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Two to Tango – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Stop! Don’t go in there!  Don’t go in there! Enough! Enough!

Maya whispered those words to herself like a mantra, hoping that it would bring to an abrupt stop her runaway trip down memory lane. But she was unable to. She careened back to that moment, when Richard Lim’s lips touched hers, and everything in her young world shifted.

Yes, he was her first! Richard Lim was Maya’s first kiss. He was also her first heartbreak, something that her young heart, she must admit, albeit reluctantly, had never recovered from. On hindsight, and sometimes, she felt a twinge of guilt on the way she reacted to everything, up to the point that she and Richard Lim fought like cats and dogs for weeks and him earning the ‘SSS’ moniker from her. But there were times when she would remember the bad stuff and affirmed to herself that how she acted was what Richard deserved at that time.

Now that she would see Richard, Richard, Richard Lim, (she refused to think of him as Ricky as it would mean dredging up long-felt bittersweet emotions) again after all these years, she felt ambivalent. However, regardless of what she feels, the only important thing is she needs to do what she needs to do so that her parents will, hopefully, finally set her free. With that resolve in her mind, she fell asleep at last! The last image in her head, Richard Lim sporting his charming, lopsided smile.

Like Maya, the deluge of memories also kept Richard Lim awake that night. Once the floodgates were opened, he was unable to stop the rush of memories. Like Maya, he made a supreme effort to block the events that follow after that kiss that shook his world. Like Maya, he didn’t succeed.

In more than 24 hours, he would see her again after all these years. He was very much curious on how she looks like now, after all the years that she had stayed in Europe. Did Europe changed her a lot? He thought of checking if Maya has a social media account, who hasn’t in this day and age, he mused, but there was something that stopped him from doing so. There was a part of him that would rather know when they see each other again. He guessed he would also like to retain in his mind the Maya that he remembers, just in case the woman she is now is totally different from what he remembers.

Meeting her again, that’s another matter to think of! Past is past, and both he and Maya are seven years older. But still, they parted as ‘enemies’. Look at how he reacted when his mother brought out the issue of Maya staying with him. He acted like his 28 year old self! He acted like the last time he saw Maya. Sighing, Richard decided to grab a can of beer, and stayed at his balcony, looking at the lights still dotting the blackened night of the city, as he sipped slowly, and contemplated life and what would the future has for him, his mother, their company, and  Maya. When he became bone-tired, he went back to sleep and had a fitful sleep.

The following morning, Richard was woken up by a message from his mother.

Good morning, son! Don’t forget, Maya is coming tomorrow. The arrangement for her, please don’t forget.  Here’s her number son, send her a message. Have a great day!

Rising from his bed, groggily, crankily, Richard muttered. I doubt, Ma!  He just replied, ‘Okay, Ma. Thanks. You too!’ That was all he can manage that morning. He felt so tired at the same time, unsettled. He sighed. Before he headed to shower, he decided to send Maya a message, to get it out of the way.

Frowning, but not really thinking straight, Richard sent the message to the number his mother sent him. He decided to have coffee first before taking a shower as he badly needed a cup! It is going to be a long day!

Like Richard, the alert of her phone, woke up Maya that morning. She groped for it, plopped back to bed and slid her phone open. Curious to see who would send her a message very early in the morning when her phone had been pretty quiet since she returned to the country. Her eyes opened wider, and remnants of sleep disappeared from her system when she had seen who the message was from. Her mother gave her his number the night before. Her heart started beating faster and erratically.

Hello, Maya. This is Richard Lim. I’m sorry I can’t pick you up myself. I’ll send my EA, Liza and driver. Just give her a call after you landed. Here’s her cellphone number! 

Reading Richard Lim’s message left Maya lost for words to describe how she felt at that moment. The message seemed so…, so…formal and clinical!

But do you expect Maya? You didn’t exactly part in the best of terms! See, he even avoided seeing you after that disastrous summer. Did he even go with his parents when they visited your parents in Barcelona! He even missed Seth’s funeral!  Isn’t this better? Now you can execute your plans without qualms!  No guilt, Maya dela Rosa! No guilt at all! 

“… and Maya Dela Rosa, you should stop talking to yourself!” Maya muttered as she got out of bed. She had started to put her phone down, when an idea suddenly popped into her head. Hmmmm, why not, she thought. Maya smiled to herself with mischief in her eyes, then typed something on her phone, and before she changed her mind, she sent it.

OMG!!! I’m so looking forward to staying with you, Kuya Richard Thank you so much for letting me stay. I will bring Whiskey and Brandy! I’m sure you will love them.

On his way back to his room, a steaming cup of coffee on his left hand, Richard heard his phone beeped. His heart jumped, somehow knowing who the message was from. He grabbed the phone and upon seeing the text, he frowned, then, somewhat annoyed, he read it again, thinking he had read it wrong the first time.

“She called me, Kuya, again, and why ‘Richard’ I was ‘Ricky’ to her!  She knows I hate the fact that she called me Kuya. She sounded giddy pa with the fact that she will be staying with me!” Richard read the rest of the message. “Whiskey and brandy, what for? Love them?”

He quickly typed a reply.

Thank you, Maya. But there’s no need to bring me whiskey and brandy. I don’t drink that much.  

Maya giggled when she read Richard’s message, liking what she had started, and now for the clincher, Mr. Richard Lim. Smiling naughtily, she typed quickly.

Oh, but  I am not bringing liquor for you. Whiskey and Brandy are my cats. 


Richard was really annoyed after he read Maya’s latest message. “No way, she can’t bring pets here!”

Maya, no pets please! You know I don’t like them, especially cats. Besides, my building does not allow pets! Again, NO PETS!

Maya was unable to help herself when she read Richard’s reply, she laughed a hearty laugh, the first one she had in days! Of course, she knows he hated cats. He told her that, a long time ago, when everything was bright and beautiful between them. She remembered his story about his cat phobia. Of course, she does not have any intention of bringing pets to Manila. She does not have pets. She has two stuffed toy cats and those were what she was going to bring with her.

Maya deliberately misled Richard because, partly she was miffed by Richard’s text, and she had realized it was a good opening salvo for her campaign to make herself, Richard Lim’s most hated guest. She wanted him to give up on her and tell it to his mother, then her parents. She felt a twinge of guilt at what she was doing, but she was desperate.

Maya deliberately shut down her phone. She didn’t have any intention of replying to Richard Lim. He might call, so to avoid that, she turned off her phone.

Richard sipped his cooling coffee while waiting for Maya’s reply. He wanted to be sure that they understood each other. But no reply came in the next several minutes. He checked the time and saw the he needed to get going so that he will have plenty of time to fortify himself for the difficult day he will have. He thought that Maya will just reply later.

Half an hour later, the first thing that Richard did when he got out of the bathroom was to check if Maya had replied.


Maybe, she was in the bathroom too like he was! Richard drove to work, and for a while, forgot all about Maya as he had to deal with a lot of stuff and issues as soon as he reached his office. Around lunchtime, he remembered Maya and her ‘pets’. He checked his phone. Still, no text and messages from that girl! He thought of calling his mother, but the fact that she will ask a lot of questions and would probably talk a bit, stopped him. He needed to concentrate on his meeting that afternoon. He just hoped that Maya would be sensible enough and would heed his warning not to bring  her pets.

Richard also informed Liza that she needed to pick up Maya from the airport. He also gave her an emphatic instructions about Maya’s ‘pets’.

“Okay, Richard. I will go to the airport early to avoid traffic. Tomorrow is Baclaran Day so there will be a bit of traffic in the area.” Liza said, reading the information that Richard handed to him on a piece of paper. “I got everything here.”

“Thanks Ate Liza. And oh, by the way, if you see that girl…..errr, Maya, holding two cats, please let her know that she better send them on the next flight to Negros or else, they will be boarded in a place that boards animals like those and she will not like it.” Richard stressed to his assistant, firmly, and for the third time.

“Noted on that Richard. You have mentioned it several times. I’m sure it will be okay. If not, I can take care of the cats. I  have several as you know and I can take care of Ms. Maya’s pets. Brandy and Whiskey, right!”

“I think so. Why would she named her pets after liquors!” He said, frowning.

“Cute naman the names ah.” Liza teased, smiling, and a bit curious seeing her unflappable boss, agitated.

“Ah, basta, I thought that girl will be more matured by now.” Richard muttered massaging his forehead.

Liza opted to keep her counsel. She had never seen her boss agitated and this bothered even in the most challenging moments he had faced seen assuming mantle of his father’s company. She had a feeling that there is a lot of history between him and this ‘family friend’!

“Oh well, let’s see tomorrow! You may go and eat lunch Ate Liza. I’ll just prepare for my meeting later. Everything is set?”

“Yes Richard. Wala namang nag-cancel. And I can pick lunch for you. Skipping meals is not healthy. Your usual?”

“Okay, Ate Liza. I might as well eat. Thanks a lot.”

He was about to go back to his papers, when he remembered something he forgot again to do. “Errr, Ate Liza, favor please, can you call Manang Sol and ask her to come to my place today, and prepare the bedroom for my guest. I have been meaning to, but I forgot!”

“Sure Richard, I will take care of it.” Liza assured Richard. “I’ll get going.”

Richard attended to his paperworks, barely reacting when Liza returned with his food. He ate a quick lunch, then got ready for his meeting.

The afternoon turned out to be gruelling one. One of the possible investors for his new project that he met at that very important meeting seemed to be hellbent on being difficult, a Filipino-Spaniard, Jaime Ventura IV. He barely held on to his patience. He didn’t know how he did, but he survived the afternoon with Jaime Ventura without losing his cool.

Returning to his office several hours later, he plopped down his chair and grabbed the phone he left there. He checked if there was a message from Maya. Still nothing. His head started to throb. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.  He worked several hours more, then headed home when he realised that it was already close to midnight.

He saw a note propped up the table by the door when he arrived him. It was from Manang Sol.

Sir Richard, naayos ko na po ang room para sa bisita ninyo. Hindi ko po alam kung alin doon. Wala pong nabanggit si Ms. Liza. Inayos ko na lang po ang room na tabi ng sa inyo para po makapag-bonding kayo ng husto.

Oh no!

Richard slapped his forehead. He forgot to specify which room should be made for his unexpected guest! He walked around his spacious living room, thinking. There’s a part of him that wished that Maya was put in the room farthest from him. He had a feeling even then that Maya would somehow wreck havoc to his system, like she did eons ago. At the same time, he felt this excitement that he can’t explain, with her just a wall away from him.

“Oh well, what’s done is done!” He shrugged, and headed to his room to take a shower before retiring for the night.

If he had inkling on the hellish night he would experience 24 hours later, he would have made the room farthest from himself, for his guest!

Half an hour later, despite his body being bone tired from his long and gruelling day, and just like the night before, he was unable to sleep. He found himself at his balcony again, nursing a cold can of beer and just trying to relax.

Maya Dela Rosa, what are you doing to me! I can’t afford to be this distracted. Maybe, things will return back to normal when I see you again!

How wrong he was! But of course, he didn’t have an inkling of what was to happen!

Like Richard, Maya was unable to sleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, she decided to make herself a glass of milk. Glass in hand, she went to her favorite place – the azotea. Maybe the cool breeze will relax her. She should have been tired because of the busy day she had. After shutting down her phone, she spent the day helping a friend with her day care center. Running after kids for several hours, on top of double checking the things she will be bringing to Manila and going to town to buy some pasalubong and other things, should have worn her out, but didn’t! She was too keyed up to sleep, with the thought of going to Manila, to be on her own, sort of, and yes at the thought of seeing Richard again, swirling in her head.

Maya wished then that she was not planning to make his life hell. But she felt that her parents didn’t leave her with other choices. She just wished that Richard will forgive her eventually. Besides, he might be the same obnoxious person he was when they parted and she shouldn’t feel any guilt at all!

She downed the rest of her milk, then smiling she went back inside and fell into a peaceful, happy sleep, excited on her adventure and yes, as sleep claimed her, in seeing the handsome chinito from her past.

Richard did the same. He can’t explain why, but he felt excited on what tomorrow will bring.


Note: Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. I’m back. I miss this. I’m rusty, though, my apologies. Have a nice day/evening. Cheers and good vibes as always! 🙂


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Two to Tango – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The past…

Maya felt her heart jumped, and for a moment, she can’t seemed to breathe, as she and the chinito guy, standing by the entrance leading to the azotea of her  family home, gazed at each other intently. He was dressed in a white polo shirt and khaki shorts, wearing glasses, looking so handsome and neat.  It took a supreme effort for Maya to appear calm and collected, especially after he bestowed her a lopsided smile, which also seemed to convey an apology for intruding into her private space and private time.

Maya knew who he was. She had stared enough times at his photos pinned on the cork board in her brother’s room. She was curious about him and every time she imagined how the hero of the romance book she was reading at that time would look like, his image was the one she conjured up. Weird, that his photos had made that much of an impact on her psyche!

Standing just off the steps, he looked like the handsome earl from the pages of the period romance novel she was engrossed with before he shattered her peaceful existence by his mere presence.

“You must be Kuya Richard, Tita Esmeralda’s son, and Kuya Seth’s friend in the States!”

Maya stood up, good thing her knees didn’t buckle! She walked towards him, clutching her book like a lifeline. She gave him a smile, which she was unaware of, had lit up her whole face, making her look more beautiful to Richard. “I’m Maya. So glad to finally met you, Kuya Richard.”

“Y-you know who I am?” Richard stuttered a bit, which surprised him a lot, as he never ever had done that or appeared not confident in the presence of a beautiful woman. She was actually more of a girl, come to think of it, as she was just about to celebrate her 18th birthday, Richard thought. He collected himself.

“Hello, Maya, nice to finally meet you. Please call me Ricky! Family and friends do. Mama only called me Richard when she is mad at me, and when I have done something bad.” Richard said with a smile.

“Yes, Kuya Seth has some photos of the two of you in his room.” Maya said, smiling back. “Please come in. Kanina ka pa ba kumakatok? Sorry I didn’t hear you. Nalibang ako rito sa binabasa ko. Wala rin kasing nabanggit si Mama or si Manang na may darating kaming bisita. May usapan ba kayo ni Kuya Seth?” Maya asked as she gestured for him to go with her to where she was sitting when he arrived. “Kailan pala kayo dumating ni Tita Esmeralda?”

“Wala naman. I just thought of checking if he is still here. Alam ko na may office siya today. I just wanted to ask sana if I can ride with him to Bacolod since I am at a loose end.”  Richard looked where he would sit as there was only the day bed where Maya was sitting earlier. He decided to sit beside Maya, keeping a bit of a distance, because at it was, he was already very much aware of her. “We arrived yesterday. I’m going to check on our office in the city, but that can wait until next week. I’m on vacation the next couple of days.”

“Oh, he left early today. Sayang! Papa asked him to go with him to Victorias. Bibisita sila sa milling doon. Ako lang ang nandito kasi Mama went to Silay. She will meet one of her amigas for lunch.” Maya informed Richard. “Would you like something to drink, Kuya Ricky?”

Maya was about to stand to go inside the house to get Richard something to drink as their kasambahay was in the market, when Richard stopped her instinctively, with his hand touching her arm lightly. He felt his heart jump at the contact, not realizing that a simple unintended touch would cause a strong reaction in him.

“Thanks a lot Maya. Katatapos lang din namin ni Mama na mag-almusal. I think I will go ahead na, baka may gagawin ka pa. I will just go around town na lang siguro.” Richard managed to say. He started to move towards the direction he came from. “Pasensya na for disturbing your rest.”

“Oh, di ba matagal ka nang hindi nauuwi rito?” Maya asked, still feeling somehow branded by Richard’s touch, because as far as she knows, and remembers, Richard has not been to Talisay in the past 18 years. “Would you be okay? And okay lang that you drop by. Really, I was just passing the time.”

“I think so. I know matagal na akong di napupunta rito, pero I think I can find my way around.” Richard said, smiling. “Saka kung maligaw ako, I can just call Manang or Mama.”

“Hmmmm…” Maya said, thinking, then impulsively and before she can stop herself, she heard herself saying, “Ganito na lang Kuya Ricky, I’ll tour you around na lang. I can drive you around Talisay and also Bacolod if we have time pa. I don’t have school today.”

“Thank you, Maya, pero baka may iba kang plan. Saka parang this is your day to relax. Really, you looked so serene earlier sitting there and reading your book. Ayaw na nga kita sanang i-disturb. I can manage on my own. I remember na mababait naman ang mga tao rito. I’ll just walk around town and familiarize myself again with everything. Also, I’m thinking of seeing some of the sights. I can just take the motorcycle I saw in the garage.”

“Wala rin naman akong gagawin, Kuya Ricky, and besides, pa-thank you ko na ito sa iyo since Mama said you agreed, kahit last minute, to be a part of my debut tomorrow.” She said. “I’m sure, like Kuya Seth you protested, di ba?” She said, teasing him.

Richard smiled sheepishly, feeling guilty for protesting too much to being a part of her 18 roses ceremony, and the bad thoughts he had earlier. “Errrr, I’m happy to do it for you, Maya.” He managed to say, saying a silent sorry to her, and promising that he will make it up to her to atone for the bad thoughts he had earlier.

“See, you didn’t deny it. Tama ang hula ko, di ba?” Maya teased. “ Basta, I’ll show you around, it is the least I could do. I can drive you around. Let’s just take the car, para kapag umulan, hindi tayo mabasa. Medyo unpredictable ang weather recently. Saka tingnan mo, morning palang ang init na!”

“Okay. Thank you Maya.” Richard said, acquiescing to Maya, after she gave him one of her beautiful smiles again.

Richard, on hindsight, didn’t know why he readily accepted. All he thought at that moment was that he likes to know her better, regardless of the fact that she was his best friend’s younger sister and she was too young for him. He was unable to help himself, but to go with the current that pulled him towards this beautiful, poised, vibrant girl. So different from the way he thought he would be since his mother twisted his arm to be part of her debut. He wanted to spend time with her and get to know her more.

Like Richard, Maya didn’t know what also made her offer to show him around. He was really someone she just met even if he was a family friend and the best friend of her brother. She was just planning on staying at home and doing nothing. She even declined her mother’s invitation to go with her to Silay and have lunch at their favourite restaurant there with her Tita Susan. When she woke up that morning, she just wanted to laze around the house!

Maya just knew then that she wanted to spend more time with her brother’s handsome friend. She was drawn to him, in a way she can’t explain. Sure, she had met handsome guys in Negros, they courted her, but they didn’t move her the way he moved her, by just standing there, by just giving that bone-melting lopsided smile, by the way he talked and his gentlemanly manners.

She never thought that she would react that way when she finally see him in person. She was  very, very curious of course, as he was always mentioned by her older brother, aside from being drawn to his photos. He seemed to be full of life, and as crazy as her kuya, in those photos. But she has not had the chance to meet him as her parents decided to base themselves in Negros while her elder brother studied in Manila, then in the States, a thing she found unfair as she also wanted to spread her wings like her Kuya Seth did! But being the only girl, and the youngest, her mother said no to her studying in Manila.

“Let me just change get my car key, Kuya Ricky and we can be on our way.” Maya said, standing up and gathering her things. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

‘Take your time, Maya.” Richard said, smiling, feeling very happy all of a sudden.

Maya was gone inside in a flash. Richard felt his breath returning to normal and the feeling of exhilaration he felt since he arrived at that place, ebbing a bit. It was really strange to feel an instant affinity with a girl, a girl so much younger than him and one that he just met! He who had been pursued by much beautiful and more sophisticated women in Manila and in the States, and he didn’t react this way with them.

Maya returned several minutes after, a sling bag strapped around her upper body. From the azotea, she led him to a parking garage by the side of the house. She told him that they will just take Martha, gesturing to a red sedan parked at the side of the four-car garage.

Richard smiled at that. Her car has a name! He went to the driver’s side with her and opened the door for her. She thanked him giving him a sweet smile before she went in. Richard felt so happy at that moment.

“So, you will turn 18 tomorrow?” Richard said by way of conversation as he settled into the passenger seat, an unusual place for him as well. “How does it feel to finally enter adulthood?”

“Well, actually I’m 18 na.” Maya corrected Richard, smiling, as she buckled up also.

Richard looked at Maya with a confused expression. “But isn’t your debut tomorrow?” he asked, brows knitted.

“I turned 18 two days ago, actually, Kuya Ricky. We had a small celebration. It would have just been enough for me, but Mama insisted on having this party. Sabi niya, minsan ko lang mararanasan to have a debut. Siya kasi wala siyang debut before. Namatay ang Lola ko one week bago iyong birthday niya. I’m not much for ceremonies, mas gusto ko pa ngang mag-Asian trip na lang with my friends o kahit go to Ilocos siguro, or sa Manila! But for her I will endure this debut and its trappings.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. Belated Happy Birthday, Maya!”

“Thank you, Kuya Ricky.”

“Well, your mother has a point, you know.” Richard said, settling into his seat. “And yes, while it is nice to travel the world as you would like to do, it can wait. Bata ka pa naman.”

“Yes, I can’t wait to finish school Kuya Ricky, so I can spread my wings, you know, what I mean, I’m sure. I love Mama and Papa but they are kind of very protective of me. See, only Kuya Seth was allowed to study in Manila! He was even allowed to study in America. One day, I’ll roam around New York too, on my own, for one!”

“Just give your parents time, Maya. Maybe, while you are finishing your studies. After you graduated, then you can do the things you want to do. Plenty of time for that, you are still young.” Richard said, somehow, feeling protective of this beautiful girl. “Believe me, sometimes the only way to stop parents from directing our lives is to try it their way first.

“I think tama ka naman diyan, Kuya Ricky.” Maya gave him a beautiful, mischievous smile. “Plenty of time to be on my own and find my place in the sun. It feels like a long time, though, Kuya Ricky. Hay…” She finished, sighing. Somehow, she found it so easy to open up to her brother’s best friend about her hopes and dreams.

Richard smiled. Then realizing that she had called him ‘Kuya’ several times again, he said, “Maya please just call me Ricky. I prefer that, please. Drop the ‘kuya’ please even if I’m the same age as your brother.” He finished, giving her a winsome smile.

Richard knew that being her brother’s friend and a family friend, it was perfectly okay for Maya to call him Kuya. But for some reason he does not want her doing that. To be honest with himself, he was not feeling brotherly towards her. He was attracted to her despite his brain saying to him that he shouldn’t and that it was too soon and unexpected. He also found it easy to talk to her. He forgot for a while that she is a girl of 18!

Maya looked at Richard and saw the way he was gazing at her. She felt herself blushing, her heart beating fast and erratically. Somehow, calling him by his first name, seems so familiar and so different. She felt like she needed the distance of ‘Kuya’ from him.

“E-rrr, yes of course, Ku…este Ricky.” She managed to say, getting self-conscious. She liked the sound of his name on her tongue.

They just gazed at each other until a sound brought her back to the present. She realized that she has not started the car.

“Oh, we should get going.” Maya said with a start, shaking her head to dispel the feeling she was experiencing at that moment.

The two of them went around Talisay first, explored an ancestral home there that has been turned into a lifestyle museum! That house never fails to fascinate Maya. Every time she goes there, it felt like she was seeing it for the first time. After taking photos of the house and themselves, they headed towards the direction of The Ruins, with Maya keeping a running commentary of the interesting places along the way. Ricky was content to listen to her. She has a very sweet and melodious voice. He could listen to her the whole day!

Several minutes after driving through a lot of sugarcane fields, they arrived at their destination. They entered the gate. Maya parked the car. Ricky paid for their entrance fees and walked towards the still magnificent shell of a house built-in the early 1900s with its immaculate gardens.

“Wow!…” Richard said, with reverence in his voice as he stared at the facade of what must have been a very beautiful mansion in its heyday.

Maya smiled, hearing the awe in Richard’s voice. “That was my reaction too, the first time I saw it the first time I saw it when I was a little girl. Come, let’s go inside before exploring the grounds.”

They walked towards the grand staircase of the mansion which was actually more of a skeleton, but still it evoked a feeling of romanticism. When they reached the stairs, Ricky cupped Maya’s elbow to guide her.

Maya was unable to hide her surprise at Richard’s gesture, but she recovered fast, blushing, she thanked Richard shyly.

They made a thorough tour of the house, with Maya explaining a bit about the house’s history to Richard. She had been there several times as sometimes when her father’s business partners’ wives go with their husbands to Bacolod, she and her mother usually take them around the sights while the men meet and hammer out business deals. She enjoyed doing that. However she has done it recently as she got busy with her studies.

Richard liked listening to the cadence of Maya’s voice. It sounded like music to his ears. He was also wondering what was happening to him at that moment. He felt like he was on the verge of something and was looking at everything happening around him with anticipation.

“Ricky, let’s go towards the back. That’s my favourite part of this place.” Maya said, breaking into Richard’s thoughts. She also unconsciously took hold of his hand to drag him towards the direction of the huge lawn of the mansion.

Richard, with laugh, allowed himself to be swept away by Maya’s exuberance. He half-walked and half-ran after her, conscious of her touch.

“Di ba, it’s worth it!” Maya asked with a brilliant smile, moving her right hand in an encompassing motion, towards the huge landscaped garden. Then she let go of his hand, and ran.

“Wow!” Richard managed to say as he looked around him. The view was incredible. The place lovely. But the girl twirling around with her hand outstretched, her face tilted towards the sky, unmindful of the intense sunshine, seemingly soaking in the beauty around her, was the image he would remember most of the place. She looked so happy and carefree as she did her dance. He was enthralled by the exuberance and seemingly, love for life of this beautiful girl. He smiled and started to move towards her.

“Maya…..!!!!” Richard shouted when he saw her tumbled and fell on the soft grass when he was just several steps away from her. He ran towards her.

Richard grasped Maya’s arms to help her stand. “Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?”

“Ricky, I’m okay.” Maya answered breathlessly, at the same time staring at Richard’s worried face. “I managed to break my fall, and beside the grass is soft.”

If you only knew. That you are the reason why I got off-balance. Catching you looking at me like that, smiling like that. It was enough to send this simple, and maybe just fanciful, girl’s heart to stratosphere! 

“I’m glad you are okay, Maya.” Richard managed to say, still catching his breath. Somehow, the idea of this beautiful, vibrant girl getting hurt unsettled him a lot.

They gazed at each other. Then as if in a trance, or as if he was witnessing himself having an out-of-body experience, and because heaven help him, as he can’t really seemed to help himself, Richard cupped Maya’s chin, then lowered his head to her waiting lips.


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Beyond Forever – Chapter 24

Chapter 24

I can’t lose her again! I can’t lose Maya, again! I will not allow it! I will do everything so we can be together forever, this time!

Ricky…! Ricky….Ricky, are you okay, hijo?”

His mother’s voice shook Ricky out of the trance-like state he found himself into. Where did those words come from? Again? He hasn’t lost Maya. They just started!

“Yes, Mama, I’m okay.” Ricky looked at his worried mother, then took her hand. “Have you been calling my attention long, Mama?”

“Well, for a minute or so. I was getting worried na nga. You just went off tangent while sitting there, after your Papa left.” Rosemarie Lim said. “Maybe, you need to rest a bit, son. You just arrived from Ilocos this morning, di ba? Baka pagod na pagod ka na.”

“Yes, Ma! But don’t worry, I’m okay. I had little sleep, that’s true pero okay naman ako. I wanted to see Maya kasi kaagad kanina dahil baka may sinabing hindi maganda si Lorraine sa kanya kahapon. It’s a long story Ma. I’ll tell you about it some other time. Then, I was surprised at how Papa acted, earlier. I was not expecting that. I expected that you and him will not like the fact that Lorraine and I have broken up, not about Maya’s family!”

“Ricky, hijo, let your father be in the meantime. Please talk to your Lola Sandra.” Rosemarie Lim told her son. “She is the best position to help you with that, I think, since baka alam niya ang pinanggagalingan ng Papa mo. Whatever had happened in the past, I’m sure she had known about it. Besides, for sure your grandmother can talk sense into your Papa.”

“But do you have at least an idea why is Papa like that Mama? Ang tagal na noon, I was not even born then! Siya naman, how old was he when Lolo died, 15 di ba?” Ricky asked, brows knitted, as for the life of him he can’t understand his father’s irrational behavior! “Wala ba siyang nabanggit sa iyo in the past regarding Maya Dela Rosa-Ventura?”

“Wala akong malala, and I don’t understand either, where your father is coming from. But I have a feeling your grandmother will be able to help you. Give him time rin, Ricky. Maybe he is like that also because he was all set to have Lorraine as his daughter-in-law. You know your Papa. Lorraine can’t do wrong in his eyes. And Lorraine never showed her bad side to your father. She did something really bad, isn’t it? Kaya kayo nag-break?” Rosemarie Lim probed.

“You have an idea, Mama?” Ricky looked at his mother in surprise, it seemed like the afternoon was full of revelations he hasn’t really thought of at all. “Of what she was up to?”

“Not the whole story! I think unless you tell me about it or Lorraine does, then it stays between the two of you. But I have heard stories about her in the theatre circle, though there was no proof. She was into drugs, isn’t it? I dismissed it since she of all people should know the effects of taking drugs. I thought what happened to Bettina hit her hard too!”

“I thought so, Ma.” Ricky started saying, deciding to tell his mother a bit of it. “But I caught her in my place, doing drugs, with another guy.”

“Oh, you mean….” It was Rosemarie Lim’s turn to be surprised.

“Yes, Ma! And that was all I can say in the matter, forgive me please.” Ricky said. “The rest is between Lorraine and me. You know, Ma it was not really what broke us up. It was just the last straw.”

“Thank you for telling me, hijo.” Rosemarie Lim said. “While you were telling me and your Papa that you have broken up with Lorraine, after I got over the initial shock of hearing it, I knew that there must be a very compelling reason why you did that. I know you, you are a very cautious person and you don’t do impulsive things. It must have been something terrible, for you to end your engagement like that.”

“Thank you Mama for the support and for believing in me.” Ricky said. “Promise, Mama, you will like Maya very much. She is the woman for me. My forever! I just met her, but it felt like I have known her all my life. She is also beautiful inside out.”

“I love you son. I defer to your father in most things since I don’t want discord, you know that. But I would like to meet your Maya soon. She sounds like an exceptional girl, the way you stood up for her, and the way you described her now. I haven’t heard you speak like this.”

“She is Mama. I’ll introduce you to her, soon. I hope Papa will come around. But if not, so be it. I love Maya and I am of age, I’ll fight for her.”

“He will, son. Despite all his faults, your Papa is okay. Talk to your Lola soon. Do you want me to call her and ask her to talk to your Papa?” Rosemarie Lim offered.

“No need, Mama. Thank you. I will just bring Maya to her as soon as I can arrange it. Maybe, she does know why Papa acted like that. That is, if it is okay with you na kay Lola Sandra ko muna ipakilala si Maya.” Ricky asked his mother. “Maybe, if Maya’s business partner and friend is okay by this weekend, we can go to Batangas to visit Lola Sandra.”

“Of course, hijo. Okay lang. Do what you think is best. I’m behind you. Basta para sa kaligayahan mo. Bayaan mo dahan-dahanin ko rin iyang Papa mo. Mahirap lang salubungin ang init ng ulo niya. You know he does not see reason kapag sinabayan mo siya. I’ll do what I can do.” Rosemarie Lim assured her son, touching his face affectionately. “Dito ka na mag-dinner. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Mama, sorry, can we do it tomorrow? I have promised Maya I will have dinner with her. Baka kasi nasabihan na niya ang mga kasambahay niya.”

“Okay, tomorrow then! Huwag kang mag-aalala, wala rito ang Papa mo. May usapan sila ng Tito Robert mo na pupunta sa isang gallery exhibition tomorrow night.”

“But I can stay a bit, medyo maaga pa naman po sa usapan namin ni Maya. We can have tea.”

“Oh, good. Sige, magpapahanda ako kay Cynthia.”

Rosemarie Lim stood up and then went to the kitchen, leaving Ricky alone in the sala. Ricky sighed tiredly, still unable to understand his father and his action. It caught him blindsided. His father is usually an amiable person. He may not be the warmest father, but he knows that he loves him. He thought everything would be smooth sailing as far as his and Maya’s relationship is concern. But not only there was Lorraine, there was his father too!

While he was growing up, Richie Lim was not a very hands-on father. He was busy with the business that his great-grandfather had built. He had been managing and growing it with his uncle, Jose, his grandfather Ricardo’s only brother. However, when he has time, they do father and son bonding, even if it was in the form of him teaching him the business at a young age. Ricky never thought that it was not out of the ordinary.

His father was his hero and followed his wishes as far as his career was concerned. He never thought of rebelling. He also planted the seed in his head about courting Lorraine when he saw how close they were getting after Bettina died. He thought he had a good father, if not the best father. He can be forceful at times, get bad-tempered, but he didn’t stay mad for so long.

He saw his mother carrying a tray, so he stood up to help her.

“I can manage, Ricky.”

“Nasaan si Cynthia, Ma, bakit ikaw pa ang nagdala niyan?”

“I forgot inutusan ko nga pala siya sa deli sa kabilang street. I need some cold cuts and some cheese for tomorrow, may bisita nga pala ako, but that’s for merienda. So we are on for dinner ha. Come son, let’s eat na.”

Ricky poured the tea for his mother, then poured one for himself. Then he and is mother enjoyed their tea, catching up. Ricky told her how he met Maya, and about his grandfather’s journal. Rosemarie Lim said she was not aware of the journal, but she too like the painting that Maya Dela Rosa-Ventura did. She also pointed out that his grandmother could have not been affected by the whole thing since she had kept the painting.

Ricky was about to say something more, when his phone beeped. It was Maya saying that she will leave the hospital soon and she will see him at her home as they have agreed on earlier.  He remembered that he was supposed to get wine before he goes to her house. Besides, he would like to change for dinner as well.

“Mama, I’m sorry, I have to get going. Maya just texted. She is on her way home. I would like to go to my place first.” Ricky said, putting is tea-cup down, then standing up.

“Okay, hijo. Until tomorrow then! Come at 7PM please.” Rosemarie Lim said, standing up and offering her cheek for her son to kiss. “Enjoy your evening, and tell Maya that I look forward to meeting her.”

“I will, Mama. Thank you. I love you.”

“Love you, too, hijo.”

Half an hour later, Ricky entered his place, carrying two fresh bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine he bought on the way. Whistling, he dropped everything on the coffee table in the living room, then he took a quick shower. Before he left his room, to go to Maya, he remembered their grandparents’ journal.

Ricky stared at the journal for several minutes, wanting to continue reading it in light of his father’s reaction, but he didn’t have the time. He would just ask Maya if she can just copy the journal into a flash drive so he can read it later. He went to his office at home and looked for one.

He was out of his house several minutes after. He navigated the early evening traffic, crossing EDSA to the entrance of Maya’s village at Mckinley Road. He was asked by the guard where he was going and he mentioned Maya’s name. The guard nodded. Maya told him in her text message that she will inform the guard about his visit.

Ricky double-checked the address that Maya gave him, then easily found the street where her grandparents’ house is. He stopped in front of a beautiful bahay na bato inspired mansion.

So, this is where my Maya lived with her husband and daughter!

Ricky blinked. Where that thought came from? Before he can think about it in detail, Maya came out of the house.

“Ricky!” She greeted, then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Ricky hugged her and then kissed her lightly on the lips. “I miss you!”

Maya smiled at that. “Kanina lang tayo naghiwalay ah.”

“Well, I do, sweetheart. Now that I have found you and that we are together, there is a part of me that does not want you out of my sight. Parang baka mawala ka sa akin ulit.”

“Ulit? You mean, noong hindi tayo nagkita sa Ilocos, kahapon?” Maya asked, curiously.

“No, it is more than that. I will tell you about later.”

“Okay, pasok na tayo. Nakahanda na ang dinner natin. I hope kare-kare is okay with you.”

“My favorite, sweetheart! Wait lang may kukunin lang ako.” Ricky got the flowers, the wine, and the journal.

“For you, sweetheart!” Ricky gave Maya a bouquet of red roses, then the wine. “Here’s the journal by the way! I managed to go home before going here. And this is for Manang Fe.” He added pointing to the other bouquet.

“Thank you for this, Ricky. Another lovely bouquet!” Maya said taking hold of the flowers, while Ricky carried the wine, the other bouquet and the journal as they walked to the front door where an old lady was waiting.

“Good evening po!” Ricky greeted the old lady, who had a startled expression on her face, before she recovered and offered him a smile.

“Good evening po, Sir.” Manang Fe said, still trying to recover her equilibrium.

“Manang Fe, si Ricky po, boyfriend ko. Ricardo Lim III. Ricky, si Manang Fe!” Maya made the introduction. She can see that Manang was surprised that she introduced Ricky as her boyfriend.  She didn’t have the time, earlier, to tell Manang Fe. She got home a bit later than she projected because of the traffic. Labasan na sa mga opisina sa Ayala Avenue so she was caught in a bit of a traffic.

Ricky gave the flowers to the old lady. “Please to meet you po, Manang Fe. Ricky na lang po. Para po sa inyo.”

“Thank you, Ricky.”

Then she made a remark that had Maya and Ricky looking at her in surprise.

“Kamukhang-kamukha ninyo po iyong lalaki sa painting. Akala ko nga po, nakakita ako ng multo.”

“Manang, ano pong painting?” Maya asked her, surprised. Manang has not mentioned any other painting to her of Ricardo Lim, as she presumed that was what she was pertaining to.

“Noong nasa Ilocos ka, Maya, naisipan kong maglinis ng todo sa attic, kaya nga yata ako nagkasakit. Sorry, hija di ko napigilan. Sanay akong busy. May nakita akong painting na nasa pinakasulok. Hindi siya naka-kwadro ng maayos, pero nakabalot ng mabuti, nang buksan ko nakita ko larawan ng isang lalaki, kamukhang-kamukha nitong si Ricky. Nakalimutan kong banggitin sa iyo nung isang beses na tumawag ka. Sabi ko ipapakita ko na lang sa iyo pag-uwi mo.”

“Talaga po, Manang. Nasaan po iyong painting?” Maya said, looking at Ricky, who understood right away, who was the subject of the painting.

“Nandoon sa library. Ibinaba ko na nga.”

“Sige po, Manang Fe. Dinner mo muna tayo, then tingnan po natin ang painting! Tamang-tama po, related rin po ito sa itatanong ko sana sa inyo ngayong gabi, tungkol kay Lola Maya.”

“O siga, sige, mauna na ako at i-check ko lang pagkain ninyo. Iniwan ko sa kusina si Fely,” Manang Fe said, referring to her grandniece who helps her in the house, and whom Maya and her grandfather has been sending to school.”

When the old lady was out of earshot, Ricky asked Maya what was in his mind when he learned about the painting.

“Did your grandmother mention in her journal about another painting of my grandfather that she did?”

Maya tried to recall. At first, she thought none, then she remembered some paragraphs from her grandmother’s first entry. “Not directly I think, kaya nagulat din ako na may painting pang isa ang Lolo mo. Pero iyong unang entry niya she mentioned that she had dealt with the grief, by the only way she knew, and that was painting.”

“So, she painted Lolo Ricardo, again.” Ricky remarked, feeling very sad all of a sudden. Being in the house where the first Maya had lived, he sort of can feel the extreme sadness she must have felt, knowing that the love of her life was gone forever, and she was facing life without even the thought that he was just somewhere, living a life with his family.

Ricky sighed. “Maya, it seems there is more to our grandparents love affair than what we know!”

“I agree, Ricky. I feel very sad all of a sudden, hearing about the painting.”

“Ikaw rin? Ako rin! Parang ang bigat sa dibdib.”

Then cupping her face, looking deeply into her eyes, he said. “Maya, I promise you that what happened to our grandparents will not happen to us. I love you very much.”

Maya was a bit puzzled with Ricky’s statement, but decided to ask about it later. “I love you much too, Ricky and I can’t imagine my life without you.”

Still cupping Maya’s face, Ricky sealed his promise with a deep kiss. They walked to the dining room, hand in hand. They will deal fully with the past, so they can have their future together, that was what they have resolved to do.


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Beyond Forever – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

“I love you very much, Maya!” Ricky whispered to Maya, in between their heated kisses. “Finally we are together again! That was the longest 24 hours of my life!”

Framing his handsome face, and looking at him with all the love she was feeling, she said softly, “I love you very much too, Ricky. I’m so happy that you are here in Manila now!”

Ricky, at first, thought that he just imagined it, or misheard her, then finally it registered what Maya had just said, catching him unawares as he was not really expecting to hear it at that moment. “Maya… you mean…that you…you….?” He had to ask, not really believing he just heard the words he had been wishing he would hear from Maya’s lips soon.

“Yes po, Mr. Ricky Lim. Mahal din kita.” Maya said, giving Ricky a sweet, happy smile, caressing his face gently, and looking at him with all the love she is feeling for this wonderful, wonderful guy!

“Maya, sweetheart, you made me the happiest guy in the whole universe!” Richard hugged Maya tight, then rained in little kisses all over her face, then he swung her around suddenly, laughing as he twirled her around!

“Hahahaha, put me down na, Ricky.” Maya said laughing, her heart full of joy! “You are making me dizzy. Baka tayo ma-fall!”

“Matagal na akong na-fall, Maya!” Ricky said, grinning, teasing her, then he slowly put her down and cupped her beautiful face,  kissed  again! “I’m sorry, Maya. I  got carried away! I’m just so happy. I never expected to hear those beautiful words from you so soon. I wished, of course, very much, often! But I also thought that Lorraine had done something that will make you rethink about loving me and being with me.”

“Ricky, nothing that she will do will change what I feel for you. I almost admitted it to you when you took me home yesterday. Had we had that dinner last night, I would have declared my love for you then, I think!” Maya said with a smile. “I’m just so happy too that you are finally here. And that was the longest 24 hours of my life too. I can’t imagine my life without you.”

“Thank you again, Maya.” Then looking Maya in the eyes, he said, “You know, when I jumped into my car last night to follow you in Manila, my only goal was to be with you, but this is so much better and very wonderful. I didn’t  know then what kind of lies Lorraine had fed you! I know you will not believe her, but I just want to be completely sure that we are still okay. Besides, Ilocos was not the same without you! I missed you terribly.”

“I didn’t give much credence to her words, really!” Maya assured Ricky again. Then brows knitted she asked, while still in Ricky’s loose embrace,“Did you get my long message? I have sent you one when I was unable to reach you, explaining everything, about why I needed to return to Manila promptly, and that you shouldn’t worry. I even said, I will just call you and that you can call me when you see my message.”

“Maya, we better sit down, while I explained to you what happened when I got home from the hospital.” Richard said, taking a deep breath. He remembered what Lorraine did and he was still annoyed at her action! He never thought really that she would sink that low!

“Okay, we can sit on the bench over there.” Maya said, pointing to a two-sitter wooden bench at the other side of the small garden, with a matching driftwood table. “Sandali lang, Ricky, I will get you something from the cafe. Coffee, pastries, pasta? What would you like to have! Nag-breakfast ka na ba?”

“Coffee is okay Maya, and some food if it is not too much trouble.” Ricky replied, then sheepishly, he admitted “I haven’t had the chance to drink coffee or eat anything this morning as I wanted to be here as soon as I have rested a bit. Nagbaka-sakali nga lang ako na nandito since sabi ni Manang Miring, may sakit si Emman.”

“What time did you leave Ilocos? And what time did you arrive?” Maya asked, carrying her coffee and flowers to where Ricky and her would sit.

“Well, a little past 10PM, I think, and I arrived home at around 5AM!” Ricky replied, cupping Maya’s elbow and guiding her while they walked the short distance to the bench.

“Five in the morning! That meant you drove all the way, no stopping at all?” Maya looked at Ricky in surprise.

“Well, I stopped just twice for a toilet break and to stretch my legs! I wanted to get back here fast, and before the morning traffic in all the towns I’ll be passing by. I only slept a bit when I got home. I don’t want to look like a fright when I finally get to see you! But I can’t keep still, until I see you again. So here I am. But don’t worry, I’m okay. I don’t feel tired.”

“Oh, Ricky!” Maya felt overwhelmed with Ricky’s gesture, and the fact that he thought of her first instead of food. He even managed to bring her that beautiful bouquet. “So, go and sit, please, and I will get you something to eat.”

“Thank you, Maya.” Ricky taking hold of Maya’s right hand before she went back to the cafe, then giving her one of his devastating smiles that never fails to make her heart beat faster. “I love you.” Then he kissed her hand softly.

“No worries, Ricky. I’m happy to do it. Thank you for loving me. I love you too!” Maya said softly, felt herself flushing, as she is still getting used to the fact that she is exchanging ‘I love yous’ now with Ricky! She touched his face and then she was off to the cafe.

“Ma’am Maya, ang guwapo guwapo naman, and parang ang bango-bango ni Sir! Oh my God, sana ganyan din ang maging boyfriend ko!” Jocelyn blurted out giddily as soon as she saw Maya entered the cafe. “Saka Ma’am ang pa-flowers, ang bongga.”

Maya smiled at Jocelyn. “So tama ang hula ko na ikaw ang kakutsaba ni Ricky sa surprise na pagpunta sa garden.”

“Guilty, Ma’am!” Jocelyn admitted sheepishly. “Pagdating kasi kanina rito ni Mr. Lim, hinanap ka. Papaghintayin ko lang sana sa loob ng cafe, crossed my heart Ma’am kahit gaano siya ka-guwapo sa paningin ko, tapos I will inform you, pero he explained that he came all the way from Ilocos to see you. Eh di ba doon ka galing? Saka Ma’am, in fairness, di ba naman napaka-romantic noon. Parang tinawid ang pitong bundok para sa iyo, makita ka lang. Then, he asked nicely naman if he can surprise you. Kaya hayun, sabi ko nandoon ka sa garden. Abswelto na po ako, Ma’am?”

Maya laughed. “O siya sige, oo na. But please bring Ricky a cup of coffee also, then a blueberry cheesecake and our mushroom truffles pasta.”

“Right on, Ma’am. Balik ka na po kay Sir, and ako na ang bahala.”

“Thank you, Jocelyn.”

“Basta sa love life mo Ma’am, 101 percent ang support ko.”

“Ikaw talaga, para ka nang si Emman magsalita.”

“Basta Ma’am, kapag kulang ka ng bridesmaid, pwede ako. Baka sakaling ako ang makasalo ng flowers mo.” Jocelyn quipped.

“Hahahaha, eh how sure are you na kami na?” Maya teased Jocelyn. She really likes the girl and she is used to her being familiar and her irreverent teasing like this.

“Naku Ma’am, feeling ko na naman kayo na talaga. Tapos kung not ‘yet’ naman, medyo malapit na iyon sa ‘yes’. Isang letter lang kaya ang difference nun, Ma’am.”

“Jocelyn, ang mga napupulot mo talaga diyan sa kaka-online mo! O sige please make Ricky’s food na. Thank you. And please you can still call me kapag na-swamp kayo ni Henry, since absent si Marigold. I’m sure Ricky will not mind me pitching in sa cafe while he is here.”

“Surely Ma’am Maya. I’m really happ for you. Imagine, may napili ka na rin. Maraming magiging miyembro ng Team Sawi kapag nalaman nilang taken ka na!” Then seeing Maya’s mock angry expression, Jocelyn raised her hand, “Okay na talaga Ma’am, last na iyon, off to the kitchen na ako!”

Maya was still grinning when she returned to where Ricky was waiting for her.

“O, why are you grinning!” Ricky asked Maya when she sat down beside him on the bench.

“Ito kasing si Jocelyn, kung ano-anong kalokohan ang nasa ulo. Kaya yata sila nagkakasundo ng husto ni Emman.”

“Jocelyn? The nice girl who told me where you are.” Ricky smiled. “I told her I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, she did admit as much. And you are such a wonderful surprise! I thought medyo matatagalan pa talaga bago tayo magkita ulit. I was getting worried na nga rin na hindi kita matawagan. I called up Manang Miring to get Manang Auring’s number kanina. Then she told me na nagpunta ka nga raw sa bahay! After talking to her, medyo napanatag na ako.”

“Maya, I’m sorry if you got worried. Good thing, that Manang Miring explained everything to you! I thought of texting you while I was on the road, na-drain naman ang phone ko.”

“It is okay Ricky. Manang even called up Rosario when I was unable to reach you still. Then si Manang Auring din tinawagan niya when Rosario was unable to tell her kung saan ka pumunta, and nalaman ko nga na on the way back to Manila ka na. Sobrang thank you ko nga kay Manang Miring, sobrang resourceful. I thought nagpapahinga ka pa. If you haven’t gotten in touch with me by lunch, I was planning to call you again.”

“I have to thank her as well, Maya. I’m really sorry for what had happened, especially with Lorraine! Did she say bad things? Nabastos ka ba niya? After what she had done last night, I would have not put it pass her! Really, Maya, sobrang mali ng pagkakilala ko sa kanya.”

“Well, she was a bit antagonistic towards me, pero hindi naman siya outright na nambastos, or anything. She was, how to put it, indifferent and uncooperative, as if she knew something that I don’t know and she had that over me.”

“I think, my phone! She knew I have left it behind and that you were calling. That was not the only thing she did, Maya! I never thought she would sink that low! But she did!”

“Bakit, what did she do ba?” Maya asked, wanting to know at what extent Lorraine went to, just to get back Ricky, one more time.

“Well, when I got home, I was really surprised that she was there! Naputol lang ang usapan namin noong naaksidente si Manong Tunying. Then I rushed him to the hospital. When I returned after I have been to your house and Manang Miring told me that you went to my place, I asked her what did she tell you. She actually denied at first that you have been there! Then I got my phone to check if you had called or left a message. I was puzzled na wala kang message. Then, wala ring missed calls. I checked my call logs and it was cleaned. Wiped out!”

“Really, but Ricky, I sent you a long message!”

“I know Maya! Lorraine when she was cornered admitted that not only she wiped out my call logs, she also deleted your message! Maya, I barely held on to my temper. But in the end, I realized that it was a waste of energy to get mad at her. Mahirap siyang makaintindi. I packed my bags and just left. I just arranged for Rosario to stay in the house. Kahit paano naman kasi may pinagsamahan kami and she is a friend of the family.”

“She did that! That’s so terrible!” Maya said, and admired Ricky for his patience and concern for Lorraine despite the bad things she did. “But bayaan mo na nga lang si Lorraine, Ricky. I’m sure she will eventually get it. No harm done naman when we met.” She was about to ask something when she saw Jocelyn approaching them.

“Kain ka na muna, Ricky. Jocelyn is here!”

“Hello po ulit, Mr. Lim, Ma’am Maya.” Jocelyn said as she put down Ricky’s tray on the table.

“Hello, Jocelyn. Thank you very much again for earlier, and this.” Riky said, gesturing to the food. “I’m sure these are masarap.”

“Talaga pong masarap iyan, Mr. Lim. Recipe po ni Ma’am iyong pasta.” Jocelyn said. “Sige po maiwan ko na kayo.”

“Thanks a lot, Jocelyn.” Maya said. Jocelyn nodded and with a final wave of her hand, she went back to the cafe.

“Really, sweetheart, this is your recipe?” Ricky said, the endearment just slipping in, naturally.

“Sweetheart…? Maya said, smiling, feeling giddy with the endearment.

“Yes you are, my sweetheart? Bakit ayaw mo ba, sige palitan na lang natin. Anong gusto mong itawag ko sa iyo? Huwag lang darling ha!” Ricky said, giving Maya another of his bone-melting smiles.

“No, Ricky, ‘sweetheart’, is fine, more than fine!” Maya said, softly, then flushing she admitted, “I just have to get used to it. I haven’t called anyone ‘sweetheart’ before, and no one has called me that before, you know.”

Ricky grinned, his love for this wonderful girl, overflowing, taking hold of both of her hands, and slowly caressing them! “Then, get used to it, sweetheart. I’m really a very lucky guy to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have you, Ricky. I know that.” Maya replied, putting her left hand on top of Ricky’s hand. “O you better eat your brunch na. And yes, that is my recipe. One of the things my mother taught me.”

“Thank you, again, sweetheart,” Ricky said lovingly.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Maya replied sweetly, rolling it around her tongue and she liked the feel and sound of the endearment. “Kain na, please. Ayaw ko na nagpapagutom ka.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Ricky said with a grin.

Their eyes met and locked again. Unable to help it, they shared another kiss. They just both felt the strong need to physically connect to each other like that, before Ricky finally answered the call of his grumbling tummy. They chatted in between, enjoying the beautiful morning in each other’s company.



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