Windblown – Finale

‘Love has come of age’

The main room of the San Nicolas Golf and Country Club was transformed into something akin to a ballroom of a castle, complete with glittering chandeliers, and antique furnishings from a bygone era. Flowers of all varieties, with sunflowers being the dominant ones, colorful lanterns, and tea light candles in decorative glasses, added color and elegance to the place. The conversation flowed freely and loudly. Laughter and merriment  can be heard from every table, interspersed with the constant clanging of knives, forks, and spoons against wine glasses, as the guests clamored for the beautiful couple sitting on the dais decorated with an over abundance of sunflowers and roses to kiss, and kiss, and kiss. They have obliged with much gusto, and with grins lighting up their joyous faces as their happiness that evening was indescribable.

Everyone was having a wonderful time as they celebrated the union of two people whom they wholeheartedly believed were really destined to be together, no matter what, as not the distance, nor the years, and the circumstances managed to keep them apart. Those who knew that their love story started at San Nicolas more than seven years ago, felt that they have come full circle with this beautiful couple too.

Earlier that lovely Saturday afternoon, Maya Dela Rosa, Miss Mindoro 2007, and Richard Lim, the Chairman of the Board of Judges of that pageant night, had their union blessed by God, in front of their families and closest friends. It was like Prince Charming finally marrying his Cinderella, after searching for her everywhere, and through the years. If it is a fairy tale story, it would have narrated that the prince didn’t fall in love until he finally got reunited with his princess. The princess was the same, pining for her prince as she traveled the world. Her heart only beat for the handsome prince she caught a glimpse and connected with profoundly, a long, long time ago.  And now as they wed and with a baby on the way, they are living their happily ever after.

Maya and Richard families and friends can’t help it but get teary-eyed inside the beautiful, centuries old San Nicolas Church which had witnessed marriages being celebrated throughout its long history, as they listened to the vows exchanged between these two, coming from the bottom of their hearts. The vows told of their beautiful beginnings, of their love for each other that didn’t wane with the passing of time, and despite the fact they didn’t see each other for seven very long years, of their promises to each other as they journey towards their forever. After they uttered their heartfelt vows, tagos sa puso as most of those present will say to them later, all those present stood up, clapped and cheered with the couple. Everyone was just so happy that after all that they have been through, that there they were, about to become man and wife in front of God. When everyone has quieted down, the priest, a family friend of the Dela Paz’ continued with the ceremony, with a big smile on his old, wise face, joining in the happiness of everyone present, feeling the love between the bride and the groom that transcends everything. Ha had celebrated countless of weddings, and for him this one is very special because of the emotions and the happy vibes he can feel from everyone for this loving couple.

Maya walked down the aisle in a beautiful gown made of delicate lace with a fitted bodice, very short sleeves, a flared skirt, cinched at the waist with a ribbon. It was a gown fit for a princess. It was similar to the tea-length wedding dress that Audrey Hepburn had worn in the movie ‘Funny Face’. Maya loved that dress so much and she had wanted something in that style for her wedding dress. When the door of the church opened and she started walking towards Richard, in her very long unstructured veil, kept in place by a headband adorned with small pearls, everyone gasped at how beautiful and radiant she was.

Richard, when he saw his beautiful bride, felt his throat getting constricted, choked with emotions, he looked across the long aisle of the church decorated in tulips, roses of all varieties, and sunflowers to where his bride was, walking slowly towards him in the arms of her Tito Mario. He gave her a smile that lit up his whole handsome face. In response, his lovely bride gave him a tremulous smile, so full of love for him.

Maya felt at that moment that it was just her in Richard in the church. All the murmurs of the guests and the sound of the beautiful bridal music being played by the orchestra they hired for the occasion just faded in the background as she and Richard shared a look, a look that spoke that at last, they were there, about to become man and wife in every sense of the world, that this was the moment they have been waiting for. Maya also touched her tummy and silently communicated to their unborn child what she was feeling at that instance.

Throughout the ceremony, Richard and Maya communicated to each other the love and happiness they were feeling at that moment with the loving looks, smiles, and the heated gazes they have exchanged. When it was time to kiss the bride, Richard did it with so much feelings, which prompted their guests to tease them mercilessly. While he was doing so, he also surreptitiously caressed Maya’s tummy, as if to include their baby in the momentous occasion in his/her parents’ lives.

“I love you very much, Mrs. Maya Lim!” Richard whispered after he and Maya shared a kiss for the third time.

“I love you very much too, Mr. Richard Lim.” Maya whispered back, then cupped Richard’s face and initiated their fourth kiss at the altar amid the happy teasing of their guests.

With faces flushed, they looked and smiled radiantly at their families and friends. Both of them, felt like they were floating in outer space, weightless, from sheer happiness, and that, finally, they are husband and wife. The feeling of being blessed and finally being announced as husband and wife for the first time was indescribable for both of them. Indeed, “Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Maya Lim’ has the most wonderful ring!

The guests all proceeded to the San Nicolas Golf and Country Club for the reception, which are being hosted by Maya’s cousin Cristina Rose and her friend Emman who flew all the way from Singapore to attend her wedding, after the picture-taking in the church which was also marked by happy laughter and hugs and kisses for the lovely couple. Richard and Maya rode in an open vintage car adorned in calla lilies and sunflowers for the short trip to the country club, incorporating into the wedding, Maya’s love of old movies.

Now, here they are, more than an hour into their beautiful, fun-filled reception. Cristina Rose and Emman as hosts were a hit, considering that they only met each other several days ago. They had everyone in stitches. The guests also oohed and ahhed  when the same day edit of their wedding video was screened. Everyone, most specially Maya and Richard, also a wonderful trip down memory lane as video clips from the Miss Mindoro Pageant that Maya joined and where Richard was a judge, including the question and answer portion, was shown at the reception after the wedding video. Richard and Maya shared a look, feeling very, very nostalgic, seeing their younger selves and remembering that this was where they started. They didn’t know that the video will be shown. It was a surprise cooked by Tita Lulu, Cristina Rose, and Donya Esme with the cooperation of Rebecca Bermudez, who is among Richard and Maya’s wedding sponsors.

“Sweetheart, do you want more food? Remember you are eating for two now.” Richard whispered to Maya. They have just returned to their place on the dais after doing the reception ceremonies, which included them feeding each other a slice of cake and toasting each other, with Maya only having a small sip of tea, instead of the champagne due to her condition, and the bouquet and garter throwing. “I know you were not able to eat much, earlier.” Then he touched Maya’s tummy and the small bump there. “How are you there, little buddy, enjoying Mommy and Daddy’s wedding reception?”

“Sweetheart, I’m okay. The baby and I are okay. Ikaw din, hindi ba, hindi ka rin nakakain ng husto?” Maya asked, then teased her husband, “Sige ka, ikaw rin, baka wala ka ng energy sa honeymoon natin.”

Richard grinned at that and then whispered naughtily at Maya, “Ha sweetheart, ako pa superman yata ito. Whatever you want and whatever you wish, I can give it to you later, all night long. I missed you kaya last night.”

“Hmmm,  ikaw talaga, para isang gabi lang tayong hindi magkasama ah.” Maya replied, whispering back. As per tradition, Maya and Richard didn’t stay with each other the day before the wedding. Maya stayed at the Dela Paz’s ancestral house with her Tita Lulu and Tito Mario. That is where they will spend their first two nights too as husband and wife. While Tita Lulu and Tito Mario will stay at the resort, where most of the guests are staying. It is another Dela Paz family tradition which they would like to do, for Mamang na rin whom they have visited the day after they returned to Mindoro. Just like with Maya’s parents, they told Mamang about their wedding.

“Sweetheart, it felt like eternity kaya! In fact, hindi  nga ako nakatulog ng maayos kasi wala ka sa tabi ko.” Richard whispered. “Nasanay ka ako na katabi kita since we got together.”

“Truth to tell, Sweetheart. Ako rin.” Maya admitted sheepishly. “Nagising nga ako, in the middle of the night, I was expecting that you were there, pero mag-isa lang pala ako sa room.”

“See, kaya mamaya, babawi ako ng husto, Mrs. Lim.” Richard teased his lovely bride, who despite everything they have done together, still blushes at his naugthy teasing,

“Sure, Mr. Lim.” Maya replied with a big smile, anticipating their first night as husband and wife.

They gazed at each other heatedly, then kissed softly.

“Eheemmm, Mr. and Mrs. Lim….” Emman said. “Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lim…. Newly weds, your attention please….”

Finally, after the third time, Emman’s voice, with Cristina Rose’s teasing second, penetrated Maya and Richard’s world. They smiled sheepishly and goofily.

“Mr. and Mrs. Lim, first dance muna as husband and wife, mamaya pa ng kaunti ang start ng honeymoon ninyo.” Emman teased the happy couple amid the good-nature catcalls of their guests.

Richard held out his hand to Maya to guide her to the center of the room which was cleared for dancing as the strains of their favorite song, “Love Has Come of Age’ floated in. They looked at each other with so much love, then with eyes only for each other, danced to their own private rhythm, as closed as two person can get while dancing.

“I really love this song, sweetheart. Tamang-tama sa love story natin. I so love you very much. Sometimes, I can still believe that we are at this moment now. I still felt at times that I am still dreaming!” Maya whispered to Richard.

“Believe, sweetheart. I love you very much, and this is real. What we have is real. What we started more than seven years ago is now a reality. Our love has come of age, as the song said, at the right time and the right circumstances! See, after meeting each other again, it just flowed and now here we are.” Richard whispered back with so much feelings in his voice. “And I agree, my love, this song will always be special to me, to us.”

The two of them continued swaying to the beautiful music, feeling each other’s happiness, this overwhelming love for each other, and remembering their beginning, their meeting again after seven long years, the time they have spent since then, the discovery that they will have a baby, and the week leading to their wedding, which became a celebration of their upcoming nuptials, with their guests having a wonderful time at the picnic place near ‘their’ waterfall, to nights spent in their own private world in the bungalow, lost in each other, and still not getting enough of each other, until this beautiful, beautiful of all days.

When the song has ended, everyone clapped and tapped their glasses. Richard and Maya obliged and shared long kiss in front of their guests one more time. Their sweet music was replaced with an upbeat one and they have led the dancing from then on. The party lasted long. Like Cinderella, Richard and Maya said goodbye to their guests at midnight. The wedding car took them to the Dela Paz ancestral home, wrapped in each other’s arm, with Maya’s head pillowed on Richard’s chest.

The place was lit by electric ‘gas’ lamps, strategically place from the gate to the intricate stairs that let to the main living area of the house. There were also flowers in various pots, which were not there when Maya left the house that morning in her beautiful bridal dress. The stairs, up to the balkonahe were also full of rose and sunflower petals. Richard guided Maya up the beautiful stairs and when they have reached the doors that led to the living room, he kissed her.

“Our home here also, sweetheart.” Maya said softly.

“Yes, sweetheart.” Richard replied.

Richard then carried a laughing Maya over the threshold of the old place, that have seen countless Dela Paz’s brides doing so through the years. Richard only put Maya down when they were inside the master’s bedroom of the house. They decided that it will be their room from now on when they are staying here. The only thing that they removed from Maya’s room and transferred to their new bedroom was the big antique bed. The house has been renovated under Richard’s supervision in late February.

“Happy, my dearest wife?” Richard asked as he hugged Maya from the back, putting his arms around her waist and nuzzling her neck, giving her tiny kisses that awakened her senses very fast.

“Sobra-sobra, my husband.” Maya turned, and smiled lovingly at her husband. She tiptoed and touched her lips to his. “I love you more than life itself.” She whispered softly.

“I love you very much, my sweetheart. “Richard said, caressing Maya’s face. “You are my life now.”

Husband and wife, shared a look, and with that, understood each other. Both of them were feeling very much alive and aware of each other despite the lateness of the hour and the long day they had. Richard slowly unbuttoned the lace vintage dress that Maya changed into during their wedding reception. He punctuated his action with little kisses, on every part of Maya’s skin he exposed. The dress pooled o Maya’s feet and she was left clad in a lace strapless bra and undies that left little to the imagination. Richard caught his breath. His bride is very beautiful, especially with the slight bump on her tummy. He gave her one more kiss, then he carried and laid her gently on the bed, which was full of rose petals and adorned by tea light candles on each of the side tables, giving a softly, romantic and other worldly feel to the beautiful old room. The old four-poster bed was screen with lace curtains, evoking a feel of being transported to a bygone era.

Richard stood up again and slowly removed his tie, then slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, revealing his broad, muscular chest. It was Maya’s turn to look and admire her husband’s physique. She looked at him heatedly with desire on her eyes as she waited for him to completely reveal himself to her. Richard slowly removed his pants, until it pooled at his feet. With a hot look at his wife, he removed his last piece of clothing and walked slowly towards the bed. For Maya, Richard looked like a sleek panther about to claim his mate. She will never get tired of marveling at her husband’s physique.

The bed dipped a bit when Richard sat on the side. He slowly caressed Maya’s face with the back of his hand. Then he traced the seam of her lips with his thumb, heightening Maya’s awareness of him. Maya’s tongue darted out, touched Richard’s thumb, then she sucked on it. Richard’s other hand, moved to unfasten Maya’s strapless lace bra, which fell to the bed, and started touching her aching breasts. His thumb in her mouth was placed by his lips giving her a searing kiss. Richard’s tongue sought entrance to Maya’s mouth, seeking hers, wanting to mate. Richard seared Maya’s lips with hot kisses as his hand played mercilessly with her breasts, massaging them one after the other, tweaking at her nipples, inflaming them, a fire that electrified her up to her core. Maya combed Richard’s hair, caressing him every part of  his body she could touch. Richard’s hand moved lower and started wreaking havoc there. Maya gasped. She groped for Richard’s hard length, wanting to give him the same pleasure he was giving her.

“Rickyyyy……” Maya whispered, the passion he has ignited in her getting too much. “I’m on fire…..”

“Maya, the thing you do to me, sweetheart….” Richard muttered as Maya continued with the assault she was doing on his body.

Both of them continued driving each other mad, to the limits of the passion and pleasure they can endure and evoke from each other that wonderful night, and when they can’t stand it anymore, Richard kissed Maya’s breasts before he positioned himself on top of her and joined their bodies. They moved to the wonderful rhythm that they have perfected since the first time they made love, driving each other to the heights, soaring, and reaching fulfillment together. It was as wonderful as their first time to make love that New Year’s day.  However, another beautiful layer has been added to this one, as this is the first time they did it as husband and wife.

Richard kissed Maya’s face and lips. “I love you, sweetheart. That was….” He swallowed, full of emotions.

“This was more wonderful than before!” Maya finished, seeing that her husband was choked with emotion. “I felt it too, sweetheart. I felt like our souls melded dear husband. I love you very much. I felt our coming together up to my soul. I felt it the first time, but this one, doubly so. I never thought our coming together would get any better that it already was, but it just did!”

“You just said what I feel, sweetheart.” Richard said, his voice overwhelmed with feelings. “I’m sure we will always be like this.”

Maya laid at the crook of Richard’s arm, hugging him. Richard put a blanket over them, and they slept naked. They woke up at dawn and another fire smouldered between them, and which they banked with the rhythm they have established.

Maya and Richard stayed at the old house another day as they have planned, lost in their own universe. They only existed for each other, and each other’s pleasure. Then on the third day, they returned to their bungalow at Emerald, their own very special place. They spent the rest of the week there, swimming, making love, relaxing. They return to Manila, but only stayed overnight as they embarked on their honeymoon that took them first to New York. Richard fulfilled Maya’s wish to go up the top of the Empire State Building, just like in  the movie ‘An Affair to Remember’. Then they flew to London, Paris and Rome, which was Richard last treat to Maya. He told her, he wanted her to have her Princess Ann moment too. They went around the places that were featured in Maya’s favorite movie. Maya thanked her husband profusely. She told her that unlike Princess Ann, she got her prince in the end and that she is living her happily ever after!

Maya and Richard returned to the Philippines after three weeks, and resumed their respective jobs at Emerald. Despite their busy days, they made sure that they will have their ‘you and me’ time always. They have moved to Richard’s much bigger place and just sold Maya’s condo to one of Richard’s cousins who wanted to move to BGC. Maya had it easy with her pregnancy after the first trimester had passed. During her second trimester, they received a wonderful news. Maya was carrying twins, a boy and a girl! They were overjoyed, thank God profusely for all the blessings coming their way. Two babies at once! Richard teased Maya that after the twins are born, they just need to work on four more, which earned him a loving pinch from his wife. After they have found that they will have two babies, Maya worked on decorating the nursery that Richard had done even before they found out that she was pregnant, for two beautiful angels instead of one. Around six months after they got married, their precious babies whom they have named Sky and Sunshine were born.

“Parang kamukha na ng mga Lim. See, balae, singkit ang mga mata! Lalo na itong si Sky, parang si Ricky lang noong baby.” Donya Esmeralda told Lulu Francisco, as she carried Sky in her arm.

“Pero balae, itong si Sunshine, Dela Paz na Dela Paz ang face. Medyo kitang-kita na ngayong three-month old na sila. Parang si Maya lang noong baby siya.” Maya’s Tita Lulu countered as she carried a sleeping Sunshine in her arms. “Tingnan mo ang mga pilik-mata, Balae.”

“Ma, Tita Lulu, hindi ba pwedeng pareho na lang na may nakuha sa amin ni Ricky.” Maya said, as she looked at her mother-in-law and aunt, indulgently.

“Oo nga naman, Mama, Tita Lulu.” Richard added with a big smile, holding his wife’s hand as they sat in their living room as they entertained the two older ladies, that Sunday. Truth to tell, the two of them have been frequent visitors to their house, wanting to see their youngest grandchildren, in the case of Tita Lulu and her firsts, in the case of Donya Esmeralda, often. “Maya and I also did that just after the twins were born, you know. Contest kami kung sino ang kamukha.” He added laughing.

The two ladies laughed at that. “Oo naman, Balae.” Donya Esmeralda said. “Pasensya na kayong dalawa, ang kulit namin ni Balae.”

“Oo nga, Richard, Maya. Our apos as so cute kasi.” Tita Lulu added. “Nakakagigil talaga itong sina Sky and Sunshine. O basta, you need to go somewhere for the resorts and such, o kaya naman para sa second honeymoon, nandito lang kamni ni Balaeng Esme para mag-alaga sa mga apo namin.”

Maya and Richard thanked their parents for the offer. The two ladies stayed at the younger Lims’ resident until dinner. Indeed, they are so lucky to have them. One thing they are 101 percent sure of, their children and their future children will be very much-loved. While Maya has returned to work at the hotel after giving birth, she made it a point to go home early and be with the twins most of the time. Richard had cut back on his traveling too, and is concentrating on the design side of the business. Most of the time, he works from home so one of them have to be with the twins, even if one of the older Lims trusted and longtime kasambahay, Doris, and her friend Lea are the children’s nannies now.

That evening, Maya had a special treat for her wonderful husband, who is her partner in every sense of the word, especially with taking care of the kids. He didn’t know how, having no siblings and younger cousin, but he had learned and had concentrated on learning, just like one of his designs – to change the babies diaper, to give them milk when they get hungry from the breastmilk Maya pumped and stores in their fridge when she started going back to work! He is a very devoted father and very wonderful and the most loving husband.

Maya took a long bath. Then she took out a beautiful lace nightgown that she ordered from the online store of a well-known shop that specializes in women’s lingerie. Her husband was not yet in the room when she got out of the bath. She knows where he is. Putting on the wrap that goes with the gown, she went to the nursery. True enough, her husband clad only in pajama bottoms was standing between the two cribs, a big loving smile on his face as he stares at their beautiful angels.

“Sweetheart….” Maya said softly, so as not to wake up the kids, then hugged Richard from the back, planting a small kiss  near his shoulder blades. “Bed? I think they will sleep throughout the night again as they have been doing now the past week.”

The effect of that touch and kiss, coupled Maya’s soft  voice, on Richard was instantaneous. It felt like he was touch by an electric rod. He caught his breath. He turned around and saw for the first time what his beautiful wife is wearing, then smiled hugely. “Sweetheart, you are the most beautiful wife. Be it with while feeding and bathing our babies, or like this.” He said, softly, lovingly, desire in his eyes.

Maya smiled and intertwined her hands around Richard’s nape, then she whispered, “Well, I thought we should start making baby number three this evening, sweetheart.”

Richard grinned, like he had won the lotto that night! He and Maya have not gotten around discussing this aspect of their married life, the resumption of their physical relationship, as they had concentrated on the twins. He gave his wife a searing kiss. Then he carried her to their room after whispering, “Lead on, sweetheart.”

Like Maya had said, the twins slept through the night, and she and Richard spent the night making love, reacquainting themselves in each other’s body, pleasuring each other.

“I love you very much, Ricky.” Maya whispered, feeling sleepy after the second time they have made love.

“I love you very, very much too, Maya.” Richard said, planting a kiss on Maya’s thoroughly loved mouth. Then he put the blanket over them, sleeping spoon-like without any clothes on.

Nine months later, little Sky and Sunshine’s baby sister, Abby, was born to their very happy and industrious parents.


Note: That ends another story I enjoyed writing and sharing with you! Thank you very much again from the bottom of my heart for reading and enjoying my stories. I may not be able to reply to each and every comment you made, and thank you for all the likes, and just for reading, as I see in my page views, but I would like you to know that I appreciate you taking the time do so. Seeing and reading those comments, likes and visits, inspires me. Good vibes as always! Happy Sunday! ❤ ❤ ❤

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