Crushing On You – Chapter 19

Love Me Tender

“Welcome to our home, Mrs. Lim!” Richard said with a big smile as he put down Maya in the living room of their home in BGC early Sunday evening, the day after their beautiful wedding in Mindoro. He carried her across the threshold as per tradition as soon as he placed their suitcases at the entrance of their new home.

Maya and Richard returned to Manila, together with their Manila-based wedding guests in the LC private plane late that afternoon. They were the last one to board the plane which earned them a lot of teasing.

“Thank you, my dearest husband!” Maya smiled at Richard.

They gaze at each other lovingly and then shared their first kiss in the house that Maya has transformed into a lovely and comfortable home for her and Richard and the kids they will have, while preparing for the wedding of their dreams.

“Maya, I love you very much, Sweetheart.” Richard told his wife as he caressed her face. “Sometimes, I still can’t believe that here we are, about to start our lives as husband and wife. That finally, I’m sharing this place with you.”

“I love you very much too, Ricky.” Maya replied, giving her husband feathery kisses. Then smiling she said, “Parang kailan lang nagkamali ako ng send ng message sa iyo. Kaiisip ko yata sa iyo iyon at that time. Naalala ko na ikaw ang star sa mga panaginip ko simula ng makilala kita.”

Richard grinned. “So, sa simula pa lang pala may pagnanasa ka na sa akin.” He teased his wife.

“Hahahaha, bakit ikaw ba, hindi? Grabe nga ang ginawa mong pagpaparamdam sa akin.” Maya bantered back.

They laughed, reminiscing.

“Sweetheart, what would you like for dinner?” Maya asked after a while, her stomach grumbling a bit.

“Mrs. Lim, I have taken care of that. Come with me, please.” Richard took hold of his wife’s hand, interlaced it with his, then led her to the beautiful dining room, now decorated with flowers and plants. Maya transformed the place into, some sort of indoor garden, taking advantage of the light coming from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The dining table was beautifully set for two, just like the evening Richard proposed to Maya. A wide array of mouthwatering dishes are on the table that is decorated with yellow and blue candles and a big arrangement of sunflowers in the middle.

“Wow, how did you manage this, Sweetheart?” Maya asked surprised. It looks like her husband will not run out of surprises for her throughout their married life as well.

“I requested Rina to do this even before the wedding.” Richard explained.”I want our first evening in our new home very special, Sweetheart.”

“Oh, Ricky! Grabe mo pa rin akong pakiligin. The best husband ka talaga, Sweetheart.” Maya tiptoed, put her arms around her husband’s nape, then give him a long sweet kiss.

“Sweetheart…..” Richard muttered, returning the kiss. “We better stop at baka hindi na tayo makapag-dinner!” He said. He is barely holding his control and to do that, he does not want to think yet of the evening ahead, or else, he will lose it totally.

“Oh….” Maya said, looking at her husband, seeing the passion he is trying to control. He had been very gentle and patient with her already.

Husband and wife, shared a loving smile, then Richard pulled the seat  for Maya. Then went to the side table to pour him and Maya a glass of champagne each.

“To our first dinner as husband and wife in our home, Sweetheart.” Richard said. “Finally, the day has come for us to share this house.”

“To us my dearest husband.” Maya said. “I’ll always make this place a home for us and the children we will have!”

They toasted each other, shared another kiss, then started their dinner. Dinner was punctuated by their usual chatter, mostly about the wedding and the reception and Manang Fe knocking at their door around noon, saying that they needed to get going as the plane that would take them back to Manila is leaving at 3PM. They realized they overslept! They must have been very tired from the wonderful long day and night they had the day before.

Richard and Maya quickly showered, with Maya laying out Richard’s clothes and packing their stuffs while he took a shower. Richard finished the rest of the packing when it was Maya’s turned to shower. When they were both dressed and about to leave the guest cottage, Richard looked at his beautiful wife, devoid of any make up, and the feeling just overwhelmed him. He reeled her towards him and gave her a searing kiss.

“I love very much, Mrs. Lim.” Richard said lovingly. “Soon!” He added.

Maya knew what he meant. She blushed but is looking forward to that to. She smiled. “Not soon, but later, my dearest Mr. Lim! I love you too.”

Richard and Maya had lunch with her parents and Manang Fe who is staying in the meantime in San Nicolas. She will returned to Manila several days after. Maya’s parents opted to maintain the house in Bel-Air even if Maya and Richard will not live there. They said it will be their home in Manila still. Besides, it is also a place where everyone can gather, her mom said. Mommy Tere also told Maya that she better maintain the gardens she started there. Maya smiled and promised her mom, she will.  The newly-weds didn’t notice the time and before they knew it, it was time to leave for Manila. They hurried, but still the last ones to board the plane, which earned them the teasing and the ribbing.

“Sweetheart, I knew why we got teased.” Maya said, sipping her second glass of champagne as she and Richard moved to the living room after their very nice dinner, cuddling and relaxing with the wonderful view before them. “If they only knew, the thing they were thinking about didn’t happen in Mindoro.”

Richard grinned. “Sweetheart, I never really know where I drew the willpower last night. You were so beautiful, so very desirable. I hope you have another of that night gown you were wearing last night.”

“I know where, my Sweetheart, from your immense love for me and your overflowing consideration of me and my feelings.” Maya said smiling, remembering last night. “And yes, I have several of those night gowns.” She grinned impishly. “They are a gift from Rafi during my bridal shower.” Maya added. She hopes her husband will like the other one she is planning to wear on their very special night this evening. She wanted to make it up to him for being very considerate and gentle with her on their first night as husband and wife.

When they entered the bedroom of the cottage, beautifully bathe in soft lights coming from the candles placed on the side tables, and flower petals scattered all over the floor and the bed, last night, Richard slowly put Maya down, then gave her another searing kiss, which turned into several kisses.

“Ricky, maybe we should get ready for bed.” Maya suggested, fighting the desire clouding her brain with the way Richard is touching and kissing her. “Let’s go shower first. I think whoever made this room very beautiful as a special treat for us have put your clothes with mine in that closet.”

“Okay, Sweetheart!” Richard said. He had an inkling that Maya needed to do this first. “Later!” He said before going to the bathroom, giving his wife a heated look.

Several minutes, after, Richard came out of the bathroom, smelling so nice, wearing blue pajamas and a white v-neck t-shirt that showed off his physique. He looked so handsome in Maya’s eyes. He gave her one of his heart melting, lopsided smile. “The bathroom is yours, my wife.”

“Okay, I’ll be along.” Maya said clutching the clothes she will wear tightly, then turned to go to the bathroom.

“Wait, Maya, Sweetheart, do you need help with your dress?” Richard asked, seeing that the dress has a lot of pearl buttons in the back.

“Oh, yes, please Ricky.” Maya said, forgetting that she wanted Richard’s help with the buttons. “Thank you.” Then she turned so Richard has better access to the buttons.

Richard started unbuttoning Maya’s wedding gown’s around 50 pearl buttons adorning it. Slowly, Maya’s beautiful back, was exposed to Richard gaze. He caught his breath and tried to rein the effect it was having on him. He thought, he was the only one getting affected by what is turning to be an erotic task, until he heard Maya caught her breath too. Several long minutes after, all the buttons were undone. Richard gave Maya’s back a light caress, which made her shiver.

“Done now, Sweetheart! “ He said softly. “Now off you go.”

Maya gave her husband a sweet smile. “Thank you, Sweethert.” Then she went to the bathroom clutching her opened gown. Unknown to her, she was presenting a very sexy picture to her waiting husband.

Richard settled on the bed, waiting for Maya. An hour later, his wife came out of the bathroom, wearing a diaphanous white night gown. He gulped and tried to control his fast beating heart, and the heat that traveled like a bolt of lightning through his body so fast.

“Wow, you looked so lovely, Sweetheart.” He managed to say.

“T-thank you, Sweetheart.” Maya said, taking a deep breath, trying to calm herself from the sudden nervousness she is feeling at that moment. Her hands suddenly became clammy. Now that the moment she and Richard have been waiting for, aside from the beautiful wedding they had, she is having a sudden attack of nerves. She knows about this, she had read about it, but she thought she will not have it as she and Richard have indulged in heavy kissing and heated caresses during their three-month engagement. Besides, she is innocent but she had seen enough movies and enough books to know what happens between a man and a woman in the privacy of the bedroom or out of it in some of the books she has read! But still, despite knowing that in an intellectual level, she is still having wedding night jitters!

Richard sat up, then walk towards his bride. He held out his hand to hers to guide her to bed, and discovered her hand is very cold.

“Sweetheart, is everything okay? Are you nervous?” He asked Maya solicitously. He had an idea that she might be, despite getting used to each other the past several months, as she has not done this before.

“Ricky, I’m okay.” Maya tried to assure her husband, then decided to tell him about what she was feeling at the moment. They have been very open with each other and she wanted to continue being like that in their married life. “I think I’m having wedding night jitters. Kasi, what if I don’t please you, what if I can’t do what you expect. I don’t have any experience at all on this despite what we have been doing before we got married.” Maya was getting a bit agitated without meaning to, trying to explain to Richard.

Richard understood completely what is going on through his wife’s head, especially because this is the first time for her. He knew that sometimes, no matter how much you prepare intellectually and mentally for something, reality is different.

“Oh my dearest Sweetheart, please don’t worry on that aspect! You will always make me happy, no matter what. Besides I’ll be here to guide you and be with you on this all the way. I love you very much and don’t doubt about the physical aspect of our relationship. This is going to be a physical expression of the love we feel for each other, so it can’t go wrong. I know, physically, you will experience pain when I finally join us and unite us in the closest possible way the two us can be united, but if there is a way I can spare you from that, I will.” Richard said, while cupping his wife’s face and looking at her deeply, intently, assuring her that everything will be okay. “Besides, we don’t have to do it this evening. Come with me please.”

Richard led his wife to the waiting bed, turned down the comforter, then laid her gently on the bed. He went after her, then put his arms around her, then he started caressing her hair gently, wanting to relax her, soothing her. After a while, he heard her steady breathing and when he looked, her eyes were closing. Before she did so, she gave him a loving smile, then a soft sigh of thank you came from her lips before she closed her eyes and sleep.

Richard also realized then that aside from the jitters, his wife was very tired from the long and emotion-filled day they had. He settled in to sleep beside her, content to be just with her, finally in his arms, even if it was just to sleep. Several minutes after, he too went to sleep with his wife securely ensconced in his arms.

Maya woke at dawn, with Richard’s arms still around her. She looked at her sleeping husband. If it was possible to fall in love again to the one person who you are already are very much in love with forever, she had done it last night with Richard’s gentleness and understanding. That also removed whatever jitters she had been feeling. With the thought of making it up to her husband, Maya burrowed deep into his muscular arms, gave him a gentle kiss, then went back to sleep. She and Richard fell into a deep sleep until noon. Good thing, Manang Fe woke them.

“Thank you again, for not only the best husband in the world, but for being the most understanding and the gentlest.” Maya said to Richard, kissing him, then putting her wine glass down, and standing up. “Come, Sweetheart!”

Richard smiled indulgently at his wife as she led him to their bedroom. But he has another idea, he stopped his wife, gave her a searing kiss and then carried her again across the threshold. He had an inkling that by taking the initiative, Maya managed to conquer the jitters she was having the night before.

“Ricky!” Maya shrieked, surprised, then she held on to her husband’s neck, feeling pampered.

Like the night before, Richard slowly put down Maya inside the bedroom, their bodies touching in every possible way as she glided down. They looked at each other heatedly, then Richard lowered his lips to Maya and they shared a very hot kiss, lips fusing as one, tongues duelling, wanting everything.

They surfaced from that very hot kiss, smiling lovingly and looking at each other heatedly.

“Sweetheart, I will just get ready for bed.” Maya said softly, blushing a bit.

Richard grinned and looked at his wife. Looks like she is planning something, he thought, and he is very much looking forward to that. “Go ahead, Sweetheart, take your time, I will be waiting. I will also take a quick shower in one of the guest rooms.”

Maya went to their shared closet, having moved most of her things there one week before the wedding, then got something, then gave her husband a big smile and she was off to the bathroom to get ready for the very special night with Richard.

Richard returned to the bedroom several minutes after, freshly showered and wearing another v-neck shirt and a checkered blue drawstring pajamas this time. Seeing that Maya is still in the bathroom, he settled on the bed to wait for her, thinking of the moment at dawn, this morning, when he woke up and just gazed at his sleeping wife’s form. He is so full of love for her, preparing to wait, no matter how long it takes, to consummate their marriage, to make them as one in every sense of the word.

Richard didn’t wait long. The bathroom door opened and out come his beloved wife dressed in another beautiful diaphanous night gown, this one in crimson red. If his heart beat faster seeing her in her white one last night, this one sent desire skyrocketing through his system. She looks so very, very beautiful and alluring, sexy, seductive, in this one. The gown is floor length, it was almost transparent, Richard can see his wife beautiful body and he gulped when he noticed the fine details of the gown, lace cupped his wife’s breasts lovingly, showing everything to him.

“Do you like this better, Sweetheart?” Maya asked in a sultry voice, the nervousness of  the night before gone from her voice and demeanor as she approached the bed and her handsome husband who was having a hard time controlling his raging desire, confidently this time.

“Sweetheart, you look so very, very beautiful! I love you very much and the dress you are wearing.” Richard said, sitting up, then when his wife was in front of her, pulled her gently into his lap. “Sweetheart, I promise to be gentle and we are in this together, remember, all the way!”

Maya touched Richard’s face lovingly. “I know, Ricky. I’m ready. Thank you for your gentleness and understanding last night. I would like to belong to you completely. I love you, very, very much!”

With hat, Richard lowered his lips to Maya and gave her a searing kiss, playing with the seam of her lips, seeking entrance. Maya let him in. Their tongues sought each other and duelled. Maya put her hands around Richard’s nape and answered kiss after kiss with her searing ones too. Richard’s hand slowly sought Maya’s breast, cupping it through the lace of her dress, playing with it, one after the other, driving Maya to the heights beyond her imagination. The more he touch, the more she wanted more. Then Richard flicked and tweaked her nipples and the sensation was too much for Maya. She gasped, feeling the electricity traveling from her breasts to her very core. She started doing some touching of her own. Richard felt electrified too from her touch and kisses. From where she was sitting, Maya can feel the evidence of Richard’s desire for her,

From her breasts and nipples, that felt heavier now and more sensitive, Richard’s hand moved to the hem of Maya’s hiked gown, caressing her thighs, moving upwards, making Maya held her breath with a feeling of anticipation on what is about to happen next. She gasped when Richard’s roving hand reached her core, touched her through the thin material of her panties, then setting it aside, touched her very core. Oh, the exquisite pleasure she was feeling was getting to much, she wanted relief, fast, soon!

Richard had reached his limit too. He removed Maya’s night gown completely until his wife was naked before him, and so very beautiful. He then removed every stitch of clothes he was wearing, until he too, was naked before his wife who looked admiringly at his body.

He laid his wife gently on the bed, then proceeded to kiss her from her lips, down to her neck, nipping a little here and there, until he reached the valley between her breasts, rained kisses around it, with Maya panting with anticipation, wanting more. He gave in after, as his lips enclosed one engorged nipple, and played with it with his tongue, at the same time touching her other breast. When his seeking lips and tongue moved to the other nipple, his hand, moved lower, until he found her core again and started the twin assault to all her senses.

“Ricky…..” was all Maya managed to mutter from the overwhelming passion enveloping her, while her hand sought and find Richard’s hard length and started touching it tentatively, then more confidently.

“Maya….” It was Ricky’s turn to be incoherent with the passion he was feeling. Sensing that Maya is ready for him, he made his move.

Richard positioned himself on top of Maya, and Maya seeing her husband silent plea for permission nodded. Richard slowly drove himself inside Maya, assuring her while doing so that he will try not to make it hurt so much. Maya assured her husband that it will be okay. When he was completely buried in her, Richard waited several seconds before moving again so she will be accustomed to him. Maya encouraged him, assuring him that she is okay and it was not so painful. It was only then that Richard started moving, at the same time, kissing her and touching her everywhere he could. Maya did the same. The only sound inside the room were they sighs of pleasure, until it became too much for them, the movement became more frenzied until they both shouted for completion. They flew and soared together, becoming one, uniting to their very souls.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” Richard asked Maya, caressing her face, several minutes after, still trying to recover from the heights they flew together. He has no words to describe that experience with his beautiful wife, the love of his life.

Maya smiled lovingly at her husband. She still recovering from the wonder it. She never thought it could be like this. She has no words to describe the physical union with her husband. “I’m more than okay, Sweetheart. I feel so very, very wonderful! Thank you my dear husband. I love you so very much.”

“I love you very, very much too, my dearest wife, my partner for life and beyond.” Richard said, gazing at his wife with all the love he is feeling. Maya was the same. She was just so full of love for this wonderful man, her life partner!

Richard kissed his wife one more time, then pulled the comforter over them, covering their naked, sated bodies. Sleep overtook them, but not for long. They woke up at dawn and made love again several times.

Throughout the next couple of days they have stayed in their place, in a world of their own, they made love every opportunity they could. They can’t get enough of each other, trying to discover each other’s body in every way they could.

One week after the wedding, Maya and Richard left for their honeymoon in Europe. Their first stop was Paris, then Rome, Venice and an island in Greece where they stayed the longest before returning to the Philippines and their respective jobs at Lim Corporation.

“Sweetheart, Maya, wake up na.” Richard kissed his sleeping wife on the cheek, trying to wake her up. It has been two months since they got married and a month since they returned from their month-long honeymoon. “Baka ma-late na tayo sa office!”

Maya slowly opened her eyes, then seeing her husband, gave him a loving smile. “Sweetheart, anong oras na ba?”

“It is already past 7AM!” Richard replied, caressing her face. “Are you okay, Sweetheart?”

“Sweetheart, actually I’m not feeling so good again.” Maya replied, finding it hard to get out of bed. “Magkaka-flu yata talaga ako!”

“Sweetheart, let me just call Liza, I will take you to the doctor.” Richard said. “Ilang araw ng masama ang pakiramdam mo. Kahapon nga nagsuka ka pa.”

“Sweetheart…..”Maya started protesting, when she felt her stomach getting quesy again. She ran to the bathroom. Her stomach heaved while she was at the sink but nothing came out.

“That’s it, I will take you to Dr. Montalvo.” Richard said, gently patting Maya in the back to help her feel better.

Maya nodded.

More than an hour later, they were at the clinic of the Lims family doctor. Maya was examined by the doctor and was asked several questions. Included in his question was when was the last time she had her period. He then told his nurse and medical technologist to collect urine and blood samples from Maya. He asked Richard and Maya to stay  in the lounge of the clinic as they wait for the results of the test.

“Maya, wala kang flu and there is nothing wrong with you.” Dr. Adan Montalvo told the couple with a big smile, later. “You are pregnant, seven to eight weeks, I think. Congratulations to both of you!”

Richard and Maya just looked at the doctor after he said that, then what he said sank in to them. They looked at each other lovingly, then hugged each other tight.

“We will have a baby na….” Maya whispered to Richard, in awe. “I’m going to be a mom, Sweetheart!”

“Sweetheart, yes you are, a very beautiful and loving mom, and I’m going to be a dad! Yessss!”  Richard happily said.

They kissed, got lost in each their world. Then they remembered the doctor and where they are. “Thank you Dr. Montalvo,” they said grinning.

Richard and Maya went back to their place after making arrangements to see Dr. Montalvo’s wife,  Grace, who is an OB-GYNE in two days time as she was in a medical conference in Davao.

Richard twirled Maya around, when they reached their home, and the two of them danced like crazy, celebrating the fact that they will be parents in several months.

“We made a honeymoon baby, Sweetheart!” Richard said smiling.

He is pretty sure the baby was conceived the first time they made love. Maya thinks the same. “I’m thinking what you are thinking.” She smiled at her husband lovingly.

They shared a look, and just like before, they understood each other. Richard carried Maya to their bedroom. They slowly undressed each other. Richard kissed Maya’s tummy reverently, lovingly, before proceeding to make love to her the whole afternoon!

Seven months later, Sky and Sunshine were born to their very happy parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.


Note:  And with that, Crushing On You, drew to a close. Thank you for being with me in this Richard and Maya love story/journey which I enjoyed writing and sharing with you!  🙂 🙂 🙂

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