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Doors – Chapter 16

Chapter 16
‘I thee wed’

Three months later

The bridal car stopped infront of the well-lit Guevarra mansion. Maya looked out and noticed where they are. She thought they will go back to her family home after their reception earlier that lasted until late at night. She untangled herself from Richard’s embrace.

“Ricky, sweetheart what are we doing here?” She asked Richard, surprised. “Bakit tayo nandito.”

“Hmmm, come, Mrs. Lim.” Richard said simply, as he got off the car, went to Maya’s side and helped her out, taking extra care with her wedding dress. “Here we are, where we are supposed to be!”

Maya got off the car and they said good bye to Tatay Lem, who congratulated them again before leaving them at the gate. She looked at the house and she now she noticed that it looked all spruced up, well-lit, the front door decorated with flowers of all kinds. Richard held Maya’s hand, opened the front door, they went inside, up to the intricately-designed staircase filled with a profusion of flowers, mostly sunflowers. Richard like before, supported Maya on the back as he assisted her in going up. When they reached the top of the stairs, Maya was surprised when Richard carried her up to the living room of the house, where a cooling bottle of champagne is waiting for them.

Richard popped the cork and poured a glass each for Maya and him.

“To us, Mrs. Lim, for the happiest day of my life. Finally you are mine.” Richard toasted, looking at Maya, with his lopsided smile, and with so much love. “I love you very much.”

“To us, Mr. Lim. Today is the start of our forever and ever, together! I never thought I could be this happy and I am happy to belong to you, and you to me. Here’s to us.” Maya gazed with Richard with so much love in her heart. “I love you more than life itself.”

Richard and Maya clinked their glasses, drank the champagne, and kissed sweetly, then passionately, pouring out the love they feel for each other in those kisses.

Richard kissed Maya lingeringly one more time, then went to the corner, switched on the turntable, then the melody of ‘As Time Goes By’, started filling the air.

“May I have this dance, my beautiful bride?” Richard asked Maya, as he bowed and held out his hand to her.

“Yes, of course, my handsome groom.” Maya went to Richard’s embrace and they swayed to the music, another favorite of Maya’s. She is really amazed how much Richard remembered her favorite music and movies. She really had chosen the best husband in the world. Richard, on the other hand, was thinking that he is the luckiest guy in the world, and anything to make his bride happy, he will do.



The aisle of San Nicolas Church was bedecked with a profusion of sunflowers, interpersed with Malaysian mums, and roses of different colors. The orchestra started playing the Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, and everyone looked at the door, which was slowly opening, and then there’s Maya, radiant in her long-sleeved wedding dress made of vintage lace, holding a bouquet of white roses with a big sunflower in the center. She started walking, and her gaze sought Richard, who was waiting at the altar with Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda, and Ryan, his bestman. When their eyes connected, Richard was hit with intense emotions and got teary-eyed, seeing his beautiful Maya, walking to him, to be with him. Midway, Maya was joined by her Mom and Cristina Rose. Mommy Tessie was crying when she gave Maya to Richard, asked him to promise once more that he will take care of her bunso. Richard assured his future mother-in-law that would be his number one priority. He kissed her Mommy Tessie’s hand, shook Cristina Rose’s hand, while Maya kissed Richard’s mom’s cheek and hugged Don Roberto.

The ceremony went like a dream. Most of the time, Maya felt she was floating, with all the happiness and other emotions she is feeling at the moment. Richard was feeling the same. Then, it was time for their wedding vows.

 ‘Four years ago, one ordinary afternoon, I never thought my life would take a complete shift, because of a girl who was looking for a vacant seat. The moment she smiled at me, I was captivated. Maya, sweetheart, of all the moments in my life, I was so very thankful for that one. I thought I was settled, that I was complete, that the color I have in my world then was enough, but I was mistaken. It was just an existence, and I only completely lived since I met you. You didn’t only bring colors to my life, you brought a rainbow of it. I promise to love and honor you until the day I die, and when I do, when we do, I will still look for you and would still choose to be with you, in our next lifetimes. I love you very much, more than I can say. I am going to show how big my love is for you for the rest of our lives.’

 ‘Richard, I have been everywhere the past two years, but everywhere I go, there was only you. It has been like that since I met you. Sometimes, I asked myself, if I had not taken that class, would we still met and ended up together? I would still think so. Kasi, ikaw lang ang para sa akin. You are my destiny and my other half. Hindi man naging madali ang lahat for us, but here we are. I promised to love and honor you. Kaagapay mo ako sa hirap man at ginhawa. Sa lungkot man at saya. Mahal na mahal kita. I will be your partner hanggang sa pagtanda natin. I am so thankful for your love. I’m overwhelmed and sometimes, naiisiip ko I must have done something good, for God to give you to me. I feel so cherished. I love you very much too and it will not change, anuman ang dumating sa buhay natin. Kahit makailang lifetimes pa tayo, ikaw pa rin ang nandito sa puso ko. Saka promise pala, sweetheart, bukod sa puso ko, pwede mong i-safe keep ang passport ko.’

Maya’s last line elicited laughs as they were aware of what happened before she and Richard finally ended up together. Everyone was so happy for them, especially Richard’s parents, Rafi, Mommy Tessie, Mamang, Cristina Rose, Ryan, Emman, and Alexandra, who attended the wedding in her habit.

Then it was time to kiss the bride.

Richard looked at Maya lovingly. At last she is his, he mused. Maya on the other hand, thought, that this is it, we are finally joined by God. Then Richard kissed Maya with all the love he was feeling and she reciprocated with all the emotions in her. They forgot where they were, and all the people watching them, so lost they were in their feelings, until the teasings of their wedding guests, penetrated the universe they were in. Maya and Richard looked at each other sheepishly, kissed chastely one more time, and smiled at their family and friends.

The wedding was followed by a reception at Casa Cielo, the restaurant that Richard mentioned to Maya before he proposed. Like the wedding, it was a night to remember. Instead of a sit down dinner, the place was set up in such a way that all guests can mingle and chat with each other freely. Maya and Richard didn’t want their wedding too formal and full of ceremonies. When Maya and Richard did their wedding dance, everyone present felt the love they have for each other. Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda remembered their moment like this. Mommy Tessie remembered Daddy Arturo, while all the single ones wish they could find a love like this. Alexandra was just happy to see Richard happy, and wished him and Maya a long and happy life together. There was so much laughter, dancing, and love flowing that night to celebrate Maya and Richard’s marriage.


Maya and Richard were brought back to the present when the music stopped.

“I love you, Mrs. Lim!” Richard said while caressing Maya’s face with the back of his hand.

“I love you more, Mr. Lim!” Maya hugged Richard and planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Pero, sweetheart, hindi mo pa sinasagot ang tanong ko. Why are we here?”

“Sweetheart, I have something to show you.” Richard got something from the table in the corner. He handed Maya a beautifully-decorated flat box, which he asked her to open.

Maya was nervous, and at the same time excited to find what is in the box. She slowly opened it. Inside was a long brown envelope which contained several documents. She started checking and reading the papers.

“Ricky, sweetheart, is this true? Paano? Kailan? Mabuti pumayag sila?” Maya asked one after the other, so overwhelmed with what she is seeing on the documents. One of them is a deed of sale for the Guevarra mansion, then another document transferring the ownership of the place to her.

“Sweetheart, slowly lang. Yes it is true. This house is yours, my wedding gift to you!” Richard said as he held Maya’s hand and brought it to his lips. ”I know how much you love this house. We have started our memories here too when I proposed to you in the azotea. This will be our home here in San Nicolas. It didn’t take much to convince Don Ramon and Donya Margarita when I met with them as soon as I returned to Manila the first time we where here when they found out that it would be my wedding gift to you. They told me na since wala silang mga anak, and pumanaw na rin ang nag-iisang kapatid ni Don Ramon, iyong pamangkin na lang niya ang magmamana and they feared that he will just sell the land to a developer and the house, gets sold piece by piece doon sa mga naghahanap ng parts of old houses bilang part ng mga pinapatayo nilang house! They know how much you love this place and that you, and me also, will take good care of it.”

“Sweetheart!” Then Maya started crying.

“Maya, sweetheart, why are you crying?” Richard asked worriedly. “Is this not okay? Sabihin mo lang, please.”

“Ricky, I’m crying because I am so happy! Sobra-sobra mo na akong pinasasaya.” Maya said in between sniffled. “Maraming-maraming salamat. I love you very very much.”

Maya touched both of Richard’s cheeks with her hands, and then kissed him on the lips. Richard responded and deepened the kiss. They started caressing each other, and it led to an exchange of  heated kisses.

Richard kissed Maya one more time, then carried her to the master’s bedroom of the house, with a big antique four-poster bed in the center. The room is lit in soft light,  and also decorated with Maya’s favorite flowers. Richard put down Maya on the edge of the bed and kissed her again.

“Maya, sweetheart, I love you very much. I can’t get enough of doing this, of being with you, and expressing what we feel like this.” He said as he kissed Maya on the lips, on her neck, and started caressing her back.

“Ricky, I feel the same. I love you, and I want to show it to you in every way I can!” Maya, so ovewhelmed with her feelings, and responding to Richard’s caressed, did her own caressing, touching Richard’s nape, his back, his face, and kissing him with abandon as well.

“Maya, sweeatheart, are you sure?” Richard asked, and when she nodded, he kissed her again, and started unbuttoning her wedding gown. He tried to curve his impatience and carefully opened the pearl buttons at the back of Maya’s gown one by one. He gave her a tender kiss in the back for each button he opened.

Finally, Richard managed to go all the buttons opened, and Maya’s gown fell on the floor. Maya stood before him in her camisole, looking so beautiful, so innocent, but with passion evident in her eyes and in her body. Maya can also see the passsion Ricky is trying to control in deference to her innocence. But she didn’t want control nor caution as she want to belong to him completely. She started unbuttoning Richard’s shirt, him having discarded his coat in the sala earlier. While at it, she planted heated kisses on his chest. Rchard responded with shortness of breath, and swallowing hard to hold on to some semblance of control, until he can’t take it anymore, and took things further.

Richard and Maya, passion unleashed, touched each other everywhere they could, exchanged passionate kisses in between, as if they can’t get enough of each other. All throughout the night, they repeatedly expressed their love for each other. Passion banked for the moment and from sheer exhaustion, they fell asleep in each other arms at dawn, as close as a man and a woman could be.


Note:  Maraming-maraming salamat sa lahat ng nagbasa ng aking kwento na ito. Like I have mentioned in Chapter 1, this is my first attempt at writing fiction.  For all of you  who commented, who liked my blog, and who read, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope naaliw ko and napasaya ko kayo. This is the last chapter of Doors, baka lang I will write an epilogue. 🙂  Then off to another story. 

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