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Doors – Epilogue

1+1 = 2 + 2 = 4


One year later

Maya is lying in a hammock, relaxing, reading a novel, or trying to read one! Sharing the hammock with her is Richard, who is cuddling her tight, as he tried several times to distract her from reading, with little touches here and there, and kisses everywhere, until finally, she gave up. She just can’t concentrate anymore. His touches generated the reaction he wanted. She had been reading the same page several times now and still, can’t remember a word she had read. Earlier, Richard and she made a bet – that he can distract her from her book, and that he can do it within 10 minutes. Maya bet that he can’t. She told him she had been looking forward to reading this novel and this is her first opportunity to do so.

“Ricky, naman eh, you don’t fight fair! “Maya good-naturedly complained as she pouted at her husband and pinched him in the cheek!

“Sweetheart, I warned you that I will use everything in my arsenal to distract you and win that bet! All’s fair in war and love!” Richard said with a big grin. “Now that I won, hmmm, I will think about my prize later, for now, I want my wife’s full and undivided attention. I just want to cuddle with you in the hammock for a while. Would that be okay, my dearest wife?”

“Of course, husband dear.” Maya setttled comfortable on Richard’s chest as she pushed to make the hammock sway with the wind. With the magnificent view infront of them and the peace and quiet of the place, they rested and enjoy each other’s company on their very special day. Today is their first wedding anniversary. Maya thought, life could have not been better. Richard thought and feel the same. He is, indeed, the luckiest guy in the world. Both can’t help but remember their first wonderful year together as husband and wife.


One year ago

Maya woke up before Richard did the morning after their wedding, and their first night at the Guevarra mansion. She stared at the guy sharing the bed with her, the face on the other pillow on her bed that she wouldn’t get tired of seeing for the rest of her life. Her husband. It has a wonderful ring to it. She touched his beloved face, marvelling how gentle he was with her, when he made her his, and the passion that they elicited from each other all night long. While Maya was doing that, Richard opened his eyes and look at his beloved wife. He looked at her with so much love, and started kissing her, touching her, and that led to a bout of morning lovemaking.

They stayed in San Nicolas several more days, arranged for Mang Manuel and Aling Isidra to continue taking care of their house, spent time with the Dela Rosas. They went back to Manila, and from there made ther trip to Europe, another of Richard’s presents to Maya. He knew Maya has been to some places there, but that was work-related. He wanted her to see the old world in a relax way. Their first stop was Barcelona, then off to Rome, Paris, Holland, and the last stop was London. Richard took Maya to West End and they watched her favorite musical. Maya and Richard’s days were spent seeing the sights, resting at cafes, eating at restaurants, and the nights were spent making passionate love. Their passion not abating, but getting more and more intense as they got more familiar and attuned with their bodies wants and desires.

Maya and Richard returned to the Philippines, a month after. Instead of settling in the village where Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda live, they opted to stay at the penthouse of one of the upscale high-rises owned by Lim Properties. Both like the unencumbered view of the city. Their evenings were spent cuddling, drinking wine sometimes, chatting about their day, as they looked at the city at night from their window seat before they to go sleep. Maya and Richard decided they will just move to a house when they have kids. They talked about it, but decided that they will just take it in stride, no pressure, depending on God’s will. In the meantime, they strengthened their foundation as a couple – from compromises, to keeping their lines of communication open, to spending quality time with each other, and loving each other in all the ways they can do or show.

Maya liked her work with WHO, and Richard supported her career 100 percent even if it means getting separated from her from time to to time as her work requires traveling a lot. Richard knew that Maya’s career is part of who is. Maya is the same to Richard. She knew she married a busy man, and one with a lot of responsibiities. She made their home a haven where he could relax and forget the stress of the day. When they have time, they travelled, mostly locally, to all the places they talk about visiting or seeing during the long phone calls they had, when they were just friends. They also spent time at their house in San Nicolas.


Now, after a year, Maya and Richard are at their vacation house in Siargao Island to celebrate their first anniversary. They just fell in love with this secluded place when they saw it several months ago. Luckily, the owner of the beach property agreed to sell and they built this two-storey house with an open lay out. The big veranda on the second floor offers a wonderful view of the vast sea. The place is also blessed with a white, sandy beach, and the waves are not too big, as compared to other parts of Siargao, as their beach property is a bit on the inland side. It is a bit far from Manila, but Richard and Maya consider the travel here part of the adventure.

Maya heard Richard’s light snoring, and realized that her husband fell asleep while she was reminiscing, while they were reminiscing. She noticed that it is already late afternoon so she gently untangled herself from Richard’s embrace, and slowly got out of the hammock, trying hard not to wake him. Richard, in his sleep, protested, but settled back in the hammock. Maya thought her husband must really be tired from their trip, and the last minute work he attended to before their vacation. When they got here yesterday, they didn’t exactly sleep right away. Maya went downstairs to start preparing her treat for her husband on their anniversary. She cooked his favorite food, set the table, and chilled a bottle of champagne. She then went to their bedroom to shower, and to prepare the second part of her surprise. Maya, surveyed everything one more time, and waited for her husband in the day bed downstairs, passing the time with the book she was not able to read earlier.

Richard woke from his nap, two hours after Maya left him. He must really be tired to just conked out like that, he mused. He decided to take a shower before he look for his wife. Judging by the smell coming from downstairs, Maya had prepared his favorite food. When he entered their bedroom, he noticed the bed decorated with rose petals, and the candles perched on the side table and the windows,  and got an idea that he is in for a treat from his wonderful wife. Well, this was the prize he was planning to tease her from their bet earlier, he mused. Good thing, they were of the same mind!  Wearing a soft, loose white shirt, unbuttoned halfway, and dark blue loose cotton pants, Richard went downstairs and saw Maya engrossed in her book. What he saw was just too tempting to resist. Richard tiptoed to where Maya is, and kissed her on her bare shoulder. Her thin halter maxi dress, exposing most of her back to his heated gaze.

“Sweetheart, gising ka na!” Maya greeted and gave Ricky a radiant smile.”Halika na dinner is ready. Gutom ka na ba?”

She held Richard’s hand and let him to the dining area. The table is elegantly set, with tall candles in the center and scattered petals adding accent to the violet and yellow table cloth. Richard held out the seat for Maya and took the seat on her left side. Maya started serving Richard the appetizer, gambas al jillo, his favorite, as soon as they got settled on their seats. Richard, opened the bottle of champagne, but when he was about to pour her a glass, Maya stopped Richard by touching his arm.

“Only water for me, please, sweetheart .” She said simply.

“But why sweetheart? Di ba, you like champagne?“ Richard asked, puzzled. “Saka anniversary dinner natin ito, isn’t it?”

“Errr, kasi sweetheart, hindi ako pwedeng uminom ng anything with alcohol for the next seven months, or baka beyond pa.” Maya said, looking at her husband and checking if he got what she is trying to say to him.

“Bakit seven months…..? Oh you mean…?….Sweetheart???” He asked, turning inarticulate with the realization.

“Yes, Mr. Lim, magiging daddy ka na in seven months. I’m two months pregnant. I just confirmed it the other day! Kaya pala I was feeling nauseous. Then I realized I haven’t had my period in a while, kasi, di ba, irregular kasi ako!” Maya said happily. “I decided to wait for this anniversary vacation to tell you.”

“Maya, sweetheart, magiging parents na tayo!!! Magkaka-baby na tayo? How are you? Are you feeling okay?” Richard asked one after the other as he went to Maya’s side, hugged her and kissed her on the lips and touched her tummy reverently. “How are you there, my little angel?”

“Yes, I am okay, Ricky. Minsan lang I feel very sleepy lately, and nauseous. Pero, don’t worry, healthy na healthy kami nitong little girl natin.” Maya said as she cuddled to Ricky.

“Little girl? Hindi pwedeng little boy muna, sweetheart.” Richard teased his wife. “Seriously, sweetheart, whether our baby is a boy or a girl, I will be the happiest dad and husband in the world, as long as you and our baby are okay.”

Richard got his glass of champagne, and gave Maya her glass of water and offered a toast. “To us, sweetheart, happy anniversary, and to our baby, and all the kids we will have. I can’t thank you enough for making my life richer and full of colors. I love you very much.”

“Ricky, to us, happy anniversary, and to our baby. Thank you for being the best husband a girl can have. I am thankful for you coming to my life, and for our wonderful life together. I love you very much.” Maya replied as she gave her husband a lingering kiss. However, her grumbling stomach interrupted their passionate interlude.

They had a leisurely dinner, marked by loving gazes, light kisses, and comfortable chatter. After dinner, they decided to take a walk. Hands intertwined, punctuated by little kisses, they walked along the beach. When it got a bit chilly, they returned to the house where Richard carried Maya up to their bedroom, reminiscent of their wedding night.

Maya stood before Richard. She looked so beautiful to him. Maya is equally admiring her husband. Richard started caressing Maya’s face, then touching her lips, which she opened, and for Richard, it is his invitation to kiss her deeper, passionately. They touched everywhere, with Richard, at the same time, untying Maya’s halter dress until it pooled on the floor. Richard looked at Maya with so much love, imagining her getting more beautiful, as she gets bigger and rounder, with their precious baby. They spent most of the night, and their whole vacation, affirming their love for each other.


Seven months later

The hospital room is filled with flowers and balloons. Maya is resting on the bed, while Richard caressed her face, her hair and held her hand. She just been wheeled into the room from the recovery room. Giving birth took quite a long time. In the end, her OB recommended a caesarian operation.

“How are you sweetheart?” Richard asked his wife. He knew it has not been easy for her giving birth to their twins, a son and a daughter. He almost fainted in the delivery room. If only he can take Maya’s pain away. But his  wife assured him all the time that she is okay, and what she is experiencing is part of the miracle of giving birth.

“Okay lang naman ako sweetheart. Natanggal ang lahat ng pain ko ng makita ko ang mga baby natin.” Maya looked at her husband with love. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, Mommy.” Richard said with so much emotion as he held his wife’s hand and interwined it with his.

In the afternoon, the twins were brought to Maya’s room. Both husband and wife were teary-eyed when they held their babies. They named the twins, Sky and Sunshine. Sky, because they both like the color blue and Sunshine, to represent Maya’s favorite flower. These are also the colors that best represent their world – tranquil and vibrant.

They moved to a house with a large yard soon after. The laughter and shrieks of children having fun as they climbed trees, rode the tire swings with their dad and mom pushing, played in their tree house, became familiar sounds in the lot where the Lims live, in the years that followed. Life couldn’t be better or richer, Maya and Richard thought, with the miracles in their lives, their Sky and Sunshine.


Note:  Thank you for reading.  🙂

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