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Crushing On You – Chapter 13

‘I did it my wayyyyy’

“Wow, iba na talaga ang in loveeee!” Emman teased Maya after she finished her second love song for the evening. “Feel na feel ang mga love song!”

“Hahahaha, ikaw talaga Emman.” Maya laughed, then handed the microphone to Emman. “Here, it’s your turn na. Kantahin mo na ang national anthem mo!”

Emman started belting out his favorite song ‘I Will Survive’ with matching dance moves. He was followed by Minerva and her ‘Dancing Queen’ anthem, Annie with her ‘Girl On Fire’, then Wilson, Jenny, Melanie, Jason, Francis, Annie and the others, followed soon, one after the other, sometimes in duets. Richard the messenger whom Richard asked Emman to invite sang ‘My Way’, with Emman teasing him about that song being ‘deadly’ as it has been known to cause videoke brawls!

Everyone was having fun and getting merrier because of the beer, other alcoholic drinks, and cocktails they started drinking after their dinner. Maya’s cocktail of choice was Long Island Iced Tea. She noticed Emman drinking it. She sipped a taste, liking it better instead of the SanMig Light and Tanduay Ice on the table, ordered it too. By the their third and final hour in the KTV Bar, Maya was into her third glass of Long Island Iced Tea. It tasted so good, as it tasted like real iced tea! She never noticed that she has already down two and into her third one by the close of the night.

Before the evening ended, she got the microphone, and asked her staff to sing ‘Top of the World’ with her. Since everyone was tipsy, they had a rousing rendition of the song.

I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation

And the only explanation I can find

Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around

Your love’s put me at the top of the world

Thank you guys for the best birthday ever!” May said after they hit the last note, everyone shouting it out in merriment. Then she saw Richard standing by the door of the room, clapping at them. “And thank you, my dearest Sweetheart for this unforgettable birthday! I love you very much, you know!”

“Thank you Atty. Richard! We love you too!” Everyone chorused after Maya.

Richard grinned at them. It looked like everyone is tipsy, well probably close to being drunk, including his lovely girlfriend! He was glad that they had so much fun. He came up several minutes before Maya and her colleagues’ allotted time was finished to settle the bill, and see how they are.

“I’m glad you had fun everyone. Now, the coaster will take you all home. Just tell the driver where you live.” Richard said, which surprised Maya, at how thoughtful, generous and considerate Richard have been, all for her birthday, and for the love of her. He even thought of a transportation for her staff. She was very touched and feel so loved by him.

“Sweetheart, you are the best!” Maya whispered at Richard while they were waving goodbye to her colleagues, feeling so overwhelmed with the love she was feeling for this wonderful guy, hugging him by the side.

Richard just smiled. Then he led back Maya to the car. As soon as Maya sat and was about to fasten her seatbelt, the effects of three glasses of Long Island Iced Tea kicked in. She leaned against the headrest.

“Ricky, I feel very dizzy!” Maya told Richard, trying to fight off the dizziness that hit her all of a sudden.

“Oh, Sweetheart! Maybe, you had too much to drink. Did you eat a lot before you started drinking? Did you drink water in between, and lastly, what did you drink and how much?” Richard asked, one question after the other, touching Maya’s face at the same time.

“I ate some of the pica-pica food and that’s it. I was not very hungry so I didn’t eat a full dinner like everyone did. Oh, and I didn’t drink water. I forgot in all the fun. I just took sips of my Long Island Iced Tea!” Maya said as she closed her eyes a bit. “I had three of that, I think. It tasted so good, parang iced tea lang. What’s in it na nga ba?”

“Sweetheart, the fact that you can’t taste all the alcohol mixtures, means it is very good and very strong since to tend to drink more of it. It has gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, tequila, sour mix, and cola normally! And you had three with no water to dilute the effect in between!” Richard said. No wonder, Maya is feeling very dizzy. Coupled with her low tolerance for alcohol, like the time they went to dinner and she blurted out that he was the one making her heart beat faster. Richard smiled, remembering that.

“Basta, Sweetheart, masarap siya!” It was all Maya managed to say. “Arrggh, everything is swirling around.”

“Sweetheart, okay, don’t panic. You will be okay. Just focus on something. Wait here, I will get you a bottle of water.” Richard went back to the KTV and bought Maya two big bottles of water. He gave it to her and ask her to drink slowly.

“Okay, I will drive carefully.” Richard promised. “Just rest and focus, okay.”

Maya just nodded. The next time Richard checked on Maya, she was sleeping. Since she looked okay that way, he just let her sleep.

“Maya, sweetheart, we are here.” Richard said when they arrived at Maya’s gate. He tried to rouse her, but she didn’t wake up. He was reluctant to ring the bell as it was already around one o’clock in the morning. “Where are your house keys?”

Maya just muttered, “bag pocket” and then burrowed more into her corner of the car.

Richard looked for the keys in Maya’s bag. Thank God, Maya is very organized! He found them in the pocket of her bag. He opened the gate, then decided to carry a sleeping Maya inside the house. He locked his car, then the gate after him. He had a hard time opening the front door, but eventually he managed to do it.

“Sweetheart, where is your room?” Richard asked when he saw that there are four rooms on the second floor of the house.

Maya finally opened her still sleepy eyes, then pointed to the room at the end of the house. Then she closed her eyes again.

Richard opened the door to Maya’s room and placed her on the bed. He removed her shoes to make her more comfortable. He was debating whether to call Manang Fe, when Maya groaned from the bed and complained that she is feeling very dizzy. Richard gave her water.

“Ricky, don’t leave me please. The room is spinning.”  Maya moaned, waking up a bit.

“Okay, keep calm, Sweetheart. You just need to ride the effect of the alcohol. Drink more water, here.” Richard held Maya’s head as he guided her to the water bottle.

“I want to sleep. So sleepy, Sweetheart! I don’t want to puke.” Maya said half-coherently. “Don’t leave me, please. Stay with me.”

“Okay, Sweetheart. I will just be here.” Richard promised. He also made Maya more comfortable by loosening her clothes, pulled the comforter over them, then cradled her in his arms, until he heard her light snoring. “My poor, Sweetheart!” He gave her a light kiss on the forehead, then gently combed her hair using his fingers, which seemed to relax her, and made her settled more into sleep.

Richard made himself comfortable by removing his dress shirt, placing it on the nearby chair he saw. He went back to bed, checked on Maya and when he heard that she was snoring lightly, he settled in for the night. At the back of his mind, he is planning to wake up early so he can let Manang Fe know that he stayed the night because Maya got sick. Several hours later, he woke up with a start.

Maya also started moving, then she opened her eyes and saw him on the bed with her!

“Ricky, what are you doing here?” Maya asked surprised. She sat up, and felt the pounding of her head! “Owww…..”

“Good morning, Sweetheart!” Richard grinned. “I will not ask if you are okay. Wait I will get you something to relieve the hangover you are probably feeling.”

“You slept here? What happened?” Maya asked. She had a vague recollection of what happened, like she just dreamt it. She looked at Richard and herself, and saw that they are both still wearing the clothes they had when they went to work the day before. Well, sort of. Her clothes were loosen up. While Richard, on the other hand, was just wearing his white inner t-shirt, and his dress shirt was on the back of the chair near her study stable. He was wearing his khaki pants, though.

Richard saw what Maya did and grinned, guessing the direction of her thoughts. “Sweetheart, nothing happened! You didn’t take advantage of me last night.” He teased her.

Maya blushed.”Ha, wala naman akong sinasabi ah.”

“Ha, Maya Dela Rosa, I saw you checking kaya. See, heto pa rin ang suot nating clothes. Saka, my Sweetheart, when it happens, we will both know it.” He teased again.

“Rickyyyyy, enough na kaya!” Maya said turning bright red. “Ano ba talaga ang nangyari? May ginawa ba akong super embarassing?”

Richard smiled, then cupped Maya’s chin. “Wala naman, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. I just think you just had too much to drink. Sabi mo sa akin kagabi, nakailang Long Island Iced Tea ka. Tapos you felt dizzy and ayaw mo na iwan kita. Not that I would leave you naman in that condition. How’s your head? Sandali, I will get my sure cure for hangover from the car.”

“Sorry for that Sweetheart! My head is pounding and my stomach feels queasy.” Maya said, still embarrassed. “Thank you for staying with me. I kinda remember everything now.”

“Don’t be, Sweetheart. The important thing is you had fun on our birthday!” Richard lovingly! “Dito ka na lang muna. Ako na ang bahala also na mag-explain kay Manang Fe. I’m sure she had seen my car parked outside.”

“Oh!” Maya just remembered Manang Fe. “Okay. Thank you again, Sweetheart. You are the best.”

Richard smiled, gave her a quick kiss on the lips, then, he went down to the kitchen.

“Good morning, Manang Fe!” He greeted the old lady, who was then preparing breakfast.

“Good morning Richard!” Manang Fe asked. She had seen Richard’s car outside but she thought that Richard just arrived early. “Nasaan si Maya? Hindi ko na nga namalayang dumating ang batang iyon.”

“Manang, nasa room pa po siya. Medyo nalasing po siya from the party last night. Kukuha nga po ako ng gamot sa car for her.” Richard said. He was about to say to Manang Fe that he stayed the night, when the old lady suddenly asked.

“Dito ka ba natulog, Richard?” Manang Fe asked as she finally noticed his crumpled clothes.

“Yes po, Manang Fe. Binantayan ko po si Maya kasi she felt very dizzy last night. Hindi ko na po kayo ginising kasi medyo gabi na. Don’t worry po, Manang, binantayan ko lang siya talaga.”

“Hijo, tiwala naman ako sa iyo.” Manang Fe assured Richard, getting what he meant.”O siya, kunin mo na ang gamot. Maghahanda rin ako ng breakfast for you and Maya. Maluluto na ito.”

“Maraming salamat po sa tiwala, Manang Fe. Kung pwede po, juice, toast bread and water po ang ihanda niyo for Maya.” Richard suggested. “Kunin ko lang po ang baking soda ko sa car.”

“Baking soda? Meron noon dito sa kusina!” Manang Fe said.

Richard smiled. “Tablets po ito, Manang. Sodium bicarbonate tablet po ito. Inirekomenda sa akin ito dati ng friend ko nang minsan nagkainuman kami at maraming nainom. Ako na nga po pala ang magdadala ng breakfast ni Maya.”

Richard got the medicine, then took the tray that Manang Fe handed to him when he returned to the house. He knocked on Maya’s door, and a freshly showered Maya opened the door. She looks so lovely even devoid of make-up.

“Sweetheart, wow! Pati breakfast! Thank you very much. You are so sweet. The best boyfriend ever.” Maya said smiling, then ushered Richard in, taking the tray from him.

“Of course naman, Sweetheart. Eat ka na and then take two of these. Quesy pa ba ang tummy mo?” Richard asked.

“Slight na lang. Nakatulong ang shower. Halika, mag-breakfast na tayo.” Maya said. Manang Fe, included food not only for Maya, but for Richard in the tray.

Maya led Richard to a side door in her room, that led to a back veranda, overlooking a bigger garden than the one in front of the house, this one not visible from the road side. She put the tray on the coffee table in the veranda. Richard pulled the seat for Maya and she started serving breakfast.

“It’s so quiet and nice here.” Richard remarked. “I really like your gardens. Manang Fe told me that you did most of the gardening.”

“Yes, I like doing it during my free time. Nakakatanggal ng stress!” Maya said as she poured a cup of coffee for Richard. “What’s our plan for later?”

Richard smiled mysteriously and mischievously. “Hmmm, secret.”

“Ricky, surprise again! Isang buong araw akong hindi mapapakali niyan.” Maya pouted prettily.

“Basta, Maya. Huwag na kasing makulit, Sweetheart.” Richard said. “Kain na lang tayo.”

“Okay, sige na nga, surprise me.” Maya finally said. She know Richard will not tell her, anyway.

The two of them had a leisurely and very enjoyable breakfast. Maya took the baking soda and Ricky was right. It relieved her upset stomach after a while.

“Maya, I’ll get going na. I’ll pick you up, later, Sweetheart.” Richard said as he and Maya stood up in front of the Dela Rosa’s gate.

“Okay, Sweatheart! See you later. Looking forward to our evening together.” Maya said then gave Richard a quick kiss on the lips. “I love you. Drive carefully!”

“I love you too. I hope you will like my surprise!” Richard said, smiling happily at Maya. He made a final wave, then drove off, leaving Maya puzzling what it could be, but knowing Richard, she know that he is planning something she will not forget.

Maya was right, Richard is planning something extra special that night. When he arrived home, he just took a quick shower, said a quick hello to Donya Esmeralda and then set off again as he still have a couple of things to do for his and Maya’s special evening.

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