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Suddenly Love – Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Prelude to a wedding

Richard and Maya arrived at the Lim family mansion more three hours after they left Tagaytay. Richard parked the car, went to Maya’s side, and opened the door for her. Maya noticed the other car infront of the house when she got off.

“Thank you Ricky. Sweetheart, may iba pa bang bisita si Mama Esme, maliban sa atin?” Maya asked, curious, as the car looked familiar. Then she looked at the bench at the side of the house, and saw Kuya Joma. “I’m right! My mom and dad are also here?”

Richard smiled lovingly at Maya. “My other surprise for you!  Dinner not only with Mama, but your Mom and Dad as well. Come, sweetheart. Let’s go in and say hello to our parents.” He interlaced Maya’s hand with his, and then ushered her inside.

In the living room, Maya saw her parents having drinks with Richard’s mother. The three older people looked up and smiled when they saw them came in. Mama Esme was the first one to stand up and went to them.

“Maya hija, welcome to our family! I’m happy that you and Ricky are now engaged.” She said as she kissed Maya in the cheek and embraced her. “Ricky phoned earlier to confirm na nakapag-propose na siya sa iyo. May I see the ring. Oh, soooo beautiful.” Mama Esme added as she admired Maya’s ring.

“Good evening po, Mama Esme. Alam niyo po na magpo-propose si Ricky?” Maya asked, smiling at her soon to be mother-in-law.

“Hindi lang siya ang nakakaalam, anak, kami rin ng dad mo, alam namin. Nagpaalam sa amin si Richard noong ipinakilala mo siya sa amin.” Mommy Tere, said, as she approached the couple, with Daddy Arturo. She hugged her daughter, and  also Richard. “I’m so happy for you, Maya, anak. Be happy. Richard, welcome to our family.”

“Thank you, Mom, Mama Esme, Dad. Ikaw, sweetheart, ako lang pala ang na-surprise ah.” Maya hugged her mom, dad and Mama Esme, so full of happiness. She is very happy to be sharing this moment with the people who mattered the most to her and Richard. “Ricky, ha, kaya pala you were smiling with Mom and Dad after I talked to Emman that night.”

“Of course, sweetheart, nagpaalam ako kina Tito and Tita first.” Richard said, smiling at his bride-to-be. “Tito, Tita, thank you very much po ulit for everything.”

“Richard, hijo, since magiging magkapamilya na tayo, please call me Dad, and call Tere, Mom. Welcome to our family.” Daddy Arturo shook Richard’s hand and patted him in the back. “When do you plan to get married?” He asked the couple.

“Tito, err Dad, Maya and I discussed it this morning, we would like to get married po sana as soon as possible, if it is okay with you, and Mom, and Mama.” Richard asked the parents, then looked at Maya lovingly. “Maya also wants a small wedding, family and friends only.”

“Ricky, Maya, if it is because of your Papa’s death recently, don’t. “Mama Esme interjected, assuring the couple that they can have the wedding they want even if  they are still in mourning.  “You can have the wedding that you want, it is really okay. Grande kung grande. I’m sure your Papa will be happy whichever way.”

“I told the same thing to Maya, Ma. Lalo pa at Papa was so happy when I told him I love Maya. But Maya does really want a small and simple wedding, di ba, sweetheart? And me, I’m okay with whatever my bride-to-be wants.” Richard said, taking hold of Maya’s hand and kissing it.

“Oh well, we are okay with what you two want,  di ba, mga balae?” Mama Esme said, smiling. “I will help you arrange it, hija, since your Mom and Dad are leaving for Madrid na pala next week.”

“Yes, yes, Arturo and I agree with you too, balae. Maya, Richard, kayo naman ang magpapakasal. Basta kaming mga magulang niyo, kung saan kayo masaya doon kami.” Mommy Tere said. “Esme, I will try to help also even if I am there. I will also go back here weeks before the wedding. Arturo can fend for himself for a while, di ba, dear?”

“Of course, Tere. Okay lang ako, we have staff naman. If you want to stay behind. Okay lang din.” Daddy Arturo said.

“I will go back with you muna and then come back so I can help Maya.” She said, then looked at her daughter. “Besides, Maya, hija, I want to be with you on this. Minsan lang kayang ikakasal itong unica hija ko.”

“Thank you po, Mom, Dad, and Mama Esme.” Maya said, full of love for the parents and their support.

“O siya, siya, let’s talk some more after dinner.” Mama Esme ushered everyone to the dining room. They were all  in a very festive mood, looking forward to the union of the two families.

Details of the wedding were still the main topic while they were having coffee and dessert at the veranda of the mansion. Richard and Maya told the parents that they would like to get married the following month in Caleruega, if possible. Then the reception would be at the Lims’ house in Tagaytay. Mama Esme was very happy with their choice of place for the reception.

“Maya, it seems like you already love that place the way I do. I’m so glad.” She said happily. “And walang kokontra, this early, I would like to give that house as a wedding gift to you and Richard.”

“Ma!” Richard said, surprised and touched at his mother’s generous gesture. “Baka naman mag-object si Rafi niyan.” He teased her.

“Oo nga po, Mama Esme!” Maya said, as surprised as Richard since he told her how his mother loved that house. “Okay na po sa amin to stay there once in a while.”

“No, no. I don’t think Rafi would mind.” Mama Esme insisted. “I want you to have it. Build a lot of memories there, the way Roberto and I did, with our children.”

Richard and Maya looked meaningfully at each other, then thanked Mama Esme for her generous gift. They took turns in hugging the old lady. Richard, thankful for his wonderful mother, and Maya, grateful and thankful to Mama Esme for accepting her, and treating her like a daughter since the evening Richard introduced her as his girlfriend. She is glad to get another mom. She now have two wonderful moms.

The Dela Rosas stayed until almost midnight. The two families chatted about future plans. The parents also teased Richard and Maya about working double time for their first ‘apo’ from them. This made Maya and Richard laughed. They shared a secret look and it made Maya blushed. Richard teased her with a look and it earned him another loving pinch. The two families agreed to get together again before Daddy Arturo and Mommy Tere leave the country. The indulgent parents allowed the newly-engaged couple a private good night. They know, how it was to be young and so in love.

Late that night, Maya can’t sleep, too wired up, with the way things turned out,  and at the same time excited with the wedding. A future with Richard. Waking up with him beside her! Kids and building a family. Her happiness is boundless.

The beeping of her phone interrupted her thoughts.

Mrs. Lim-to-be, still awake?

Yes, my Mr. Lim, and ikaw, bakit hindi ka pa natutulog? May pasok pa tayo bukas. Este, mamaya na pala iyon.

I can’t sleep. I missed you by my side. Hindi man lang ako naka-good bye kiss properly.

Hindi pa proper iyon sweetheart!!!!

 – Nope. Wish you are here. My bed is lonely. 😦

Missed you too, my Mr. Lim. Soon…. 🙂

Looking forward to that, my Mrs. Lim. 🙂 

Good night na sweetheart. I love you very much.

Good night sweetheart, I love you very much too. Sweet dreams of me and more….. 😉

>  Hmmmm….. more???? 🙂 🙂

Maya and Richard arrived at work before 8 o’clock despite the fact that both had little sleep. As soon as Maya got into the car, earlier, Richard gave her a very thorough kiss. Maya teased him about missing her so much when they just parted several hours earlier. Richard told her, he will always miss her if she is not at his side. They gazed at each other, then just like before, had a wonderful time driving together, unmindul of the traffic and all the stresses one encounter on the streets of Manila. They looked glowing to those who saw them entered the building with hands interlaced. As his practice, Richard took Maya to her office before going to his.

“See you at lunch, sweetheart.” Richard said as he touched Maya’s face tenderly.

Maya smiled lovingly at her husband-to-be. “See you, my love.”

When Richard left, Emman approached Maya, held her left hand, and looked closely.

“Oh my pink gosh! Is this what I think it is????” He exclaimed. Hearing this, the other employees also looked.

Maya grinned and said, “yes”.

“Congratulations Sis!!! I’m so very happy for you! “ He said, happily.” So paano, ihahanda ko na ang pink gown para maging maid of honor mo.”

“Of course, sino pa ba, Emman. Pero pwedeng huwag pink gown at baka umatras sa kasal si Ricky kapag nakita ka sa pink gown mo, hahahaha!” Maya teased Emman who raised his eyebrow.

“Naku, malabo yata iyan sis. Kahit anong tumbling siguro ang gawin ko, at kahit rainbow pa ang kulay ng gown ko sa wedding, hindi aatras sa kasal iyang si Sir Richard. Sobrang inlababo kaya iyan sa iyo. Kulang na lang umakyat sa pitong bundok, for you!” Emman said. “Haba ng hair mo Ms. Maya Dela Rosa!”

“Ikaw talaga, Emman.” Maya grinned. “Eh, ako rin naman, ang dali ko nga siyang binati. Hindi ko natiis!”

“Meant for each other talaga kayo, sis. Imagine, ilang continent ang habulan niyo. Kabog na kabog. So kailan ang wedding?”

Maya and Emman talked a bit about her and Richard’s plans for the wedding.  Emman also offered to call Caleruega for her to book the date she wanted.

The engagement of the top boss of LC and the lovely head of the LC Foundation spread like wildfire within the company. Many saw this coming and they were happy for their boss and his lovely fiancee. The news also spread online fast, since Richard Lim, aside from being the young top gun at LC, is considered as one of Manila’s most sought after eligible bachelors.


Hot, hot news, I must say piping hot news, indeed! Hear, hear, my darlings! Richard Lim is taken and altar-bound! The hallways and offices of Lim Corporation are abuzz with talks that Richard Lim, one of Manila’s most eligible bachelors ( and the handsomest, if I may say) is now engaged! The lucky bride-to-be (and I say, Richard is lucky too to have her!) is no other than Maya Dela Rosa, unica hija of our well-respected ambassador to Spain and the uber nice head of LC Foundation! Darlings, I heard the two met in Stockholm, and fell in love amid the beauty of that wonderful, wonderful city. Lovely, lovely couple. Ah, to be young, beautiful, handsome and in love! Congratulations darlings Richard and Maya! Looking forward to your wedding, which I’m sure will be the wedding of the year! 

Josephine never thought that this is what she woud read when she opened her favorite society blog as soon as she woke up after a night of partying. Richard and that, that, that, Maya engaged!

“Noooooo!” She hurled her poor laptop across the room! But after the initial burst of anger and her broken laptop, she did admit, there is nothing she can do about it! Maybe, time to move on to someone else. She decided she will hit the party circuit again that evening.

Richard took Maya to lunch at La Cocina de Tita Moning, an ancestral home converted into a fine dining place near Malacanang. It is a beautiful and well-preserved ancestral home, and it was like stepping back in time and being welcome to dinner or a party by the owner of the house when one enters the place. They had one of the smaller dining rooms to themselves. The attentive staff served Richard and Maya their sumptuous lunch and informed them to just call them if they need anything else, leaving the newly-engaged couple to enjoy their lunch in private.

“Sweetheart, alam na yata ng buong LC ang engagement natin. A lot of people congratulated me this morning. Minerva even said that a society blog also ran a story on us.” Maya said conversationally while they enjoyed their lunch.

“Let them know, sweetheart. I don’t mind people knowing. I love you and I want to tell everyone about it.” Richard lovingly. “Saka, I want your admirers to know that you are very much taken.” He said with a smile, teasing.

Maya gazed lovingly at Richard. “Same goes to you, sweetheart. Ikaw nga ang maraming naghahabol. Isa na diyan ang Josephine na iyon.”

“I’m sure, give up na iyon sweetheart kapag nabasa ang engagement natin.” Richard replied. “I hope that she had realized by now that you are only one for me. I love you my soon-to-be Mrs. Lim.” Richard said as he put his hand on top of Maya’s.

“I love you too. And you are the only one for me, my husband-to-be.” Maya said with so much emotion.

They shared a loving look. Both thought that they will never get tired of seeing that look from each other, for years and years to come.



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