Crushing On You – Chapter 15


“Sweetheart, I love you. I’m so very happy! I’m really, really glad that you agreed to marry me!” Richard whispered to Maya as they broke apart from their very long kiss. “I’m looking forward to us finally sharing our lives, for always.”

“I should be the one saying that.” Maya said softly. “I love you much. I’m the happiest girl tonight! And I, is looking forward to being with you. Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala.”

“Believe, Sweetheart!” Richard kissed Maya one more time, then he led her back to the sofa. “Sweetheart, do you think you can live in this place kahit walang garden dito, unlike in your house in Bel-Air!” Richard asked as he sat, and Maya sat automatically on his lap. Richard leaned back against the sofa and Maya put her head on Richard’s broad shoulders and made herself comfortable.

“Of course, my Sweetheart. Kahit saan, basta kasama kita, masaya na ako, and I’m sure magiging masaya always.” Maya said. “We can always make any house a home with our love for each other.”

“Sweetheart, please free to decorate this place the way you want it. I left it like this after the contractors have finished as I want you to have a free hand in making this place a home.” Richard admitted with a grin. “It is like a vacant canvas for you to work on, anyway you want it, whatever you want to do with it.”

Maya smiled and teased him. “So ganoon ka pala kasigurado, Sweetheart, na sasagutin kita kapag nag-propose ka. Confident much ka yata this evening!”

Richard chuckled. “Slight lang. Actually Sweetheart, I was more into keeping my fingers crossed. Siyempre, I was wishing and hoping that you will say yes.  But if not, I am willing to wait. Di ba sabi ko depende sa mga pangyayari ang paglipat ko sa bahay na ito. Depende sa iyo kasi ikaw lang naman ang gusto kong makasama dito wala nang iba. Kung hindi mo pa ako sinagot ngayong gabi, I will just wait, and continue living with my parents. I’m sure matutuwa pa sina Mama and Papa kasi ang tagal ko ring nawala.”

“Sweetheart, touched na touched naman talaga ako sa iyo. Hihintayin mo talaga ako! Kahit hindi ka makalipat kaagad. I’m sure even if you like staying at your parents, you want your own space too. You are that willing to wait! Sobra and grabe mo na akong pakiligin. Kaya pala the house was barely decorated and furnished.” Maya hugged Richard and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Well she intended it to be quick. However, Richard had another idea.

Richard moved a little, making Maya sunk deeper into his lap, then he returned the kiss, deepening it. He seeked entrance to Maya’s mouth by playing with the seam of her lips. Maya let Richard’s tongue in and finding each other, their tongues duelled and mated into a love dance that generated an electric response in both their bodies.

Maya moved closer to Richard, caressing his hair, returning his heated kiss, making the temperature in the room hotter. She felt the evidence of Richard’s reaction to their molten kiss and it evoked a corresponding reaction to her very core. Her breasts feel heavier, aching to be touched. She wanted….. “Ricky…..” Maya muttered as she moved a little from where she was sitting, wanting more, but unable to verbalize exactly what she wants to happen.

“Maya….” Richard groaned as his hard length reacted to Maya’s movement. “Sweetheart, what you do to me!” His hand started moving upwards, groping for the zipper of her dress, finding it, he slowly pulled it down until her breasts were exposed to his heated gaze. He  cupped her breast through her thin, lace bra, started playing with it, and at the same time, he started raining kisses on her neck, then to the valley between her breasts, his lips hovered on her twin peaks.

“Ricky….” Maya said. It felt like a current went through her, electrifying her senses more. She moved closer to him, seeking his heated touch.

Richard transferred his hand to Maya’’s other breast, giving it the same attention as the other one. Maya felt like she was burning. The feeling was very intense. Richard’s control on the other hand was barely there. He tried to fight through the fog of desire which is starting to envelope his whole being. He took a deep breath. He kew that he needed to stop, otherwise he and Maya will reach the point of no return. While he want it very much, he know that their making love should not be because they got carried away with the heat of the moment. His lips returned to Maya’s and gave her a searing kiss, before letting go.

“Sweetheart, I think we better stop. I’m barely holding it.” Richard said ruefully, caressing Maya’s face, trying to rein in his raging desire for the woman he loves. At the same time, he zipped up Maya’s dress again.

“Oh….” was all Maya managed to say, realizing that she and Richard almost made love there in the living room. She blushed. “Ikaw, kasi.”

“Ha, anong ako….”

“Ikaw kasi when you kissed me and touched me like that, it’s all I can think about.” Maya said artlessly.

Richard smiled lovingly at his fiancee, touched her face. “I feel the same, Sweetheart. You make me forget everything. But I want our first time together very special, I can wait.”

“But this is a special night naman ah…..” Maya stopped herself, blushed. She sounded like she is protesting that they stopped. “Errr, you know……”

Richard grinned. “I know Sweetheart. I want our making love for the first time very, very special, especially for you” He added softly, meaningfully, lovingly. “It will happen. I want you to think about it and be very ready for it. I love you and I want our love expressed in every way possible.”

“I want the same, Ricky.” Maya said, understanding what he meant.

They gazed at each other, so very happy, their desire for each other, barely banked, though. They both know that they will make love, soon. Maya sighed contently as she settled more comfortable in Richard’s chest. Richard put his arms around Maya, kissed her hair and they settled in, enjoying each other’s company while they watched the evening sky contently.

“So, when do you want to get married, Sweetheart?” Richard asked after a while.

“Hmmm, I don’t know yet. Maybe after Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary? Would that be okay?” Maya asked. “Say, in three months?”

“Whatever you want, Sweetheart. It’s okay with me! For sure our mothers would want to help planning the wedding.” Richard smiled. The news of his engagement would surely throw his mother in a very happy, tizzy mode! “I can imagine Mama’s reaction when we tell her the news.”

“Hahahaha, I think my mother will be the same!” Maya said, agreeing to Richard’s reading of their mother. “When do we tell them?”

“How about we have lunch with my parents tomorrow? I think Papa and Mama will both be home.” Richard suggested. “Then before we leave your house, we can talk to your parents through Facetime or Skype!”

“Okay. Sounds like a good plan, Sweetheart.” Maya smiled at Richard.

They stayed for an hour more in Richard’s place. Richard gave Maya a tour of the 5-bedroom place, with that beautiful living room and dining room, a big kitchen. Richard also asked Maya to pick the room she would like for the two of them. Maya blushed anew, thinking of the time that she and Richard will share that room as husband and wife. Richard is looking forward too to sharing that room with Maya, seeing her beside him as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. Going to bed with her beside him, sharing the night. He hopes three months is now!

“Sweetheart, this is the super best birthday talaga and the most wonderful night of my life.” Maya said as she and Richard stood in front of the Dela Rosa gate more than an hour later. “Thank you for everything, thank you for coming into my life.”

“For you, Sweetheart, anything! I’m so happy too! Being loved by you is the best thing that happened to me. I can’t wait to call you, wife!”  Richard said lovingly, cupping Maya’s face. “I should get going na. Otherwise, I will not be able to go home. Sleep tight my love and dream of us together. I wish I am sharing that bed with you tonight.” He added with a naughty grin.

Maya blushed and pinched Richard lovingly. “Hmmmm, I will just imagine that you are there with me.” She teased, though.

Richard chuckled. “You do, and imagine what could have happened!” He teased.” I’ll get going na, bago mo pa ako makurot ulit. I will pick you up at 11 o’clock for our lunch with Mama and Papa.”

“Okay. Drive carefully, husband-to-be, okay!” Maya said, giving Richard a light kiss on the lips. “I love you!”

“I will, my wife-to-be.” Richard promised. “I love you too! Good night.”

Maya went inside the house and only when she did, did Richard drive off to go home to his parents’ house.

When Maya entered the house, she saw Manang Fe in the kitchen, she was surprised as Manang Fe is usually asleep at this time of the night. “Manang Fe, good evening po. Bakit po gising pa kayo?”

“Maya, anak, ikaw na pala iyan. Nakalimutan ko kasing uminom ng gamot. Naalimpungatan ako at bigla kong naalala.” Manang Fe said. “O kumusta ang dinner niyo ni Richard?”

“Manang Fe……!!!!” Maya suddenly said which surprised the old lady. “I’m so happy, Manang! Ricky and I are getting married. Nag-propose po siya sa akin this evening. Manang Fe, this is the best birthday ever! Tingnan niyo po, ang ganda-ganda ng ring ko.”

“Siyanga anak! Congratulations! Sobrang saya ko rin para sa iyo! Alam ko naman na si Richard ang gusto mong makasama na sa buhay! Anak, alam kong magiging maligaya ka sa piling ni Richard.” Manang Fe said, smiling and the same time, hugging her old alaga, teary-eyed. “Nasabi mo na ba sa Mommy at Daddy mo?”

“Hindi pa po, Manang Fe. Medyo gabi na po. Bukas po, paparito si Richard dahil magla-lunch kami sa bahay nila para sabihin kina Tita Esmeralda at Tito Roberto. Tatawag po kami kina Mom and Dad before kami umalis.” Maya told Manang Fe.

“Naku, sigurado akong matutuwa ang mga iyon. Boto naman sila kay Richard. Masaya nga ang Mommy mo nakatagpo ka ng lalaking katulad niya at saka finally raw, nagmahal ka na.” Manang Fe said. “Kailan niyo pala balak magpakasal? Napagkasunduan niyo na ba?”

“Baka po in three months time, Manang. Papatapusin po muna namin iyong wedding anniversary nina Mom and Dad.”

“Oo nga pala. O basta sabihin mo lang sa akin, hija kung ano ang maitutulong ko sa paghahanda.” The old lady told Maya.

“Maraming salamat po, Manang Fe.” Maya said, giving her old nanny another hug and a kiss on the forehead. “Aakyat na po ako. Good night po.”

“Good night, Maya.” Manang Fe said.

Maya went upstairs and Manang Fe went back to her room with a big smile on her face. She is very happy that Maya is finally settling down and will start a family of her own. She knows that Maya will be a very good wife to Richard and will be the best mother to their children. Maayos na lumaki ang alaga niya. Nagpapasalamat din siya sa Diyos na nakatagpo si Maya ng karapatdapat na lalaki para sa kanya.

The following day, at 10 o’clock, Manang Fe opened the gate to Richard. “Richard, hijo, pasok ka. Nasa banyo lang si Maya. Napaaga ka yata. Sabi niya, mga alas onse ka pa raw darating.”

“Good morning, Manang Fe. Opo. Pero inagahan ko na po kasi para mahaba-haba ang maging kwentuhan ni Maya and ng parents niya. Tatawag po kasi kami sa kanila para ipaalam na magpapakasal na kami.” Richard told the old lady as they walked back towards the house. “Nabanggit na po ba niya sa inyo?”

Manang Fe stopped, so did Richard. “Oo, kagabi kasi naabutan niya pa akong gising. Richard, anak, masayang-masaya ako para sa inyo ng alaga ko. Alam ko naman na mamahalin mo siya ng husto. Ngayon pa lang nakikita ko iyan. Huwag sanang magbago iyon anak.”

“Ipinapangako ko po, Manang Fe. Mamahalin ko po si Maya habambuhay and her happiness will be my number one priority.” Richard looked earnestly at the old lady who is like a second mother to Maya and made the promised.

“Maraming salamat, anak.” Manang Fe said affectionately. “O halika na sa loob at bakit ba tayo napatigil dito sa garden.”

Manang Fe ushered Richard into the living room and after serving him coffee, she told him that Maya will be down shortly. She also went back to the kitchen to check on something, leaving Richard alone in the living room, but not for long. Wearing a tight-fitting red blouse, paired with a white maxi skirt, Maya swept down into the living room with a smile that lit up her whole face.

“Ricky, Sweetheart, good morning!”

“Good morning, Sweetheart! You look lovelier this morning!” Richard greeted his fiancee with a big smile and a loving kiss. “Did you sleep well?”

“I had the best sleep. It was a bit hard to fall asleep though because of the excitement you gave me last night!” Maya said with a grin. “Ikaw?”

“The same, Sweetheart. I stared at the ceiling, grinning, remembering our evening together.” Richard said.

They smiled at each other.

“Halika, tawagan na natin sina Mom and Dad.” Maya said, opening her laptop.

Soon after, they were chatting not only with Maya’s parents but with her sister and her family who were there eating brunch with the parents after they all have been to church. Teresita Dela Rosa was teary-eyed with joy when they finally told her, and Maya’s dad that they are getting married.

“Maya, Richard, mga anak. I’m so happy.” Maya’s mother told them, holding on to her husband’s hand to steady herself.

“Mom, heto po ang panyo!” Cristina Rose teased in the background, making Maya’s mother laughed. “Pero Richard, bunso, congratulations ha. Richard iyong pangako mo na ring bearer si Cho ha!”

“Richard, welcome to our family, anak! “Arturo Dela Rosa told Richard.

“Thank you po, Tito Arturo and Tita Tere!” Richard said grinning. “Thank you rin Cris and Jeff! Of course, ring bear si Cho.”

“Mom, uuwi po pala kami ni Ricky sa wedding anniversary niyo and then we can talk more about the wedding.” Maya chimed in.

“O sige,  Maya anak, Richard, asahan ko iyan ha.” Mommy Tere said.

They said goodbye to Maya’s parents after that. Richard intertwined their hands, then raised it to his lips. “Sweetheart, malapit ka nang maging Mrs. Lim.” He said lovingly.

Maya gave her fiance a big smile, liking the sound of being Mrs. Lim. Richard’s forever.

More than an hour later, Richard and Maya were the living room of the Lim family home and being embraced by first, Donya Esmeralda and then Don Roberto. Richard’s mother, as he had predicted, was ecstatic to know that they are finally settling down.

“Oh my, oh my, I’m so happy son, Maya! Finally magkaka-daughter-in-law na rin ako.” Esmeralda Lim kept on saying as she hugged Richard and Maya.

“Son, congratulations. I’m happy for the two of you. Maya, hija, welcome to our family.” Roberto Lim said with a big smile, tapping his son’s shoulder affectionately and giving Maya a hug.

The four of them moved to the dining room where they had a lively lunch, talking about the upcoming wedding. When Richard’s parents found out that they will go to Mindoro the following month to talk about the details of the wedding with Maya’s family, they asked if they could go also, as a sort of pamamanhikan. Even before she talks about it to her parents, Maya told the elder Lims that it would be okay. In fact, she assured them that her parents would be happy to host the Lims in their farm.

Later that afternoon, while the elder Lims were having their siesta, Richard and Maya were on Richard’s bed, watching  DVDs, and just relaxing.

“Happy, Sweetheart?” Richard asked, giving Maya a kiss on the forehead, his arms around her, after they have finished watching the first movie.

Maya looked at her fiance from where she was, half-lying across his chest.”Of course, Sweetheart. So very, very, very happy.”

They exchanged I love yous and several heated kisses throughout the afternoon as they relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company, both thinking that in three months time, they will be like this everyday, and for always.

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    Thank you Antigone. So happy for their engagement.


  2. #2 by MsBunBun on January 24, 2015 - 3:14 PM

    Maya is really special. Atty Lim is a really gentleman, ” I want our making love for the first time very, very special, especially for you” Kaloka. Thanks Ms A.


  3. #3 by lirahc2014 on January 24, 2015 - 8:19 AM

    Ang sweet ni Richard,,kaya niyang maghintay ng 3 months??? pero that is true love diba?? Exciting na ang mga next episodes, sana walang problema….


  4. #4 by cvemmelin on January 24, 2015 - 7:35 AM

    Wow, short engagement din. Pero with Richard and Maya, 3 months might be long dahil looking forward sila sa honeymoon… LOL. I could imagine Dona Esme getting super excited for the wedding. Am sure Lisa, Minerva, Emman and the rest of Lim Corporation are over the top, too when they learn about the engagement. Thanks, Ms A. Windblown update naman ang aabangan ko. Have a good weekend.


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    Thanks Miss A and what an exciting time for this couple


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    Finally engaged !!!! So happy for them …..thanks Ms A I can’t wait for their wedding and of course “the honeymoon” that they both decided to wait for they want it to be “special” NAKAKAKILIG talaga….


  10. #10 by timmi on January 24, 2015 - 1:05 AM

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