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Crushing On You – Chapter 4

Chapter 4
‘Flushed out’

The beeping of her mobile phone woke up Maya. She ignored it at first. But then her alarm beeped so she decided to check who sent her a message so early in the morning. Well, not so early after all when she realized the time! All the sleepiness left her system and was replaced by excitement and anticipation when she saw who texted her. The text message was from Richard!

Good morning Maya! What time will you be at work today?

She typed a reply.

Good morning Ricky!  I think around 8 o’clock. Why?

Maya received a response even before she can put her phone down to start getting ready for work.

Don’t buy coffee and breakfast. I have everything taken care of. 

Hmmmm, ang sweet naman nitong si crush na crush ko, Maya thought, giggling to herself.

Okay. Thanks a lot Ricky. Araw-araw mo na akong nililibre ng coffee ah!

No worries, Maya. Malapit na akong maging stockholder ng Starbucks dahil sa kaka-coffee doon! 🙂 

Maya smiled at his joke.

See you, Ricky!

See you, Maya!

Yes, tagumpay! Richard thought to himself as gets ready for work too. Before he left the house he made a call to Mang Tony, his trusted LC security personnel to check if he has already put the new floral arrangement and his box of gift in Maya’s office. Mang Tony has been doing it for him the past several days before he ends his shift at six o’clock in the morning.

“Mang Tony, good morning po. Okay na po ba? Dumating ba ang delivery on time? How about the box I left for you at the security office, nakuha niyo po ba? Iyon pong card, baka nalaglag.”

“Sir Richard, areglado na po ang lahat. Wala po kayong dapat ipag-aalala. Nailagay ko na po lahat sa office ni Ma’am Maya.” The old man assured Richard that everything has been done. At the same time, he is also wondering why his boss double-checked everything today, when he didn’t do so the first two days he has been doing it. Ano kayang espesyal sa araw na ito? The old man, mused.

“Thank you very much po, Mang Tony.” Richard said, happy to know that everything is in place. “The best talaga kayo.”

“Walang anuman po, Sir Richard. Basta, para sa iyo. Sana po sagutin na kayo.” Mang Tony said, smiling, teasing Richard. He knew he can do so. He have known Richard since he was a teenager.

“Hahahaha, kayo talaga, Mang Tony. Baka nga ho, magalit pa sa akin kapag nalaman niya itong pinaggagawa ko.” Richard said. He was hoping, though, that Maya’s reaction to his action would be positive. Baka napikon na sa akin, Richard thought also.

Richard drove to work happily. He had wished that there would be no traffic as he still needs to buy breakfast and coffee for Maya. He got lucky. He reached LC less than hour after he left his parents’ house. He has enough time to execute everything. He parked his car, then proceeded to the Starbucks on the ground floor of the building and the deli beside it.

Several minutes after, he arrived at Maya’s office.

“Good morning, Minerva!” He greeted Maya’s secretary. Liza told her that Maya’s secretary, according to her friend Emman, is usually the first person to arrive at her department.

“G-good morning po, Sir Richard! “ Minerva was so surprised to see one of their bosses so bright and early, and in front of her desk, carrying two brown bags and a tray containing two tumblers of coffee. “What can I do for you Sir? Wala pa po si Ma’am Maya.”

“I know she is not here yet. She is coming around  8 o’clock.” Richard said, smiling. “May I wait at her office?”

“Okay po, Sir Richard, no problem.” Minerva quickly said, and then she started to stand up to escort Richard to Maya’s office.

“No need to escort me, Minerva. I know where it is.” He said, then gave Minerva a charming smile.”By the way, please don’t tell Maya I’m at her office when she arrives. I want to surprise her.”

“Sige po Sir.” Minerva said, smiling too. She felt like swooning. He is so guapo. Ang swerte naman ni Ma’am Maya! At alam pa kung anong oras talaga darating ang boss ko ha. Parang may GPS when it comes to my boss!.

Richard entered Maya’s neat office. The latest bunch of sunflowers he sent sitting in the middle of her desk. Beside it, is another rectangular box with a card. He sat and made himself comfortable with a feeling of anticipation and excitement. At the same time, he was also a bit nervous about Maya’s reaction.

Maya, at that time, was parking her car in the basement. After she had done so, she looked around hoping to see a glimpse of Richard. She realized that he didn’t exactly say if they will meet for breakfast. She took the elevator to the ground floor, thinking that maybe he meant that they should meet there. But there was no sign of Richard. She shrugged, then decided to go to her office. Maybe, he will text.

“Good morning, Ma’am Maya!” Minerva greeted her with a big smile, happy smile on her face.

“Good morning, Minerva! Parang ang saya ng gising mo ngayon ah. Anong meron?” Maya asked, smiling back.

“Ha, wala po Ma’am. Feeling ko lang in love din ako. Hay, nakakakilig talaga.” Minerva said before she could stop herself. “Errr, wala po ito Ma’am. Nasobrahan yata ako sa kape, hahaha. Sige po, punta na kayo sa office niyo!”

Maya did that. She was not aware nor prepared that she was in for a double surprise when she opened her office door.

“Good morning, Maya!” Richard greeted Maya with big, happy smile. He stood up at the same time, still carrying the sandwich bags, while the coffee tray was perched at the edge of Maya’s desk.

“Good morning Ricky!” Maya said a bit breathlessly, trying to regain her composure. She was not really expecting that he will lay in wait inside her office when he said he has breakfast for her! But she is very happy to see him, so handsome, and looking so nice another of his pale-colored dress shirt and slacks. Unlike the other lawyers in the company, she noticed, he is not much into wearing ties. “Fancy seeing you here! Have you been here long?”

“Hmmm, not naman! Di ba, I promised you breakfast and coffee. Heto na. I also bought for myself para we can have breakfast together. Would that be okay?” Richard asked, gazing at her intently.

“Sure, of course. Let me just put down my stuffs and clear my table.” Maya said, her gaze focusing on the new bunch of sunflowers on her desk and the gift box beside it. She saw the card and wonders what would be written there this time.

“Hmmm, flowers for you, and a gift.” Richard remarked, seeing her looking intently at the flowers and the box. “Why don’t you open it first. I can just set up our breakfast at your coffee table.” He suggested, seeing she has a small coffee table in the corner of her room.

Maya looked at Richard. So, does that mean that he is not yet admitting that it is him? She smiled, mischief in her eyes.

“Oh, mamaya na lang. I’m sure, wala na namang nakalagay kung kanino galing iyan.” She said, deadpan. “Saka I think alam ko na rin naman kung sino talaga ang nagpapadala niyan.”

“Really…..” Richard asked, curious, wanting to check if she still believes that those were from James.

“Yes. I think it is James sending me these.” Maya said looking at Richard closely, checking his reaction, checking if he will rise to her bait.

“Ha, bakit mo naman nasabing si James. Nanliligaw ba siya sa iyo?” Richard asked before he could stop himself, realizing that what he asked was personal and he and Maya just met! “Oh sorry, that seems like prying into your affairs of the heart.” He said sheepishly.

“Basta, I know who and it is….” Maya said, an imp seems to have possessed her.

“Maya, why don’t you just open it? Hindi kay James galing iyan for sure.” Richard insisted before Maya could finish what she was saying. He actually wanted Maya to open the card attached to the box so she would know it is really him, and not James! He wanted to come clean now, and he wanted to be with her with he does, and when she finds out.

“Hmmm, at paano ka naman nakasiguro na hindi kay James ito galing?” Maya egged Richard on.

“Maya, open it please.” He pleaded, nearing the end of his strings.

Maya thought she had teased Richard enough for one morning. Besides, maybe it is better to wait until he comes clean and admit it is him. She got the card from the box and checked what he has written this time.

Dearest Maya,

The more I get to know you, the more I like you. 

May I know you more?

Forgive me please for not signing my first two cards?



She gulped when she saw that there is now a signature in the bottom, unlike the previous ones she had received.

“Ricky….! You signed it this time!!!!” Maya blurted out, very surprised. She felt breathless. She was not prepared to discover it today, and with Richard with her in the room. She found Richard gazing at her meaningfully and with anticipation.

“Yes, Maya I did! I decided to tell you when I heard you speculating that probably it was James sending you all these. I don’t know what came over me for not signing the card the first time. To tease you perhaps since we started that way with the wrong text message or maybe, like the text message, I want to test the waters first, kasi bago pa lang tayo magkakilala. And yet, here I am, pursuing you. Forgive me please?” He asked, then what Maya said earlier sank it. “Wait, what do you mean ‘you signed it this time’?”

“Errrr, I already know it is you!” Maya admitted, getting red in the face, her heart beating faster.

It was Richard’s turn to be surprised. “You know it was me? Since when? But, but you told James yesterday you thought it is him. Tapos kanina rin.”

“Ricky, please forgive me too.” Maya said sheepishly. “I want to tease you also like you did with me with the wrong send text message. I don’t know what possessed me yesterday, I decided to force your hand to admit it. Pinaringgan talaga kita. Forgive me.” Maya said, beseeching him, with a mischievous smile.

“Hahahaha, Maya, good thing you are not a lawyer, I don’t want to face you in court! You will be a formidable opponent.” Richard said, smiling seeing how the tables was turned against him. “Pero paano mo nga nalaman na ako?”

“Eh kasi po, Atty. Richard Lim, very distinct kasi ang handwriting mo. Sa susunod na magpapa-mysterious effect ka, ipasulat mo sa iba or i-print mo. I found out that it is you by accident, actually. Remember the document we have you reviewed? You had marginal notes on it. I got it yesterday finally!” Maya finished with a smile. “Tapos I noticed, magkapareho ng handwriting doon sa card!”

“Oh, that one! I thought it was here already several days ago. So you caught me with that! Maya, you are brilliant and very, very observant.”  Richard said with admiration. “Hats off to you, my Sherlock Holmes.”

Maya smiled and teased him. “Atty. Lim, baka nakakalimutan mo na ace journalist ako bago ako nag-switch ng career.”

Richard smiled at Maya, then said meaningfully. “Nothing get passed you ha. For sure, life with you in it will not be dull!” He finished chuckling.

“Nope!” Maya said, smiling back, then she proceeded to open the box. In it, she saw three DVDs again, this time, of movies based on the so-called Millenium Trilogy books by Stieg Larsson. “Ricky, thank you for these. Meron na palang movies on all three. I thought isa pa lang?”

“Eh di ba you mentioned that you enjoyed all three books, and have seen the movie with Daniel Craig. Those ones I got for you are in Swedish, but there is an English subtitle.” Richard explained. “All three books were made into movies already in that part of the world.”

“Thank you, very much. I really would really like to have seen those books in film. I love Lisbeth Salander! Mikael Blomkvist too!” Maya said. “By the way, how did you manage to sneak in all these without anyone noticing? Nagkakasabay pa tayo sa ibaba, and yet when I get here, nandito na ang mga ito!”

“Oh, I have help. Mang Tony, the night guard is like an uncle to me. I have known him since I was a teenager.” Richard said, smiling. “In short, may kakutsaba ako.”

“Wow, you went to all the trouble. Thank you.” Maya remarked and the same time felt flattered he would go to such length for her.“Halika na breakfast na tayo. Malamig na siguro ang coffee natin.”

The two of them proceeded to have breakfast on Maya’s coffee table, sitting close together as the space where it is, is very cramp. From time to time, Maya will find Richard gazing her intently, making her self-conscious. His nearness is also making her breathless. She can barely swallow her sandwich. She is very much aware that Richard likes her, the way she was wishing and the way she was imagining. She never thought that it would turn out real!

Richard was just very happy that Maya now know that it is him and not James, and that she didn’t get mad. He had been thinking of coming clean at some point. It was just that her turning the tables on him, made it faster! In fact, when he remembers how she flushed him out, he smiles. Indeed, life will not be boring with Maya in it!

They chatted about stuffs while eating, partly to lessen the intense awareness of each other they were feeling at that moment.

When they were finished, Richard helped Maya put away the empty wrappers and coffee cups.

“I should get going, Maya.” Richard said reluctantly. “Baka may kailangan ka nang gawin na urgent.”

“Hmmm, wala naman Ricky. Ikaw, wala ka bang hearing today or board meeting? Malapit na kasi ang stockholders meeting ng LC, di ba?” Maya asked as stood with Richard in the middle of her room. “Thank you for everything. By the way, one more thing, how did you know that sunflower is my favorite flower? Not so many people in this company know that!”

“Maluwag naman ang schedule ko today. About the sunflowers, I have my ways.” He said, smiling, then admitted, “I had my secretary Liza asked discreetly to find out. She said she asked her source at hindi naman daw nakahalata.”

“Hmmmm, parang alam ko na kung sino ang source niya. Isang tao lang sa department na ito ang close friend ng secretary mo.” Maya said smiling. Emman, gotcha too!

“Before I get going Maya, there is something you haven’t answered yet.” Richard said, gazing at her.

“What is that?” Maya asked, a bit puzzled.

“Just like what I have written in the card, may I get to know you more?” Richard said softly, meaningfully, looking at Maya with love.

Maya blushed, getting his meaning. She felt like all the blood went to her face. She felt lightheaded with the way Richard is gazing at her. She tried to still her crazily beating heart.

“Of course, Richard. I would like to know you better too.” She replied with a shy, smile.

Richard smiled happily upon hearing her reply. “I’m glad. Thank you, Maya! How about dinner later?”

“Okay.” Maya managed to say. OMG, this feeling!

“Great! I’ll pick you up from here at seven o’clock?” Richard said.

“Oh, I can just meet you at the place where we will have the dinner. I drove to work.” Maya suggested, gathering her wits.

“We can just take my car, then I can bring you home, then pick you up in the morning. We live in the same area naman. The restaurant we will go to is in Makati.” Richard suggested. “Please….” He finished with a cajoling smile.

“Ikaw talaga, Ricky. You are trying to get your way with that smile. Okay, if it is not too much abala to you to pick me up also tomorrow morning.”  Maya said smiling, liking the idea that she will see Richard again tomorrow, and that they will share a car ride.

“Maya, I will be happy to. And kahit kailan hindi ka magiging abala sa akin.” Richard said, looking at Maya again with that look!

“Okay, thanks, Ricky.” Maya said, her heart skipping a beat. “I’ll see you later. Have a nice day!”

“I’m looking forward to that!” Richard said, then said softly, as his parting words, “And I’m already having a great day, Maya.”

With that, he left Maya’s office. Maya sank on her office chair, expelled her breath, then just stared at the door where Richard disappeared, with a happy, goofy smile on her face. Just great! I feel like twirling around until I’m dizzy! Ganito pala ang pakiramdam!

Richard had the same happy expression on his face when he navigated the now busy office area. He was unaware of the stares and the speculative looks he was getting from Maya’s staff. Twice in a row, they have seen the handsome lawyer with their beautiful boss.

Richard rode the elevator to his floor, wanting to count the minutes until he will see Maya again. He has the best morning ever! He is looking forward to a great night with Maya, happy with the thoughts that he will see her again soon and that he will take her to work tomorrow.


Note: This is my 100th post! Amazing! It is a milestone for me. It has already been a wonderful five months with you my fellow adiks. Thank you for the kind words, the encouragement and for the feedbacks that you enjoyed my stories! It is reward enough for me to know that I make you all happy with what I write. Muchas gracias from the bottom of my fan girl heart for the unforgettable Richard Lim and Maya Dela Rosa and to the BCWMH universe. Because of you, I am writing fiction! You will be forever in my heart. Good vibes always everyone! 🙂 

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