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Crushing On You – Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Please call me Ricky

Maya, coffee tumbler in hand, ran briskly towards the closing elevator. She got in, then looked up to thank the person who held up the doors button for her, with her usual friendly smile, and find herself looking at the guy that invaded her thoughts the night before, and which caused her to buy a venti americano today to perk her up from her almost sleepless night. She was unable to sleep because of him!

“Good morning, Maya!” Richard Lim greeted her with a big, happy smile from the right side of the elevator. The other employees inside looked at them curiously as Mr. Lim didn’t greet them that way when he got into the elevator with them moments ago.

“Good morning, Sir Richard! Errr, Attorney Lim!” Maya replied, getting confused on what title to use for him, giving him a smile with a bit of a blush, remembering her embarrassing moments yesterday. Be still my heart, May silently said, but what a nice morning this is turning to be!

They settled into the elevator which was a bit crowded at that time. Maya was squeezed in beside Richard.

Wow, ang super nice smelling naman talaga ni Sir Richard, Maya thought.

When the elevator stopped at Maya’s floor, Richard gestured for Maya to get out first. Then he also got out of the elevator after her. Maya was surprised as she knows that Richard’s office is two floors up from hers.

“You have a meeting on this floor, Atty. Lim?” Maya asked conversationally after she noticed him walking beside her towards the direction of her office. She shares the floor with another department so she thought he has a meeting there.

“No, I don’t have any. I just want to accompany you to your office, if it is okay?” He remarked, smiling and gazing at her intently.

Maya’s heart beat faster, hearing that. It felt like a current went through her for some reason she can’t explain. All the blood went to her face too, making her blush. She, the poised one, is acting like a gauche teenager with this magnetic man.

“Oh!” was all she managed to utter at first. Then regaining her poise, she looked at Richard, then thanked him. “Thank you, Sir Richard, errr, Atty. Lim.”

“Please call me Ricky, Maya! I’m not your boss naman.” He said, gazing at her, then said enigmatically, “I’m glad.”

Maya just smiled at him, not really knowing how to react.

When they reached the entrance to Maya’s department, Richard gave Maya another of his lopsided smiles, then wished her a very nice day. She wished him a very nice day too. And they both parted ways, Richard with a big happy smile on his face, and Maya with her heart beating fast, as it if it jumping with joy.

But still, Maya does not know what to think of that encounter. She has a puzzled looked on her face when she opened her office door, and saw another surprise for the day! There is a big bouquet of sunflowers on her desk.

Maya felt that at that moment that there is something at work that she is still unaware of. She can’t think off hand who would send her sunflowers. While she had admirers at work before, none of them did this. Besides, only a handful of people knows that sunflower is her favorite flower.

She walked faster towards her desk, checked the floral arrangement for a card. She found it and she hastily opened it, an effort to find out fast who sent her the beautiful floral arrangement. However, while there is a message, it was not signed.

Dearest Maya,

Have a great day! I hope you like the flowers.


The first thing that entered Maya’s mind when she thought of who could have sent it, is Richard Lim! She does not know why! He was just the first person that entered her head. But that’s impossible! He couldn’t be interested in her! As part of her job, she reads newspapers and magazines and she knows that he is considered as one of Manila’s most eligible bachelors, with socialites running after him, not that he pays them much attention, that’s according to Emman. Besides, he was with her in the elevator so he couldn’t have not been the one who sent it! Baka ipina-deliver. But really, why would he? However, before she can stop it, her heart jumped with the thought, that he might like her too, the way she likes him, a lot! But, Maya, she told herself, huwag assuming. Baka naman kasi crush na crush mo lang kaya naiisip mo na baka siya! Huwag mag-ilusyon, Maya Angela Dela Rosa.

Maya poked her head out of her door, checking if Minerva, her secretary is around. Seeing her, she called her to her office.

“Yes, Ms. Maya?” Minerva asked when she reached her desk. “May kailangan po kayo?”

“Minerva, anong oras ka pumasok today? Would you know kung sino ang naglagay nitong flowers sa office ko?” Maya asked.

“Naku, Ma’am, I was here around 7 o’clock, pero nandiyan na po ang flowers na iyan. Ako po ang unang pumasok sa department natin.” Minerva answered.

“Very puzzling talaga.” Maya said, almost to herself.

“Ma’am, meron po kayong secret admirer? Nakakatuwa naman po. In fairness, bongga ha. Nakakakilig pati.” Minerva said, smiling. “For sure, Ma’am, taga-LC lang din iyang pa-mysterious mong secret admirer. Sino ba ang may access sa building nang ganito kaaga. When we left home, wala naman iyan.”

“Hmmmm, you have a point there, Minerva. Thank you. I will figure it out, eventually.” Maya said. “Please make a follow-up na lang with Legal the documents we sent them for review last week, baka tapos na nila. Thank you.”

Maya looked at the card again after Minerva went back to her cubicle. It was written in a very distinct, ‘masculine’ way. Who could have send her the flowers?

She put the card in her drawer and tried to concentrate on her work. She found it difficult to do so. Aside from thinking who could have sent her the flowers, Richard also sneaked into her thoughts from time to time. She was puzzled actually by her instant attraction to him. She was drawn to him from the beginning. She had met other handsome guys, some even courted her, but none of them made her heart beat faster with just a look at a smile, like Richard does. There is something about his chinito good looks that is pulling her in, very strongly towards him.

The first time she saw Richard in person, his back was to the door. She was late for the party to welcome him to LC as she was talking to a business reporter of a major daily about LC’s upcoming stockholders meeting and the interview took a while. Richard suddenly turned when she was about to go to James Ventura, one of her good friends and the Chief Operating Officer of LC. He was actually the one who recruited her as LC’s Communications Manager several months ago. She was working for one of foreign news wire services in the country at that time. She felt she needed the change, and the job sounds interesting, so she accepted.

When Richard turned and focused her gaze on her, she literally stopped on her tracks. They shared a look, and she thought she saw something in that, but it was so fleeting that she thought she had imagined it. Then James called her, brought her to where Richard was, and introduced them. They chatted, at first with James, then just the two of them when someone called James across the room. They mostly talked about company stuffs and how long she had been with LC, and a bit about her old job. Before they can go into the details of their professional backgrounds, and other stuffs, Roberto Lim came and said he will borrow Richard. Richard told his father he would be along shortly. He gave her his business card before he went after his father.

They didn’t get talk again for the rest of the night as Roberto Lim went around the room with Richard in tow, formally introducing his son around. Even if Richard was just to assume the Chief Legal Counsel position then, everyone in the room that night knew he is being groomed as the next CEO of LC. Maya, on the other hand, was drawn into pocket conversations by the other executives and officers of the company.

From that night, Maya will just caught a glimpse of Richard here and there the past week, but they haven’t really saw each other face to face and interacted again until yesterday when she had mistakenly sent him the text.

Emman’s knock interrupted Maya’s introspection.“Hi Maya, hindi ka pa ba magla-lunch? Sabay na tayo?”

“Ha, lunch na ba, Emman?” Maya asked, surprised, looked at the clock and noticing that it was already past 12 noon.

“Oo naman, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa! Parang space out ka today, ah. Stress ba? Kalalabas pa lang naman natin ng newsletter for the week ah. Uy, sunflowers, ang ganda naman! Bonggang manliligaw ah.” Emman remarked, noticing the sunflowers.

“Beautiful, di ba? Kaso hindi ko alam kung sino ang nag-send.” Maya said as she grabbed her purse and cellphone. “Pagpasok ko nakita ko na sa table ko. When I asked Minerva naman, she told me na nandito na rin pagpasok niya, considering na siya ang pinakamaagang dumating sa department natin. Bayaan mo na nga, kung ayaw niyang magpakilala, eh di ayaw, di ba?”

Emman, stopped a bit at that, remembered Liza, one his other long-time LC friends calling him yesterday, chatting a bit, asking him what is Maya’s favorite flower. She said the company will send Maya some flowers for her birthday, which is in two weeks and she does not know what kind to get her. Nagtaka rin siya when she asked since it was not her who handles those for the company, but he got busy and forgot about it. If Liza asked, and Liza now works for…..

“OMG!” He muttered. He was torn between telling Maya who could have sent it. But what if he is wrong and it is just a mere coincidence? Saka, if ever man na si Sir Richard ang nag-send, mawawalan naman ng thrill kung sasabihin niya, di ba? Emman did this mental debate for a couple of seconds more, then decided not to tell Maya of his suspicion.

“Halika na nga. Ikain na lang natin iyan.” Emman just said.

Maya and Emman enjoyed their lunch, joined by their friends in LC, Edselyn and Jonah. The lunch put Maya in a better frame of mind. She has decided that she will just go with the flow. She is sure that whoever her secret admirer is will one day reveal himself. Why go to all the trouble if he wouldn’t?

With that resolution, she was able to concentrate on what she was doing. The rest of the day flew fast, and before Maya knew it, it was already past 6 o’clock in the evening. Emman has left already for the day. She gathered her things and went down to the lobby of LC, then walk to the street corner to get a taxi. A tall order at that time of the night, but she didn’t have any other choice. Maya was not able to use her car that day as it was her number coding day. She had been standing there for 10 minutes with taxis passing by, full, when a car stopped in front of her. The driver got out. It was Richard! OMG!

“Hi Maya, are you waiting for a taxi?” Richard greeted her as he walked towards her.

“Errrr, yes Atty. Lim.” Maya replied. OMG, ang guwapo talaga with his eyeglasses, pale blue dress shirt!

“Ricky, please, di ba I told you to call me that na lang.” Richard corrected and reminded her with a smile. “Where do you live?  Come, I will take you home. It’s difficult to find a cab at this time of the night in this area.”

“Naku, Atty….errr…Ricky, baka my area is out of your way, I live in Makati.” Maya said, not wanting to bother him. Besides, three quarters of an hour with him the car, she might just melt and turn into a puddle like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz!

“Perfect then! I also live in Makati. at least in the meantime. I’m going to our family home in Dasmarinas Village. Where exactly do you live?” Richard asked as a horn blew loudly. “Come na, Maya, please, at baka ma-tow pa itong car ko. Nakakaabala na yata ako sa flow ng traffic!”

Maya agreed then. “Okay, thank you, Ricky.”

Richard opened the passenger door for Maya before going to the driver’s side of the car.  Then when on their way, Richard asked Maya again where he will take her.

“Oh sorry, about that! I live in Bel-Air.” Maya replied.

Richard and Maya fall into an easy chatter throughout their journey from Ortigas Center to Makati. Maya forgot about getting self-conscious as Richard put her at ease. Before long, they were chatting like they have known each other long. She found him very easy to talk to.

From general topics, they shifted to talking about their favorite movies after getting distracted by a huge billboard in EDSA advertising the latest instalment to the Marvel Universe’s movies. Maya found out that Richard is a Marvel Comics avid fan and likes all the movies that were release under the so-called ‘Marvel Universe’. She also likes those, as well as romantic comedies, period movies, and movies based on literary works. Richard teased her about preferring chick flick and intellectual films. But admitted in the end, laughing, that he also watch those. From there, they moved to books they like, and other interests. They also started talking a little more about themselves. Maya, of course, know more about Richard than he about her.

Before they knew it, they were already approaching Buendia. They turned right, then drove into Maya’s village. Maya directed Richard to a beautiful two-storey house with a low fence, painted mostly in white and has a big garden in front.

“Ricky, thank you for taking me home. Would you like to go in, and have dinner, or coffee before you go home?” Maya offered  when she and Richard were standing by the curve, in front of the gate.

“Thank you, Maya. Next time I will take you up on that. My parents are waiting for me. I told them I will be home for dinner. Knowing Mama, she will wait for me.” Richard said regretfully. He wanted to spend more time with Maya, but he had already said yes to his mother, to him being home for dinner. He forgot to cancel.

“Oh, okay then. Good night and thank you very much again for taking me home.” Maya said warmly, giving Richard a brilliant smile that lit up her whole face. “Baka kung hindi, naghihintay pa rin ako ng taxi.”

“No worries, Maya. If you want, I can also pick you up in the morning. Sabay na tayo pumasok.” Richard offered.

“Thank you, Ricky. My car is okay na tomorrow. Besides, I have a meeting outside the office so better if I have a ride.” Maya said, touched by his gesture.

“Okay, just let me know if you need a ride home again.I would be happy to take you.” Richard said. “I’ll go ahead. Good night Maya. I enjoyed the ride with you.” He finished soflty.

They shared a look, then as if they both realized what they were doing, both got a bit flustered. They said good night one more time.

Maya went inside the house, thinking that this turned out to be a very wonderful day, not only she saw the object of her affection, she shared a ride home with him.

Richard felt the same. When he saw Maya earlier waiting for a taxi, he can’t believe his luck, so he seized the opportunity to be with her. Now, he still has one thing to do that night, and he hopes Maya will like it.

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Only Love – Chapter 18

Chapter 18
Precious Moments

Richard quickly exited from the San Nicolas Airport as soon as he got hold of his luggage. He is excited to see Maya. He misses her a lot. Time passed slowly in the more than two days they have been separated. The last glimpse of her he had, was when he took her to the airport Wednesday morning for her flight. The night before that, they had dinner at her house after he took her home. But he didn’t stay long as she needed to pack and get ready for her trip.

He was about to scan the terminal for the sight of his lovely girlfriend when he noticed her waving at him from the right side of the building. He walked towards her with a big grin on his face.

“Maya…..” He said lovingly. He hugged her tight, then proceeded to give her a quick kiss, then hugged her tight again. “I missed you so very much.”

“I missed you very much too, my Ricky.” Maya replied, very happy to see Richard again. He occupied her thoughts a lot the past two days. Yes, they have chatted on the phone in the evening, but that does not compare to seeing him, being with him. She has gotten used to seeing and being with him everyday. She hugged him tight back.

They stayed like that for a while, then Maya suddenly remembered her cousin.

“Ooops, I forgot. Sorry, Simon”. She said as she got out of Richard’s embrace, smiled sheepishly, then introduced the two. “Ricky, this is my cousin Simon Dela Paz. Simon, si Richard Lim, boyfriend ko.”

“Richard, ikinagagalak kitang makilala.” Simon offered to shake Richard’s hand. Sa wakas nakilala rin niya ang boyfriend ng pinsan niya. He and Maya talked about Richard last night, with Cristina Rose, after their dinner with Mamang. Just liked with Emman and the parents, Maya gave her cousins and childhood friends, and her Mamang this morning, a condensed version of hers and Richard’s love story.

“The same here, Simon. Madalas kang makwento ni Maya sa akin, pati na rin si Cristina Rose, kahit noong una pa kaming nagkakilala.” Richard shook Maya’s cousin’s hand, at the same time giving him a friendly smile.

“Mamaya, you will meet din Cris. Sinamahan lang si Cho sa school, may activity sila ngayon.” Simon said.

“I’m looking forward to that, also meeting Cho, and also her husband, Jeff, di ba?” Richard added.

“Wow, Ricky, you still remember, even Ate Cris’s husband’s name!” Maya exclaimed.

“Of course, my love. Lahat ng may kinalaman sa iyo, naaalala ko lahat.” He said lovingly.

“Ehemmm, ehemmm, dumarami yata ang mga langgam dito sa San Nicolas, Maya, parang imported, galing Maynila.” Simon teased his cousin and her boyfriend.

Both Maya and Richard shared a loving smile and a sheepish look.

“Oo na, Simon, titigil na kami, hahahahaha.” Maya told her cousin. “Halika na nga, punta na tayo kay Mamang at for sure, inip na inip iyon. Excited nang makilala itong si Ricky.”

They all trooped to the parking lot where Simon’s owner-type jeep was waiting for them.

“Richard, pagpasensyahan mo na itong jeep ko.” Simon said apologetically.

“Naku, Simon, okay lang.” Richard assured Maya’s cousin.

Maya insisted that Richard sit in front with Simon while she went to the back of the jeep. Richard assisted her in climbing in. Soon after they were in their way to the poblacion, where Mamang lives in the ancestral house of the Dela Pazes, Mommy Tessie’s side of the family. Simon stopped the jeep in front of the beautiful, well-preserved Spanish-era house.

“Wow, this is really beautiful!” Richard remarked as he looked at the two-storey house with capiz windows, ventanillas which make the house cooler especially in hot summer nights, intricate trimmings and in the tradition of old Filipino bahay na bato, the living area is on the second floor. They went inside  through the front gate, up to the beautiful stairs made of old hardwood.

“Mamang, nandito na po kami!” Maya called from the base of the stairs, then indicated to Richard that they should ascend. Richard put his hand on Maya’s back to assist her. Simon followed, liking Richard’s solicitousness towards his cousin.

Mamang rushed to greet them from the top of the stairs. She came from the direction of the kitchen.

“Maya, apo, naku, panhik na kayo. Pasensya na at hindi ko kayo nasalubong kaagad.”

“Magandang hapon po, Mrs. Dela Paz.” Richard greeted Mamang formally and respectfully, when they reached the top of the stairs.

“Mamang, heto po ang nobyo ko si Richard.” Maya said to her grandmother as she gazed at Ricky lovingly. “Richard, heto naman ang maganda at mabait kong Mamang.”

“Please to meet you po, Mrs. Dela Paz.” Richard gave Maya’s grandmother a warm smile, then took her hand. “Mano, po.”

“Naku, kaawaan ka ng Diyos, anak. Mamang na rin lang ang itawag mo sa akin. Masyado namang pormal iyang Mrs. Dela Paz.” Mamang said, looking closely at Maya’s boyfriend. Kagwapo naman pala at mukhang mabait itong nobyo ng apo ko, she thought. “Natutuwa ako Richard at sa wakas nakilala na rin kita. Halina, parine tayo sala at doon mas masarap magkwentuhan.”

“Mamang, uuwi po muna ako sa amin.” Simon said. “Babalik na lang po ako, mamaya.”

“O sige, Simon, sama-sama tayong maghahapunan mamaya ha. Paki-remind mo rin sina Cristina Rose, Jeff at Pocholo at ang mga magulang mo na dito tayong lahat mamayang alas siyete ng gabi. Pa-welcome natin dito kay Richard.”  Mamang told Simon.

“Opo, Mamang. Sasabihin ko po sa kanila. Excited nga rin po ang mga iyon na makilala itong si Richard.” Simon replied. “Richard, Maya, maiwan ko muna kayo.”

“Sige, Simon. Salamat ha. Mamayang gabi na lang.” Maya told her cousin. Richard also thanked Simon.

Mamang led Richard and Maya to a grand living room, full of antique furnitures and filled with framed black and white and sepia photos of several generations of Dela Pazes. They sat on the small sitting room on the side of the room.

“O maupo na muna kayo at magpapahanda ako ng merienda.” Mamang said, moving towards the direction of the kitchen.

“Naku, Mamang, ako na lang po. Puntahan ko si Manang Narcisa. Magpahinga ka na rin. Knowing you, ‘Mang, nakialam ka naman sa pagluluto ng mga putahe para sa dinner natin.” Maya gently assisted her grandmother to her favorite solihiya chair. Then she indicated that Richard should sit on the big one beside it.

“Kumusta naman ang flight mo, Richard?” Mamang asked when they were both seated and Maya disappeared to the direction of the kitchen. “Mabuti rin at nakasama ka rito kay Maya sa amin.”

“Maayos naman po, Mamang. On time naman ang flight.” Richard replied, realizing that this an opportunity for him to talk to Maya’s grandmother. “I asked Maya po if it is okay to go with her when she visits you pagkatapos ng meeting niya sa community kung saan sila may project kasi gusto ko po kayong makilala. Matagal na po niya kayong nakukwento sa akin, noong nasa New York pa kami. Nabanggit po ba niya ang tungkol sa amin?”

“Oo, anak. Nagkakwentuhan kami ng husto nitong apo ko kaninang umaga, pagkagising namin at habang nagkakape. Kagabi kasi, nagkasiyahan silang magpipinsan. Medyo matagal na hindi nagkita-kita ang mga iyon. Natutuwa ako na sa kabila ng lahat, kayo pa rin nitong apo ko. Mahalin mo siya ng husto ha, iyan lang ang hiling ko sa iyo.” Mamang said.

“Makakaasa po kayo, Mamang.” Richard said, then taking a deep breath, he forged on. “Sa katunayan, may isa pa po akong dahilan sa pagpunta rito. Gusto ko rin po kasi sanang magpaalam sa inyo.”

“Magpaalam para sa saan?” Mamang asked, though like Mommy Tessie, she has an inkling on what it will be.

“Matapos po kina Mommy Tessie at Mark, also my Mama, magpapaalam din po sana ako sa niyo na mag-propose kay Maya. Gusto ko na po sana siyang yayaing magpakasal, if she will have me.” Richard finished in one rush.

Mamang smiled, then put her hand on her chest, happy for her apo and the man she loves. “Oh my! May idea ba ang apo ko na may pinaplano kang ganito, Richard?”

“Wala po.” Richard said.

“Masaya ako para sa inyo. Of course, si Maya pa rin ang sasagot sa iyo, pero for me, welcome na welcome ka sa pamilya namin. Alam ko namang mahal na mahal na mahal ka ng apo.” Mamang finished, then stood up and hugged Richard. “Salamat sa paggalang, Richard.”

“Mamang, ako nga po ang dapat magpasalamat sa inyo, sa pagtanggap.” Richard said as he hugged the old lady back.

“Salamat saan?…..” Maya said from the doorway, carrying a tray of drinks, followed by Manang Narcisa, with several servings of mouthwatering rice cakes, before Mamang can ask Richard when is he planning to propose.

“Wala, sabi lang ni Richard, salamat sa pagtanggap dito sa bahay natin.” Mamang replied, smiling conspiratorially at Richard. Richard smiled back, silently thanking Mamang and her discretion in not spoiling his big surprise for his love. “O kain na nga tayo.”

They chatted while having merienda. Maya told Richard and her grandmother that everything is set for her and Donya Esmeralda’s project in a remote village, more than an hour away from San Nicolas. She told them that the people there were very nice and are looking forward to the literacy program, especially the kids who really want to learn.

While Maya was chatting, Richard’s gaze never left her face, looking at her with so much love. She looked at him with the same expression on her face. Mamang was happy looking at the two and the overflowing of love between them. She is happy that her apo had finally found someone to share her life with. Richard looks like a very responsible and a very nice young man. Ma-respeto pa.

They were winding down their merienda session when Manang Narcisa interrupted them, saying that one of Mamang’s katiwala is looking for her.

“Maya, apo, pagpahingahin mo na muna itong si Richard doon sa kwarto na inihanda natin for him. Kailangan ko lang kausapin itong si Berto tungkol diyan sa mga tanim natin sa Barangay San Antonio.” Mamang suggested. “Richard, excuse me. Kailangan ko lang bumaba.”

“Sige po Mamang.” Maya said. “Halka, my love, ilagay na natin iyong mga gamit mo doon sa room mo.”

“Thank you po, Mamang sa pagpapatuloy niyo sa akin.” Richard respectfully.

“Naku, wala iyon Richard. Welcome na welcome ka rito sa bahay  ko. Kapamilya ka na rin namin since nobyo ka nitong apo ko.” She said smiling.

Maya led Richard to a corridor then to a room towards the side of the house.

“Here it is! This one used to be my Tito Jose’s room, and I’m having Mom’s old room at the opposite side of this, beside Mamang’s room.” Maya said as she opened the door to a big airy room, with a big antique four-poster bed in the middle. “The bathroom is over there.”

Richard just gazed at Maya while she was showing him everything. When she was about to move to show him something more, he got hold of her arm, and gently reeled her to him.

“I missed you very much.” He softly said, and before she can react, he lowered his lips to hers and gave her a searing kiss.

Maya responded to Richard’s kiss. Before long, they were sharing hot kisses, while slowly moving towards the bed. Richard broke the kiss to sit on the bed, then put Maya in his lap. Then he resumed kissing her. He ran his tongue on the rim of her lips, silently asking entry. Maya opened her mouth to let Richard’s tongue in. Their tongues duelled and mated, sharing searing kisses that inflamed their senses and their desire for each other.

The afternoon suddenly felt so hot. Richard’s hand soon started wandering, caressing Maya’s back, moving to the hem of her blouse, then to the underside of her breast. He left a trail of heat, igniting May’s senses more. His wandering hand finally reached Maya’s breast. Richard cupped her breast on top of her bra, caressing it maddeningly making Maya hot to her core. He did the same to other one. In the process, he discovered that Maya’s bra has a front closure. He flipped it open, then his hand was free to roam and play with Maya’s breasts.



Maya started caressing Richard too as they shared another bone-melting kiss. Richard trailed kissed on Maya’s neck, her collarbone, the valley between her breasts. While he was raining hot kisses on her, he continued playing with her breasts. Maya on the other hand, caressed his nape, his hair, and everything she could touch. From where she was sitting, she can feel the evidence of Richard’d desire for her.

“Maya, my love, you are making me crazy with want. I want you very much, but I think we need to stop soon.” He said with difficulty. “Your grandmother might come looking for you soon.”

“Oh….” Maya looked at Richard with her desire-glazed eyes, that made it harder for  Richard to stop what they were doing. But they needed to, he made the supreme effort, knowing that he is the experienced one and should have more control. They both tried to catch their breaths.

“You are lethal, Ms. Dela Rosa.” Richard said, grinning at Maya and caressing her face.

Maya just smiled at him, blushing a bit, realizing that they were in a very intimate position. She can still feel the imprint of Richard’s maddening touch on her breasts.

“I better leave you here, so you can rest.” Maya said, getting up from Richard’s lap after fixing her dress with trembling hands and shortness of breath.

“Maya, I don’t need to rest. I would rather spend the rest of the afternoon with you.” Richard said. “Why don’t you tour me around this house, please! Then, is there a place we can just chill out and chat? Have coffee you know, and cuddle!” He added with a naughty grin.

“Ricky…..” Maya said smiling. “Hmmm, I think I just know the place. Come.”

Maya toured Ricky around the magnificent ancestral home. Then she led Richard to an azotea, which has a coffee table and some chairs.

“Wait here, I will get us some coffee.” Maya said, giving Richard a quick kiss before heading towards the direction of the kitchen.

Maya came back with two steaming cups of coffee. She and Richard had a wonderful time in the azotea ringed by bougainvilleas and all kinds of ornamental plants.  They only returned inside when it was getting dark. They got ready for the dinner Mamang is hosting for Richard.

Simon and his family arrived together around 15 minutes before seven o’clock and the house suddenly burst into a happy chatter. Maya introduced Richard to her Tito Jose, Tita Pilar, then to her Ate Cris, her Kuya Jeff, and Pocholo.

Richard felt overwhelmed and very happy with the warm welcome he received from Maya’s family. Dinner was a very lively affair. Mamang and Manang Narcisa prepared a feast. After everyone’s stomach was full, they moved to the living room to have coffee and dessert.

The party broke out at around midnight. Cho fell asleep in Mamang’s room while the adults where having coffee and chatting in the living room so Cristina Rose and her family opted to stay there as well. Richard and Maya after saying good night to everyone shared a chaste kiss in front of her room before retiring for the night.

When Maya woke up the following day, Richard was already up and having coffee with Mamang in the dining room. Cris and her family had left to go to church.

“Good morning, Mamang! Good morning Ricky!” She went to kiss Mamang on the cheek, then move to Ricky giving him a quick kiss on the cheek too. Richard stood up and pull a chair for her. “Did you sleep well?”

Richard smiled at her mischievously. “I did. I slept like a baby and had the most wonderful dream.”

Maya sensed something in Richard’s statement, but she better ask Richard about it when they are alone.

“Maya, apo, kain na!” Mamang started bustling in and serving Maya all kinds of food.

“Mamang, fiesta ulit.” Maya said smiling. “Thank you po. Mamang, bibiyahe na nga po pala kami ni Ricky before lunch, di ba Ricky? May dadaanan pa kami. Saan na nga iyon Ricky?”

“Yes nga po pala, Mamang. May dadaanan po kami diyan sa San Quentin.” Richard replied.

“Ganoon ba? Di bale, malapit lang naman iyon dito. Pahatid na kayo kay Simon.” Mamang said.

Maya and Richard told her that they have already made arrangements with Simon for a pick up at around 11 o’clock. The three of them spent most of the morning chatting with their overly long breakfast. Then, Maya and Richard excused themselves to get ready to leave. Soon after, they were at the gate, saying goodbye to Mamang,

“Maya apo, Richard, dalas-dalasan niyo ang pagdalaw dito ha.” Mamang said, getting teary-eyed.

“Opo Mamang. Mas mapapadalas ako rito kasi may project kami diyan sa San Manuel na baka six months din ang abutin.” Maya said. “Baka nga po, minsan, pagdaan ko rito, kasama ko pa ang Mama ni Ricky.”

“Oo nga, isama mo nga rito nang makilala ko ang magiging…” Oops, good thing Mamang was able to stop herself. Kamuntik na siyang madulas. “….ang magiging katuwang mo diyan sa maganda mong project,”  she finished.

Richard heaved a sigh of relief! He thought Mamang would say ‘ang magiging biyenan mo’, and more.

“Mamang, maraming salamat po ulit sa lahat.” He said, then hugged the old lady. He does miss having a grandmother. Hindi na niya nakilala ang grandparents niya dahil maagang namatay.

Simon arrived while they were saying goodbye. They loaded everything into the jeep and waved to Mamang as they were leaving.

More than an hour after, Simon stopped the jeep at the base of a road that goes up to the mountains.

“Hanggang dito na lang ba kayo, Richard?” He asked. “Kaya naman siguro ng jeep ko ang paakyat.”

“Maraming salamat, Simon. Sobra-sobra na ang pang-aabala namin sa iyo.” Richard said. “Okay na, I have made arrangements na, parating na rin siguro si Mang Caloy. Napaaga lang tayo ng kaunti sa pinag-usapan naming oras.”

From a distance, they saw an oncoming pick-up truck. It stopped and out came an old guy.

“Sir Richard, pasensya na po at naghintay pa kayo.” Mang Caloy said, then looked at Maya and Simon. “Magandang hapon po sa inyo, Ma’am, Sir.”

“Magandang hapon din po.” Maya and Simon said, one after the other.

“Maya, Simon si Mang Caloy, caretaker ng vacation house ng family namin diyan sa  may taas ng bundok.” Richard said. “Mang Caloy, si Maya Dela Rosa po, girlfriend ko and ito naman si Simon Dela Paz, pinsan niya na taga-San Nicolas.”

“Ikinagagalak ko po kayong makilala. Mga apo ba kayo ni Donya Conching?”  Mang Caloy asked.

“Opo Kilala niyo po pala si Mamang?” Maya asked.

“Opo, Ma’am Maya, Sir Simon. Pinsan ko po si Berto na caretaker niya sa Barangay San Antonio.” He said.

Maya and Simon smiled at the old guy and told them they are happy to meet a relative of Mang Berto.

Soon after Richard and Maya said goodbye to Simon and boarded the pick-up truck that took them through scenic, but rough roads and curves going up to the mountain. When they reached the top, Maya found the view breathtaking. She can see the whole of the island and the water that surrounds it.

Mang Caloy stopped the vehicle in front of a big house. The best way to described it, is that it is like a bahay kubo na mansyon. The house has cogon roof, made of wood, with a wrap-around balcony, and when Maya and Richard got inside, she discovered that it has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea way below.

“What a marvelous place! Is this your family’s, Ricky?” Maya asked as she moved towards the big window. “Parang wala ka namang nabanggit na may relative ka rin dito sa Mindoro.”

“Wala kaming relative dito. This house was offered to Papa by one of his friends who have been building vacation houses in the area several years ago. Nagustuhan naman niya, and also ni Mama. Madalang lang din silang magpunta dito. Ako ang medyo madalas, before I left for the States in 2009, especially when I needed to be alone and want to have a quiet time. If Superman has his ‘Fortress of Solitude’, this is mine. This is a special place for me.” Richard said as he stood behind Maya and hugged her from the back, his arms around her waist and his chin on this shoulder. “And you are the only one I have brought here.” Richard said softly.

Maya’s heart skipped a beat, touched. “Thank you, Ricky. I love yo very much.”

“I love you more, Maya, now and forever.” Richard said as he moved a bit so he can kiss her.

Their lips touched and they shared a gentle, loving kiss, in the place that would become more special to them.


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Crushing On You – Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Oopps, wrong send

Maya heard the commotion while she was busy editing and rewriting one of the company’s press releases that one of the writers had sent to her for approval. She continued with what she was doing, ignoring the sudden buzzing outside her office, thinking it was just her staff getting overexcited again about something or about someone! She allows this to a certain degree as it is a way for them to let out steam from time to time, a breaker from their load.

“Good morning, Maya, you want to see me?” Richard Lim, the new Chief Legal Counsel of Lim Corporation, greeted Maya from the door of her office, a big lopsided and mischievous smile on his face. He walked towards Maya, and put a Starbucks tumbler on her desk. “And here’s your coffee!”

Maya was so surprised to see Richard Lim, son of their big boss, one of Manila’s most eligible bachelors, and the object of her daydreams standing just inside her office, some of her staff were looking in, trying to be inconspicuous, but they were failing, big time! Most of them had heard of their handsome new chief lawyer, but they haven’t seen him in person. They were very curious on what he is doing on their floor, especially in their Ms. Maya’s office!

“S-s-sir Richard, what are you doing here?” Maya blurted out before she could really think of a better way to ask what he was doing in her office. They don’t have a meeting scheduled, and besides, if they do, it is probably be her who will go to the executive offices, not him going here.

Richard smiled, enjoying this, seeing their beautiful, intelligent and very, very poise Corporate Communications Manager flustered, blushing a bit.

“Well, I just am here as per your request.”  He replied.

“But Sir, what request po?” Maya said confused.

“You sent me a text message saying I should see you.” Richard answered, a mischievous smile still playing on his lips.

“Ha!” Maya dove for her phone which got buried under the papers on her desk, finding it, she checked her messages, and she felt like sinking to the floor in her embarrassment! She had indeed sent a message to Richard Lim!

Punta ka sa office ko please. I need you to do some stuffs for me. And please bring me a tall caffe americano from Starbucks. Pakibilisan. Thanks a lot.

Oh, oh, oh! OMG. I’m so sorry, Sir Richard.” Maya was beside herself in embarrassment, her face red. “The message was not for you, but for Richard Lazaro, our messenger!”

Richard grinned. He knew that the message was not for him, but an imp seemed to have possessed him when he saw the message. He just can’t resist doing this. He wanted to see her, actually, and this is the perfect excuse, and a fun one too.

He is drawn to Maya ever since they got introduced last week when he came on board LC. They chatted a bit and aside from her beauty, he was attracted to her intellect and her grace. She looked him in the eyes and gave intelligent insights when she was asked on her opinion about some company matters that they were discussing that time.

Maya seemed to possess a good sense of humor, judging by the banter between her and some of the other officers, and well-liked, judging by the number of people who gravitated towards her in that small party  the company had thrown to welcome him to LC after years of living and working in the States. Before they parted, he gave Maya his business card and it seemed she had saved his mobile number promptly, not realizing that there are now two ‘Richards’ in her phone book.

“Be careful, next time, Maya.” He said in mock seriousness, but actually, he was fishing shamelessly, and teasing her. “Hindi naman siguro ‘R’ ang start ng pangalan ng boyfriend mo, at baka sa susunod message for him na ang ma-send mo sa akin.”

‘Naku Sir, wala pa po akong boyfriend. Hindi pa nga ako nagkaka-boyfriend!” Maya blurted out again. Then realized that she just admitted to her boss in a way, a guy she has been crushing on terribly that she is loveless! Floor, swallow me now! I’m dying of embarrassment, she muttered, feeling like her face is turning to be like the color of a boiled lobster!

The day just got better and better, Richard thought to himself. Not only he got to see Maya, he also found out what he had been dying to know since last week, that is, if she is still unattached. He dared not ask around as it would surely become fodder for the office gossip, him taking an interest in someone, before he even can make headway with it.

Richard felt he had teased Maya enough for the day. He just gave her another of his lopsided smile, which unknown to him, makes Maya’s heart jumps, then decided to leave her in peace, for now.

“Okay, if it is not me pala you want to see. I will get going. Have a nice day. Enjoy your coffee. Oh and the barista has already put three sachets of brown sugar in that after finding out that it’s for you.”

Then, just like that, before Maya even managed to thank him, he was gone from her office. Maya blinked, trying to absorb what had just happened.

“What was that, sis? Di ba, si Atty. Richard Lim iyon? You know him personally? May dala pang coffee for you?” Emman, her friend and ever curious senior writer asked Maya rapidly. “Hindi ba he just got on board? Magkakilala na kayo before?”

“Emmannnnn, halos mamatay na ako sa hiya kanina.” Maya told her friend, covering her face. “OMG! And hindi ko siya kilala before. Last week ko lang siya na-meet.”

“Bakit, ano ba ang nangyari?” Emman asked, very very curious, as it was uncharacteristic of Maya to be flustered. Normally, she takes things in stride and she does not panic, even if there is a crisis she needs to deal with.

“Eh kasi naman, na-send ko sa kanya iyong message ko for Richard, iyong messenger natin na nagpapabili ako ng kape! Saka doon sa message, pinapapunta ko rin sana rito si Richard after kasi ipapa-route ko itong hard copies ng newsletter natin sa mga excutive na ayaw ng online version!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, you mean to say, ‘Richard Lim’ ang napindot mo sa halip na ‘Lazaro’. Eh una naman ang Lazaro sa Lim ah.” Emman said, then smiled. “Uy, laman ng isip mo. Crush mo ‘no?”

“Emman!!!!  Baka may makarinig sa iyo.” Maya protested, then thought of not telling him anymore her second embarrassing moment of the day, when she admitted to Richard that she does not have a boyfriend yet.

“Hmmm, sige na nga. Titigil na ako.” Emman said, then can’t resist playing cupid. “By the way, according to the secretarial pool, he is very much single at the moment, as in walang girlfriend. Though, come to think it, paano kaya nila nalaman, misteryo talaga sa akin since he just got back from the States. Malay ba naman nila na may naiwan pala siya doon. Sa guwapo pa namang iyan ni Mr. Lim, rich pa and mukhang ang bango-bango!”

“Emman, enough na, baka may makarinig pa sa atin na nag-speculate sa lovelife ni Mr. Lim. Hala, back to your cubicle na. Mag-e-edit pa ako ng entries sa phone book ko.” Maya shooed out Emman good-naturedly.

“O saang kategorya na mapupunta si Handsome Atty. Lim, under “Crush” ba?”  Emman said cheekily before he quickly escaped Maya’s office, laughing. In fairness, bagay na bagay sila, he thought.

Maya laughed at that, seeing the humor of the situation. She must really edit his name in her phone para hindi na siya magkamali ulit. She was about to do so, when it beeped and out came a message from Richard Lim.

Just use Ricky Lim for me in your phone book! 😉 

Maya’s heart skipped a beat. She grinned.

Thank you for that suggestion, Sir.

Maya did just that, and to be super safe, put the word Messenger before Richard Lazaro’s name. She went back to work happily. She saw the coffee Richard brought her, took a sip, looked at the tumbler then remarked, “Bakit mas masarap ka ngayong umaga!”

Richard reached his floor several minutes after he left Maya’s office, which was actually two  floors down than the executive offices where he has a window office, just across his father’s. When he got Maya’s message earlier, he told his secretary he will just be away for a couple of minutes. Before she can react, he went down to Starbucks, bought the coffee and went to Maya’s office.

“Did someone look for me, Liza?” Richard asked when he reached his secretary’s desk, still feeling chirpy.

“Wala naman Sir Richard, but I put all the contracts for your review on your desk.” Liza said, noticing that her boss was very happy. Nawala lang sandali, nawala na ang kunot ng ulo, she muttered. Earlier, Richard was annoyed with one of the junior lawyers who made a huge mistake in one of the contracts he drafted.

“Okay, I will give it back those back to you in 15 minutes or so, I will be finished by then.” He said then, asked her something suddenly, sheepishly, smiling. “Errr, Liza, I know I can trust you on this. Would you please find out what is Maya Dela Rosa’s favorite flower? Discreetly please, Liza at baka hindi pa man, mapagtsismisan na kami.”

He had decided to trust Liza on this. He had known her for years, even before he left for the States several years ago. She was actually his father’s old secretary. She stopped working to take care of the kids. Now that the kids are older, he persuaded her to work for him when he knew he was going back to the Philippines and work for LC.

“Oh!” Liza said with a big smile. So, that is where the wind is blowing, she thought. “I will take care of that for you, Sir.”

Richard went to his office whistling, plowed through the contracts. He was about to call Liza to pick up the papers after he was finished but before he was able to do so, there was a knock on the door, and it was her with a big smile on her face.

“Oh, good timing. I’m done with these.” He said as he handed Liza the contracts.

“Mission accomplished, Sir. Her favorite flower is sunflower.” Liza said smiling.

“Thanks Liza, ang bilis mo ah.” Richard said happily.

“I have my sources, Sir, and I have been discreet. Hindi nahalata ng pinagtanungan ko.” Liza replied. “Would you like me to order those for you? I know a florist who makes beautiful arrangements.”

“Just give me please the name and the address of the florist and I will take care of everything.” Richard said.

“Okay, I will just get it for you, then.” Liza got out of the room and returned with the florist’s name and address.

Richard smiled happily after his secretary left, a plan forming in his head.


Note: My new story, I hope you will like it just like the others I have written. I just thought of posting something new para maaliw tayo. I’ll finish Only Love pa rin, of course, lapit na ang proposal ni Ricky doon. Good vibes pa rin sa kabila ng lahat! 🙂

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Only Love – Chapter 17

Chapter 17
Marrying Maya

Richard was in a very happy mood when he entered his place, the penthouse unit of one of the upscale high-rises in Bonifacio Global City, remembering his and Maya’s heated moment earlier that night. He opened the lights and took a sweeping look at his place. Will Maya like it here, he asked himself? The place suits him, even if it is too big for one person. He likes the view and the fact that he can just come and go. He does not need to cook as there are a lot of restaurants in the area and a cleaning lady comes daily to tidy up the place and takes care of his laundry. If he craves for a home cooked meal, all he need to do is drive himself to his mother’s house, and for sure, Manang Fe has his favorite food waiting for him when he arrives.

However, ever since he and Maya got back together, he is imagining her there, in his place, them sharing it, having a quiet and enjoyable time together every evening, sitting in the big sofa by the floor-to-ceiling window that offers a wonderful view of the city, talking how their day have been, cuddling and doing what couples do, spending the night together and waking up beside each other in the morning.

Richard went to the fridge, took a cold can of San Mig light, took a sip, then while half-staring at the quiet night, initiated a call to a long remembered but unused number. He took a deep breath and told himself, this is it. He was glad that Maya laid the groundwork for this call, thought she was completely unaware on why he really wanted to call on her mother.

Richard did not have to wait long. The call was picked up after three rings.

“Hello good afternoon, Tessie Winters here.” Maya’s mother automatically said when she picked up the phone. She was about to  make herself a cup of coffee when it rang.

“Hello po, Mrs. Winters, good afternoon, this is Richard Lim, calling from Manila.” Richard greeted Maya’s mother formally.

“Richard, kumusta ka na anak!” Mommy Tessie warmly greeted Richard. “Masyado ka namang formal. Di ba, I told you to call me Tita Tessie the last time you were here. Maya mentioned nga last night that you will call me.”

“I’m good po, Tita Tessie. I’m actually more than good, the best po, especially now that Maya and I are back together. I couldn’t be happier that she has given me a second chance and that we are back together! I think she mentioned it the rin po sa inyo last night.”

“Yes, she did. Tumawag nga siya and we chatted for an hour, I think.” Mommy Tessie said, then took a deep breath and plunged in. “Richard, I will speak frankly na ha.”

“Yes po, Tita Tessie, please go ahead.” Richard said, knowing what is coming, he had prepared for it.

“Thank you, anak. I want you to know that I’m very, very happy for you and Maya. You two deserve to be happy after what you have been through. However, I don’t want Maya to be hurt like the last time, please. I know you have gone through your own hell in what happened, pero siyempre bilang ina ayaw ko rin namang nakikitang masaktan, or in this case, nalaman na nasaktan ng husto ang anak ko. The extent of what she endured I only found out last night.”

“Ipinapangako po sa inyo, hinding-hindi ko na po sasaktan si Maya. I have learned from the past. Saka, hindi po lahat ng tao, nabibigyan ng ganitong chance ulit gaya ko, namin, kaya hindi ko po ito sasayangin. Kaya nga po ako tumawag sa inyo, to assure you that I will not hurt her again and it will be my goal in life to make her happy for the rest of our lives.” Richard finished passionately and with so much conviction that Maya’s mom readily believed his sincerity and intention towards her daughter. She was not wrong with her first impression of Richard years ago.

“You mean….?” Mommy Tessie asked, though she has an inkling what Richard meant with that statement.

“I want to marry Maya po, Tita Tessie if she will have me. I love her very much and she is my life now. She is the one and only woman I have ever love. Iyon din po ang main reason why I decided to give you a call. I wish I can be there in New Jersey at the moment to ask you this in person, kaso po kababalik ko palang po kasi ng Pilipinas. Hihingi po sana ako sa inyo ng permission to propose to your daughter. Pangako ko po sa inyo, I will cherish and love Maya.”

Even if she knew it was coming, Mommy Tessie still got very emotional with what Richard said. “Richard, anak, thank you for asking my permission, even if you don’t have to. Of course, for me welcome ka sa pamilya namin. I know that you are a good person and that you love my daughter very much, and that she loves you very much too, for her to let go of what happened and take another chance with love, with you. But of course, si Maya pa rin ang makakapagdesisyon diyan.”

“Thank you po, Tita Tessie. Importante po sa akin ang blessings niyo. I will do my best so Maya will say yes to a future with me. I know we just got back together, but we have already have wasted eight years, ayaw ko na pong marami pa kaming masayang na sandali. We have waited long enough to be together.”

“Kailan mo balak mag-propose kay Maya?” Mommy Tessie asked, teary-eyed, very happy for her daughter.

“Pagkagaling po sana naming bumisita sa San Nicolas. I want to meet your mother first and ask her also for her blessings since she is also a very important person in Maya’s life.”

“Pati si Nanay!” Mommy Tessie smiled at that. “Richard, anak, kapag hindi ka pa naman sinagot ng anak ko sa gagawin mong iyan, ewan ko na lang. Saka kapag ganoon ang nangyari, ako na ang magiging padrina mo.” She teased.

Richard smiled at that, and finally, he can breath. He admitted, he was very nervous when he made the phone call.

“Thank you po, basta asahan ko po ang back-up niyo kapag hindi nag-yes ang anak niyo kaagad.”  Richard bantered back.

“Sure, anak!” Mommy Tessie laughed. “Kailan pala kayo pupunta sa Mindoro? Maya forgot to mention that in our chat last night.”

“Maya will travel po to Mindoro on Wednesday for the project she is working on with my mother, then I will follow her on Saturday. She is finished with that, by then so we can both see and visit her Mamang. I really wanted to meet din po your mother since Maya mentioned her a lot before.” Richard said.

“Naku, I’m sure matutuwa sa iyo si Nanay, and for sure papasa ka doon, anak.” Mommy Tessie said smiling. Her mother, for sure, will like Maya’s handsome, young man.

“Tita Tessie, may I speak din po with Mr. Winters. Nabanggit niyo na rin po ba sa kanya na kami na ulit ni Maya?” Richard asked tentatively, “That is, if he is not busy.”

“Oo, I did, kagabi noong dumating siya. Maya requested me to tell him. He is very happy that Maya is happy. Para na rin kasing anak ni Mark iyang si Maya. He also said that he had a good first impression of you, and since you are Maya’s only boyfriend as far as he know, you must be a very wonderful guy. He said, he trust Maya’s choices and instinct and that couldn’t be wrong if she still loves you after all the years that have passed.” Mommy Tessie said, recalling some of what her  husband said upon learning that Maya is with Richard again. “Sandali lang ha, I will call him.”

Richard waited for a minute or two, then the line was picked up again.

“Hello Richard! Glad to hear from you. How are you? Tessie said you wanted to talk to me?” Mark Winters said as he settled in the couch vacated by his wife. “Oh, and I’m happy to hear that you and Maya are back together.”

“Yes Sir, I wanted to talk to you as well, not only to Maya’s mom.” Richard started, then forged on. “The reason I called your wife was to ask her permission to marry Maya. I would like also to ask yours as well as you are Maya’s dad now.”

“Oh, thank you for asking me too, Richard. It is a very nice thing to do, and I’m so very glad. But like Tessie has surely said to you, it is up to Maya. But I’m happy for both of you and I do wish she will say yes to you. I will of course, would gladly welcome you to our family. I may not know what happened to separate you two in the past, but all I want is Maya’s happiness. She is like a real daughter to me.”

“Like what I have promised Tita Tessie, Mr. Winters, I will love and cherish Maya for the rest of our lives. I will take care of her until we are old and grey.” Richard promised Maya’s stepdad.

“That’s very good to hear, Richard. And please do call me Mark.” Maya’s stepfather offered. “Good luck on your proposal.”

“Thank you, Mr….errr, Mark.” Richard said, happily.

“No worries, Richard.” Mark Winters said. “Would you like me to hand the phone to Tessie again?”

“Yes, please, and thank you.” Richard said. He heard Mark talking a bit to Tita Tessie and then she came back on the line.

“Tita Tessie, thank you very much po to you and Mark.” Richard said gratefully, happily.

“Richard, wala iyon. Masaya kami na magiging bahagi a ng pamilya namin. I know you will love and cherish Maya. Saka, knowing my daughter, hindi iyan pipili ng hindi niya mahal ng buong-buo. Di ba pa nga sa tinagal-tagal na nagkahiwalay kayo, hindi nakuha or napilit ang sarili niya na magmahal ng iba. I wish you both all the happiness in this world. Basta last payo lang Richard, open communication ha, importante talaga iyan sa isang couple. Huwag mong i-shield si Maya to protect her if the going gets tough. Give her a choice in the matter.” Tita Tessie said, not able to stop herself from saying that. “Sorry ha, napahaba na ang advice ko.”

“Thank you po, Tita Tessie, very welcome po sa akin iyan. I know po and I will do that.” Richard said. “Good night po.”

“Good night and good luck, anak.” Maya’s mother ended the phone call, cradling it after Richard had said goodbye, a happy smile on her face. “My Maya getting married soon,” she said. She does not have any doubt that her daughter will say yes to Richard.

Richard, on the other hand, let up a whooping sound after he put the phone down. He felt very happy at that moment. One more very important person in Maya’s life to talk to and he can propose to her. He know just the place to do that, the place to ask her to be with him forever.

The following morning, the day before Maya leaves for her trip, Richard woke up early. He prepared for another day at work. But before he left the house to pick up Maya, he made another phone call.

“Ricky, son, napatawag ka. Ang aga pa ah.” Donya Esmeralda greeted her unico hijo. “Thank you nga pala for bringing Maya to dinner. Then sa good news niyong dalawa. I’m so happy to know na kayo na. Im so looking forward to all my apos!”

“Ma! Ikaw talaga, advance na advance ah.” Richard said, laughing.

“O, eh doon naman iyon papunta. Sa tinagal-tagal pa naman ng hinintay niyong dalawa.” Donya Esmeralda pointed out.

“Well, Ma, kaya nga po ako tumawag sa inyo this morning, I would like you to know that I would like to settle down with Maya soon. I’m planning to propose to her po.” Richard said happily.

“Oh my, that’s a wonderful news son! It’s about time. Kailan mo balak?” Donya Esmeralda couldn’t be happier.

“Basta, Ma, secret. Malalaman mo soon after.” Richard said. “I know just the place to do it.”

“O siya, siya, hindi na ako mangungulit. Good luck, son!” Donya Esmeralda said. “Bring Maya again to dinner after she had said yes. I’m sure she will.”

“Thank you, Ma.” Richard replied. “By the way, Ma, di ba you have a friend who designs engagement and wedding rings. Can I have her contact number and can you put in a word for me, kasi this is going to be a rush job.”

“Oh my, oh my. That soon, son! I’m so excited!!” Donya Esmeralda said, very happy at that moment. “Sige, I will send you her number after this, and then I will call her for you too. Of course, sasabihin ko na i-prioritize niya ang aking only son.”

“Thank you, thank you again, Ma.” Richard told his mom. “I love you. You are the best.”

“Son, I’m just so very very happy for you and Maya. You deserved to be happy after all that had happened. My first apo, Gabrielle, must really be your little angel in heaven. She sent happiness your way.” She finished, suddenly remembering the baby, her first grandchild, they have mourned a lot.

Rchard smiled at that, remembering his beautiful angel. It is not so sad and painful now to think of his little girl. Speaking of, he would like to visit her before his trip to Mindoro. He has not visited her grave since he got back.

Mother and son said goodbye. Richard left his place to pick up the love of his life. Donya Esmeralda, on the other hand, went to her room, held the framed photo of her husband that she keeps there.”Roberto, our son has found the happiness that has eluded him years ago. He is happy now. I hope you will find your peace too, my husband.” She said teary-eyed, then kissed the photo before getting ready to go to Lim Foundation.

Richard arrived at Maya’s house before seven o’clock, just like the previous days. Soon after, they were on their way to Makati. While they were were cuddling in the back seat of the car, Richard asked Maya if she can take a vacation leave that coming Monday.

“I guess, I could. I haven’t had a leave this year. ” Maya said after Richard asked her. “Why?’

“Well, I want to stay one more day in Mindoro. May dadaanan lang tayo before we go back to Manila. Would it be okay to go there Sunday afternoon, after we visited your Mamang, then we return to Manila on Monday afternoon?” Richard asked, his plan firmed in his head. “Malapit lang actually iyong lugar na iyon sa San Nicolas.”

“Okay, with me.” Maya asked, getting a bit puzzled, but thought that they might be just visiting a friend of Richard’s. “How about you? Okay ka lang bang mag-leave ka, so just got back, di ba? I know you are the boss, pero for sure, marami kang work.”

“Hmmm, I think I can take one day off. I will just ask Liza to reschedule all my meetings to Tuesday onwards.” Richard assured Maya. “By the way, I called your mother last night.”

“Really, you did na? O anong sabi ni Mom sa iyo?” Maya asked, as she moved a bit so she can look at Richard fully.

“She said she is happy for us. She also told me not to hurt you again, and I assured her that I will not do so. I promised her to love and cherish you for the rest of our lives.” Richard finished with a loving, secretive smile.

Hearing those words, which strongly hints of a forever between them, made Maya’s heart jumped with joy. “Thank you for making the effort, Ricky. Mom, may have been living in the States a long time, but she is still a Filipino at heart. For sure, she really appreciates your gesture.”

“Maya, my love, lahat ng importante sa buhay mo, importante na rin sa akin. Lahat ng mahal mo, mamahalin ko rin.”  Richard said as he hugged Maya closer to him. “I also chatted a bit with your Daddy Mark, and he is also happy for us, too.”

“Oh, that is good to know! I told Mom nga to tell him.” Maya said, then teased Richard, “Para kang magko-courtesy call sa parents ko, ha.”

Richard grinned at that. Maya, my love, if you only know, Richard thought, so looking forward to Sunday. But all he said to Maya with a heated gaze was that he loves her very, very much, then gave her a kiss on the forehead. Just like the previous days, Maya went to work, very, very happy, like she is on top of the world. Unknown to her at that time, the happy ever after that had entered her consciousness lately will materialize sooner than she ever expected.

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Only Love – Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Maya opened her laptop, then logged on to her Skype account. She is in luck! Her mother is online. She was not so sure as she had mentioned several days ago that she will be busy working on their back garden. Mommy Tessie loves to garden and it’s from her that Maya got her love of getting her hands dirty and puttering in the yard, then happily watch what she had planted grow. She prefers to plant flowers and ornamental plants, though. Her mom, on the other hand, prefers all kinds of herbs and vegetables.

“Hello Maya anak!” Mommy Tessie greeted her eldest daughter. “Kumusta ka na? Gabing-gabi na diyan, bakit gising ka pa?”

“Hi Mom! Mabuti naman po ako. I’m glad that I caught you. I thought you would be out gardening.”

“Naku, medyo napagod na ako. Heto nagpapahinga muna. Saka, malapit na rin namang matapos. I can do it tomorrow.” Mommy Tessie said as she moved a bit to make herself more comfortable. “Heto habang nagpapahinga, nagbayad ako ng bills online and was about to check a gerdening website when you called.”

“Mom, rest din ikaw. Hinay-hinay ha.” Maya said. “I called up po pala kasi may sasabihin po sana ako sa inyo.”

Mommy Tessie suddenly felt that what her daughter will say is something very important to her, she looks so serious and nervous. “Oh, sure, ano ba iyon, Maya anak? May problema ka ba? Sabihin mo lang kung anong maitutulong ko.”

“Mom, thanks a lot. But I don’t have a problem. In fact, ang saya-saya ko nga po! Mom, kami na po ulit ni Ricky.” She said happily.

“Ricky? You mean si Richard, iyong boyfriend mo dati? Ha, paanong nangyari  ‘nak eh you suddenly stopped mentioning him  nga to us shortly before you left for Kabul eight years ago. You know, he visited me after you left. But that is a story I want to tell after you tell me how you and Richard ended up together again. Though, I must say, I’m not surprised it happened, just that why did it take this long for it to happen! We just chatted last week. Wala ka namang nabanggit about this.”

Over the next hour Maya told Mommy Tessie how she and Richard became boyfriend and girlfriend again. At times, Maya got teary-eyed in her narrative. Her mother also cried, especially when Maya told her that Richard’s baby died, and for what her daughter went through.

“Maya, anak, I’m so happy that despite everything you and Richard went through, you still found each other again.” Mommy Tessie said, drying the tears from the corners of her eyes. “Para talaga kayo sa isa’t isa. You know what. I told Richard when he poured his heart to me that if something is meant to be, it will be. Ganyan talaga, anak kapag destiny mo and kapag talagang love mo.”

Mommy Tessie took a deep breath and continued. “I never told you about Richard’s visit because I was waiting for you to say something about whatever you were going through that time. Noong wala kang sinasabi sa mga e-mail mo at tawag, naisip ko na baka gusto mo na rin lang kalimutan ang lahat and makasama pa kapag inungkat ko. Ayaw ko nang masaktan ka pa.”

“Mom, sorry for just keeping everything to myself at that time. I thought that was for the best. Kung alam mo lang, Mom, the pain I felt when I read online that Ricky got married, tapos ang layo-layo ko pa sa inyo.” Maya said. “Pero after ilang years, my heart healed and I, sort of, move on, pero hindi pa rin nawala ang feelings ko for him.”

“Ganyan talaga, anak when love is true. It endures.” Maya’s mom told her.

“I know, Mom. I love Ricky very much and he said he will make it up to me.” Maya added, and her mother can see the love for Richard shining in her eyes. “By the way, Mom, Ricky said he will give you call tomorrow. Would that be okay?”

“Of course, I want to hear from him also. Kailangan niyang i-promise sa akin na hindi ka niya sasaktan ulit!” Mommy Tessie told Maya, half-jesting, half-serious.

“You know what, Mom. That is one of the reasons he told me why he wants to give you a call.”

“Talaga, anak! Nakakatuwa naman.” Mommy Tessie smiled, then asked, “Teka, sabi mo reasons,’nak, may iba pa daw ba siyang dahilan sa pagtawag?”

“Oh, I don’t know about the others, kasi sabi niya ‘among other things’ lang, Mom.” Maya replied.

By then, Mommy Tessie’s motherly intuition kicked in and she has a pretty good idea on why Richard wants to call her. Looks like, he is really making up for lost time, fast!

“Okay, anak! I will just wait for Richard’s call.” Mommy Tessie said.

“How’s Nikki and Luke, Mom?” Maya’s siblings are both in high school. Luke is in his senior year.

“They are okay. They are doing good. I hope you can be here for Luke’s graduation ha.”

“I will try, Mom. Alam niyo naman po itong work ko. Minsan kung saan-saan na lang ako nakakarating. Saka, we have this project with Mrs. Lim, di ba?”

“Hpw’s Richard’s mother nga pala Maya? I read that his father just died recently.”

“Mrs. Lim is a very nice lady. I forgot to tell you earlier. The reason why Ricky and I met sooner than we expected was because of her talaga. I think she wanted to matchmake between us. Speaking of which, I forgot. I don’t think alam na niya na kami na ulit ni Ricky. Mom, iyong expression niya nang malaman niyang magkakilala kami ni Ricky, priceless!”

“Talaga, anak. Mukhang magkasundo naman pala kayo ni Mrs. Lim. I’m glad.” Mommy Tessie said cryptically.

“Yes, Mom. We do. Nakakatuwa and nakaka-amaze minsan ang mga idea ni Mrs. Lim for her charities. Saka hands-on talaga, especially after Ricky’s dad died.” Maya answered. “Mom, I have to go. Super late na. I need to wake up earlier than usual kasi Ricky will pick me up again tomorrow.”

“Sinusundo ka ni Richard? Eh di ba sabi mo earlier sa BGC siya nakatira and their office is in Ortigas and you work in Makati. Okay lang ba sa kanya, anak? Hindi ba nakakapagod, considering CEO na siya ngayon!”

“I told him about that already, Mom pero makulit and mapilit. He has a driver naman. Saka, alam mo Mom the first time he invited me to dinner, he did it by sending almost 3,000 roses to the house, para raw sa bawat araw ng mga taon na hindi niya ako nabigyan noong roses na ibinibigay niya sa akin na nagsimula noong nagtatrabaho pa ako sa hotel.”

“Oh my! Maya anak. grabeng bumawi sa iyo si Richard ha. I have to say this, anak, kinikilig ako.” Maya’s mom told her happily, and teasingly. “Sabihin ko nga sa Daddy Mark mo at ng magka-hint matagal-tagal na akong hindi nakakatanggap ng flowers from him, hahahaha.”

Maya laughed. “Oh by the way, Mom. You can tell this to Daddy Mark. I’m sure he will be happy for us too. Kasi, I think he liked Ricky a lot when I brought him home for that Thanksgiving dinner!”

“Okay I will. O matulog ka na. Good night anak. I love you.”

“I love you, Mom. Hugs and kisses to Nikki, Luke and Daddy Mark.”

Mother and daughter signed off. On the way to the bathroom, Maya saw her phone blinking. There was a message from Ricky. Good thing it was just sent several minutes ago.

Good night, my love! See you in several hours. I love you!

Good night, my Ricky. Sorry for the delayed reply. I just finished talking to Mom. More on this tomorrow! I love you too, very much.  Sleep well.

Richard was at Maya’s house several minutes before seven o’clock the following day. Upon seeing him waiting for her by the car again, Maya thought that she will never get tired of looking at her handsome boyfriend like this.

When Maya was walking towards him, Richard thanked his lucky stars again that he has been given a second chance at this, looking at his beautiful girlfriend with a loving and sweet smile for him every morning.

They exchanged a sweet good morning kiss.

While inside the car, Maya told Ricky that she mentioned to her mom that he will give her a call. Maya suggested that the best time probably is in the evening. Anyway, she said, her mother will just be home today. So is her Dad who just got back from a business trip.

“Oh good! I’m looking forward to that. Thank you, Maya.” Richard said, happy at the turn of events! “By the way, is it okay if we have dinner this evening sa family home namin?”

Maya was surprised at his request. “Oh, is there a special occasion? Birthday ba ni Mrs. Lim? Or baka naman family dinner iyon, Ricky! You don’t have to include me. I can just take a cab home.”

Richard smiled at Maya, then cupped her chin lovngly! “No, my love. I want to us to have dinner with Mama, only her, so we can tell her we are in a relationship na ulit.”

“Oh!” Maya’s eyes rounded and she felt her heart skipped a beat in hearing that. Then smiled sweetly, a bit shyly at Ricky. “Would that be okay? We just started again.”

“Maya, I’m 101 percent sure that it will be okay. Besides, my mother is probably dying to know what happened after she left us in BGC, but is waiting for me to say anything. Actually, I think she will be ecstatic. Don’t you have the feeling that she was trying to match us up together? I’m also thankful to Mama, if not for her, probably we would have not seen each other yet dahil hahanapin pa lang kita sana.”

“Or maybe, yes we would, since I knew you are her son and I was determined to have a closure.” Maya said smiling. “But I ‘m really thankful to your mother.”

“So, it is a go? I wil give her a call to say that we are coming for dinner, okay?”

Maya nodded, and they spend the ride chatting about the stuffs they needed to do for the day. Like yesterday, Richard gave Maya a paper bag when she got off the car.

“Thank you! I love you! Have a great day, Ricky!” Maya said then gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Richard grinned. “With that to fortify me for the day, I surely will. Can I have one more, please!”

Maya giggled, but gave him another kiss. She entered her building, still smiling.

“PDA kung PDA lang ex-roomie!” Emman greeted.

“Emman!!!! What are you doing here? This is a nice surprise!” Maya ran to her friend and gave him a big hug.

“Bessie, two weeks ago lang tayo huling nagkita ah. Parang miss na miss mo na ako kaagad.” Emman remarked. “May client meeting ako sa building mo, pero mamaya pa. Na-move kasi. I was informed when I was on my way here. Hayun, I was about to text you, when I saw you got off the car and kissed that guwapong-guwapong guy na parang hindi naman si Rafa! Nag-wish ka ng boyfriend sa fairy godmother mo and granted agad-agad! The last time, I know you were still pining for you-know-who’ kahit hindi mo sinasabi sa akin!”

Maya grinned at Emman. “But Emman, bes, that was ‘you-know-who’ I was kissing earlier!!!!”

“Sino…….si…Richard iyon? Boyfriend mo na ulit siya? Ayieeeeee!” Emman screamed. People started looking at them. Emman noticed, turned red and said, “Sorry, sobrang kilig lang po. Pero, Mayabels, paano nangyari? Kailan? Saan? Di ba na-hurt ka niya ng husto? Hindi mo man sinabi sa akin ang nangyari. I knew that you must be kasi ni ayaw mong pag-usapan and hindi mo binabanggit ang name. Tapos ang mga nanliligaw sa iyo, dedma, pati na rin si el hombre muy guapo Rafa!”

“Emman, it’s a long story. Halika since na-move ang meeting mo. Late’s share the coffee and pandesal that I’m sure are inside this paper bag. Doon na lang tayo sa office ko,” Maya said as they walked towards the elevator banks.

Maya greeted her colleagues who were as early as she was when they entered their area. Then she and Emman proceeded to her office.

“Emman, could you please take out what’s inside. I will just get an extra mug for you.” Maya said as she directed Emman to the small coffee table she has by the corner of her office.

Emman did that and said, “Oh wow” as soon as he opened the paper bag. He saw the beautiful rose with the note. He also saw a coffee tumbler and as Maya guessed several pandesal.

“Heto, ang note. Hindi ko binuksan ha.” Emman said as he handed Maya the note and the rose. “Talagang iyang Prince Charming mo, wagas. After eight years, mahilig pa ring magbigay ng notes and roses sa iyo. Sa kanya galing ang mga ito, di ba?”

Maya smiled. She forgot about the rose and the note. She put the rose in the vase on her table, joining the other one from yesterday! “Yes, he is.” Then she opened the note and smiled goofily.

My beautiful love. Huwag magpagutom! I love you!

“Hay, ang in love nga naman. Ang ngiti raw nakakapunit din ng labi.” He teased.

The two friends laughed. While drinking their coffee and eating the four pandesal  with cream cheese that Richard gave Maya today, Maya gave Emman a condensed version of how she and Richard met again and now having their second chance at love. She left out the things that only Ricky and her should know.

“Grabe roomie. Iyon na pala ang pinagdadaanan mo noon, hindi mo man lang binanggit sa akin nang nadamayan kita.” Emman said as he touched Maya’s hand as if to comfort her. “Pati rin pala ang mga pinagdaanan ni Richard noon, grabe. You two, deserve to be together again. I’m so happy for the two of you.”

“Sorry Emman, ang gulo kasi ng lahat noon. Saka sinarili ko talaga. Even Mom didn’t know.”

“Oh! Pero ngayon nasabi mo na rin ang lahat ng ito kay Tita Tessie? Alam na niyang boyfriend mo na ulit si Richard?”

“Yes, I did. I chatted with her on Skype last night. She also told me that Ricky visited her after I left.” Maya then told Emman what her mom told her of Richard’s visit.

“Hay ex-roomie, sa dami talaga ng pinagdaanan niyo niyang Prince Charming, isa lang ang patutunguhan niyan, happy ever after!”

“Sobra ka naman, Emman, kaka-start pa lang namin ulit.” Maya protested, but at the back of her mind, she wants her and Richard to end up together for the rest of their lives.

“Hay naku, basta, dapat bridesmaid ako ha.” Emman finished with a raised eyebrow and a bridesmaid pose. “Saka dapat ang partner ko si El Guapo Rafa ha.”

“Ikaw talaga, Emman.” Maya laughed.

“O siya, siya, bessie. Chika tayo ulit. Bababa na ako at malapit na rin naman ang meeting ko.” He gave her a beso. “Hello to Richard.”

Maya worked on the project proposal for Richard’s mom after Emman left. It took her until lunch to finish it the draft. With  the other paperworks that she attended to after that, the rest of the day passed like a blur. Richard picked her up at past six o’clock in the evening. Soon after, Mang Lem parked the car in front of a stately home in one of the posh villages in Makati.

Richard opened the door for Maya and assisted her out.

“Is this where you grew up Ricky?” Maya said as she took a closer look at the elegant house.

“Yes. It has been in my family since before I was born. Papa inherited it from my grandparents.”

They walked towards the massive front door, which suddenly opened and they were welcome warmly by Donya Esmeralda.

“Maya, welcome to our home. I was very happy to know, when Ricky told me that you and him are coming to dinner.” Donya Esmeralda said as she gave Maya a beso.

“Good evening po, Mrs. Lim. Thank you for having us, kahit short notice.” Maya said formally.

“Hija, no more Mrs. Lim. Di ba sabi ko naman sa iyo noon na Tita Esmeralda na lang. Lalo na siguro ngayon. Feeling ko may sasabihin kayo sa akin ni Ricky.”

“Ma, ikaw talaga. Paupuin mo muna kami ni Maya.” Richard laughing.

Donya Esmeralda laughed. “Ay oo nga, son. Sorry Maya, excited lang. “Come, let’s have dinner na nga muna. Naka-ready na.”

“Sige na nga, Ma, sasabihin na namin ni Maya at baka hindi ka makakain ng maayos sa anticipation.” Richard teased his mother.

Richard held Maya’s hand, intertwined it with his. “Ma, kami na po ulit ni Maya.”  He said then looked at Maya lovingly.

“Oh my, oh my, really!!! Sabi ko na nga ba! Maya hija, Ricky son, I’m so very very happy. Sabi ko na nga, unang kita ko palang dito kay Maya, alam kong bagay kayo. Little did I know na pinagtagpo na pala kayo ng tadhana before.” Donya Esmeralda hugged Maya then her son.

“We will tell you about it Ma after dinner. Gutom na ako. Let’s eat na.” Richard said smiling.

“O siya, siya. Let’s eat na muna.” Donya Esmeralda said, still with a big smile on her face. She led her son and Maya to the dining room. “Fe, ready na ba ang lahat. Fe, heto nga pala si Maya, girlfriend ni Ricky. Maya, itong si Fe ang yaya ni Ricky noong bata siya.”

“Kumusta po, Ma’am?” Manang Fe greeted Maya.

“Maya na lang po, Manang Fe.” Maya smiled at the old lady. “Finally, na-meet ko kayo. Madalas po kayong ikwento sa akin ni Ricky noong nasa New York pa kami.”

“Dati? New York?” Manang Fe asked before she can stop herself.

“Opo, doon  po kasi kami nagkakilala nitong si Ricky, eight years ago.”  Maya answered.

“Manang, doon ko unang naging girlfriend si Maya. Mahabang kwento po. After dinner, Maya and I will tell you and Mama what happened kung bakit hindi kami nagkatuluyan the first time. Sabay na po kayo sa amin.” Richard invited his old nanny, to sit beside him and Maya.

“Oo nga naman Fe. Huwag ulit tatanggi. Special occasion ito.” Donya Esmeralda added, and patted the chair beside her. “Dito ka na ng makapagkwentuhan tayo ng maayos lahat habang kumakain.”

“Sige po. Thank you.” Manang Fe agreed as she wanted to get to know better the woman her alaga loves a lot. Ito siguro ang dahllan kung bakit malungkot si Ricardo, ang paghihiwalay nila ni Maya noon at ang hindi nawawalang pagmamahal dito, she thought.

Richard regalled his mother and Manang Fe of his and Maya’s adventures in New York the first time they met while they were having dinner. He also told them how the two of them met. He looked at Maya , from time to time, with a very loving expression as they reminisced their wonderful time together in New York, before everything turned bad.

They moved to the lanai for their coffee and dessert and that was where Richard and Maya told them what happened to their beautiful love affair in New York. They just left out the details that was just for the two of them. Manang Fe and Donya Esmeralda were both teary-eyed after they were finished telling their story.

“Oh my, Ricky, Maya. what you two went through! I’m so happy that you managed to overcome that and still ended up together. You two are really meant for each other.” Donya Esmeralda said as she stood up and hugged, first Maya and then her son. “Now I understand completely what your Papa was trying to tell me on this deathbed. He was asking for your forgiveness, you know. Hindi ko lang masyadong maintindihan and in my grief, nawala na isip ko. Naalala ko lang when you told me doon sa lunch natin sa BGC that Maya was your girlfriend in New York.”

“Talaga po, Ma. He also wrote to me, pero when I found the courage to reply to it, wala na si Papa.” Richard finished.

“Maya, Ricardo, masayang-masaya ako para sa inyo.” Manang Fe also said. “Ganyan talaga mga anak ang tunay na pag-ibig. Pagyamanin niyo na at huwag niyo nang papayagang muli kayong mahiwalay sa isa’t-isa.”

“Opo Manang. Hinding-hindi ko na talaga pakakawalan itong si Maya.” Richard said as he gazed lovingly and meaningfully to Maya, who turned crimson and self-conscious with his statement.

“Ricky ikaw talaga…..” Maya said looking at Richard lovingly.

” O di ba, tama ang instinct ko sa inyong dalawa.” Donya Esmeralda said.

“Ma admit it, tama ang hula namin ni Maya, di ba. Nagma-matchmake ka sa amin noong isinama mo ako sa lunch mo with her. Kaso hayun nag-backfire sa iyo, ikaw ang na-surprise.” Richard said with a big teasing grin to his mother.

“Hahahaha, guilty son!” Donya Esmeralda said. “I’m so happy for both of you. And son, you really deserve to be happy. Ikaw rin Maya. Pasalamat ka rin Ricky at walang nakitang kapalit mo itong si Maya.”

“Mahirap yata ang akong palitan, Ma.” Richard said, jesting, which earned him a loving pinch from Maya. “Owww, masakit Maya. Biro lang, my love.”

They all laughed. Their little merry group broke out at around 10 o’clock in the evening. Richard told his mother and Manang Fe that he needed to take Maya home as they have work tomorrow. Besides, he wants to be sure that he will catch Maya’s mom at home.

“Thank you po ulit, Mrs…errr, Tita Esmeralda for the dinner.” Maya said when they were leaving.

“Maya hija, thank you for giving my son another chance.” Donya Esmeralda said. “Saka dalasan mo ang pagpunta rito, hija. Iba naman iyong mga meeting natin sa project ha.”

“Sige po, I will. Good night po. Sa inyo rin po Manang Fe.” Maya went to Richard’s old nanny and gave her a big hug too.

“Mag-iingat kayo, Maya, Ricardo. Magandang gabi.” She said.

Richard drove Maya home himself, having sent Mang Lem home earlier, and Joma, the Lims’ other driver is on vacation.

When they were in front of Maya’s house, Richard took hold of Maya’s hand, then kissed it lightly. “I love you, you are the best, the most beautiful and the most loving girlfriend in the whole world.”

“Thank you my love, you are, too, the most wonderful boyfriend in the world.” Maya replied. then asked, “And what brought this on, Mr. Lim?”

“Wala lang,  I’m just so, so very, very happy.” Richard said gazing at Maya with so much love. “Everything is coming together and us together, is simply amazing!”

They shared a loving look, then they both moved, angled their faces for a kiss. As soon as Richard’s lips touched Maya’s, they both felt the fire,  they kissed hotly. Maya opened her lips to let Richard’s tongue in. Richard explored Maya’s mouth, kissing her thoroughly, hotly. Maya responded and before they knew it, they were at each other, touching, kissing and exploring.

“Maya, my love….” Richard muttered as he dove into Maya’s mouth again, at the same time touching the underside of her breast.

Maya felt that she was on fire too. “Ricky, you make me feel so good….”

They continued kissing, until a sound from a car, backfiring, and then a headlight interrupted them. They looked sheepishly each other, catching their breaths and at the same time they realized where they were.

“Good night, Maya.” Richard said softly, caressing Maya’s face. “I love you.”

Good night, Ricky. Drive carefully.” Maya replied, her lips thoroughly kissed, her hair in disarray, and her blouse untucked! “I love you too.”

Seeing her like this, all mussed up and the evidence of passion still visible in her face, Richard thought, she is the most beautiful girl in the world and she is his as he is hers. Hopefully, together forever soon.

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Only Love – Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Ricky’s courtship version 2014

Maya was about to go up to her room after her and Ricky’s prolonged farewell for the night when she noticed the long-stemmed rose he gave her earlier and the note attached to it. She forgot to open that. She backtracked, grabbed the rose, smelled it, then brought it with her to her room. She sat on the bed, happy with the way her day turned out. Then, she opened the note.

Dearest Maya,

This is to mark day one of being with you again. I will always be grateful and thankful for you coming back to my life. I can’t wish for anything anymore!  

I love you very much! I will show you how much, everyday of our lives from here on.

Yours, Ricky

Maya’s heart melted anew with that message. She kissed the note and put it in her tin can. She stood up with the intention of taking a shower, but before she could do so, her phone beeped.

Home, my love! I forgot to ask you earlier if  you have a ride tomorrow. I can pick you up. What time do you usually go to work?

Ricky, thank you very much pero huwag na. I can manage. Nandiyan naman ang MRT. Your office is in Ortigas, mine is in Makati and I live in Quezon City. It’s too much for you!  You have a lot of responsibilities pa at work. Since I have never gotten around to learning how to drive, I’m used to taking cabs and the train.

Maya, don’t commute please. I will worry about you. I have seen on the news na ang hirap mag-MRT ngayon. Mahaba ang lines. Besides, I have a driver at my disposal. If you will just commute, I will pick you up Is 7AM okay? Say yes, pretty please! Besides, it will be our ‘Ricky and Maya time’ too.

Maya didn’t have the heart to say no, when he put it like that.

Okay, okay, Mr. Lim, you won. Seven o’clock is okay. Thank you very much.

Yes!!! Good night my love. See you tomorrow.

Good night, my Ricky. Sweet dreams!

Of course, since I will dream of you! Love you! 🙂 😉 😉

Ditto, my Ricky ! 🙂 🙂 🙂   

Maya put down her phone smiling.

The following morning, Maya was up bright and early. Dressed in a wrap blouse tucked in a pencil skirt, adorned with a skinny waist  belt, and wearing her favorite pumps, she went down to have coffee and pandesal fifteen minutes before Richard’s arrival.

“Good morning Ma’am Maya. Ang ganda naman ng outfit of the day natin ngayon! Iba na talaga ang in loveeeee!”

“Ikaw talaga, Sabel! Ang aga-aga, nang-aalaska!” Maya laughingly scolded her irreverent househelp.

“Ma’am Maya, masaya lang po ako talaga for you. Kitang-kita ko kasi ang mga kislap sa mga mata mo ngayon. Kaya pala parang malungkot ka dati dahil kay Sir Richard.” Sabel said seriously, giving Maya an analysis of her own love life! “I’m glad talaga na nagkatagpo ulit kayo ni Sir Richard. Tadhana lang talaga ang peg!” Then she added, “Hay, sana ako rin! Kami sana ni Jerry magkatagpo pa rin!”

“Sabel, may boyfriend ka rin dati? Jerry ang pangalan?”

“Naku, wala Ma’am. Naisip ko lang magandang pangalan ng magiging boyfriend ko ang Jerry. Malay mo Ma’am, tadhana ko rin!”

“Ha, ha, ha, Sabel! Ikaw talaga, wagas!” Maya said smiling, then seriously she said, “Pero malay mo nga rin naman, Sabel, di ba? Basta wait for the right guy for you. Iyong mahal na mahal ka talaga at mahal mo rin. Darating iyan kapag nakaukol. By the way, maiba ako, I’m going to Mindoro on Thursday, may bilin ka ba for your Nanay and Tatay!”

“Talaga, Ma’am Maya! Tamang-tama! Okay lang po bang may ipakidala ako sa inyo na gift ko sa pamangkin ko, birthday niya kasi sa susunod na linggo.”

“Oo naman. Sige, ilagay mo na lang sa room ko para kapag nag-empake ako maisama ko na agad.”

“Naku, thank you po.”

Maya was about to take another sip of coffee when the doorbell rang.

“Ooops, si Ricky na iyan. Sabel, I will get going. Pakidala na pala sa church itong mga rose. Itira mo lang ang nasa coffee table. I-donate natin, sayang naman. Alam na rin ni Ricky. I can’t keep them all. Teka pala, I will take photos lang, souvenir.”

Maya took out her phone, took several photos of the roses, looking very beautiful in her living room, hastily said goodbye to Sabel, then walked very fast to the gate.

“Wow!” Was all she managed to say, when she caught sight of Ricky, leaning against a shiny BMW. Her heart beat faster, seeing him so handsome with big smile only for her. He was wearing a pale blue business suit, with a white shirt inside and a maroon tie.

“Good morning, Maya!” He greeted Maya with his lopsided smile, followed by a light kiss on her lips. “How are you this morning, my love?”

“Good morning, my Ricky. Sorry it took me a while to come out. May last minute pa akong ibinilin kay Sabel. I’m good. I slept well again!”

“No worries, Maya! Maaga pa naman. My first meeting is at 10AM,” Richard said as he opened the door for Maya. He followed her in and sat beside her.

“Maya, this is Mang Lem, longtime driver ni Papa sa office.” Ricky said, introducing the kind, older guy in polo barong sitting on the driver’s seat. “Mang Lem, si Maya po, girlriend ko.” He said by way of introduction.

Maya felt the kilig, hearing Ricky said that. “Good morning po, Mang Lem.”

“Good morning po Ma’am Maya!” The driver greeted Maya.

“Mang Lem, doon po muna tayo sa office ni Maya sa Makati. Maya please tell Mang Lem na lang the exact address.”

Mang Lem nodded, when Maya told him the address, indicating he was familiar with the area, and then, they were on their way. Richard and Maya sat close, held hands on the way to Makati and chatted. They also made plans for their trip to Mindoro. Before they reached Maya’s office, Richard extracted a promise to Maya that they will have dinner that night.

“Maya, this is for you.” Richard gave Maya a paper bag when she got off the car. “Have a great day! Love you very much.”

“Thank you, Ricky. Ikaw talaga, everyday may ganito.” Maya smiled. From what she could see, there is another long-stemmed red rose inside the bag.

“Of course, di ba sabi ko manliligaw ako.” Richard grinned,”Part iyan ng Ricky’s courtship version 2014!”

They smiled and exchanged a quick kiss before parting for the day. Maya felt she can do anything that day. She felt like dancing in the middle of Ayala Avenue from sheer happiness! Richard felt the same, despite his heavy workload. He was on the phone all the time from Makati to Ortigas. He also opened his laptop so he can make headway of what he needed to do that day. The earlier he finishes everything the better, so he is sure to make it on time for his dinner with Maya.

When she reached her office, Maya opened the paper bag. In it, aside from the rose, she found a coffee tumbler from a popular coffee shop, with her favorite brew and several pieces of pandesal. She checked for the note, found it attached to the rose.

For my one and only! You need to fortify yourself. Breakfast is the most important meal of the dayI asked Sabel what do you usually have for breakfast! Have a wonderful day. Love you a million times!

Maya was touched by his thoughtfulness. She sent him a message to thank him again.  Then she sighed happily. Life could really change for the better when you least expect it. She still have a hard time believing that this is happening. But she better be! This is as real as it could get! She shook herself from her daydreaming, took sips of the coffee, ate the bread and proceeded to made headway on the work she needed to finish today.

The day flew fast and then it was already evening. Richard arrived at Maya’s office at seven o’clock. They opted to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Greenbelt 5. They had a wonderful dinner, catching up on how their day have been, in between courses and drinking the wine they ordered with their food. They both agreed that it was like New York all over again.

Maya and Richard were walking near the park, with Maya holding on to Richard’s forearm, when someone called Maya from one of the outdoor tables.

“Maya, Maya….” She looked, then checked ,and saw Rafa waving at her, trying to call her attention.

“Rafa, nice to see you here! I thought you will be in Bangkok!” Maya exclaimed happily. “Ricky, this is my very good friend Rafa, Rafael Rodriguez. Rafa, Richard Lim, my boyfriend!” Maya made the introduction, not realizing that she just dropped a bomb on Rafa, as he didn’t know about Richard.

Rafa swallowed hard, then schooled his features, offered to shake hand with Richard. “Hello Richard, please to meet you.”

Richard smiled at the other man. He saw his initial reaction when Maya mentioned that he is her boyfriend. If his heart skipped a beat when she mentioned the word ‘boyfriend’, Rafa’s must have gotten kicked hard, judging by his expression.

“Please to meet you too, Rafael.” Richard simply said.

“Rafa, who are you with?” Maya asked, looking around.

“Oh, I was just with some fellow Spanish expats, having some drinks before we go home. My flight was moved to tomorrow afternoon.” Rafa replied looking at Maya, wanting to ask her when all of these happened, that she has a boyfriend. But in the scheme of things he is just a friend and he does not want to pry also. Besides, she already asked him if they could just be friends. But still, there was a part of him that was hoping she would change her mind.

Maya also realized that she just blurted out to Rafa about Richard being her boyfriend. He didn’t know that Richard was the same person whom she had told him about one December evening. The situation was getting awkward. Maya promised to herself that she will call Rafa as soon as she gets home. Well, not only Rafa, her mother too. In all  her excitement about being with Richard again, she just forgot!

“Oh, sorry for this.” Richard said, as his phone rang while Maya was trying to find a way to say goodbye to Rafa. “I’m just expecting a very important call. I forgot about it, Maya. So, sorry! Excuse me please, Maya, Rafa.” Richard moved to a secluded and quieter part of the place to answer his phone call.



Rafael and Maya both said at the same time. They looked at each other, and smiled.

“Go ahead, Maya, please.”

“Rafa, sorry for just blurting out to you about Richard.” Maya started after taking a deep breath. “It happened very fast and I still feel I’m dreaming that he is back in my life and that we are together again. He is the love of life. No matter how hard I tried to forget about him after getting hurt. Ricky and I had a long talk the other night and have cleared all the unfinished business from our past.”

“Oh, so I am right in thinking earlier, that he was the guy you told me about one December evening!”  Rafael remarked. “No worries, Maya. I was just surprised. I’m happy for you. I know you loved this guy very much in the past. And you two, lucky to find each other again. Yes, I have feelings for you and you know that, but I also know that you don’t love me that way.”

“Oh, Rafa. I wish I could! You are a very good person and a very good friend.” Maya said, touching his arm. “Friends, still, mi amigo?”

“Of course, Maya!” He, then proceeded to give Maya a big hug. “Be happy, okay. And if he hurt you again, he will answer to me. Tell him that.”

Maya smiled and gave Rafa a friendly hug too. “Thank you, I value your friendship too much too loose you. I’m very happy, Rafa. I wish you will also find a love like this.”

The two friends hugged each other one more time. Richard saw all of this as his phone call ended a couple of minutes ago. He purposely delayed his return so they can talk. He walked towards them. Rafa saw him and extricated himself from Maya’s embrace. They looked at each other man to man and had some sort of silent communication. He nodded.

“Maya, Richard, I will get going.’ Rafa said, then shaking Richard’s hand said, “Please take good care of Maya. She is a very precious lady!” He conveyed, as if saying to Richard not to hurt her again.

“I know, and I will. I promise you that, too! Thank you for being a very good friend to Maya. I hope we can be friends too!” Richard offered Rafa the olive branch as if wanting to assure him that he is still welcome in Maya’s life, in their lives.”

The Spanish guy smiled, appreciating the gesture. ”Of course, and I better be one of the godfathers of your firstborn.” He teased. “Call me Rafa too. All my friends do.”

“Rafa!” Maya, laughed, protested, blushing a bit. “Ricky and I are just starting again.”

“Well, I’m just saying, so two know when the time comes.” He said with emphasis. “Bye you two.”

Maya and Richard said goodbye to Rafa and wished him a safe flight. They walked hand in hand to the place where they asked Mang Lem to pick them up.

“So, that was my karibal!” Richard remarked when they were inside the car, teasing Maya, then putting his arms around her.

“Nagselos ka ba?” Maya asked, smiling, knowing that Richard is not like that, but she never know, he might have been.

“Welllll, not this evening, pero kung una ko nakita ang picture niya sa wall mo, yes. I thought baka too late na ako para suyuin ka ulit.” Richard admitted candidly. “Noong kausap mo siya sa phone, I felt a pinch my heart. But I believe in our love, in us so, I set it aside. This evening, knowing how lucky I am to have your love and I feel bad for Rafa, I delayed my return so you two can talk. I sensed it kasi by his initial reaction when you introduced me as your boyfriend.”

“Yes, I forgot that he didn’t know. Ikaw kasi.”

“Ha, bakit ako?”

“Mula nang magkita tayo ulit, wala na akong ibang naiisip.” Maya said, then pinched him lovingly. “Hindi ko pa nga pala nasasabi kina Mom and Dad na tayo na ulit. I will do it this evening.”

“Pareho lang naman tayo, my love. Hindi nga ako maka-concentrate sa mga meeting ko. Buti na lang super efficient ang secretary ko.” Richard said. “But I’m glad that you will tell your mom. I would like to call her tomorrow, if it is okay with you?”

“Of course, sure. But why?” Maya asked, curious.

“Wala naman. I just want to talk to her myself, para naman I can assure her that I will not hurt her daughter again, among other things.” Richard said seriously. Of course, he has another reason for wanting to call Maya’s mom.

“Oh Ricky. Thank you. I think my mother would like that too. Thank you also for extending the olive branch to Rafa. He is one of my good friends!” Maya said, touched by Richard’s gestures. “You are the best boyfriend in the whole world!”

“Silly.” He said smiling. “Anything to make you happy, Maya, I will do. I love you very much!”

“I love you very much, too, Ricky. I’m so happy!” Maya said as she leaned against Richard’s chest to get more comfortable and closer to him.

They cuddled in the car, quietly enjoyed their moment all the way to Maya’s house. When they reached Maya’s gate, Richard declined to come in as it was already late. He and Maya agreed on the pick-up time for the following day. They shared another sweet kiss before temporarily parting for the night.


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Only Love – Chapter 14

Chapter 14


Richard and Maya slowly and reluctantly broke apart after the sweet and gentle kiss that they just shared under the big tree. The sound of other people, mostly families, having a fun time at the park penetrated their senses. They gazed each other with all the feelings they have for each other.

“I love you very much, Maya!” Richard repeated as he caressed Maya’s face gently with the back of his right hand.

“I  love you very much too, Ricky.” Maya said softly, lovingly, with the sweetest smile on her face.

“So, my love, does this means, tayo na ulit? You are my girlfriend again?” Richard asked Maya with a big smile, just like a kid who can’t believe that he got his most fervent wish from Santa Claus.

Maya smiled at the love of her life, “Hmmmm, may isa pa yata akong condition!”

“My love, kahit ano pa iyan and even though I haven’t heard it yet, yes, yes, yes and a thousand yes na kaagad ang sagot ko.” Richard said promptly. He felt he can do anything as long as he and Maya are a couple again.

“Rickyyyy, ikaw talaga. Yes agad-agad!!!Hindi mo pa nga naririnig ang kondisyon ko. Paano pala kung ang condition ko, maglangoy ka ng ilang laps diyan sa La Mesa Dam o kaya i-try mo iyong giant trampoline at kailangan maka-one thousand bounce ka.” Maya teased Richard.

“Maya, my love, anything. Basta I know that you love me and tayo na, kakayanin kong lahat iyan.” Richard said lovingly, unfazed. “But I know you love me and I know you will not subject me to a penitensya kind of kondisyon naman.”

“Well, tama ka naman diyan, Mr. Lim.” Maya said, smiling. “All I want is manligaw ka pa rin ulit. Gusto ko talagang makita iyang ang Ricky’s courtship version 2014.”

Richard grinned. “Sure na sure, Ms. Dela Rosa. That I have promised you already even before you said you love me still. Be ready to be captivated by my charms and my moves.” He finished teasingly.

“Confident much, Mr Lim! Siguraduhin mong makaka-captivate ako ng charms and ‘the moves’ na iyan.” Maya bantered back.

“Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa, the one and only love of my life. You are in for the ride that would last a lifetime. Promise, cross my heart!”

“Ha. ha, ha, ha, parang bordering on the cheesy na ang lines na iyan ha.” Maya quipped, just happy.

They shared a laugh, then hugged each other again, before sharing another kiss. The loud sound of a thunder from a distance interrupted their moment.

“Oh no, I think it is going to rain soon!” Maya remarked, looking up. “Maybe, it is better if we head home now.”

Richard agreed with Maya’s assessment. He also noticed that the wind got a bit stronger, making the huge trees sway more than the usual. They walked with hands intertwined to the parking lot.

More than an hour later, they were in front of Maya’s house. By then the sky had gotten darker.

“Ricky, would you like to come in for coffee and some cookies since we didn’t have snacks in the park.” Maya asked Richard as soon as the car stopped.

“Okay. That would be great. Besides, I want to spend more time with my girlfriend!” Richard said smiling, teasingly.

Maya teased him back, “Mr. Ricky Lim, remember my condition for that to happen.”

They ran, laughing, to the house as big droplets of rain started to hit them, when Maya was unlocking the gate. They barely made it inside. Then, the deluge started as soon as they closed the front door, leaning against it, their faces with droplets of rain on it.

“Saved!” Maya said happily, wiping her face with her hand, then Richard’s. “Come Ricky, please have a seat first. I will just ask Sabel to make coffee for us.”

Maya lead Richard to the living room, then proceeded to the kitchen to look for Sabel. The house seemed unusually quiet to Maya. When she entered the kitchen, she noticed a note pinned on the refrigerator door. It was from Sabel, saying that she went to the supermarket. She said the kasambahay at their neighbor and the driver were going, so she hitched a ride since they needed some stuffs too. She smiled at Sabel’s last line saying that she didn’t text her anymore at baka maabala niya pa raw ang date nila ni ex-ex boyfriend.

Maya put some ground beans in the coffee maker, started it, then looked for the cookies that Sabel made the day before. She arranged everything in a tray and when it was ready, returned to where she left Richard. He was not there. She noticed the opened door that leads to the covered patio.

“Nice place to watch the rain, di ba?” Maya said by way of announcing her presence. Richard’s back was to her and he seemed to be so engrossed in watching the rain steadily falling on the plants in her garden.

Richard turned and gave her his lopsided smile. “I agree. I always like to watch the rain as it hits the ground. I find it relaxing.” He helped Maya with the tray.

“Me, too! Very peaceful din, di ba?” Maya said smiling. She led Richard to the wicker chairs in the corner. They sat side by side on the big one. She gave him a steaming cup of coffee and offered the cookies.

“Thank you, Maya. This is perfect for a rainy afternoon.” Richard said. “I like your patio a lot! It is very inviting, with a wonderful view of your garden pa.”

“This is my favorite place to do my rain watching. This is also the one place where I do my ‘Maya time’!  That is, when I just wanted to relax, read or when I am mulling about something. It’s very inviting kasi, di ba, with the view and the plants. That’s my favorite spot naman to do it.” Maya pointed out to a cocoon wicker rattan swing chair/hammock with purple soft cushion in the corner of the patio.

“I agree wholeheartedly. It does look inviting.” Richard said as he took sips of his coffee and ate some of Sabel’s delicious cookies.

When they were done with their coffee and snacks, Maya stood up and held out her hand to Richard. “Come, let’s go to my favorite spot to watch the rain and continue our kwentuhan. Dali, baka it will stop na soon, ma-miss ko ang moment.”

“Okay, my love. May pagka-impatient ka rin pala like this.” He teased. “Teka, kaya ba tayo niyan?” Richard asked after noticing that only a big hook is holding the wicker swing to a suspension stand.

“Have faith, Mr. Lim, matibay iyan. Na-try na namin iyan ni Nikki noong bumisita sila nina Mom dito after I got the house.”

“S-sure? Eh mas magaan sa akin si Nikki!” He quipped.

“Sure na sure ako, Mr. Lim.” Maya smiled, sat on the cocoon swing, then patted the space beside her and motion for Richard to sit down. After he did, she made the swing moved, laughing.

Richard fell backwards, but then laughed at her playful teasing. They settled more comfortably in the chair as they silently watched the falling rain amid the beautiful garden planted with all kinds of flowers.

“You really have made a home in this house, Maya. This is so nice.” Richard remarked after a while. “How long have you had this house?”

“Yes, this is really home. I have been living here since I moved back to the country permanently in 2009. I mean, when I decided that I want the Philippines to be my home base. I still travel a lot for my work. But I want a house to go home to. Nakakapagod din ang parang nomadic existence after a while. Dito, after every assignment, I have my house to come home to, to recharge my batteries, so to speak, and breath.”

“Good for you! I’m glad you did and that you made the Philippines your base. Nagkita tuloy tayo ng mas maaga! Before we saw each other, that lunch with my mother, I was really planning on looking you up, kahit saang panig pa ng mundo ako umabot! Actually I should have done that a long time go. See, so many years have passed and got wasted!”

“Ricky, I’m glad to know that. And no dwelling na in the past na negative, please. We found each other and here we are, iyon naman ang mas importante.” Maya admonished lightly. “Di bagay sa iyo ang mala-Heathcliff na character. Papangit ka. Guwapo ka pa naman. That’s something that didn’t change through the years, Mr. Lim. Pang-GQ pa rin!” She finished wanting to make him smile again.

Richard smiled hugely at that. He knew Maya was trying to lift his spirits. “Thank you, my love. You never fail to make me smile. You know what? I will really be forever thankful that we found each other again and to you, for all your wisdom and forgiveness. Okay, no more dwelling on the past like that. Let’s enjoy the rain and our moment.”

Richard put his arms around Maya and they half-reclined on the cocoon swing as they made it sway gently. They were perfectly content to do that. Maya sighed, content. Richard moved a bit and gazed at her lovingly.

“This is so perfect. I love you,” he said.

“The best, my Ricky!” She simply said. “I love you too.”

They moved towards each other. Their lips met for a kiss that started innocently but became much more.



They sighed against each other’s mouths before their lips fused into another hot kiss, followed by caresses as they moved closer to each other in the cozy confines of the swing, as if the fire they have banked for eight years suddenly erupted.

Sabel was about to enter the patio when she noticed the couple in the swing. She retreated abruptly. In the process, she banged her shoulder against the door.

“Ay, aray!” She muttered to herself, trying to stop herself from complaining about the pain, hoping that she didn’t disturb them. She tiptoed back into the living room, then to the kitchen.

Lucky for Sabel, the rain drowned out the sound she made. However, soon after, Maya and Richard slowly and reluctantly broke apart, but not before giving each other a quick kiss again. They knew Sabel might come home soon. They both tried to catch their breaths after those kisses.

Then Maya, all of a sudden, pinched Richard lovingly in the face.

“What was that for, my love?” Richard said smiling.

“Wala lang, baka kasi nanaginip pa rin ako!” Maya said cheekily.

Richard chuckled at that, but he too, would sometime feel like blinking and shaking his head to check if he is not dreaming, that Maya is really back in his life. “I feel like that, sometimes, too.” Then teasingly, “I think I want my proof another way!” He then gave Maya a short, quick, but very hot kiss that left them breathless.

“Well, I guess, we both are not dreaming! I surely felt that!” Maya said lovingly, her lips now showing signs of being thoroughly kissed.

The ringing of Maya’s phone interrupted their idyll. Maya ignored it at first since she was not expecting any call. But it rang again.

“Maya, better answer it na. Baka importante.” Richard prodded Maya.

“Oh, sayang ang moment!” She complained teasingly, but even before Richard said that, she was thinking of picking up the call, baka nga importante.

Richard assisted her out of the swing. She went back to where she dropped of her bag in the living room, got the phone and all Richard heard, was that, her, saying hello to Rafa!

Rafa again, he thought! Who is that guy really in Maya’s life? Richard does not think Maya will say that she still love him and allow these ‘dates’ they are having, if she is committed to another person. But still he felt another pinch in his heart, having an inkling that Rafa is also someone important in Maya’s life. The guy is even going with her to visit her Mamang.

Maya was gone for around 10 minutes and Richard patiently waited for her, looking pensive while he was staring at the garden, newly-invigorated by the rain.

“Ricky, I got us coffee again!” Maya said when she returned carrying two fresh cups. “Sabel was back na pala. Hindi na raw niya tayo inabala when she arrived, kasi busy tayo. I think she saw us kissing in the swing.” Maya said, coloring a bit, but smiling.

Looking at her, so lovely and with a loving gaze only for him, he decided to concentrate on what they have, and forget about Rafa and his place in Maya’s life.

“Thank you, Maya! Remind me to thank Sabel too, for not interrupting us earlier.” He said naughtily, teasingly.

“Ikaw, talaga, Ricky Lim!” Maya pinched him on the side, lovingly. Then she sat beside him. “That was my friend Rafa pala. He told me he can’t go with me to Mindoro with me this coming week kasi he needs to fly to Bangkok for a meeting.”

“Oh!” Richard said, but inwardly, he was glad that Rafa is not going with Maya to Mindoro. Then gathering his thoughts while taking a sip of his coffee, finding the opportunity, he asked Maya about Rafa, trying to appear nonchalant about the whole thing. He just want to know, he insisted to himself. “How long have you known Rafa?”

Maya knew this question is coming as she noticed him looking closely at her and Rafa’s photo in her small gallery before they went out to dinner the night before. As soon as she had finished her conversation with Rafa, she decided to tell Richard about her friend, not that she really need to, as Rafa is just a friend, but she wants to assure and make it clear to Richard that he is the only man in her life. Hence, the new cups of coffee.

“Let’s see.” Maya started as she too, took sips of her coffee. “I have known him for more than five years, I think, maybe close to six years. We met in Geneva. He is from Barcelona and is a doctor working for WHO. We would see each other from time to time, here and there. through the years Then when I moved back here, he also lobbied for an assignment here. He is one of my closest friends. Rafa knows there was someone very special in my past. I sort of, started telling him about you, not by name, one December evening when I was feeling so sad and had a bit of wine.”

“Maya……” Richard felt guilty anew.

“Ricky, don’t feel guilty, please. I’m just telling this to you so  that everything is clear between us.” Maya said, then continued.

“Rafa started courting me over a year ago. I thought of saying yes to him several times, but there was something stopping me. I realized later that it was my feelings for you. Despite what happened, I still love you and even if we parted ways and a lot of years had passed, I can’t seem to commit to another person. It felt disloyal to you to do that and at the same time, I felt like I will be short changing Rafa as I can’t give him my 100 percent, not even a quarter of me, actually. Like you, I purposely did not try to find out anything about you, in the beginning, as I was afraid that what I would discover, like your wedding, that will hurt me again. I wanted to move on. But as the years passed, my heart and my hurt healed and I was able to look at our time together and remembered the good times.

I tried to forget you, really, with work too, but ayaw ka talagang mawala dito sa puso ko. That feeling was reinforced when I read the article that you were coming back to the country, and there’s your mom nga and our project. Even before we met each other again, I already told Rafa that it is best if we remain friends. And yes, Rafa was the guy in the picture you were looking at yesterday.”

“Maya, my love. Thank you, thank you. I love you very much. Promise, it will be my life’s goal to make you happy, and I will not make you cry you anymore.” Richard promised fervently and wholeheartedly.

“Ricky, I love you very much. You are worth everything. This is worth it. Maybe what happened, happened for a reason. Maybe, we needed that to be stronger, to build a more lasting relationship. Let’s just move forward.” Maya said.

“Yes, we will Maya. I promised you that. I want a forever with you this time.” Richard said as he cupped Maya’s face, and gave her another kiss.

They stayed in the covered patio until it got very dark. Afterwards, they had a very enjoyable dinner. It was a mere coincidence that Sabel cooked kare-kare again. Maya told Richard of remembering him, when Sabel cooked that dinner the day she arrived back from Bangkok. Richard told Maya, that he had the same feeling when he went to dinner at his mother’s house, that same evening. They realized then that they were at the airport at the same time!

“See, as if fate is really working on making us meet, after all those years!” Richard remarked happily as they went back to the patio, just to continue chatting as they had too much coffee already.

“I agree!” Maya replied.

“My love, I have something to ask.” Richard said. “When are you exactly going to Mindoro?”

“Well, I’m planning to leave Manila on Thursday, then meet with the community leaders on Friday, the whole day. Then on Saturday, I’m going to Mamang.” Maya said, then asked, “Why are you asking pala?”

“Well, would it be okay, if I join you in visiting your Mamang? I want to meet her. She is your family here and you have told me a lot about her naman.” Richard answered. “I can leave Manila early Saturday morning and be in San Nicolas before lunch. I want to join you nga rin sana sa community na pupuntahan mo, but I just returned and LHI is demanding too much of my time these days. But I can manage the weekend. I want to, very much!”

“Sure, that wouldn’t be a problem. It would be wonderful. Pero unahin mo na muna ang LHI. I’m sure, marami kang kailangang ayusin and your officers are also looking to you for direction now that you are the CEO.” Maya replied. Her heart actually beat faster with the way Richard was looking at her when he asked if he could go to Mindoro with her. She felt happy with the thought that he wants to meet her grandmother, and they will finally meet. “Simon and I will just pick you up from the airport para hindi ka na maghanap ng bahay ni Mamang.”

“Great. Thank you very much, my love.” Richard said, then he stood up. “I think I better get going. May pasok ka pa bukas.”

“Ikaw din. Halika, ihahatid na kita sa labas,” Maya started walking towards the front door.

“Dito na lang, Maya. I will just lock after myself.” Richard stopped Maya by touching her arm. “Thank you for today. The best day ever. I love you, Maya, so very much.”

“I love you very much too, Ricky. You have made me so happy again.” Maya said as she touched Richard’s cheek, then wrap her hands around his nape, tiptoeing, she gave him a sweet kiss. Richard returned the kiss, and it took a while before they stopped.

Note: Feeling sad, sigh! I really made the effort to finish this, hoping to lift the spirit! Sorry if I have typos. I will check it again after posting.

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Only Love – Chapter 13

Chapter 13
New beginnings



Richard and Maya both spoke at the same time. They gazed at each other, then without words, as if they were in a trance moved towards each other and  hugged each other tight after their emotional talk, as if both of them wanted to feel the need to connect physically, to fully feel that it was real, that they have met again after all those years apart, of sadness and loneliness, and that they managed to not only to clear the past, but bridged it to the present so they can both move forward, perhaps towards a future together. How long it will take and where they are going exactly, they are not sure yet. The only thing that Maya and Richard were sure of at that moment is that they still love the other very much.

“Maya, thank you again for giving me another chance.” Richard said after a while, gazing at Maya as he can’t believe that they did it, they found each other again after eight long years.

“Ricky, we are giving each other another chance.” Maya smiled at the love of her life. “This is a new beginning for us. Now, we can go from here.”

Maya may have not say it yet, but Richard is getting more optimistic of a future with the only woman for him. Surely, after what they have been through, they deserve to be happy. At that moment, Richard was completely at peace.  Maya felt the same as if the dark clouds that has been in her life for so long was replaced by a rainbow.

Richard loosened his embrace, stood up and went to the kitchen after telling Maya that he will just get something. Maya nodded. When he returned, he was carrying two flutes of champagne. He handed Maya one and offered another toast.

“To second chances. To us!” Richard said, gazing with Maya with all the love he was feeling.

“To us, and new beginnings!” Maya replied, looking at Richard and feeling warm all over with the heat of his gaze at her.

Richard and Maya drank to that, then settled comfortably on the sofa, at first content to watch the twinkling lights, and enjoy each other’s company. After a while, they continued chatting until it was already the wee hours of the morning. The quiet night and the empty restaurant became a backdrop to the chat that flowed freely between then. They felt like they needed to catch up on eight years they have been apart in a single night!

Maya accidentally noticed the time during a break in their conversation. “Oh! Ricky it’s already very late!  How about Mang Mario and your chef? Napuyat na rin sila ng dahil sa atin!”

“No worries, Maya, I sent them home earlier, when I went to the kitchen to get the champagne. It is just the two of us here.”

“Oh, good!” Then realized what she said, that her reaction could be construed for something else.

“What I mean, errr, good that they don’t have to wait for us to…..” She trailed off, her complexion, turning red. Her loose tongue, must be the wine or just the fact that she is with Richard again. She felt intoxicated and unable to think clearly beyond him and his presence!

Richard grinned at Maya. She really looks cute flustered. He is glad to know that Maya has remained unchanged this way through the years. How he missed her and their moments like this.

“Huwag kang mag-aalala, I will be a gentleman.” He teased a bit.

“Ricky, I know naman.”  Maya replied, pouting a bit prettily at his teasing.

“Saka, manunuyo pa ako. Liligawan kaya kita ulit.” There he said it.

“Really!” She grinned.

“Yes naman, Ms. Maya Dela Rosa. So be ready for Ricky’s courtship 2014 edition.” He bantered.

“Ha, Mr. Lim, that I have to see.” Maya quipped getting into the mood of the moment. “Eh what moves naman kaya will you make that you haven’t shown me before!”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out and see, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He grinned happily and little naughtily.

They smiled at each other, then Maya, unable to help it, yawned.

“Oh, you are sleepy na! Sorry to keep you up until the wee hours of the morning, Maya!”

“It is okay, Ricky. I’m glad for this evening, and this moment. I never thought this will not happen na. All the times, I envisioned seeing you again, it never occurred to me that it could be like this.”

“Me, too, Maya. Me too. Come, I will take you home.” Richard stood up and held out his hand to Maya.

The two of them turned off all the lights in the restaurant, put their coffee cups and the flutes in the kitchen, then headed towards the elevator, holding hands. Going down to the basement, they sometime shared a look, and a sweet smile towards each other. Maya’s heart was aflutter.

More than an hour later, they were at the gate of Maya’s house.

“I will see you inside.” Richard said as he unbuckled his seatbelt and was out of the car before Maya can say that she can manage from there. He opened the door for her.

“Thank you, Ricky. I will be okay from here.” Maya said. “Sobrang late na rin. Ilang oras na lang, umaga na.”

“I’ll wait until you are inside before I drive off.” Richard insisted.

Maya fished her keys from her bag, then opened the gate. “Good night Ricky. Drive carefully.”

“Good night, Maya. Thank you again for this evening.” He smiled, then moved forward, lowered his lips and gave Maya a gentle kiss on the cheek like he used to. “Go inside na. Sweet dreams.”

Maya looked at him. Her senses reacted to that light kiss. It has been too long. Then she went inside, floating with the wonderful feeling she was experiencing at that moment.

Sabel left a light for her, and a note, saying that she didn’t wait up for her since she was with her Prince Charming. Reading the words, Maya was reminded of Emman and his use of the same while they were sharing an apartment in New York. Emman, bes, if you only know what happened to me this evening, she mused!

She went through her nightly rituals and was about to get into her bed, when her phone beeped.

Home safe and sound, Ms. Dela Rosa. Good night again. Sweet dreams, my one and only love of my life.

Maya grinned happily and her heart skipped a beat, well skipped several beats with that statement.

Good night, Mr. Lim. Sweet dreams too. Not bad for a start. Looking forward to more of Ricky Lim’s moves [wink, wink, wink!]

Richard was chuckling as he walked through the darkened living room of his condo unit, having read Maya’s reply to his text message. He didn’t bother turning on the light as he knew he can find his way to his room on the second level of the unit. He was so very happy. He felt so alive again.

Both of them went to bed very happy that dawn, looking forward to their next meeting.

It was the beeping of her phone that woke Maya up after several hours. She groped for her phone groggily, disoriented.

“Grabe, ang aga naman nito.” Maya grumbled. She tried to focus and read the message. It was from Richard. Suddenly, she felt very much awake.

Rise and shine, sleepyhead. Sayang ang araw. Spend the afternoon with me please. Tomorrow we have work na.

“Ha, kakahiwalay lang namin ah.” Maya smiled goofily at his message.

Okay! See you. Saan tayo magkikita?

Instead of a message alert tone, Maya’s phone suddenly rang.

“Good morning Ricky!”

“Good afternoon, Maya!”

“Ha, afternoon? Bakit anong oras na ba?” Maya asked, then checked the time. “Oh my God, 12:30PM na pala! Ang haba ng tulog ko!”

“Hahahaha, true, me too. One of the best sleeps I had in years. Must be because of the wonderful night I had.” Richard said. “Kagigising ko lang din. This is what I did first! Haven’t had my coffee fix yet.”

Maya smiled at that, her heart melted. “Ako rin, Ricky, I slept like a babe. Teka, I better get moving na pala. Hindi na nga tayo nakapag-breakfast, late pa tayo makakapag-lunch. Saan tayo magkikita?”

“I will pick you up in an hour or so! Would that be okay?”

“Yes, but can you give me an idea where we are going so I know what to wear.” Maya said.

“Hmmm, I don’t have anything in mind, I just want to be with you.” He simply said. “How about lunch in one of the restaurants in the Timog area and then we take it from there? I have something in mind after that, something I’m sure you and I haven’t done in a long time. Just wear comfortable clothes!”

“Okay, I’ll see you.” Maya said, getting excited with her trip with Richard.

Maya went down more half an hour later, dressed in casual clothes that still looks lovely on her despite its simplicity.

“Ma’am Maya, good morning, este, good afternoon na pala!” Sabel greeted her when she saw her going down the stairs. “Hindi na kita ginising agad. Parang feeling ko, sobrang late ka na nakauwi. Sandali po at ipaghahain na kita. Iinitin ko lang itong breakfast mo na tanghalian na ngayon! Coffee?”

“Sabel, coffee lang and pandesal, please.”

“Ha, diet ka Ma’am? Ala una na ah!” Sabel asked, surprised.

“Naku, hindi. I’m waiting for Ricky kasi. We will go out.” Maya said.

“Labas ulit?” Sabel asked. “Kayo na ulit ni ex-boyfriend?” Sabel asked before she can stopped herself. “Ooppps sorry….,” then she grinned sheepishly at Maya.

“Hahahaha, Sabel, I know you! You are dying to know.”

Sabel scratched her head, “Ma’am Maya naman, suspense pa talaga, ganon.”

“Well…..” Before Maya can finished whatever she wanted to say the doorbell rang.

“Naku, ito namang si Sir Richard, wrong timing.” Sabel said jokingly. “Sandali nga, Ma’am, pagbuksan ko na si Prince Charming.”

Sabel opened the gate. Ang guwapo talaga, she thought. Richard was wearing a white casual, dress shirt, sleeves folded a bit, and a well-worn pair of jeans.

“Good afternoon po, Sir. Tuloy po kayo. Nasa sala na po si Ma’am Maya.”

“Good afternoon din, Sabel. Thank you.” Richard said, then followed Sabel to the living room.

“Hi Ricky! Ang bilis and ang aga mo. Wala pang an hour.” Maya greeted Richard with a big smile, while Sabel on the other hand, excused herself and went to the kitchen.

“Hi Maya! Yes, wala kasing masyadong traffic, being a Sunday and medyo alanganing oras pa for malling.” Richard said as he leaned forward and gave Maya another kiss on the cheek.

Like the kiss last night, or this morning, Maya was startled with this one as it also brought back wonderful memories. She felt herself colored a bit.

“By the way, for you.” Richard said as he handed Maya one long-stemmed red rose, with a note.

“Ha, another one, not that I am complaining. Heto pa ang mga rose na ibinigay mo kahapon. Hindi ko na nga mabilang.” Maya made a sweeping gesture.”If it is okay with you, except for some, Sabel and I would like to donate it to the village church.”

“Sure. Those were for the eight years I have not given you one, like I used to!” Richard said looking at Maya lovingly, then teasingly said, “Hmmm, let’s see, 8 years multiplied by 365 days more or less, maliban sa may leap year, then you get the number of roses. And this new one is for today.”

“Oh, Ricky!” Maya was suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotion. “It is a very nice, grand gesture. Thank you.”

“For you, Maya, because I love you still, you know.” Richard suddenly said, suddenly needing to say it again. “Hindi na ulit kita pakakawalan, Ms. Dela Rosa!”

“Ricky….”Maya started, then took a deep breath, but before she can say anything anymore, Richard stopped her for some reason.

“Maya, like I have said last night I just want you to know, no pressure, no hurry. I will never get tired of saying it to you, though, and proving it to you.” Richard said as he put his finger on Maya’s lips to silence her. “Come on, I’m getting very hungry. It looked like, you haven’t managed to drink your cup of coffee yet, because of me.”

Maya set aside whatever she wanted to say for another time. She is getting hungry too. The perfect time will come.

Thirty minutes after, Richard parked his car in front of an old house in a quiet street in the Timog area that has been converted into a restaurant offering very nice food, according to his secretary Liza. He called her earlier to ask for a nice place in Quezon City where they could eat.

Richard and Maya opted to dine at one of the nooks of the house-turned-restaurant upstairs. Richard helped Maya up with a hand on her elbow. The friendly waiter led them to a room which looked like the living room of a house, complete with comfortable sofas and a coffee table in the middle. The place was partly lit by the glass opening in the ceiling and it looked so relaxing. They had a wonderful lunch.

Maya and Richard were on the road again after having coffee and dessert to finish their very filling lunch. Liza was correct. The restaurant was the best. They went towards the direction of Commonwealth Avenue, and after driving a while, they arrived at their destination.

“La Mesa Ecopark!” Maya said. Richard never fail to surprise her in all the time she had known him. She never thought that they would end up here today. But she likes this a lot. It reminded her of their trips to Central Park.

“Yes, I hope you might like this, than strolling through the shops and restaurants in Bonifacio High Street.” Richard said with a smile. “I have been meaning to check this park ever since Ryan mentioned it.”

“I agree. This is so much nicer.” Maya said excitedly, getting out of the car without waiting for Richard to open the door.

They went inside with a map of the park and chose which side of it they would like to explore first. The place is cool with all the big trees around. It sooths the senses and one’s weary spirit. They decided to rent bikes after a while and went around in those, chatting, and then looking around, just enjoying nature. When they got tired, they rested against the trunk of a big tree.

“Does this remind you of something?” Maya asked while leaning against Richard’s chest, in between his legs as he supports the two of them by reclining against the tree.

“Hmmm, Central Park? Our first picnic.” Richard smiled, remembering their wonderful time.

“Yes. This is really nice.” Maya remarked, then turned and looked Richard in the eyes. She just felt that the moment is right. “Ricky….” she started, heart beating fast.

“Yes, Maya.” He said, giving her his lopsided smile she loves.

“Ricky, I want you to know that I love you still, too.” Maya said simply. “I never stopped.”

“M-maya….” He stuttered, surprised at her declaration, his heart somersaulting hearing the words. Then he smiled in wonder. “Oh Maya! I love you, I love you very much!” He managed to say, overwhelmed!

Richard hugged Maya tight, then loosened his embrace to gaze at her lovingly, caressing her face. Then he lowered his lips to hers, and they shared a sweet, gentle kiss.


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Only Love – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Coffee, Maya?” Richard asked as he led Maya to the big sofa by the window at the other side of the private dining room of LHI after their very nice dinner. This section was designed like a living room, with comfortable sofas and low tables, perfect for having coffee, chatting informally in the case of LHI clients and business partners, or for just enjoying a quiet evening.

“Yes, please.” Maya said as she sat on the sofa facing the big window. Richard sat beside her, signalling to Mario to come to where they were.

“Mario, coffee please and some of that strawberry cheese cake that Chef John makes, if it is available.” Richard requested, and then thanked Mario.

“Sige po, Sir. We have it today. Chef knew it is your favorite.” Mario said, smiling at his boss. Ibang-iba talaga itong si Sir Richard kay Sir Roberto, he thought. “Sandali lang po, kunin ko. Excuse me, Sir, Ma’am.”

“I really, really like this place, Ricky. Mabuti dito mo naisipan na mag-dinner tayo. I’m not much into crowded places nga.” Maya said, filling the silence between them all of a sudden.

“I’m also very glad that I made the right choice.” Richard looked at Maya. She looked relax and happy, while his stomach is starting to churn. “I know you don’t like noisy places. I still remember that. Like my preference for quiet dinners, I think like me, yours had not changed either in all the years we have been apart.”

Maya’s heart started beating fast. It felt like this is the opening they both needed to revisit the past. She took a deep breath. However, before she can say anything anymore, Mario returned with their coffee, water, and cheese cake.

“Thank you, Mario. Please tell Chef John, thank you very much for a wonderful dinner. You and him can take a break na. Maya and I will not be needing anything for now.”

“Sige po, Sir Richard. Nasa kitchen lang po kami kung may kailangan kayo ni Ma’am.” Mario said.

“Thank you po, Mang Mario.” Maya added.

“Walang anuman po, Ma’am. Sige po, Sir, Ma’am.” Mario walked back towards the kitchen and Maya and Richard were left alone again.

Like what she used to do before, Maya automatically started putting sugar on Richard’s coffee and stirring it well before giving it to him.

“Thank you, Maya!” Richard said, gazing at Maya warmly before taking a sip of his coffee. “This feels like old times. Pati iyong coffee mo tasted the same.  Masarap ang timpla and lasa. Nothing beats this.”

Maya stopped putting sugar in her coffee, midway, with that statement. She was suddenly hit by a strong recollection of the past, the good and the bad. She took a deep breath to calm herself and steady her hand that started to shake a bit. She put sugar in her coffee, sttirred it slowly, took a sip, looked at Ricky with stricken face. She just can’t help the strong emotion pulling at her.

“What happened to us, Ricky?” Maya asked with a voice not so steady, despite her best effort to control her emotion and to be rational about this talk.

Richard’s hand stilled with that question! He can hear the quiver in Maya’s voice when she asked that. He flinched a bit as he knew he was the cause of that. He put down his coffee cup, looked at her intently, seriously and with an expression that seemed to ask for understanding.


“I want to know, please, Ricky, everything. Don’t leave out anything, even if it will hurt me. Just like what I have read recently, ‘harsh reality is better than false hope’ . True, di ba? Maybe after this, you and I will be both in peace and can move on finally and completely.” Maya pleaded. “Don’t sugarcoat things for my sake. I think, one thing I realized through the years, is that it was what you did in the past. I may not knew your motivations then and what exactly happened, but I knew that you were not a cruel person and that our love was real. I would have been able to take everything in then, no matter how bitter the pill was. I can surely take it now.”

Richard took a deep breath. He wished he was drinking something stronger than coffee at that moment.

“Okay, I will tell you everything, Maya. At the end of this, even if you can’t forgive me, I will just ask for your understanding.” Richard said, gazing at Maya sadly, expecting the worst. He didn’t dare hope. He felt he had no right to do so.

Maya just nodded. She can’t speak. It felt like something was stuck in her throat.

“When you left that evening, I felt like running after you, and begging you not to leave as I felt it would be the last time we will see each other. I had that strong feeling all of a sudden. But there was Alexandra and the baby. She was already a bit unstable, even before knowing about you. If it was just her, I can manage, but there was the baby to think of.

What I said to you was true. We broke up in September, a month or so before I left for the States. That was the nth break-up we had, but it was the final one in my book. I just can’t take the relationship we had anymore. We were mismatched and I realized whatever affection or attraction I felt for her in the beginning was erased by her actuations. What I didn’t know was that she had stopped taking pills months before in an effort to have a baby, something she can hold on to, and something she can hold over me, which she did. Maya, when she came to the apartment, one evening, she threatened to have the baby aborted if I don’t marry her!”

Maya gasped at that. “Ricky, oh my God….” For her such action was unthinkable. Why would a woman deliberately set out to harm her unborn child!

“I was not so sure she will not push through with it. She even sent me her schedule at a clinic. I was really at my wits end then. I love you very much. It was a feeling I didn’t feel with Alexandra or any other woman before you. I was buying time, trying to reason out with her. At the same time, I deliberately kept you out of it. I didn’t want to burden you, or for you to get hurt if Alex found out that I am very much in love with you. My friend Tim, when I told him about the situation when it got too much and I was just walking aimlessly around, trying to find a solution, advised me to tell you. He said you will be burdened but it was better than not knowing. I finally decided to follow his advice and saw and opportunity to do so when you come into my apartment to cook kare-kare. However, all hell broke loose even before I was able to do that.

Things went from bad to worse after you left. Alexandra threatened to kill not only the baby, but herself too! I had to pacify her. She was uncontrollable. She didn’t want to leave my apartment. She thought the first instance she does, I will come running after you. I called Tita Cecille, her mom. She and Tito Martin arrived two days after. I had to call Rafi too, and asked her to bring clothes for Alexandra, also to talk her into eating something for her and the baby as she refused to do so.” Richard paused, then took a sip of his cooling coffee. Remembering the harrowing days.

“Your families know each other well, then?” Maya asked Richard while he was gathering his thoughts. She didn’t have an idea who Alexandra is. While living in Manila, her focus was her in her studies and didn’t pay much to other things, especially the going ons in the Manila social scene. Her main focus was to study hard and get the highest grades so she can get into her dream job with the United Nations.

“Yes. Her father and my father were business partners. The Coronels, at that time it happened, was in the process of pouring more capital into one of LHI’s business ventures. I met her in one of the parties thrown by my parents for their business associates. I was initially attracted to her. I thought she was what I wanted. We started okay, but everything changed after I proposed to her. She partied more frequently, wanted me to be at her beck and call. I can’t do that. I was just starting my career at LHI. I had a lot to prove to people, especially because I am the son of the CEO! The relationship turned tumultuous and volatile, until our final break-up.

When Tito Martin and Tita Cecille arrived, I thought everything would be okay, that they would reason out with Alex. However, they too, insisted I marry their daughter. They insisted that they can’t have her pregnant with no husband, and appear in Manila society. They didn’t want to be fodder to society gossip. Image was apparently very important to them. Alexandra told them about you. I told them to leave you out of it.  The problem was compounded by my father’s arrival two days later. Tito Martin called him to force my hand.

My father was a hard man and he could be ruthless. He also insisted that I marry Alexandra for the sake of our families, our businesses, and the life of the unborn child. He was told about you. He subtly threatened me that you will get drag into the mess. I don’t know how he was planning to to that, but knowing him, nothing was impossible. He said love is an overrated thing and a commodity I can’t afford. He needed the Coronels. I didn’t want him to go after you Maya. He can be very ruthless when there is something standing in his way. I told him to give me time. I felt so closed in, Maya, with no solution in sight and time was running out, as you were leaving. I was also thinking what kind of thoughts you have of me already when days passed and I didn’t get in touch with you like I have promised to do!

I thought of calling you several times during those hellish period. But what can I say.  What can I offer you! You were just starting your life. You were so happy. I didn’t want to drag you into that ugliness. I was actually outside your apartment the night before you left for Kabul. I just didn’t have the courage to see you. I left thinking that it was for the best we didn’t see each other and that even if it was very painful, to make an incisive break like that. I was prepared for you to think the worst of me.

I felt like a part of me, died when I went home that night. I thought it was better for you to suffer one big time, instead of putting your life on hold, live with uncertainties with me. At that time, when everyone except my mother was sort of ganging on me, I saw no other recourse but to marry Alexandra for the baby. I insisted on the marriage taking place in New York so it would be easier to dissolve. My plan was to wait out until the baby was born, then ask her for a divorce and fight her for custody of our child. Privately, I also stressed to Alexandra that the marriage will be in name only. My plan was to look you up after everything settled down, and see if you will still have me.

Having made that decision, I felt like I was a walking dead. I found myself in your home in New Jersey, talking to your mother. I just missed you so much that day.  She was surprised to see me. I poured everything to her. I just felt comfortable talking to her. Your mother listened intently to me all the while I was talking. Then afterwards, she was silent for a while, and then told me she knew something was not right since you looked so sad prior to you leaving for Kabul. She didn’t want to pry into your affairs and she knew that if you want to unburden yourself, she will just be there.

Tita Tessie, yes, she asked me to call her that, said, she can’t exactly advise me on the best course of action as it seems there was really no win-win solution in the situation. But one thing she stressed to me is that she does not want you to be hurt more than you already were. You were young, just starting out your life and does not deserve all the heartache. She also pointed out that I have an obligation to my unborn child as she or he can’t fight for himself/herself in this situation. She also mentioned that I was the first person, aside from friends that you have brought home to meet them. Your mom also said, when things are meant to be, it will be.

I married Alexandra in a simple civil ceremony in New York in January, 2007. It felt like a prison sentence, no matter how temporary it was in my head. We returned to Manila and stayed at the house bought by our parents for us as a wedding gift. The marriage was as volatile as our relationship. Alexandra continued to party in the early months of the pregnancy, until she started showing. She had mood swings, big time. I was not really helping by being moody and morose, pining for you, wondering how you were faring, missing you so much.

I buried myself in work, in an effort to forget you, and all the hurt I have caused you, also forgot the hostile home situation I was in. I just made sure that Alexandra does not harm our baby, in a fit, to get back at me.  By then, I was praying for the baby to be okay despite the circumstances of her/his conception and the situation we were in.

But everything was not meant to be. The baby was stillborn. I grieved and grieved, seeing my beautiful angel, yes she was a girl, so pretty, so still, not given a chance to live, unable to even utter a cry when she came out of her mother’s womb. We named her Gabrielle.” Richard’s voice broke at this, unable to continue. He took a sip of water that Mario brought with their coffee.

Maya touched his hand, to comfort him, tears flowing from her very expressive eyes. “Ricky, oh God! I’m so sorry for you, the baby, and even Alexandra. You don’t have to tell me everything if it is still so painful to you.”

“No, Maya, I want to tell you everything. I’m okay.” Richard assured her, then continued.

“I went through some sort of a crisis, in my grief, I thought that maybe Gabrielle didn’t want to be born anymore because of her parents’ situation. Alexandra, sort of, ‘woke up’ and ‘grew up’ after that. She also grieved for the baby that she took for granted and used as a commodity. She was inconsolable, kept saying everything was her fault, that she was being punished with all the bad things she did. I guess she realized when she saw our beautiful dead daughter, that there was really another very innocent human being in all she had done. Her parents took her quietly to a facility in Europe to help her heal and process everything. She wouldn’t allow me to visit her. She returned more than six months after, then asked for a divorce. She said, she is setting me free, said that was the least she could do to atone for all the wrongs she had done. She moved back to her family home. We divorced quietly and it became final in late 2008, and we had been on our separate ways since then. She went to live somewhere in Europe after the divorce and is now married to a minor nobility there, according to my mother.

I moved back to New York in early 2009 for LHI and buried myself in work, to forget, to heal, and to stop myself from looking for you. After what happened, I thought I didn’t deserve to be happy. I don’t deserve you after what I have done. Maybe, my daughter just gave up. What kind of home she would grow up to! I thought by then, you must still be very hurt, and very angry, by what I did, just disappearing like that from your life. And besides, it has been almost two years since then. Ayaw na kitang guluhin. You had led a life away from me already.”  He finished, looking at Maya. “Please forgive me, Maya for all the wrongs I have done, for all my past actions, for not believing enough in you. My only excuse then was I loved you too much. But in an attempt to spare you, I ended up hurting you a lot. Sometimes, when loneliness and sadness hit me, I asked myself if I could have done things diferently. Maya, if you can’t forgive me, all I ask is for your understanding.”

“Ricky, I was not mad at you. Yes I was very, very hurt. When I read about your marriage, I felt like I died, as if a giant hand squeezed my heart until nothing was left. It was the first time I cried and cried, grieving for our dead relationship.

But Ricky, I have forgiven you a long time ago. I accepted that things were not meant to be. I have seen too much of human suffering to dwell on my broken heart. Compared to what people experienced in where I have been, it was nothing, not that I was belittling what we had. It was the world to me. I needed to be strong too, to move on little by little, one day at at time. I still need full closure because I wanted to understand what had happened. I didn’t doubt your love for me, but why did you suddenly just disappeared from my life? Why did you not talk to me to explain things? Everything is clear now. Thank you.

Hearing you like this, I now know you suffered much worst than I did. My broken heart was nothing compared to what you went through, losing your child. I may not be a parent, but I think losing ones child is the ultimate grief a parent can suffer.

With the passing of years, I remember more of our good times than the sad ending of our relationship. I thought to myself, maybe I got lucky already, finding a love like that so early in my life, even if didn’t turn out the way I wanted it, the way I wished it to be. At least I was able to experience a love like that. Some people went through life, not being able to.” Maya said eloquently, emotionally. “Now I also understand why my mother didn’t ask after you anymore. Ricky, I also don’t want to live in bitterness. It may take me a while to love again or not all, but at least I am moving on.”

“Maya, you do have a heart of gold. Thank you.” Richard said, his emotions overcoming him. How he so love this beautiful woman, inside out. “After I have put you through, you still have this in you.”

“Ricky, we can’t change the past anymore. We acted in the way we thought was the best, but in hindsight, we wonder if things could have been different if we did another course of action. But no matter how we analyze things, we can’t do about it anymore except remember the lessons we learned and avoid the mistakes we did in getting repeated in the future. We are humans and to live, sometimes, we need to go through a whole gamut of emotions.

“I agree with you, Maya. I know that. I went through all that, but in the end it didn’t serve any purpose.” Richard said, then continued. “I don’t want to live in regret too, the way my father did until the end. He actually wrote me an e-mail a week before he passed away asking for my forgiveness for what he did, meddling in my life. I set aside replying to his e-mail as it opened the wound in my heart that I thought had healed already. But by the time I did, it was too late. He was gone the same day.

“I have accepted that I can’t change the past either and that I do need to live through and accept the consequence of my actions. But in all this, since I am being completely honest with you and baring all, I would like you to know that I have not forgotten you, Maya, no matter how hard I tried. You are still here, in my heart, the only one. I still love you. Sometimes, I would see a girl who looks like you in a crowd, my heart would beat faster, thinking it was you, but sadly she was not. The last incident was at the airport several days ago, when I arrived last Wednesday.  I spent the night thinking about you and before I fell asleep, I was resolved to look for you, no matter long it takes and see if I can still correct what I did eight years ago.”

“Ricky….!” Maya’s heart galloped with that. Richard still loves her!

“Maya, you don’t have to say anything. I know this is a lot to take in. I told you because I would like another chance with you. If I can still. If I am not too late. Can you give me another chance to prove my love for you and prove that I’m really worthy of your love? ”

Maya looked at Richard, her heart full of undefined and unsorted feelings, heart beating so fast! She simply nodded. Richard smiled like he just hurdled Mount Everest.

“Thank you, Maya.” He looked at Maya with so much love in his eyes. “You will not regret giving me another chance.”

Maya smiled at the only man she ever love. A new beginning! It looks like the two of them are lucky to be given another chance at love.



Note: The ‘harsh reality’ quote is from Downton Abbey.  Have a nice weekend everyone!   🙂

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Only Love – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Ma’am Maya! Ma’am Maya!” Sabel shouted as she knocks excitedly on Maya’s door.

Maya opened the door, still half-asleep. “Sabel, bakit? May emergency ba? Di ba, you know naman that I like to wake up late on Saturdays?”

“Naku, Ma’am Maya, pasensya na po. Alam ko pong Sabado ngayon at gusto niyo pang matulog pero kailangan niyo po talagang bumaba sa sala.” Sabel said, trying to hold her excitement.

“Bakit?” Maya asked puzzled.

“Basta po, Ma’am, baba ka na please. Mahirap i-describe.” Maya’s kasambahay told her, all smiles.

Maya nodded, closed her bedroom door, and walked towards the stairs, the corridor after her bedroom offers a view of the whole living room.

“Oh, my God! What happened? Bakit naging giant flower shop ang bahay natin?”  Maya exclaimed as she saw vases and vases of long-stemmed red roses on every available surface in the sala.

“Iyon nga po! Sabi po noong nag-deliver, halos 3,000 stems daw po iyan ng red roses! “Sabel said. “Kinailangan nga daw po nilang mag-order ng extra sa supplier nila dahil sa dami ng order ng special client nila and particular pa sa klase ng roses na kailangan niya.”

“Ikaw talaga, Sabel, at na-interrogate mo pa nung lagay na iyon ang delivery guy!” Maya teased.

“Siyempre, Ma’am. Di ba naman kakaiba itong admirer mo na ito! May kakumpitensya na si Sir Rafa. Dali, Ma’am, tingnan natin kung kanino galing.”

“Eh, paano ka namang hindi nakasiguro na hindi kay Rafa galing ang mga ito?” Maya asked, hand on her waist.

“Ma’am, sa tagal namang nanliligaw sa iyo ni Sir Rafa, ngayon pa ba siya bobongga ng ganito. Dapat noong una pa lang, nagpakitang-gilas na siya ng bonggang-bongga. Saka, di ba, white roses ang ibinibigay noon sa iyo.” Sabel reasoned out seriously.

“Ha, ha, ha, Sabel. Ikaw talaga. May tracking ka pa ng lovelife ko ha.”

“Sige na po, Ma’am. Don’t kill me with suspense. Sige ka mawawalan ka ng kasambahay!”

Maya smiled. Sabel is really priceless. She never fails to make her laugh at her antics. “Sabel, I think I know kung kanino galing  ang mga ito. Saan mo inilagay ang card? I’m sure iniabot na lang sa iyo ng delivery guy.”

“Doon po sa may coffee table, Ma’am.” Sabel pointed to the small envelope lying on Maya’s mosaic coffee table which also has two vases of roses.

Maya retrieved the card, opened it and then her face was wreathed in smiles after reading the message. To Sabel, she looked different. In all the years she had known her, this is the first time in years she had seen Maya with that happy expression.

Maya touched the card, lovingly, then re-read the message again.

Dearest Maya,

For all the years I was not able to give you one. I hope the roses remind you of our wonderful time together.

Will you please have dinner with me this evening if you are free? If not, then let’s do it another time. Let me know.

Yours forever,


Maya knew that Richard is not just inviting her to dinner. If she agrees, then she is sure they will have their long-delayed talk.

She was not surprised with the invitation as it has been two days since she and Richard parted in front of that Italian restaurant in BGC. She was, sort of, expecting a call from him from that time on. But she never expected his grand gesture that touched her heart. She was surprised and her heart galloped upon seeing the roses. She knew who sent them right then and there.

The roses took her back to that hotel room in New York where she met Richard.  She had saved all the notes he gave her and saved some of the petals of the flowers he had given her. She didn’t have the heart to throw those mementos away.  The mementos were in the tin can she carried everywhere she got posted.

“Ma’am, sino na nga po ang nagpadala? Pwede po bang malaman.” Sabel asked smiling, very, very curious.

“Naku, Sabel, ikaw talaga ang nosy mo. Kundi lang kita kababata, napingot na kita.” Maya said exasperated, but smiling. “PInadala iyan ng ex-boyfriend ko.”

“Ha, may ex-boyfriend ka??? Buong panahon na nakilala kita wala naman akong na-meet na iba. Ito ngang si guwapong-guwapong Sir Rafa, kakalyuhin na sa panliligaw, hindi mo ba sinasagot. Pero in fairness, bonggang-bongga itong si ex-boyfriend na magparamdam ah. Kabog na kabog!”

Maya laughed.”Sabel, enough na. I need my coffee fix! Sige na, magre-reply pa ako kay Ricky!”

“So, Ricky pala ang name. ‘R’ din!” Sabel remarked to herself as she went to the kitchen to make Maya’s coffee.

Maya got her phone. She sent Richard a text message.

Hi Ricky! Good morning! Thanks for the tons of flowers! Akala ko nalipat na sa loob ng bahay namin ang Dangwa!  Yes, I can have dinner with you. Where do we meet and what time?

Richard was drinking coffee and was wondering if Maya had already received his flowers, when his phone beeped. He jumped and almost scalded himself. His heart beat faster. He hopes it is from Maya and that she is saying yes to having dinner with him! He got his phone from his pocket. He smiled hugely after reading her message.

Good morning. You should have seen the expression of the flower shop owner when I placed my order. Maybe she thought I’m one crazy dude! Thank you very much, Maya for saying yes to my invitation. I will pick you up from your house at 6PM. Would that be okay?  

When Sabel returned to the sala with Maya’s coffee and her favorite pandesal with butter, she saw her grinning while staring at her phone. She decided to let her be and didn’t tease her anymore. She is happy that Maya is this happy again.

“Thank you , Sabel.” Maya said absentmindedly, then resumed tapping on her phone.

Six o’clock is okay with me, Ricky. See you.

Great! Looking forward to seeing you again, Maya! I’m counting the hours and the minutes until then! Enjoy your morning!

Maya took a sip of her coffee and a bite of pandesal as she ponders the unexpected turn of events in her life. She hopes that this is it, the closure that she needs. One thing is certain, even if it happens, she can’t say yes to Rafa. She only likes him as a friend. She is sure of that now. Her heart still beats for only one person, despite all the heartaches and even if they can’t be together anymore, she is not prepared to try loving another.

Richard finished his coffee, took a deep breath, and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window of his condo unit and just stared out. Several more hours and everything will be out in the open. He hopes Maya will still talk to him afterwards.

The doorbell of Maya’s house rang at 30 minutes before six o’clock. Maya earlier told Sabel that she was expecting a guest. She told her Ricky is coming to pick her up so she went to the gate to open it. She had to find her way around the flowers still all over the living room.

“Good afternoon! I’m looking for Maya. I’m a friend of hers. Richard Lim. She is expecting me.” The tall, handsome, chinito guy with glasses, and wearing a dress shirt and jeans that just looked divine on him greeted Sabel with a lopsided smile. “Sorry, napaaga ako. Wala kasing masyadong traffic sa nadaanan ko.”

“Errr, g-good afternoon din po.” Sabel said, unable to speak coherently. Kaya naman pala walang pag-asa si Sir Rafa! Grabe ang guwapo naman ng ex ni Ma’am Maya na mukhang magiging ex-ex boyfriend na!  “Tuloy po kayo, Sir Richard. Nagbibihis lang po si Ma’am Maya. Sabel po. Kasambahay ni Ma’am Maya.”

“Hello, Sabel! Are you also from Mindoro?” Richard asked as they walked towards the house. He likes Maya’s house designed in Japanese minimalist style and the view must be wonderful from the second floor which is all glass. The house looks very inviting and airy.

“Opo. Kababata po niya ako roon.” Sabel replied. Pati iyon, alam niya tungkol kay Ma’am Maya ha, she thought.

“Ikaw iyong isa sa mga kalaro niya sa San Nicolas, with Simon and Cristina Rose, di ba?!” Richard remembered Maya telling him about her vacations in San Nicolas and them kids learning traditional Filipino games from the elders. “Naglalaro kayo ng piko, tumbang preso and taguan, among other things.”

“Naku, Sir, pati iyon pala, nakwento sa inyo ni Ma’am Maya at tanda ninyo pa!” Sabel exclaimed, liking Richard instantly. Ay katuwa naman itong ex ni Ma’am Maya. “Sir, upo po muna ako kayo. Teka po, hawiin ko lang itong ilang vases.”

“Wow, ganito pala karami ang mga flower!” He said. Maybe, he overdid things, but Maya seems to appreciate his gesture so he is happy.

“Korek ka diyan, Sir. May natira pa kayang roses sa Dangwa sa ginawa niyo!” Sabel said before she can stop herself. Ooops, ay baka akala niya ang tsismosa ng kasambahay dito. “Errr, excuse me Sir, kuha ko lang kayo ng maiinom! Ano po ang gusto niyo, coffee, juice or Coke?”

“Thank you Sabel. I’m good. I will just wait for Maya.” He gave her a big smile.

“Sige po, maiwan ko muna kayo. Sabihan ko lang po si Ma’am Maya na nandito na kayo.”

Before Richard can reply, Sabel was up the stairs fast, calling Maya. Richard smiled at Sabel’s departing figure. She is funny. Maya told him before that aside from Cristina Rose and Simon, her other playmates were his Mamang’s neighbors’ kids, named Sabel and Adrian.

He sat on the sofa and looked around. He saw pictures of Maya on one side of the living room wall. It seemed like this wall was dedicated to pictures of her, not only with her family, but in the places she had been.

He saw photos of Maya from different parts of the globe – from Afghanistan to Nigeria to Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Timor and so on. There were heartwarming photos of her with children of all sizes and nationalities, Maya with smiling villagers, and her colleagues at the UN. One picture caught his attention more than the others. It was of Maya and a good looking European guy, cheek to cheek, smiling and mugging for the camera. They seemed so happy and carefree. Looking at the photo, Richard felt like a hand squeezed his heart. Is he too late?

“Ricky, sorry natagalan ako.” Maya called him from the base of the stairs. She saw him looking at her photos. “Ang dami na, di ba?”

“Yes, and it looked like you have been all over!” Richard said, mustering a smile, which turned into an expression of admiration, seeing Maya in a form-fitting, classically-cut dress that reaches mid-thigh, exposing her shapely legs a bit, wearing pumps. She wore minimal make-up but she looks so beautiful in Richard’s eyes. “You look very lovely, Maya.”

“Thank you, Richard.” Maya smiled at Richard. “You are not so bad yourself. Shall we get going?”

“Okay.” Richard replied. He wanted to ask Maya about the guy in the photo, but he had no idea how to go about it. He does not want to appear to be prying into her private life.

They were about to leave the house after saying goodbye to Sabel, when Maya’s phone rang. She checked who is calling. Oh! She better pick this up.

“Richard, please excuse me, I just need to pick up this call.” Maya said.  “Hola, Rafa! Buenas noches! ?Que tal?”

Richard felt another painful squeeze to his heart, hearing Maya talking to a guy, obviously a Spaniard, judging by her greetings. He had a s strong feeling that it was the same guy on the photo.

Maya switched to English, halfway through her conversation with Rafa. “Really, you will go with me to Mindoro? How about your work? Oh! Okay, then. I will tell Mamang to expect us. I have to go now, I’m going out with a friend. And no, you don’t know him. Hasta pronto! Feliz al fin de semana!”

Maya ended the phone call, then smiled at Ricky, barely noticing that he had a serious expression this time and seemed to be deep in thought. “Ricky, let’s go. Sorry about that! Rafa will just keep calling if I don’t pick up the phone.”

Richard was dying to ask Maya who is Rafa in her life. He can’t gauge. Maybe, not her boyfriend since they didn’t exchange endearments during their phone conversation. But maybe it was just Maya who didn’t as he didn’t hear the other guy, anyway. He sighed. Maybe this is another consequence of his action that he needed to live with. But as long as she is not married, he has hope, no matter how small.

He escorted Maya to his waiting car. An hour later, they have arrived at the LHI Head Office in Ortigas Center. Richard parked his car at his parking slot. He got out of the car to open the door for Maya.

“Maya, I hope it is okay that we dine here.” Richard said as he escorted Maya to a private elevator. “We have a private restaurant on the top floor. Papa had it built so we have a place to meet and dine clients and business partners.”

“It’s okay, Ricky.” Maya simply said. She had mixed emotions at that time, as hers and Richard’s moment of truth is getting nearer.

The elevator led to an opened area, with floor-to-ceiling windows and the view is simply amazing.

“Good evening, Sir Richard, Ma’am!” A tall elegant lady greeted Maya and Richard.

“Good evening Ina! Thank you for this. Maya, this is Ina Ruiz. She is in charge of this place. Ina, this is Maya dela Rosa, we go a long way back.” Richard said.

“Please to meet you Ms. Dela Rosa.” Ina smiled at the lovely lady beside her boss. This is the first time he brought someone here and the first time he requested a special dinner. “Sir Richard, Ma’am Maya, please follow me.”

Ina led Richard and Maya to probably the best table in the whole place, in front of one of the floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the metro’s night lights. The table was beautifully set for two, with long stemmed red roses in the center and rose petals on the table cloth. Richard pulled the chair for Maya, solicitously sitting her before he sat on the chair in front of her.

“Mario will be your server, Sir.” Ina said as she beckoned to a serving staff standing nearby. “I will just check what the chef had prepared for you and I will be on my way. Enjoy your night.”

“Thank you, Ina.” Richard said, then turned to the server. “Mario, Maya and I would like to have drinks muna. What would you like, Maya? Red wine, white wine or juice?”

“White wine, please.” Maya said.

Several minutes later, Mario came with a bottle of one of the restaurant’s best vintage, poured a generous serving in Richard and Maya’s glasses. He left after to start to start serving their several-course dinner.

“To new beginnings!”  Richard said, offering Maya a toast. “Thank you for this opportunity Maya!”

“To closure!” Maya said, startling Richard a bit. Closure! Does that means moving away from him after this? But he did clink his glass with hers.

Mario returned with their salad and soup.

“This is a very nice place, Ricky. How long have LHI had this restaurant? The view is amazing!”  Maya remarked as they started eating.

“Since 2009 I think. I haven’t been here much before I left for the States several years ago. And since I came back, this is the first time.” He said.

Maya and Richard chatted about their respective work the past several years as they enjoyed the food prepared by LHI’s chef, which Don Roberto hired away from one the best hotels in the country. As if they had an unspoken agreement, they avoided the topic of their separation as they ate their dinner, leaving it for later.

That aside, Maya was enjoying her dinner with Richard. Richard was the same. He temporarily set aside thoughts about their serious discussion and opted to enjoy the dinner first.

It felt like they were back to the time when they used to try different restaurants in Manhattan, early on in their relationship. Richard hopes that this will continue after their talk. He hopes this is not his last dinner with Maya.

Maya, as she chatted with Ricky like they have never parted ways like that, is feeling more optimistic about the outcome of their clearing of the unresolved issues in their past.


Note: ‘The talk’ next chapter. I will try to post it tomorrow. Have a nice evening everyone!   🙂


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