Love Comes Calling – Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Perfect day

The ringing of her mobile phone penetrated Maya’s consciousness. She thought at first that she was dreaming, that somewhere in her subconscious, she was listening to her current favorite song, Capital Cities’s ‘Safe and Sound’, from her iTunes playlist. Then, she realized, it was her ringtone she was hearing! Her phone has been ringing the past minute or so. She tried to locate her phone at its usual place on her night table, while fighting off sleepiness. However, her groping hand didn’t find her phone, nor did it find a side table. There is no side table in the room! She realized she was in unfamiliar room. She suddenly sat up, shook off sleep, concentrated, and then it all flooded back to her. She was not at home. She staying in one of Richard’s guest rooms.

“Hello, Mom! Good morning.” She greeted her mother sleepily, as she went back to the bed after locating her phone at the table near the window, where she put it earlier.

“Maya, anak, good morning. I just read your messages. Are you still at Richard’s?” Mommy Tessie asked, wanting to know if her daughter is really okay.

“Yes, mom. Like I have said in my last message, I will stay here na lang since it was already very late and the traffic was still bad.” Maya explained. “Don’t worry, Mom. Ricky was the perfect gentleman and I did sleep in his guest room. I’m still here in his guest room.”

“Maya hija, I’m not worried about that. I know that Richard is a gentleman and a very nice person. Besides you are of age. You can think and act for yourself. Pinalaki ko naman kayo ng maayos ni Cristina Rose.” Mommy Tessie told her daughter. She told them before that she trust them to make the best decisions for themselves, and learn from their mistakes and failures. She guided them and let them be themselves. She believed in giving and teaching her daughters independence. “I just want to know how you are, saka to let you know that we are leaving shortly for Batangas.”

“Thank you, Mom, for your trust and letting me be me. I love you.” Maya said, thankful that she has a very understanding mom. She barely refrained herself from telling her mom that sila na ni Richard. She wanted to tell it to her in person. “Ingat kayo sa biyahe. I will see you tomorrow evening. Hello to Lolo and Lola.”

“Okay. Sabel will be back early this evening. Kayo na muna sa house. Make sure that everything is locked when you two go to bed,” was Mommy Tessie’s last minute instruction to Maya.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Kami na ang bahala. Saka, Ricky is coming over to dinner. I will make him dinner. Iyon ang trade off ko sa kanya when he played the piano for me.” Maya informed her mom. “Ha, and he doubted my cooking skills, Mom! Eh iyon nga lang cooking ang itinuro mo sa akin na-perfect ko, hahahaha.”

Mommy Tessie laughed at the other end of the line. She detected something different in her daughter’s voice when she was telling her about Richard and his piano playing. Hmmm, what else happened kaya in the middle of the night aside from being stranded? She wondered. But she is not worried. For sure, Maya will tell her about it. “Richard plays the piano? That’s great. Sabihin mo sa kanya na the next time he comes to dinner, he should play for us.”

“He does, Mom, very beautifully! I will tell him.” Maya smiled, remembering the events of the past several hours.

“O sige, Maya. We need to get going now. Your Lolo and Lola are expecting us to be there for lunch.” Mommy Tessie said. “See you tomorrow. Say hello to Richard from me. Thank him also for me for taking good care of you.”

“I will Mom. I think he is still sleeping. The apartment is very quiet. Bye, and kisses to Abby.” Maya said.

Too bad, she can’t go with them as she has work tomorrow while the rest of her family enjoys their city’s local holiday. She would like to see her grandparents too. Her mom’s parents had been their rock when her dad left them for another woman, someone who worked with him in the bank where he was the president. But that was a long time ago, they have moved on, difficult as it was in the beginning. She hasn’t seen her dad in years. He and the new wife migrated to Canada after they got married, as soon as the annulment of her parents’ marriage became final. It was not easy emotionally, but they coped and survived together. Financially, they were okay. One good thing her dad did was to make sure they were comfortable when he left them. They also have the bookstores, which was her mom’s family’s business. Taking charge of the chain helped her mom coped and recovered from the emotional blow her father caused. Oh well, why is she remembering these, all of a sudden! Maybe, because after so many years of being afraid to love, she finally found the courage to do so. And what a wonderful feeling it is. She just needed the one person, the right person, who can make it do it. Ricky!

Maya slid down the bed again. She still feels sleepy, but at the same time, excited with what’s the day going to be like, now that she and Richard have declared their feelings for each other. She smiled, her heart so happy, that he loves her. And who can forget the way he told her of his feelings! She stared at the ceiling, remembering their wonderful night.

Richard woke up early, despite the fact that he and Maya only had several hours of sleep. He was surprised he managed to sleep at all with Maya just in the other room, and after their declaration of love. He was so wired up. He went to sleep, smiling and mentally preparing the treat for his Maya come morning. He made several phone calls, bright and early, and is now preparing his treat for his lady. He smiled remembering too their wonderful night together.

Richard and Maya went up for air after sharing their first kiss, which was followed by a second, a third, a fourth, fifth kiss, and so on! They just can’t get enough of each other. 

“I love you, Maya, my love, my sweetheart.” Richard said as he caresses Maya’s cheek with the back of his hand in between their very heated kisses.

“I love you, too my Ricky.” Maya said smiling at her now boyfriend. “I never expected this to happen at this moment, but I am glad it did. You know what, hindi lang kaya ikaw ang hindi makalimot sa night na iyon sa BGC. Me too. Dalaw ka kaya ng dalaw sa isipan ko. Kaya nung nakita kita sa Copenhagen, hindi ako makapaniwala. Ang bilis ng tibok ng puso ko noon. Then, I started feeling very happy when I was with you. Parang nawawala lahat ng worries ko, fears ko, pagdating sa relationship habang kasama kita and the more I got to know you. Then I just realized I was already falling for you, that I love you na pala.

“Thank you, my love for this unforgettable evening. I’m so happy. I’m so touched that you even studied my favorite song from that series. Saka you watched it din pala kahit romantic series iyon?” Maya said as she cuddled up to Richard Richard on the other hand, put his arms around Maya.

“Hay naku, sweeatheart, kung alam mo lang kung gaano ko katagal inaral ang Korean song na iyan. Napagod na yata ang playback button ng Mac ko sa kapapanood kung paano kinanta iyon ni Park Shin Yang sa series, and I also watched him singing that live in a TV show in Korea. I found it in YouTube. Mabuti pala I did.” Richard said, looking at Maya lovingly. “For you, I will, and can do anything. I love you.”

Maya looked at her man with so much love. She is very lucky to have him. “I love you. I’m so lucky to have found you. To have you.”

“Maya, sweetheart, I am the lucky one. You make me very happy. I never felt this way before.” Richard said, as he cupped Maya’s face once again and kissed her. She responded, and before they knew it, their tongues were duelling, wanting to express, and show each other what they were feeling. 

“Ricky, sweetheart. You make me feel…..” Maya said, unable to verbalize what she was feeling, as she matched Richard’s passion. 

When things were about to get out of hand, Richard slowed down. He did promise Maya that he will be a gentleman. He also want to give her time get use to being with him, loving him before they take their relationship to the next level, to the physical level. Difficult it may be, but he can wait. He is Maya’s first boyfriend, her first love, and he hopes he will be her last love too. Now that they are a couple, he will work hard for their forever. She is the one for him. 

“Maya, sweetheart, I think we need to stop. I’m barely holding on to what little control I have.” Richard said, trying to breath normally.  “You don’t know your effects on me, Ms. Dela Rosa.”

Maya blushed. She, too, got carried away. Now, she knew how it was to be kissed thoroughly, lovingly. She is barely skimming through the depth of her newly-discovered passion, but she liked what she and Ricky are having at the moment. “Oh”, was all she managed to say, burying her face on Ricky’s broad chest. Then they looked at each other lovingly.

“Stay the rest fof the night, please. I’m not ready to bring you home yet. Besides, the traffic might still be bad. Remember, this thing also happened several years ago, wherein people spent the night on the streets. At least here, we are safe and comfortable.” Richard said, trying to convince Maya to stay. “Besides, I promised to be a gentleman. You can stay in the guest room. Text your mom, too.”

Maya smiled at her boyfriend. “Hmmm, promise, Mr. Lim?”

“Cross my heart nga.” Richard said, gesturing and smiling lovingly at Maya. “Besides, hmmm, parang hindi lang ako nag-iisa sa kisses kanina ha.”  Richard added with a teasing grin.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, very funny, my Ricky.” Maya playfully swatted Richard in the arm. “Okay,  I will stay. Bahala kang magpaliwanag sa mom ko mamayang umaga.”

“Iyon lang pala. I can do that. I will tell Tita Tessie, I will marry you in all the churches we can find, around the Philippines, and even abroad.” Richard said, half-jesting, half-serious too, as he hugged Maya closer. “I’m ready to make an honest woman out of you. Sabiihin mo lang.”

“Kasal, agad-agad. Eh kasasagot ko pa lang sa iyo.” Maya retorted as she tweaked his nose lovingly. “Baka malagay tayo sa Guinness niyan sa dami ng simbahan na pagpapakasalan.” She jested. 

Richard and Maya stayed like that for quite sometime, bantering, cuddling, enjoying each other’s company, and savoring their openly-declared love for each other. When Richard noticed  that Maya was getting sleepy, they went upstairs. Richard brought Maya to the guest room adjacent to his room. Since Maya didn’t have any clothes with her, Richard got one of his soft white dress shirt and gave it to Maya. He was about to go to sleep after taking a quick shower, when he remembered that he left his mobile phone downstairs. When he got his phone, he also saw Maya’s purse and her mobile phone. He brought it with him. When he knocked, and she opened the door, wearing only his dress shirt,  fresh from showering, he almost lost it. He kissed her lingeringly one more time, then said good night. He also took another shower, a very cold one this time, as soon as he got to his room.

Richard smiled at the memory. He looked at his handiwork. The table in the garden in between the two bedrooms is set. He took out his phone and texted Maya, wanting to know if she is awake.

Ricky Lim >

Good morning sleepyhead! 🙂 🙂

She is, apparently as his phone beeped right back, fast.

Maya Dela Rosa >

Good morning, Mr. Lim. Yes, I have been awake for a while. 🙂

Richard went inside, grabbed something from the console table between the rooms, and knocked on Maya’s door.

“Good morning, sweetheart!” He said with a big grin. He also gave Maya a fast kiss on the lips.

Maya looked at a freshly-showered Richard, so handsome in a pale blue polo shirt and dark jeans.

“Ricky, I haven’t brush my teeth yet.” Maya protested, suddenly feeling shy and conscious.”Saka, I look like a fright.”

“Hmmm, fishing for compliment my love? You know that you are the most beautiful person I happened to see in all my mornings.” He said.

“Bola.” Maya said.

“Hindi ah. For you, pala.” Richard handed Maya the shopping bag he was holding, with the logo of a well-known boutique on the side.

“What is this?” Maya asked, curious.

“Clothes for you. I know you don’t want to wear na the one you were wearing yesterday. And while I love you in my dress shirt, you may refuse to accompany me where we are going later, in that outfit.”

“Ha, may bukas na palang branch ang Martha’s Closet, at this early?”

“I called the owner. She is the wife of one of my closest friends, and asked her a favor. I gave her a list of what I want, and she sent it over with her driver.” Richard said, glad that he was abe to do this for Maya. “I hope I got your size correct.”

“Thank you very much, Ricky. I would like a change of clothes nga sana, and to take a shower now.” Maya happily said, touched.

“Okay, hurry please, sweetheart. I have another treat for you.” He said, grinning like a little boy.

Maya lovingly touched Richard’s face, then smiled at him sweetly, promised him, she will be fast. Richard told her to go through the door at the right side of her room when she is done. Maya opened the shopping bag and saw a long, beautiful linen skirt with intricate embroidery at the hem, inside, then a matching body-fit blouse, walking sandals, and undies. She smiled happily. She was touched, once again, with Richard’s thoughfulness. She took a quick shower, then did her morning rituals, drying her hair a bit, and applying lip gloss. Then she was all set. She opened the door that Richard indicated and got another surprise.

The door opened into a a beautiful garden. In the middle was a gazebo. The table was set for breakfast for two.

“Wow, Ricky, this is lovely! And that’s a lot of food on the table. You cooked? You did all of these?” Maya said as she approached the table. She saw ham and cheese omelette, bacon with bread, jams, cheese of all kinds, and a pot of freshly-brewed coffee. “Thank you.”

“Errr, not the cooking part. I ordered everything from a nearby restaurant and just set this up. I did brew the coffee. I thought it would be nice to spend our first breakfast here, than in a restaurant.” He said, looking at Maya lovingly. “Have a seat, sweetheart.”

“Ricky, sweetheart, thank you for this. For everything. I feel so cherished.” Maya said as she gave Ricky a quick kiss.

They settled into their seats and have the best breakfast ever, just so happy to be with each other.  They also discussed what they will do for the whole day since they are both free and they don’t want to part yet.

Richard and Maya ended up exploring a nearby Sunday market, and buying ingredients for the dishes Maya will cook in the evening. They had lunch at a garden restaurant near Richard’s place. They were about to return to the serviced apartment to get the stuffs they bought and head to Maya’s home when she got a text message from Sabel, informing her that she can’t make it back to Manila that evening. She still needed to take care of her aunt who is still sick.

“Sabel can’t return home this evening! “Maya said after reading Sabel’s message. “May emergency siya sa Cavite.”

“You will be alone in the house after I leave? ” Richard asked, concerned. ” I don’t think you should. It is not safe. I think you should just stay here. I will bring you home tomorrow.” He suggested.

“Ricky, I have to go to the office tomorrow. Besides, I don’t have clothes aside from what I am wearing and the ones from yesterday.” Maya protested. “Besides, I will be perfectly okay. I have stayed at home alone before.”

“Maya please, sweetheart, listen to me. I will feel better if you will just stay here. We can just get whatever clothes you need from my friend Ryan’s wife’s boutique or in the mall.” Richard pleaded. “I can also stay with you at your home. But since we are here, please stay with me. We can spend the rest of the evening looking at the view you were admiring last night and I can play the piano for you again.” He added, trying to convince her. He does not want Maya to stay home alone. He will just worry about her the whole night.

Maya grinned at Richard when she heard that he was even willing to play the piano again to make her stay. “Okay, you win. Let us just go shopping for what I need. I also need to borrow your laptop to access my office e-mail. I need to check on something.”

Richard was very happy Maya agreed. Yes, he will have another evening with her! “Whatever you need, Maya. Let’s go.”

Maya did cook for Richard, not just in her house, but in the big kitchen of the serviced apartment. They had a very nice dinner. Afterwards, they cuddled in the sofa, sipping wine, looking at the peaceful night sky and the twinkling lights from their 20th floor view, content to be with each other. From time to time, they gazed at each other, and expressed the sheer happiness they were feeling at the moment through heated kisses. They both agreed that it was a very perfect day. Their beginning.


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