Only Love – Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Ricky’s courtship version 2014

Maya was about to go up to her room after her and Ricky’s prolonged farewell for the night when she noticed the long-stemmed rose he gave her earlier and the note attached to it. She forgot to open that. She backtracked, grabbed the rose, smelled it, then brought it with her to her room. She sat on the bed, happy with the way her day turned out. Then, she opened the note.

Dearest Maya,

This is to mark day one of being with you again. I will always be grateful and thankful for you coming back to my life. I can’t wish for anything anymore!  

I love you very much! I will show you how much, everyday of our lives from here on.

Yours, Ricky

Maya’s heart melted anew with that message. She kissed the note and put it in her tin can. She stood up with the intention of taking a shower, but before she could do so, her phone beeped.

Home, my love! I forgot to ask you earlier if  you have a ride tomorrow. I can pick you up. What time do you usually go to work?

Ricky, thank you very much pero huwag na. I can manage. Nandiyan naman ang MRT. Your office is in Ortigas, mine is in Makati and I live in Quezon City. It’s too much for you!  You have a lot of responsibilities pa at work. Since I have never gotten around to learning how to drive, I’m used to taking cabs and the train.

Maya, don’t commute please. I will worry about you. I have seen on the news na ang hirap mag-MRT ngayon. Mahaba ang lines. Besides, I have a driver at my disposal. If you will just commute, I will pick you up Is 7AM okay? Say yes, pretty please! Besides, it will be our ‘Ricky and Maya time’ too.

Maya didn’t have the heart to say no, when he put it like that.

Okay, okay, Mr. Lim, you won. Seven o’clock is okay. Thank you very much.

Yes!!! Good night my love. See you tomorrow.

Good night, my Ricky. Sweet dreams!

Of course, since I will dream of you! Love you! 🙂 😉 😉

Ditto, my Ricky ! 🙂 🙂 🙂   

Maya put down her phone smiling.

The following morning, Maya was up bright and early. Dressed in a wrap blouse tucked in a pencil skirt, adorned with a skinny waist  belt, and wearing her favorite pumps, she went down to have coffee and pandesal fifteen minutes before Richard’s arrival.

“Good morning Ma’am Maya. Ang ganda naman ng outfit of the day natin ngayon! Iba na talaga ang in loveeeee!”

“Ikaw talaga, Sabel! Ang aga-aga, nang-aalaska!” Maya laughingly scolded her irreverent househelp.

“Ma’am Maya, masaya lang po ako talaga for you. Kitang-kita ko kasi ang mga kislap sa mga mata mo ngayon. Kaya pala parang malungkot ka dati dahil kay Sir Richard.” Sabel said seriously, giving Maya an analysis of her own love life! “I’m glad talaga na nagkatagpo ulit kayo ni Sir Richard. Tadhana lang talaga ang peg!” Then she added, “Hay, sana ako rin! Kami sana ni Jerry magkatagpo pa rin!”

“Sabel, may boyfriend ka rin dati? Jerry ang pangalan?”

“Naku, wala Ma’am. Naisip ko lang magandang pangalan ng magiging boyfriend ko ang Jerry. Malay mo Ma’am, tadhana ko rin!”

“Ha, ha, ha, Sabel! Ikaw talaga, wagas!” Maya said smiling, then seriously she said, “Pero malay mo nga rin naman, Sabel, di ba? Basta wait for the right guy for you. Iyong mahal na mahal ka talaga at mahal mo rin. Darating iyan kapag nakaukol. By the way, maiba ako, I’m going to Mindoro on Thursday, may bilin ka ba for your Nanay and Tatay!”

“Talaga, Ma’am Maya! Tamang-tama! Okay lang po bang may ipakidala ako sa inyo na gift ko sa pamangkin ko, birthday niya kasi sa susunod na linggo.”

“Oo naman. Sige, ilagay mo na lang sa room ko para kapag nag-empake ako maisama ko na agad.”

“Naku, thank you po.”

Maya was about to take another sip of coffee when the doorbell rang.

“Ooops, si Ricky na iyan. Sabel, I will get going. Pakidala na pala sa church itong mga rose. Itira mo lang ang nasa coffee table. I-donate natin, sayang naman. Alam na rin ni Ricky. I can’t keep them all. Teka pala, I will take photos lang, souvenir.”

Maya took out her phone, took several photos of the roses, looking very beautiful in her living room, hastily said goodbye to Sabel, then walked very fast to the gate.

“Wow!” Was all she managed to say, when she caught sight of Ricky, leaning against a shiny BMW. Her heart beat faster, seeing him so handsome with big smile only for her. He was wearing a pale blue business suit, with a white shirt inside and a maroon tie.

“Good morning, Maya!” He greeted Maya with his lopsided smile, followed by a light kiss on her lips. “How are you this morning, my love?”

“Good morning, my Ricky. Sorry it took me a while to come out. May last minute pa akong ibinilin kay Sabel. I’m good. I slept well again!”

“No worries, Maya! Maaga pa naman. My first meeting is at 10AM,” Richard said as he opened the door for Maya. He followed her in and sat beside her.

“Maya, this is Mang Lem, longtime driver ni Papa sa office.” Ricky said, introducing the kind, older guy in polo barong sitting on the driver’s seat. “Mang Lem, si Maya po, girlriend ko.” He said by way of introduction.

Maya felt the kilig, hearing Ricky said that. “Good morning po, Mang Lem.”

“Good morning po Ma’am Maya!” The driver greeted Maya.

“Mang Lem, doon po muna tayo sa office ni Maya sa Makati. Maya please tell Mang Lem na lang the exact address.”

Mang Lem nodded, when Maya told him the address, indicating he was familiar with the area, and then, they were on their way. Richard and Maya sat close, held hands on the way to Makati and chatted. They also made plans for their trip to Mindoro. Before they reached Maya’s office, Richard extracted a promise to Maya that they will have dinner that night.

“Maya, this is for you.” Richard gave Maya a paper bag when she got off the car. “Have a great day! Love you very much.”

“Thank you, Ricky. Ikaw talaga, everyday may ganito.” Maya smiled. From what she could see, there is another long-stemmed red rose inside the bag.

“Of course, di ba sabi ko manliligaw ako.” Richard grinned,”Part iyan ng Ricky’s courtship version 2014!”

They smiled and exchanged a quick kiss before parting for the day. Maya felt she can do anything that day. She felt like dancing in the middle of Ayala Avenue from sheer happiness! Richard felt the same, despite his heavy workload. He was on the phone all the time from Makati to Ortigas. He also opened his laptop so he can make headway of what he needed to do that day. The earlier he finishes everything the better, so he is sure to make it on time for his dinner with Maya.

When she reached her office, Maya opened the paper bag. In it, aside from the rose, she found a coffee tumbler from a popular coffee shop, with her favorite brew and several pieces of pandesal. She checked for the note, found it attached to the rose.

For my one and only! You need to fortify yourself. Breakfast is the most important meal of the dayI asked Sabel what do you usually have for breakfast! Have a wonderful day. Love you a million times!

Maya was touched by his thoughtfulness. She sent him a message to thank him again.  Then she sighed happily. Life could really change for the better when you least expect it. She still have a hard time believing that this is happening. But she better be! This is as real as it could get! She shook herself from her daydreaming, took sips of the coffee, ate the bread and proceeded to made headway on the work she needed to finish today.

The day flew fast and then it was already evening. Richard arrived at Maya’s office at seven o’clock. They opted to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Greenbelt 5. They had a wonderful dinner, catching up on how their day have been, in between courses and drinking the wine they ordered with their food. They both agreed that it was like New York all over again.

Maya and Richard were walking near the park, with Maya holding on to Richard’s forearm, when someone called Maya from one of the outdoor tables.

“Maya, Maya….” She looked, then checked ,and saw Rafa waving at her, trying to call her attention.

“Rafa, nice to see you here! I thought you will be in Bangkok!” Maya exclaimed happily. “Ricky, this is my very good friend Rafa, Rafael Rodriguez. Rafa, Richard Lim, my boyfriend!” Maya made the introduction, not realizing that she just dropped a bomb on Rafa, as he didn’t know about Richard.

Rafa swallowed hard, then schooled his features, offered to shake hand with Richard. “Hello Richard, please to meet you.”

Richard smiled at the other man. He saw his initial reaction when Maya mentioned that he is her boyfriend. If his heart skipped a beat when she mentioned the word ‘boyfriend’, Rafa’s must have gotten kicked hard, judging by his expression.

“Please to meet you too, Rafael.” Richard simply said.

“Rafa, who are you with?” Maya asked, looking around.

“Oh, I was just with some fellow Spanish expats, having some drinks before we go home. My flight was moved to tomorrow afternoon.” Rafa replied looking at Maya, wanting to ask her when all of these happened, that she has a boyfriend. But in the scheme of things he is just a friend and he does not want to pry also. Besides, she already asked him if they could just be friends. But still, there was a part of him that was hoping she would change her mind.

Maya also realized that she just blurted out to Rafa about Richard being her boyfriend. He didn’t know that Richard was the same person whom she had told him about one December evening. The situation was getting awkward. Maya promised to herself that she will call Rafa as soon as she gets home. Well, not only Rafa, her mother too. In all  her excitement about being with Richard again, she just forgot!

“Oh, sorry for this.” Richard said, as his phone rang while Maya was trying to find a way to say goodbye to Rafa. “I’m just expecting a very important call. I forgot about it, Maya. So, sorry! Excuse me please, Maya, Rafa.” Richard moved to a secluded and quieter part of the place to answer his phone call.



Rafael and Maya both said at the same time. They looked at each other, and smiled.

“Go ahead, Maya, please.”

“Rafa, sorry for just blurting out to you about Richard.” Maya started after taking a deep breath. “It happened very fast and I still feel I’m dreaming that he is back in my life and that we are together again. He is the love of life. No matter how hard I tried to forget about him after getting hurt. Ricky and I had a long talk the other night and have cleared all the unfinished business from our past.”

“Oh, so I am right in thinking earlier, that he was the guy you told me about one December evening!”  Rafael remarked. “No worries, Maya. I was just surprised. I’m happy for you. I know you loved this guy very much in the past. And you two, lucky to find each other again. Yes, I have feelings for you and you know that, but I also know that you don’t love me that way.”

“Oh, Rafa. I wish I could! You are a very good person and a very good friend.” Maya said, touching his arm. “Friends, still, mi amigo?”

“Of course, Maya!” He, then proceeded to give Maya a big hug. “Be happy, okay. And if he hurt you again, he will answer to me. Tell him that.”

Maya smiled and gave Rafa a friendly hug too. “Thank you, I value your friendship too much too loose you. I’m very happy, Rafa. I wish you will also find a love like this.”

The two friends hugged each other one more time. Richard saw all of this as his phone call ended a couple of minutes ago. He purposely delayed his return so they can talk. He walked towards them. Rafa saw him and extricated himself from Maya’s embrace. They looked at each other man to man and had some sort of silent communication. He nodded.

“Maya, Richard, I will get going.’ Rafa said, then shaking Richard’s hand said, “Please take good care of Maya. She is a very precious lady!” He conveyed, as if saying to Richard not to hurt her again.

“I know, and I will. I promise you that, too! Thank you for being a very good friend to Maya. I hope we can be friends too!” Richard offered Rafa the olive branch as if wanting to assure him that he is still welcome in Maya’s life, in their lives.”

The Spanish guy smiled, appreciating the gesture. ”Of course, and I better be one of the godfathers of your firstborn.” He teased. “Call me Rafa too. All my friends do.”

“Rafa!” Maya, laughed, protested, blushing a bit. “Ricky and I are just starting again.”

“Well, I’m just saying, so two know when the time comes.” He said with emphasis. “Bye you two.”

Maya and Richard said goodbye to Rafa and wished him a safe flight. They walked hand in hand to the place where they asked Mang Lem to pick them up.

“So, that was my karibal!” Richard remarked when they were inside the car, teasing Maya, then putting his arms around her.

“Nagselos ka ba?” Maya asked, smiling, knowing that Richard is not like that, but she never know, he might have been.

“Welllll, not this evening, pero kung una ko nakita ang picture niya sa wall mo, yes. I thought baka too late na ako para suyuin ka ulit.” Richard admitted candidly. “Noong kausap mo siya sa phone, I felt a pinch my heart. But I believe in our love, in us so, I set it aside. This evening, knowing how lucky I am to have your love and I feel bad for Rafa, I delayed my return so you two can talk. I sensed it kasi by his initial reaction when you introduced me as your boyfriend.”

“Yes, I forgot that he didn’t know. Ikaw kasi.”

“Ha, bakit ako?”

“Mula nang magkita tayo ulit, wala na akong ibang naiisip.” Maya said, then pinched him lovingly. “Hindi ko pa nga pala nasasabi kina Mom and Dad na tayo na ulit. I will do it this evening.”

“Pareho lang naman tayo, my love. Hindi nga ako maka-concentrate sa mga meeting ko. Buti na lang super efficient ang secretary ko.” Richard said. “But I’m glad that you will tell your mom. I would like to call her tomorrow, if it is okay with you?”

“Of course, sure. But why?” Maya asked, curious.

“Wala naman. I just want to talk to her myself, para naman I can assure her that I will not hurt her daughter again, among other things.” Richard said seriously. Of course, he has another reason for wanting to call Maya’s mom.

“Oh Ricky. Thank you. I think my mother would like that too. Thank you also for extending the olive branch to Rafa. He is one of my good friends!” Maya said, touched by Richard’s gestures. “You are the best boyfriend in the whole world!”

“Silly.” He said smiling. “Anything to make you happy, Maya, I will do. I love you very much!”

“I love you very much, too, Ricky. I’m so happy!” Maya said as she leaned against Richard’s chest to get more comfortable and closer to him.

They cuddled in the car, quietly enjoyed their moment all the way to Maya’s house. When they reached Maya’s gate, Richard declined to come in as it was already late. He and Maya agreed on the pick-up time for the following day. They shared another sweet kiss before temporarily parting for the night.


Note: My therapy! 

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