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Love Comes Calling – Prologue

Note:  I can’t get this out of my head! I will finish the last chapters of Suddenly Love, promise. I just thought of posting this one, this evening!:-) 


Maya  tried to bury her head under the pillow, hoping that it would drown out the ringing of her mobile phone. She barely managed to fall asleep and now someone wants her attention in the middle of the night.

“Okay, okay. Arrrrggghhh, sino ba kasi ang nakaimbento ng cellphone!” Maya complained to herself and grabbed her phone from the side table. She checked who was calling, and got worried when she saw the name.

“Hello, Ruby. Napatawag ka?” Maya asked her best friend, and colleague.

“Maya” was all Ruby managed to say. All Maya can hear from the other end of the line was her friend crying. “Ruby, anong nangyari? Kalma lang. Don’t cry, please.”

Ruby tried to control her tears and then started telling Maya haltingly that she caught her boyfriend Eric with another girl inside their apartment.

“Maya, siya na nga ang nahuli ko, siya pa ang galit. He told me, kasi raw wala na akong time sa kanya.” Ruby said. “I just walked out on him, and left the apartment. Ang sakit-sakit, Maya.“

“Nasaan ka ba ngayon? “ Maya asked, as she started looking for a pair of jeans, then started dressing.

Maya saw Ruby huddled in a corner, in their favorite coffee shop, eyes puffy from crying, when she got there half an hour later. She embraced her friend as she cried on her shoulders. This was not the first time Ruby had done so. She kept ‘falling in love’, wanting to be love, with so much love to give, but unfortunately, she ended up with losers.

While Maya was comforting her friend, she saw a good–looking chinito guy glancing at them. Their eyes met. Her heart beat faster for no reason at all. She averted her gaze and the next time she checked, he was looking at his iPad screen. She and Ruby left the place soon after, and as they stood, she didn’t see the chinito guy gazing at her.

Maya brought Ruby to her place. She put her in the guest room. Ruby fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Her friend’s system seemed to have just shut down and Maya can’t blame her, with all the emotional turmoil she had experienced this evening. Poor Ruby. Maya wish that Ruby will find a guy who would love her with all his heart.

Ruby. Her mom. Her sister. All unlucky in love! It made Maya wary of relationships. She is afraid to cross the line. Many have courted her, but not a single one of them managed to sway her. Not one of them made her heart beat faster. Except…Oh, she wouldn’t think of that chinito guy. What is the likelihood that she will see him again anyway! Besides, he is a total stranger. For now, she still does not see any good or compelling reason to be in a relationship. She know it is irrational to shy away from a relationship because of what other people experienced, as each person and the circumstances they found themselves into are different from one person to another. However, she had seen the downsides of what love can do to a person. Maybe, maybe, with the right guy, she would be willing to risk loving. But is there really a right guy, and how would she know if he is the one’? She sighed, then tried to capture lost sleep. She has an early flight tomorrow.

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