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Of address books and memories

Paper Address Book

I got this beautiful address book from a friend as a belated Christmas present. I was very happy to see this when I opened the gift she gave me sometime last month. I thought it is not so easy to find a paper address book anymore. I remember a conversation I had with another friend, I think, more than two weeks before my friend gave me this, about paper address books seemingly on the brink of getting obsolete too, as people became more and more dependent on their mobile phones and other gadgets for storing everything they need to remember.

Paper Address Book Inside Pages

What started us talking about address books, are planners. The two of us always get this thin, basic type of planner at a local bookstore before the end of the current year, or at the start of the new one, as it is easy to use and navigate. I told her I have a Starbucks planner she can have too, as I haven’t had much use for planners at the moment. I just collected the stickers as I became quite a fixture at the Starbucks near my place writing entries for this blog! My friend said, she would rather stick to her simple planner.

Then, she started telling me about a lady who asked for her help while she was looking at planners. The lady wanted to know if my friend knows where the address books are placed, as she can’t seem to find them. The lady even remarked that maybe, there is none anymore on the shelves, as no one seemed to use it, nowadays! My friend told me that she was at a lost too, and was unable to help her!

Paper Old Address Book Inside

That got me thinking! Do people still use the traditional paper address books these days? Do you? I must admit, I don’t really, in recent years. I just use my mobile phone for contact information of friends, colleagues and family. The e-mail addresses are just filed in the contacts folder of my electronic addresses. If I need their physical addresses, I just ask them through a text message or a message through Messenger! Sometimes, I would just jot it down on a piece of paper, then forget about it after we meet or after I have been there. I never thought of jotting it down in a paper address book anymore, or electronically, for possible future use.

I do have several old address books and getting this new one made me remember them as well. Like beautiful notebooks of all shapes, kinds, colors and sizes, I found myself collecting these through the years. In fact, when I need to find an old landline number and addresses, this very old address book that a friend also gave me, is my default.

Paper Address Book Old

I tried transferring its content into this beautiful one, but still I went back to the old, well-used one!

Paper Address Book Artist

Paper Artist Book Inside

I flipped through the entries in that old purple address book.

It brought back memories seeing the names of the friends, colleagues, acquaintances, classmates, and mentors who became a part of my life at some point or another. Most of them I am still in contact with from time to time, some others I haven’t seen in ages or lost touch with. There were also some who already passed away, and looking at their names and contact information in my old address books made me smile and felt sad at the same time! I remember the memories we have shared, and at the same time, sad to remember that they are gone.

I hope that the lady in the bookstore did manage to find a new address book.

Paper Notebook

In a recent trip to the mall, my friend and I found this one, not solely an address book, but rather a small, handy, notebook with small accordion folders, pages for notes and several sheets for addresses and other contact details.

Paper Notebook Address

Well,  as for me, I’ll put to good use the one my friend gave me. It is time to update my old one. Call it old school, but I think it is better to have a paper back up of all information electronically stored, too!

Paper Address Book New

There is also a different kind of happy feel, holding and flipping through a paper address book that scrolling down the screen of my phone or other gadgets!

Many thanks, again, to my friend who had not only given me a beautiful, useful gift, but made me remember the joy of using a paper address book!



Coloring books for grown-ups

Doodle Books 1

I like looking at paintings, and other works of art. I admire people who has the talent to wield a brush, or a pencil, or other drawing implements, and make something magical on canvass or on paper, tremendously. Since I don’t have the talent for that, I was happy to discover these books to color, instead! I was introduced to this by a very artistic friend, and discovered that it is a great stress reliever, aside from being a very relaxing hobby!

Traditional Doodles Series

The first one I bought was the Landscapes Traditional Doodles, then the Transport, which I gave to a nephew of my husband as I’m not into vehicles, and then I found the two others, afterwards. They cost, at that time, Php 169.00 each. I’m not sure if National Bookstore still have these Traditional Doodles, as I bought these books several years ago in National Bookstore Quezon Avenue, but I found out that there are available ones online when I Googled.

Traditional Doodles 2

I was very much into it for a while, finishing several pages of the Landscapes. However, I stopped due to my busy schedule at work then, and eventually, because I got hooked on Be Careful With My Heart, which became my new stress reliever! 🙂 Here are some of what I have finished before! The friend who told me about this also taught me some basic shading techniques, but still I have a lot to learn! I’m also partial to violet, lilac, and purple so you will see a lot of those in my work!

Finished Landscape 3 Finished Landscape 4

Finished Landscape 1 Finished Landscape 2

One of them I put in a frame and hung it somewhere in the house! 🙂

Finished Work 5

Recently, while browsing through the shelves of Fully Booked in Bonifacio Global City, I found this Butterflies book, and thought of taking up ‘doodle art’ again. I bought a new set of Faber Castell Colour Pencils, as my daughter went through my other sets!

Butterflies Butterflies Sample

Faber Castell 1 Faber Castell 2

So far, I have the following books to finish at leisure, aside from the Butterflies, which has 31 pages. I forgot how much this one cost, but it was more than Php 200.00.

Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens Sample

The Botanical Gardens has 41 pages of beautiful gardens to color. I found it at C & E Bookshop along Quezon Avenue in 2013 for Php 235.60 with a 5% discount!

Famous Castles and Houses Famous Castles and Houses Sample

The Famous Castles & Houses has 23 pages, and the Landscapes has nine pages left.

Landscapes Landscapes Sample

No worries, promise, I will only do this while thinking of new chapters for my current stories or new stories to write. 🙂 I do other things, actually, like reading books and magazines, walking around, going online, and watching the BCWMH DVDs, while thinking of what I want to write next or how to move along a chapter. Coloring page after page of these books will do as well to help the creative juices flowing!



Me and gadgets, whether uber-high tech or simple ones, and simple household appliances that look cool and make life easier, I just can resist them, just like the reading lamp I wrote about in April.

lantern 1

lantern 2

I saw these lanterns as soon as I entered the S & R Membership Shopping store I go to! The outdoor lanterns, look so cool and handy, not to mention cute! It reminds me of those old Coleman gas lamps! Before I knew it, the box was in my pushcart.

lantern 3

lantern 4

I thought that these lanterns will be handy just in case there is a power outage, not that it happens much, in our area, or something that would be very useful once the rainy season starts, as the season usually comes with typhoons and monsoon rains, and with those, the occassional power outages!

lantern 5

lantern 8

The lanterns are powered by three big batteries (D), bought separately. Just insert the batteries, and there it is, an emergency light! It is safer than candles, which sometimes, left attended, have been known to be the cause of some of the fires in the city. I have tried rechargeable lamps too, and most often than not, I only remember, and look for those from where they ended up getting stored, during a power outage. They are also left uncharged.

lantern 6

lantern 7

The lantern floats and is waterproof and has a 144 hours run time, according to the packaging. It has two settings: a high powered LED light and an amber night light. The box of lanterns costs Php 899.95, discounted (the original price was Php 1,199.95), just in case you want to buy one yourself.

lantern 9 lantern 9a

I have put one of the lanterns on the shelf, ready to be use in case there is a power outage, or as a handy flashlight! Pwede ring reading lamp! Happiness in simple stuffs! 🙂



Preserving memories

Batad 1 Batad 2

From my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary celebration, to various trips around the Philippines and beyond, to simple but very happy office and family moments, I was taken down a long, and wonderful, trip down memory lane after I have received this package.

thumb_IMG_2955_1024 thumb_IMG_2959_1024

The package contained the scanned copies of the negatives, more than a thousand frames, that I had sent to a photo shop that offers this service. It was something I have been meaning to do for years, since I have learned that technology has made it possible to do so.

While the negatives have print copies, some of them were either lost, or ruined in the photo albums (the old-fashioned ones!) through the passage of time. I did manage to scan a lot of print copies using my Canon printer with scanner. But some were already difficult to remove from the photo albums.

Since I have transferred the files from the CDs they have sent me to my computer, I have shared my grandparents golden wedding anniversary photos, which was in the 1990s, through our Facebook group page, with my aunts, uncles and cousins, who were very happy to go down memory lane with me.

Here are some other vacation photos from the negatives I have had scanned. Still looking pretty good, di ba, after all these years!  The photos were from 1995 to 2001. Oh, and the photos above were from Batad, Ifugao in 2001.

Corregidor Island

Corregidor 1 Corregidor 3

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Hundred Islands 1 Hundred Islands 3

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera 2 Puerto Galera 1995

Sagada, Mountain Province

Sagada 1 Sagada 3

Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

Siargao2 Siargao 4

Now, I want to see these places again! One of these days, I will!


The coolest reading lamp

I love to read while lying down, in the middle of the night. I can do this until dawn if the book is good that the only time I can put it down is when I am done reading it. To be able to do this, I need and want a good reading lamp. So, I’m always on the look out for one. I have tried a lot. But still, there was something lacking in the ones I got.

I also tried the tablets/phones offering a Kindle app. But I found out that reading that way was hard on the eyes. The new models of Kindle have a backlight feature, but I’m still loyal to my old basic one. Also, most of the time I still prefer ‘real books’. I like the feel of them on my hands. I like turning the pages and folding the corner of the current book I am reading to mark the page I last read.

Recently, I found myself inside this huge Wilcon Builders’ Depot in Balintawak, Quezon City as I was looking for something for our kitchen. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found the coolest reading lamp ever.

It looks like an eyeglasses case. About the same size too. Very compact!


Then it opens into this.


It can also be used as a flashlight.


It is rechargeable via a USB cable.


Isn’t it the coolest and the most convenient reading lamp ever! It is made by Philips and has small LED bulbs. Now, I can read to my heart’s content, comfortably.