Crossroads – Epilogue

Honeybun and Babe (and the little munchkins)

Maya and Richard exited the busy terminal at past three o’clock in the afternoon. Richard insisted that he will take care of their luggage. Hand intertwined  with Maya’s, he led his wife to a waiting taxi by the curb. The driver helped Richard put their luggage in the compartment. Then, Richard escorted Maya to the back seat of the obviously, new taxi. As soon as they did, the driver gave them a huge smile and a very warm greeting.

“Magandang hapon po sa inyo, Sir Richard, Mam Maya. Congratulations po sa kasal ninyo.” The kindly, old driver, greeted the happy couple.

“Good afternoon din po sa inyo Mang Gener.” Richard said smiling, while Maya was puzzled at the exchange. How come the driver knows them!

“Good afternoon din po sa inyo, Mang Gener. Kilala niyo po kami, or si Ricky?” Maya asked the driver, trying to recall if she had met him before.

But before the driver can reply, Richard held Maya’s hand, brought it to his lips, then smiled at her lovingly.

“Honeybun, hindi mo ba siya naaalala?”

Maya looked at the driver again, then noticed the name of the cab they were in, then it clicked in her brain.

“Manong, ikaw iyon!!! Iyong taxi driver namin ni Ricky noong nag-agawan kami sa taxi!” She said happily. “Saan at paano po kayo nagkita ulit nitong si Ricky?”

“Mam Maya ako nga po iyon. Ang saya-saya ko nga po nang malaman kong nagkatuluyan pala kayo ni Sir!” Mang Gener told her, as he started the car and  navigated the roads going to Quezon City. “Akalain niyo, matapos kayong mag-agawan ng taxi, sa kasalan nauwi ang lahat. Sabi ko na nga po, parang bagay na bagay kayo noong sakay ko kayo pareho!”

Richard and Maya gazed at each other lovingly and smiled, both remembering their meeting. They have come a long way since that day, more than six months ago. Who would have thought.

“Pero, itong taxi niyo, paano po na “Honeybun and Babe” na ang pangalan?” Maya asked, thinking that it was not a coincidence that the cab bore hers and Richard’s endearment for each other.

“Errr, tungkol po diyan, mas mabuti po sigurong si Sir Richard na ang magsabi sa inyo.” Mang Gener smiled, thinking of the day this nice gentleman sought him out and offered him a lifeline, without him knowing it. He had saved his family. He never thought it would happen to him by taking in this very nice couple to their destination.

“My love,” Richard started, taking his cue from the taxi driver, “even though we would eventually met through Cris, even if we didn’t share a taxi ride, I felt that our journey started, and became more meaningful, colorful, and something to tell our children and grandchildren when we shared that taxi ride. That would always be special to me. The idea of seeking Mang Gener out started with the MMS you sent to Cris, which I asked from her, with the idea of thanking Mang Gener in some way, for unknowingly throwing us together.”

Maya smiled, remembering the photos she took of Mang Gener’s ID and the name of the taxi they were in, which she sent to Cris. “Yes, I remembered you telling me you want to thank him.”

“I had my assistant looked for Mang Gener. Liza found him kaagad. So, pinuntahan ko siya doon. Malapit lang naman sa office ko.”

“Opo, Mam. Noon po kasi, medyo wala po akong biyahe, kasi po iyong taxi kung saan ko kayo naisakay, nasira po. Kaya nag-aabang po ako ng pwedeng imaneho at maka-extra man lang para sa pambili ng pagkain naming mag-anak at pambaon ng anak sa eskwela.” Mang Gener narrated.

“Nagpasalamat po si Sir Richard sa akin, tapos ibinigay niya ang card niya matapos kaming magkakwentuhan. Sabi po niya kung may kailangan ako, tumawag lang doon. Akala ko po, doon na natapos ang lahat, pero pagkalipas ng mahigit isang linggo, ipinatawag niya ako sa office niya, tapos ibinigay niya po sa akin itong taxi. Hindi nga po ako makapaniwala! Pakiramdam ko noon, tumama ako sa lotto!” Mang Gener continued.

“Talaga po, Mang Gener! Mabuti po naalala niyo pa itong si Ricky nang magkita kayo sa garahe!” Maya smiled and gazed lovingly at her generous husband.

“Mam, mahirap naman po kayong makalimutan ni Sir.” The driver smiled. “Ang sweet niyo nga pong magtalo doon sa agawan niyo sa taxi. Saka wala pa po akong mga pasahero na nagkaagawan na katulad ninyo.”

Maya and Richard smiled, and looked at each other lovingly. Forgetting Mang Gener for a while, and where they were, they kissed sweetly. Maya have a lot of questions for Richard, but she would ask him later.

They chatted with Mang Gener all the way to Eastwood. Maya found out that he has two children and one of them was supposed to be in college, the other one in high school. Mang Gener said  his panganay will go back to school again since may taxi na siya and steady income. He told them that he really want his children to have a better life. Iyon na lang daw ang maipapamana nilang mag-asawa sa mga anak nila. Soon after, they arrived at their place.

“Mang Gener, thank you po sa pagsundo niyo sa amin ni Maya.” Richard told the driver as they were standing at the driveway of their building. He also gave Mang Gener an envelope.

“Naku, Sir Richard, huwag na po ito. Sobra-sobra na po ang naitulong niyo sa akin at sa pamilya ko. Dahil sa inyo makakapag-aral ulit ang anak kong panganay. Hindi niyo lang po alam kung gaano ko na katagal na pinangarap magkaroon ng sariling taxi. Dahil sa inyo, malaki na ang naiuuwi kong kita sa pamilya ko.” Mang Gener put the envelope back in Richard’s hand.

“Mang Gener, huwag niyo po sanang tanggihan, please.” Richard insisted, pressing the envelope on the kind, old man’s hand. “Gusto ko po sana talagang maging bahagi ito ng celebration ng marriage namin ni Maya. Alam ko naman po na hindi niyo sasayangin ang lahat.”

Maya also prodded Mang Gener to accept the envelope, having an inkling that this gesture is important for her generous husband. She still remember the caretakers in Mindoro that he also helped. “Mang Gener, tanggapin niyo na po. Hala kayo, malulungkot po kami. Parte po iyan ng celebration ng wedding namin ni Ricky. Malaking bahagi po kayo noon. Imagine, sa lahat po ng mangyayari sa amin sa araw na iyon, para po kaming pinagtagpo ng tadhana sa taxi ninyo!”

With husband and wife, insisting, Mang Gener accepted the envelope. He thanked them profusely, then said goodbye to this wonderful, generous couple na parang guardian angels niya. When they went inside their building, he looked inside the envelope, and felt like going out and thanking them profusely again with what were inside it. Feeling ni Mang Gener at that time, kahit isanlibong ‘thank you’ kulang para sa kabaitan ng mag-asawang Lim.

Inside the envelope, Mang Gener discovered two educational plans for his kids, already paid for, aside from a generous amount of money, for his wife to start a sari-sari store, according to the note he found in it. Mang Gener thought, hinding-hindi niya sasayangin ang oportunidad na ibinigay sa kanya ng mag-asawang Lim. Habambuhay siyang tatanaw ng utang na loob sa mga ito.

Maya and Richard, hands intertwined, rode the elevator to Maya’s old unit, their home for now, sharing a loving smile. They decided that they will just sell Richard’s unit and live in this one. It is on the same tower as Cafe M. Richard also said that it is easier for him to move as he just moved to his unit anyway. Manang Fe went back to the Lim family home. She offered to stay with the couple if they need her. Maya and Richard thanked her but told her, Donya Esemeralda also misses her and that they can fend for themselves. Tutal, they told her, may cleaning lady naman sila. They assured Manang Fe na huwag na silang intindihin at mag-relax na lang. Richard also teased Maya that if she will be the one to move to the other unit, baka ilang linggo na hindi pa sila tapos maglipat sa dami ng gamit niya. It earned him a loving pinch from Maya.

“Home sweet home, my husband!” Maya said happily, as she opened the door of their home for now. She thinks they will need another one with the coming of their baby.

“Yes, my wife.” Richard said. Then just like in Vigan, carried Maya in his arms from the door, across the living room,  to their favorite armchair by the window. He sat down and adjusted his position so Maya can sit comfortably in his lap.

“Happy, my love?” He asked, as he played with her hair.

“Of course, Babe! Sobra-sobra! I’m the happiest girl in the world, with a husband like you.” Maya lovingly said, then she reached out, cupped Richard’s face and gave him a kiss.

Richard responded, deepened the kiss, and before long, husband and wife were sharing another very hot kiss. Richard’s hand crept up inside the loose blouse Maya was wearing, and started playing with her breasts. His move drove her crazy and started touching Richard also everywhere she could.

When they can’t get enough of touching each othee through their clothes, Richard carried Maya to their bedroom, and made passionate love to her the whole afternoon. They fell aslept after. After taking a shower together, Richard and Maya, went back to the living room, cuddled together and just relaxed.

“Babe, now back to my question, how come you ended up giving Mang Gener a taxi at saka ang name pa “Honeybun and Babe”, which I liked a lot by the way. It was a very generous thing to do at hindi na ako nagtataka, knowing what you did for Manong Benito and Manang Linda, and their kids.” Maya said while she settled comfortably in between Richard’s legs and his broad chest.

Richard put his chin on his wife shoulder while his arms were around her waist, hugging her from behind. “You know, my love, I will always be grateful for you coming to my life. Like I have mentioned, I wanted to thank Mang Gener, which I did noong pinahanap ko siya. I also found out during the course of paghahanap sa kanya how good a person he is. Kilala siya lahat ng mga kasama niya and lahat sila without Liza asking volunteered na ang bait niya, mahusay makisama at matulungin kahit pangkain na lang ng pamilya.

When Liza reported back to me, I was thinking of ways to thank him. Pero at the time I met him, wala ako masyadong concrete idea pa. Sabi ko sa sarili ko I will just return. In the meantime, I left him my card. Pero noong paalis na ako ng garahe, after I found out na extra-extra na lang siya, I thought of giving him the taxi, for him to earn for his family. Tapos, I want something to remember our meeting din, so the name of the cab.” Richard happily narrated to his Honeybun.

“I just felt tha helping someone would be the best way to thank God for bringing you into my life. Then to celebrate our marriage, I want to do something more for Mang Gener and his family. I called him from Vigan and requested that he pick us up. I want you to see ‘our special taxi’. Then give him the gift.” He finished while lovingly kissing his wife’s shoulder blades.

“What was in the envelope ba, Babe?” Maya asked, loving her husband more with his unending and imaginative ways of showing her how much he loves her and how happy he is with their lives together.

Richard told her about the educational plan for the kids, and also a little puhunan for Mang Gener’s wife, Pilar. “Liza found out na matatalino ang mga bata. Honor students. Natigil lang iyong panganay kasi humina ang kita ni Mang Gener sa pagta-taxi. Tumaas daw ang boundary, mahal pa ang gas, tapos kalaban niya pa ang matinding traffic. Tapos the wife naman, earning money from sewing rags na ibinebenta sa kalye. I just thought they deserve our help naman. Di ba, mas meaningful, kaysa naman dole-out.”

“I love you, Babe.” Maya said, teary-eyed. “You are a very good person and the best husband in the whole world.”

“I love you too, my Honeybun.” Richard said, happy to see his wife happy, then hugged her tight and then caressed her tummy. “And you too, little buddy.”

The rest of the day was spent in their apartment, having a quiet time together.  They ordered dinner from a nearby restaurant. They chatted like old married couple, marked by their ‘Honeybun and Babe’ banters. The night, like all their nights since they first made love, was spent pleasuring each other, discovering each other’s body more.

The following day, Richard and Maya went to Dr. Gonzaga’s clinic. Luckily, she had a schedule that day. She confirmed that Maya was, indeed, 12 weeks pregnant. When they returned home, Maya and Richard called their families and told them of the good news.

“Son, I’m so happy. Excited na ako sa magiging apo namin ng Papa mo.” Donya Esmeralda said, while Don Roberto listened on, smiling.

“Esme, sabihin mo kina Maya and Ricky na ako na ang bahalang mag-alaga sa apo ko, paglabas.” He added. “Isasama ko sa paggo-golf ko.”

“Hay naku, Roberto, hindi pa pwede kapag baby pa.” Donya Esmeralda teased her husband, then went back to her son and daughter-in-law, “Hay naku, itong Papa niyo, volunteering to be the baby’s yaya. Isasama raw sa golf course.”

Richard and Maya laughed. They said goodbye to Richard’s parents after promising to see them after their return from Mindoro. Then they called Maya’s mom and sister. Patty activated the speaker phone.

“Maya, anak, Richard, I’m so happy to know. Magkakaapo na kami ng Dad mo!” Mommy Tessie said, teary-eyed. “I’m sure, masayang-masaya rin ang daddy mo, anak kung nabubuhay pa siya.”

“Yes!!!! Ate Maya, Kuya Ricky, magiging tita na ako!” Patty chirped in happily. “Sana kamukha ko!”

“Hay naku, Patricia, bago ikaw, ako muna.” Mommy Tessie teased her other daughter. “Saka sana, hindi maging kasing kulit mo itong pamangkin mo! O sige na mga anak, enjoy your honeymoon, ha. Tawag na lang kayo pagbalik niyo ng Maynila.”

“Sige po, Mommy Tessie. Baka po, we can have a celebration dinner for the baby, with Mama and Papa.” Richard suggested to his mother-in-law.

“Oh, that would be nice. Sige, let Patty and I know when. Ingat kayo. I love you, mga anak.”

“I love you, Mom. You took, kulit little sister. See you.” Maya can’t just helped but egged her sister.

Next they called were Cris and Stephen, who were then in Palawan. Stephen went diving, Cris said while she stayed in their cottage, resting. Pagod pa raw siya sa biyahe nila.

“Talaga namang hindi lang pala mala-tornado ang ligawan niyo, pati pala sa pagiging parents. Boston Marathon lang ang peg!” Cris teased. “Nauna pa kayong naka-finish line sa akin ha.”

“Hahahahaha, bessie. True. Ito kasing pinsan mo eh…..” Maya said.

“Ha, bakit ako. Ikaw nga itong…..” Richard countered.

“Hahahaha, kayo talagang mag-HoneyBabe, walang kakupas-kupas.” Cris laughed. “Congratulations sa baby ha. O ninang ako niyan, ha.”

“Of course, pinsan, ikaw pa.” Richard assured his cousin.

“I’m sure Stephen will be glad to know. Hayan, maiinggit pati iyon sa inyo.” Cris said smiling.

They said goodbye to Cris after chatting with her and confirming the date they will see her and Stephen before they return to the States.

The following day, Richard and Maya flew to Mindoro with Captain Ventura and Captain Corpuz who congratulated them on their marriage. The two pilots will pick them up after two weeks, and they even teased na mukhang hindi na sila ma-i-stranded this time. Richard assured them that okay na okay lang namang ma-stranded. Maya laughed and blushed.

If Manang Linda prepared a lot of food the last time they were here, that was nothing compared to what they saw on the veranda this time, parang wedding reception ulit, with matching flowers and candles pa. Manang Linda said, this is to celebrate their marriage.

“Maligayang pagbati po sa inyo Sir Richard, Mam Maya.” Manang Linda said as she led the couple to the veranda.

“Thank you very much po Manang Linda.” Maya said. “Maraming salamat po dito. Ang dami nito, saluhan niyo kami ni Ricky.”

“Oo nga po Manang. Nasaan po si Manong Benito?” Richard added.

“Naku, Mam, Sir, salamat po. Tapos na po kami ni Benny. Para po sa inyo talaga iyan. Nandoon po si Benny sa kabilang isla, bumibili ng fresh seafood para sa inyo, para po bukas.” Manang Linda explain. “Maiwan ko po muna kayo. Enjoy po sa pananghalian niyo. Nasa kusina po ako kung may kailangan kayo.”

Richard and Maya thanked Manang Linda. They enjoyed the delicious food Manang prepared. Afterwards, they went for a walk, and ended up at their hammock at the other side of the island.

“Babe, it’s so very nice to be back here. This beats having a honeymoon abroad.”  Maya said as she nuzzled Richard’s neck as she laid very comfortably on his broad chest.

“I agree 101 percent, Honeybun. Feeling ko nasa private paradise tayo, lalo na at tayong dalawa lang ang maiiwan dito.” Richard said with a naughty grin.

Maya felt Richard’s teasing and intention in the way his voice change, sounding ‘bedroomy’. She smiled. She really love this very passionate side of her husband.

They stayed in the hammock most of the afternoon. When the sun was setting, they returned to the house. The caretakers were about to leave. They will stay in their house in the main island during the night and just come back for them for several hours during the daytime, giving them privacy.

Richard and Maya decided to take a swim, and have dinner at the beach afterwards.  They went to their room to change. Richard caught his breath when he saw what his wife was wearing, a very becoming and very sexy two-piece swimsuit, much more revealing than the one she wore the last time they were here.

“Wow! I love it my Honeybun!” Richard said, looking at Maya with desire in his eyes.

Maya’s whole being reacted to Richard’s heated gaze, added by the fact that  her husband was also wearing a fitted swimming shorts, that showed the shape of his hard length a lot. She also will never get tired of looking, and touching, his muscular chest.

They moved closer to each other, then started playing and touching, removing each other’s clothes, what little of it, hurriedly. They fell to the bed, and doused the fire they have created with their heated gazes. It was already quite dark when they made it to the beach with a big mat, a blanket, and a picnic hamper.

They had dinner first, feeding each other morsels of food, that also turned into a love play. They tested each other’s threshold of passion, with a touch here and there, and with their heated kisses and gazes. They continued their love play in the water, heating the cool night with their intense passion for each other.

“Maya, my love….” Richard said, his control almost to snapping point as they stood in the shallow side, with Maya caressing Richard’s hard length vigorously, while giving him a heated kiss, their tongues dueling.

Maya was just giving back Richard, what he evoked in her when he played with her breasts, with his tongue and hands, and with it, he also assaulted her corse, making her want to fly.

“Ricky, babe…..” Maya moaned against Ricky’s mouth as he increased the pressure of his caresss on her core. She also did the same on Richard’s hard length.

Richard’s control snapped. He carried Maya to the blanket they have laid with before going to the water, then proceed to love Maya thoroughly, every inch of her. Maya did the same. Their sighs and moans mixed with the sound of the wind and surf, until their cries of fulfillment echoed strongly in the dark night.

The rest of their stay in the island was spent like that, with their passion for each other, not diminishing, but getting stronger and stronger. The more they slake their desire and passion for each other, the more they want more. They were so attuned with each other’s body that a mere heated touch or a gaze, sets their passion ablaze.

Maya and Richard returned to Manila two weeks after, happy and more and more in love with each other. They settled into their newly-married life, with Richard going to work five days a week, but cutting back on his long hours at work. Maya also cut back on her travels as her tummy got bigger, concentrated on the cafe, and found that she also have a talent writing children’s stories. She created a website for her stories, which she shared with other moms.

Six months after they got married, one beautiful Saturday evening, Maya gave birth to their first borns, Robert Arthur and Emerald Therese. They lovingly called them Sky and Sunshine for what they represent in their lives. Their joy doubled when Maya’s next ultrasound several weeks after their honeymoon to Mindoro revealed that they will have twins. They decided to name them after the grandparents who were overjoyed with the honor.

Maya and Richard soon moved to a bigger house, with Manang Fe, her niece Fely who also works for them now, and the children’s nanny Leah. They settled into the life of doting parents to their lovable, adorable and super cute babies. They don’t want to take their eyes off them, and can gaze at them for hours, and marvel at the peaceful way they sleep. Their heart skipped a beat when they bestowed them a toothless smile.

“Babe….?” Maya sat up when she realized she was alone in the bedroom, when she woke up in the middle of the night. She got out of the bed. She have a pretty good idea where her husband is. She went to the nursery and stood by the door, watching her husband lovingly.

“Sky, it’s Sunshine’s turn okay. Settle in, little buddy.” He lovingly told his boy, while he was changing Sunshine’s smelly diaper. When he was done, he had a satisfied smile on his face, as if he had closed a very lucrative business deal. “See, that was not so bad. Daddy can do it too!”

“Wow, Babe, ang galing ah. Congratulations. Bakit hindi mo na lang ako ginising or si Leah.” Maya approached her husband and hugged him from behind, looking at their now happy, sleepy babies. He usually leave the diaper-changing to her or the children’s nanny after he mangled his several attempts. He looked so cute then, when he sheepishly smiled and showed her the crooked diapers he put on their twins.

“You were sleeping so soundly, my love. Alam ko naman na you just finished feeding them.” Richard said, as he kissed his wife lightly on the cheek. “Beside I want to do it too talaga. Gusto ko rin na kasama mo akong hands on to our babies. Courage lang, Honeybun and try and try. Sorry nga pala, I got home late, and missed dinner earlier. Marami kasi kaming ni-review na contracts ni Ryan.”

“Okay lang, Babe! Kumain ka na ba?” Maya said as she and her husband walked out of the nursery, arms around each other having put their little angels to sleep.

“Yes, I did. I was about to join you in bed nga when I heard the twins making noises. Before they wake you up, I decided to check on them.” Richard said as they entered their bedroom. He then noticed his wife wearing a very nice, black, lace night gown under her wrap.

“Hmmmm, Honeybun, is that new?” He asked, liking the way his wife looks in it. His wife got more and more beautiful and alluring with each passing day. He will never get tired of looking at her like this for the rest of their lives,

“Errr, yes. I bought it this morning after I have seen Dr. Gonzaga.” Maya replied, suddenly getting a bit conscious.

Richard picked up the subtleties of his wife’s gesture and what she was subliminally saying. He grinned, went to her with a seductive voice. “You mean to say, Honeybun…..???”

Maya smiled lovingly and alluringly at her wonderful, handsome, and the best husband in the world. “Yes, Babe…..”

Richard grinned, then proceeded to carry his wife to bed, turned off the light, and loved her thoroughly, most of the night. The twins, for once, slept through the night too, as if they know their parents will give them a baby sister in nine months time, so they better be quiet and behave like little angels.


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • #2 by Antigone on December 17, 2014 - 1:03 AM

      Thank you very much! I’m touched. Nakakataba talaga ng puso to know that you enjoy my stories. Of all the Richard and Maya FF I have written, this is my favorite! 🙂

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