with Maya. He might as well take the nature’s version of a cold shower!

They had fun frolicking in the rain. However, Richard’s breath got caught in his throat when he noticed the effect of the rain water on Maya’s blouse. He can clearly see the outline of her breast, and despite being drenched, he was starting to react to it. Maya noticed Richard’s heated gazed and it evoked a corresponding response in hers. She felt it from her core up to her breasts.

Maya and Richard stood without a space within them and amid the pouring rain, shared another mind blowing kiss. Richard also started playing with Maya’s nipple, already pebbled from the cold rain, and because of his heated gaze, with his thumb, through her blouse that was plastered on her body like a second skin. He caressed it one after the other, giving it equal attention, while they kissed, tongues dueling, as if they can’t get enough of each other.

“My love, I think we need to stop soon.” Richard barely managed to say. “I promised to be a gentleman….”

“Rickyyy….” was all Maya managed to say in response, so overwhelmed with the passion she was feeling.

Richard gave Maya one more heated kiss, then try to temper down their passion for each other. Maya equally fought for control. They hugged, catching their breaths. When they thought they have some semblance of control, they loosen their embrace.

“Honeybun, what you do to me! You are lethal” Richard said, smiling lovingly at Maya.

Maya just smiled at Richard, blushed and buried her face on his chest. She likes what she tasted so far of passion. But maybe, it is better to slow down. Things has already progressed too fast between her and Richard, as if they can’t help it but go with what they feel. She know that had Richard and she didn’t stop, she would have given herself to him, and not regret it, because she loves and trusts him. But maybe, this is not the time for it.

Shivering, they went inside the house and went straight to shower. Richard, to a very cold one.

Maya dressed in one of the pairs of t-shirt and leggings she got from Donya Esmeralda’s room.  She heard a knock in her room when she was combing her hair.

“Yes, Babe.” She asked Richard when she opened the door. She gulped. He looked so hot in his white v-neck t-shirt and gray checkered pajama. He smelled so nice too.

“I just want to say good night, Honeybun.” Richard said after he caught his breath, looking at Maya who was wearing a loose t-shirt, without a bra and her face, freshly scrubbed and still pinkish from the shower. She looked so beautiful.

“Good night, Babe.” She gave him a sweet and loving smile, then a quick kiss. They both turned to go inside their respective rooms, then turned again….



They laughed.

“Go ahead, Honeybun.” Richard said smiling.

“Ikaw na, Babe.” Maya said. “Ano ba iyon?”

“Well,I was just gonna ask if you would like to sleep in my bed. Kasi I missed you already.” He started, grinned sheepishly, and lovingly. “Kung okay lang naman sa iyo. Promise, I will be a good boy. I just want to cuddle with you to sleep. I like having you beside me.”

Maya smiled. “Okay!”

“Okay, as in okay?” Richard said, glad, not believing at first that he heard correctly.

“Oo na nga, Babe. Kulit mo.” Maya pinched his nose lovingly.

“Thank you, Honeybun. Promise, I will behave, unless of course, ikaw ang mauna.” He teased Maya.

“Rickyyy….!!! Do you want me sleep in your bed or not?” Maya retorted, smiling.

“Okay, titigil na nga.” Richard grinned, then remembered. “O ano nga pala ang sasabihin mo?”

Maya blushed a bit. “Ah, eh, iyon din sana. That I don’t think I want to sleep alone. Pero, sleep lang talaga, ha.” She smiled. Richard grinned. Both happy that they were thinking of the same thing.

Richard led Maya to his much bigger bedroom, pulled down the comforter and asked Maya to choose which side she would like to sleep in. He turn off the lamp, then went to the bed. Maya cuddled up to him. Maya and Richard went to sleep with her head pillowed on his chest and his arms around her.


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