Love Comes Calling – Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Richard’s moves

The beep of her mobile phone woke up Maya the following day. She thought it was still early and wondered why someone is texting her so early in the morning. But when she checked her bedside clock, she saw that it was already past seven o’clock in the morning! She was supposed to get up at half past six o’clock! Good thing, her phone beeped. She checked the message and smiled.

Ricky Lim >
Good morning, Maya! 🙂 What time will you be at work?

Maya Dela Rosa >
Good morning, Ricky. Thank you for your text. If not for it, I will be late. 🙂
I will be at work around 8AM. Why?

Ricky Lim >
Oh, good that I texted then. 🙂 Wala, I just want to know.
Have a great day at work. 🙂

Maya Dela Rosa >
Have a great day too. Good luck on your meeting with the board.

Ricky Lim >
Thank you. I will tell you later how it went. 🙂

Maya skipped breakfast, as she usually does. She will just eat something at work. Sometimes, she gets tempted with Sabel’s cooking and grabs a bite before she leaves the house. But this morning, she didn’t have time to eat even if the longanisa and scrambled eggs on the dining table are her favorite breakfast meals. Her sister has already left the house with Abby. Her mom said she will work from home today. She hurriedly kissed Mommy Tessie and asked Kuya Joma to drive her to work. She needed to review some stuffs and she can do that on the road. Normally, she drives herself to work.

She arrived at her office an hour later as there was a bit of traffic in Greenhills. As soon as she put down her laptop bag, she noticed the Starbucks tumbler on her desk, when she inspected it, she found her  favorite Americano coffee in it, there was also a small paper bag with two slices of French toast inside, a cup of fruits, and on the side of the bag and the tumbler, three sunflowers. She found a note attached to the ribbons holding the sunflowers together.

Dearest Maya,

Just thought of sending over breakfast. You mentioned that you don’t normally eat
breakfast at home. I guess, especially so, this morning. Enjoy. 🙂



Maya felt very happy and touched by Richard’s thoughtfulness. She took out her phone and sent him a message.

Maya Dela Rosa >
Thank you very much for the nice breakfast, Mr. Lim. 🙂 Just what I need
this morning. Caffeine and sugar overload to perk me up for the long day ahead, and healthy fruits for balance. Kaya pala, you were asking what time I will be at work. I will enjoy it. Ikaw din, hwag magpapagutom. Many thanks din for the lovely flowers. 🙂

Ricky Lim >
🙂 🙂 🙂 I will eat my meals, Ms. Dela Rosa, on time. Cross my heart. 🙂 Talk to you

Richard smiled and felt that there is spring in his steps as he walked towards the conference room where his meeting will be. His assistant, Sonny was with him.

“Sonny, thank you for taking care of the things for Maya this morning. Can you tell Mang Lem to be here at the same time tomorrow. I will tell you what to get before we go home in the evening.” He simply said.

“No problem, Sir. “ Sonny smiled. His boss is really in love and is now courting his ladylove earnestly. He has not seen him like this before.

Maya was enjoying her coffee when Emman arrived at her office. They need to go over some plans for their latest collection.

“Wow, coffee, sunflowers, fruits and French toast! Ang aga niyang pa-flowers and pa-food, sis.” Emman greeted Maya. “Parang alam ko na kung sino ang nagpadala. Iyung guwapong-guwapong guy na kasama mo kahapon na kaya pala looks familiar eh si Mr. Richard Lim ng Lim Holdings.”

“Kilala mo si Ricky, Emman?” Maya asked, surprised.

“Not in person, sis. He was on the cover of a popular society magazine two months ago, together with other young businessmen or second generation businessmen in the country. Di ba mo nakita iyon?” Emman explained as he took his seat on the chair infront of Maya’s desk. “Saka, he is considered kaya as one of the most eligible bachelors in the country.”

“Really, I didn’t know that! Busy kasi ako that time, preparing for my trip. I think I missed reading that. Usually rin naman, housekeeping and decorating magazines ang nababasa ko, because of our products.” Maya said, taking in the information Emman mentioned.

“One of his old girlfriends nga di ba, eh iyong society ‘it girl’ ngayon na si Angela Buenavista. If I may ask sis, saan mo nga nakilala si Mr. Lim?” Emman asked. “You looked good together ah, when I saw the two of you yesterday.”

“Naku, we are just friends Emman. We met each other by accident in Denmark.” Maya said simply and gave Emman a condensed version of her and Richard’s meeting over Mathilde. At the same time, thinking na socialite pala ang dating girlfriend ni Ricky! But she shurgged it off. It has nothing to do with her dahil past na naman. Though, there is a part of her that wonders about Ricky’s past. But she told herself she will not Google him. If she wants to know something, isn’t it better to ask him directly? Richard even told her, ask anything and he will reply.

“Iyon lang ang kwento mo? Ang sweet niyo kaya kahapon, sis. Anyway, I don’t want to pry na.” Emman smiled at his friend. “Basta, good luck and to borrow the line of one of the characters in my favorite Disney movie, ‘there is something there that wasn’t there before’. Para sa iyo iyan my dear sis!”

Maya laughed at Emman. While they were teasing at each other, Ruby arrived and also got curious about Maya’s flowers and breakfast. Maya said she will tell her about it at their coffee break as they needed to start their meeting. They spent most of the morning mapping up their products placements in the stores, and other details they need to take care of for their products promotions in the fashion and house magazines in the metro.

Emman went back to his department after the meeting, saying that he has another one scheduled in 15 minutes. Maya and Ruby went to the coffee shop on the ground floor.

“So, Maya, kay Mr. Lim, galing iyong flowers and coffee?” Ruby asked as soon as they sat down with their sandwiches and coffee.

“Kilala mo rin siya?” Maya asked, thinking that she is the only one who didn’t have an inkling of who Richard is before she met him.

“Yes, from the magazine cover, and also because my dad works for Lim Holdings.” Ruby explained. “Saka, I thought talaga na it was from him since I saw you two yesterday. Sweet niyo. I’m glad that you are dating Maya.”

“Ruby, we are just friends. Like I have mentioned to Emman, I met him by accident in Copenhagen.” Maya said in between bites, then told Ruby the same thing she told Emman. “But you know what, when you phoned me and I met you in the coffee shop in BGC? He was there. Nagkatinginan kami saglit. But enough that we remembered each other nga that afternoon in Copenhagen.”

“Really, what a wonderful coincidence and a stroke of fate!” Ruby said happily. “Nakakakilig naman. Nagkatinginan lang kayo, then you remembered each other na! Eh, ako nga walang maalala ng gabi na iyon, except the hurt I was feeling. Saka, imagine, doon pa kayo nagkita sa Europe. Baka siya na ang destiny mo.”

“Naku, Ruby, ikaw talaga. I admit, I do like him. I enjoy being with him and spending time with him. Happy ako kapag kausap siya and touched at his gestures, like the breakfast, and iba pa. Pero, we are just friends now. I am just enjoying his company and taking things one day at a time.”

Ruby looked at her best friend and she knew Maya’s fears and she guessed, her sad lovelife contributed to what her friend feels. Si Maya lang kasi ang nasasabihan niya ng mga love problem niya.

“Maya, it is okay to take things slow. I believe rin na mas solid ang foundation if you start as friends and get to know each other really well in the process, as long as you are both being open and honest with each other. Pero when the time comes, do not be afraid to love, to take a chance. Kasi, at least you took a chance, kaysa naman hindi. Huwag kang ma-nega because of what I experienced. I, too, is taking things slow and will not ‘fall in love with love’ again the next time. I’m sure, somewhere out there is a guy for me who will love me the way I should be loved and that I will love with all my heart.”

Maya is glad that Ruby is moving on. She admired her friend for being positive, especially after the last incident that really shook her trust in guys. Ruby, it seemed, realized that she was just in love with the idea of love then.

“I know that Ruby. I am not closing my door on loving someone. To be honest with you, I think I’m on my way there. I’m nervous, but I think I am ready to take my chances.” Maya said. “Ricky is helping me by being the way he is. Of course, nandiyan ka, and also my mom. I am sure Ate Cris will also be there for me. Saka, bakit ba ganito ang discussion natin. Hindi naman siya nanliligaw eh. We are just friends. ”

“Maya, I think he will. Hindi ganyan ang treatment kung friends lang! I think he is into you and he is nagpaparamdam na.” Ruby said with conviction. “You must have talked a lot for you to be quite at ease with him, when you just met. Baka he sensed that he needed to take things slow rin with you, based on what you have told him.”

Maya smiled at Ruby.”You have a point Ruby. Basta, I’m happy with the way things are muna. I’ll take it talaga one day at a time. But thank you for your advise. By the way, I saw Edselyn at the airport. Flight attendant na pala siya sa Time Airways. Gusto niyang mag-dinner tayo.” Maya told Ruby while finishing up her sandwich.

“Talaga. Naku, I want to see her nga rin. Kailan daw? I’m free this Friday.” Ruby said as she stood up. “Let’s go na pala, if you are done, may meeting pa kasi akong isa.”

“Okay, I will tell her when she texts, baka kasi nasa flight. Ipinakilala pa nga niya sa akin iyong cousin niya na pilot sa TA.” Maya said as they walked back to the elevator banks that would take them to their floor.

The rest of Maya’s afternoon was spent meeting with other buyers. By six o’clock, she felt tired. She was about to send a text message to Kuya Joma to pick her up when her phone beeped.

Ricky Lim >
Hi Maya. 🙂 Are you busy? May I call?

Maya Dela Rosa >
Hi Ricky! 🙂 Sure. I’m free now.

Less than a minute after Maya sent her reply. Her phone rang.

Ricky: Hi Maya! How are you? How was your day? Busy?

Maya: Hi Ricky. Okay naman. Busy but manageable. Tired lang sa dami ng kinausap ko
kanina na mga buyer. Ikaw?

Ricky: Had a great day. The board approved my proposal so I can go ahead with the
planned expansion of our shipping business. Nag-dinner ka na ba?

Maya: Not yet. I was about to call Kuya Joma na nga when you texted. Magpapasundo na
sana ako. I didn’t drive this morning kasi nagmamadali ako, then may kailangan pa
akong i-review on the way.

Ricky: Hwag ka na magpasundo. Tamang-tama. Let’s just have dinner and then I will take
you home. Please.

Maya: Hmmm, sure you are not tired yet? You had a full day na.

Ricky: I’m perfectly okay and being with you relaxes me. I’m sure I will have a wonderful
time. Tanggal ang stress ko.

Maya: So, stress reliever pala ako. Iyan ang role ko sa buhay mo Mr. Lim.

Ricky: Hahaha, Maya naman, pretty please. Malungkot kumain mag-isa. Saka you are more than that in my life.

Maya: Ikaw naman Mr. Lim, biro lang. Of course, I would be glad to have dinner with you.

Ricky: Great. I will see you in an hour or less. I will just text you when I am near na.

Maya: Okay. Ingat sa pag-drive.

Maya went through her e-mails while waiting for Richard It is amazing how many e-mails flew between departments and between employees in a day! She got caught with what she was doing that she didn’t notice the passing of time, until there was a knock on her door.

Maya looked up, surprised, then checked her phone. “Ricky! Umakyat ka na! Did you text? I didn’t hear my phone beeped!“

Ricky smiled at her. “No. I just thought of going up and picking you from your office since it is stll early. I said hello also to Tito Miguel. I saw him downstairs. He asked nga why I am here.”

“Oh. Let me just get my things so we can go. Have a seat first. Sandali lang ito.” Maya said as she closed her e-mail program, shutdown her laptop and tidied up her desk.

Richard was content to look at Maya as she went through her end of the work day ritual. He admires her graceful efficiency. He also like the way she decorated her office, with understated elegance.

They left Maya’s office 10 minutes after. Those who saw them walking towards the elevator took a second glance. They thought that those two looked good together.

Richard and Maya went to dinner at the restaurant inside an upscale hotel near Maya’s office. Like the night before, they didn’t notice the hours as they chatted and got to know each other better.

Three hours later, Richard was parked again at the gate of Maya’s house.

“Ricky, thank you again for a wonderful evening.” Maya said while standing at the gate.

“The pleasure is mine, Maya. Thank you for not letting me have a solitary dinner. I had a wonderful time.” Ricky said smiling. “I will not go in. Just say hello to your mom for me.”

Richard kissed Maya again on the cheek and was walking towards the driver’s side of the car, when he remembered something.

“Maya, wait. Before I forget….” He said as he got a small paper bag from the back seat of the car. “For you.”

“Oh, what is this, Ricky. Too much na, ha.” Maya protested. “Sobra-sobra na itong thoughtfulness mo.”

“Wala lang, just something that I hope will make you happy.” Richard told Maya as he waited for Maya to take the paper bag.

“Okay. Thank you very much.” Maya smiled at Richard, curious what kind of surprise he has for her this time.

“Go inside na. Don’t wait for me to drive away.” Richard said and waved at Maya. “Good night. See you. And yes, Ms. Dela Rosa, I will text you when I get home.”

“Good night. Drive carefully.” Maya said, then waited until Ricky drove away before going in.

No one was in the living room when she got in as it was a bit late already, so Maya went straight to her room. She dropped her things on her office table, then proceeded to open the bag.

“Awwww”, was all she managed to say when she found what is inside. Richard gave her the complete DVD series of Lovers in Paris in original Korean with English subtitles. She also found a post-it note on the DVD box.

I found this online. I thought you might like to see the original episodes. 🙂

She was very touched with his latest gesture. She never thought that he would think of getting her this. She lay down on her bed, still in her office clothes, stared at the ceiling, smiled happily for no reason at all, except that she felt very happy at the moment. Her phone beeped after a while.

Ricky Lim >
Reporting from home, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. 🙂

Instead of replying to his message, Maya gave Richard a call as she wanted to thank him properly.

Maya: Hi Ricky, thank you so much for this! Ikaw, sobra-sobra na ang lahat. You are
spoiling me a lot.

Ricky: I’m glad you like it Maya. I want to spoil you. Making you happy, makes me
happy too.

Maya: Thank you again. I’m so happy naman with this.

Ricky: No worries. Mabuti I found it pa. So happy too when I found out that the DVDs are still available.

Maya: Oo nga. I have been meaning to look for it online. Maraming salamat talaga. O sige, good night na so you can rest na rin.

Ricky: Good night. Sweet dreams.

Maya put Richard’s note in a box, together with the small cards she had received from him. She went to bed very happy, thinking of Richard. She is falling hard, and fast, for this wonderful guy.


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