Suddenly Love – Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Love sweet love

Richard was drinking coffee while waiting for Maya at the rooftop garden. It became his and Maya’s habit to have coffee breaks there every afternoon. They agreed to meet at 3PM, but he was a bit early. He decided to make a cup of coffee for himself as he waited and checked his phone messages. His quiet moment was interrupted by loud voices coming from the stairs.

“Ms. Josephine, you can’t go there po. Off limits po ang place na iyan. Mapapagalitan po ako ni Sir Richard.” Marissa said as she ran after Josephine, who arrived at Richard’s office several minutes ago. She got mad when Marissa said her boss is unavailable again.

“I know my way! I have been there before with my dad. Besides, I’m sick and tired of you telling me that your boss is not available. I’m taking matters into my own hands.” Josephine stressed.

Richard saw a fuming Josephine, while a worried Marissa was behind her.

“Sir Richard, pasensya na po. Hindi ko na po napigilan si Mam Josephine.” Marissa said apologetically, as she wrung her hands. Her boss strictly told her that only Maya is allowed to go to his, now, garden sanctuary.

Richard looked at Josephine and made a decision.

“It’s okay Marissa. I will take care of this.” Richard assured his agitated secretary.

“Sige po, Sir Richard, bababa na po ako.” Marissa said, relieved.

“What brought you here, Josephine? “ He asked Josephine politely.

“Richard darling, I just want to see you. I missed you.” Josephine said in her flirty voice, a complete change to her demeanor with Marissa. “Can we have dinner later?”

Richard realized that he can’t be a gentleman and diplomatic anymore with Josephine, nor he can take into consideration again their fathers’ friendship when dealing with her. He needed to set Josephine straight.

“Josephine, I think it is about time we talk.” He started, then asked her to sit on the chair opposite his. “You know, I basically let everything slid before since I thought that if I didn’t show an interest in you, you will stop. I also took into consideration Tito Ramon and his friendship to Papa. Kahit paano and despite everything, I respected him. But I can’t do that anymore because of Maya and the way you are insinuating yourself into our relationship. Please stop this, whatever you are doing. I love Maya. She already put you in your place, which she had done very nicely, if I may add. I had hoped  then that you would heed her appeal, but apparently not. Please listen as I will only say this once. I am not interested in whatever you are offering. For me,  you are just someone I know, an acquaintance, the daughter of a family friend. It can’t never be more that. We aren’t, and I think, we can’t even be friends. I don’t think that is possible with the way you are going about this perceived relationship. I really hope this is clear enough to you.”

“But Richard darling. I really like you a lot. I think, I love you. We almost got married!” Josephine insisted, as if Richard didn’t say anything. “I’m sure, we can pick up from where we left off, two years ago.”

“No, Josephine! Please listen, there was no us. It was just in your mind, especially the marriage part. Please stop this.” Richard stressed, trying to hold on to his temper. “There is only one girl for me, and that is my girlfriend, Maya. She is my life.”

Josephine stood up and tried to cling to Richard and attempted to kiss him. But Richard removed her hands and set her far away from him.

“Please leave, Josephine before words are said that we both will regret. Let us end this conversation amicably.” He appealed to her. “Please respect the fact that I am committed to someone. She is the most wonderful lady.  The best thing that happened to me. I didn’t realize how big the missing piece in my life was, until I met her.  Someday, you will find the guy for you, and I am not that guy. I belong to Maya.”

Richard then started walking back to the direction down, thinking that he would just wait for Maya at his office. That is, when he saw Maya standing at the entrance of the garden.

“Hi sweetheart. Sorry, I’m late.” She greeted him with a big smile and proceeded to kiss him sweetly on the lips and hugged him. Then she looked at Josephine. “Hi Josephine, what brought you here?”

Josephine looked at Maya with venom in her eyes, and walked out of the garden, her high-heeled shoes, making a very loud clacking sound, while Richard and Maya looked at her departing form.

“Sweetheart, I love you.” Maya said sweetly. “Have a I told you lately that you are the best boyfriend in the world? Thank you for the wonderful things about me that you said to her. Pinakilig mo na naman ako.”

“Narinig mong lahat, sweetheart?” Richard asked as he continued hugging Maya. “Basta for you, and our relationship, I will do anything.”

“Yes, I did. I heard you voice and hers while going up. I decided to let you finish talking to that girl.” Maya said. “Saka, baka kung I barged in earlier, ano pang masabi ko. I also thought that that was your show na.”

“Hay, sweetheart! I just wish na after that talk, malinaw na sa kanya ang lahat.” Richard said sighing. “ I thought that ignoring her in the past would work.”

“Let us hope for the best, sweetheart. But let us just enjoy our coffee break and forget about her.” Maya said as she moved towards the bar. “Kape na lang tayo. I’ll make you a new one.”

Maya did that and they sat on the rattan chairs and chatted on how is their day so far. They also made plans on the places they would go on the next free weekend they have.

“What time are your parents arriving today, sweetheart?” Richard asked as he enjoyed Maya’s coffee which is so much better than the ones they get from the coffee shop downstairs. “Who will pick them up from the airport? We can go and fetch them or I’ll send Mang Lem.”

“No need na sweetheart. Thank you for offering. At this time, probably, they are with Kuya Joma na. He was our old driver. He works now for my Tito John and Tita Ginny. Kapag nandito sina Mom and Dad, siya ang sumusundo.” Maya explained. “Basta, tomorrow ha, dinner at home. I already mentioned it to Mom the last time she called.”

“Of course, sweetheart. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Richard as he fished out his ringing phone from his pocket. “Yes, Marissa. Okay, give me five minutes.”

“What it is, sweetheart?” Maya asked. “Kailangan mo nang bumalik sa office mo? Let’s go na.”

They went down, holding hands and before Maya left Richard, they shared a sweet kiss.

“I’ll see you later.” Richard said. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Maya replied, then lovingly touched Richard’s cheek. “See you.”

Richard took Maya home, as he had been doing since they became a couple. He also picks her up in the morning. Richard and Maya like sharing car rides as it is also an opportunity for them to have quality time with each other. Richard declined her invitation to go in, saying that it is her time with her parents. Besides, he said, he will visit his mom.  Naglalambing, he told Maya.

Maya had a happy reunion with her parents that evening.

“Maya, kumusta naman ang work mo?” Daddy Arturo asked his unica hija.

“Okay naman, Dad. I enjoy the kind of work I am doing. I really like the fact that I am being able to help people in my little way. It was really a good decision to settle here for good.” Maya said. “Saka, especially now, kasi Ricky is also based here na.”

Daddy Arturo smiled. He is very happy seeing his daughter the very picture of happiness and a girl very much in love.

“Your mom said we will meet your young man tomorrow evening.” He said, then teased Maya. “Mabuti naman at ng nakilatis ng husto kung bagay nga sa unica hija ko.”

“Daaadddd. Don’t give him a hard time ha. Saka for sure, naman, Ricky can hold his own with you.” Maya said.

“Of course naman, hija. Biro lang ang sa akin. I trust your judgement when it comes to things like this.” Daddy Arturo assured his daughter. “Saka sa tagal mo ba namang nakapili ng magiging boyfriend at sa dami ng nabasted mo, I am sure, okay na okay itong magiging manugang ko.”

“Daaddd, wala pa kami sa stage na iyan.” Maya good-naturedly protested, but deep in her heart, she already know that Richard is the ONE she wanted to share her life with.

“Maya, que quapo raw na bata nitong si Richard, sabi ni Manang Fe. Mabait pa.” Mommy Tere added.

“Of course, Mom. Ricky is the best boyfriend in the world. Eh botong-boto nga diyan si Manang.” Maya said smiling.

The Dela Rosas continued to chat and banter until late in the evening. While they were doing so, Richard was chatting with Mama Esmeralda, after they had a hearty dinner.

“Ricky hijo, how’s Maya?” Mama Esme asked. “Kailan mo siya ulit isasama rito?”

“Oh, she is okay Mama. Her parents arrived today so I think she is busy chatting and touching base with them at the moment.”

“Talaga, Ambassador Dela Rosa and Tere are here? Mama Esme said. “Maybe, we can also invite them to dinner. Hanggang kailan ba sila rito?”

“I think they will be here for two weeks, Ma. I will ask Maya when are they free. I will meet them tomorrow.” Richard said as he sipped his wine. He is a bit nervous about finally meeting Maya’s parents. Lahat naman siguro ng future son-in-laws, ganito ang pakiramdam, he thought to himself.

“Oh really, that is good. Please say hello for me and issue the invitation, ha.” Mama Esme said. She had no inkling of Richard’s plan the folowing evening. Though, after meeting Maya, she already know that she is the one for her Ricky. Ngayon lang niya nakitang ganito ang kanyang anak. Besides, he and Maya are so in love and look so good together.  She can’t help, but miss her Roberto, when she see them.

Mother and son, chatted some more. They also called Rafi and touched base with her and her family. Mama Esme wished that her daughter will visit again soon as she misses her and her apo.

Richard arrived home close to midnight. He is tired, but his mind is very much awake. Perhaps, he said in anticipation of what will happen tomorrow. He misses Maya so he decided to send her a short message, on the off chance that she is still awake.

Hi sweetheart, I hope you had a great time with your parents. I’m missing you. I wish you are here to give me a hug and a kiss so I will sleep better. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good night. I love you very much. Dream of me.

– Hi sweetheart. I had a wonderful time with Mom and Dad. They teased me about you. Humanda ka raw kay Dad. Kailangan mong makapasa sa kanya, hahahaha. Don’t worry, for sure, with flying colors pa. I love you. Of course, ikaw naman parati ang star ng dream ko. Cheesy ba, hahahaha. True naman, sweetheart. 🙂 

Richard had a huge smile on his face again when he went to bed. He dreamt of Maya, in technicolor! Maya hugged her pillow to sleep, so happy with the way her life is, with Richard very much in it. She couldn’t ask or wish for me. She thanked God once more for giving her a wonderful man to love.


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    This story inspires me to show more sweetness to my love too..
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  6. #6 by Alpha on August 13, 2014 - 10:45 PM

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