Crushing On You – Chapter 18

For Always

“Now, it is our pleasure to present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Maya Lim!!!!”

Emman and Liza happily announced to families and friends of Richard and Maya who were waiting for the entrance of the bride and groom in the beautifully and magically decorated garden of the Dela Rosa Farm for their reception.

The following day after Teresita and Arturo Dela Rosa’s renewal of vows, Richard and Maya told their parents that instead of looking for another place in San Nicolas, they would like to have their reception at the farm’s garden. Richard just requested his future in-laws, if possible that the place be filled with all the flowers that Maya likes, especially sunflowers as he noticed she likes flowers a lot, judging by the garden at the Dela Rosa house in Manila, as a special treat to his bride. Arturo and Teresita Dela Rosa assured him that it will be done in time for the wedding. Richard also said he could help with the florist where he bought all the flowers for Maya. However, Daddy Arturo and Mommy Tere insisted that they will take care of it and they have worked magic to achieve it that very evening of their reception.

Richard holding his bride hand tight, grinned at the assembled guests, half of them came all the way from Metro Manila for the wedding, courtesy of Don Roberto Lim and the company’s private plane. Even before everyone can tap their fork or spoon against their wine glasses, Richard gave his wife a big, searing kiss on the lips, making Maya blushed as their guests clapped and cheered.

Maya and Richard even heard James shouted, “Way to go Bro!” While the LC guests shouted ‘more, more’! Maya grinned happily at her husband. Wow, the word is like music to her ears, finally, husband, and she is Ricky’s wife! Wife!

“Ikaw talaga, Sweetheart, advance na advance! Hindi pa nga nagbibigay ng cue ang mga guest natin, wagas kaagad ang kiss.” Maya whispered lovingly to her husband as they walked towards the gazebo that was especially constructed at her parents’ garden for the reception.

“Hmmm, ayaw mo iyon, Sweetheart, para makarami. I need something to tide me over until our honeymoon.” He whispered with a naughty, teasing undertone, which made his bride blushed some more, her imagination also kicking in. While they have indulged in heavy kisses and very heated touches the past weeks, they stopped at that, wanting to wait until their wedding night. It was difficult to stop but they managed to, barely, in the last two months they have been preparing for this very special day in their lives.

Dinner started after Richard and Maya sat. While everyone was enjoying the mouthwatering menu prepared by Rina, whom they asked to cater for the wedding all the way from Manila, the wedding singers, friends of Rafi who are theatre actors started singing Richard and Maya’s favourite songs, including the songs that Richard included in the iPod touch he gave her in the early days of their courtship.

Hearing those songs, Richard and Maya smiled at each other lovingly remembering their unusual and wonderful courtship. Now here they are, married finally, in a beautiful and very moving ceremony at the San Nicolas Church that beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Richard can’t helped but got teary-eyed when he caught sight of his beautiful bride walking towards him in a long, flowing sleeveless vintage lace wedding gown, wearing a long veil and carrying a big bouquet sunflowers and roses. Finally, the moment they have been looking forward to, has come. His happiness at that moment was indescribable. He felt like soaring high up in the skies like an eagle. His heart beat so loudly and he wondered why no one heard it doing so.

Maya, on the other hand, sought Richard as soon as the door of the church opened, the wedding march started playing, and she started walking towards the man she loves with all of her. Her hands were very cold, but she felt so very happy. She only saw Richard, looking at her with so much love that her heart was filled to the brim. Her heart was so full too of the emotions she feels for this wonderful guy whom she will spend forever with. Maya didn’t even notice when her father started walking with her towards Richard, who was looking so very handsome in a powder blue suit, tie and white dress shirt. After it seemed like an eternity, she and her dad reached Richard. Richard shook her Dad’s hand then he led her to the altar where Father Ronaldo was waiting to bind them together in marriage in front of God and their loving families and friends.

For the wedding vows, without talking about it before hand, they alternately told their families and friends about their unusual courtship, which had them smiling in happiness with them, laughing at times. Then they spoke of their commitment to each other for as long as they live and until the day they die and it has everyone teary-eyed as they also felt the overflowing love that they feel for each other. Richard touched Maya’s face lovingly as he professed his undying love for her. Maya cupped Richard’s face with both her hands, looked into his very soul as she committed to him for the rest of their lives.

When Father Ronaldo told Richard that he can kiss his bride, he did so with so much gusto. He lowered his lips to her and gave her a very long and searing kiss, making the guests teased them a lot. James and Emman even asked if tthey are vying for the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest kiss ever. They broke apart grinning, looked at each other lovingly and kissed two more times before they faced their cheering guests.

During the picture taking, Richard and Maya were teased a lot about their kisses. They smiled good-naturedly and Richard even said that he has an unlimited supply of kisses for Maya, making her blushed the way he said it.

Now as the wedding singers  started singing ‘Fallin’, Maya was smiling, remembering those kisses, when Richard whispered to her. “Parang alam ko na kung bakit ganyan ang smile mo, you were remembering our kisses at the church.”

“Ha, paano mo naman naisip na iyon nga ang iniisip ko.” Maya whispered back, at the same time, looking at her and her husband’s interlaced fingers.

“Because, I’m also thinking of it, dear wife and our beautiful wedding earlier.” Richard whispered again, then raised her hand to his lips for a lingering kiss. “I love you very, very much, Mrs. Maya Lim.”

“I love you very much, too, Ricky, my dearest husband.” Maya replied lovingly. She loves the sound of Mrs. Maya Lim and calling Richard her husband, finally!

“Ehemmm, ehemmm, Mr. and Mrs. Lim, nandito po ang mga guest niyo.” Emman teased them, smiling indulgently at the newly-weds. “Reception ceremony pa lang po at hindi pa honeymoon.”

Only then that Maya and Richard realized that Emman and Liza, whom they requested to host their reception, had called them twice already for the cake cutting and wine ceremony. They grinned goofily at each other, stood up. But before they can proceed, kissed again as the guests have tapped their spoons, forks and knives against their wine glasses.

Done with the cake cutting, wine toasting, Richard accompanied Maya back at the gazebo, which was put in the middle of the garden and the tables for the guests around it, for the bouquet throwing. All the single ladies gathered in front led by Maya’s maid of honour, Diana and her bridesmaids, her secretary Minerva, her journalists friends Evelyn and Mary. All her single staff also join the merriment, as well as Emman!

The flowers landed on Diana, and she caught it instinctively. James then started wishing then he will get the garter that Richard was slowly removing from Maya’s legs amid hoots and cheering from the guests.

Richard grinned when he managed to remove the garter from Maya, giving her another kiss before he threw it to the waiting single guys which included his best man Ryan, who is his best friend from Law School, his lawyer staff Fred and Aldrin, some cousins from his mom’s side of the family, and James.

James got his wish. He shouted a triumphant yes when the garter landed on his waiting hands. Diana blushed when James was putting the garter on her leg while looking at her with so much love.

“Sweetheart, parang alam ko na kung sino ang ikakasal after us.” Maya whispered to Richard.

“Mrs. Lim, never say die ka pa rin diyan sa two best friends mo.” Richard said to his wife lovingly. “Pero parang tama ka.”

“See, sabi ko na sa iyo Mr. Lim.” Maya said. “Teka, hayan na ulit sina Emman at Liza, baka matukso na naman tayong hindi nakikinig or not paying attention.”

Liza and Emman called on, first Maya’s parents, for their messages for the newly-weds, then followed by Richard’s parents. Roberto and Esmeralda Lim, and Arturo and Teresita Dela Rosa after advising their son and daughter that they should always be there for each other, of not letting arguments to pester, of compromising and meeting each other halfway, both set of parents told them  that they need to work fast for their first grandchild from them.

“Mama, Papa, Mom and Dad, thank you very much for all the love.” Maya said, teary-eyed with happiness with their parents touching message.

“Huwag po kayong mag-aalala, Maya and I will work double time para sa hiling ninyong apo.” Richard said, then teasing his wife, he said, to their parents, “Right after the reception po.” It earned him a loving pinch from his blushing bride and laughters and hoots from the guests, so very happy to be sharing this moment with this beautiful couple. The guests then tap their glasses again and then all stood up to toast the newlyweds. Richard and Maya acknowledged the toast and shared another kiss. They looked happily again at all the people who shared that special day with them.

Then the first strains of the melody of Irving Berlin’s ‘Always’, started filling the air, which signals Richard and Maya’s first dance as husband and wife.

Richard led his wife to the dance floor as Michael Guevarra, a theater actor and singer who is a personal friend of Rafi started singing the beautiful lyrics of that very old song Maya and Richard discovered, they both  like very much.

I’ll be loving you always/With a love that’s true always/When the things you’ve planned/Need a helping hand/I will understand always

Always/Days may not be fair always/That’s when I’ll be there always/Not for just an hour/Not for just a day/Not for just a year/But always….

“Happy, my sweetheart?” Richard whispered to his bride as the melody and the lyrics of the song filled them, like their promise to each other, to be there for always.

“Very, very happy my sweetheart, walang pagsidlan!” Maya replied, caressing her husband nape and looking at him lovingly.

“I love you very much, Mrs. Lim, forever and beyond.”

I Love you very much Mr. Lim, for always.”

They danced like they were the only people in that beautiful garden. So lost were they with each other that at first they didn’t notice that the song has ended and Michael and the other singers have switched to a faster music, with the band they also hired for the evening, and all their guests dancing around them. When they noticed, they smiled and join the merriment. The party lasted until midnight.

Rafi and her family returned to the hotel an hour before the party ended, so were Cristina Rose and Jeffrey to their home, as both Abby and Cho were very sleepy already. At the close of the party, Mama Esme, Papa Roberto also returned to the hotel with the rest of the guests. Mommy Tere and Daddy Arturo were the last one to say good night to the newly-weds who will stay at the guest cottage of the Dela Rosas for the night.

When they reached the entrance of the cottage, Richard carried Maya over the threshold. Then he put her down at the living room bathe in soft light coming from the two floor-to-ceiling lamps. The place is also filled with Maya’s favorite flowers and a bottle of champagne was chilling in the corner table.

“Wow, our mothers really thought of everything!” Maya remarked, seeing that everything was made cozy for her and Richard’s stay in the cottage.

“I agree, Sweetheart.” Richard said as he popped the champagne and poured Maya and him a glass each.

“To us, Mrs. Lim.” Richard said, gazing at his beautiful bride lovingly. “Finally we are married! I love you very much.”

“To us Mr. Lim.” Maya replied, with all the love she felt for her husband in her eyes. “You made me the happiest girl in the world. I love so very, very much.”

They shared a kiss after their toast. Then grinned at each other, their foreheads and noses touching. Then they kissed again, just so very happy that finally they are husband and wife.

“Dance with me, my lovely wife.” Richard asked Maya softly, lovingly.

“Ha, Sweetheart, walang music.” Maya said, then looking around to see if there is a music player.

“I’ll sing for you.” Richard said, holding Maya tight and very close to him, then he started crooning something from the concept album of the musical Jekyll and Hyde that they ended chatting about one morning on their way to work. They both agreed that the song, ‘Till You Came Into My Life’ is very beautiful, especially since it was sang by Colm Wilkinson.

‘All my life I’ve been building walls around me/In my world safe where no one has ever found me/Never knowing what could be/What was there inside of me/I never let those feelings in/Then upon a summer’s night/You gently changed my life/I would never be the same

Till you came into my life/Till I heard you call my name/I was living in a world of gray each day/Just like the one before

You have given me my eyes/You have taught me how to see/And now I see a brand new world/I never dreamed could be/Till you came into my life

In your eyes I could lose myself forever/In your eyes there’s excitement, there is wonder/Like a ship adrift at sea/I had wandered endlessly, searching for a shelter/Like a sweet imagined dream/You were heaven sent to me/You gave my heart a home….’

“I love you very much, Maya.” Richard said  softly, touching his wife’s face lovingly.

” I love you very much too, Ricky. You are the best thing that happened to me. You are my life now. And just like what you said through that song, you have given my heart a home too.” Maya then cupped her husband’s face and initiated the searing kiss that they shared before Richard carried her off to the bedroom for their first night as husband and wife.

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