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My Sunflower World @ 1!!!


Today, it has been a year since I made My Sunflower World public. What a wonderful year it has been! I have discovered a whole new universe! I’m writing online, with readers from all over the world! Amazing! I never thought I would be able to accomplish this feat! I never thought you guys will enjoy the product of my imagination.

Nine Richard and Maya fan fiction (two still ongoing, though!), one other romantic fiction, several other non-fiction articles, and 200 posts after, (as this is my 200th post), here I am, embarking on my second year as a blogger and a fan fiction/fiction writer.

THANK YOU my dearest followers, readers and fellow adiks, especially those who have been with me from the start, supporting a ‘newbie fan fiction writer’ in blogosphere, from the bottom of my heart for reading my works, for commenting, for liking each and every chapter, for keeping me company online, for sharing the kilig and addiction to our all-time favorite teleserye, Be Careful With My Heart, and the Richard and Maya universe we explored out of the most memorable television characters we had in a long time, and for supporting my other works.

THANK YOU again to the BCWMH team who created such a wonderful show that kept as entertained and glued to the TV for more than two years (well I’m still is through the DVDs!), and addicted forever to a very wonderful and inspiring show, full of positivity, good vibes, and most of all, love. As I have said in my profile page, discovering and getting addicted to this show, albeit a bit later than most of the adiks, propelled this blog into existence.

THANK YOU too to the wonderful Richard and Maya fan fiction writers before me, who were also my inspiration in starting one myself. Let’s keep the creative flame burning!

THANK YOU to my hubby for the support and believing in me! He was the one who pushed me to make public the blog I have been tinkering about for months in 2014, unsure of its direction and how it would be received should I share it to the world, especially the draft chapters of Doors, my first ever fan fiction, stored in my laptop then.

Here’s to another wonderful year with you, and more years to come. Cheers! Keep the good vibes always!

❤ Antigone ❤



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