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The Ultimate Rewind

DVD 51-52

Finally, the DVDs are complete!  Now, I can do the ultimate rewind. I was very happy to discover Volumes 51-52 when I went to the mall, Tuesday. I just thought of randomly checking if there are new DVDs released while buying some other stuffs.

Getting these volumes also means, I can now free some space in the external hard drive I’m using to record shows. I usually wait until the DVD is out before I delete the episodes I have recorded that corresponded with that particular volume. However, with the last month or so remaining episodes of Be Careful With My Heart in there, I never realized that doing so, would be a bit of an emotional moment for me!

I remembered all the times I would rush home to watch the episode I have recorded for the day, as I carefully went through my recorder, deleting episode after episode that I have painstakingly bookmarked and had watched several times.

I almost chickened out at some point. Crazy, isn’t it? It felt like I was not just deleting simple files but the memories associated with each episode I have stored in my hard drive, especially so as these were the episodes covering the last month of the series. In the end, I didn’t have the heart to delete the November 27 episode.  The November 28 episode in the hard drive, I was really intending to keep, as it included the live Global Kapit-Bisig Day.

I may ‘fall in love’ with another, or is ‘loving’ another teleserye, (never thought I would still, but I’m currently hooked on On the Wings of Love, and how it happened is for another blog entry!), but BCWMH will always have a special place in my heart as this was the first teleserye I really, really got addicted to.

I wonder how long it would take me to do the ultimate BCWMH rewind! 🙂

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