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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Friendly date 

Maya’s heart jumped when she caught a glimpse of Richard. He was standing at the lobby of her building, holding a cup of coffee and talking to someone on the phone. He looked so handsome in a lavender dress shirt, which he paired with dark jeans and a coat. He moved around the lobby as he discussed something to whoever he was talking to. She was so happy to see him.

Richard texted Maya earlier and told her that he will just wait for her at the coffee shop at the lobby of her building. He also told her not to hurry on his account as he got there early. Surprisingly, traffic was light from his office in Makati to her office in Ortigas Center. However, Maya can’t concetrate anymore since receiving his message. She packed her things and get ready for her dinner with Richard. She was glad she wore a nice dress for her first day of work. She was not able to resist buying the black sheath dress she was wearing, when she saw it in Paris.

Richard gazed around the lobby while he was talking to Sonny, not really looking as he knew he was way early. Then he caught sight of Maya, from his peripheral vision, standing near the coffee shop waiting for him, carrying the sunflowers he gave her and her laptop bag. She looked so lovely in that dress. Their eyes met and she broke into a smile that transformed her already lovely face. Richard felt his heart skipped a beat. He finished his conversation promptly and walked towards her.

“Maya, great to see you.” Richard said and gave Maya a lopsided smile. Then he hugged Maya and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Were you waiting long? Sorry, I didn’t notice you right away. You should have called my attention. I was just giving Sonny some additional instructions for tomorrow.”

“No, Ricky. I was just early.” Maya smiled sweetly at Richard. “Great to see you too.”

Richard gazed at Maya, just very happy to see her. They chatted while they walked towards where his car was parked. Maya saw Emman and Ruby while they were walking and waved at them.

Richard asked Maya if it was okay he made a reservation at a private garden restaurant. The area where the restaurant is, it turned out was near Maya’s home. Maya told Richard that it is perfectly fine with her what he had arranged. They chatted animatedly while driving to Quezon City from Ortigas, mostly about Maya’s Paris trip and the places she had been. Sometimes, they would just glance at each other, and smiled.

Soon after, they entered what looked like a private driveway in a quiet part of the city, then a beautiful garden, and then there was the restaurant, bathe in soft light, very inviting, and it looks very relaxing. Richard opened the car door for Maya, assisted her to the short flight of stairs, and seated her solicitiously in a quiet and secluded part of the lovely, romantic place

Richard asked Maya what she would like to have and she told him she will just choose from the ala carte menu, instead of the degustation menu. Richard did the same, and ordered also the best wine for their food.

While waiting for their food, Maya and Richard continued chatting and catching up from their last exchange of e-mails.

“Maya, thank you again for the e-mails and photos that you have sent. They surely brightened and lightened up my busy and hectic days.” Richard said. “I love the way you have captured Paris. I wanted to go back there, and be there with you, when I saw your photos.”

“Thank you, Ricky. Since we toured Copenhagen, I wanted to share with you the places I have been to. It was so much fun when I had you to share my appreciation of places.” Maya smiled. “Kumusta, pagbalik mo dito? How were things at work? You also told me that you will have dinner with your parents.”

“Well, work was busy as always. I will propose to the board that we expand our shipping operation, so Sonny and I have been working on that since I returned. Dinner with my parents was nice. As usual, Dad and I talked about business, then Mom said no business on her dinner table. She asked me instead when will I settle down. And then Dad told her, no bugging me about that again.” Richard smilled at the recollection of that dinner. “They were really cute when they do that. I told Mom and Dad about my last trip and our unexpected but wonderful meeting in Denmark. I can see my mom had twinkle in her eyes. I told her to stop it as she might scare you off, when you get to finally meet her, with her ‘matchmaking mama’ mode.”

Maya laughed at Richard’s loving description of his mother. She sounds like a fun person, like her mom.

“I like your parents’ interaction, they sounded so loving. I also told Mom about our meeting. She asked me kasi who was the friend I mentioned that gave me the flower key ring.” Maya told Richard as the food they ordered was being served.

“Really! You told your mom about me?” Richard asked, happy to hear it.

“Of course, why not?”, was Maya’s short reply.

When the server left, Richard took his wine glass and offered Maya a toast.

“Welcome back, Maya. I’m happy that you are here, having dinner with me.”

“Me too, Ricky, glad to be home, and to see you again.” Maya said.

They toasted and proceeded with their dinner while chatting in between courses. Richard asked Maya about her first day of work. She told him, it went well. Her boss, Ms. Zenaida Belmonte, briefed her on her new responsibilities as head buyer for her division. She still need to go on buying trips, but her main job now is managing all the buyers, directing them on products that are in demand and products which would sell well in their stores. Richard congratulated Maya. The conversation between them just flowed and the only lull in the concversation, aside from eating their delicious dinner, was their gazes for each other, as if they can’t help it.

“Richard, that was the best dinner, ever. I’m so full.” Maya said as they were eating their dessert and having coffee. “Thank you for bringing me to this very nice restaurant. I just love this place.”

“I’m glad you like the dinner, Maya. The restaurat was recommended by a friend. He said, if I have a special occassion to celebrate or just want to spend quality time with a special someone, this is the place to go.” Richard said meaningfully.

“You mean, you have not been here before?” Maya asked, suddenly, her heart is beating faster.

“No, this is the first time.” Richard smiled meaningfully. “I didn’t have that special someone to take with me here, before.”

“Errr, Ricky, you mentioned before that your mom was asking when are you settling down. I hope my question is not too personal. You were not tempted before…I mean…?” Maya said, a bit rattled, unable to finish her question.

Richard looked at Maya, and smiled. “Hmmm, are you asking about my lovelife Ms. Maya Dela Rosa?”

Maya blushed, stammered….”Errr, you know, since we are friends and….” Then she started making a nervous hand gesture.

“Maya, Maya, I’m just teasing you. I don’t mind answering your question.” Richard said with a grin, then put his hand on top of hers, unconsciously, as if to assure her. “I’m completely unattached at the moment. Yes, I dated in the past a bit. I also had several girlfriends before, but nothing worked out. It was because, either they just liked the idea of me or there was something missing in the relationship. There was this something I was looking for, can’t really defined it then, that I didn’t find, so I stopped looking. But, sometimes, when you stopped looking, that is when you find it, unexpectedly, wonderfully so.”

Richard didn’t elaborate anymore, just took a sip of coffee, and gazed at Maya, meaningfully. Maya felt very conscious of that look. But since Richard didn’t say anything much, she just took a sip of her coffee too, and decided not to dwell on it.

“Thank you for telling me, Ricky” Maya said, smiled at Richard.

“Just ask away, anything, and I will answer.” Richard promised Maya.

Soon after, they left the restaurant. Richard took Maya home. Just like in the restaurant and in previous instances, he was the perfect gentleman, opening the door for Maya, assisting her solicitiously.

“Now, I know where you live! I’ll go ahead Maya. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Let’s have dinner again soon.” Richard said while they were standing at the gate of the house, which Maya already opened, with her key. Richard also saw that Maya is using the key ring he gave her. He smiled, glad that he found something she really liked.

“Would you like to come in, have another cup of coffee or soda?”  Maya offered.

“No, I better not. Thank you. It is late. I do want to meet your mom, sister and the niece you were telling me about, but next time na lang. Nakakahiya naman sa kanila.” Richard said as he declined Maya’s offer. “Kailangan mo na ring mag-rest. You just got back from your trip, then you had a long day pa today.”

“Maya. hija, is that you?” Someone said from the direction of the garden and several minutes after, Mommy Tessie was at the gate. “Oh, you have company! Sorry. Hello.”

“Good evening po.” Richard politely and respectfully said to the graceful lady, who he knew right away, is Maya’s mom. She is an older version of Maya.

“Mom, it is okay. Ricky and I are just saying goodbye. Mom, please meet my friend Richard Lim. Ricky, please meet my mom, Mrs. Teresita Dela Rosa.”

“Hello, Richard, I’m glad to meet you. Maya mentioned you last night. Thank you for taking care of my daughter in Denmark.” Mommy Tessie said as she looked closely at the young man. Technically, he is the first young man Maya introduced to her as he was the only one she allowed to take her home.

“Im very glad to meet you din po, Mrs. Dela Rosa.” Richard said. “Meeting your daughter was the the best thing that happened to me while in Copenhagen.”

“O pasok na muna tayo, have coffee. I was having one when I heard a car stopped by infront of our gate. Maya mentioned earlier that she will be home late.” Mommy Tessie asked, taking note of Richard’s statement. Hmmm, so that is the way the wind is blowing. She thought to herself.

“Thank you, Mrs. Dela Rosa. I will take you on that offer, next time. Late na rin po, for you and Maya to have a guest. I’ll go ahead.”

“O sige, come to dinner one evening ha.” Mommy Tessie issued the invitation, to Maya’s surprise.

“I will po. Thank you very much for the invitation.” Richard said, happy at the turn of events.

Mommy Tessie excused herself, went in, so Richard and her daughter can say a proper goodbye.

“Maya, I will go ahead. I will see you soon?”  Richard hugged Maya and gave her another kiss on the cheek.

“Okay, just text me. And text me when you get home, okay. Drive carefully.” Maya patted Richard on the arm affectionately.

They smiled sweetly at one another, then Richard waved before getting into his car, and drriving off. Maya waited until she can’t see the car anymore before going in. She headed to the garden.

“Mom, bakit late ka na matulog?” She asked her mother conversationally. “May tinatapos ka ba?’

“Yes, itong financial reports ng bookstores. I was reviewing the figures. I needed a break so I went here to unwind a bit.” Mommy Tessie said as she gestured for her daughter to sit. “I like your young man. Polite and mukhang nice. Guwapo pa.”

“Mommmm, we are just friends.” Maya protested with a blush. “I was surprised nga that you invited him to dinner, eh ngayon mo lang siya na-meet.”

“Why not. He is your friend, di ba? Siya nga lang ang nakatuntong sa gate ng bahay natin. He must be special.” Mommy Tessie smiled, and teased her daughter.

Mother and daughter smiled at each other and chatted. Maya told her mom about her first day of work and her new job as head buyer for her division in the company. Mommy Tessie asked Maya for suggestion about new stuffs they can get for the bookstores. While they were doing so, Maya’s phoned beep.

I’m home now Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, texting you as promised. I drove carefully ha. I had a great evening. Iba talaga kapag ikaw ang kasama ko. Good night. Sweet dreams. 🙂

Maya smiled, a smile that lit up her whole face, forgetting that she was not alone. Her mother, who saw her expression, was happy. It looks like her daughter is falling in love. Maya typed her reply, and sent it with a goofy smile on her face.

I’m glad that you got home in one piece. 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful evening too. That was the nicest ‘welcome back’ I had. Sweet dreams. Take care. 🙂

Richard, who was climbing the stairs when his phone beeped, smiled, and whistled happily after reading Maya’s message. It was the best night for him too. He can’t wait to begin his campaign to win her heart.

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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Welcome home

Maya settled into her seat more comfortably, now that her plane has started its journey to Singapore from Paris. She has more than 13 or so hours ahead for this long flight and a change of plane in Changi Airport before she makes it back to Manila. She was looking forward to going home after two weeks abroad. This has been the longest time she was away in recent years. Normally, the company just sent her one country at a time. Of course, she also took a couple of days vacation with this trip. This have been a very productive trip, businesswise, and personally, an unforgettable and a very memorable one. She was looking forward to seeing her mom, her Ate Cristina, Abby and she admitted to herself, in seeing Richard again, very much.

It such a short time, Richard became a big part of her thoughts. Maya does not know yet what is this thing with him or what do they really have. But she would like to see where it leads. She is happy to be friends with him. She really likes their exchange of emails. Sometimes, she felt there was more to what Richard was saying in the e-mails – like meeting his parents, going on trips with her, or taking her to dinner when she returns. But Maya does not want to assume or overthink things. She decided to take things one day at the time with him. All she know, is that she enjoyed his company and their time together very much. It is helping her overcome her fears and wariness, little by little and one day at a time.

Maya can’t really sleep in planes so she decided to catch up on her reading. She downloaded books for her Kindle before she left the Manila and she still has a couple of crime novels, to read and keep her awake. When she got tired of reading, she switched to watching movies, including two of her favorite classic films, Casablanca and An Affair to Remember. She still cried at the end of both movies, even if she had seen those several times already. She thought that if Richard was with her at that moment, she will be teased about her crying bit. She smiled at that thought. After a while, sheer tiredness made her fall asleep on the last couple of hours of the flight. She was very sleepy when she arrived in Singapore. The first thing she looked for, after they landed, was a cafe so she can have her caffeine boost while killing more than two hours or so in Singapore. She does not feel like going to the shops, so she just walked around the airport, then sat near the orchids garden and relaxed a bit.

Finally, several hours later, her plane landed in Manila. She was very happy despite feeling the effects of her long flight. Maya was among the last passengers from her flight to exit, as it took a while for her luggage to be on the baggage conveyor belt. She was walking towards the arrival hall, after calling their family driver, Kuya Joma, when someone called her name.

“Maya, Maya Dela Rosa!!!” A girl in a Time Airways flight attendant uniform called as she waved at Maya happily. “Maya, Maya, good to see you! It has been years!”

Maya looked closely, smiled and exclaimed. “Edselyn Viray! Nice to bump into you here. Kumusta na? We haven’t seen each other in ages.”

Edselyn was one of Maya’s close friends, barkada in college. They have lost touch after graduation as Edselyn moved to Australia with her family. Maya didn’t know that she have been back to the Philippines.

“Yes, it has been a while! So happy to see you, Maya! Were you in my flight? I didn’t see you.” She asked after she gave Maya a big hug.

“No, I flew Singapore Airlines.” Maya said. “Kumusta ka na? I didn’t know that you are back in the country and that you are working for Time Airways na! Naku, Ruby will be glad to see you too. We ended up working together pala.”

“Talaga, I would like to see her din. Let’s get together soon. I have been back here more two months. I took care first of my job application with Time Airways. I used to work for a regional airline in Australia, pero I still like to stay in the Philippines, so I told mom and dad, I’m going back and settle here. Mabuti, my cousin told me about an opening in TA. I applied, got the job, so here I am.” Edselyn said happily, then looked at the guy beside her. “This is my cousin pala, James Ventura. He was also the pilot of my flight. Kuya James, this is Maya Dela Rosa, iyong sinasabi kong college barkada ko.”

Maya noticed then the tall, good looking, mestizo guy, beside Edselyn. He smiled at her and offered his hand. “Hi Maya, please to meet you. Eds mentioned you before, also a Ruby Ramos?”

“Nice to meet you. James. Yes, Ruby. She was the third girl in our barkada.” Maya said simply as she shook his hand, and gave him a friendly smile. “O, paano Eds, mauuna na ako. Baka paalisin na si Kuya Joma doon sa pick-up zone. Text, text na lang. Here’s my card. I’ll go ahead, James. Nice meeting you.”

She and Eds hugged one last time, promising to call each other and meet with Ruby when they are all free, then Maya walked out of the terminal. True enough, Kuya Joma was outside already and was about to drive around when she came out.

“Naku Kuya Joma, pasensya ka na. May nakita kasi akong college friend ko sa loob.” Maya said as she settled in the back seat of the car. “Kumusta na? How’s  your son? May nabili pala akong Lego toys for him. Tamang-tama for his age at sa hilig niyang mag-build ng blocks.”

“Welcome back, Mam Maya. Okay naman po siya. Makulit. ” Joma said as he started getting out of the busy airport. “Thank you po sa pasalubong kay Marco. Iyong mama niyo po, excited nang makita kayo. Sasama nga po sana siya sa pagsundo sa inyo, kaso siya na ang sumundo kay Abby sa school dahil may emergency sa office si Mam Cris.”

Maya chatted with their long time driver a bit during the long journey to her family’s home in an old, quiet part of Quezon City. That house her been the only home she knew since she was born. She grew up happy in that house, until her father decided that he didn’t ‘want’ his family anymore. Good thing, her mom was a strong woman and managed to weather the storm that hit her marriage, for the sake of her children. Now, her mom is quite content running the family’s chain of bookstores. She didn’t remarry, even if  a lot has courted her. She is good friends with Maya’s boss Miguel. It turned out they knew each other when they were kids.

Maya rushed to their sala as soon as Kuya Joma parked the car. She embraced her mom tight, then, Cris and little Abby. “Mom, Ate Cris, my cute na cute na pamangkin. Na-miss ko kayong lahat. So happy to be home.”

“Kami rin Maya, hija, we missed you. Let’s have dinner. I’m sure sa traffic na inabot niyo ni Joma, gutom ka na ulit.” Mommy Tessie said as she ushered Maya, followed by Cris and Abby, to the dining table.

“Oo nga mom. Saka I missed Filipino food na rin. Ano ba ang inihanda ni Ate Sabel?” She asked as she took her seat. “Wow, my favorites!”

The Dela Rosas chatted a bit while eating. Cris asked her sister how her trip have been. She also teased her sister and asked if she met a tall, handsome, prince while in Denmark.

“Naku, hindi, both of them are married na kaya, Ate Cris.” Maya jested, but she blushed about the remembered meeting with Richard.

“Uy bunso, bakit ka nagba-blush? May na-meet ka doon, ano?” Cristina Rose teased her sister. “I’m getting curious about that blush.”

“Cristina Rose, stop teasing your sister.” Mommy Tessie good-naturedly scolded her eldest, though she too is curious what made her bunso blushed.

The Dela Rosa women moved to their sala after dinner. Maya gave her pasalubong to them. She got Abby several sets of Lego for girls, her sister a Viking mug, and a Marimekko bag, and for her mom, she bought porcelain tea cups and saucers from Royal Copenhagen for her collection. She didn’t notice that she also took out the flower key ring and the Little Mermaid replica from Richard when she opened her suitcase.

“Wow, this is cute.” Cristina Rose said as she held up the key ring for a close inspection. “Georg Jensen design pa! I always like their designs, very lovely to look at.”

Maya looked and smiled meaningfully, got the key ring from her sister, touched it lovingly and simply said. “Oh, it was  gift from a friend.”

“Hmmm, medyo lumalalim ang misteryo. And who is this friend?” Cristina Rose asked. She and Maya are very close so she knows her sister does not mind her teasing her like this. Maya has been her rock and main support, aside from her mom, when she found herself pregnant eight years ago, and her boyfriend Jeff disappeared from her life.

“Ikaw talaga, Ate. Bayaan mo, I owe you a lot of kwento. Abby is getting sleepy na, o.” Maya said as she pointed to her niece who was happily playing with her new Lego collection earlier while she, Cris and Mommy Tessie chatted, but is now very sleepy.

Cristina stood up to carry her daughter  to bed, said good night as well, since she will go to work early the following day. She works as an editor of a magazine for career moms.  Since Jeff left her, she hadn’t had another serious relationship, though, she dates from time to time. She just devotes her whole time to Abby.

When it was just the two of them, Mommy Tessie asked Maya if she would like to have coffee with her in the veranda as she missed her a lot while she was away. Maya made the coffee and gave her mom’s the one with cream as she prefers.

“So, Maya hija, sino naman itong friend na nagbigay sa iyo nung flower key ring, if I may ask?” Mommy Tessie asked as she sipped her coffee. She and her daughter has a close relationship and she is glad that she confides in her, both her kids do. It was one positive effect of her husband, Arturo, leaving her. Mother and daughters bonded. She is lucky to have Cristina Rose and Maya. They are very loving daughters.

“His name is Richard Lim, mom. Tito Miguel is a friend of his dad. His family owns Lim Holdings and Ricky handles the shipping side of the business. We actually saw each other first here in Manila, but met properly, and by accident in Copenhagen. He is a very nice guy and a gentleman.” Maya told her mom how she and Richard met and their adventures in Denmark.

There is something in Maya’s voice that her mom detected when she is telling her about Richard. If her intuition is correct, she thinks her daughter has feelings for this guy or starting to have feelings for him. In a way, she is glad, as she knew Maya was afraid to love because of her dad leaving them and Jeff abandoning Cristina Rose.

“He sounds like a a very wonderful person.” Mommy Tessie remarked. “Maya, hija, when the time comes, don’t be afraid to love, to take a chance. Life is about taking chances. Yes, you get hurt when you love, sometimes, but it is better than not loving, of always being afraid to love. I hope what happened to me and your dad did not sour you on having a lasting and meaningful relationship with the right person. Some relationships just don’t work for a number of reasons. It takes two to make it work. Sometimes, it was not just meant to be. I don’t regret loving your dad. We had our happy times and good memories too. Besides, how can I regret it when it gave me you and Cristina Rose. Someday, I might love again, I am open to that possibility.”

“Mom, why are saying these all of a sudden? We are just talking about me meeting Richard. He is not a boyfriend and he is not courting me either. We are just good friends. Surprisingly, we just clicked.” Maya said, puzzled why her mom turned serious on her. “I admit I like him, but I don’t know where it would lead. For all I know, friend lang din ang tingin niya sa akin. I am just enjoying his company.”

Maya’s mother just gave her daughter a meaningful smile. “Wala lang, just saying.”

“Mom, I am not closing my heart on a relationship. I admit I have fears, but maybe, the right person will help me conquer those. You know, my very own knight in shining armor who will slay the dragon for me.” Maya half-jested. “Halika na nga mom, sleep na tayo. I need to go to work tomorrow.”

Maya then half-hugged her mom as they went inside the house, and up to their rooms. “Good night, mom. Thank you for the things you have said. I will keep that in mind. Good night. I love you.”

The following day, Maya was at work bright and early. She had a good sleep. Maybe, because she was very tired. She just conked out after her head hit the pillow. Her co-workers chorused a welcome back greeting to her when they saw her. When she got to her desk, she saw a lovely bouquet of sunflowers.

“Hi Maya, welcome back!!!” Emman, one of the fashion buyers and a close friend of Maya greeted her and told her excitedly. “Heto, sis, may bonggang-bonggang pa-flowers for you. Ikaw na sis, haba ng hair! Hmmm, sino kaya ang may padala nito. First day of work, kaloka, may welcome back flowers agad.”

Maya smiled at Emman and made beso with him. “Nice to be back to Emman. I missed you and all your chika. I hope you will like my pasalubong for you! Hmmm, I don’t know kung kanino ito galing.”

Maya took a closer look at the flowers, curious on who sent her the beautiful arrangement. Her heart  skipped a beat though. There was only one person she told recently that she loves sunflowers. She looked for the card, found it, opened it, and smiled, a smile that lit up her whole face.

“Sis, ang ngiti. Baka mapunit ang labi. Kanino galing?” Emman asked, curious.

Maya grinned at Emman, very, very happy. “Secret! Mamaya na tayo mag-usap, Emman. I have a meeting with Ms. Belmonte in an hour regarding my new responsibilities.”

“O siya, siya, ikaw talaga sis. You owe me tons of kwento, I think.” Emman told his friend. They have been friends long enough to know each other very well. He knows when to ask Maya stuffs. He respects her privacy and the boundaries of friendship. But, he has an inkling that someone is making his friend very happy.

When Emman left her office, Maya looked at the flowers, smiled, and read the card again.

Dearest Maya,

Welcome back! I am so glad you are home. Have dinner with me please this evening?

Let me know. Have a great day.



Maya sat down on her chair with a goofy smile. She took out her phone and sent Richard a text message.

Thank you very much for the lovely flowers.

What a nice welcome back to me gift! 🙂

Is 7PM okay for our dinner? 

Richard phone beeped as he was discussing something with Sonny. He excused himself to check his message. He hope it is from who he fervently hope it is from. He read the message and smiled. Yes, a message from Maya!

I’m glad you liked the flowers. 

See you at 7PM. I’ll pick you up from your office.

Looking forward to seeing you.

He sent his reply, and still had a smile on his face when he returned to Sonny and what they were discussing. Sonny secretly smiled too. He has a feeling his boss is in love.

Richard happily went on with his day, counting the hours until he will see Maya again. Maya had the same feeling of anticipation. She will see Richard again!



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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Hearts melding

Maya looked around the lobby of the hotel, trying to find Richard. He called briefly, an hour ago, to say that he will just go to her hotel as they can just have lunch at the nice restaurant there, overlooking the Copenhagen harbor. Maya have been to that restaraunt before, but just to eat a quick breakfast. The view would be lovely during lunch. Maya saw Richard sitting in one of the armchairs by the window, reading a newspaper.

“Hi Maya, good to see you again!” Richard stood up when he saw Maya, gave her a big smile, then took her luggage from her. “Let’s leave it here. I will talk to the reception staff and ask where we can leave it.” Maya waited for Richard while he took care of her luggage.

They walked towards the restaurant, chatting, then admiring the view, and marvelling at the architecture of the hotel, which was done by well-known Danish architect. They chose a window table, luckily, the place was not full yet. They ordered traditional Danish lunch dishes.

“Did you sleep well?” Richard asked.

“Yes, I did, surprisingly, considering the interesting day I had yesterday.” Maya said, smiling, then remembering how the evening ended, blushed a little. “You? How was your meetings today?”

“I slept well, like a baby. Must be the company I had yesterday, made me very happy.” Richard smiled at Maya meaningfully. “The meetings went well. Probably, in a day or two, Sonny, my executive assistant, and I will be able to wrap things up, then back to Manila soon.”

“Oh! No plans of doing a side trip somewhere, like me?” She asked, curious.

“Not this trip, I think. I need to go back soon. Something came up at work while I was away. I need to attend to it personally. Sayang, we can meet sana ulit in Paris.” Richard said, regret in his voice.

“Oo nga. Sayang. I ‘m looking forward nga rin in seeing my cousin Katrina. Haven’t seen here in years. Besides, it is a place talaga I want to see after watching Lovers in Paris.” Maya said half-teasing, for she know Richard will react.

Richard laughed, remembering the series from long remembered snatches of conversation of their female employees who were glued to it when it was aired in the Philippines years ago. “What is next then, going to England and seeing Highclere Castle? If you will, I will go with you. I would like to see it also. Not because it is being used as the set of Downton Abbey, but because I read that there is an Egyptian exhibition throughout the cellars of the castle to celebrate Lord Carnavon’s achievement.”

“Oh, yes, I read when I researched the place where they were filming Downton, that Highclere was the seat of the 5th Earl of Carnavon, the one who discovered the tomb of the Egyptian Boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, with Howard Carter, di ba?” Maya said remembering that information from the website of the castle.

“Yes, and the place is still with the same family. Amazing, isn’t it?” Richard said. “It might be interesting to see all the artifacts on display there. The grounds looks lovely too for walking, with you of course. I may not watch Downton regularly, but I have seen some episodes with Rafi, when I was visiting her and Charlie.”

“Well, it is an interesting series and not to sappy. Maybe, you will like it when you get to watch it fully. Hmmm, so you never know, baka the next time we bump into each other, in England naman.” Maya said. “When I find myself in England, I will really make it a point to go and see the castle.”

“I like that idea too, us bumping into each other in England. Pero, I think, we will see each other again in the Philippines.” Richard said enigmatically, as the waiter started serving the lunch they ordered. He also ordered two glasses of white wine after asking Maya what she would like to drink with their lunch.

They chatted about places they want to see while eating. Before they knew it, two hours had passed. Maya offered to pay for lunch, but again like yesterday, Richard wouldn’t hear of it, so Maya just thanked him. They picked up Maya’s luggage and took a taxi to the train station.

Since they were a bit early, Richard waited with Maya. While waiting, Richard got two small packages from his saddle bag and gave it to Maya.

“For you.” He said simply.

Maya was surprised to have received something from Richard. She opened the first package slowly.

“Oh Ricky, it is beautiful.” Maya exclaimed when she saw the Georg Jensen flower key ring with the word “Denmark” on it. Then she opened the next one. It was a replica of the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid sitting on a rock. “These are too much. Thank you very much.”

Richard smiled, happy that Maya liked the gifts. He purposely went to the shopping district before meeting her for those, especially the Goerg Jensen key ring. “I’m glad you liked them, Maya. Just stuffs to remember your trip by, and our meeting here, of all places.”

They gazed at each other, then smiled, for no reason at all, just very, very happy to be with each other.

Too soon, it was time for Maya to depart. When the train was approaching, Richard accompanied Maya to where she was supposed to board. He embraced her tight, when they said goodbye. “Keep safe, and keep in touch.”  Then he kissed her again on the cheek. “Thank you for making this trip memorable.”

Maya hugged Richard back. “I will. Take care, and thank you for everything. I will not forget this trip either.” She then boarded the train and looked for the seat number printed on her ticket. When she looked out the window after finding her seat, she saw Richard still standing on the platform. He made one last wave when the train started moving, until she can’t see him anymore.

Maya opted to take the train to Stockholm instead of flying as she wanted to see a bit of the scenery between the two countries. But at the moment, sitting on the train, traveling to her destination, she didn’t feel as excited as she thought she would be. She, kind of, missed Richard already. Strange, she thought, I was not even with him for 24 hours. She just decided to rest, and looked at the passing scenery, aimlessly.

Richard returned to the hotel after sending Maya off. He missed her company already. He just didn’t have the desire to walk around Copenhagen alone anymore. Strange feeling for him also, when he didn’t even know yesterday morning that Maya and him were in the same country. Since that night at the cafe, he can’t get her out of his head too. He would think of her from time to time, wishing that he would see her again, somewhere. He even returned to that cafe several times, hoping that he would see her . Though, he was not so sure how he will introduce himself if ever they do see each other again. Tell her what, that ‘I was here when you were comforting your friend. That I noticed how caring you were. That I also noticed how beautiful you are even if you were not wearing any make up at all. That I liked that you were unmindful of how you looked when you rushed to help a friend in need. That I liked how you comforted her. That I thought you are very nurturing. That I felt an instant connection with you when our eyes met.’ He might scare her off with those pronouncements. Good thing fate intervened, they met here at the other side of the world through an angel of a girl.

Richard’s introspection was interrupted by a knock on the door. He opened the door to his EA.

“Sir Richard, good thing you are back na po. Here are the documents from Manila for your meetings tomorrow. Also, the head office sent some contracts you needed to review, urgent daw po.” Sonny said, putting quite a big pile of documents on his desk.

“Okay, Sonny, I will work on these. Then I will e-mail back the comments and feedbacks on the contracts. Thank you. You can take the rest of the day off. Walk around the city and buy pasalubong for Liza.”

“Naku, thank you, Sir Richard. I will do that. Aalis na po ako. Please call me na ang kung may kailangan kayo.” Sonny closed the door after him, glad that he will have time to buy things for his wife. Richard looked at the documents and started working. Might as well, he thought, so he wouldn’t miss Maya much.

Richard ordered room service for dinner, then went back to work. By 10 o’clock, he was finished. He was about to close his laptop, when he thought of checking his e-mails. He saw that he had a new one. He checked who it was from, and smiled. Now, he is very happy.


From: Maya Dela Rosa
To: Richard Lim
Subject: Sweden

Hi there Ricky,

I arrived here in Stockholm two hours ago. The trip was okay. It was an experience to travel through the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. Though, I didn’t see much of the bridge since the trains pala travel on the side of it. It would have been better to see it by car.  Still, I liked going through the tunnel part of the bridge. Imagine, traveling under water! It was easy getting a taxi from the train station to my hotel, my home away from home for the next three days.

I can’t sleep, so I thought of transferring some of the photos from Denmark to my laptop. I saw some of the photos from our trip yesterday, so I am attaching it with this mail. Para you also have a souvenir of our trip. 🙂 

Take care. Good night. Sleep well. 🙂



From: Richard Lim
To: Maya Dela Rosa
Subject: Denmark without you

Hi Maya,

Great to hear from you! I’m glad that your train ride was okay. Maybe, next time, you can cross into Sweden by car. I can take you!  Amazing to see that 16-kilometer bridge that way.

I hope the hotel is as nice as the one you have stayed here in Denmark.

I just went back to my hotel after sending you off. I didn’t feel like going out anymore. You spoiled the place for me, you know. 🙂  I preferred exploring it with you. Hayun, I told my EA, it is his turn to explore Copenhagen. I’m sure I made Sonny very happy. I just had dinner in my room and made inroads on my paperworks. I was about to close my laptop and call it a night when I saw your e-mail. I’m really happy to hear from you. Thank you for the photos. I liked them.

Good luck on your buying trips. Take care. Keep in touch, always. Sweet dreams. 🙂




Maya smiled when she saw Richard’s e-mail. She was also very happy to hear from him. The reason she can’t sleep is not because she was excited to be in a new country.  But, rather, she was thinking of Richard and their time together. She went to sleep with thoughts of him.

Since then, Richard and Maya regularly exchanged e-mails. Both eagerly awaiting each other’s mails, sharing how their day have been. Yes, they could have chatted through Skype, or through FB, or Facetime, but somehow, they both preferred e-mailing. This way, they don’t have to wait when the other is free for a chat.  Besides, they both think that there is a certain intimacy, personal touch, in e-mailing that is missing with all the social networks.


From: Richard Lim
To: Maya Dela Rosa
Subject: Going home

Dearest Maya,

Thank you for the photos you sent. They are lovely. You do have a knack for taking very good pictures. I felt like I was seeing those places with you. Of course, nothing beats seeing those sights with you. But since I can’t be there with you, I’ll settle for your beautiful photos. You know, you can make travel writing as a second career if yu get tired of the retail world. Or maybe, you can start a blog. Just a thought. 🙂

I’m glad you made it to Finland okay. It also an interesting country. Good luck on your buying trip. 

Today is my last day here in Denmark. The next time you hear from me, it will be from Manila. Looking forward to going home, even if it means tons of work for me. I’ll have dinner with mom and dad, the day after I arrive. They are very nice people. You will like them when you meet them.

Take care. Eat properly. Sleep early. Don’t forget to tell me if Paris lives up to your expectations and your imagination. 🙂




From: Maya Dela Rosa
To: Richard Lim
Subject: Have a safe trip home

Dear Ricky,

Yes, Mr. Lim, I am eating properly. I am sleeping early. With no one to go to dinner with (by choice, hahahaha), I was usually off to my hotel early after my meetings or after exploring the place a bit.

Have a safe trip home. Mabuti ka pa, you will see your parents na. I missed my mom also, my sister, and my kulit niece. It is just the four of us, since my dad left my mom for another woman, and Cristina’s boyfriend disappeared from her life after getting her pregnant. But all water other the bridge. We are doing okay. Kapit-bisig and happy naman kahit walang man in the house sa family namin. Ay, am getting maudlin. Homesick na yata talaga ako! 🙂

I’ll think about the blog. Maybe, it could also be a stress reliever for me. I’ll see first what my new work load will be like when I return. Take care. Paris here I come! 🙂




From: Richard Lim
To: Maya Dela Rosa
Subject: Home but restless

Dearest Maya,

By any chance, are you angling for a dinner invitation, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa? 🙂 Sayang, I am not there so I can take you to dinner.  For sure, it will be fun than the solitary ones I am having. But I can certainly take you to dinner when you get home. I really enjoyed having dinner with you. Do you suffer from jetlag?  I think I’m having a bad one. Can’t sleep! Oh well, it will pass.

So, your dad left your mom. Sad to hear that, even if you said you and your family are okay now. I will not pry, anymore. If you want to tell me about it, I’m sure you will. I will be here to listen. I’m glad that after that experience, you are not closing your door on a meaningful relationship, even if you are wary. It was a very sad thing to go through. I hope your mom, and your sister too, will find someone who will love and cherish her.  Anyway, whatever the future brings, the important thing is being there for them. 

Home is where the heart is. While the Philippines is home to me, my heart is not here at the moment. It is nice to be back and see the family, but why I do wish I am somewhere else at the moment? Mabuti, work is keeping me so busy.

See you when you return. Enjoy Paris.




From: Maya Dela Rosa
To: Richard Lim
Subject: Paris

Dear Ricky,

Paris! I can’t believe I’m here. It did live up to my expectation. I felt like channeling my inner Tae-yeong/Vivian the first time I saw some of the sights that I have seen in the series! 🙂  Tomorrow, my cousin is taking me somewhere, she told, me I will like it very much. It’s nice to see her again. Among my cousins, I’m closest to her. Maybe because we are the same age. She was also the cousin who got me interested in this job.

Restless?  Why?  Maybe, you just need to get use to your old routine. Pero don’t forget to eat regularly. Baka sa sobrang busy, you are skipping meals na. Relax a little bit din. Sana you had the time to see Paris too. But didn’t you mention that you have been here before?  I think I would have enjoyed seeing Paris with you, just like Copenhagen.

Thank you for the nice words for my mom and my sister. Someday, I will tell you the whole story, if you would like to know. I don’t normally tell, but you are someone I feel very comfortable with, as if I have known you a long time. I think is one of the reasons why we became fast friends.

I hope you are over your jetlag. I don’t normally suffer from one. I don’t know why. I easily adjust to changes in time zones. I’m heading home the day after tomorrow, then back to work the following day. Looking forward to going home. See you when I see you. 🙂

Have a great day, or evening!




Richard smiled while reading Maya’s  latest e-mail to him. She is coming home! He is looking forward to that. He can’t wait to see her. Suddenly, he feels very happy, and does not feel restless anymore.


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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Hearts meeting

The temperature has gotten cooler, but the two people sitting cozily on the park bench didn’t notice the change. Nor did they notice the passing of the hours. It has been several hours since they sat on that bench and chatted. They were so caught up in getting to know each other that they were only aware of themselves.  They discovered they came from the same university. However, when Maya started, Richard already graduated, putting him five years older, to Maya’s 27 years. Both of them are the youngest child. Rafi is a year older than Richard and Cristina Rose, two years older than Maya. And yes, both of them are being asked constantly by family and friends why they are not settling down yet, considering their siblings are with kids, and they are of age.

Richard and Maya also talked about every topic they could think of. They discovered that they both love to read and while they both have eclectic, diverse tastes in their reading literatures, they both like detective/crime stories, ranging from the classics like Agatha Christie’s novels, to P.D. James, to Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy. They also love the theater and is partial to musicals. They have compared notes on their favorites and what musicals they have seen so far on stage. In movies, they both like old movies. However, they differ vastly in their TV viewing. Richard is not into it, except for news, business and current events programs, while Maya loves series – from period dramas like Downton Abbey, to medical series like House, and romance ones like Lovers in Paris, her favorite.

From movies, to literature and the arts, their discussion shifted to politics and current events and in this they have opposing views. Richard tended to be on the conservative side, and Maya has a more liberal point of view. Nevertheless, they had a very interesting discussion on the current state of Philippine politics. Then they connected it to how it affect the business climate in the country, which led to discussions about their jobs. Then to other things. As if they shifted from one topic to another so they can spend more time together. Both, not wanting the afternoon to end yet.

Richard felt at that moment was perfect. Here he was, in a very beautiful surroundings, talking to this articulate, intelligent girl who was not even conscious of how beautiful and animated she looked as she discussed a subject she felt strongly about. She was also unaware of admiring glances she was getting from male tourists who passed by them. Yes, he noticed, because it felt like his male radar is on the up whenever he felt someone doing that. He really is enjoying Maya’s company and her unpretentious ways. His first impression of her was correct.

Maya can’t remember when was the last time she had a fun and stimulating discussion like this. Not at all!  She is so happy. She never thought that she and Richard would hit it off like this. She liked and enjoyed talking to him. She didn’t notice the passing of time. She can stay like this for hours with him. He is a very good conversationalist and he really listened when she talked. She, of course, noticed how handsome he is, especially when he smiled, and reacted to what she said. But she tried not to. She didn’t expect someone with his stature to be very down to earth. He looked at her, at times, like she is the center of his universe. She can’t help but feel the kilig when he does that, though she tried to fight it. In the meantime, she shelved whatever natural reserve she had, and decided to just let go, and enjoy his very stimulating company.

Both of them took a breather on what they were discussing, and finally surfaced from their own world after a good-natured discussion on books – ‘real’ books versus e-books, romance novels versus serious literature and so on. They looked around and noticed that the hordes of tourists were gone and those who were left were people who live near the area – jogging, walking their dogs, couples and families passing the time. From a distance, they saw a couple kissing each other. Richard noticed Maya looking at the couple intently.

“I guess it’s  pretty normal here to do something like that, than in the Philippines, I mean the PDA.” He remarked.

“Yes, I think so too. People don’t even notice or they don’t care at all.” Maya replied, choosing her words. “I was thinking more of, along the lines of, how long they have known each other? Are they really in love? Will it last? I do hope so. But you’ll never know. Sorry for being a bit cynical.“

“Oh, I never thought that you are cynical. Maybe wary? And maybe you have good reasons to be so? Am I correct so far, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa?” Richard asked Maya, looking at her with a smile on his face.

“Wow, you got that from talking to me several hours! I’m impressed. You read people well, Ricky. It is not that I am closing myself to love or something or had a bad personal experience with relationships. I didn’t.  I just don’t know if a love that lasts really exists. Would I know if it comes knocking on my door? That sort of thing. I think it is because people around me didn’t have very much luck in love. I know it is a bit narrow-minded of me. But you don’t know, maybe, I will know when  love comes calling.” Maya ended her long statement with a smile.

“You have a point. The important thing is to keep an open mind about it. You’ll never know, di ba? We live and therefore, we love, we feel emotions. I guess, we all want love, the kind that lasts forever, otherwise we just exist and don’t really live at all, if we don’t take a chance. I do believe that lasting love exists. My parents has one. It was not a perfect relationship. No relationship is, but two people can make a go of it if they love each other enough. Also, look, for example at the old couple there. They look so in love, considering their age. Come.” Richard said as he grabbed Maya’s hand.

“Ricky, where are we going?” Maya asked puzzled as she let herself be dragged in the direction of the old couple. “Oh, Ricky, don’t tell me….No, they may not like it. Hindi natin sila kilala.”

However, Richard didn’t listen to Maya. He approach the couple politely.

“Hi, good afternoon. My name is Richard and this is Maya. We are visiting from the Philippines.” Richard said smiling to the couple who smiled back.

“Hello. I’m Erik and this is my wife Linda. You are from the Philippines? We have been to your country. Beautiful beaches and very nice people!” Erik replied. “The wife and I had so much fun there with our son who is married to a Filipina.”

“Really? What a nice coincidence!” Maya said, warming up to the couple. “Do they live in the Philippines or here?”

“They are currently based in Singapore. Our son is an expat working for one of the Danish companies which has an office there.” Linda added. “is there anything we can help you with?”

“Maya and I are wondering, and we hope you don’t mind us asking. How long have you been together as a couple?  We are having this debate on lasting relationships before we saw you. You two looked so in love. I want to prove a point to Maya here.”  Richard explained. “Of course, if it is too personal, my apologies.”

Erik laughed at that, smiled lovingly at his wife and assured Richard and Maya that they don’t mind their question as it was not the first time they were asked that. He told them that he and Linda have been together for 45 years.

“Wow, 45 years!” Maya said amazed.

“Yes, and we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in two months. Our wish is that we are still alive for our 50th!” Linda said as she intertwined her hand with that of her husband.

“Congratulations to both of you!” Richard added happily as he looked at Maya meaningfully. “I like hearing about marriages that last.”

“Well, young people these days give up easily. Marriage is not like a fairy tale, that is true, you know, not just a happy-ever-after kind of thing. But it can last, provided that the two people who contracted it are serious in keeping their vows, of continuously loving each other, of compromises and being friends with each other. Passion fades in time so the there must really be more than that to sustain a marriage.” Erik explained, as his wife nodded in agreement. “But looking at you two, you look so in love also. I’m sure your relationship will last. Just keep the flames burning.”

“Oh, but we are not….” Maya started correcting Erik, but Richard stopped him.

“Thank you, we hope so.” Richard smiled at the couple. “We wish you a good day.”

Erik and Linda smiled back at them and wish them a long and happy marriage too.

Richard steered Maya towards the other side of the promenade, leading to the royal palace.

“Why didn’t you correct their assumption?” Maya asked Richard as she matched his long stride. He is still holding her hand. “That was the second time today we are mistaken as a couple!”

“ Hmmm, are you complaining Ms. Dela Rosa. Guwapo naman ako, and a good catch, sabi ng mom ko.” Richard teased Maya. “And what can I say, people think we are bagay.”

“Ha, Mr. Lim, ang ego, baka maging kasing laki na nung cruise ship na iyon o.” Maya bantered back and pointed to a huge ship docked at the end of the harbor.

Richard laughed and gazed at Maya meaningfully. He liked her witty comebacks, and he does not want the day with her to end.

“Maya, what are your plans for the rest of the day? This evening?”

“Ha, eh, wala naman. I was thinking of seeing the sights this afternoon since paalis na ako bukas and then dinner at my hotel or one of the restaurants by the harbor where the tour boats dock.”

“Would you have dinner with me, please? I can also be your tour guide.” Richard asked Maya, hoping she would say yes.

Maya looked at Richard, thinking. She is having fun with him and there is a part of her that wanted to be cautious, but the pull towards him is stronger. “Yes, to both, and thank you for keeping me company and being my tour guide.”

“I should be the one thanking you. I thought I would have a lonely afternoon, and dinner in my room with some papers. But here I am having a wonderful time with you.”

With that, Richard continued holding Maya’s hand as they walked back to the royal palace, took pictures there, went to another castle with a very beautiful and extensive grounds, climbed the round tower for a beautiful view of Copenhagen. When they reached the top, Maya was hesitant to go up to the viewing platform as she is really scared of heights. Richard held out his hand and promised her that she will be safe. Maya took Richard’s hand and he was right, it was not as scary as she thought, with Richard there, and the view was wonderful. They asked another tourist to take a photo of them.

Richard and Maya walked through the long shopping district to the other side of the city. When they reached the Copenhagen City Hall, Richard told Maya he knew of the perfect place to end their evening.

“Talaga, saan?” Maya asked curiously, looking around.

Richard smiled, assisted Maya when they crossed the street. They stopped infront of Tivoli, a very old, beautiful and popular amusement park and gardens in Copenhagen. Maya smiled when she discovered where they are. She wanted to see this place and it was included in her list of places to see in the city. She read that it is among the famous attractions in Copenhagen.

Richard paid for the tickets despite Maya’s insistence that she would pay for it. They toured the amusement park. Maya liked everything she saw, especially the gardens. Richard egged her to try some of the rides. Being scared of heights, she was hesitant at first, but said yes eventually. Richard held her hands all the time to assure her that it was okay. They had a wonderful time, letting their inner child go.

The evening was capped with a dinner in a Danish design restaurant, showcasing beautiful ceramics. Richard thought Maya would like it, having come to Denmark to check out Danish designs. They enjoyed their dinner a lot. Maya took a liking to Danish food. They toasted each other with a glass of wine each.

“To a wondeful day and to the most wonderful company.” Richard said as he clinked his glass against Maya’s. “Thank you, Maya.”

“Thank you too, Richard. A great day.” Maya smiled, so happy at that moment. “Thank you too, Mathilde, for making us meet again.”

“To Mathilde.” Richard said laughing, remembering the little girl. Their own angel, or probably, cupid!

Richard insisted on taking back Maya to her hotel, which was walking distance from Tivoli. They had a leisurely walk.

“Maya, do you have time for lunch tomorrow? My meeting will be finished at 11AM.” Richard asked when they reached the lobby of the hotel, wanting to spend more time with Maya.

“Ah, yes, am just planning to sleep in. Then pack my bags. My train leaves at 3PM.” Maya said, surprised, thinking that this is where she and Richard would part ways and for some reason, was feeling sad about it. They have already exchanged business cards earlier. “I would be happy to have lunch with you, Ricky. Kaya lang, okay lang ba that I have my things with me na?”

“Yes, we can drop it off the locker room at the train station, then have lunch.” Richard suggested, happily.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and evening. “ Maya said, smiling as she offered to shake Richard’s hands.

“Thank you too, Maya. “ Richard said gazing at Maya, then instead of shaking hands, he kissed her on the cheek. Then said softly, “Good night. Sweet dreams.”

Maya was slow to react. She gazed at Richard with her expressive eyes and manage to utter a whispered  good night to him. She watched him walked away with a smile, at the same time unconsciously touching the cheek he kissed.

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Love Comes Calling – Chapter 1

Note: Double treat of sorts, because of the long weekend in PH! 🙂 I hope you will like this also. 🙂 

Chapter 1
Chance encounter

Maya was enjoying the breeze, the cool air coming from the sea, as she sips her still very hot coffee while sitting on one of the park benches infront of the Little Mermaid, one of the most famous and iconic tourist attractions in Copenhagen, and watched the tourists of different nationalities taking turns in taking photos and posing for a souvenir photo infront of the bronze mermaid statue sitting on a rock on the waterside, with the beautiful and restful Copenhagen harbor in the background. She walked there, via the royal palace, more than an hour ago, wanting to relax after her meeting with several Danish design companies that produce very beautiful decors and other home accents, as well as beautiful but very functional furnitures and other housewares. She is enjoying springtime in this country. Everything is so vibrant and the place is really lovely with all the flowers in bloom and the trees, green again after the long winter months.

This is Maya’s last day in Denmark. Tomorrow afternoon, she is traveling via train to Stockholm, to meet with manufacturers of several Swedish products that her company would like to have on their stores’ shelves as well. Then off to Finland, for the same goal. The demand for Scandinavian products have risen the past several years. They are getting very popular and in demand among their customers who are building new homes or redecorating their houses. There are already orders if they could bring in certain products to the Philippines.

Maya works as a senior buyer for a holding company that runs an upscale chain of boutique stores and department stores, among other things. She never thought she would end up as a buyer. She studied industrial design at the university, and had hoped to work for one of the multinational manufacturing companies in the country. But a cousin was a buyer before she moved to France, and she got curious about the job. She applied for one. Since she has a knack for spotting trends, knew designs well, and quite artistic, she got accepted promptly and is now one of the senior buyers in the prestigious company, especializing in furnitures and home decorations,  at the same time, about to hold a management position. She decided to take up some business and marketing courses to help her be better equipped for the job. On the side, she also learned several languages. She discovered she has the aptitude for it. Maya was offered the management position before she left and she has accepted it.

She is enjoying the trip, even if it was work-related as it was also a way to take a respite from everything. Since Ruby came running to her more than a month ago, she felt restless. A big part of it has something to do with the chinito guy she caught a glimpse of that night. She can’t get him out of her head. But she thought that she will not know how to react anyway, if ever, she meets him again, and besides, entering into a relationship is not in her list of priorities at the moment. It can wait,  as she would like to concentrate on her career first, at the same time, she still has not seen a really happily-ever-after kind of relationship among her immediate circle.  She sighed and took another sip of her cooling coffee.

It was when she did so that she saw a little girl, so closed to the edge of the harbor. She dropped her coffee cup and ran after her, afraid that she will not be able to catch her and she would fall into the water. While she was doing that, a guy was also running from the opposite direction. She was so focused on the little girl that she didn’t see him. They both hugged the little girl at the same time and took her away from the edge. They looked at each other in astonishment and both exclaimed. “You!”

Before they can react further, a woman with a stroller came running to them, and hugged the little girl tight. “Mathilde, sweetheart. Are you okay? Don’t run away from mommy like that again.”

She then stood up and looked at the strangers who saved her daughter, touched both their hands, and thanked them profusely.

“Thank you very much for your presence of mind. If not for you and your husband, I don’t know what would have happened to my daughter. She loves the water and as soon as she saw it, she ran towards it. Her brother wanted his pacifier so I got distracted!” The lady explained lengthily, looking so grateful to Maya and then to the guy beside her. “I’m Karen Petersen.” She said, and offered her hand.

“Hi Karen. I’m Maya dela Rosa. I’m glad that we were able to catch your daughter, Mathilde, right, before she fell. The water looks deep and added to that there were waves caused by all the boats coming and going. I thought we will not be able to do so.” Maya said, smiling at Karen, relieved while still trying to catch her breath. She then looked at the guy beside her. “Errr, he is not actually my husband, we don’t know each other, really, but I think we are both from the Philippines.”

Richard looked at Maya, and thought, so her name is Maya! It suits her. She is really beautiful with that lovely smile that lit up her face, pouty lips and doe-shaped eyes. But that was not the first things he noticed about her the first time he saw her in that coffee shop in BGC. That also, of course, but what attracted his attention was something else.

“Oh, sorry, I thought….It just that, well, you looked so good together….I thought…” Karen stammered.

“I’m Richard Lim.” Richard said smiling at the flustered Danish lady, putting her at ease. He shook her hand. Then turned to face Maya. “Hi Maya, just call me Ricky. Very pleased to meet you, finally.” He looked at her meaningfully, alluding to their first meeting. “And yes, Maya is right, Karen, we both are from Manila.”

Maya blushed a little at the way Richard is looking at her, getting a bit conscious. “Nice to meet you, Richard, errr, Ricky.” She managed to utter. It is him! The handsome chinito guy she can’t out of her head. Imagine, of all the places she would meet him again, here! In a place so, far away from home. What is he doing here anyway!

“Thank you again, Maya and Richard for saving my daughter. I hope you two will have a nice stay here in Denmark!” Karen said with a big grateful smile. “I’m afraid I have to go. My youngest is getting restless. Mathilde say thank you to this kind lady and gentleman.”

Mathilde, who was about seven years old, gave Maya and Richard the sweetest smile, hugged them spontaneously and said, “Tak”, before running to where her mother is, waving at them at the same time.

Maya’s heart went out to the cute little girl, and her sweet gesture. It made her missed her niece Abby, daughter of her sister Cristina Rose, suddenly.

“She is the sweetest, isn’t she! “ Richard said by way of conversation. Suddenly, there was just the two of them, standing by the edge of the harbor while Karen and her kids went to the direction of the royal palace. “She made me remember my niece, Nikki.”

“Really! How old is your pamangkin?” Maya asked, the two of them just fell into this easy conversation. “I remember naman my pamangkin also. Abby, she is about the same age as Mathilde, I think, seven years old.“

“Oh, she is about nine years old. She lives in the States now with my sister Rafi and her husband Charlie.” Richard steered Maya towards the park benches again and they sat where Maya left her things in her dash to save Mathilde. Richard asked Maya to sit first.

“Thank you, Ricky. By the way, isn’t it strange that of all places, we met each other again, here! I presumed, you remember me from the coffee shop more than a month ago since you recognized me earlier. That was the one and only time I saw you before, I think.”

“Yes, I do remember you. You are kinda hard to forget.” Richard said cryptically, then smiled at Maya with his lopsided smile. She remembered me also, Richard thought, and that made him very happy. Maya’s heart, on the other hand beat faster, seeing that smile. “How’s your friend? The one who was crying?”

“Oh, she is doing much better now. Thank you for asking.” Maya replied briefly, amazed that Richard remembered that scene so well. “How about you? What brought you here?” She asked Richard, curious about him, and why of all the places in the world, they met here, it seemed so far-fetched that they would!

“I’m here on business. I have been meeting with our business partners, Danish companies shipping products to and from the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific Region.” He said, simply. “I work for Lim Holdings Corporation.”

“Lim Holdings?” Maya said, then she remembered his last name. “Family company?”

“Ah yes, my dad’s. Im working for the shipping side of things.”

Maya then realized why the company name sounds familiar also. “Oh, I think we are using your company too, to ship products for our shops. I work for a retail company which belongs to MT Holdings Corporation.” Maya mentioned the company and Richard brightened up.

“Yes, I know MT Holdings! One of our valued clients, and your boss, Miguel Tan is a friend of my dad.”

“Small world, isn’t it?” Maya said smiling. “How long are you staying here in Copenhagen?”

“Maybe five more days. I have several meetings lined-up for the next several days.. Today I had two pero I finished two hours ago. I sent my executive assistant  back to the hotel and told him I will just go for a walk here by the harbor, near the promenade where the Little Mermaid is. I always do so when I am here. I find it very peaceful and it clears the head.” Richard said, looking at Maya, finding her easy to talk to, considering that they just met. “How about you?”

“I’m leaving for Sweden tomorrow. Tapos na ang mga meeting ko sa Danish design houses that I was supposed to meet during this trip. It is just a matter of finalizing everything so we can ship the products to the Philippines. I think through your shipping company din.” Maya wished she could stay longer, now that Richard is here. He seems like a good company. For some reason, she is really drawn to him.

“Oh, sayang naman.” Richard, sounding disappointed, and wished also that Maya is staying longer. “When are you returning to the Philippines?”

“Late next week. I will travel pa to Finland, after Sweden. Then will take a short trip to Paris to see a cousin, then back to Manila.”

Richard nodded, deep in thought, as if there is a plan forming in his head.

He and Maya continued chatting, unmindful of the groups of tourists, coming and going around them. They were so concentrated on getting to know each other. They were so focused on each other.

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Suddenly Love – Epilogue


It was a great day for flying kites. There was a gentle breeze blowing and the late summer weather that day was not too intense for such an activity. Four-year old twins Sky and Sunshine shouted with glee when their Grandpapa Arturo and Lolo Tatay Andres successfully made their kites soared with the wind, higher and higher, while they jumped up and down. They were so happy watching their kites, an eagle-shaped one for Sky, and a sunflower-designed kite for Sunshine, danced with the breeze. Their two-year old sister, Emerald Therese, named after their grandmothers, and nicknamed Misty gleefully looked on with her nanny.

The proud parents happily watched their brood while resting under one of the century-old acacia trees in the Lim property in Tagaytay. Maya was half-lying on her husband’s broad chest, finding the position the most comfortable with her current condition. She is seven-month pregnant with her and Richard’s fourth child, a boy!

Life couldn’t be better for Richard and Maya, five years after they were married. Today is their fifth wedding anniversary. The whole family, together with the grandparents, went to Tagaytay for the celebration. They just wanted a family get together like this, no grand celebration. Good thing, it coincided with Maya’s parents’ vacation. Mama Esme dragged her Mommy Tere to a spa today, while Grandpa Arturo opted to stay and spend time with his grandchildren. Since the weather is good, they decided to have a picnic in the property, near the pond. Richard surprised the kids with the kites. They were so happy to see their beautiful kites. When he saw Misty pouting, so like his wife sometimes when she didn’t get her way, he had to explain to her that she will have hers too when she is older, but for now, she can watch her ate and kuya fly their kites.  Tatay Andres offered to help, while Nanay Ibing and Fely started preparing the food and other picnic paraphernalia. They all happily trooped to the spot they will have their picnic, and the best spot for flying kites.

Fifth anniversary! Richard and Maya, said to each other. Amazing! It seems like yesterday, they were standing near this tree, looking forward to getting married and building a life together. They really have made a lot of good memories in this place – from the first time they have stayed here, the proposal, the first time  they made love, their wedding reception, their five blissful days of stay before they embarked on their honeymoon abroad, and so many other wonderful memories.

Maya and Richard first went to England and Scotland for their honeymoon. Richard showed Maya his world before he met her. They had fun exploring all the tourist attractions of London, and enjoyed going to the theater some evenings. They took the train to Scotland, explored Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Maya wanted to see Rebus’ Scotland as described by one of her favorite authors of detective stories, Ian Rankin, in most of his John Rebus’ novels. Then they flew to Denmark, explored Copenhagen, and the nearby areas, and then off to the last leg of their honeymoon trip, to Sweden via a train ride from the Copenhagen central station. They wanted to go back to the place there which had the most meaning to them, Stockholm. Indeed, it was a sweet trip down memory lane to go back to the places where they had wonderful memories together, especially Skansen, and of course, the botanical garden.  They spent the whole afternoon in the garden. Exploring the place again, having coffee, just soaking everything, with loving glances and touches for each other. They also visited Rafi, Magnus and Philippa before they went to the manor house that Richard rented for the rest of their honeymoon. It was a lovely period house and it was huge. The grounds was beautiful, and they explored it and the surrounding areas, but most of their time was spent in the master’s bedroom of the house, making love, exploring each other, discovering each other’s body more and what gives them the most pleasure. They stayed there for a week, blissfully, and lost in a world of their own making.

Three months after they have returned to the Philippines, Maya discovered that she was pregnant with the twins. Yes, Sky and Sunshine were honeymoon babies! Their joy was boundless with the news of her pregnancy, so were the grandparents, especially Maya’s parents, as they would be their first apos. Maya cut back on her working hours as head of the foundation when she was closed to giving birth, and left everything in Emman’s capable hands.  Richard, on the other hand, successfully steered the family corporation into new directions with the help of people already in the organization and new ones he had hired. He delegated responsibilities to so he can spend time with his wife and take care of her while she is carrying their twins, they discovered, much to their joy! Maya and Richard’s first wedding anniversary was celebrated with their newborns. It was the best wedding anniversary present they have.

Life went into a pattern of loving each other, taking turns in taking care of their twin babies, of compromises, of adjustments, of not letting little arguments fester, of open lines of communication, trust for each other, and their own ‘Maya and Richard moments’ where they updated each other on what their day have been, or just enjoying each other’s company as they have cups of coffee in the veranda of their white, two storey house, near where Mama Esme lives. Richard also encouraged Maya to still have a ‘life of her own’ within the marriage – meaning pursuing her interests like reading books, watching movies, study languages, see her friends, and for her life not only to revolve around him and the children as she is a person too, not just a wife, and not just a mom. Richard explained that it does not make her less of a mom or a wife. He insisted that Maya needed her ‘Maya time’ too. At first Maya didn’t understand it, but she got Richard’s point when he lovingly explained it to her. She told Richard that he should have his own ‘Richard time’ too. Richard said, he knew that’s what she was going to say, and thanked his wife. They promised that they will always have time for their ‘Richard and Maya moments’, no matter what. Their lives became richer, their moments more loving, and if they thought it was not possible for their love to grow more, as it was already overflowing when they got together and married, they were wrong, it got deeper, more meaningful, and more loving. Their union was further blessed with the coming of their third child Misty, and now it would be doubly so, with their fourth child on the way.

“Sweetheart, are you okay? Are you comfortable enough?” Richard asked his wife solicitously, as he moved a little bit to make her more comfortable. “How about you, little buddy?” He asked his unborn son, as he touches Maya’s big tummy, gently, lovingly.

“We are okay, Daddy.” Maya said, smiling at her very loving husband, then giving him a quick kiss. “Thank you, my dearest sweetheart. I love you very much.”

“I love you too, my dearest wife. Thank me for what..?” Richard took hold of his wife’s hand and kissed it tenderly.

“Lahat ng ito.” Maya made a sweeping gesture, towards their kids happily playing together, then to where she and Richard are, half-lying on a blanket, with the picnic basket infront of them, resting blissfully. “For all the love you have showered me the past five years that we have been together, for being a very good husband and father to our children. Just for everything. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found you. You and the kids made my life so complete. I couldn’t ask for more. Happy anniversary to us!”

“I’m the lucky one sweetheart. Because of you and the lovely kids we have, and the little one we are having soon. We are both lucky to have found each other and share this wonderful life together. Happy anniversary.” Richard touched his wife’s face lovingly. Then he settled her on his chest closely and hugged her, as they watched their children played with abandon. They ran around their grandfather, Tatay Andres, teased each other, climbed trees. But from time to time, they went to their mom and dad to give them the sweetest hugs and kisses. Maya and Richard were so overwhelmed with all their love. Gettings hugs and kisses from their children, the product of their love for each other, the feeling is indescribable, both of them said to each other. It felt like they can do anything, can face anything together for their kids, for the family they have built.

The kids didn’t want to go home when it was time to go back to Manila the following day. But their parents promised them that they will be back there soon, with their baby brother.

Two months later, Maya gave birth to an 8-pound baby boy, whom her husband insisted looked like him, just like Sky. Maya said it was a combination of both of them, like Misty. They both agreed, when the twins were born, that Sunshine was the spitting image of Maya, and Sky, Ricky’s.  They named the baby Robert Arthur, Robby for short, in honor of his grandfathers. Richard knew his Papa would be happy with the name. Daddy Arturo was certainly a super proud grandpapa when he learned his latest apo’s full name, the same way Mama Esme and Mommy Tere were when they learned that their third apo was named after them.

Richard hugged his wife from behind when he saw her standing at their youngest child’s crib and looking at his sleeping form with so much love. It was several months after she gave birth. “I love you sweetheart, the best wife in the world, and the best mom.”

Maya turned and faced her husband, touched his beloved face. “I love you too, my Mr. Lim, my dearest husband. Walang pagsidlan ang kaligayahan ko. Sobra-sobrang blessings from God. I’m so very thankful.”

Maya and Richard started kissing each other, the passion still very much there. They just have to touch like this and they ignite.

Maya whispered something in Richard’s ear. He grinned big time. He carried his wife to their bedroom, locked the door, and dimmed the lights.


Note: 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Suddenly Love – Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Joined together forever

It was a night made for love and romance, with the moonlight casting a warm glow on the couple standing at the veranda of the house, looking at the night sky. It is close to midnight, but Maya and Richard are still very much awake, remembering their momentous day. Today was the day they got married, followed by a fun-filled reception at the Lim house in Tagaytay, as they have planned it to be a month ago. Now, all the guests have left. The caterers  have restored the place into its former serenity. The parents opted to stay in a hotel in the area to give the newly-weds their privacy on their first night as husband and wife. Rafi, her husband, with Philippa returned to the Lim family house in Makati. And the caretakers sent on vacation so they can have the place for themselves for several days before they go on their honeymoon abroad.

Richard is hugging Maya from behind, with his arms around her waist, his chin on her shoulder, and Maya leaning on her husband’s broad chest as they remembered the most wonderful day of their lives.  Finally, they are joined by God in marriage infront of their families and friends in a ceremony which everyone said was so moving, so full of love, and promise.

Caleruega, earlier that day

The path leading to the elevated entrance of the church was transformed into a veritable garden, with flowers of all varieties decorating it. It was a magical afternoon. The good weather making everything more vibrant, more alive.  The place looked so peaceful, serene, so blessed, and very fitting for a wedding of a couple whose love is evident for everyone to see.

The church is just perfect for the bride’s wish of a small and intimate wedding with only family and close friends present.

The strains of the wedding march started filling the air and the door of the church opened at exactly 4 o’clock in the afternoon. All eyes were on the radiant bride, resplendent in a Monique Lhuillier lace wedding dress. The groom, at his first glimpse of his lovely bride, got so overcome with emotions. He didn’t notice or feel the tears that started forming, and falling from the corner of his eyes. His mother, standing beside him, handed him a handkerchief. Richard gratefully accepted it. His Maya. He can’t described the feeling of finally seeing her in her wedding gown, holding a bouquet of calla lilies and sunflowers, veiled, walking towards him, and about to become one with him in the presence of all they dearly love. He felt this overwhelming happiness and his chest feels like bursting from so much love for her and from sheer happiness.

Maya looked straight ahead, barely noticing the aisle decorated in sunflowers, purple and white calla lillies, tulips, carnations, gerbera daisies, and roses. She only had eyes for her groom. Her Ricky, so handsome in his Armani designer suit, waiting for her with so much love on his face. She felt like she is floating, gliding, and among the sea of familiar and loved faces, he is her anchor.

Halfway through, Maya’s parents joined her, and they walked together towards Richard. Daddy Arturo led her to Richard, shook his hand, while a crying Mommy Tere told Richard to take care of her princess. Richard promised them that he will, with all his heart and all that he has. Maya embraced and kissed an emotional Mama Esme too, before they faced the priest that would formalize their union. The light seeping through the colorful stained glass windows of the church added solemnity to the occasion. It was a beautiful and moving ceremony, and everyone felt the love between Richard and Maya, especially when they recited their wedding vows. The emotions with every word they recite, palpable. All those listening felt the sincerity, commitment and love in every word they uttered for each other. 

Richard’s vows

More than a month ago, I was here with you my love, my sweetheart, now my partner in life. We both offered silent prayers. Do you know what I told God while we were having this silent communion with Him? I thanked Him wholeheartedly for giving you to me. For you coming into my life, suddenly, unexpectedly, but wonderfiully so. My life changed for the best, became richer, more alive, since I bumped into to you in a land where I was not expecting I would find love, where love was the last thing in my mind. But there was this very strong force pulling me to you, the whole you, your beauty inside out, your lovely smile that lit up your face, your positive attitude, and love for life you have.  Then one afternoon, all the beauty around us paled in comparison to the most beautiful realization of all – that I love you, that I want to be with you for always. We may not have travelled the straight and smooth-sailing path to our forever, but amid all the storm and the setbacks, we still found each other again. We were fated to meet in that place and time, and we were fated to be together, there and here at the other side of the world, our own world.  Now, here we are, standing before God, our family and friends. Maya, I vow to love and honor you until the day we die. I promise to take care of you, and the children we will have, God willing. I promise to grow old with you, to take care of you and to cherish you for always. I love you very much, my sweetheart.

Maya’s  vows

 Ricky, life was okay before you came into my life. I thought then, hoped, wished and prayed, that at some point in the future, I will find a wonderful guy  I can share and build a life with. It was just a nebulous concept as I had other things in mind. Then, suddenly, there was you. By God’s will, a stroke of fate, destiny, call it whatever one will,  and of all the people there that evening in the airport, I bumped into you. Then the following day, we’ve been thrown together several times.  From then on, each day we see each other, I fell more and more for you, not only because of your good looks, but because your thoughtfulness, for being just you,  the whole you, and the fact that being with you, I felt like I have known you for a long time when we just met. Maybe, we were two souls who were so lucky to have found each other again this lifetime. I don’t really know the cosmic thing at work when we met. But I am so very glad we did. It was the best thing that happened to me. I found my destiny one night in Stockholm. Then, like you, I have realized this long and abiding love, that day at the botanical garden. Like you, I also prayed hard to God the last time we were here. After thanking Him for you, I prayed to him to bless us and told Him that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my days with. Ricky, I will love and honor you, for always. I will be with you in sadness and happiness, in sickness and in health, in setbacks and in triumphs. We will be partners for always. I love you with all my heart.

“Sweetheart, I’m so happy. I love you very much.“ Maya said to her husband with so much love, so much happiness that she feels she will burst from the intense emotions she have been feeling throughout this special day.

“I love you very much too, Mrs. Lim. Finally you are mine. This is the happiest day of my life.” Richard touched Maya’s chin and gave her a sweet and long kiss on the lips. Maya responded in turned. Their lips locked and they exchanged heated kisses, started touching each other.

“Hmmm, Ricky, should we get going to bed.” Maya asked in between kisses. “Shall we go in?”

“You are the boss, Mrs. Lim.” Richard said and then proceeded to carry Maya inside the room. They opted to use the room Maya used before instead of Richard’s room, or the master’s bedroom, because of the wonderful memories they had there already.

“Promise, Mr. Lim, you will like what I prepared for you. ” Maya said, giving her husband a teasing smile as she holds on to her husband’s neck.

They entered the softly-lit room, decorated in sunflowers and roses, with some candles, and a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. Richard put down Maya near the bed, who promptly turned her back on him, asking him to help her with the buttons of dress. It was the dress she changed to during the reception. Like her wedding dress, it was made of lace too, intricately-designed with tiny pearl buttons from neck to her waist. Richard started undoing the buttons, punctuating his action with small loving kissses on Maya’s back.

“Sweetheartttt.” Maya half-protested. “Stop for now, or I will not get around to taking a bath first.”

“Hmmmm, you don’t have to.” Richard replied, then proceeded to attack Maya’s senses again. “I’m enjoying what I am doing, very very much.”

“Rickyyyy. ” Maya said as she faced her husband, with her dress half-hanging down. “Bath please, sweetheart. Promise, patience will have its reward!”

Richard grinned at his wife. Then, kissed her one more time before going to his old room and preparing himself with the night with his wife. He took a quick bath, found his pajama and a white shirt that does not really hide his muscled chest. He is really looking forward to making love to his wife. Wife! It does have a wonderful ring to it. It has been a long one month. This will be the first time they will make love like this again after the last time they were here. They had a lot of loving moments together the past month, bordering on this, but Maya asked Ricky to wait for making their union complete until their wedding night. They did find other ways, creative ways, to satisfy their love for each other physically. Richard returned to the bedroom, with so much anticipation, for his wife and the wonderful treat she promised him.

Maya on the other hand, took a long, leisurely bath, making herself ready for a night with her husband. Husband. She really love the sound of it!  She is looking forward to this night with him. It would be worth the wait and the control she needed to exercise as well, the past months, not to give it to Ricky’s seductions to make love all the way. They found wonderful ways to satisfy each other’s desires, while waiting for this moment. Maya enjoyed those moments too, very much. She put on a long white, sheer, night gown, with flower details on the cups, showing her creamy breasts to advantage, and very thin and loose straps. The gown came with a matching underwear. She entered the bedroom, locked eyes with Richard, who gazed at his lovely bride, hotly. Her body quickly reacted to his hot look. She walked towards Richard who sat up on the bed, turned down the blanket for her, and guided her beside him.

“Sweetheart. You are so beautiful.” Richard said admiringly, desire showing in his eyes, as he kneeled on the bed and gave Maya a hot kiss, which she matched with the passion of her own. Before they knew it, they were kissing with abandon, as they can’t get enough of each other. They assaulted each other’s senses with their touches, their kisses and their very strong desire for each other.

Maya removed Richard’s shirt and touched her husband muscular chest, wanting to give him the same pleasure he is giving her. He was thoroughly loving her breasts through the transparent material of her night gown. Richard then laid down Maya on the bed, and started trailing kisses,  from her lips, to her neck, her breasts and at the same time, touching her, everywhere. His touch was followed by his kisses.

‘Rickyy,” Maya moaned incoherently. “What you do to me, sweetheart. I’m burning for you.”

“I’m the same sweetheart. I can’t get enough of you.” Richard replied, kissing his wife, everywhere, checking with his touch what gives her pleasure, then work on giving her more, and all he could give her, over his own. When they can’t take anymore, Richard positioned himself over Maya, joined their heated bodies, and they soared together.  They made love again and again, all throughout the night, until their desires was temporarily slaken, and slept overtook them. Their naked bodies as closed as two persons bodies can get.

Maya woke up with someone kissing her neck, her breast and touching her intimately. She smiled and looked at her husband, who gave her his lopsided smile, full of love and desire for her. It started a bout of morning lovemaking. All that can be heard inside the room was their sighs of pleasures as they, again, physically expressed their love for each other.

“Good morning, my Mrs. Lim!’ Richard said grinning, looking lovingly at his wife after their desires have been satisfied again, for now. “I love you very much.”

“Good morning, my Mr. Lim.” Maya said with a goofy, loving grin on her face too. “I love you very much too, my dearest husband.” She then stretched her arms up, the blanket falling off her breasts, and her husband looked at her again, with desires in his eyes. Her body and senses quickly reacted.

Maya and Richard stayed in bed most of the day, expressing their love for each other in every way they could. When they got hungry, they took a quick trip to the kitchen, then returned to the bedroom, in their own private paradise.


Note: And that ends Suddenly Love. Thank you guys for reading. I will write an epilogue, I think! 🙂 Maraming salamat again from the bottom of my fangirl heart! 🙂 

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Suddenly Love – Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Prelude to a wedding

Richard and Maya arrived at the Lim family mansion more three hours after they left Tagaytay. Richard parked the car, went to Maya’s side, and opened the door for her. Maya noticed the other car infront of the house when she got off.

“Thank you Ricky. Sweetheart, may iba pa bang bisita si Mama Esme, maliban sa atin?” Maya asked, curious, as the car looked familiar. Then she looked at the bench at the side of the house, and saw Kuya Joma. “I’m right! My mom and dad are also here?”

Richard smiled lovingly at Maya. “My other surprise for you!  Dinner not only with Mama, but your Mom and Dad as well. Come, sweetheart. Let’s go in and say hello to our parents.” He interlaced Maya’s hand with his, and then ushered her inside.

In the living room, Maya saw her parents having drinks with Richard’s mother. The three older people looked up and smiled when they saw them came in. Mama Esme was the first one to stand up and went to them.

“Maya hija, welcome to our family! I’m happy that you and Ricky are now engaged.” She said as she kissed Maya in the cheek and embraced her. “Ricky phoned earlier to confirm na nakapag-propose na siya sa iyo. May I see the ring. Oh, soooo beautiful.” Mama Esme added as she admired Maya’s ring.

“Good evening po, Mama Esme. Alam niyo po na magpo-propose si Ricky?” Maya asked, smiling at her soon to be mother-in-law.

“Hindi lang siya ang nakakaalam, anak, kami rin ng dad mo, alam namin. Nagpaalam sa amin si Richard noong ipinakilala mo siya sa amin.” Mommy Tere, said, as she approached the couple, with Daddy Arturo. She hugged her daughter, and  also Richard. “I’m so happy for you, Maya, anak. Be happy. Richard, welcome to our family.”

“Thank you, Mom, Mama Esme, Dad. Ikaw, sweetheart, ako lang pala ang na-surprise ah.” Maya hugged her mom, dad and Mama Esme, so full of happiness. She is very happy to be sharing this moment with the people who mattered the most to her and Richard. “Ricky, ha, kaya pala you were smiling with Mom and Dad after I talked to Emman that night.”

“Of course, sweetheart, nagpaalam ako kina Tito and Tita first.” Richard said, smiling at his bride-to-be. “Tito, Tita, thank you very much po ulit for everything.”

“Richard, hijo, since magiging magkapamilya na tayo, please call me Dad, and call Tere, Mom. Welcome to our family.” Daddy Arturo shook Richard’s hand and patted him in the back. “When do you plan to get married?” He asked the couple.

“Tito, err Dad, Maya and I discussed it this morning, we would like to get married po sana as soon as possible, if it is okay with you, and Mom, and Mama.” Richard asked the parents, then looked at Maya lovingly. “Maya also wants a small wedding, family and friends only.”

“Ricky, Maya, if it is because of your Papa’s death recently, don’t. “Mama Esme interjected, assuring the couple that they can have the wedding they want even if  they are still in mourning.  “You can have the wedding that you want, it is really okay. Grande kung grande. I’m sure your Papa will be happy whichever way.”

“I told the same thing to Maya, Ma. Lalo pa at Papa was so happy when I told him I love Maya. But Maya does really want a small and simple wedding, di ba, sweetheart? And me, I’m okay with whatever my bride-to-be wants.” Richard said, taking hold of Maya’s hand and kissing it.

“Oh well, we are okay with what you two want,  di ba, mga balae?” Mama Esme said, smiling. “I will help you arrange it, hija, since your Mom and Dad are leaving for Madrid na pala next week.”

“Yes, yes, Arturo and I agree with you too, balae. Maya, Richard, kayo naman ang magpapakasal. Basta kaming mga magulang niyo, kung saan kayo masaya doon kami.” Mommy Tere said. “Esme, I will try to help also even if I am there. I will also go back here weeks before the wedding. Arturo can fend for himself for a while, di ba, dear?”

“Of course, Tere. Okay lang ako, we have staff naman. If you want to stay behind. Okay lang din.” Daddy Arturo said.

“I will go back with you muna and then come back so I can help Maya.” She said, then looked at her daughter. “Besides, Maya, hija, I want to be with you on this. Minsan lang kayang ikakasal itong unica hija ko.”

“Thank you po, Mom, Dad, and Mama Esme.” Maya said, full of love for the parents and their support.

“O siya, siya, let’s talk some more after dinner.” Mama Esme ushered everyone to the dining room. They were all  in a very festive mood, looking forward to the union of the two families.

Details of the wedding were still the main topic while they were having coffee and dessert at the veranda of the mansion. Richard and Maya told the parents that they would like to get married the following month in Caleruega, if possible. Then the reception would be at the Lims’ house in Tagaytay. Mama Esme was very happy with their choice of place for the reception.

“Maya, it seems like you already love that place the way I do. I’m so glad.” She said happily. “And walang kokontra, this early, I would like to give that house as a wedding gift to you and Richard.”

“Ma!” Richard said, surprised and touched at his mother’s generous gesture. “Baka naman mag-object si Rafi niyan.” He teased her.

“Oo nga po, Mama Esme!” Maya said, as surprised as Richard since he told her how his mother loved that house. “Okay na po sa amin to stay there once in a while.”

“No, no. I don’t think Rafi would mind.” Mama Esme insisted. “I want you to have it. Build a lot of memories there, the way Roberto and I did, with our children.”

Richard and Maya looked meaningfully at each other, then thanked Mama Esme for her generous gift. They took turns in hugging the old lady. Richard, thankful for his wonderful mother, and Maya, grateful and thankful to Mama Esme for accepting her, and treating her like a daughter since the evening Richard introduced her as his girlfriend. She is glad to get another mom. She now have two wonderful moms.

The Dela Rosas stayed until almost midnight. The two families chatted about future plans. The parents also teased Richard and Maya about working double time for their first ‘apo’ from them. This made Maya and Richard laughed. They shared a secret look and it made Maya blushed. Richard teased her with a look and it earned him another loving pinch. The two families agreed to get together again before Daddy Arturo and Mommy Tere leave the country. The indulgent parents allowed the newly-engaged couple a private good night. They know, how it was to be young and so in love.

Late that night, Maya can’t sleep, too wired up, with the way things turned out,  and at the same time excited with the wedding. A future with Richard. Waking up with him beside her! Kids and building a family. Her happiness is boundless.

The beeping of her phone interrupted her thoughts.

Mrs. Lim-to-be, still awake?

Yes, my Mr. Lim, and ikaw, bakit hindi ka pa natutulog? May pasok pa tayo bukas. Este, mamaya na pala iyon.

I can’t sleep. I missed you by my side. Hindi man lang ako naka-good bye kiss properly.

Hindi pa proper iyon sweetheart!!!!

 – Nope. Wish you are here. My bed is lonely. 😦

Missed you too, my Mr. Lim. Soon…. 🙂

Looking forward to that, my Mrs. Lim. 🙂 

Good night na sweetheart. I love you very much.

Good night sweetheart, I love you very much too. Sweet dreams of me and more….. 😉

>  Hmmmm….. more???? 🙂 🙂

Maya and Richard arrived at work before 8 o’clock despite the fact that both had little sleep. As soon as Maya got into the car, earlier, Richard gave her a very thorough kiss. Maya teased him about missing her so much when they just parted several hours earlier. Richard told her, he will always miss her if she is not at his side. They gazed at each other, then just like before, had a wonderful time driving together, unmindul of the traffic and all the stresses one encounter on the streets of Manila. They looked glowing to those who saw them entered the building with hands interlaced. As his practice, Richard took Maya to her office before going to his.

“See you at lunch, sweetheart.” Richard said as he touched Maya’s face tenderly.

Maya smiled lovingly at her husband-to-be. “See you, my love.”

When Richard left, Emman approached Maya, held her left hand, and looked closely.

“Oh my pink gosh! Is this what I think it is????” He exclaimed. Hearing this, the other employees also looked.

Maya grinned and said, “yes”.

“Congratulations Sis!!! I’m so very happy for you! “ He said, happily.” So paano, ihahanda ko na ang pink gown para maging maid of honor mo.”

“Of course, sino pa ba, Emman. Pero pwedeng huwag pink gown at baka umatras sa kasal si Ricky kapag nakita ka sa pink gown mo, hahahaha!” Maya teased Emman who raised his eyebrow.

“Naku, malabo yata iyan sis. Kahit anong tumbling siguro ang gawin ko, at kahit rainbow pa ang kulay ng gown ko sa wedding, hindi aatras sa kasal iyang si Sir Richard. Sobrang inlababo kaya iyan sa iyo. Kulang na lang umakyat sa pitong bundok, for you!” Emman said. “Haba ng hair mo Ms. Maya Dela Rosa!”

“Ikaw talaga, Emman.” Maya grinned. “Eh, ako rin naman, ang dali ko nga siyang binati. Hindi ko natiis!”

“Meant for each other talaga kayo, sis. Imagine, ilang continent ang habulan niyo. Kabog na kabog. So kailan ang wedding?”

Maya and Emman talked a bit about her and Richard’s plans for the wedding.  Emman also offered to call Caleruega for her to book the date she wanted.

The engagement of the top boss of LC and the lovely head of the LC Foundation spread like wildfire within the company. Many saw this coming and they were happy for their boss and his lovely fiancee. The news also spread online fast, since Richard Lim, aside from being the young top gun at LC, is considered as one of Manila’s most sought after eligible bachelors.


Hot, hot news, I must say piping hot news, indeed! Hear, hear, my darlings! Richard Lim is taken and altar-bound! The hallways and offices of Lim Corporation are abuzz with talks that Richard Lim, one of Manila’s most eligible bachelors ( and the handsomest, if I may say) is now engaged! The lucky bride-to-be (and I say, Richard is lucky too to have her!) is no other than Maya Dela Rosa, unica hija of our well-respected ambassador to Spain and the uber nice head of LC Foundation! Darlings, I heard the two met in Stockholm, and fell in love amid the beauty of that wonderful, wonderful city. Lovely, lovely couple. Ah, to be young, beautiful, handsome and in love! Congratulations darlings Richard and Maya! Looking forward to your wedding, which I’m sure will be the wedding of the year! 

Josephine never thought that this is what she woud read when she opened her favorite society blog as soon as she woke up after a night of partying. Richard and that, that, that, Maya engaged!

“Noooooo!” She hurled her poor laptop across the room! But after the initial burst of anger and her broken laptop, she did admit, there is nothing she can do about it! Maybe, time to move on to someone else. She decided she will hit the party circuit again that evening.

Richard took Maya to lunch at La Cocina de Tita Moning, an ancestral home converted into a fine dining place near Malacanang. It is a beautiful and well-preserved ancestral home, and it was like stepping back in time and being welcome to dinner or a party by the owner of the house when one enters the place. They had one of the smaller dining rooms to themselves. The attentive staff served Richard and Maya their sumptuous lunch and informed them to just call them if they need anything else, leaving the newly-engaged couple to enjoy their lunch in private.

“Sweetheart, alam na yata ng buong LC ang engagement natin. A lot of people congratulated me this morning. Minerva even said that a society blog also ran a story on us.” Maya said conversationally while they enjoyed their lunch.

“Let them know, sweetheart. I don’t mind people knowing. I love you and I want to tell everyone about it.” Richard lovingly. “Saka, I want your admirers to know that you are very much taken.” He said with a smile, teasing.

Maya gazed lovingly at Richard. “Same goes to you, sweetheart. Ikaw nga ang maraming naghahabol. Isa na diyan ang Josephine na iyon.”

“I’m sure, give up na iyon sweetheart kapag nabasa ang engagement natin.” Richard replied. “I hope that she had realized by now that you are only one for me. I love you my soon-to-be Mrs. Lim.” Richard said as he put his hand on top of Maya’s.

“I love you too. And you are the only one for me, my husband-to-be.” Maya said with so much emotion.

They shared a loving look. Both thought that they will never get tired of seeing that look from each other, for years and years to come.



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Love Comes Calling – Prologue

Note:  I can’t get this out of my head! I will finish the last chapters of Suddenly Love, promise. I just thought of posting this one, this evening!:-) 


Maya  tried to bury her head under the pillow, hoping that it would drown out the ringing of her mobile phone. She barely managed to fall asleep and now someone wants her attention in the middle of the night.

“Okay, okay. Arrrrggghhh, sino ba kasi ang nakaimbento ng cellphone!” Maya complained to herself and grabbed her phone from the side table. She checked who was calling, and got worried when she saw the name.

“Hello, Ruby. Napatawag ka?” Maya asked her best friend, and colleague.

“Maya” was all Ruby managed to say. All Maya can hear from the other end of the line was her friend crying. “Ruby, anong nangyari? Kalma lang. Don’t cry, please.”

Ruby tried to control her tears and then started telling Maya haltingly that she caught her boyfriend Eric with another girl inside their apartment.

“Maya, siya na nga ang nahuli ko, siya pa ang galit. He told me, kasi raw wala na akong time sa kanya.” Ruby said. “I just walked out on him, and left the apartment. Ang sakit-sakit, Maya.“

“Nasaan ka ba ngayon? “ Maya asked, as she started looking for a pair of jeans, then started dressing.

Maya saw Ruby huddled in a corner, in their favorite coffee shop, eyes puffy from crying, when she got there half an hour later. She embraced her friend as she cried on her shoulders. This was not the first time Ruby had done so. She kept ‘falling in love’, wanting to be love, with so much love to give, but unfortunately, she ended up with losers.

While Maya was comforting her friend, she saw a good–looking chinito guy glancing at them. Their eyes met. Her heart beat faster for no reason at all. She averted her gaze and the next time she checked, he was looking at his iPad screen. She and Ruby left the place soon after, and as they stood, she didn’t see the chinito guy gazing at her.

Maya brought Ruby to her place. She put her in the guest room. Ruby fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Her friend’s system seemed to have just shut down and Maya can’t blame her, with all the emotional turmoil she had experienced this evening. Poor Ruby. Maya wish that Ruby will find a guy who would love her with all his heart.

Ruby. Her mom. Her sister. All unlucky in love! It made Maya wary of relationships. She is afraid to cross the line. Many have courted her, but not a single one of them managed to sway her. Not one of them made her heart beat faster. Except…Oh, she wouldn’t think of that chinito guy. What is the likelihood that she will see him again anyway! Besides, he is a total stranger. For now, she still does not see any good or compelling reason to be in a relationship. She know it is irrational to shy away from a relationship because of what other people experienced, as each person and the circumstances they found themselves into are different from one person to another. However, she had seen the downsides of what love can do to a person. Maybe, maybe, with the right guy, she would be willing to risk loving. But is there really a right guy, and how would she know if he is the one’? She sighed, then tried to capture lost sleep. She has an early flight tomorrow.

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Suddenly Love – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Expression of love

Richard and Maya returned to the house close to midnight. Both of them are still floating on air. Engaged! Who would have thought it would happened this soon. If someone told them more than a month ago that they woud be, maybe they will not believe that person because of the way things were, but on the other hand, maybe they will, clinging to the belief that they will find each other again because of the stregnth of love they were feeling even way back then. Thank God, they both said, they found each other again, smoothed things out, and now, they are finally together, about to embark on the next chapter of their relationship.

The house was softly-illuminated when they approached it. Richard opened the terrace door where they went out earlier. He knew that Tatay Andres will leave it unlock for them. He and Nanay Ibing usually go home to their house near the edge of the property, around 8 o’clock in the evening. They offered to stay longer and wait for them, but Richard told them, he and Maya can manage, and that they can just take care of everything in the greenhouse when they reported for work the following morning.

“Sweetheart, maybe we should just have taken care of everything in the greenhouse. Dinala na lang sana natin.” Maya said as they were climbing the stairs.

“No worries there, sweetheart, Nanay Ibing can take of it tomorrow. Darating pa iyong pamangkin nilang si Fely to help out.” Richard assured Maya as they climbed the stairs with his arm on her shoulder and hers wrapped on his waist. It was a slow ascend, but they are very reluctant to part. “She worked for us before, tapos ngayon if we need extra help she pitches in, hindi na nga lang siya makapag-full time since she is married na. Anyway, we can also help them tomorrow if you want. Tonight is our night.

When they reached Maya’s door. Richard cupped her face, kissed her slowly, lingeringly, very reluctant to let her go in.

“Good night, my Mrs. Lim-to-be. Have a good sleep. Dream of us. I love you very much.” He said lovingly. “Hindi na ako papasok at baka hindi na ako lumabas ng room mo.” He added with a grin.

Maya smiled lovingly at her future husband. Hmmm, it does have a very nice ring to it, she mused. “Good night, my Mr. Lim. Of course, I will. I love you much. Sige na punta ka na room mo at baka hindi na kita pakawalan.”

“Hmmmm, parang mas gusto ko iyang hindi mo na ako pakakawalan, sweetheart.” Richard teased Maya, and again he got pinched on the side. “See, abused fiance talaga ako! Good night na talaga sweetheart. Knock on my door if you need anything, okay.”

Richard opened the door beside Maya’s room and waited until she closed her door before he entered his old room. He was stil smilng, very happy. He really wished Maya is sharing the room with him, but he can wait until they are married for that, though it is dificult sometimes, with the effect Maya has on him.

Maya went on her nightly rituals. Put on the night  gown she usually wear for sleeping. She still had a big smile on when she went to the big, and inviting bed. The best evening of her life, she mused. She looked at her engagement ring again, and felt this overwhelming happiness. Her life is complete. She is so excited for morning to come so she can be with Richard again. She is happy, knowing that he is sleeping just a door away.

Several hours, later. Maya was still awake. She don’t know whether it was due to the coffee she and Richard drank after the sumptous dinner Nanay Ibing prepared, or the effect of the champagne that they finished while chatting, and cuddling in the bench in the garden, or the excitement of the evening in general.

Maya remembered the terrace outside her room and decided to get some air. She thought of changing clothes, but decided that since she and Richard are the only ones in the house, she will just go out in her night gown and wrap. She the opened door and the blast of cool, fresh air caused goosebumps, but she liked the cool air on her skin. She stood up near the railings and looked out into the night. It so beautiful and peaceful he, she thought.

She has not been the for more than a couple of minutes, when she felt Richard’s presence, so attuned was she to him. She turned around and saw him in navy blue checkered-pajama and a white t-shirt that showed his muscular physique. Her heart, and body, jumped in reaction to her handsome fiance.

“Hi sweetheart, why are you still awake?” He asked, then took a good look at her and gulped. He can clearly see all of Maya’s curves in that white thing she is wearing, even if it was not transparent. “Hindi ka rin makatulog?” He asked as he walked towards her, as if he can’t stop himself.

“Hindi eh. Maybe, because of all the excitement you gave me this evening.” Maya said smiling, as she watched her fiance’s approach, intently, then getting an inkling of what will happen next. The moment she saw him standing by his door, she knew this is inevitable. It has been there, simmering, and now rising on the surface, the intense physical attraction they have for each other that matches their love.  She wanted it to happen too.

Richard, upon reaching Maya, touched her chin gently, lowered his head, and kissed her passionately. Maya ignited with that kiss, and matched Richard’s passion with hers. She opened her lips so Richard can deepen the kiss. Their tongues dueled, the fire that started between them, turning into a conflagration.

“Maya, sweetheart, you are so beautiful, so responsive. I can’t get enough of you.” He said in between kisses, in between touching. He also started fondling her breasts through the thin material of her night gown. The friction caused by Richard’s thumb and the silk rubbing her breasts were too much for Maya.

“Rickyyy. I love you. I want more. Please.” Maya said incoherently, her passion too intense, what she is feeling at the moment, she can’t verbalize beyond saying she wanted more, needed more. She wanted to be one with Richard.

“Maya, sweetheart, are you sure? We can wait until we are married.” Richard just had to ask, barely, as he tried to fight for some semblance for control, and he was already losing the battle since he saw her silhouetted against the moonlight, in that simple, but very becoming, white night gown.

“No, Ricky, I don’t want to wait. I want to be with you this evening. I want to be belong to you completely.” Maya said, her eyes glazed with passion. She moved as close as she could get to Richard, her breast to his chest, hips to hips, thigh to thigh, then she put her arms around his neck and proceeded to kiss him with all the passion she was feeling at that moment.

Richard’s control totally snapped with that. He carried Maya to her bedroom. He sat on the bed with Maya on his lap, removed her her wrap, then continued to love her. He kissed her breasts, until Maya said she can’t stand it anymore. She also touched Richard everywhere she could, his chest, his back, arms and kissed him on the neck, on the lips. She can feel the evidence of his desire for her as she sat on his lap.

Richard stood up, slowly put down the thin straps of Maya’s night gown, until it pooled on the floor. Maya stood before him in her underwear, which left little to the imagination as it came as a set with the night gown.

‘Maya, sweetheart, you are so beautiful, so passionate. Let me love you fully, completely.” Richard said, his voice thick with passion. He also removed his pajama and t-shirt and proceeded to love Maya, gently, passionately, all throughout the night. The only sound that can be heard in the bedroom were their sighs of pleasure as they touched each other everywhere, and expressed their love for each other physically, several times throughout the night.

They fall asleep in a spoon position, nary a space between them, only a thin blanket covering their naked bodies.

Richard woke up early the morning after. He looked at the sleeping form beside him, smiled happily. His Maya, so innocent, but so responsive. The night was so perfect. First his proposal and then this, Maya becoming his, completely. He knew when she opened the terrace door last night, as he was about to do the same. He can’t sleep, thinking that she was just in the other room, his fiancee, his wife-to-be. His body was just too wired up to fall asleep. Richard decided to join Maya in the terrace, intending to cuddle with her, chat a bit, and kiss her again, but he was not prepared for the effect on him of her in her night gown. He was very happy the way the evening went. Richard thought then that they needed to set the wedding date, and have the wedding soon as he wants to wake up with Maya like this, in his arms, every morming of their lives. Now, it is time to wake up his sleeping love.

Maya was woken up with someone trailing tiny kisses on her back, and a hand cupping her breast. She smiled sleepily.

“Ricky, sweetheart, that feels good.” She said as she turned and face a grinning Richard.”Good morning.”

“Good morning, my love.” Ricky said with so much love, then started caressing Maya’s lips with his thumb, while using his other hand to work his magic on her breast. It ignited a round of early morning lovemaking.

“Good morning again, sweetheart. I love you.” Richard said an hour later as he gave Maya another kiss.

“Good morning sweetheart, I love you too.” Maya smiled, touched Richard lovingly. How she love this man! He had been very gentle when he finally took her innocence last night, despite the passion that escalated and consumed both of them. He thought of her pleasure first. “Thank you.”

Richard smiled lovingly at Maya. “Sweetheart, let us get married soon, please. I want to be with you like this, the rest of our lives. I can’t wait long. Waking up with you beside me this morning , the feeling was indescribable. I was so happy. I felt my heart would burst!”

“Ricky, sweetheart, I feel the same.” Maya said as she embraced Richard. “Hmmm, normally, it takes a bit of time to plan a wedding. But if it is okay with you, I want a small, private one for us – family and friends only. Besides, it would be best, I think, because of the death of your father.”

“Maya sweetheart, are you sure? If it just on Papa’s account, don’t. I am sure he would be happy for us and kasama pa iyon sa celebration, wherever he is.” Richard said. “I want you to have the best wedding. I’m okay in whatever you want it. I just want it the soonest.”

“No, Ricky, it is okay. I really would like to have a small one. I just want to be with you for always, infront of our families and friends. Iyon naman ang importante, not how grand the ceremony is or how many people are in the reception.” Maya said as she gave Ricky another kiss. “And before, mauwi sa iba itong kiss na ito, let’s get up na. Baka lumamig na ang breakfast ni Nanay Ibing.”

“Hmmm, okay, but laters ha.” Richard said, grinning as he stood up. “Saka, I need my strength, pinagod mo kaya ako.” Maya hit him with a pillow. He was still laughing as he went through the terrace door, back to his room.

Richard and Maya finally made it to breakfast at past 9 o’clock. Nanay Ibing, and her niece Fely, who was also introduced to Maya, kept the food heated for them. They had a leisurely breakfast, then coffee cups in hand, they explored the grounds. Maya loved the profusion of plants, flowers and very old trees. There is even a small pond on one side, and a swimming pool at the far end of the property. The pool has a nice view of the lake as well.

“Sweetheart, we should stay here longer next time.” Richard said, backhugging Maya as she stared at the beauty around her. She really loves this place. “We can swim, also have a picnic, under that tree.” He pointed to a huge, centruy-old tree.

“I would like that, sweetheart.” Maya replied happily. “We have a wedding to plan first, kasi may nagmamadali na isa diyan.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, me only ba? Parang hindi lang ako ah.” Richard teased Maya. “Serious na sweetheart, the sooner, we have it, the happier I would be. By the way, we need to get going after lunch. We have a dinner at Mama’s.”

“Oo nga pala. I missed your Mama na nga rin. And we can tell her our engagement.” Maya said happily.

Richard just smiled as he had another surprise for Maya later.

They returned to the house, hands intertwined. Maya packed Richard’s bag as he looked lovingly. His Maya. This is how life’s gonna be with her, then with children they will have. She will be more beautiful when she is with our child, he mused, his daydreaming taking him farther and farther into the beautiful future with Maya. Maya noticed him, not moving, and just staring at her with a smile plastered on his face.

“Sweethteart, hoyyy, Ricky, my Mr. Lim!” Maya tried to call Richard’s attention, by waving her hand infront of his face, when he didn’t respond to her call.

Richard blinked and smiled at Maya. “Ha, sweetheart, ano iyon?”

“Naku, sweetheart, ano ba ang iniisip mo, you seemed so far into your thoughts? Ilang beses na kitang tinawag ah.” Maya said, curious. “Ano ba kasi iyang iniisip mo, naka-smile ka pa ng todo?”

“Hmmmm, I was thinking about us, you becoming my wife, finally, then the kids we will have, and how more beautiful you would be in my eyes, pregnant with the product of our love.” He said as he touched Maya’s face lovingly.

“Awwww, sweetheart. Ikaw na talaga ang the best fiance in the whole world.” Maya said teary-eyed. “I love you very much. I’m so happy, so full of love at the moment, and ikaw ang reason for that.”

“I love you to sweetheart. I’m counting the days until we are joined by God and living together in our home. You, and the kids we will have, are my  life. Richard said as he kissed Maya to reaffirm his love and commitment to her.

Maya and Richard left Tagaytay early afternoon. After saying goodbye to Tatay Andres, Nanay Ibing and Fely, they took one last look at the house where they already had wonderful memories, before they got into the car. Hands intertwined, they vowed to return here often to make more wonderful memories together, and fill the place with children’s laughter again.


Note: Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂 



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