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Doors – Chapter 1

Note: Welcome to my first ever fiction! My favorite characters and the wonderful Maya and SC fan fiction I enjoyed reading inspired me to write one too! Hats off to you my fellow adiks and hats off to the wonderful BCWMH team who created such memorable characters and a unique ‘serye’! I hope you will like this story!

Chapter 1

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Maya was lying in a hammock, the tranquil view of the sea, the gentle breeze blowing, and the quiet surroundings, lulling her to a world of her own. In that instance, her escape from reality mode was getting lost in her favorite author’s latest novel while on vacation in Camiguin. She and Emman really lucked out when they found this resort and it has lived up to its online photos and blurb. Some don’t! The ringing of her mobile phone interrupted her tranquil moment. She checked who was calling and was quite surprised when she saw the name.

“Hello, Richard, napatawag ka!” She said as she tried to still her fast beating heart! Ah, the kilig she feels whenever she thinks of this wonderful guy who had so captured her heart!

“Hi Maya, where are you? I passed by your house and Manang Fe mentioned that you are on vacation?” Richard asked, seemingly surprised that Maya took a vacation without letting him know.

“Yes I am. Emman and I decided to take a breather from work. Masyado ng stressful ang mga pangyayari sa work namin lately. We impulsively booked a flight to Cagayan de Oro and ended up in this wonderful resort in Camiguin.” Maya explained as she tries to settle more comfortably in the hammock. “Sorry hindi na kita nasabihan.”

Unknown to Richard, he was one of the reasons why Maya went on vacation. She needed to think about their ‘situation’ – and whether she will finally tell him her feelings. It was a major decision to make and their lives will surely change, for the better, she hopes, with what she was going to do. She just can’t go on like this. She decided to ask Richard kung ano ba talaga sila. She can’t stand anymore not knowing. Maya pulled her self out of her reverie and asked Richard why he called.

“Oh well, iiwan ko sana itong save the date card for you. Kasi, emmm, I am getting married.” Richard carefully said, though, he knew he just dropped a bombshell on Maya. “I wanted to give it to you in person and not through a courier service like most of the cards. To follow na lang ha iyong formal invitation.”

“What, you are getting married???? When, where and who is the lucky girl???” She asked in rapid succession, caught very very surprised by what Richard said. Maya does not even know that Richard, her best friend and long time crush, has a girlfriend, and now is getting married!

“Well, it is a long story. But I can tell you about it the next time I see you. Her name is Alexandra Trinidad and I have known her since we were kids.” Richard explained with a heavy heart. He was not the picture of a happy groom.

But Maya did not catch the nuances or the sadness and resignation in Richard’s voice. All she felt at that moment is pain. It felt like a giant hand has wrung her heart and hung it dry. It hurts so much. For two years, she has longed for Richard’s love, afraid to to show him what she feels, thinking that it will destroy or change their friendship in a way she can’t control. Added to this, she haven’t had any boyfriend and she was already 27, unlike most of her friends, not even an MU! Many have courted her, but no one really made her heart beat faster and kilig, until Richard! Maya does not know really how to act in a situation like this. Her sister, who is her closest friend is of no help. She is not just not into guys!

Maya was brought back from her painful thoughts with Richard’s voice. “Maya, are you still there?” Richard wonders how is she taking all of this. He knows what he had said is a huge surprise to Maya, and that he had kept this part of himself from her despite the years of friendship. It is just too complicated to explain. Richard also know he himself had refused to face reality and now he does not have any choice but to face the music.

“Yes, I am still here.” She replied trying to keep a steady grip on her emotions. “When is the wedding?”

“It is going to be in June. Will you come, please?” He asked, as he knew that the three months leading to the wedding will feel like dying slowly.

“Of course, of course, I will. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. But you have to tell me about her. I have known you for a long time and you haven’t mentioned having a girlfriend.” Maya tried to tease her friend while at the same time indirectly chiding him for not telling her. She will not cry, her voice will not break. She has to to keep her pride intact. These, she told herself, while gripping the phone hard.

“Kailan ka ba babalik ng Manila? Let’s have coffee and I wil tell you all about her.” Richard said with a sad tone as he ended his call with a heavy heart. If Maya only knows, he thought to himself.

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