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Windblown – Chapter 17


“Happy New Year, Sweetheart!” Maya stood on tiptoe and gave Richard a kiss on the lips while cupping his face. “Thank you for the best ending to my 2014. I’m so looking forward to the new year with you. I’m sure it will be the best ever, and also the coming years. Looking forward to us, together!”

“Happy New Year, Sweetheart!” Richard grinned and caressed Maya’s hair lovingly. “We will have a very good one, especially now that you agreed to be my wife. I love you my Mrs. Lim to be, very, very much! You made me the happiest guy this evening! I’m looking forward to our long and happy life together, with the beautiful children that we will have.”

“Ditto, Mr. Lim! I love you very much. My heart is so full!” Maya replied lovingly with her arms around Richard’s nape, teasingly caressing him. “ And how many kids do you want Mr. Lim?”

“Hmmm, how about half a dozen, Sweetheart!” He replied, grinning.

“Kalahating dosena!!!” Maya exclaimed. “Sweetheart, parang ang dami naman yata.”

“Well, sabi nga, di ba ‘the more, the merrier’! Richard kissed Maya’s lips lightly. “Since we are both only kids, I want a big family. But of course, it depends on you too, and what God will give us.”

“I agree, Sweetheart. Malungkot ang mag-isang anak. Though, lucky rin ako since nandiyan sina Ate Cris and Lino. Basta kung saan ka, doon ako. Six kung six!” Maya said, grinning at her husband to be.

“So, Sweetheart, maybe, we should work on it now, para makarami.” Richard whispered teasingly, naughtily. “Simulan na natin.”

“Ha!” Maya said, surprised, at the same time, she blushed, getting Richard’s joke, her imagination conjuring Richard and her in a bedroom, making passionate love. “Sweetheart, ikaw talaga.” She managed to say, lovingly pinching Richard on the side.

“Welll, ang sa akin lang…” Richard said, with a huge smile on his face, teasing, loving the way, Maya is reacting to his teasing.

Maya and Richard shared a heated look, then smiled at each other lovingly. Richard hugged Maya from the back, his arms wrapped around her waist, and they both looked up at the sky and the infinite stars decorating it and felt this overwhelming happiness, looking at the future with so much joy. The fireworks joined the stars in lighting up the night as they continue celebrating their engagement, in their own private world.

When the noise from the firecrackers had died down, and only the stars decorating the night after the beautiful fireworks to celebrate their engagement, Richard and Maya, arms around each other returned to the house which had been like a real home for the two of them the past several days.

Upon reaching the veranda, Richard surprised Maya when he put his arm around her knees, then the other one on her back, and carried her across the threshold!

“Sweetheart!!!” Maya blurted out as she held on to dear life.” What is that for?”

“Well, isn’t that what the tradition says?” Richard replied with a big grin on his face.

“Yes, but that is for newly-weds! We just got engaged!” Maya smiled, looking up at Richard’s handsome face.

“Well, you know what, Sweetheart, I feel like we are this evening, that we did, with the commitment we made to each other. I’m committed to you for life. You are the only one until I die. I do want us to get married, the soonest if you will agree with me, as I want God to bless our union and share our happiness with our families and friends.” Richard said passionately as he put down Maya, then cupping her chin to look deeply into her eyes.

“Oh, Sweetheart! I feel the same way too. Yes, we can get married the soonest.” Maya assured Richard. She too does not want a long engagement as they have waited long enough to be together. She wanted to start their life together the soonest. “Is in three months time, okay with you?”

“Hmmm, how about tomorrow, or next week?” Richard countered, grinning. “Para we can start na talaga on our half a dozen kids.”

“Sweetheart! It’s too soon! Saka, ikaw ha, one track mind!” Maya pouted and protested good-naturedly. “I’m sure your Mama and my Tita Lulu will protest too if we just elope and have the wedding next week!”

“Biro lang, Sweetheart. Three months is okay with me.” Richard lightly kissed Maya. “I can wait, Maya, for everything.” He added meaningfully.

“Thank you, Ricky.” Maya replied as they walked towards their rooms. When they reached Maya’s room, she said good night to Richard.

“Sweet dreams, my love.” Maya said lovingly.

“Of course, Sweetheart! For sure, ikaw ang magiging laman ng panaginip ko.” Richard cupped Maya’s face, then lowered his lips to hers. “Soon, we don’t have to part for the night.” He said heatedly.

Maya blushed suddenly, imagining waking up with Richard beside her, and more. She smiled at him sweetly, trying to still her fast beating heart and her physical reaction to Richard’s heated gaze. “I’m so looking forward to waking up beside you, Ricky.”

They shared another searing kiss before parting for the night.

Maya looked at her engagement ring one more time, before she proceeded to take a shower. It was probably past one o’clock in the morning, but she was very much wide awake. Maya guessed it was because of hers and Richard’s unforgettable evening, coupled with the long nap she had in the afternoon.

Maya tried to sleep, but every time she relived the events of the previous night, the harder it was to sleep. After half an hour of tossing and turning, she decided to go to the kitchen and make herself a glass of warm milk. Maybe it will relax her and make her fall asleep finally.

She stopped just before she opened her bedroom door, debating whether she would change into regular clothes or just go down in her chosen sleep wear that night, a tank top and short shorts. She opted not to since it was in the middle of the night and besides it was just Richard and her there, and he is probably very much in sleep land by that time.

Maya opened her bedroom door at the same time Richard was opening his. They surprised each other at the hallway leading to the kitchen!



“Hindi ka rin makatulog?” Maya asked Richard who was only clad in pajama bottoms, his muscled chest bare to her gaze. She felt herself catching her breath. The effect of a shirtless Richard in the middle of the night was double than what she usually feel at the sight of him wearing his swim shorts!

“Hindi eh, Sweetheart! I was remembering our wonderful evening!” Richard replied, noticing that Maya was only clad in a very sexy tank top and shorts that showed off her endless legs. He also noticed that she was without a bra! Heat pooled in inside him at the sight before he can stop his reaction to the lovely view she presented to him. “Ikaw rin ba? Saan ang punta mo?”

Maya getting self-conscious with her skimpy attire and Richard’s heated gaze which he tried to mask, had to take deep breaths before she can reply. “Sa kitchen, magtitimpla sana ng milk. Hindi kasi ako antukin. Naalala ko rin ang evening natin.”

Richard smiled at his fiancee lovingly. “I’m glad, hindi pa ako nag-iisa na hindi makatulog. Halika, let’s make your milk and I will get my glass of water,” he said as he put his hand on Maya’s back to propel her to the kitchen. Maya shivered at Richard’s touch. Richard felt a jolt also, but he tried to control his body’s reaction.

Maya went straight to the kettle and filled it with water, while Richard on the other hand, poured himself a glass of water which he gulped in one go. Several minutes after, Maya was stirring her glass of milk. She put it down on the table to get herself a glass of water too. Apparently, Richard was intending to do the same. They collided. Richard steadied Maya.

“Sorry, Sweetheart!” He said, holding Maya in the arms with only a small space separating them. “Are you okay?”

“Y-yes, I’m okay.” Maya managed to say, very much aware of Richard’s proximity and the fact that he was not wearing a shirt, and her hand encounted bare flesh when she steadied herself against him. She sounded breathless.

Richard, on the other hand, was unable to take his eyes off Maya’s twin peaks, clearly outlined by the form-fitting top she was wearing.

Richard and Maya’s eyes met and the awareness of each other which has been simmering since the afternoon at the back waterfall, rose to the surface with a force they were unable to stop anymore. They looked heatedly at each other. They were overcame with a desire so strong, which they can’t fight anymore.

“Maya….” Richard whispered longingly before lowering his lips to hers.

Richard gave Maya a searing kiss, putting all the love, want and desire he was feeling for her in that one kiss. Maya opened her lips to accept Richard’s kiss. She responded in kind. Richard kissed Maya thoroughly before seeking entrance to her mouth. Their tongues sought each other and engaged into a love duel. They can’t seemed to get enought of each other. Their passion so strong, that they forgot everything else and their awareness was centered on each other.

Richard’s hand crept into the hem of Maya’s tank top and sought her twin peaks.

“Ricky….” Maya said breathlessly as Richard’s questing hand found her breast and fondled it lovingly. She felt electrocuted when his thumb found her aching peak and tweaked it. Richard gave the same loving attention to the other one. The twin assault on her mouth and her breasts was almost too much for Maya. She felt like she was on fire and her knees are going wobbly on her.

Richard too felt like he was on fire, wanting Maya very much. He too had a hard time controlling his desires as Maya caresses leave a trail of hot want in his system.

“Sweetheart, I want you very much.” He managed to say to her in his desire-laden voice. “I’m losing it. I think we better stop while we still can. I promised to wait.”

“Ricky, Sweetheart. I want you very much too.” Maya replied. “We don’t have to stop.” She managed to say, then she initiated the hot kiss that had their desires for each other spiking and sending them off to the place where they both wanted to be.

Richard gave in to the heat of the moment. He trailed hot kisses on Maya’s neck, while his hand was busy loving her breasts and teasing her maddeningly. Maya was going crazy with the assault to her senses. If not for the kitchen counter behind her, she would have been a puddle on the floor. Her knees were just about to buckle under. She caressed Richard and gave him a trail of hot kisses to on his shoulder, then mimicked what he did to her by touching him there too, which almost made him totally lose it.

With both of them wanting more, Richard carried Maya back to her bedroom. He put her gently on the bed, then looked at her well kissed mouth and breasts that were aching to be touched and be loved again and again.

“You are so beautiful and so desirable, Sweetheart.” He said lovingly, before slowly removing Maya’s top while giving her another searing kiss.

When Richard saw Maya’s perfect breasts, he looked at her with so much heat that Maya felt an answering heat that travel from her breasts to her core. Richard removed his pajama and it was Maya’s turn to gasped, loving the way her fiance is built, all muscles, so beautiful, and she too wanted to kiss that muscled chest lovingly.

Richard proceeded to love Maya after slowly removing her last piece of clothing, her shorts. He trailed kisses all over her face, neck, the valley between her breasts, her twin peaks and below, to her core. His passion driving them wilder and wilder until they both can’t take it anymore. They needed relief.

“Richard….” Maya moaned so swept away with the tide of passion she was feeling in the arms of the only man she will ever love. “I want…..”

“Maya, Sweetheart…” Richard muttered in his passion-laden voice. He understood what Maya meant but unable to verbalize. He positioned himself on top of Maya and slowly slipped into her, taking into consideration her innocence.

Maya felt the initial pain, but after she got used to Richard’s size and length, she nodded, and they moved together. It was slow at first, then it built up, until it reached a frenzy and their passion for each other became too much. They reached the peak together. Their sighs and moans where the only sound in the dark room as they flew to fulfilment, physically melding.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” Richard asked Maya lovingly and gently after he managed to catch his breath after that soul altering experience with Maya. What he felt when they finally reached the height of pleasure together was indescribable. He caressed her hair.

“I’m okay, Sweetheart.” Maya managed to say. She too was still feeling the after effects of what she and Richard experienced moments ago. She felt like she was one with him, body and soul. She knew that both of them didn’t plan for this, but she never regret it. “Thank you for being gentle with me, my love.”

Richard smiled and looked at his future wife lovingly. “Sweetheart, I love you very much. Being with you like that, was indescribable. Only you made me feel like that.”

“The same for me, Sweetheart! I felt joined to you, body and soul.” Maya lightly kissed Richard’s lips.

Richard moved to get a better angle and gave Maya a searing kiss. Their desires for each other rekindled again. But Richard knew that it maybe to soon for Maya. He stopped, put his arms around her and then the blanket over them. They didn’t bother to put their clothes back on. They slept in each other’s arms without a stitch on.

Richard woke up before Maya. The sun was very much up. It was probably around nine o’clock in the moving. Maya was still sleeping so soundly beside him. The comforter barely covering her nakedness! They must have both kicked it off during the night. She looked so beautiful sleeping peacefully with a ghost of a smile on her lovely face.

He reclined with his head supported by his hand as he looked at his beautiful fiancee. He was very much looking forward to making love to her, but he never expected it would happened on the night thy got engaged, the happiest moment of his life so far and it got happier the physical expression of their love for each other. Indeed, it was a wonderful start to a beautiful year for him and his beloved. Waking up beside her like this is the best feeling ever.

Richard slowly caressed Maya’s cheek with the back of his hand, remembering their  night together. His passionate love. He will never get enough of her and the love for her is just overflowing. Maya slowly opened her eyes and when she saw Richard, she gave him the most beautiful smile.

“Good morning, Sweetheart!” Maya said, looking at Richard with so much love. So this is how it feels, she mused. She felt like she was at the top of the world and that she can take on anything.

“Good morning, Sweetheart! How are you?” Richard asked solicitously. In th light of day, he also wants to be sure that Maya is not regretting them making beautiful love during the night.

“I’m okay, Sweetheart.” Maya replied, then realized, what was Richard’s underlying question. “And I don’t regret us making love last night. It was the most wonderful thing, to be joined to you like that. I love you and like you, I’m committed to you for life, with or without a ring. We have proven that the past seven years we were apart.”

“Oh, Sweetheart. Thank you. I love you so. I don’t want you to have regrets, thinking that what happened was too soon.” Richard cupped Maya’s face, then lowered his head to give her a kiss.

“Ricky, hindi pa ako nagto-toothbrush!” Maya suddenly became self-conscious, covering her mouth.

“I don’t care.” Richard said, smiling. Then proceded to give her a searing good morning kiss.

However, the kiss was like a match that sparked off the fire between them again. Before they knew it, they were at each other, wanting to temporarily slake off their unquenchable thirst for each other.

It was already around noon, when Maya and Richard managed to get out of bed to satisfy their hunger for food, this time. The shower took longer than usual as Richard surprised Maya by joining her there. They spent the rest of the first day of 2015 in each other’s arms, so completely lost in their own world. Indeed, it was the best new year celebration ever for the two of them.


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