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Be Careful With My Heart @ 4

Happy birth anniversary to a beloved and much missed show! Gone for almost two years but certainly not forgotten! Not by a long shot.


No moving on for me when it comes to Be Careful With My Heart. Not with the DVD, all the beautiful memories to remember it by, all the fan fiction, and especially, not after seeing Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap together again on screen. They will be forever Richard Lim and Maya Dela Rosa to me, though I like them as well as Chinggay Villanueva and Frank Sison!

BCWMH Souvenirs

Seeing Richard and Jodi in The Achy Breaky Hearts filled me with nostalgia for BCWMH. There were scenes in the movie which reminded me so much of the series. Now, I’m thinking of watching all 52 DVD of episodes and the wedding DVD again, maybe after I have catch up on all my blog backlog!

BCWMH DVD Collection

Here’s a toast to a most memorable series! It has been a wonderful, beautiful journey! Cheers, good vibes, and kapit-bisig for always, my fellow adiks.

Paoay Church

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The Ultimate Rewind

DVD 51-52

Finally, the DVDs are complete!  Now, I can do the ultimate rewind. I was very happy to discover Volumes 51-52 when I went to the mall, Tuesday. I just thought of randomly checking if there are new DVDs released while buying some other stuffs.

Getting these volumes also means, I can now free some space in the external hard drive I’m using to record shows. I usually wait until the DVD is out before I delete the episodes I have recorded that corresponded with that particular volume. However, with the last month or so remaining episodes of Be Careful With My Heart in there, I never realized that doing so, would be a bit of an emotional moment for me!

I remembered all the times I would rush home to watch the episode I have recorded for the day, as I carefully went through my recorder, deleting episode after episode that I have painstakingly bookmarked and had watched several times.

I almost chickened out at some point. Crazy, isn’t it? It felt like I was not just deleting simple files but the memories associated with each episode I have stored in my hard drive, especially so as these were the episodes covering the last month of the series. In the end, I didn’t have the heart to delete the November 27 episode.  The November 28 episode in the hard drive, I was really intending to keep, as it included the live Global Kapit-Bisig Day.

I may ‘fall in love’ with another, or is ‘loving’ another teleserye, (never thought I would still, but I’m currently hooked on On the Wings of Love, and how it happened is for another blog entry!), but BCWMH will always have a special place in my heart as this was the first teleserye I really, really got addicted to.

I wonder how long it would take me to do the ultimate BCWMH rewind! 🙂

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Be Careful With My Heart DVD Covers


My introduction to Be Careful With My Heart (BCWMH) was through the first five DVDs that I got hold of, in the early part of 2013, I think. It was, like, love at first watch!

From then on, aside from religiously watching the episodes, I was always on the look out for the release of the succeeding DVDs so I can watch the episodes again and again, at leisure. I, still, am!

When I got hold of the latest DVDs, Volume 46 and 47, the first thing that I noticed is that Volume 46 has another beautiful cover. With that, I just thought of doing a catalog of the covers, as part of the show’s wonderful journey.

Volume 1-10

Volume 11-25

Volume 26-30

Fairytale Wedding DVD

Volume 31-35

Volume 36-40

Volume 41-45

Volume 46-47

It has been almost eight months since Be Careful With My Heart has ended but with these DVDs, I can still travel to my BCWMH universe anytime, especially when I need my feel good fix. I am now in Volume 26 of my current rewind (my nth one)! Sir Chief is namamanhikan in San Nicolas, and will get ‘cute drunk’ in a while! ❤

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