Windblown – Chapter 15


Richard woke up early the following morning and just like what he did Sunday morning, he made breakfast for Maya. He could have ordered something from the resort’s restaurant, but he likes doing these little touches for the love of his life. This time, he made pancakes for her. When it was done, he put everything in a tray, including a long stemmed red rose that he cut from the garden at the side of the house.

“Come in, Ricky!” Maya said after Richard’s third knock on her door. She has an idea that Richard is bringing her breakfast in bed again. She planned on doing it for him again that morning, but it seems her sweetheart beat her to it.

Richard entered the room with a big smile for Maya. He just feels to happy, seeing her like this, with him. Maya also had a big smile for Richard. She loves his thoughtfulness and them being together like this, enjoying their special moments.

“Good morning, Sweetheart!” Maya greeted Richard, still in bed and she had obviously just woken up. She looks very beautiful to Richard with her hair all tousled from sleep. “Wow, breakfast in bed again! Hanap-hanapin ko ito pagbalik natin ng Maynila.”

“Hmmm, I can go to your place every morning.” Richard said, grinning. He likes that idea very much.

“Ikaw na talaga, Sweetheart ang the best boyfriend in the world!” Maya replied, getting out of the bed to help Richard with the tray. “Thank you very much. I love you very much, Ricky.”

“I love you more, Maya, Sweetheart.” Richard replied lovingly. “Halika na at ng matikman mo na ang pinakamasarap na pancake na matitikman mo.” He said in jest.

“Hmmm, I’m pretty sure, iyan nga ang pinakamasarap na pancake na matitikman ko kasi ikaw kaya ang may gawa niyan.” Maya said, giving Richard a quick kiss on the cheek.

Instead of the bed, they opted to have breakfast that morning at the coffee table by the window.

“Maya, would it be okay if I leave you here for an hour? I just need to meet someone at 9 o’clock. Siguro, it will take me an hour or less. Then when I come back, I’m yours!” Richard said as he and Maya were enjoying their coffee after finishing their breakfast. “May gusto ka bang puntahan in particular today?”

“Sure, Ricky, take your time. I will just read a book while waiting for you. I will make us lunch.” Maya suggested. “Wala naman akong ibang gustong puntahan or plans maliban doon sa trip natin sa San Nicolas the other day.”

“Okay, good. About lunch, don’t cook na. I think I know where we could spend the day.” Richard said smiling.

“Saan?” Maya asked, curious.

“Basta, Sweetheart! It’s a surprise. Just get ready. I’ll be back around 10 o’clock. Wear comfortable clothes and put your swimsuit under.” Richard told Maya. “You will like the place.”

“Okay, just surprise me.” Maya said smiling. She is getting used now to Richard’s  spontaneous gestures and surprises for her. “I’ll take care of the dishes and tidying up the kitchen. Get going na at baka ma-late ka pa sa kausap mo.”

Richard looked at his watch. “Hmmm, maaga pa naman. I’ll help you.”

“Ricky, let me do it na lang.” Maya insisted.

“Okay, sige. I’ll just go take a shower.” Richard said. “Thank you, Sweetheart. Oh, by the way, sorry the kitchen is a bit of a mess. Hindi ko na masyadong na-tidy up.” Richard said apologetically.

“I’ll take care of it. It’s not a problem.” Maya assured him.

Maya and Richard left the bedroom together. Richard went back to his room to get ready. James is arriving at 9 o’clock with the ring and other things he had requested from his mother.

When Maya went to the kitchen, she understood what Richard meant. The kitchen counter was covered with the stuffs he used in making the pancakes. She buckled down to work.

Several minutes after, Richard sought Maya to say goodbye. From the doorway leading to the kitchen, he saw her so concentrated in washing the dishes while singing the song he played to her last Saturday. She had taken an instant liking to it and told him that it will be their ‘theme song’.

He slowly approach, then gently put his arm around her waist from behind, then nuzzled her hair lovingly. “You sound very happy belting out our ‘theme song’.” He said softly.

“Ricky! Yes I like it a lot.” Maya said smiling, tilting her head to look at Richard. “Are you going na?”

“Yes, I’ll see you in an hour or so. Bye, I love you.” Richard said as he gave Maya a quick kiss on the lips.

Maya continued with the household chores with a very happy heart. With this time in Mindoro, she felt that she and Richard are like a husband and wife having a wonderful moment together.

Richard was also whistling a happy tune as he drove to the helipad to meet James and Andy. He passed by the main resort and took Aldrich with him to meet the pilots. They didn’t wait long, as several minutes, they heard the sound of the chopper.

“Good morning, Richard!” James greeted after the chopper has settled in. “Your mother said you and Maya are staying longer. Here are the stuffs Mrs. Lim sent for you. Iyung iba ibababa na ni Andy.” James handed Richard a small bag.

“Thank you for this James.” Richard said, getting the bag. Yes, it is here! He thought to himself, excited to see the ring, and for his proposal to Maya the following day.

Then Andy approached them with another bag.“Thank you, Andy. Aldrich can handle that.” He told Aldrich who was standing by his side to help Andy with the other things he requested from his mother.

“No worries, Richard.” James smiled. “How’s Maya?”

“Oh, she is okay, very happy to be back in Mindoro after so many years. I left her in the house.” Richard replied. “Last Sunday, we went to San Nicolas to visit her Mamang’s grave and walked around the poblacion.”

“That’s nice! I still remember her Mamang, a jolly woman and thought the world of Maya.” James said. “Please say hello to Maya from me.”

“I will.” Richard said. He then shook both pilots hands and thanked them again.

“Sir Richard, Sir James, excuse po, nailagay ko na po lahat sa kotse iyong mga ibinigay ni Sir  Andy.” Aldrich said.

“Thanks, Aldrich. O paano James, I will go back to the resort na.” Richard said. “Hindi ka ba uuwi ng San Nicolas this holiday?”

“No, sa Manila kami sasalubong sa new year. My parents are staying at our house there. Doon na lang kami magkikita ng mga sister ko.” James replied. “O paano, Andy and I will go back to Manila na. We will just pick you up on January 3?”

“Yes, that’s correct. Thanks a lot again and Happy New Year to both of you. Enjoy the celebration” Richard said.

Richard and Aldrich went back to the main resort as James and Andy were taking off.

“Please give these to Catherine, Aldrich.” Richard told Aldrich when he dropped him off at the resort’s office, pointing to the stuffs from the chopper. “She knows already what she would do with those.”

“Okay po Sir Richard.”  Aldrich said as he got most of the stuffs from the back seat of the car. “By the way Sir, nag-text po si Robert, okay na raw po iyong pinagagawa niyo sa kanya.”  Aldrich said, referring to his cousin who also works at Emerald.

“That’s great! Please thank him for me.” Richard said, grinning. He is looking forward to seeing Maya’s expression when she sees his next treat to her.

Before he drove off, Richard opened the small bag that James gave him. He rummaged inside and look for the small velvet box that he knew would be there. He slowly opened it when he found it, excited at seeing the engagement ring for Maya that he asked his mother to buy. He smiled when he saw the beautiful platinum engagement ring for the love of his life. His mother really knows his taste. Richard put it back in the box and in the bag and drove off, humming ‘Love has come of age’!

Several minutes after, Richard arrived back at the house. He put the bag in his room and changed into jeans and a t-shirt before he looked for Maya. He found her at the back veranda, reading a book. Like that morning, he greeted her by nuzzling on her neck.

“I’m back, Sweetheart,” Richard said with a smile, hugging her from behind. “Nainip ka ba?”

“Hi Sweetheart, hindi naman. Inihanda ko pa ang things natin. I gather we will go swimming somewhere so I have towels for us and a change of clothes. Nasaan na ang mga gamit mo, I will put it in my bag.” Maya said, giving her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. “Are we leaving na ba?”

“Yes, Sweetheart. Halika na.” Richard helped Maya up from the wicker chair where she was sitting. “Thanks, Sweetheart. Here. Pakilagay na lang ang mga ito.” He handed her his change of clothes.

Maya and Richard left the bungalow hand in hand. They stopped at the resort’s garage. Ricky asked Maya to wait for him outside and when he came out, he was riding a motorcycle. He looked like Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’ in his jeans, shirt and helmet!

“Wow, Sweetheart, magmo-motor tayo!” Maya asked, smiling. “I haven’t ridden one in a very long time.”

“Yes, we are going to a waterfall up in the mountains st the other side of the resort. Ito lang ang makakaakyat doon. Put this on please.” Richard said as handed Maya a helmet.

Maya climbed behind Richard after putting on the helmet. She held on tight to his waist and they were on their way. It was an exhilarating ride up the rough road that lead to the base of the mountain. Richard liked the feel of Maya’s arms around him. Maya felt the same, so very close to Richard.

They left the motorcycle at the entrance of the place. Richard opened the gate and after a short trek, they arrived at the base of a  beautiful waterfall. Before the rocks that surround the edge of the falls, Maya saw a picnic table laden with food. It even has a checkered blue and yellow table cloth and a vase of flowers in the middle.

“May picnic pa tayo!” Maya exclaimed, surprised at the treat before her.

“Yes, pinahanda ko ang mga iyan sa cousin ni Aldrich na staff din sa resort kanina. We can spend the day here, just relaxing, communing with nature and being with each other, alone. Off limits pa ang place na ito kasi hindi pa naaayos ang mga railing. Baka kasi may mga batang guests na hindi mapansin, dumiretso doon sa tubig.” Richard pointed to the side, ringed with slippery rocks.

“That’s a good idea! Pero this place will be a nice place for picnics nga and the water looks so cool and inviting.” Maya said. “Swimming muna tayo before eating? Hungry ka na ba?”

“Not yet. I was about to suggest that.” Richard said. “Suot mo na ba ang swimsuit mo?”

“Errr, yes.” Maya said, suddenly feeling shy about disrobing in front of Richard, even if it just meant removing her shorts and the loose top she was wearing over her swim wear, that is on second thought, but too late now, seems skimpy, and too sexy. Richard noticed Maya’s hesitation. He smiled.

“Hayan, sige, tatalikod na ako.” Richard simply said, smiling. He also started removing his shirt, then his jeans until he was only clad in a swimming trunks that fitted him so well.

Maya turned and saw him. She gulped. She should be used to his bare chest by now. But this is the first time she had seen him in a skimpy swimming trunks. Richard did the same when he saw Maya in her two-piece swimwear, the top tied at the back of her neck and the bottoms held together with ribbons!

“Let’s go.” He managed to say, trying to control his reaction to his sexy girlfriend’s body. He held Maya’s hand and led her to the steps built on the side. He went into the cold water first then assisted Maya down.

“Brrr, it’s cold!” Maya gasped. The shock of the cool water from the falls hitting her body full blast.

“You will get warm soon, Sweetheart. Just submerge yourself.” Richard assured Maya. “Let’s swim up to the ledge behind the falls.”

“Sure, is it safe to do so?” Maya looked nervously at the strong curtain of water falling from several feet above.

“I’m sure, Sweetheart! Don’t worry, I will take care of you. I have been there several times. The feeling is incredible. It is like you are in a world of your own.”

Richard then swam towards the curtain of water, with Maya in tow. He was gently gliding along, keeping escort to her. He led her to an opening where the water was not so strong. When they were behind the curtain of water, he went up the ledge and assisted Maya up. They sat on the ledge, feet dangling, and their arms around each other, marvelling at the beauty of the nature around them.

“Ricky, this is so beautiful!” Maya remarked. She can’t see beyond the falling water, but it was like being cocoon in a private world.

Richard grinned at her, so happy to see the wonder and amazement in her face. “I told you, Sweetheart.”

Richard and Maya keep still for several seconds, just enjoying the sound of the falling water and the quiet between them.

“Thank you for bringing me here.” Maya said after a while. “Thank you for this wonderful trip.”

“The best is yet to come, Sweetheart.” Richard said enigmatically, cupping her chin and rubbing his thumb along the seams of her lips.

Maya felt breathless, all of a sudden. Her senses suddenly reacted to that soft touch, coupled with his heated gaze. “The best? And what do you mean by that, Mr. Lim?” Maya asked, fighting the sensation she is starting to feel. She also realized that she and Ricky are barely clothed and here they were in a very romantic, secluded place. It felt like they were in a paradise of their own.

Richard gave her a lopsided smile. “Secret!”

“But….”Maya started to say, protesting, wanting to know.

Before Maya could finish asking and making kulit, Richard lowered his lips to hers, then shut her up with a searing kiss. He too, had been fighting the sensation it evokes in him, seeing Maya clad only in skimpy swimwear, with her nipples outlined by the wet swimsuit that clung lovingly to her beautiful body.

Maya returned Richard’s kiss and yielded to the sensation she was feeling. Richard sought entrance into Maya’s mouth. Maya let Richard in. He explored the inside of her mouth, caressing it with his tongue. His tongue sought hers, and their tongues duelled heatedly, passionately. At the same, Richard hand found its way on Maya’s skimpily clad breasts and started caressing one.

“Ricky….” Maya gasped at the feeling he was evoking in her. She felt like a current went through her. She started caressing Richard’s back and all the exposed skin she can touch.

“Maya, Sweetheart……” Richard’s lips left Maya’s mouth and trailed kisses to her neck, nipping here and there. It reached the valley between her breasts and like a heat seeking missile, zeroed in on a pebbled nipple.

“Oh, Sweetheart, that feels so….” Maya suddenly was at a  lost for words and just drowned in the sensation of Richard lips and tongue on her already sensitized nipple. His seeking mouth moved to her other breast and nipple, and gave them the same loving, maddening attention.

Richard felt like he was going to explode from the sheer reaction his body is experiencing from Maya’s touch and kisses. He took a deep breath and try to control his raging desire. He knows that this is not the place and the time to initiate Maya into the physical expression of their love for each other. He wanted to wait.

“Maya, Sweetheart, I think we should stop. I’m barely holding on to my control.” Richard managed to say, trying to breath normally and stopping himself from touching Maya’s delectable thoroughly kissed lips and her beautiful breasts that seem to be begging for his touch.

Maya looked at Richard with dazed expression too, trying to control her fast beating heart and her body’s reaction to Richard’s heated touch. She too, knows, that this is not the place and the time for taking their relationship to the physical level.

Richard hugged Maya to him, kissed her hair, then caressed her arm gently and slowly as they tried to fight the intense desire they are feeling for each other. Then they shared a loving smile.

“Let’s go cool off.” Richard said, smiling lovingly at Maya. “Nature’s version of a cold shower!”

Maya laughed at that, then said ruefully, teasingly, “Okay. I think I also need one.”

Richard and Maya dove into the cold water from the side of the waterfall. They swam to the middle, then floated, relaxing as they looked at the blue skies above. They also played like children, dunking each other, then when they can’t help it, shared kisses.

When Richard and Maya got tired of swimming, they went up and ate their delicious lunch. Robert also packed a thermos of coffee for them, which they enjoyed very much having after their delicious lunch. They sipped their coffee companionably while enjoying the sound of the water falling from several feet above.

Their swimsuits were almost dry after they have finished with their coffee. Richard put on a pair of shorts and another white t-shirt. Maya on the other hand, wrapped herself with a sarong loosely tied around her neck, like a halter dress.

“Come, I will show you something.” Richard took hold of Maya’s hand and led her to a clearing at the other side of the waterfall. In it, Maya saw an open hut with a hammock in the middle.

“It looks so inviting!” Maya remarked, seeing that the hut is in the middle of a small garden and overlooking the falls from another angle.

“I thought of putting several of these all over the place for relaxing. This is the first one.” Richard said. He then led Maya to the hammock. He climbed after her. “Now, we can have a very nice siesta!”

Maya hugged Richard and laid her head on his chest. Richard put his arms around Maya, cushioning her. “I love you very much, Sweetheart.” He said softly as he made the hammock swayed a bit. He just felt so happy with Maya in his arms like this.

“I love you very much too, Ricky.” Maya said, caressing him, getting lulled by the very relaxing place and with Richard’s arms around her.

“Go nap.” Richard told her. “We have the whole afternoon pa here if you want.”

“Okay, I feel sleepy nga.” Maya replied yawning. “Ikaw?”

“I will too. It is so nice, with you in my arms like this.” He said, smiling, then kissing the top of her head.

Richard and Maya fell asleep soon after, with their arms around each other, savouring the bliss in the little paradise they have found that Tuesday afternoon, very, very happy.

Unbeknown to Maya, her happiness will be doubled the following evening, with the best of all of Richard’s surprises for her.

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