On The Street Where You Live – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Maya woke up with a big smile the morning after hers and Richard’s ‘first date’. She felt like she wanted to sing, dance, or just open her window and shout to the world what a beautiful morning it was, and that life is so good! She got out of the bed humming, feeling very inspired and so looking forward to the day ahead.

She got ready for work. That day was the second time she will be going to LAS for the morning. At of course, that would mean seeing Richard again after their wonderful dinner last night. Over coffee and dessert, they continued chatting about every topic they could think of. Richard was very attentive, listening to her, at the same time, looking at her in a way that made her very self-conscious. Feeling niya, matutunaw na siya sa mga titig sa kanya ni Richard!

Like the other night, Richard brought her home again. This time, despite the lateness of the hour, he went inside her small apartment. He told her he likes the way she had designed the place, maaliwalas and very homey. They had another cup of coffee before calling it a night. Before he left for the night, he told Maya softly that he had a wonderful time, and for the first time, he actually felt that he is finally home. He also gave her a quick kiss on the cheek when he was about to leave. They shared a long look, and big smiles after it.

Both Richard and Maya went to bed that night with dreamy smiles on their faces. Richard texted Maya when he reached home to inform her that he was home safe, also to say good night one more time.

Maya reached the LAS office an hour after she had left her house. Good thing, she found a taxi readily. She really need to buy herself a car. She had learned how to drive a long time ago, with Doris, but didn’t have money for a car. She had been saving for it.

“Good morning, Liza!” Maya greeted Richard’s EA when she passed by her table on the way to the office that was assigned to her. “May paperwork ka ba for me? I also have the contracts na for signature na ni Ricky, errr ni Mr. Lim.”

“Good morning to you, Attorney!” Liza greeted Maya with a big, teasing grin. “Parang ang ganda-gandang gising natin ah. Parang alam ko na kung bakit.”

“Errr, yes, I had a good night sleep.” Then the second part of Liza’s statement registered in Maya’s brain. “Hmmm, alam mo kung bakit?” She asked, brows knitted.

“Just guessing, Attorney. Putting two and two together and thinking and hoping that I’m right kasi bagay kayo and kinikilig ako.” Liza said, smiling hugely. “Kasi po si Sir, nagpa-reserve ng dinner for two kagabi sa isang romantic place. Tapos ang ganda-ganda rin ng mood ngayong umaga. In fact, he was humming pa nga when he passed by my cubicle on the way out. Sorry for the kulit, pero I have a feeling na ikaw ang ka-dinner date ni Sir. Ayyy, so kilig.”

“Hahahaha, ikaw talaga, Liza.” Maya laughed, then teased the secretary a bit. “Paano mo namang na-conclude na ako? Malay mo active naman ang social life ng boss mo. May hitsura naman siya. Erase, not may hitsura lang, he is guapo naman.”

“Hmmm, ikaw Attorney Maya, pa-showbiz ka rin. Tingnan mo kung okay ang detective skills ko, kasi since nakita ka naming kasama ni Sir the other day, he had been acting out of character. Hindi na sumisimangot. Lagi nang nakangiti. Saka bumabati na sa mga empleyado ng good morning. Tapos biglang nagpa-reserve ng dinner sa akin. Bukod pa sa lunch before that. Eh tatlong buwan na ako rito, wala naman siyang ginawang ganoon.” Liza said, enumerating her boss’ new actions.

“Talaga, Liza?” Maya asked, heart beating faster with the knowledge.

“Yes na yes po, Attorney Maya.” Liza replied. “So, tama ako, ikaw nga ang ka-dinner date ni Sir?”

Maya smiled at Liza, then blushing a bit, she nodded.

Liza did a delightful ‘silent scream’ with matching covering her mouth, then she said. “Oh my gee, nakakakilig naman talaga.”

“Shhhh, Liza, baka marinig ka ni Ricky, errr, ni Mr. Lim.” Maya lightly admonished Richard’s EA and secretary.

“Naku, okay lang Attorney, patatawarin na ako noon, fan na fan ako ng love team niyo. Saka kung tayo lang namang dalawa rito, you can call him Ricky. I don’t think the employees would be that curious pa, seeing how sweet you two were. Saka this one naman, sa ating dalawa lang. Promise.”

“Hahahaha, enough na nga Liza. Let me have the documents I need to work on.” Maya said, shaking her head at the irreverent but very nice LAS employee.

“Okay, Attorney.” Liza said smiling. She handed Maya the documents. “Nasa site nga po pala si Sir. Kaaalis lang before ka dumating. Ang aga nga niya rito, naunahan pa akong dumating.”

“Okay, just give him these.” Maya said, then handed Liza the contracts that Richard needs to review and sign. “I’ll go to my office na.”

“Sure, Attorney. Do you need anything? Coffee? Tea? Breakfast. I can send our utility guy for those.”

“No, thanks, I’m good for now Liza. I will let you know if I do.”

Maya waved at Liza as she walked towards her office, which is besides Richard’s. She was surprised, though, when she entered the office. On her table, there was a bouquet of tulips of all colors, then a tall thermos of coffee, and what looks like breakfast in a brown paper bag. She dropped her things, then inspected the stuffs on her table. Maya found a note attached to the tulips.

Dearest Maya, 

Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful sleep. Since napuyat ka ulit because of me, I got coffee for you. And since baka magpagutom ka na naman, breakfast too. 

Have a great morning. I’ll see you later.



Maya was grinning from ear to ear while reading Richard’s note. Sino ba naman ang hindi gaganda ang umaga rito, Mr. Richard Lim, she whispered, clutching the beautiful flowers to her chest and smelling them lovingly. Saan naman kaya siya nakahanap ng tulips nang ganito kaaga? She wondered.

She opened the thermos and the smell of her favorite brew wafted into the air. She took a sip and sighed contently. She opened the small brown bag beside it and inside were two bagels and cream cheese. Ah, you are really the most thoughtful of guys, Richard Lim. Sino ba naman ang hindi mai-in love sa iyo!

Maya sat down on her chair, then texted Richard.

Good morning, Ricky! 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful flowers, the breakfast and most especially sa supply ng kape. And yes, I had a good night sleep kahit napuyat tayo!  🙂

Several seconds after, her phone beeped.

Great! I’m glad you liked my opening salvo for my day one of panliligaw and panunuyo!  Pasado ba ako sa initial step, Attorney Dela Rosa?   🙂 

Maya laughed upon reading that.

Hmmm, pasado naman, I think. May extra points ka pa for the tulips. You are very resourceful, nakahanap ka noon kahit sarado pa ang mga shop. May farm ka ng tulips?  🙂 

Richard replied promptly.

Happy that I passed. Hahaha, not actually a farm, but luckily I have a cousin who has a flower shop.

She replied, nodding.

So that’s why! Thank you again, Ricky. You are very thoughtful.

Richard replied one more time.

You’re welcome, Maya. I’ll see you in two hours. Nasa site lang ako. Matatapos na kami ni Engineer Gutierrez sa mga plane na ini-inspect namin.

Maya looked at his message, then typed in a quick reply.

Okay. I’ll see you. Take care and have a good morning too.

Her phone beeped again.

❤ ❤ ❤

Hmmm, Maya said, three hearts. Awwww!  She sent a last text with a big smile on her face.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Maya happily forged on with the documents before her, humming a love song as she did so. The morning passed like a blur. But still, no sign of Richard the whole morning. While she had been busy, the thought that she will see him anytime soon is at the back of Maya’s mind.

Richard arrived at LAS around lunchtime, carrying a big paper bag. There was an unexpected emergency at the site where his company does the maintenance of the planes. It needed his direct supervision and intervention. It was not helping that his new engineer has not arrived yet from Japan.

“Hi Sir, good morning or should I say good afternoon na! Halos lunchtime na pala!” Liza said, looking at  the clock, and seeing that it was already 15 minutes before 12NN.

“Hi Liza, how’s everything?” Richard asked, then unconsciously looking at the direction of Maya’s office, which didn’t escape Liza’s notice.

“Okay naman po, Sir. Tumawag lang po si Mr. Dy ng Time Airways, asking for a meeting tomorrow. I slated him after lunch. Free naman ang schedule mo at that time.” Liza said, briefing her boss. “Saka heto po ang mga contract na dala ni Attorney Maya kanina. She arrived half an hour after you left this morning.”

“Oh good! I think TA is ready to negotiate a long-term deal with us. I will just have Maya relay it to Ryan. Better if the two of them also attend the meeting.” Richard replied. “Thanks Liza. I’ll just to go my office. I’ll just review these contracts then kung okay na, you can send them out.”

Richard walked towards the direction of his office, but instead of going straight there, Liza saw him making a detour to Maya’s office. Ay, sabi na nga ba, doon ang punta muna ni Sir! She thought to herself. Kinikilig talaga siya sa nakikita niya!

When Richard reached Maya’s office, he leaned against the door, observing her. She was unaware of his presence so engrossed with what she is doing on her laptop, her ‘granny’ glasses perched on her cute nose. She looks very lovely in the sheath dress she was wearing, with minimal make-up on, and with a ghost of a smile on her face.

“You look cute in your eyeglasses.” Richard remarked, giving Maya one of his beautiful, lopsided smiles.

Maya suddenly looked up upon hearing that remark, and saw Richard by the door, arms folded across his muscular chest, outlined in the pale blue shirt, sans tie, he was wearing, and smiling at her. “Hi Ricky, ginulat mo man ako! Good morning again.” Maya gave him a brilliant smile, removing her eyeglasses. “Kumusta ang site visit mo?”

“It’s almost lunch Attorney! HIndi mo na naman namalayan!” Richard said. “Okay na sa site, I troubleshoot something pa kaya ngayon lang ako nakabalik. Paalis na sana ako kanina nang magkaproblema, Mabuti I was still there.”

“Oh, kaya pala!  Did you get the contracts I left with Liza?” Maya asked, as Richard walked in and sat at one of the visitors’ chairs in her office, putting the paper bag and documents he is carrying on her table. “I’ll go back to RRMA in a short while, if there is no urgent thing I need to work on pa. Attorney Ryan texted earlier, we have a meeting with a new client this afternoon.”

“Yes, I did. Here na. But come, let’s have lunch before you go back to RRMA and before I work on these contracts. I bought lunch. I’m hungry na rin!“ Richard pointed to Maya the bag he was carrying earlier. “I grabbed some Chinese food from the newly opened Hong Kong style dimsum restaurant near the site.”

“Oh, you did pa! Doon na lang sana ako kakain sa RRMA kasi I ate naman the nice breakfast you gave me.” Maya said. “Ikaw talaga, sobrang thoughtful kahit kailan!”

“For you, Maya, I’ll be, always.” Richard said smiling.

“Thank you.” Maya said with a big smile.

“Halika, let’s go to my office. I have a small pantry there.” Richard said, standing up.

He waited for Maya and the two of them went to his office. This was the first time Maya has been Richard’s office, though she can see it from the outside through its all glass lay out. The view from Richard’s desk is magnificent.

“I like the view.” Maya commented, gravitating towards the floor-to-ceiling windows. “The view from the one I’m using is already nice, but this is best!”

“Yes I like it as well.” However Richard was not really looking at the view but at Maya’s beautiful silhouette by the window. “Very beautiful,” he said admiringly.

Maya saw Ricky looking at her, instead of the view, and got self-conscious when she saw Richard’s admiring glance. “Ikaw talaga, Ricky, iba naman ang tinitingnan mo eh.”

“Ha, but the view from my end is maganda naman talaga.” Richard said, teasing Maya.

“Hahahaha, bolero, let’s eat na nga.” Maya said, then went to the direction of the small pantry to prepare the food.

“Maya, I can do it.” Richard offered.

“No, Ricky, this is the least I can do since you bought the food. Just show me where the plates and the utensils are.” Maya insisted. Richard relented and just sat on the sofa where a big coffee table is and wait for Maya.

Maya came out of the pantry several minutes after carrying a tray. Richard helped her placed it on the table. Maya did the serving. The two of them had a quiet, enjoyable lunch wherein they got to discuss the contracts that Maya finished making, as well as the documents she had worked on the whole morning. Richard also requested her to relay to Ryan about the meeting with Time Airways the following day. From work, the conversation shifted to personal stuffs.

“Maya, I promised Abby pala that I will take her to an amusement park this weekend. Nakalimutan ko na this Saturday ang lipat namin sa Mirasol!” Richard said while they were drinking the coffee that Maya made from the coffee maker in Richard’s pantry.

“Oo nga ano. Naku, paano iyan, nag-expect na iyong bata? If she is like Lance, she will not forget that.” Maya said.

“Iyon na nga, so I’m thinking of taking her to Tagaytay on Sunday na lang and see the Sky Ranch there. Maganda raw. Naisip ko, you, Doris and Lance can join para mas masaya, and so that mas masaya si Abby.” “Richard said. “What do you think, would that be okay with you or Doris and Lance?”

“Hmmmm, ako, wala naman akong lakad sa Sunday. I was just planning to go to a car dealership and see if I can find myself a not so expensive sedan. I can use my savings na as a down payment, lalo at I’m working na.” Maya said, thinking. “As for Doris and Lance, I’ll ask Doris. I’m sure Lance will like it too. I’ll let you know as soon as I get a reply from Doris. I did mention to her nga na nagkita na tayo.”

“Great, please let me know. How’s your friend nga pala?” Richard asked.

“She is okay. She told her dad that she didn’t want to e a lawyer during our second year in college. She is working as a writer for a lifestyle magazine. She is a single mother.” Maya said. “Hindi kasi matanggap ng Daddy ni Lance na autistic ang anak niya.”

“Oh, that’s  so sad! Well, it’s his lost.” Richard said. “Based on what I have seen of Lance, he is a very nice and bright boy.”

“He is.” Maya nodded in agreement. “Ricky, I need to get going soon na pala. Para I have time pa to do other things before our meeting. Thank you for the lunch.”

“Oh okay, Maya. I’ll take you to RRMA.” Richard said, standing up. “Leave everything there. I will just ask Liza to have Benjie, our utility guy put away everything.”

“No, Ricky, thank you, but I will just a take a taxi please. Kadarating mo lang sa office. I’m sure you need to attend to a lot of things pa. Marami namang taxi diyan sa labas. I will just ask Manong Guard if he could call one for me.” Maya said.

“Maya,  I insists, please. Don’t worry I can still manage. Malapit lang naman ang RRMA. I’m sure I’ll be back fast.” Richard insisted, then smiling, he added. “Sa kasong ito, hindi ka mananalo, Attorney. Ako yata ang boss.”

“Ha, dinaan mo ba sa pagiging boss.” Maya retorted. “O sige na nga, pero next time, huwag na ha. Baka kung ano naman ang sabihin ng mga staff mo.”

“Maya, our personal stuff is our business. But I do understand where you are coming from.” Richard said. “Ganito na lang, ihahatid kita and susunduin sa RRMA hanggang hindi ka pa nakakabili ng car mo. Saka pala, I could go with you with the dealer I know.”

“Ricky, remember I told you, a cheap sedan, not a BMW!” Maya said smiling, while walking towards her office to get her things, and the flowers he gave her.

“Yes, I know Maya. I can take you to a car dealership that LAS had used in buying our service vehicles. They will give you a good deal. We can go on Saturday night after we have settled down in Mirasol.” Richard said, carrying Maya’s laptop.

“Hindi ka ba kakapusin sa panahon? Besides, baka pagod ka na by that time.” Maya asked, concerned.

“No worries, Maya. Wala naman kaming masyadong ililipat, clothes lang and other personal stuffs. Let’s have dinner na rin somewhere or would you like to catch a late movie?”

“Okay, Ricky. Thanks a lot. About the movie, maybe next time na lang since we might be going to Tagaytay the following day, di ba?” Maya reminded Richard as they exited the building.

Maya and Richard chatted on the way to RRMA about the possible activities they can do in Tagaytay aside from going to the amusement park. Before they knew it, they arrived at RRMA. Maya told Richard not to get out of the car as she can managed. Richard  for once agreed as there were quite a number of cars dropping off people at the lobby.

“Good bye for now, Maya!” Richard said, then he leaned towards Maya and kissed her on the cheek. “Dinner later, please?”

“Okay, is around 8PM, okay with you?” She asked.

“Yes, I’ll pick you up.” Richard said.

Maya got out of the car and with a final wave to Richard, she entered the building. She greeted Lindsay and chatted with her a bit before proceeding to her office. At quarter to 3PM, Lindsay knocked on her door.

“Excuse me po Attorney, pinatatawag po kayo ni Attorney Ryan.” Lindsay said. “Sa office daw po muna niya.”

“Okay, thanks a lot Lindsay.” Maya said, then she stood up, grab her iPad and phone and proceeded to Ryan’s office.

“Sir, good afternoon.” Maya said after knocking on the opened door of Ryan’s office to get his attention. “Lindsay said pinatatawag niyo raw po ako.”

“Yes, yes, have a seat please, may 15 minutes pa tayo before our client arrives. I will ask lang sana for a briefing ng mga work natin sa LAS.” Ryan said.

“I gave the contracts that we finalized yesterday to Mr. Lim’s secretary when I arrived, Sir. Then when Mr. Lim arrived around lunch from his site visit, I briefed him on what I worked on this morning. Ready na rin po Sir for your review. Mr. Lim said he will go over the contracts we made and if everything is okay, he will sign it and have it sent to the other parties for their signatures too. So far po, we need na lang to give LAS the suppliers and employees contracts they requested. Tapos ko na po ang mga ito, for your review na lang and approval.”

“Great! Thank you Maya.” Ryan said.

“Oh, last na pala Sir, Mr. Lim is requesting that we join them with the meeting with their client Time Airways tomorrow afternoon.” Maya added. “For an extension of their service agreement I think, long-term ang agenda, Sir.”

“Okay, please confirm our attendance with LAS.” Ryan replied. “Sumama ka na since ikaw naman ang point person na natin sa LAS. Good work, Maya. Thank you.”

“Yes Sir, I will.” Maya said. “By the way Sir, sino po pala ang new client natin? You mentioned that I know the person.”

“It’s Jason Fernando.” Ryan said. “He asked after you, actually. He said he heard from a common friend that you work here now. How did you know him if I may ask?”

“Oh! Yes I do know him. I met him when I interviewed him for an article for the paper I was working for.” Maya told Ryan, then hesitated before admitting, “He, errrr, also courted me after that.”

Jason Fernando, the CEO of the retail company that brought a lot of foreign brands in the Philippines pursued Maya quite earnestly actually. However she told him that he is a nice guy but they can’t be more than friends. He simply didn’t make her heart beat faster.

“Oh, kaya pala!” Ryan gave Maya a smile, then teased her, “Mabibigat naman pala ang karibal ng brod ko.”

“Sir, kayo talaga!” Maya said laughing.

“Biro lang, Maya.” Ryan said. “Halika na nga, let’s meet our new client.”

The meeting with Jason Fernando and his team went well, even if it took longer. His company will now get the services of RRMA. After the meeting, and on the way out, Jason had asked Maya if they can have dinner later. Maya declined. However, it seemed like it didn’t dissuade Jason, he said he will ask Maya again and check with her when they can have dinner. Maya gave him a polite noncommittal answer.

That evening, Richard picked her up before 8PM. They decided to have dinner in a restaurant near Mirasol Street. Richard took Maya home around 11PM.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Maya.” Richard said softly, bringing her to her door again. “Can we have dinner again tomorrow?”

“Sure, Ricky! Thank you for my wonderful day, and these.” Maya said, gesturing to the flowers she was carrying in her hand.

“For you, Maya, anything and anytime. I’ll get going. Late na and may pasok ka pa bukas.” Richard said, gazing at Maya. “Good night. I have another lovely day because of you.” Then he kissed Maya on the cheek again. “Sweet dreams. Bye.”

“You too, Ricky. Goodnight.” Maya said.

For another night, the two of them parted with big smiles on their faces, and went to bed very happy.

The following morning, when Maya arrived at work, there was a big bouquet of sunflowers this time, another thermos of coffee and breakfast from Richard!

Dearest Maya,

Good morning. Day 2 of my panliligaw and panunuyo! 🙂 I’m so looking forward to seeing you later.



Maya grinned happily. She is so looking forward to seeing Richard too.


Note: Have a wonderful day, my fellow adiks. Good vibes as always! ❤

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