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Only Love – Prologue


Lim sole heir to take over management of LHI

Lim Holdings Incorporated has a new President and Chief Executive Officer.

In a statement, LHI corporate legal counsel Ryan Molina said that Richard Lim, the only son of the late business magnate, Roberto Lim, was elected to the position uninamously by the LHI Board of Directors, in their board meeting yesterday.  

The appointment ended speculations on who will succeed the esteemed elder Lim, who succumbed to colon cancer several weeks ago.

“Richard Lim is just wrapping up his work and transferring his responsibilities to his successor in New York before he assumes his posts,” the LHI lawyer added.

The younger Lim has a degree from Harvard Business School. He has been in charge of the company’s international operations since 2009.

Prior to his assignment in the US, Richard Lim was the Chief Operations Officer of LHI.

Lim, 35 years old, married the socialite Alexandra Coronel in New York in 2007. They divorced more than a year after the marriage and no reason was given by both parties. 

Maya Dela Rosa almost dropped the cup of coffee she was holding while browsing the news online when she saw that business news. As if there was something propelling her, she clicked the link to the story.

So, Richard Lim is moving back to the Philippines! It has been eight years since she last saw him, since they last shared a kiss. It has been eight years since the life she thought they were building together fell apart. She was that young, and she was that naive, that at age 22, she believed that she had found her happily ever after.

Maya thought that he would just be someone that was in her past, something she wanted to stay there, but now, it does not look like it. He is invading her present too. There’s nothing she can do about it since it will be inevitable that they will meet once he arrives back in the Philippines.

Maybe, it is the right time to face the past and finally put it to rest. She is about to commit herself to another person. She was about to say yes to Rafael who has been earnestly wooing her for over a year now. But is it fair to him for her to do so, if there is still this unresolved thing in her past? Should she wait or should she just say yes to a new relationship and move on?  Is it fair to Rafael to do so?

Is she really over Richard? Why would her heart skipped a beat by just seeing his photo that accompanied the article. He looked as handsome as the first time she met him. After what happened, she should have been over him. But the heart has a will and a language of its own. It took her a long time to recover and moved on. But after all this time, she should really be over him. She is over him! But is she really or she is just trying to convince herself when she said that?

She needed to be sure that she is. The only way for her to really know is to face him. Maybe, she will be at peace after that, and accept that Richard, her first love, was just that, a first love that was not meant to be.


Note: My next story, sort of! 🙂  Still working on Chapter 19 of Crossroads! Low batt na kaya hindi matapos! 🙂 

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