Unexpected Love – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“Pippa darling, is everything okay?” Ethan asked as he saw Pippa staring into space, and heard her sighing in between drinking from the cup of coffee in front of her and tapping her fingers on the table absent-mindedly. She was seated in a corner table in the cafe where they agreed to meet that afternoon. He was supposed to surprise her with a kiss while covering her eyes, as he slowly crept towards her, but heard her sighing instead, and she seemed to be lost in thought.

Pippa and Ethan agreed to meet at that cafe in Bonifacio High Street after his visit to Werner’s office. Ethan was surprised when Pippa texted him more than an hour ago to tell him that she can pick him up and meet him for coffee if he finishes early. It was just a little after 3PM. He thought she would still be very busy at work since they will leave for the Palawan trip the following day. They only agreed that morning that she will pick him up from Werner’s late office in the afternoon if she can make it. If not, then Ethan will just take a cab home. Pippa had earlier insisted that she can pick him up, but Ethan told her to take care of her work first. He assured her he can managed. Pippa just gave him a spare key to her condo.

“Hi, Ethan!” Pippa said, smiling, happy to see him, then she stood up and gave Ethan a kiss on the cheek. “Please have a seat, honey. What would you like, frappe, cappuccino, tea? I ordered mine na since I arrived a bit earlier than our agreed time.”

“Oh, kanina ka pa pala! You should have sent me an SMS so I could have been here earlier.” Ethan said as he took a seat. Then he took hold of Pippa’s hand. “Is something wrong? Tell me please.”

“I guess I’m just frustrated, tired and a bit stressed out, Ethan. The show that I cut short my vacation for, and what I have been working on hard, will be put to the back burner indefinitely. The management has a change of plans again in the final line up of our new programs. No more magazine program for now! That also means no trip to Palawan tomorrow. My production team is a bit sad, but what can we do!” Pippa explained as she unconsciously moved her hand over Ethan’s. “This thing happens, pero I never thought that the show will be cancelled this late kasi di ba ma-a-advance nga dapat ang airing. Saka kung tutuusin, okay rin naman ang uunahin and ilalagay sa slot na dapat sa magazine show, a program on emergency preparedness. Mas kailangan naman ito sa mga panahong ito, lalo na after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, saka because of the malalakas na bagyo rin in recent years!”

“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry. I know how you have been looking forward to doing this program!” Ethan said, moving closer and putting his ams around Pippa. “So, what are your plans now, career wise and personal? Pwede ka na ulit magbakasyon?”

“For now, rest muna ako, until they green light the magazine program again. In a way, it’s a blessing in disguise din naman. Na-realized ko rin iyan while waiting for you and trying to clear my head with a cup of coffee. Now, I can continue with my much needed vacation. Also, I can also explore what I have been toying in my head before, just try to make a career out of blogging. This way I can control my content and my time. Karamihan naman, online na ngayon and I believe if I have put enough interesting content and promote it on social media, I’ll make a career out of it. For me, para rin naman iyang production work, online nga lang instead of television.” Pippa said, staring off, as if talking to herself, but basically using Ethan as sounding board. “What do you think?”

“I think it is a wonderful idea! I can help you with setting up your site.” Ethan said, liking Pippa’s idea and liking the fact that he can help her make a go of it. “You can do it, darling. You have the writing and production background for it. I can handle the technical stuffs. It is one thing I can do for you.”

“Really, honey, you will? That would be great!” Pippa said, happily. “Thank you, thank you, honey.”

With Ethan supporting her idea, it is not as scary and as unchartered waters, so to speak, as the first time she first entertained the thought of doing it, several months ago. She hesitated on sounding off Martin about it as she knew he would think she would be foolish to leave her network job, and all the benefits for something so completely unknown and untested. Truth to tell, she thinks now that one of her attractions to Martin is her job, and his perception that a lot of perks and influence goes with being a producer! He couldn’t be more wrong. While she can, on a level, Pippa has never tried to use her position for personal gains. It is against her ethics. As for benefits, in actuality, she would be okay too financially, as her father left her and her mom well off. She also got hold of the money he and her mother invested for her when she turned 25 years old. She does not spend much and she is not into designer clothes and bags naman.

“Of course, my darling. Whatever it is that you want to do next, I will support you 101 percent. I love you and that is part of loving each other. As you were there for me as I dealt with the effects of Claudia’s death.” Ethan cupped Pippa’s face and then gave her a quick, sweet kiss. “I’ll just grab myself a cup of coffee too, then we can talk in details about your plans, and our plans since the Palawan trip is off.”

Ethan stood up to go to the counter and Pippa followed him with her gaze, thanking God for giving Ethan to her. Apparently, she was not the only one looking at Ethan. She saw several admiring glances as he walked to the counter, then they looked at her, with something akin to envy. Ah, you don’t know ladies how lucky I really, really am to have this wonderful and beautiful man in my life! If  you know, tataas ang standards niyo sa paghahanap ng boyfriend or sa mga boyfriend or husband ninyo na!

Pippa is glad that Ethan is completely out of the long shadow cast by Claudia’s death and that they can move forward together. Yesterday morning, she was woken up by Ethan’s kisses. When she opened her eyes, she saw him looking at her with a big smile lighting up his whole face.

“Good morning, my darling!” Ethan said lovingly, caressing her face thoroughly, and lovingly. “Thank you very much for taking care of me, last night.”

“Good morning, Ethan!” Pippa said sleepily. “How are you, honey?”

“I’m very good, I slept well and I felt way, way much lighter. In fact, I just felt so very happy. Reading that diary liberated me, and you with me last night, made me feel so wonderfully so. I’m so lucky to have found you.” Ethan said. “I love you very, very much, Pippa.”

“I love you very, very much, too Ethan.” Pippa whispered softly. “I’m so glad you are okay now. If you want we can go to church later, diyan lang sa kabilang village and offer a prayer for Claudia and your baby.”

“Yes, we can do that Pippa. Thank you very much. You are the sweetest girlfriend and I’m a very, very lucky guy. I will not get tired of saying that to you.”

“Ethan honey, I will not get tired of hearing it. I’m a lucky girl too.” Pippa said, giving her boyfriend a loving smile.

Pippa and Ethan gazed at each other. The gaze turned into a heated look. Something was ignited between them. Ethan lowered his face to Pippa’s, capturing her lips in a searing kiss that went on forever. Pippa returned the kiss, with equal fervour. Both of them wanting more. They started caressing each other heatedly. Pippa felt like Ethan was branding her with his heated touch. From her lips, his questing mouth moved to her nape, then the valley between her breasts, and then his lips replaced the hand that had been wreaking havoc on her breasts through the thin material of her sleeping shirt. She felt like she was going crazy with want, craving for more and more of Ethan’s touch. She knew where what they have been doing would lead and she was ready for it. The time was right for her and Ethan to take their love for each other to another level. She was not afraid to do so. With Ethan, she was very much willing to cross the point of no return, with the two of them united body and soul.

“Pippa…Pippa…!” Ethan said softly.  “Earth to Pip, my darling!” He said with a quick kiss on her opened lips.

“Oh…!” Pippa then realised where she was and what she was reliving at that moment! She blushed profusely, flustered, she gave Ethan a shy smile. “Sorry, I was so lost in my thoughts.”

“It must be very nice thoughts, darling! I have been calling your attention for a while.” Ethan said, then he grinned naughtily, seeing the blush on Pippa’s oh so transparent face. “Hmmm, parang I know na what you were thinking. I have been thinking of that too, darling on my way here. Pati the whole day kahapon!” He confessed, as even if they would like to, they were unable to continue with that last night.


“Yes, really, really!” Ethan said, grinning and teasing. “And when you are ready and when we finally get to make love, darling, I’ll make sure there will be no more interruptions. Maybe, we can go to an island where it would just be us there! No sister to interrupt us!”

“Hahahaha, Ally was not intending to naman, Ethan. She was being very quiet nga. Next time, maybe I should just buy plastic glasses and cups, hahahaha!” Then Pippa looked at Ethan. “But you know, if we were not interrupted, we would have, you know, done it.” She admitted, blushing.

“Really, darling! You were okay with it?” Ethan asked, gazing at Pippa, lovingly and with a hint of desire in his eyes.

“Yes. With you, I’m sure.” Pippa confessed.

“Darling, thank you.” Ethan said, with a wealth of emotion in his reply. He felt overwhelmed with Pippa’s trust in him. His throat constricted. “Next time, let’s make sure, no interruptions. You know buying plactic cups and glasses is not a bad idea.” He added, grinning happily.

The two of them shared a meaningful look, grinning, remembering their interrupted moment.

Their passionate moment was actually interrupted by a sound of breaking glasses. Not because they were trying to rein in their passion for each other. It was so loud that it sent Pippa and Ethan out of the room fast, without even checking their appearances, thinking that something had happened to Ally. Yes, something had happened. Ally broke the glasses and the cups she was holding in her hand. She was trying to be quiet, so as not to disturb them. She thought they were still sleeping. However, she slipped on a wet patch near the sink, with the glasses  and cups she was trying to put in the dish cabinet! Pippa left those by the sink  to dry when Ethan and her went to bed the night before.

She apologized profusely for breaking the glasses and the cups, and said sorry anew, when she saw the state her brother and Pippa were in. It was obvious that she interrupted more than just their sleep! Pippa blushed, felt shy all of a sudden. Ethan hugged him to her and whispered to her that it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Later that day, Ally, a straightforward person like her brother, assured Pippa that she does not have anything to be embarrassed about, as she and Ethan are both consenting adults and it is quite normal where she had grown up.

“So, what would like to write about?” Ethan asked while he takes a sip of his cappuccino, holding Pippa’s hand.

“Hmmmm, anything that is interesting. People, places, things, gadgets, fashion, information, and human interests stuffs. Something that people would be interested in, along the lines of the magazine show I would have produced for the station. I can also incorporate short vids, together with tons of photos. Something short and snappy, pero very informative din. I’ll show you some of my ideas when we get home. They are stored in my MacBook.” Pippa said, her face lighting up as she talked about her project. “Matagal ko na kasi itong gustong gawin, pero walang courage kasi nga ang dami namang bloggers ngayon  na magagaling and anyone can create a blog. Also, wala rin akong time before to do this and give this project most of my time.”

“Okay, we can do that this evening.” Ethan said. “I’m sure you will like doing this, and you will be a success on it, darling. You have produced successful shows and it is just a matter of translating it into the cyber world. Your face lit it when you speak of this. You have the talent and the guts to finally do it. I believe in you, Pip. You can do this.I’ll be here for you.”

“Thank you again, Ethan.” Pippa pressed Ethan’s hand. “Kumusta pala ang lakad mo sa office ni Werner?”

“It was okay. I will start middle of next month. Their office is nice, with big glass windows and a pool table inside. Very laid back. Pero I don’t have to go there naman everyday kasi most of the work, I can do anywhere as long as I have a fast internet connection.” Ethan said. “So, everything is looking good.”

“Middle of next month? Then you have several weeks free pa?” Pippa said matter of factly. She had been thinking of asking if Ethan would like to travel with her part of that when he verbalized what she had been thinking.

“Yes, which is great since I would like to spend more time with you, you know just being laid back and enjoying each other’s company. Now that you are not working on a program at the moment, maybe we can explore the country together. As many places as we could in one go, leisurely.” Ethan said, then asked, “What do you think, Pippa?”

Pippa grinned at Ethan. ”I was going to ask you that, naunahan mo lang ako! That would be great! Tapos I can also write about the places we will go and see, interview people, looking for something interesting to write, that sort of thing!”

“I like it, very much. So. where do we start and when?” Ethan asked, getting very excited about the whole thing, and looking forward to seeing places with Pippa.

“Well since hindi na nga tuloy iyong Palawan trip, we don’t have to start there. We can do it at some point. How about we travel North muna, then pababa to South, then to Visayas, and Mindanao? Kahit hindi naman in one go. Basta ang importante we got to enjoy the places din. We can travel naman another time, since flexible rin ang time mo sa bago mong work. I can also think about whether I will stay pa with my job or go full blast, doing the blog. That way, I can also think about my options while we are traveling. But wait, how about Ally, baka may gusto siyang specific places na puntahan. Gaano katagal ba siya dito. Let’s ask her this evening. Babalik ba siya sa condo tonight? I forgot to ask her.”

“Yes, she will be. She said Cousin Melissa will take her home around 7PM or so mamaya.” Ethan replied. “Pero she hasn’t send an SMS yet about it. Anyway, we can just ask her when we see her, whether this evening or tomorrow. For sure, babalik kaagad iyon kasi di ba, she does not know yet na hindi tayo matutuloy sa Palawan.”

When they got home the day before from eating lunch, shopping and watching a movie from the nearby mall, Ally went online to check on her Facebook page and found a message from hers and Ethan’s cousin Melissa who it turned out is in Manila. She attended a seminar at her company’s corporate headquarters in Makati, but opted to delay her return to Davao to do some shopping and take a short vacation. Ethan was planning to call her and his Tita Miriam at some point, just to say hello, but as he was still hurting from what happened, he opted to keep a low profile first. Melissa saw Ally’s post that she is in Manila. As they have not seen each other for four years, the last time was when Melissa was in London, she had asked Ally if she would like meet with her as her flight to Davao is on Wednesday pa.

Pippa, Ethan and Ally stayed at home, Sunday evening. Pippa and Ally cooked, while Ethan made the salad, a task he told the ladies, he can’t fail in doing. After dinner, Pippa had stomach cramps, something that she experience from time to time because of her period. Ethan asked her to lay down early to ease the pain. He also bought her medicine from the nearby pharmacy, and made a hot compress for her. They had an early night, watching the first of The Hobbit movies.

That Monday morning, they left Pippa’s condo at past 8 o’clock in the morning to start their long journey to Makati. It took them more than an hour to go there from Quezon City. They dropped off Ally at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall. Melissa was already at the cafe where they agreed to meet. The three cousins chatted for a bit and Pippa got introduced also as Ethan’s girlfriend. Pippa dropped off Ethan at Werner’s building and then return to Quezon City for her meeting with her production manager, and the rest happened. She felt so tired after the meeting. She texted Ethan and they agreed to meet at BGC.

“So, would like to go back to Quezon City now or just walk around and have dinner here?” Pippa asked Ethan.

“Home please! I prefer your condo than being in a crowd. We can just pick up food on the way home. Di ba, sabi mo there is a new restaurant near your place that has masarap food?” Ethan said.

“Yes! The place has the most mouth-watering baby back ribs, and pasta with shrimps!” Pippa replied. “Are those food okay with you and Ally? We can also order pizza and burgers there. They have several kinds, or we can order their special rice. ”

“Sounds good to me. I’m sure Ally will like those too.” Ethan smiled. “Come, let’s go home.”

Hand and hand, they walked out of the cafe, to where Pippa parked her car. Pippa felt happier and lighter. She gave Ethan a loving look, and he did the same. Both of them are looking forward to their trip.

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