Crossroads – Chapter 16

Chapter 16
‘Perfect night’

“May I have this dance, my beautiful fiancee?” Richard asked Maya, then held out his hand to Maya, who was still recovering from his surprised proposal and the wonderful kiss they have just shared.

“Here, Babe?” Maya blurted out, surprised! They were after all in the middle of a very popular, albeit currently a bit deserted, historic street. She and Richard were still in Calle Crisologo. “Tapos, wala pang music!”

“Why not, my love? The music will be from our hearts.” Richard said as he cajoled Maya sweetly to dance with him.

Maya smiled at her fiance. She put down the sunflowers on the sidewalk, then went into Richard’s arms, unmindful of the occasional people who passed by and looked at them. The onlookers simply ceased to exist in their own universe. The newly-engaged couple stayed like that for quite some time, swaying to the music that only them can hear and only them can feel.

“I love you very much, Maya, my Honeybun, my love.” Richard caressed Maya’s face as they danced without much of a space between them. “I’m the happiest guy in the world at the moment! Hearing you said yes, I felt like I won the lottery 100 times! Grand prize!”

Maya smiled at Richard’s choice of words.

“From a simple taxi ride, here we are, my Babe! I’m so very happy, too.” Maya tiptoed and kissed Richard on the lips, sweetly. “I love you sooo, very much.”

They looked at each other with goofy smiles on their faces.

“Halika na nga, Babe. Gumagabi na. Baka akala na ng mga tao, may mga lunatic sa gitna nitong Calle Crisologo!” Maya said after a while.

“Lunatic. Baliw sa pag-ibig.” Richard quipped.

“Ha, ha, ha, Babe, my corny fiance.” Maya laughed. “I like the sound of it, my fiance!”

“I like the sound of my fiancee, too.” Richard added. “But I like the sound of wife, better. Soon, my love.”

Maya smiled lovingly at her fiance, her soon to be husband. She likes the sound of that too, very, very much. She picked up her sunflowers from the sidewalk. In doing so, her beautiful ring caught the light. She looked at it and smiled. “Thank you for this, Babe.”

“Do you like it, my love?” Richard asked. “I opted for the colorful stones, instead of diamonds, as I feel those stones suit your personality more. Vibrant. Like a mariposa.”

“Ricky, babe, I love it very much. This is me! Thank you for picking the best engagement ring for me.” Maya told Richard. Then remarked, “Good thing, you managed to have it done in a short time!”

“I’m glad you like it. I asked Mama’s jeweler a favor last Monday.” Richard mentioned.

“Last Monday?” Maya asked, surprised. “You mean the day I left for Vigan? You were already thinking of proposing to me then?”

Richard cupped Maya’s chin. “Even before that, Honeybun. But I wanted to ask your mom’s permission first.”

Maya, then had a eureka moment. “So, that was why, you and Mom where talking so earnestly after I have been to Patty’s room, when we were there last Sunday!”

Richard grinned. “See, hindi mo nahulaan, Ms. Ex-Reporter Extraordinaire!”

“Yes, I was completely clueless, Babe. Though, before you phoned earlier, and while I was remembering that night, I was already a bit intrigued when I recalled you called Mom, ‘Mommy Tessie’ when we were leaving.”

“Yes, I slipped. Your mom asked me to call her that since I will be family na raw.”  Richard told Maya as they walked towards one of the streets parallel to Crisologo. “Basta, make sure lang daw na sasagutin mo ako.”

“Sabi ko for sure naman po, sasagutin ako ni Maya kasi patay na patay sa akin ang anak niyo.”

“Babeeee, sinabi mo iyon sa mom ko? Yabang mo ah.” Maya said, protesting to Richard.

“Hahahaha, Honeybun, joke lang.”

“Ikaw talaga, Babe!” Maya pinched Richard on his forearm. “Di nga, what did you tell my mom?”

“I asked for her permission to propose to her beautiful daughter whom I love more than life itself. I told her you are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. That I promise to take care of you, love and cherish you, as long as we live.” Richard said, looking Maya in the eyes.

“Babe, awwwww, sobra-sobra na ang pagpapakilig mo sa akin. I’m the happiest and the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you.” Maya kissed Richard on the lips.

Several more minutes later, they stopped at a big, majestic old house, that does not looked like a hotel at all. Maya and Richard entered the lobby, where the receptionist, Evelyn, greeted them with a huge smile, especially after seeing them with their hands interwined and Maya holding the sunflowers that Richard had with him when he arrived hours ago.

“Good evening po, Ms. Maya and Sir Richard.”

“Good evening din Evelyn.” Maya greeted with a smile. “Please add my fiance na lang to my register ha.”

“No problem po, Ms. Maya.” Evelyn assured her. “Sir Richard, pinaakyat ko na po sa room ni Ms. Maya iyong things niyo.”

“Oh, thank you very much, Evelyn.” Richard said.

Maya and Richard climbed the grand staircase of the house. Every time that Maya do so, she felt like she was about to attend one of the grand parties in houses like this, that she has seen in period movies, like the one in Oro, Plata, Mata.

“See, Honeybun, pati si Evelyn, confident din na patutuluyin mo ako.” Richard teased Maya as he assisted her up, by putting his hand on her back.

“Hahahaha, may kakampi ka nga doon sa baba, Mr. Lim. Halika na nga, doon iyong room ko, sa may side.”

Maya opened the thick double doors of the room located at the part of the house overlooking a beautiful azotea. It is the biggest room in that beautiful house. It was too big for one person, but she fell in love with the room when she saw the pictures in the hotel’s website.

“This is a very nice room, Honeybun.” Richard remarked.

The room is very inviting. While Maya was away doing her interviews, someone tidied up the room, put fresh linens and even some flower petals in a bowl. In keeping with the era, the owner put a big antique four-poster bed and wooden cabinets that looked very old in the room. The general decor kept faithfully with the era the house was built. The only concessions to modern times were the aircon which was made to blend with the ceiling, the bathroom and the big flat screen TV place inside an armario.

“I feel like a senorita during Rizal’s time when I’m inside this room.” Maya smiled at Ricky. “Heto pala ang things mo, Babe. Get what you want. Mauna ka na sa bathroom kasi mas matagal ako. I will put the rest in the closet.”

“Maya, hwag na, I can do it.” Richard said.

“No, Babe, bathroom ka na. I can do this na.” Maya insisted.

“Okay, thanks a lot.” Richard said, as he opened his suitcase, got the stuffs he needed and went to the bathroom, which he discovered also has a clawfoot tub.

Richard took a quick shower, smiling and whistling happily as he remembered his proposal to Maya and the outcome. He got a bit nervous while kneeling before her and she just looked at him, seeemingly shell-shocked. He thought for a minute that the proposal was too soon. But it felt so right, so he went with it. Now, he is very happy with the outcome. Soon, his Honeybun will be his wife, not just his fiancee! He is so looking forward to that day.

The bathroom door opened and out came Richard. Maya felt her heart fell to the floor with the sight before her. He was wearing a white, thin, cotton sleep shirt, then gray pajamas, his hair still wet from the shower. He looked so handsome, so masculine, and smelled so nice.

He gave her a lopsided smile that made her already over-excited heart, beat faster. “Honeybun, it’s your turn.”

Maya gulped, took a deep breath to calm herself. “O-okay. I wouldn’t be long.”

“Take your time, I will wait up for you, Honeybun.” He smiled, then turned down one side of the bed to recline against the headboard and wait for Maya. He did wish he can join her in the shower. Richard Lim, he told himself, take it easy!

Maya went to the bathroom that still smelled of Richard. She decided to take a quick shower instead of the long baths she had been taking the past several days in that big, lovely, whimsical tub.

Richard! Maya suddenly remembered his teasing remarks about their unfinished business and it made her feel warm, just remembering everything related to that. She finished her bath, then put on another of her favorite night clothes, a halter-dress made from the sarongs one can buy in the beaches of Mindoro. She got several of those in different colors as she liked the soft materials and it is really very comfortable to wear, especially after so many washings. The dress, with tusseled-hemline, reached mid-thigh. It hugged the curves of her body.

The door of the bathroom opened, and Richard automatically looked. He almost fell to the floor, slack-jawed. His whole body also instantly reacted to the sight of his beautiful fiancee in that slip of a dress. The dress was tied on her nape, then half of her back was exposed, her breasts like twin peaks in front and her nipples like pebbles. She looked very sexy in it. He tried to control the overwhelming desire it evoked in him.

“Maya, my love, you look sooo lovely in that dress.” He managed to say, trying to breath normally.

“This one? This is what I normally wear to sleep. Presko and very comfortable. Nakita ko sa beach, pang-suot kasi siya over swimsuits, pero I like it for more for sleeping.”

“Really, that is what you normally wear to sleep?” Richard smiled and thought that he was in for a treat every night then when they are married.

Maya noticed how Richard was looking at her. His gazed heated and it evoked a corresponding feeling in her. Suddenly her breasts felt heavier, and there was a warm feeling inside her.

“Come here, my love.” Richard asked huskily, seductively, as if caressing her verbally.

Maya approached the bed, her body responding to Richard’s seductive voice.

When Maya got nearer, Richard got out of the bed, sat on the side, then started guiding Maya to his lap. But Maya had a different idea, she asked Richard to move a bit, then she sat on his lap, straddling him. They are now face to face. They looked at each other, spoke a silent language, then their lips met for a very hot kiss.

Maya opened her lips to let Richard in. Richard seared Maya’s lips, as if he can’t get enough of her. He made love to Maya’s lips, nipping, then using his tongue to explore the recesses of her mouth. Their tongues duelled and mated.

“Ricky, babe, I feel so warm.” Maya muttered in between returning Richard’s heated kisses. She put her hands inside Richard’s shirt, then caressed his back. Richard exhaled a labored breath.

Richard planted kisses on Maya’s jaw, nipping a little bit as his lips traveled down to her neck, her collarbone, sucking on the sensitive area below her collarbone. Maya’s pulse leaped at Richard’s heated touch. Richard’s hand caressed Maya’s bare back lovingly, making her shiver with pleasure. His hands moved to the undersides of her breasts.

Maya waited breathlessly, for what she knew will come next, his hands on her breasts. She didn’t wait long. Richard cupped Maya’s breast and started playing with it through the material of her dress. Maya felt like she was going crazy with Richard’s hand on her breasts, rubbing them, playing with them. She jerked when his thumb started playing with her nipple. The friction of the dress and Richard’s thumb was too much for her senses. She wanted more. Richard, wanting to drive Maya to greater pleasure, sucked on Maya’s other nipple through her dress, while loving the other with his thumb rubbing on it, then pinching it a bit.

“Maya, my love. I love playing with these. I like their reaction to my touch.” Richard managed to say in between losing himself in the beauty of Maya’s breasts. “So beautiful, so responsive.”

“Ricky, I feel so much. I want more.” Maya muttered as she felt she was on fire. The feel of Richard’s arousal while she sat on him, was also driving her crazy. She felt her being is on fire.

“My love, leave it to me. I want to pleasure you in all the ways I could.” Richard said then proceeded to do that.

He untied Maya’s halter dress. The soft material first fell on her breasts which seemed bigger and more sensitive after the havoc Richard caused on them. The dress settled on Maya’s waist, leaving her upper body bared to Richard’s molten gaze. He felt himself swelled more with the sight of his beautiful fiancee’s body. He can’t resist it, he just have to. He cup one breast, massaging it, flicking his thumb to the now very sensitive nipple, then he lowered his head and sucked on the other. He swirled his tongue on the turgid peak. He was relentless. Maya arced backwards, giving him greater access, wanting more, wanting a relief she can’t  clearly define, verbalize in her innocence. She was getting hazy with the pleasure Richard is giving her. She can also feel its effect on her core.

“Ricky, I want to touch you too. I want our skins to touch. I don’t want any barrier between us.” She mumbled incoherently, then started removing Richard’s shirt. The sight of his muscled chest, heightened the heat that was consuming her.

In between playing with her breasts, Richard kissed Maya, heatedly, thoroughly, with Maya returning every move, every stroke, doing her own heated caressing and planting kisses on Richard’s body. They were in a conflagration and there was only one way go, slake their desire for each other, bank the fire that would surely burn between them for as long as they live.

Richard stood up, removed his pajamas and stood proud and naked before Maya, who gulped at the beautiful man in front of her. Her love. For some reason, she lost all her fears of the unknown and she just want to go where this very intense passion and desire will take her and Richard.

Richard kneeled down on the bed, removed Maya’s dress completely as he planted kisses and made little sucks on her neck, breasts, and then her tummy, at the same time, removing the only barrier left between their body. He almost tore Maya’s flimsy underwear in his haste.

Without her clothes on, Maya got a bit self-conscious, but the passion she saw in Richard’s eyes, vanished whatever lingering shyness she was feeling. She wanted to give all of her to the man she loves.

Richard continued to plant kisses on Maya’s belly, going back to her breasts which he played like a virtuoso, at the same time, his hand went lower, until it reached Maya’s core. It felt like an electric shock jolted Maya with the touch of Richard’s hand there. Her hand also did an exploring of its own and found  Richard’s hard length and started touching it instinctively, lovingly. Richard stopped her.

“My love, I don’t think I would last long if you continue to do that.” Richard said with gritted teeth, trying to have some semblance of control. Then he started kissing her, his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth, at the same time, playing with her core.

“Rickyyy…..” Maya moan. “I want….I want….”

Rchard knew that Maya was ready for him. He will not last long either. He had been exercising supreme control, wanting Maya’s first time to be special and to minimize the pain, and at that moment, that control was just like a flimsy thread, barely there.

“Me too, my love. This will hurt a bit okay.” He said, then lovingly caressed her face, hazy with desire.

Maya nodded. She just wanted him inside her.

Richard kissed Maya thoroughly, then nipped at her swollen lips, wrecked havoc again on her breasts, then when Maya felt she was exploding from the sheer passion she was feeling and with her center throbbing so much, wanting relief, Richard, positioned himself over her. He slowly entered Maya, at the same time making assurances to her about not wanting to hurt her, until he was fully inside. He gave Maya time to get used to his length and size, then started moving inside her. Maya, once she felt comfortable enough with Richard maleness inside her, started matching his moves. Before long, they were moving to the rhythm between lovers, as old as time, until they reached a frenzy, they moved urgently. They both reached the height of pleasure together. The old room was filled with the sound of their fulfillment in each other’s arms.

Richard laid on top of Maya, sated, trying to catch his breath, too tired to move from the extraordinary pleasure he experienced with the woman he loves. But he knew he needed to, as he might be crushing Maya.

“Honeybun, are you okay?” He asked Maya, his head pillowed on his hand, while the other was doing a leisurely caressed on Maya’s tummy.

Maya smiled wonderfully at Richard. She felt like she was on top of the world. “Babe, I am.”

Richard hugged Maya and put her head on his chest.

“I love you, Honeybun.”

“I love you Babe.”

They started kissing again, and before they knew it, the stirrings of desire was back. However, Richard knew Maya was stil a bit sore. Then he remembered something. He grinned. He got out of the bed.

“Honeybun, sandali lang ha.”  He went to the bathroom without a stitch on and Maya admired her fiance’s retreating form. She smiled. She never thought the consummation of the love between a man and a woman would be like this, despite all the books she have read with detailed lovemaking. But even then, she believe that physical love will be wonderful with the person you love with all your heart, mind and body.

Richard was back after ten minutes. He proceeded to carry a surprised Maya in his arms to the bathroom, and the bathtub which he filled with warm water and soothing bath salts.

“I know you are a bit sore, my love. The warm water will be good for it.” He lowered Maya to the tub, gently, then went after her. He sat on one side, leaning against it, then guided Maya to the place between his legs. He asked her to lean against him as he proceeded to rub her with the body sponge he saw earlier on the edge of the tub. The warm water and Richard back rub relaxes Maya. However, it was a different matter when he started rubbing the loofah on her breasts and inner thighs. She was starting to get warm again, and at the same, she also felt the effect of what he was doing on Richard. He was getting arouse too with the body rub he was giving her!

Maya turned around and started doing the same to Richard. But it didn’t last long. They gazed at each other again, then quickly rinsed themselves.

Richard hurriedly carried back a still dripping Maya to the bed, kicked her halter dress, that absorbed her blood from earlier,  off the bed and then they were at it again. The fire reignited and it has to burn its course.

For most of that night, the only sounds that can be heard inside that room were Richard and Maya’s moans and sighs of pleasure. They loved through the night, until tiredness hit them, then they slept in a spoon position, skin to skin. Their love, expressed in another level.


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